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We are just one month away from the expected iPhone 7 launch and as we get closer the rumor mill is hotting up with what we can expect from Apple’s latest flagship device. We have reported on previously include a larger battery, increased storage to 256 GB and a dual-lens camera for the iPhone 7 Plus. The Lightning port will replace the 3.5mm headphone jack and there will be redesigned antennabands on all models. While for the first time for Apple, the iPhone 7 models will be water resistant.距iPhone 7发售只有一个月左右时间,苹果这款最新的旗舰产品谣传四起、令人心生期待。之前已经报导了电池容量更大、存储量增至256GB, iPhone 7 Plus还有双镜头照相机。闪电传输接口将会取代3.5毫米的耳机接口;所有型号的天线都重新设计一新。尽管是苹果历史上头一次,新款iPhone 7可以防水。Release date amp; availability新品发布日期和发售日期The iPhone 7 will launch on September 6, 7, 13 or 14. iPhone 7 will go on sale on September, 16. Pricing of the iPhone 7 is likely to stay on par with last year’s models with prices starting at 0.iPhone 7将会在9月6,7或14日发布。iPhone 7将会在9月16日开卖,定价将会和去年款持平,起价650美元。Three possible iPhone 7 models三款可能的iPhone 7模型Rumors have cropped up sporadically , suggesting Apple will launch the 4.7-inch model, plus two 5.5-inch models named the Plus and the Pro.陆陆续续有谣传称,苹果公司将会发布4.7英寸的款型,和两款5.5英寸的机型,分别称为Plus和Pro。iPhone 7 Plus mockup仿版iPhone 7 PlusThe iPhone 7 mockup comes in a deep blue color, unique to any other Apple iPhone offering, which has been rumored in the past. Other features include the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, more subtle antenna lines, dual camera and a second set of speaker holes.之前谣传称,仿版iPhone 7是独一无二的深蓝色,有别于其它任何一款苹果手机。其它特色还包括不再设置3.5毫米的耳机孔、天线更敏锐、双摄像头、两组扩音插孔。Wireless headphones or headphones with Lightning connector无线耳机和闪电连接口The possible new headphones that could be the version that will be launched with the iPhone 7 next month. The EarPods look very similar to the current version with the only difference being the headphone jack connector has been replaced with a Lightning connector.下个月发布的耳机版本可能就是新款耳机。EarPods看着和现今的版本相似,唯一差别是插孔已经替换成闪电连接口了。Other rumored features for the iPhone 7 models谣传中其它几款iPhone 7特色A rumored dark blue color has been making the rounds, which is vastly different to Apple’s current offering. While other color rumors include a ‘space black’ version.谣传最广的版本是深蓝色机身,和目前的款式反差巨大。还有的谣传说是“太空黑”色。 /201608/459822。

Levels of debt in emerging markets continue to rise and are becoming a source of “significant concern”, the Institute of International Finance warned on Wednesday. 周三,国际金融协会(Institute of International Finance)警告,新兴市场债务水平继续攀升,正在成为引发“严重担忧”的一大源头。 Total government, household, financial sector and corporate debt in emerging markets rose .6tn last year to tn, or more than 210 per cent of gross domestic product, according to the IIF, which represents global banks and other financial institutions. 国际金融协会是一家代表全球和其他金融机构的组织,该组织称,去年新兴市场政府、家庭、金融部门和企业债务总额攀升了1.6万亿美元至62万亿美元,是其国内生产总值(GDP)的2.1倍以上。 It happened even as developed markets reduced their overall debt by an estimated tn last year, to about 5tn. 与此同时,据估计去年发达市场总体债务却减少了12万亿美元,至大约175万亿美元。 “Total debt in EMs is high and getting higher,” said Hung Tran, the IIF’s executive managing director. “This will inhibit the ability to borrow to support growth, and the need to delever in the future will be a strong headwind to future growth.” “新兴市场总的债务水平极高,而且正在继续升高。”国际金融协会执行总裁洪川(Hung Tran)表示。“这种状况将会抑制新兴市场通过借债持经济增长的能力,而未来去杠杆的必要性也将成为阻碍未来增长的一大不利因素。” Mr Tran said the IIF’s figures were consistent with those of the Bank for International Settlements, which said recently that dollar-denominated lending to EMs had peaked in the middle of last year and subsequently fallen for the first time since the global financial crisis. 洪川表示,国际金融协会的数据与国际清算(Bank for International Settlements)的数据一致。最近,国际清算的数据显示,发放给新兴市场的以美元计价的贷款在去年年中达到峰值,并在随后出现全球金融危机以来的首次下滑。 The BIS, the central bank of central banks, warned of a vicious circle of deleveraging, financial market turmoil and a global economic downturn. 作为“央行的央行”的国际清算就去杠杆、金融市场动荡和全球经济下行的恶性循环发出了警告。 “Many non-financial corporations in emerging markets and especially in China have paid down their foreign currency debts so the BIS is correct,” said Mr Tran. “But they have increased their local currency debts by more than the amount they have paid down so net on net the stock of debt continues to increase everywhere, particularly in China.” 洪川表示:“在新兴市场、尤其是中国,许多非金融企业已偿还了外汇债务。因此,国际清算说得没错。不过,他们的本币债务增加的数额超过了他们所偿还的数额。因此从净结果看,各地的债务额仍在继续增加,尤其是在中国。” Companies in developed markets reduced their level of debt to GDP by 0.4 percentage points during 2015 to 87.4 per cent, the IIF’s figures show, while those in emerging markets added 6.7 points to reach 101.3 per cent of GDP. The IIF’s figures are for 19 emerging markets; in those countries taken together, corporate debt rose more than .9tn in 2015, to more than tn. 国际金融协会的数据显示,2015年期间发达市场企业债务与GDP之比降低了0.4个百分点,降至87.4%。与此同时,新兴市场企业债务与GDP之比却增加了6.7个百分点,达到101.3%。国际金融协会的数据涵盖了19个新兴市场国家,这些国家加总来看,2015年它们的企业债务攀升了逾1.9万亿美元,达到逾25万亿美元。 The IIF warned that emerging market borrowers face a particularly heavy period of bond and loan maturities this year and in the subsequent four years. Including governments, households, the financial sector and non-financial sector, about 0bn in bonds and loans will come due between April and December this year, rising to more than 0bn next year, according to the IIF. 国际金融协会警告,今年和今后四年,新兴市场的借款人面临一段债券和贷款到期的尤为密集的时期。根据该机构的数据,包括政府、家庭、金融部门和非金融部门在内,大约7300亿美元的债券和贷款将会在今年4月和12月之间到期,这一数字明年会攀升至逾9000亿美元。 Most of the maturities are in the non-financial corporate sector (see chart). 这些到期债务中的大多数来自非金融企业部门(见图表)。 “This is a challenge for many EM corporates,” said Mr Tran. “If we continue to see the current picture of a strong dollar, low commodity prices, slow growth and rising US interest rates, it will be very tough for many companies to raise the necessary refinancing.” 洪川表示:“这是许多新兴市场企业面临的一大挑战。如果当前这种强势美元、低大宗商品价格、增长低迷和美国利率攀升的局面持续下去,许多企业将极难进行必要的再融资。” He said this was reflected in the low rate of bond and loan issuance this year, which is running at about 35 per cent less than it was this time in 2015. 他说,今年债券发行和贷款发放低迷就能反映出这一点——比2015年同期低了35%左右。 “The level of non-performing bank loans has been rising and will probably keep rising, and we think the risk and incidence of default by corporates will increase this year,” he said. 他说:“不良贷款的水平一直在攀升,也许还会继续攀升。我们认为,今年企业违约的风险和发生率将会升高。” /201605/444659。

