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崂山区妇女儿童医院生殖科青岛那家盆腔炎医院好Virsaviya, a native of Russia who recently moved to South Florida with her mother, suffers from multiple birth defects caused by Pentalogy of Cantrell - a rare congenital condition that occurs in estimated 5.5 in one million live births.一位名叫Virsaviya的俄罗斯姑娘最近和母亲搬到了南佛罗里达州,她因患坎特雷尔五联症导致天生畸形。这是一种非常罕见的先天性疾病,据估计发病率为一百万分之5.5.Virsaviya#39;s heart, which is about the size of a fist, could be seen beating against her abdominal area, protected only by a thin layer of skin. Her intestines are also outside her body and she has no abdominal muscles or a diaphragm.Virsaviya的心脏有拳头大小,可以看到只有一层薄薄的皮肤保护,在腹腔外跳动着。她的肠子也在体外,没有腹肌,也没有隔膜。#39;When I was pregnant, the doctor said she will not survive, that she is going to die,#39; the girl#39;s mother, Dari Borun, told N Miami.她的妈妈Dari Borun告诉迈阿密N:“在我怀时,医生就说她很难活下来,可能马上就会死去。”Six years later, Virsaviya, who also goes by the biblical name Bathsheba, is a bright and lively girl who enjoys drawing ponies, attends art classes and loves dancing to Beyonce#39;s songs.6年后,Virsaviya还活着,她还有一个从圣经里来的名字Bathsheba。她是一个开朗活泼的小姑娘,喜欢画小马、上艺术课,以及随着美国歌手碧昂丝的歌曲起舞。In early 2015, Ms Borun, who has been raising Virsaviya on her own, found a doctor at Boston#39;s Children#39;s Hospital willing to treat her rare ailment. Pentalogy of Cantrell often requires surgery, depending on the severity of the patient#39;s defects, and could be fatal if left untreated.早在2015年初,独自抚养Virsaviya长大的妈妈Borun就曾找到波士顿儿童医院的一名医生,期待能帮忙治疗小姑娘罕见的病症。坎特雷尔五联症通常需要做外科手术,取决于患者症状的严重程度,如果放任不管,随时都可能死亡。But the medical team in Boston said Virsaviya cannot undergo surgery at the moment because she has high blood pressure in her pulmonary aorta. The girl will be evaluated again in two years to determine if it would be safe for her to undergo an operation.然而,波士顿医院的专家团队当时表示,由于Virsaviya的肺主动脉有高血压,当前身体状况还不允许进行手术。她将继续被观察两年,以决定其身体状况是否能承受手术。Ms Borun has appealed to the public for help, asking for donations to cover her daughter#39;s medical bills and basic living expenses, saying she has very limited means, being a single mother of a special-needs child with no other family in the US.她的妈妈向公众寻求帮助,希望筹得捐款来付女儿的医院费和基本生活开。她表示,自己生活非常拮据,是一个需要照顾有特殊需要的孩子的单身妈妈,在美国也没有亲朋好友。In sunny Florida, her mother says the 6-year-old#39;s heart feels warm and she does not get sick as often as before.在阳光和煦的佛罗里达,Virsaviya的妈妈表示,这颗6岁小心脏很温暖,Virsaviya也不像过去那样总是生病了。While awaiting treatment, Virsaviya fills her days with art, music and dance. The mother and daughter also rely on their faith to keep them strong in the face of adversity.在等待治疗的日子里,Virsaviya每天的生活被绘画、音乐和舞蹈所充实。这对母女靠着坚定的信念,坚强面对每天如履薄冰的日子。#39;I know why I have heart outside,#39; says the 6-year-old knowingly. #39;Because Jesus want sic to show he can make special things like me.#39;这位6岁的小姑娘机智地表示:“我知道为什么我的心长在外面,因为耶稣希望让大家知道,他能创造出像我这样特别的杰作!”The family have launched a fundraising page on Youcaring.com titled Bathsheba#39;s Heart. So far they have raised ,790 with a goal of ,000.这个家庭已经在Youcaring.com网站上发起了名为“Bathsheba”的捐款,目前他们已经筹集了11790美元,而他们的目标是20000美元。 /201604/438434青岛山大医院专家预约 For years you#39;ve wondered why you could never fully relate to other people your age.这么多年来,你可能一直在想,为什么你与同龄人总是有点格格不入。What about hookup culture is appealing? Why are girls showing their midriff in the winter? How are the horrendous things they play on the radio considered “good” music?