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青岛处女膜修复大概的费用青岛做人流去那好U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon onThursday told Austrias lower house of parliament that increasing restrictionson migrants will ;negatively impact; Europes commitments tointernational law.联合国秘书长潘基文周四在奥地利议会下院(国民议会)发表讲话时说,针对难民不断增加的限制将对欧洲履行国际法的承诺产生“负面影响”。Ban did not single out Austria in hisspeech to lawmakers in Vienna.潘基文在讲话中没有直接点名奥地利。Ban told the legislators that, underinternational and European laws, they have a ;moral and legal principalobligation to help those fleeing war, human rights abuses, andpersecution.;潘基文对奥地利议员说,在国际和欧洲的法律中,他们有“道德和法律上的重要义务去帮助那些逃离战乱、践踏人权和施行迫害之地的人”。His comments came on the same daylegislators in Austrias upper house are scheduled to vote on a measure thatwould allow authorities to stop accepting asylum requests at the border if theydecide it is necessary to protect ;internal security.;潘基文发表讲话当天,奥地利议会上院(联邦议会)就一项与接收难民有关的法案进行投票。根据这项法案,奥地利当局如果认定必须确保“国内安全”时,可以停止接受边境地区的庇护请求。If passed, Austrias new law would alsomandate ;temporary asylum; for migrants who have applied for asylumsince November 15. They would be compelled to leave Austria after three years ifVienna rules that their home countries have become safe.如果法案通过,新法律规定只向去年115日以来申请庇护的难民提供“临时庇护”。如果奥地利三年后认定这些难民的祖国已经安全,这些人必须离开奥地利。It would also become more difficult forrelatives of asylum-seekers to join their family members in Austria.新法律还会使寻求庇护者的家属来奥地利与家人团聚变得更为困难。来 /201604/440159青岛市立医院体检费用 青岛市无痛的人流

青岛孕检拍4维哪家好The U.S. and India have signed a key logistics agreement that will enable U.S. and Indian forces to use each others bases for repair and replenishment of supplies.美国和印度签署重要后勤补给协议,使双方军队可以使用对方基地进行维修和补充给养。U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter told reporters Monday at the Pentagon that he and Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar formally signed the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) earlier in the day. The two defense leaders had agreed on the memorandum “in principlewhen they last met in India in April.美国国防部长卡特星期一在五角大楼对记者说,他和印度国防部长马诺哈·帕里卡稍早正式签署了《后勤交换协议备忘录》。两位领导人4月份在印度会晤时就“原则上”同意签署这份备忘录。Carter said the agreement is “fully mutualand makes joint operations easier and more efficient. Both defense leaders stressed the agreement did not allow each nation to set up bases on the other, but to use bases and equipment only for “operating together when we choose to.”卡特说,该协议“完全互惠”,使联合行动更方便更高效。两位国防部长强调,协议没有授权在彼此境内建立基地,而是仅在“我们选择一起行动时”使用对方的基地和设备。“It doesn’t have anything to do with the setting up of bases,Parrikar added. “It’s basically logistics support.”帕里卡说:“这与建立基地没有任何关系。”“它就是后勤援。”During Parrikars visit to the Pentagon, the two defense leaders discussed India’s recent designation as a major U.S. defense partner. 帕里卡到访五角大楼期间,两位国防领导人还讨论了印度最近被确定为美国一个主要国防合作伙伴的问题。The designation recently was announced during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modis June visit to Washington, and Carter said it allows the ed States military to cooperate with India’s military “in a way that we do only with our closest and most long-standing allies.”这个定位是在印度总理莫迪六月访问华盛顿时宣布的。卡特说,它使美国军方能够“以只有对待我们最亲密和最持久的盟友的方式”同印度军方进行合作。Monday’s talks at the Pentagon, the sixth meeting between the two defense chiefs, comes ahead of key annual exercises in India between U.S. and Indian forces.周一在五角大楼的会谈是两位国防部领导人第六次会晤。美印两国不久将在印度举行重要的年度联合演习。来 /201609/464166青岛大学山大附属医院体检 Tensions are rising between Vietnam and China as an escalating territorial dispute sparks allegations of missile deployments by Hanoi and attacks by hackers aligned with Beijing.