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吉安隆鼻医院哪家好吉安哪里隆胸好We have become used in recent decades to a particular vision of the world economy, which comprises accelerating interconnections that drive globalisation and international business.最近几十年,我们已经习惯于世界经济的一种特定愿景,它包含着不断加速的互联互通,这种互联互通推动着全球化和国际商业往来。Bigger and bigger container ships carry the load of expanding global trade, surging flows of data feed an increasingly international digital economy and supply chains sprawl across borders and spit out consumer products that are ever cheaper and better.越来越巨型的集装箱货船承载着不断扩大的全球贸易,暴增的数据流撑着日益国际化的数字经济,供应链穿越国界在全球延伸,为消费者送上价格越来越便宜、质量越来越好的产品。What if that version of events has almost run its course? Consider what is happening in the world of trade and the rate of technological change and it is easy to construct a case that it is time to re-examine the prevailing view.如果这种趋势已几乎走到尽头,会发生什么?考虑到世界贸易的现状和技术变化的速度,很容易论这样一个命题:是时候重新审视当前流行的观念了。The first piece of evidence is that the expansion of global trade has slowed. Before the 2008 financial crisis the volume of worldwide trade in goods expanded at an average of 6 per cent annually, according to the World Trade Organisation. In the past three years growth has slowed to an average of 2.4 per cent, with some measures showing that global trade recorded its worst performance since 2009 in the first six months of this year.第一个据是,全球贸易增长已经放缓。世界贸易组织(WTO)数据显示,2008年金融危机之前,全球货物贸易量以年均6%的速度增长。过去3年,增速已放缓至年均2.4%,一些指标显示,今年前6个月,全球贸易创下了自2009年以来的最差表现。Part of the reason for that is the anaemic recovery in the global economy. Once the world booms again then so will global trade, optimists argue.导致这种局面的部分原因是全球经济复苏乏力。乐观者认为,一旦世界经济重新走向繁荣,全球贸易也会随之好转。Yet there are also structural reasons for the change. When economists from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund examined the trend last year they attributed a significant part of the difference to more permanent shifts that began even before the crisis. The biggest of those is that China, which has made its fortune by playing a crucial, assembly-focused role in global supply chains importing parts and exporting finished goods, has begun to replicate large parts of that supply chain at home.然而,引起这种变化的还有结构性原因。当世界(World Bank)与国际货币基金组织(IMF)的经济学家们去年研究这一趋势时,他们在很大程度上将此归因于甚至在经济危机之前就开始的更为永久性的转变。其中最大的变化因素是中国——曾经通过在全球供应链中扮演至关重要的装配角色(进口零部件、出口制成品)实现繁荣的中国,已开始在国内复制这条供应链的很多环节。That is happening alongside moves by companies in other large economies such as Japan and the US to “reshore” or “nearshore” supply chains to make them more disaster proof or because rising wage costs in China have made producing closer to home more economic.与此同时,日本、美国等其他大型经济体的企业将供应链“迁回”或“迁近”国内,为的是在更大程度上免受灾害影响,或是因为中国工资成本上升使得在距离本国更近的地方生产更加划算。Pair those trends with technological innovations such as “additive manufacturing”, or what most of us think of as 3D printing, and the impending March of the Robots, driven by artificial intelligence, and it is hard to imagine a vision of globalisation remaining quite as we imagined.将这些趋势与技术创新——如“添加制造”(additive manufacturing),即多数人所称的3D打印,以及即将到来的由人工智能驱动的机器人大量出现的景象——放在一起,很难设想一种与我们此前的想象全然相同的全球化前景。What if one day 3D-printed robots can make their own 3D-printed robots? What happens to world trade then?如果有一天,3D打印出的机器人可以在3D打印机上自行制作机器人,那会发生什么?那时的世界贸易会是什么样子的?To Robert Koopman, who took over as the WTO’s chief economist this year, what we are seeing is not so much the end of globalisation but the end of an era of what others have called “hyperglobalisation” that accompanied the emergence of economies such as China’s in recent decades.对于今年接任WTO首席经济学家的罗伯特錠湞曼(Robert Koopman)来说,与其说我们所看到的是全球化的终结,不如说是其他人所称的“超全球化”(hyperglobalisation)时代的结束,后者近几十年来伴随着中国等经济体的崛起。The data we have on global trade also has huge holes, he says, and is not good enough to assess the growing flows of services or data, or what trade in a new digital world really looks like.他说,我们所掌握的全球贸易数据也存在巨大漏洞,不足以评估务或数据越来越大的流动,也不能很好呈现新的数字世界中的贸易的真正形态。“I do think we may be missing an important part of the story,” he says. “But we won’t know until we find out how to measure it.”“我认为我们可能错过了一个重要部分,”他说,“但我们不会知道——直至我们发现如何衡量它。”