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英语日常口语 8:The newcomer本单元是关于新来的客人的对话Alice: Hi Michal! Look what I found in a box, near the rubbish bins outside the hospital. Can you believe someone wanted to throw her away! Isn't she adorable?Michal: What are you going to call her? How about Bronka? That's a good Polish name.Alice: Mm, I think she looks more like a Co-Co...Oh, hi Helen, meet our new flatmate. We just need to find a name for her. Helen: Em, I don't think so. You know we're not allowed pets in the flat. It's against the rules. Vocabulary:(词汇)A landlord (n, male)/a landlady (n, female): someone who owns a flat or house which s/he rents to other people permission (n, uncountable): to ask someone's permission means to ask someone to allow you to do something adorable (adj, usually to refer to children or animals): very cute, loveable Meat, potato and two veg (informal and short for): Meat, potato and two vegetables (a very traditional British meal) 本单元的语言点是同音字不同形的词,下面是英语中同音但不同形的词汇。A homophone is a word which is pronounced the same as another word but spelt differently. For example, two (She has two sisters), too (Can I have a coffee too please?) and to (I'm going to lunch). Homophones from episode 8:(第8节对话里的同音字)Hi and High Hi, how are you? At 12 o'clock the sun is high in the sky.In and Inn Come in and have a cup of tea.'Inn' is an old-fashioned word for 'pub'.Meet and Meat Do you want to meet later for a drink?She's a vegetarian so she doesn't eat fish or meat.Our and Hour This is our house.He was waiting for you for over an hour.New and knew I love your new dress!I knew the answer as soon as she asked the question. We and Wee We (my husband and I) would love you to come and stay.Scottish people say 'wee' for 'small' or 'little'. Need and Knead We're hungry so we need some food.To make b you have to knead the dough (a mixture of flour and water).So and Sew It's raining so you need to use your umbrella.Will you sew a button on this shirt for me please?You and Ewe You need to do more studying.You can get wool from a ram (a male sheep) or a ewe (a female sheep). Know and No Do you know where the nearest Post Office is please?No, I don't know where it is, sorry. Not and Knot 2 + 2 is not 5. If you tie string in a knot, it's very difficult to untie it. Allowed and Aloud You're not allowed to smoke in this office. When I was very young, my mum used to aloud to me every night. /200707/15900。

Ⅷ Accommodations 膳宿 22 Renting a House租 房Part One: Expressions1. I need to find a new place to live.我要另找一个地方住。2. Prices have really gone up the past couple of years.过去这几年价钱真是提高不少。3. Could I take a look at it? 我可以看看吗?4. We just finished rebuilding everything.我们刚刚将它重新建完。5. We’re going to get that done next week. 我们下个星期会做完的。6. Why don’t I come by your office tomorrow to sign the lease?我何不明天顺道来你的办公室签下合约?7. You’ve done a great job.你做得很好。8. How long did you want the place?这个地方你想住多久?9. I’m not planning on leaving the area anytime soon.我不打算近期内搬离这个地方。10. You can move your stuff in tomorrow.你明天可以把你的东西搬过来。Part Two: Dialogues1. Looking for an Apartment找房子A: I need to find a new place to live.B: Yeah? Why? Don’t you like living with me?A: Oh, it’s not you. I just want my own place. B: Well, check the newspaper.A: Jeez…I didn’t realize a single bedroom apartment went for so much these days.B: Yeah, prices have really gone up the past couple of years.A: Oh, here’s one. It’s looks like its in this neighborhood, 0 a month. That’s not to bad.B: No, it’s pretty good. Why not give the landlord a call?A: Hello. I’m calling about the one bedroom in Lincoln Park. Could I take a look at it? Yes. Tonight at six is fine. Thanks.A: 我要另找一个地方住。B: 是吗?为什么?你不喜欢和我一起住吗?A: 哦,不是因为你的缘故。我只是想有自己的私人空间。B: 好吧,看看报纸上有没有。A: 哇呀,我没料到一个单间公寓这些天这么贵。B: 是呀,过去这几年价钱真是提高不少。A: 哦,这儿有一个。好像在这儿附近。每个月600元,还过得去。B: 不仅如此,真很不错呢。为何不给房东一个电话呢?A: 你好,我打电话过来询问林肯公园的这间房。我可以去看看吗?是的。今晚六点可以,谢谢。2.Renting a house租房A: Hi, I’m Mary Smith.B: Hello, I’m the landlord. John Taylor.A: Nice to meet you Mr. Taylor.B: Please, call me John.A: O.K., John. Well, can I have a look at the place?B: Sure. Come on it. We just finished rebuilding everything.A: Oh, it hasn’t been painted yet.B: No, we’re going to get that done next week. A: Well. It’s certainly nice. You’ve done a great job.B: Thank you.A: The rent is 0 a month?B: That’s right.A: Well, I think I’ll take it. Can I write you a check for the security deposit now? 00?B: Yeah. But why don’t you come by your office tomorrow to sign the lease?A: That would be fine.B: Thank you. See you tomorrow.A: See you.A: 你好,我是玛丽·史密斯。