越南和中国之间的紧张正在升温,一场不断升级的领土争端引发了有关越方部署导弹、而中国阵营的黑客发起攻击的指控。Accusations of arms build-ups and cyber assaults have intensified since an international tribunal found in favour of the Philippines in one of a string of disputes over Beijing’s sovereignty claims and island-building in the South and East China Seas.围绕北京方面在南中国海和东中国海主权声索和造岛行动的一系列争端中,菲律宾就其中一起争端提起的仲裁最近获得国际仲裁庭的持。自那以来有关战备建设和网络攻击的指控愈演愈烈。The tit-for-tat military and political manoeuvres are creating an increasingly strained environment in a region that is crucial to security in Asia and to world trade.针锋相对的军事和政治动作,正在一个对亚洲安全乃至世界贸易至关重要的地区制造越来越紧张的环境。Vietnam has deployed new mobile rocket launchers to the disputed Spratly Islands in a sharp counter to Chinese expansionism, according to a report published by Reuters yesterday.据路透社(Reuters)昨日报道,越南已在有争议的斯普拉特利群岛(Spratly Islands,中国称为南沙群岛)部署新的移动火箭发射台,此举是对中国扩张主义的强硬反制。Hanoi told the news agency the report attributed to western officials was “inaccurate but gave no further details. It did not respond to a request for comment by the Financial Times.河内方面对该新闻机构表示,消息来源为西方官员的这篇报道是“不准确的”,但没有透露更多细节。越南官方没有回应英囀?金融时报》的置评请求。Beijing reacted to the report by reasserting its “indisputable sovereigntyover what it calls the Nansha Islands. “China has always been resolutely opposed to relevant countries illegally occupying part of the reefs in the Nansha Islands and to illegal construction and military deployment on those reefs,it said.北京方面在回应上述报道时重申中国对其所称的南沙群岛拥有“无可争辩的主权”。“中方一贯坚决反对相关国家非法侵占中国南沙群岛部分岛礁,以及在非法侵占的中国南沙岛礁上进行的非法建设和军事部署,”它说。Carl Thayer, a regional security expert at the University of New South Wales, said the rocket reports were “particularly worryingand that Vietnam had resorted to an “asymmetric responseto China’s build-up of artificial islands, runways and military facilities in the archipelago.新南威尔士大University of New South Wales)的地区安全专家卡#8226;塞Carl Thayer)称,有关火箭发射台的报道“特别令人担忧”,越南针对中国在斯普拉特利群岛建造人工岛、跑道和军事设施作出了“非对称反应”。Vietnam could “destroy China’s runways, and gravely damage its command and control centres as well as transport and logistics infrastructure he said.他表示,越南可能“摧毁中国的跑道、重创其指挥和控制中心以及运输和后勤基础设施”。The region has been on high alert in since the run-up to last month’s verdict by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, in a case brought by the Philippines, which censured Beijing’s island-building and ruled there was no historical basis for its claim to 85 per cent of the South China Sea.自上月海牙常设仲裁法Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague)对菲律宾提起的仲裁案作出裁决前夕以来,该地区一直处于高度戒备状态。仲裁庭在裁决中批评了北京方面的造岛行动,并裁定中国5%南中国海的主权主张没有法律依据。Beijing condemned the verdict, which has implications for disputes involving Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam.北京方面谴责了对涉及马来西亚、文莱和越南的争端具有潜在影响的这项裁决。Cyber security experts said Vietnamese government agencies and businesses were being hit by a rising number of what appeared to be political electronic assaults.网络安全专家表示,越南政府机构和企业正受到越来越多似乎是政治性的电子攻击。A hack last month caused the website of state-controlled Vietnam Airlines and information boards at two airports to publish condemnation of the Philippines and Vietnam over the South China Sea disputes, according to Vietnamese state media.据越南官方媒体报道,上月的一起黑客攻击造成国有控股的越南航空公Vietnam Airlines)网站以及两个机场的信息公告牌发布围绕南中国海争端谴责菲律宾和越南的内容。来 /201608/460138在青岛市市立医院生孩子需要多少钱