There is another vision of what is happening and of where we are heading. This holds that we are living through the beginnings of another great age of liberalisation that may in time yield its own boost to global growth and perhaps its own version of globalisation.对于正在发生的情况以及未来趋向,还有另一种看法。这种观点认为,我们正在经历另一个伟大自由化时代的开端,假以时日,它可能产生对全球经济增长的提振,甚至自己版本的全球化。The last great multilateral trade agreement — the culmination of the Uruguay Round that led to the creation of the WTO — is more than 20 years old. The stalled previous attempt to yield another global agreement, the Doha Round, is 14 years old and counting.上一份大型多边贸易协定——乌拉圭回合(Uruguay Round)谈判最终创建了WTO——距今已有20多年了。尝试敲定新的全球协定但陷入僵局的多哈回合(Doha Round)谈判已进行了14年,仍一筹莫展。There are a half-dozen or more big regional or sectoral trade negotiations under way globally, however, that contain a new kind of promise and that are tackling new trade issues such as the barriers to the free flow of data and ecommerce. Among those is the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership — agreed this week though subject to ratification — which includes the US and Japan and other economies making up some 40 per cent of the global economy.然而,全球范围内还有6个或更多大型地区或行业贸易谈判正在进行,它们包含一种新型的愿景,并且在应对新的贸易议题,如数据自由流动以及电子商务的壁垒。这些谈判包括由12个国家不久前刚刚达成(但仍须各国立法机构批准)的《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(TPP),该协定覆盖美国、日本及其他经济体,共计占全球经济的40%左右。There are transatlantic negotiations between the EU and the US and others to liberalise the services industry and the trade in environmental goods. New regional trade blocs in Latin America and Africa are finding their feet and ways to integrate whole economic neighbourhoods.还有欧盟与美国之间的跨大西洋谈判以及其他谈判,目的都是开放务业和环保产品贸易。拉丁美洲和非洲新建立的区域贸易组织正在站稳脚跟,并寻找实现整个周边经济区域一体化的方式。The bigger promise is that they could one day be stitched together and piece by piece a new picture of globalisation might emerge that causes us to rethink our vision for the global economy once again.更大的愿景是,他们有一天可以被一块块地拼接在一起,形成一个新的全球化景象,促使我们再次反思自己的全球经济愿景。 /201510/404426吉安隆鼻双眼皮 Oriental Pearl TV Tower东方明珠The Oriental Pearl Tower is a TV tower in Shanghai, China. The Oriental Pearl Tower is located at the tip of Lujiazui in the Pudong district.At 468 m (1,535 feet) high, it is the tallest tower in Asia, and the third tallest tower in the world after the CN Tower and the Ostankino Tower. Construction began in 1991 and the tower was completed in 1994. The tower features 11 spheres, big and small and the entire building is supported by three enormous columns that start underground. Visitors travel up and down the tower in double-decker elevators that can hold up to fifty people at the rate of seven meters per second. The design of the building is based on a verse of the Tang Dynasty poem Pipa Song by Bai Juyi about the wonderful sprinkling sound of a pipa instrument, like pearls, big and small falling on a jade plate. As a symbol of the economic reform in Shanghai, it was also the tallest structure in China before it was surpassed by the Shanghai World Financial Center.Like the Statue of Liberty in N. Y. , the Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Oriental Pearl Tower is also a landmark and a tourist attraction in Shanghai, which displays a spectacular view of an international metropolis with the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center.Seen from far, the Yangpu Bridge and the Nanpu Bridge seem like two Chinese dragons frolicking with the pearls of the Oriental Pearl Tower.东方明珠广播电视塔,又名东方明珠塔,位于中国上海浦东陆家嘴金融贸易区,始建于1991年,1994年完工。东方明珠塔高467.9米,亚洲第一,世界第三,仅次于加拿大的加拿大国家电视塔(553.3米)及俄罗斯的奥斯坦金诺电视塔(540.1米)。东方明珠塔最有特色的是把11个大小不一、高低错落的球体串联在一起,整个建筑物的撑完全靠三根深入地下的擎天立柱,内置可载50人的双层电梯和每秒7米的高速电梯。东方明珠塔的名字来源唐朝诗人白居易的《琵琶行》中关于琵琶的声音的描写,诗人把琵琶的声音比如成珍珠落到玉盘里时的发出美妙声音,“大珠小珠落玉盘”。东方明珠塔是上海改革开放的象征,曾是中国最高的建筑,现在已被上海环球金融中心取代。与纽约的自由女神、悉尼歌剧院、巴黎的埃菲尔铁塔一样,东方明珠塔成为上海标志性建筑和旅游热点之一,与后方新耸立而起的金茂大厦和环球金融中心交相辉映,展现了国际大都市的壮观景色。从远处看它与两边的杨浦大桥和南浦大桥巧妙地组合成一幅二龙戏珠的巨幅画卷。 /201603/426290青原区哪家绣眉好

吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院纹眉多少钱吉安哪里做双眼皮割的好 Apple has owned up to a rare incursion of malicious software into its App Store, forcing it to pull some of the most widely used mobile apps in China from the service.苹果(Apple)承认其应用商店(App Store)遭遇罕见的恶意软件攻击,迫使它撤下了一些在中国被广为使用的移动应用。Late on Sunday in California, the iPhone and iPad maker confirmed reports by security researchers who had warned that a swathe of popular Chinese apps had been created using developer tools that were infected with the malware, resulting in the compromised apps.上周日晚,这家iPhone和iPad的生产商在加州实了安全研究人员报告中的说法,这些研究人员警告称,一大批热门的中国应用是用被恶意软件感染的开发工具创建的,结果导致这些应用被攻陷。“Hundreds of millions” of users of the popular Chinese apps were at risk of having their personal data exposed, including people who use Tencent’s WeChat mobile messaging service and ride-hailing app Didi Kuaidi, according to Palo Alto Networks, a US cyber security company.美国网络安全公司Palo Alto Networks称,一些热门中国应用的“数亿”用户的个人数据可能被泄露,包括使用腾讯(Tencent)微信(WeChat)和打车应用滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)的用户。Apple said it had removed the infected apps, which had been created with what it said was a fake version of its software for app developers, known as Xcode.苹果表示,它已移除被感染的应用,这些应用是开发人员用假冒版的Xcode软件创建的。It did not explain how developers of a large number of China’s most widely used mobile services had all been infected with the same piece of malware, or how the infected apps that resulted had got through its security screening for the App Store.苹果没有解释大批中国热门应用的开发人员是如何被同一款恶意软件攻陷的,也没有透露被感染的应用是如何通过苹果应用商店的安全审查的。“To protect our customers, we’ve removed the apps from the App Store that we know have been created with this counterfeit software and we are working with the developers to make sure they’re using the proper version of Xcode to rebuild their apps,” Apple said.苹果表示:“为了保护我们的客户,我们已从应用商店移除那些我们知道是用假冒软件创建的应用,我们正与开发人员合作,确保他们在使用正版Xcode重建他们的应用。”The admission is a black eye for the US company, which has made much of its superior security track record in mobile apps compared with that of Google.这番承认对苹果而言是个打击。苹果移动应用的安全记录在很大程度上优于谷歌(Google)的应用。Palo Alto Networks said in a blog post on Friday that it had found 39 apps in Apple’s App Store that had been created with the infected developer software, which has been dubbed XcodeGhost. Along with WeChat and Didi Kuaidi, the compromised apps include ones for games, banking, stock trading, maps, social networks, and mobile phone services, it added.Palo Alto Networks在上周五发布的一篇文中表示,它已在苹果应用商店发现有39款应用是用被感染的开发软件创建的,这种软件被称为XcodeGhost。Palo Alto Networks补充称,除了微信和滴滴快的,被攻陷的应用还包括游戏、、股票交易、地图、社交网络和手机务等应用。Tencent said in a statement on social networking service Sina Weibo that it had replaced the compromised version of its app. It also said that users had not lost personal information or other property because of the infection.腾讯在新浪微上的一份声明中表示,最新版本微信已经解决此问题,目前尚没有发现用户会因此造成信息或者财产的直接损失。 /201509/400284吉安妇保医院祛疤手术多少钱

遂川县妇幼保健人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱Germany’s Daimler unveiled the first self-driving truck to be licensed for commercial use on Tuesday, citing a deal with Nevada’s governor as the first step towards its goal of transforming the safety and efficiency of freight transport.周二,德国戴姆勒(Daimler)公布了首款将被批准用于商业用途的自动驾驶卡车。戴姆勒提到,该公司已经和内华达州州长达成协议,并表示这是实现其改变货运安全性和有效性目标的第一步。Daimler said it had brought the new self-driving technology to the desert, southwestern state after European governments were slower to approve regulations for autonomous trucks. Nevada was also one of the first states to allow autonomous passenger cars.戴姆勒表示,由于欧洲各国政府在自动驾驶卡车的监管批准方面动作较慢,该公司已将这种新的自动驾驶技术引入位于美国西南部的人烟稀少的内华达州。内华达州也是美国首批批准自动驾驶小轿车的州之一。However, the company said it would require far more states to accept the technology before it could show its potential by handling road freight deliveries “from coast to coast”. The vehicle will be able to operate autonomously only in Nevada — when it crosses state lines the driver will have to take the wheel.不过,戴姆勒表示,该公司需要更多的州接受这种技术,才能通过完成“东西海岸间”的货运,显示这种技术的发展潜力。目前,这种卡车将只允许在内华达州自动驾驶。一旦跨越州境,驾驶员就必须拿回方向盘。Wolfgang Bernhard, chief executive of Daimler’s bus and truck division, said autonomous driving would sharply reduce crashes from driver error. Driver error — often a result of fatigue or distraction — leads to around 90 per cent of crashes involving trucks.戴姆勒公共汽车和卡车部门的首席执行官贝瀚德(Wolfgang Bernhard)表示,自动驾驶技术会极大程度地减少因驾驶员误操作导致的事故。大约90%的卡车事故源自驾驶员的误操作,这种误操作往往是疲劳驾驶和分神导致的。 /201505/373691 吉安人民医院去眼袋多少钱永新县治疗胎记多少钱



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