B: 你好,我是房东约翰·泰勒。A: 很高兴认识你,泰勒先生。B: 叫我约翰就好了。A: 好的,约翰。那么,我可以看看了吗?B: 当然。跟我来。我们刚刚将其重建。A: 哦,还没有粉刷。B: 还没有,下个星期我们会粉刷完。A: 哦,不错。你们做得真不错。B: 谢谢。A: 租金是每个月600元吗?B: 对。A: 好的,我想我会租下的。现在写张票交押金好吗?是1200元?B: 是,你为何不明天顺道来你的办公室签下合约?A: 这样也好。B: 谢谢你。明天见。A: 再见。3. Signing a Lease签合约A: Hi, John.B: Oh, hi, Mary, come on in. Any problem?A: Oh, no problem.B: Great. I forgot to ask you, though. How long did you want the place?A: Six months.B: Oh, well, that might be a problem. I usually only sign one year leases.A: Well, one year would be fine, too. I’m not planning on leaving the area anytime soon.B: Well, if it’s not a problem. Then here you go.A: Just let me look at it quickly.B: Of course.A: Looks like a standard lease.B: Yeah, and don’t worry about the security deposit. If everything’s all right when you move out, you’ll get it back.A: O.K. Great. Just sign and date it here?B: Yes. Thanks. You can move your stuff in tomorrow. A: Wonderful.A: 你好,约翰。B: 哦,你好,玛丽,进来。有什么问题吗?A: 哦,没问题。B: 很好。 还有忘了问你,你想租多久?A: 6个月。B: 哦,这可能有一点问题。我通常签1年的契约。A: 那么,1年也可以。我不打算近段时间内搬离这个地方。B: 好的,如果没有问题,你在这儿签。A: 让我再看一下。B: 当然可以。A: 这看上去是标准的契约书。B: 对。对于押金您不用担心。当你搬出的时候如果一切无恙,我会退还你的。A: 好,很好。在这儿写姓名和日期吗?B: 是的,谢谢。你明天就可以把东西搬进来。A: 太好了。Part Three: Substitution Drills1. A: I need to find a new (place to live/ apartment/ home). B: Why?我要另找一个(地方/公寓/房子)住。为什么?2. A: (Prices/ rents) have really gone up the past couple of years. B: Yeah.(房价/房租)这几年真的提高不少。是呀。3. A: Could I (take a look/ look/ have a look) at it? B: Sure. Come in.我可以(看看/看一看/看一下)吗?当然,请进。4. A: We just finished (rebuilding/ remodeling/ renovating) everything. B: It looks great!我们刚刚(改建完/重建完/修复完)这些。看上去很不错。5. A: We’re going to (get that done/ do that/ finish up) next week. B: O.K.这个我们打算下个星期(弄完/做完/完成)。好的。6. A: (Why don’t I/ May I/ Can I) come by your office tomorrow to sign the lease? B: Yeah, all right.(我为何不/我可以/我能不能)明天顺路来你的办公室签约?可以,没问题。7. A: You’ve done a (great/ wonderful/ magnificent) job. B: Thanks.你真的干的(很不错/很好/非常好)。谢谢。8. A: Don’t (worry/ be concerned) about the security deposit. B: O.K. Great.别担心押金。好的,好。9. A: I’m not planning on (leaving the area/ moving/ moving out) anytime soon. B: All right.我不打算近段时间内(搬离/搬出/离开)这个地方。好的。10. A: You can move your stuff in (tomorrow/ this weekend/ whenever you want). B: Wonderful.你(明天/这个周末/随时)可以把你的东西搬进来。太好了。Part Four: MonologueThere is a wide variety of rental housing in the ed States. In the cities, this mostly means apartments. They usually have one, two or three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Some are just one room apartments with a kitchen and bathroom, these are called efficiencies. People also rent out houses. When you rent a house, you pay it’s owner a fix monthly amount to live there. Prices vary according to its location and the quality of the apartment or house. You usually have to pay three months rent up front. Two months rent for security deposit, in case you do any damage to the apartment, and the first month’s rent. Most owners, or landlords, will require you to sign a contract agreeing to pay rent for a full year. At the end of the year, you’re free to find another place, or renew your lease with the landlord, as long as he still wants you as a tenant.在美国,出租的住宅种类繁多。城市中出租的主要是单元公寓住宅。这样的住宅通常有1间、2间或3间卧室,一个客厅,一个厨房和一个浴室。有一些则只有一间房带一个厨房和浴室,称之为效用房。人们也将自己的房间出租。当你租房时,你需要每个月付给房东固定的租金。根据位置和住房质量的不同租金也不同。通常你需要提前付3个月的租金。其中两个月是你需要付的押金以防对住房的有任何损坏,还包括1个月的租金。大多数房东会要求你签订租期为1年的合同。1年结束后,你可以自由选择其他地方居住,或者只要房东愿意的话,你也可以和他续约。Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases--apartment (一户)公寓房间--lease [li:s]租约,租契--rent [rent]租金,租费--landlord 房东;(旅馆、家庭公寓等的)主人,老板--landlady 女房东;(旅馆、家庭公寓等的)女主人,女老板 --neighborhood 邻近地区,近邻,整个街坊--plan on…打算--credit 信用,信赖--kitchen 厨房--living room 客厅--bedroom 卧室,寝室--bathroom 浴室,化妆室,厕所--security deposit保金,不动产租赁押金 /200704/11808。