比如,你不明白为什么约炮文化如此盛行?为什么女孩儿冬天还要穿露脐装?电台里那么难听的东西怎么能称之为“好”音乐?At times, you probably even refer to Millennials as if you#39;re not a part of the demographic yourself. The reason? You#39;re an old soul stuck in a twenty-something year-old#39;s body.有时你可能会把他们称为“千禧一代”——说的好像你自己不是其中一员似的。为什么会出现这种情况?因为你20几岁的身体内,住着一个成熟的灵魂。Here are some signs:迹象如下:1. You#39;d rather spend the night in your bed then out with your friends.你宁愿整晚窝在床上,也不愿跟朋友们出去嗨。2. You#39;re annoyed by all of the annoying teenagers who play their music way too loud.年轻人大声放着恼人的音乐,会让你烦的不得了。What#39;s the point in even wearing headphones?他们竟然还戴着耳机听,跟外放又有什么两样呢?3. Baking brings you great joy.你爱上了烘焙。4. You#39;ve secretly always wanted to join a knitting class.你心里一直偷偷想要加入一个编织培训班。5. Young amp; The Restless is your shit.《不安分的青春》这类剧不是你的菜。6. You enjoy walking for leisure.你喜欢散步休闲。7. You complete newspaper crossword puzzles everyday on your morning commute.在每天早晨的通勤路上,你会做完报纸的填字游戏。8. You despise the radio and listen to the oldies instead.你看不上电台音乐,而是找已经不再流行的音乐来听。Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles…the list is far and great.路易斯·阿姆斯特朗、弗兰克·辛纳屈、披头士乐队……这种好听的音乐简直太多了。9. You refuse to text in acronyms.你发短信时不用略缩语。10. You#39;re always in some sort of pain for no apparent reason.身体某些部位经常会莫名其妙的出现疼痛。Your lower back, shoulders, baby toes, ankles, BASICALLY EVERYTHING.你的后腰、肩膀、小脚趾、脚踝,基本上全身都疼。11. Your knees crack when sitting down, standing up, walking up the stairs, walking down the stairs…当你坐下、站起、上楼、下楼的时候,你会听到膝盖发出咔擦的声音。12. There#39;s nothing more that you love than covering up.你不爱露肉。13. You frequently mishear the things that people say.你经常把别人说的话听错。14. You still hand-write your lecture notes.你仍然手写课堂笔记。15. House slippers, fuzzy socks, and snuggies make you smile.家里的拖鞋、毛绒袜子、保暖内衣,你喜欢的不得了。16. Your signature dance move is the Chicken Dance, The Lightbulb, or the YMCA.你标志性的舞步是小鸡舞、灯泡舞或YMCA舞。17. You think housework is therapeutic.家务能让你放松身心。18. If you do go out, 12AM is your designated “time to call an Uber home” time.如果你外出,半夜12点是你指定“该打辆优步回家了”的时刻。19. You have a serious passion for wine tasting.你对品红酒这事儿挺认真、有热情的。20. You take pride in your ever-growing book collection.你为自己不断增长的藏书而骄傲。21. You aren#39;t on social media.你不玩社交媒体。…partially because you#39;re technologically challenged.……一部分原因是因为你对科技之类的东西不太擅长。22. You need naps to function correctly.你需要靠午睡来恢复身体机能。23. You ask for practical gifts on Christmas.圣诞节你偏爱实用的礼物。Candles and knee-high socks excite you.蜡烛和齐膝长袜都好极啦。24. People your actual age exhaust you.同龄人好像都比你更有体力。 /201605/440501Forget your standard meal deal of a burger, fries and a drink.别再惦记你那汉堡薯条配饮料的标准餐啦。Olympic athletes have been ordering ridiculous amounts of food from McDonald#39;s, forcing the free restaurant in the village to place a 20 items limit on orders, according to the Washington Post.据《华盛顿邮报》报道,奥运健儿们在麦当劳的点餐数量多得令人咋舌,麦当劳免费餐厅因此宣布将限量供应,每人每次最多点20样食物。The order limit has been imposed to limit the time athlete#39;s have to spend waiting in line, with some athletes literally waiting hours to place their order.实施“限点令”是为了节省运动员们的排队取餐时间,有的运动员几乎要排队数小时才能拿到自己点的餐。The line is rarely shorter than a football field even at 5am and athletes queue in all sorts of weather including the torrential down pours that Rio has produced during the games.每天清晨五点,麦当劳门前的队伍就已经差不多有一个足球场这么长了,运动员们风雨无阻地排队,即使在里约暴雨时仍有长队。