青岛做人流费用多少钱啊China’s arms exports are continuing to surge as the Asia-Pacific region rapidly militarises, according to a top military think-tank.瑞典斯德哥尔国际和平研究所(Stockholm International Peace Research Institute,简称SIPRI)表示,随着亚太地区迅速军事化,中国武器出口继续大幅上升。The study of the global arms trade from 2011 to 2015 by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute found that Beijing’s weapons exports have nearly doubled in five years and are concentrated on neighbours of India mainly Pakistan but also Bangladesh and Myanmar.这家重要军事智库011-2015年全球武器交易的研究发现,中国的武器出口年内几乎翻了一番,且集中于印度的邻国,主要是巴基斯坦,但也包括孟加拉和缅甸。The figures are likely to add to international fears over Beijing’s growing military influence and stoke further friction with neighbouring India. The sum total of the data showed an unmistakable military build-up across Asia, as the nations of the region contend with China’s rise.这一数据很可能会增加国际上对北京日益增长的军事影响力的担忧,还会激起中国与邻国印度的进一步擦。武器出口总量显示,随着亚洲各国抗衡中国的崛起,该地区整体军力已明显增加。China’s biggest client during the past five years was Pakistan, which bought 35 per cent of the country’s arms exports. Pakistan was followed by Bangladesh and Myanmar, also neighbours of India, which accounted for 20 per cent and 16 per cent of Chinese arms exports respectively.过去5年中国最大的客户是巴基斯坦,该国占到了中国武器出口的35%。随后仍是印度的两个邻国孟加拉国和缅甸,它们分别占到中国武器出口0%6%。China’s increase in exports has allowed Beijing’s arms industry to finance faster development of domestic weapons, and the same study showed China’s imports have fallen by 25 per cent over the same period exports have surged. It was still the third-largest importer of weapons globally in the past five years, accounting for 4.7 per cent, mainly from Russia, said Sipri.中国武器出口的增长也让其军工行业能够资助国内武器更快发展。该调查还显示,在中国武器出口激增的同时,中国的武器进口下降5%。SIPRI表示,过年中国仍是全球第三大武器进口国,占全球武器进口的4.7%,主要从俄罗斯进口。Beijing’s rapid military expansion has sparked security fears around the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in response to China’s muscular defence of its maritime claims in the South China Sea. India was the world’s largest importer during the 2011-2015 period, accounting for 14 per cent of global arms imports, and China’s other neighbours have also begun to beef up their arsenals.中国军事的快速扩张引发了对亚太地区的安全担忧,尤其是关于中国在南中国海对其海洋权益诉求的强大防御011-2015年期间全球最大武器进口国是印度,占全球武器进口的14%。中国的其他几个邻国也开始加强其军火库。Vietnam, for example, which faces an increasingly intractable confrontation with China over South China Sea Islands, saw arms imports rise by a massive 699 per cent to hit 2.9 per cent of global imports, according to Sipri.以越南为例,该国因南海诸South China Sea Islands)问题面临着与中国日益棘手的冲突。SIPRI数据显示,越南武器进口剧99%,在全球进口中占.9%。Six of the 10 biggest arms importers in the five-year period were in Asia and Oceania, Sipri said. In addition to India, China and Vietnam, Australia accounted for 3.6 per cent, Pakistan for 3.3 per cent and South Korea for 2.6 per cent.SIPRI表示,这5年期间全球十大武器进口国有六个都在亚洲和大洋洲。除印度、中国和越南之外,澳大利亚占.6%,巴基斯坦占.3%,韩国占.6%。Last year Sipri announced China had boosted exports of military weapons and equipment by 143 per cent over the previous five years to usurp Germany as the world’s third-largest arms trader.去年SIPRI曾公布过年中国的军事武器和装备出口增加了143%,让中国超过德国成为全球第三大武器交易商。来 /201602/428190 Donald Trump was elected US president on a platform of anti-globalism and, in particular, on a promise to change or withdraw from America’s existing trade agreements and kill the ones in the pipeline.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)以反对全球化、特别是承诺改变或是退出美国现有贸易协定、并且扼杀筹备中贸易协定的竞选纲领,当选了美国总统。The Trans-Pacific Partnership was aly in trouble before the election; Trump’s victory seems to have given it the coup de grace. 在大选开始前,《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)已然处于困境之中;特朗普的获胜似乎给了它致命一击。The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, meanwhile, now looks set to be stillborn.