Two years ago, after having served four years in the ed States Marine Corps两年前,我在美国海军陆战队役了四年and deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan,也曾调配到伊朗和阿富汗I found myself in Port-au-Prince, leading a team of veterans and medical professionals我被安排到太子港领导一由退役军人和医疗专业人员组成的队伍。in some of the hardest-hit areas of that city, three days after the earthquake.就在地震刚过去三天,我到达这座城市受灾害最严重的一些地区里。We were going to the places that nobody else wanted to go,我们去了没有任何人想要去的地方,the places nobody else could go, and after three weeks,也没有任何人能够去的地方。三周过后,we realized something. Military veterans are very, very good at disaster response.我们意识到,那些退役军人非常善于应变灾难。And coming home, my cofounder and I,回来过后,我和我的伙伴we looked at it, and we said, there are two problems.审视了情况,发现两个问题。The first problem is theres inadequate disaster response.第一个问题,危机处理不妥当Its slow. Its antiquated. Its not using the best technology, and its not using the best people.速度太慢。方法过时。科技并非最先进的,也没有最完善的团队The second problem that we became aware of我们意识到的第二个问题是was a very inadequate veteran reintegration,没有好好融合退役军人and this is a topic that is front page news right now现在这个议题上了头条as veterans are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan,当军人从伊拉克和阿富汗退役回来and theyre struggling to reintegrate into civilian life.他们都很难重新融入普通人的生活And we sat here and we looked at these two problems,所以我们仔细地研究了这两个问题and finally we came to a realization. These arent problems.终于我们的结论是,这些并不是问题These are actually solutions. And what do I mean by that?而是解答。我指的是什么呢?Well, we can use disaster response as an opportunity for service for the veterans coming home.首先,对退役军人来说,灾难管理是一个机会Recent surveys show that 92 percent of veterans want to continue their service when they take off their uniform.近来调查发现有92%的退役军人愿意在退役后继续务社会And we can use veterans to improve disaster response.我们可以让退役军人改善赈灾行动Now on the surface, this makes a lot of sense, and in 2010, we responded to the tsunami in Chile,初步看来,这是理所当然不过了。在2010年,我们已经派遣救灾队前往援助the floods in Pakistan, we sent training teams to the Thai-Burma border.智利海啸、巴基斯坦水灾,也派培训队伍到泰缅边境But it was earlier this year, when one of our original members caused us to shift focus in the organization.但却是在今年不久前,一位前队员导致我们转移了组织的方向This is Clay Hunt. Clay was a Marine with me.他就是克莱·亨特。克莱是我的海军伙伴We served together in Iraq and Afghanistan.我们一起在伊拉克和阿富汗役Clay was with us in Port-au-Prince. He was also with us in Chile.在太子港和智利,他也和我们同在Earlier this year, in March, Clay took his own life.不久前,克莱自杀了This was a tragedy, but it really forced us to refocus what it is that we were doing.这是个悲剧。不过却让我们重新思考我们的方向You know, Clay didnt kill himself because of what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.克莱并非为了在伊拉克和阿富汗所发生的事情而自杀。Clay killed himself because of what he lost when he came home.反而是为了回家后他所失去的一切而自杀He lost purpose. He lost his community.他失去了生命目标。他失去了他的社群。And perhaps most tragically, he lost his self-worth.最悲惨的是,他失去了自我认同。201606/449272。

Friends 朋友[朋友之间无话不谈,朋友之间的用语最直接。朋友给你生活、爱情和事业的鼓舞、关怀和见解。以下的对话属于朋友之间的私人话,可以学到一些称呼、一些客套、一些或鼓励或安慰的用语和表达。]NO.1Autumn in New York《纽约的秋天》 威尔经营着一家餐馆,一天不期遇见了以前女友的母亲,女友母亲在给外孙女过生日,于是把威尔介绍给孙女和她的同学朋友们。单词通缉令1. chum n.密友2. irresistible a.不可抵抗的3. overpriced a. 昂贵的4. establishment n.建立的机构5. beet n. 甜菜6. buck n.美元7. pop n.一份8. Chilean a.智利的9. bass n. 鲈鱼10. scratch n.草稿11. sassy a.漂亮的;时髦的12. elegant a.优雅的;端庄的;高雅的13. divine a.神圣的;非凡的14. kid vt.哄骗;嘲弄Dolly: OK, everybody, I want you all to meet an old 1)chum of mine. He’s 2)irresistible.Dolly: He’s Will Keen and he owns this 3)overpriced 4)establishment.Will: Overpriced? I can’t believe you… Where else are you going to find a 5)beet salad for under 35 6)bucks a 7)pop? Shannon: I love the 8)Chilean sea 9)bass. I’m Shannon.Will: Shannon, thank you. Simon: I’m Simon.Will: Hey, Simon.Simon: Hi.Will: Nice to meet you.Simon: Me too.Will: So, may I ask whose birthday this is?Dolly: The birthday girl happens to be my granddaughter, Charlotte.Will: This looks like Katie’s daughter.Dolly: You bet. She’s got Katie’s eyes, doesn’t she? And talent, forget about it. Do you know that this kid made from 10)scratch all these crazy hats?Will: They’re great.Dolly: And then she got serious with mine, look. Pretty 11)sassy, isn’t it?Will: Very 12)elegant.Dolly: Isn’t it 13)divine?Will: You’re not 14)kidding about this?Dolly: Will, have I ever lied to you?Will: No, it’s wonderful, really wonderful work. Do you speak?Charlotte: Thank you.Will: Yeah, so you’re Katie’s daughter, so that makes you about…Simon: Twenty-two and never been kissed. Will: No, no, I don’t buy that. Happy Birthday, Charlotte.Charlotte: Thank you.Will: Great to see you again, Dolly.Dolly: Great to see you, Will. Thanks.Will: You’re right in there, there you go.Dolly: OK.Will: Great seeing you. Goodbye.All: Bye.多丽:好了,各位,我让大家见见我的老朋友,他让人难以抗拒。多丽:他叫威尔#8226;金,是这家收费昂贵的餐厅的老板。威尔:收费昂贵?我难以置信……你到哪里可以找到一家不用35美元就可买一份色拉的地方?莎侬:我喜欢这儿的智利海鲈鱼。我叫莎侬。威尔:莎侬,谢谢。西蒙:我是西蒙。威尔:你好,西蒙。西蒙:你好。威尔:很高兴认识你。西蒙:彼此彼此。威尔:我可以问一问这是谁的生日?多丽:今天的女寿星刚好是我的孙女,莎洛特。威尔:看起来很像凯蒂的女儿。多丽:没错。她有一双凯蒂的眼睛,对不对?还有那股聪明劲儿,算了。你知道这孩子画草稿,做了这么些疯狂的帽子。威尔:很棒。多丽:我的这顶她做的可认真了,瞧。很漂亮,是不是?威尔:非常高贵。多丽:难道不圣洁吗?威尔:你不是开玩笑吗?多丽:威尔,我对你撒过谎吗?威尔:没有,真棒,做得太好了。你会说话吗?莎洛特:谢谢。威尔:噢,那么,你是凯蒂的女儿,你应该有……西蒙:二十二岁,还没被吻过。威尔:不,不,我不是说那些。莎洛特,生日快乐。莎洛特:谢谢。威尔:多丽,再见到你真高兴。多丽:见到你也很高兴,威尔。谢谢。威尔:你该坐这儿,坐吧。多丽:好的。威尔:很高兴认识各位,再见。众人:再见。句子模仿秀一个介绍新老朋友常用的句子,但在“朋友”这个词上有多种表达,因人而易。有人说friend,有人说buddy,现在我们听到的是chum。后面一句He’s irresistible,这种夸人的句子我们第一次听到,被夸者一定会非常开心。有机会多用用。学习指导复读背诵,最佳背诵复读时间为5秒钟。句子模仿秀推荐这一句的原因是它的地道,英语不是母语者不会说这种句子,用词灵活,句意曲折。学习指导背诵跟读,最佳跟读时间为4秒钟。 /200603/5382。

