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And in poorer countries, smaller countries, fragile countries,conflict-afflicted countries, remittances are a lifeline,as in Somalia or in Haiti. 在更穷,更小,或者正发生冲突的国家,移民汇款就如同救命稻草,比如说在索马里或海蒂。No wonder these flows have huge impacts on economies and on poor people.难怪这些资金流会对经济和贫困人口带来巨大的影响。Remittances, unlike private investment money,不同于私人资助基金,they dont flow back at the first sign of trouble in the country.移民汇款不会在国家一出现问题的时候就回流。They actually act like an insurance.它们更像保险金。When the family is in trouble,当家人遇到麻烦,facing hardship, facing hard times,碰到问题,遇到困难的时候,remittances increase, they act like an insurance.它会增加,就像保险金一样,Migrants send more money then.移民们会寄更多的钱回去。Unlike development aid money,它们也不像发展资助基金,that must go through official agencies,through governments, remittances directly reach the poor,reach the family,and often with business advice. 那些必须经过正式的机构,通过政府。而移民汇款直接到达穷人手中,到达家人手中,通常还附带着商业建议。So in Nepal, the share of poor people was 42 percent in 1995,the share of poor people in the population.在尼泊尔,1995年时穷人占人口总数的42%。By 2005, a decade later, at a time of political crisis, economic crisis,the share of poor people went down to 31 percent. 十年之后,2005年时,当时尼泊尔正遇上政治危机,经济危机,可是穷人的比例却降到了31%。That decline in poverty, most of it,about half of it, is believed to be because of remittances from India,another poor country. 贫困人口的减少,大部分,大约一半,是依靠从印度,另一个穷国,寄来的移民汇款。In El Salvador, the school dropout rate among children is lower in families that receive remittances.在萨尔瓦多,儿童辍学率在接受移民汇款的家庭中就比较低。In Mexico and Sri Lanka,the birth weight of children is higher among families that receive remittances.在墨西哥和斯里兰卡儿童的出生体重在接受移民汇款的家庭中较高。Remittances are dollars wrapped with care.移民汇款是被爱包裹的钱财。Migrants send money home for food,for buying necessities, for building houses,for funding education, for funding healthcare for the elderly, for business investments for friends and family. 移民们寄钱回去买食物,买必需品,建房子,用于教育,老年人的医疗,还有家人和朋友的商业投资。Migrants send even more money home for special occasions like a surgery or a wedding. And migrants also send money, perhaps far too many times,for unexpected funerals that they cannot attend.遇到特殊情况, 移民们还会寄更多的钱,比如手术或婚礼。也许更多的时候,遇上突如其来的葬礼,他们因为无法参加而寄钱回去。Much as these flows do all that good,there are barriers to these flows of remittances, these 400 billion dollars of remittances.虽然这些资金流动有这么多好处,它们的流动却受到很多阻碍,阻碍这四千亿美元的流动。Foremost among them is the exorbitant cost of sending money home.最大的障碍是寄钱回家的高额费用。Money transfer companies structure their fees to milk the poor.现金传递公司收费的方式就是在压榨穷人。They will say, ;Up to 500 dollars if you want to send, we will charge you 30 dollars fixed.;他们会说,五百美元以下,我们固定收取30元的手续费。If you are poor and if you have only 200 dollars to send,you have to pay that fee. 如果你很穷,只能寄两百块钱,你也得交30元的手续费。The global average cost of sending money is eight percent.寄钱的全球平均花费是8%。That means you send 100 dollars,the family on the other side receives only 92 dollars. 也就是说你寄100块钱,到了另一边你的家人只能收到92块。To send money to Africa,the cost is even higher:12 percent.寄钱到非洲的花费就更高:12%。To send money within Africa,the cost is even higher:over 20 percent. 在非洲内部寄钱,费用还要更高:超过20%,For example, sending money from Benin to Nigeria.比如从贝宁寄钱到尼日利亚。