与此同时,《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定TTIP)如今似乎也将胎死腹中。That is, as far as US participation goes. 准确的说,是如果只考虑美国的参与程度的话。What the American turn inwards means for the rest of the world is an open question. 美国人把重心转向国内对世界其他地区意味着什么,目前不得而知。There are those who think the loss of US leadership on international economic integration will embolden protectionism elsewhere especially as it comes on the heels of the protectionist vandalism that is Brexit and sap the will of those who want to keep their economies open or even open them further. 有人认为,缺少美国对国际经济一体化的领导,将助长各地保护主义——特别是在英国退欧造成保护主义破坏性影响之后——并削弱那些希望保持经济开放、甚至进一步开放经济的人的意愿。They will point to Europe, whose free-trade deal with Canada was passed by a whisker last month, and that only conditionally.他们将以欧洲为例——欧洲与加拿大的自由贸易协定上个月勉强通过,而且是带有条件的。But there is another possibility, which is that victory of anti-globalism in the US and the UK galvanises others to fight harder for the continued lowering of national barriers.但是,还有另一种可能,美国和英国反全球化的胜利,会刺激其他人更加努力地继续降低国家贸易壁垒。Cue John Key, the prime minister of New Zealand. 比如新西兰总理约翰.John Key)。At the Apec (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit in Lima last week, he defiantly vowed to push ahead with trade integration in the Pacific. 在上周于利马召开的亚太经合组APEC)峰会上,他公开发誓要推进太平洋地区的贸易一体化。He suggested tweaking the deal to make it more attractive to the Trump administration including, jokingly, by naming it the Trump-Pacific Partnership but, more importantly, made clear that the other TPP partners should seriously consider going ahead with the deal even without US participation. 他建议,调整协定内容以增加对特朗普政府的吸引力——包括,开玩笑地,把该协定命名为《特朗普太平洋伙伴关系协定Trump-Pacific Partnership)——但更重要的是,他明确表示TPP其他伙伴国应该认真考虑,在没有美国参与的情况下继续推进该协定。Peru’s president, too, warned against protectionism and against giving up on the TPP.秘鲁总统也告诫不要实行保护主义和放弃TPP。Meanwhile, Beijing has responded nimbly to Trump’s election by encouraging America’s likely-to-be-spurned TPP partners to join it in building a free-trade area including China instead. 与此同时,北京方面对特朗普当选美国总统作出机敏的反应——鼓励有可能被特朗普一脚踢开的TPP伙伴国跟中国一道建立一个包括中国在内的自贸区。The world’s second-largest economy is aly involved in several regional trade initiatives that are beginning to be touted as alternatives to TPP. 这个世界第二大经济体已经加入了多个区域贸易计划,这些计划正开始被吹捧为TPP的替代品。Australia is showing interest in the move, which would sideline the US.澳大利亚对这一将美国剔除在外的举动表示出了兴趣。It is a strange world when China becomes the champion of global economic openness. 中国成为全球经济开放的领头羊,这着实是个奇怪的世界。But it is an entirely logical one, if the US does indeed decide to abdicate leadership. 但如果美国确实决定放弃领导权,这个世界完全符合逻辑。As the FT’s Shawn Donnan puts it, when outgoing President Barack Obama met his counterparts at the Apec summit, he may have felt he is handing the Chinese leader the keys to the global economy. 正如英国《金融时报》的肖恩.唐南(Shawn Donnan)指出的那样,在即将离任的美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)在APEC峰会上与其他领导人会面时,他可能觉得他正在把全球经济的钥匙交给中国领导人。He es the Peterson Institute’s Adam Posen as pointing out that: You can’t beat something with nothing, and the Chinese are offering something.他援引彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute for International Economics)的亚波森(Adam Posen)的话指出:你不能两手空空地打败对方,而中国人在拿出一点东西。To anyone who cares to notice, this brings home the continued importance of global integration but also who, in particular, leads the integration effort. 对于所有对此留心的人来说,这不仅清楚说明了全球一体化的持续重要性,还特别说明了谁在领导一体化努力。The something that China offers is much less ambitious than the TPP in particular, it will not include that deal’s seminal provisions on labour and environmental standards. 