The free food has been like a red rag to a bull to some athletes and Australian badminton player Sawan Serasinghe is a prime example - posting a picture of his king sized McDonald#39;s order to his Instagram account.怒吃免费的麦当劳餐成为了一些运动员的发泄方式,澳大利亚羽毛球选手萨万·塞拉辛格就是最典型的例子——他在Instagram上晒出了自己点的麦当劳餐,其数量之多令人瞠目结舌。The athletes see the free food as a release from months of hard work and Serasinghe captioned his picture #39;Now it#39;s time to eat some junk food after months of eating clean#39;.运动员们把免费的食物视为几个月来辛苦训练的解放。塞拉辛格就为晒出的图片配文说道“受够了几个月的蔬菜水果‘清洁饮食’了,现在是时候开吃垃圾食品啦。”Athlete#39;s have also cited that they ate at the restaurant because the games village cafe food was #39;not very good#39; and it was also a way to celebrate victories.运动员们表示他们来麦当劳吃饭是因为奥运村餐厅的食物“不是很好吃”,也可以顺便庆祝赛事的胜利。At any given time athletes from all over the world can be found queuing up for a burger and even Australia#39;s own Basketball superstar Andrew Bogut has eaten there.无论何时你都能发现来自世界各地的运动员在麦当劳前排队,甚至连澳大利亚的超级篮球明星安德鲁·古特都在那儿吃。Serbian women#39;s tennis player and former world number one, Jelena Jankovic is another high profile athlete who has enjoyed a #39;cheat meal#39;.前世界冠军、塞尔维亚的女子网球选手耶莱娜·扬科维奇也是一位高调享用麦当劳“放纵餐”的运动员。 /201608/461514青岛做人流术

青岛市市南区妇幼保健院药流早孕内分泌子宫肌瘤China has 710 million Internet users as of June, accounting for 51.7 percent of its total population, exceeding the global average by 3.1 percent, according to an official report released by the China Internet Network Information Center last Wednesday.中国互联网络信息中心上周三发布的一份官方报告显示,截至6月,我国网民规模达7.1亿,互联网普及率达51.7%,比全球平均水平高出3.1%。China gained about 21.3 million new web users in the first half of 2016, an increase of 1.3 percent compared with figures from the end of 2015, the report said.该报告显示,在2016上半年,中国新增约2130万名互联网用户,这一数字较2015年底增加了1.3%。The report noted that 191 million people, almost 27 percent total Internet users were from rural areas, marking a huge gap of 35.6 percent in the Internet penetration rate between urban and rural areas.该报告指出,我国来自农村地区的网民占到总数的26.9%,规模为1.91亿。在城镇与农村之间,互联网普及率存在着35.6%的巨大差距。The number of people surfing the Internet via smartphones reached 656 million, about 92.5 percent of Internet users, the report said. On average, web users spent 3.8 hours per day on the Internet, an increase of 0.3 hours from 2015.该报告称,约92.5%的网民通过智能手机上网,其规模达6.56亿。网民平均每天的上网时长为3.8小时,比2015年增加了0.3小时。Almost 92% of mobile Internet users in China use instant messaging apps and almost 80% use news apps. Mobile search, online music and s, as well as online payments, were also among the most popular mobile applications.我国近92%的手机网民使用即时通讯应用,近80%的手机网民使用新闻应用。手机搜索、在线音乐、在线视频及网上付也是最受欢迎的手机应用类别。Users of food take-out apps rose over 40 percent in the first six months of 2016, with 146 million Chinese using their phone to order food.2016年上半年,使用食品外卖应用的用户增长率超过了40%,约1.46亿人使用他们的手机订餐。 /201608/460350山东省青岛第八人民医院门诊部地图 A vivid and intense dream of someone whom you care for and that you haven#39;t seen for ages could come to you tonight. The aura surrounding the dream is likely to be a happy one. It might be an attempt on the part of this person to communicate with you, so take the content seriously. You might want to ring this person up, assuming you have their number. Or you might try finding them on the Internet. Good luck!你一直很关心但却多年未见的人今晚可能会来到梦境当中,梦境十分生动、强烈。整个梦境还是比较愉快的。可能是梦境中的人想要与你交流,所以一定要留意交流的内容。