17.Opening Remarks for the 74th Oscar Academy Awards17.汤姆·克鲁斯第74届奥斯卡颁奖典礼开幕词When the great director Billy Wilder was asked what makes a movie unforgettable, his answer was simple, ;A little bit of magic!; Were all here tonight or sitting at home watching because something came off a movie screen: a little bit of magic touched our lives. And you always remember where you were: the theater, the popcorn, the people you were with when it happened.当人们问及伟大的导演比利·怀尔德是什么使一部电影令人难以忘怀时,他的回答非常简单:“一点点魅力!”今天晚上,所有嘉宾聚集在此,所有电视观众聚焦荧屏,是因为电影屏幕给我们带来的那“一点点魅力”触动了我们的生命。当它上演时,你总会记着你身处何地:戏院,爆米花,还有那时你身旁的那个人。It was 1968, my family was living in Ottawa, Canada, and the movie was Stanley Kubricks 2001: a Space Odyssey; I couldnt help stop thinking about what is life, what is space, what is existence? I was 6 years old. And I knew right then and there I wanted to be an astronaut.1968年,我们全家生活在加拿大的渥太华,当时有一部斯坦利·库布里克主演的电影《2001年太空漫游》在上演。看完这部电影,我不禁开始思考:什么是生命?什么是宇宙?什么是存在?那个时候,我6岁。我决定成为一名宇航员。My family traveled a lot: the white-hot thrill of Jaws that was Louisville, Kentucky; senior year, New Jersey Apocalypse Now, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania Raging Bull. I knew I wanted to be an actor. In good times and poor times, movies were my lifesaver. And then last September came an event that would change us. An actor friend said to me: ;What are we doing? What are we doing? Is it important? Is it even important what I do?; And what of a night like tonight, should we celebrate the joy and magic the movies bring? Well, dare I say it? More than ever! A small scene, a gesture, even a glance between characters can cross lines, break through barriers, melt prejudie, just plain make us laugh, it brings us all together, that little bit of magic. Thats just me.我的家庭经历过数次搬迁。在肯塔基州的路易丝维尔,《大白鲨》给了我最强烈的震撼;高中的时候,我在新泽西州和宾夕法尼亚州的弗吉谷又先后受到《现代启示录》和《愤怒的公牛》两部电影的感染。那时我想成为一名演员。无论身处顺境还是在逆境,电影都是我的救生员。去年发生了911事件,我们对于工作和生活的态度也发生了改变。一位演员朋友对我说:“我们在做什么?我们究竟是在做什么?重要吗?我们所做的一切重要吗?”在今天这样一个美妙的夜晚,我们应不应该庆祝电影给我们带来的欢乐和魅力?我想我敢说:我们要更加隆重地庆祝!电影里的一个小场景、一个手势,甚至演员之间的一点眼神交流,都可以跨越彼此之间的界限,打破彼此之间的屏障,消融彼此之间的偏见。或者更直白地说,电影让我们欢笑,使我们在一起。这就是那一点点魅力。这就是我对于电影的理解。Tonight we are going to listen to you. Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris crisscrossed America asking movie goers and culture-makers a question: ;What do movies mean to you?; And you answered. So lets expand this beautiful stage into every one of your homes. And maybe even some of you will answer this question as you stand on this stage tonight, ;What do movies mean to you?; So pull up a sofa Its just us, talking. Its Oscar night.今天晚上,我们将听取各位的理解。纪录片和制作人埃罗尔·莫里斯走遍美国各地,向电影观众和文艺传播者提出了一个问题:“电影对于您来说意味着什么?”你们已经给出了。那么现在,让我们把这个美丽的舞台延伸到每一个家庭。或许你们之中会有人站在今晚的舞台上回答这个问题:“电影对于您来说意味着什么?”现在,让我们站起来,让我们来共同探讨这个问题。奥斯卡颁奖典礼,现在开始!201706/511944。

040 the Olympics Words Medal stadium competitor medals table judge time event sport trainer team host city opening ceremony water sport track and field spectator Flag Olympic record world record personal best measure Phrases Take part in an event Win an event Attend the opening ceremony Perform well in Do one’s best Head the medals table Beginner A; I see mike farmer has make it into the Olympic team. He beat the national record by 0.1 of a second. B; that’s great. He’s the best runner I’ve seen this season. I’m sure he’ll win a medal at the Olympics. A: I think you’re right. I think we have a very good athletics team. They should do well in the Olympics. How many medals do you think we’ll win? B; I really don’t know. I don’t think we’ll win many gold medals, but I think we should win several silver and bronze ones. A; what do you think our chance are in the events. B; in the last Olympics, we did very well in swimming, cycling and ball sports. I think we’ll do