中国拿出的那点东西远没有TPP那么有野心——特别是它不会包括TPP在劳动力和环境标准方面具有重大影响的条款。Moreover, trade integration led by Beijing instead of the US will mean trade integration on terms more suitable to China. 此外,由中国代替美国领导的贸易一体化将意味着,这种贸易一体化的条款将更适合中国。That must surely be inferior for the US and its allies to the US-led terms and standards for Asia-Pacific economic integration to which China would eventually have to adapt, which was the big strategic prize of the TPP.对于美国及其盟友来说,这必然不如由美国领导的亚太经济一体化的条款和标准(中国原本最终不得不适应这些条款和标准,这本是TPP的一项重大战略奖品)。That makes Pacific trade one aspect of the bigger picture of America’s interest in the rules-based global order that it has built and maintained since the second world war which has served it and its allies better than the alternatives of international anarchy or an order designed by its big power rivals. 这使得太平洋贸易成了美国在基于规则的全球秩序中的整体利益的一个方面(这个全球秩序由美国自二战后逐渐建立并维持,相比国际无政府状态或由美国的强大对手设计的秩序等其他选择而言,该秩序更有利于美国及其盟友)。America first, in global politics, could quickly reveal itself as America last. 在全球政治中,美国领头可能会很快变成美国最后。And, as Leonard Cohen, the late poet of an imperfect world, said in an interview a few years ago: you will not like what comes after America.同时,正如抒写不完美世界的已故诗人莱昂纳科恩(Leonard Cohen)在多年前接受采访时说的:你不会喜欢失去美国后的样子。America’s choice is ultimately the most consequential. 最终而言美国的选择是影响最重大的。But the more immediate battles between openness and withdrawal from the global economy are taking place in Europe. 但开放与从全球经济中退出之间更直接的斗争正在欧洲上演。Partly, of course, in the process of Brexit, where the fight is on over how much to raise trade barriers between the UK and its biggest trading partner. 当然,斗争部分是因为英国退欧进程,斗争的焦点是,在英国与其最大的贸易伙伴之间应该竖起多高的贸易壁垒。But also because the EU itself is actually contributing to the cause of trade openness through two substantial deals.但斗争也是因为欧盟本身通过两个重要协议推动贸易开放。One is Ceta, the fraught EU-Canada trade and investment agreement that is finally passed, at least conditionally, after a Walloon hold-up. 一个是命运多舛的《综合经济与贸易协定CETA)。该协定是欧盟与加拿大之间的贸易和投资协定,曾因比利时瓦隆地方议会的反对而搁浅,最终得以通过(至少是有条件通过)。That was widely seen as an embarrassment for Europe. 瓦隆插曲被广泛视为欧洲的尴尬。But we should be clear about what the final result involved: that a big trade liberalisation package was exposed to real and messy democratic scrutiny and that it survived the exposure. 但是我们应该明白最终结果的含义:一项重大贸易自由化方案受到真正而且复杂的民主审视,并且经受住了这种审视。In these times, where democracy is seen as antagonistic to economic openness, that is something to celebrate.在当前这个民主被视为与经济开放对立的时代,这一点值得庆贺。The other, much less talked about, effort is the EU-Japan free-trade deal. 另一项很少被谈及的努力是欧盟与日本之间的自由贸易协定。Mysteriously absent from the headlines, negotiations have been taking place for three and a half years and are nearing completion. 有关该协定的谈判已经进行了三年半,目前已接近尾声,但却令人费解地从未登上过头条。Some think that, in pure economic terms, the prospective gains are bigger than could be had from TTIP. 一些人认为,单纯以经济条件来看,该协定的未来好处超过TTIP。The two sides have still to agree on phasing out protection of Europe’s car market against lower barriers in food and agriculture in Japan.双方仍然需要就逐步解除欧洲汽车市场保护以及削减日本食品与农业方面的壁垒达成一致。Brexit focused minds; Trump’s victory must have focused them further. 英国退欧引起人们高度关注;特朗普获胜更是如此。It is in Japan’s and the EU’s narrow self-interest to conclude the deal. 达成该协议符合日本和欧盟的自身利益。But it is also in the broader defence of their values, and the liberal global order, that they do so with confidence and without further delay.但他们满怀信心、不再迟疑地敲定该协议,也是对其价值观以及全球自由秩序的维护。来 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