你以为你有他们的电话号码,因此可能想要给这个人打电话。又或者你可能想要通过互联网找到他们。祝你好运!Your well being horoscope幸福运势Today isn#39;t a good time to force your views on others. If you are trying to discipline your kids, they might not listen to you today! Or if you are trying to get your spouse to pay attention to something, they could be too distracted right now. This doesn#39;t mean that people will ignore you forever. It#39;s just that the energy of the day lends itself to more casual, less serious, discussions.今天并不适合将你的观点强加给别人。如果你想要管管你的孩子们,给他们点纪律,他们可能不听你话呢!又或者你试图让你的老婆/公注意一件事,但现在他们可能会很分心。这并不意味着人们会永远忽视你。只是今天的能量让你更加随意、不要那么严肃的讨论。Your finance horoscope财务运势Until now, you didn#39;t know you were capable of managing people with problems. But the so-called poetic universe you inhabit is actually much more realistic than it seems at first glance. People who believe that human reality is 100% logical will feel ridiculous when they see the elegant, humane solutions you invent...到现在为止,你都不知道你有帮助别人解决问题的能力。但事实上,你所栖居的诗意世界远比第一眼看上去的更加现实。当那些觉得人类现实是100%具有逻辑性的人看到你设计的优雅、人性化的解决方案时会觉得十分可笑。Your love horoscope爱情运势You can be very sensitive when it comes to discord in relationships. If someone you love has a frosty and distant attitude today, don#39;t think that it is due to something you said or did. Try not to take everything personally. Maybe your partner is just having a bad day and is unable to express it. Be loving and understanding - that#39;s all you can do for them. Today, turn to the positive things in life and enjoy yourself.当感情关系不和谐时,你可能会十分敏感。如果今天你的爱人态度冰冷、疏远,可千万别以为这是因为你说过或做过某事才导致他这样。尽量不要以为一切都是针对你的。也许你的另一半只是度过了糟糕的一天,无法表达出来。要爱他、理解他——这就是你能为他做的一切。今天,转向生活中的积极一面,好好享受吧!Your career horoscope事业运势The current astral energy indicates that you could receive some positive feedback. You#39;ve been working hard lately, so praise is certainly deserved! Don#39;t be afraid to ask for what you really want. As others are receptive to your ideas, consider making some suggestions about how to improve things on the job. Your mind will be clear and sharp, and it will show!当前的星体能量预示着你可能会收到一些积极的反馈。最近,你一直工作努力,所以嘉奖是你完全应得的。不要害怕提出你真正想要的东西。因为他人愿意接受你的想法,所以可以考虑提出一些有关改善工作的建议。你的头脑清晰敏捷,将会大放异。译文属 /201608/463369黄岛区妇科整形哪家医院最好的

青岛白带常规检查How should you dress at 50?50岁时该如何着装?The pursuit of individual and personal style becomes so much more important as you get older. When I look at my clothes at home, I don’t think my style has changed very much since my early 30s. That was when I settled on something. And if I could be 38 again, I don’t think I would dress any differently than I do now, at 50.当你年纪越来越大时,追求自我和个人的风格变得日益重要。在家里看着我的衣时,我认为我的风格自30岁出头后就没怎么变化过。那时我刚安顿下来。如果我能再次回到38岁,我认为我的穿衣风格与我现在50岁的风格不会有什么差别。That said, some elements of the way I dress have been constant since I was a teenager, when I became obsessed with a Bruce Weber Vogue shoot based on Edward Weston and his women. I remember taking the magazine into Exeter to get my hair cut like the picture, then buying a fisherman’s jumper in a sailing shop. I bought a grey pencil skirt, dug out my school shoes and ankle socks, got my dad’s overcoat and got the look. I still dress like those pictures in a way.这就是说,我穿衣风格中的一些元素自我青少年时期起便一直如此,那时候我十分痴迷于《时尚》杂志布鲁斯#8226;韦伯摄影师所拍摄的爱德华#8226;韦斯顿和他女人。我还记得当时我把杂志带到了埃克塞特,让理发师把我的头发剪成图片上的样子,然后在一家航海商店买了渔夫的工作装。我买了一条灰色的铅笔裙。找出了学生鞋和脚踝袜,穿上我父亲的外套,得到了我想要的外观。在某些方面,我的穿衣风格与这些图片仍然十分相似。