well in those same events. A; we might get a gold medal in the sailing too. Our team put in a lot of practice. B; I think we can expect to get between 30 to 40 medals in total. A; you are very optimistic! Intermediate A; aren’t you interested in watching the Olympics? There have been some excellent performances by athletes from all over the world. B: I just don’t find it very interesting. A: I think it’s wonderful to see people from all over the world taking part in such a great event. B; I think that for a lot of people, it’s just a way to try and show their country is better than other countries. A; I think the Olympics help to promote world peace. B; I’m not sure about that. We still have many wars in the world. I think that the idea behind the Olympics is a good one, but the reality is that during the Olympics countries compete. There’s no real spirit of cooperation and people are usually not very friendly to each other. A; you are so pessimistic! The Olympics is a great opportunity for athletes to demonstrate their speed, skill, agility and strength. Most people hope to see someone form their country win, but I think that they are just happy to see good performances by any athlete. B: well. I think that the most amazing performances are by athletes who participate in the Paralympics. A; now there we are in agreement! /200705/13521。

Good afternoon. Today, the Federal Open Market Committee decided to maintain the target range for the federal funds rate at #188; to #189; percent. Our decision to keep this accommodative policy stance reflects both our assessment of the economic outlook and the risks associated with that outlook. The Committees baseline expectations for economic activity, the labor market, and inflation have not changed much since December: With appropriate monetary policy, we continue to expect moderate economic growth, further labor market improvement, and a return of inflation to our 2 percent objective in two to three years. However, global economic and financial developments continue to pose risks. Against this backdrop, the Committee judged it prudent to maintain the current policy stance at todays meeting. I will come back to our policy decision momentarily, but first, let me review recent economic developments and the outlook.The labor market continues to strengthen. Over the most recent three months, job gains averaged nearly 230,000 per month, similar to the pace experienced over the past year. The unemployment rate was 4.9 percent in the first two months of the year, about in line with the median of FOMC participants estimates of its longer-run normal level. A broader measure of unemployment that includes individuals who want and are available to work but have not actively searched recently and people who are working part time but would rather work full-time has continued to improve. Of note, the labor force participation rate has turned up noticeably since the fall, with more people working or actively looking for work as the prospects for finding jobs have improved. But there is still room for improvement: Involuntary part-time employment remains somewhat elevated, and wage growth has yet to show a sustained pickup.The improvement in employment conditions so far this year has occurred as economic growth appears to have picked up from the modest pace seen in the fourth quarter of last year. Household spending is expanding at a moderate rate, supported by continued job gains and increases in inflation-adjusted incomes. In contrast, business investment has been weak, in part reflecting further reductions in oil drilling as a result of low oil prices. Net exports also remain soft as a consequence of subdued foreign growth and the earlier appreciation of the dollar. Looking ahead, the Committee expects that, with gradual adjustments in the stance of monetary policy, economic activity will continue to expand at a moderate pace and labor market indicators will continue to strengthen.Ongoing economic growth and additional strengthening in labor market conditions are important factors underpinning the inflation outlook. Overall consumer price inflation – as measured by the price index for personal consumption expenditures – stepped up to 1#188; percent over the 12 months ending in January, as the sharp decline in energy prices around the end of 2014 dropped out of the