US manufacturing giant General Electric has agreed a deal with Chinese technology and smartphone giant Huawei to help it improve production.美国制造业巨头通用电气已经和中国科技智能手机巨头华为达成协议,将帮助华为提高生产力。GE hopes that by connecting all areas within a production process via the internet it can improve productivity, lower costs and reduce emissions. It predicts that the improvements will help it to save 0m (381m pound) this year.通用电气希望通过互联网将一件产品生产过程中所涉及的所有领域全都连接起来,这样就能够提高生产力、降低成本、减少排放量。通用电气预测这一改进将帮助该公司今年节省5亿美元(约合3.81亿英镑)。Both sides see the concept as a key step towards ;smart manufacturing.;而合作双方都将这一概念视作迈向“智能制造”的关键一步。Shenzhen-based Huawei is one of the world#39;s biggest smartphone vendors behind Apple and Samsung. Huawei#39;s managing director, William Xu, said it was ;very pleased; with the deal.总部位于深圳的华为公司是全球最大的智能手机厂商之一,仅次于三星和苹果。华为常务董事徐文伟表示,华为对这一协议感到“非常满意”。;The next ten years are an important period for the traditional economy to move to a digital economy... Companies can not cope with all the challenges alone,; he added.徐文伟补充说道:“未来十年将是传统经济迈向数字经济的一个重要时期。公司不能单独应对所有的挑战。”The move came as GE said that it still saw plenty of opportunities in China, despite the country#39;s slowing growth.尽管中国的经济增长速度正在放缓,但是通用电气方面表示,他们仍然在中国看到了大量的机会,所以他们采取了该行动。;Yes the economy is growing at a slower growth rate... but it#39;s the the world#39;s second-largest economy so there#39;s plenty of opportunity,; said GE vice chairman John Rice, speaking in Shanghai.通用电气副主席约翰·瑞斯在上海讲到:“是的,经济增长速度正在放缓,但是中国是世界第二大经济体,因此这里有很多机会。”China#39;s economy grew at an annual rate of 6.7% in the first quarter of the year, its slowest quarterly growth for seven years.2016年第一季度,中国的经济年增长率为6.7%,为7年来最低。The US-based multinational firm is a huge conglomerate, whose business interests include everything from manufacturing jet engines, to providing firms with finance, developing software, and making consumer goods such as dishwashers and coffee-makers.美国通用电气是一家庞大的跨国企业集团,该公司的业务领域包括制造喷气式发动机、为公司提供融资、开发软件以及制造洗碗机和咖啡机之类的消费品。 /201607/456828。

The prototype two-seater Lilium Jet, a compact and lightweight electric plane capable of vertical take off and landing, completed an unmanned test earlier this month.双座Lilium Jet的原型是一架紧凑又轻便的、能够垂直起降的电动飞机,它于本月初完成了无人驾驶测试。;Seeing the Lilium Jet take to the sky and performing sophisticated maneuvers with apparent ease is testament to the skill and perseverance of our amazing team,; co-founder and chief exec Daniel Wiegand says in a release.联合创始人兼首席执行官丹尼尔·韦根在一份声明中表示:“看到Lilium Jet飞机能够轻松的飞入高空并进行复杂的飞行,明了我们这个优秀的团队的技术和恒心。”;We have solved some of the toughest engineering challenges in aviation to get to this point.;“我们已经解决了航空中一些最棘手的工程挑战。”The egg-shaped aircraft, which can be powered from a wall socket and could even take off from the garden, can ascend and descend vertically, like a helicopter.这架蛋形飞机可以通过壁式插座充电,甚至也能从花园里起飞,它可以像直升机那样垂直升降。Its 36 jet engines then tilt on moveable flaps from vertical to horizontal to provide forward thrust, with wings providing lift as in a normal airplane.