There’s an abiding perception that the high street doesn’t serve older women very well, but in my view it’s better than it has ever been. The choice is huge – whether that’s Topshop, Uniqlo or Cos. It’s not one stop that gives you everything you want, more that everybody offers something very different.有一种持久的观念认为主街道并不太适合年纪大的女性,但在我看来,主街道比以前好多了。选择很多——不管它是Topshop,优衣库还是Cos。The key is to be true to yourself and confident about what you like. It’s not necessarily about what’s in fashion, it’s what you love for you and your style. I have never been comfortable in structured clothes, for example, and I accept that. I’m lazy in a way. I can’t wear high heels because I can’t walk fast enough in them. I like to feel I can move around and get everything done. I’m also not somebody who scrutinises every detail or seam, looking at the construction. I like clothes that give you the effect of what you want.关键就是要对自己真实,并对自己喜欢的东西充满信心。这并不一定关于流行什么,这是关于你自己喜欢什么以及你喜欢什么风格。比如,穿结构化衣时我从未感觉到舒适, 我接受这一事实。在某种程度上来讲,我有点懒。我不能穿高跟鞋,因为穿上高跟鞋,我就不能走的很快。我喜欢可以任意移动并完成一切的感觉。我也不是那种会检查所有细节或缝隙,监测制衣过程的人。我喜欢那种能让你得到你想要的效果的衣。译文属 /201607/452147 If Someone Has very Obviously Had Cosmetic Surgery, Should You Acknowledge It or Not?如果有人整容整的非常明显,你该不该承认呢?It’s a tough one, I grant you, Geoffrey. After all, the person has submitted themselves to an extraordinary amount of pain and cost. Surely, you might think, the polite thing would be to acknowledge it? You might think that, but you would be wrong. The polite thing is to pretend the person has always looked like this. Vogue has a corker of an example of that this month in its interview with Renée Zellweger. Now, Zellweger looks a little different these days. How to deal with this silicone elephant in the room? Easy: “Let’s get it out of the way: Renée Zellweger looks perfectly normal to me,” the interview begins. Um, OK! “And if she has done something to her face (and does it really matter?), then hats off to her, she looks terrific.” How’s that for some fancy footwork? She doesn’t look like she’s had anything done, but if she has, GOOD FOR HER.这是个很难的问题,我把这个问题交给你了杰弗里。毕竟,这个人也承受了非凡的疼痛和代价。当然,你也许会认为,想要礼貌点的话就是承认整容?你也许是这么想的,但这是错的。想要礼貌的话,就是去假装这个人看上去一直就是这样的。《时尚》杂志本月在采访Renée Zellweger时有一个十分了不得的例子。现在,Zellweger看上去有点不一样了。如何在访问室里与这个硅胶大象打交道呢?很简单:“让我们切入正题:我觉得Renée Zellweger看上去很正常,”访谈开始了。恩,好的!“如果她的脸动刀子的话(这真的很重要吗?),然后向她致敬,她看上去棒呆了。”这样一个花式步伐如何?她看上去不像动过刀子,但是如果她动过的话,真是好样的。Here’s my tuppence on the matter: no one should be judged, negatively or positively, for doing whatever they want to their body. It is this judgment that makes people who have had the work feel like they have to deny the obvious. The best thing for everyone is if the person who has had the work laughs at the critics and gossips and makes like Dolly Parton who famously said: “If I have one more facelift, I’ll have a beard.” Now I’m not saying Zellweger has had work or not, but I do think all of our lives would be marvellously improved if she started cracking jokes about pubic facial hair in Vogue.这是我对这个问题的建议:没有人应该因为对自己的身体做了想要的改变,而被别人指指点点,不管是好的还是坏的。正是这种指指点点使整容的人觉得他们应该要否认这种明显的整容。对于每个人来说都最好的就是,如果这个整过容的人嘲笑批评家和散播流言蜚语的人,并说了多丽#8226;帕顿曾说过的一句有名的话:“如果我整过容,我就会长胡子。”现在我不是说Zellweger动过刀子了,但我的确认为如果她开始在《时尚》杂志上公然的开起面部毛发的玩笑,那么我们的生活都会得到很大的改进。译文属 /201606/451469市南区妇女儿童医院上班时间青岛B超检测怀孕多少钱



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