year-over-year figures. Core inflation, which excludes energy and food prices, has also picked up, although it remains to be seen if this firming will be sustained. In particular, the earlier declines in energy prices and appreciation of the dollar could well continue to weigh on overall consumer prices. But once these transitory influences fade and as the labor market strengthens further, the Committee expects inflation to rise to 2 percent over the next two to three years.The Committees inflation outlook rests importantly on its judgment that longer-run inflation expectations remain reasonably well anchored. However, the stability of longer-run inflation expectations cannot be taken for granted. Survey-based measures of longer-run inflation expectations are little changed, on balance, in recent months, although some remain near historically low levels. Market-based measures of inflation compensation also remain low. Movements in these indicators reflect many factors and therefore may not provide an accurate ing on changes in the inflation expectations that are most relevant for wage and price setting. Nonetheless, our statement continues to emphasize that, in considering future policy decisions, we will carefully monitor actual and expected progress toward our inflation goal.This general assessment of the outlook is reflected in the individual economic projections submitted for this meeting by FOMC participants. As always, each participants projections are conditioned on his or own – his or her own view of appropriate monetary policy, which, in turn, depends on each persons assessment of the multitude of factors that shape the outlook. Participants projections for growth of inflation-adjusted gross domestic product or GDP are just a touch lower than the projections made in conjunction with the December FOMC meeting. The median growth projection edges down from 2.2 percent this year to 2 percent in 2018, in line with its estimated longer-run rate. The median projection for the unemployment rate falls from 4.7 at the end of this year to 4.5 percent at the end of 2018, somewhat below the median assessment of the longer-run normal unemployment rate. The median path of the unemployment rate is a little lower than in December, in part reflecting a slightly lower median estimate of the longer-run normal unemployment rate. Finally, with the transitory factors holding down inflation expected to abate and labor market conditions anticipated to strengthen further, the median inflation projection rises from 1.2 percent this year to 1.9 percent next year and 2 percent in 2018. The median inflation projection for this year is a little lower than in December, but thereafter the median projections are unchanged.Since the turn of the year, concerns about global economic prospects have led to increased financial market volatility and somewhat tighter financial conditions in the ed States, although financial conditions have improved notably more recently. In addition, economic growth abroad appears to be running at a somewhat softer pace than previously expected. These unanticipated developments, however, have not resulted in material changes to the Committees baseline outlook. One reason for this is that market expectations for the path of policy interest rates have moved down, and the accompanying decline in longer-term interest rates should help cushion any possible adverse effects on domestic economic activity. Indeed, while stock prices have fallen slightly since the December meeting and sps of investment-grade corporate bond yields over those on comparable-maturity Treasury securities have risen, mortgage rates and corporate borrowing costs have moved lower. Of course, the Committee will continue to monitor these developments closely and will adjust the stance of monetary policy as needed to foster our goals of maximum employment and 2 percent inflation.Returning to monetary policy, as I noted earlier, the Committee decided to maintain its target range for the federal funds rate. This decision partly reflects the implications for the U.S. economy of the global economic and financial developments I just mentioned. In addition, proceeding cautiously in removing policy accommodation at this time will allow us to verify that the labor market is continuing to strengthen despite the risks from abroad. Such