起飞后,它的36架喷气引擎会将其可动翼片从垂直方向倾斜到水平位置,以提供向前的推力,其中机翼与正常飞机的相同。The Lilium Jet, which creates no harmful emissions and is quieter than conventional aircraft, is estimated to have a range of about 300 kilometers and a maximum cruising speed of 300 kilometers per hour.这种Lilium Jet不会产生有害排放物,比传统飞机更安静,飞行距离大概约为300公里,最大巡航速度为300公里/小时。For maximum safety, each of the engines is individually shielded, so failure in one can#39;t affect the others.为了最大程度的安全起见,每台发动机都是单独防护的,所以一台发动机的故障不会影响到其他发动机。Sophisticated sensors prevent the pilot from performing maneuvers beyond the jet#39;s predetermined safe flight parameters.先进的传感器还可以防止飞行员执行超出飞机预定安全飞行参数的操作。The company, which was started by four Munich university graduates in 2015, says the aircraft is designed to be flown in good weather conditions in uncongested airspace in the daylight.2015年,四名慕尼黑大学的毕业生创立了此公司。他们表示,该飞机的设计是在晴好的天气条件下,于白天在不拥挤的空域内飞行。;In the longer term, our target is to build an aircraft that not only the super-rich can afford, and that can make private air transportation possible for a much wider number of people,; says Weigand.韦根表示:“从长远来看,我们的目标是打造一架不只是超级富豪才能负担得起的飞机,并可以让更多的人进行私人飞行成为可能。” /201705/507643。

茱丽当选2007年度最受尊重的慈善名人From tattooed wild woman to humanitarian heroine -- what a difference a few years has made for Angelina Jolie, who topped a poll released on Thursday of the best celebrity humanitarians of 2007.Hollywood star Jolie commanded the greatest public respect of all celebrity public do-gooders this year due to her work as a U.N. goodwill ambassador and she is now the adoptive mother of two African children and a Cambodian child.But the poll by humanitarian Web site Reuters AlertNet (http://www.alertnet.org) found not all do-gooders fared so well, with fellow adoptive mother Madonna voted the least respected celebrity altruist of 2007 despite raising millions for orphans in Malawi.Madonna's image was hit by claims she used her fame and wealth to circumvent Malawian adoption rules."People aren't stupid," said Peter Walker, director of the Feinstein International Famine Center at Tufts University."They can really sense when it's just an endorsement and when somebody really means it. Someone like Angelina Joliecomes acrossas having more integrity than some celebrities and a greater sense that she doesn't just do this for the publicity."The online poll of 606 people conducted from December 7 to 19 put 32-year-old Jolie ahead of U2 singer Bono, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Microsoft founder Bill Gates -- all of whom have helped put African suffering on the global agenda. 从一个狂野的纹身女郎到一名慈善明星,安吉利娜#8226;茱丽在过去几年中的转变令人感叹。据本周四公布的一份民意调查显示,安吉利娜被评为2007年度最受尊重的慈善名人。在众多慈善名人中,这位好莱坞影星之所以赢得最多尊重,是因为在过去一年中,作为联合国亲善大使的茱丽做了很多慈善工作。此外,她还领养了两名非洲儿童和一名柬埔寨儿童。但该项由路透社AlertNet慈善网站开展的调查发现,并不是所有做了好事的名人都能得到这样的认可,比如,麦当娜同样领养了非洲儿童,还为马拉维的孤儿院筹资几百万,但她被评为2007年最不受尊重的施善名人。麦当娜之所以形象大损,是因为她在领养马拉维儿童时,仗着自己的名气和财富而藐视当地的领养程序。塔弗茨大学费恩斯坦国际饥荒中心的主任彼特#8226;沃尔克说:“大家都不傻。”“他们心里都很清楚谁是真心实意,谁只是做做样子。与有些名人相比,安吉利娜#8226;茱丽这样的施善名人让人觉得更真诚,而且她行善并不是为了吸引人们的注意。”该项在线调查从本月7日持续至19日,共有606人投票,32岁的茱丽名列榜首,位居其后的名人包括:歌手波诺、(译者注:南非开普敦圣公会前任)大主教德斯蒙德·图图、微软创始人比尔#8226;盖茨,这些名人都为呼吁全世界关注非洲问题做出了努力。 /200803/32069。