caution is appropriate given that short-term interest rates are still near zero, which means that monetary policy has greater scope to respond to upside than to downside changes in the outlook.As we indicated in our statement, ;the Committee expects that economic conditions will evolve in a manner that will warrant only gradual increases in the federal funds rate; the federal funds rate is likely to remain, for some time, below levels that are expected to prevail in the longer run.; This expectation is consistent with the view that the neutral nominal federal funds rate – defined as the value of the federal funds rate that would be neither expansionary nor contractionary if the economy was operating near potential – is currently low by historical standards and is likely to rise only gradually over time. The low level of the neutral federal funds rate may be partially attributable to a range of persistent economic headwinds that weigh on aggregate demand, including developments abroad, a subdued pace of household formation, and meager productivity growth. There is considerable uncertainty regarding the evolution of the neutral funds rate over time. However, if these headwinds abate, as we expect, the neutral federal funds rate should gradually move higher as well.This view is implicitly reflected in participants projections of appropriate monetary policy. The median projection for the federal funds rate rises only gradually to 0.9 percent late this year and 1.9 percent next year. As the factors restraining economic growth are projected to fade further over time, the median rate rises to 3 percent by the end of 2018, close to its longer-run normal level. Compared with the projections made in December, the median path is about #189; percentage point lower this year and next; the median longer-run normal federal funds rate has been revised down as well. In other words, most Committee participants now expect that achieving economic outcomes similar to those anticipated in December will likely require a somewhat lower path for policy interest rates than foreseen at that time.I would like to underscore, however, that the participants projections for the federal funds rate, including the median path, are not a ;plan; for future policy. Policy is not on a preset course. These forecasts represent participants individual assessments of what appropriate policy would be given each persons own current projections of the most likely outcomes for economic growth, employment, inflation, and other factors. However, considerable uncertainty attaches to each participants forecasts of economic outcomes. Hence, their assessments of appropriate policy are also uncertain and will change in response to adjustments to the economic outlook and associated risks, as was the case between December and now.Also, it is important to note that the Committee makes its decisions on a meeting-by-meeting basis and does not and need not decide on a likely future path for the federal funds rate. Indeed, the future path of policy is necessarily uncertain because the economy will surely evolve in unexpected ways. As we note in our statement, ;the actual path of the federal funds rate will depend on the economic outlook as informed by incoming data.;Finally, the Committee will continue its policy of reinvesting proceeds from maturing Treasury securities and principal payments from agency debt and mortgage-backed securities. As highlighted in our policy statement, we anticipate continuing this policy ;until normalization of the level of the federal funds rate is well under way.; Maintaining our sizable holdings of longer-term securities should help maintain accommodative financial conditions and should reduce the risk that we might have to lower the federal funds rate to zero in the event of a future large adverse shock.Thank you.201604/435863。

Read that again. This is what we hear when you mourn over our existence.听仔细了,当你们抱怨我们的存在,我们听到的就是这个意思。This is what we hear when you pray for a cure-that your fondest wish for us is that someday we will cease to be and strangers you can love will move in behind our faces.你们祈祷奇迹出现的时候,我们听到的是你们衷心希望,总有一天我们将不复存在。和我们长着相同面孔的陌生人将会取代我们,得到你们所有的爱。Its a very extreme point of view,这是一个非常极端的观点,but it points to the reality that people engage with the life they have and they dont want to be cured or changed or eliminated.但它指出了一个现实,人们有自己的生活,他们不想要被治愈或改变或消灭。They want to be whoever it is that theyve come to be.他们希望,不管是谁,都能保有与生俱来的天性。One of the families I interviewed for this project was the family of Dylan Klebold who was one of the perpetrators of the Columbine massacre.为了这个项目我采访了迪伦科莱柏德的家庭,迪伦柯莱柏德是哥伦拜恩校园惨案的罪犯之一。It took a long time to persuade them to talk to me,and once they agreed, they were so full of their story that they couldnt stop telling it.我花了很长的时间说他们跟我对话,他们同意了,有太多的故事,一开口就无法停下来。And the first weekend I spent with them-the first of many-I recorded more than 20 hours of conversation.我第一次和他们共度周末,后来还有许多次,我录了20 多个小时的谈话内容。And on Sunday night, we were all exhausted.到了周日晚上,大家都精疲力竭。We were sitting in the kitchen. Sue Klebold was fixing dinner.我们坐在厨房里,苏在做晚饭。And I said, If Dylan were here now,我说,如果现在,迪伦还在这里,do you have a sense of what youd want to ask him?你们想要问他些什么?And his father said, I sure do.他的父亲说,当然。Id want to ask him what the hell he thought he was doing.我想问问他,究竟为什么这样做。And Sue looked at the floor, and she thought for a minute.苏望着地板,思考了一会儿。And then she looked back up and said,I would ask him to forgive me for being his mother and never knowing what was going on inside his head.然后抬起头来说,我会请他原谅。我不是合格的好母亲,从来不知道他的脑袋里想的是些什么。When I had dinner with her a couple of years later-one of many dinners that we had together-she said, You know, when it first happened,几年后,我再度与她吃晚餐,那是我们曾经许多共同的晚餐之一她说,你知道,当事情发生的时候,I used to wish that I had never married, that I had never had children.我曾经希望我没有结过婚,也没有孩子。201603/434268。

Well, by the time I ran for president nine years later, the same expert who said that we had the worst schools in America said that our state was one of the two most improved states in America. And thats because of those standards that Hillary developed.9年后当我开始竞选总统时,当时说我们州的学校在美国最差的那位专家说,我们州的教育体制是美国最完善的两个州之一。而这多亏了希拉里提出的那些标准。Now two years later, Hillary told me about a preschool program developed in Israel called HIPPY, Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters.两年后,希拉里跟我说了一个以色列的学前教育项目,叫做HIPPY(“学龄前儿童家庭教育项目”Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters)。The idea was to teach low-income parents, even those that couldnt , to be their childrens first teachers.它的理念是教那些低收入的家长成为其子女的第一位老师,哪怕是这些家长不识字。She said she thought it would work in Arkansas. I said thats great, what are we going to do about it? She said, oh, I aly did it.她说她认为这项目在阿肯色应该能行。我说,太棒了,那我们要做点啥呢?她说,哦,我已经做完了。I called the woman who started the program in Israel, shell be here in about 10 days and help us get started.我已经和在以色列发起这个项目的女士通了电话,10天后她就到了,然后帮我们启动“项目”。Next thing you know Im being dragged around to all these little preschool graduations.接下来发生的事就是:我就被拽着到处去参加这种小型的“家长”学前教育毕业仪式了。Keep in mind, this was before any state even had universal kindergarten and Im being dragged to preschool graduations watching these poor parents with tears in their eyes because they never thought theyd be able to help their kids learn.要知道,当时别的州连全民公共幼儿园都没有,而我却已经被拽去参加学前教育的毕业典礼了,那些穷困的家长们满眼泪花,因为他们从没想过自己也能帮助孩子学习。Now 20 years of research has shown how well this program works to improve iness for school and academic achievement.如今,对这项目20多年的调研显示,它有效地帮助孩子们做好了上学并获取学术成就的准备。There are a lot of young adults in America who have no idea Hillary had anything to do with it who are enjoying better lives because they were in that program. She did all this while being a full-time worker, a mother and enjoying our life.很多美国的年轻人对希拉里与这个项目的关系一无所知,但他们却因曾参加过这个项目而过上了更好的生活。她一边做着当母亲的全职工作,一边享受了生活,同时还完成了这一切。Why? Well, shes insatiably curious, shes a natural leader, shes a good organizer, and shes the best darn change-maker I ever met in my entire life.为什么呢?因为她有无限的好奇心,她是个天生的领导者、优秀的组织者,而她也是我此生见过的最好的变革者。So...Look, this is a really important point. This is a really important point for you to take out of this convention.你看这是非常重要的一点。这是你们要从这次大会上领悟到的很重要的一点。If you believe in making change from the bottom up, if you believe the measure of change is how many peoples lives are better, you know its hard and some people think its boring.如果你相信变革要从底层开始,如果你相信变革的衡量标尺是有多少人的人生变得更好,那你就知道这会很难,而且有些人会觉得很无聊。Speeches like this are fun. Actually doing the work is hard. So people say, well, we need to change. Shes been around a long time, she sure has, and shes sure been worth every single year shes put into making peoples lives better.说起来容易。但实际做起来就很难了。所以人们会说,好吧,我们需要改变。而她一直都在,她一直都在做,她致力于改善人们生活的每一年都是值得的。201612/480392。