And then there is the case of Venezuela, where,because of exchange controls,you send 100 dollars and you are lucky if the family on the other side receives even 10 dollars.而在委内瑞拉,因为货币兑换受到控制,如果你寄了100块钱,你的家人在另一边如果能拿到10块钱就不错了。Of course, nobody sends money to Venezuela through the official channel.当然了,没人通过正式渠道往委内瑞拉寄钱。It all goes in suitcases.都是装在行李箱里带。Whereever costs are high,money goes underground.收费高的地方,钱都从地下走了。And what is worse,many developing countries actually have a blanket ban on sending money out of the country.更糟的是,很多发展中国家实际上还全面禁止往国外寄钱。Many rich nations also have a blanket ban on sending money to specific countries.很多富裕国也全面禁止向某些国家寄钱。So, is it that there are no options,no better options, cheaper options, to send money? 那是不是没有办法,更好,更便宜的办法寄钱了呢?There are.还是有的。M-Pesa in Kenya enables people to send money and receive money at a fixed cost of only 60 cents per transaction.通过肯尼亚的M-Pesa寄钱,手续费是固定的每笔60美分。201505/377315On the one hand, theres the wanting processes.在一方面,有一个期望过程This is a bit like ambition and drive,有点像野心和驱动力--Im going to do that. Im going to work hard.我要去做那件事,我要努力On the other hand, theres the liking processes,在另一方面,有趣味的过程fun and affection and delight乐趣,感情和愉悦and an enormous flying beast with an orc on the back.一个庞大的飞行动物背上骑着兽人Its a really great image. Its pretty cool.真是一个绝佳的图像,真的太酷了Its from the game World of Warcraft with more than 10 million players globally,它来自游戏《魔兽世界》,在全球拥有超过100万玩家one of whom is me, another of whom is my wife.其中有一个就是我,还有一个是我妻子And this kind of a world,这是一种世界this vast flying beast you can ride around,有大量的飞行动物你可以骑着到处跑shows why games are so very good at doing both the wanting and the liking.而这正显示出为什么游戏是多么善于让人同时做要做和喜欢做的事。Because its very powerful. Its pretty awesome.因为它功能强大,它棒极了It gives you great powers.它给予你强大的力量Your ambition is satisfied, but its very beautiful.你的野心被满足,同时它也是美好的Its a very great pleasure to fly around.能够飞来飞去多妙啊And so these combine to form a very intense emotional engagement.所以所有这些东西结合起来构造了一个非常强烈的情感活动But this isnt the really interesting stuff.但这并非真正有趣的东西The really interesting stuff about virtuality is what you can measure with it.真正有趣的东西是它的虚拟性是用它你能度量一些东西Because what you can measure in virtuality is everything.因为在虚拟世界你可以度量任何东西Every single thing that every single person在游戏里玩过的每个人whos ever played in a game has ever done can be measured.做的每件事情,都可以被测量The biggest games in the world today目前全世界最大的游戏are measuring more than one billion points of data所测量的数据超过数十亿份about their players, about what everybody does关于它的玩家,关于每个人的行动far more detail than youd ever get from any website.远远超过你从任何一个网站上所获得的细节And this allows something very special to happen in games.这就使一些特殊的东西在游戏中发生Its something called the reward schedule.这些东西名为奖励量表And by this, I mean looking at what millions upon millions of people have done说到这,我的意思是看着亿万人做了什么and carefully calibrating the rate,然后仔细校准在游戏中的the nature, the type, the intensity of rewards in games频率,性质,类型和奖励力度to keep them engaged over staggering amounts of time and effort.以保持他们参与以这惊人数量的时间和努力Now, to try and explain this in sort of real terms,现在,为了尝试做些实例性解释I want to talk about a kind of task我想谈谈在很多游戏里that might fall to you in so many games.一种任务极可能降临到你身上Go and get a certain amount of a certain little game-y item.去寻找一定数量的某些游戏小玩意Lets say, for the sake of argument,比方说,为了便于讨论my mission is to get 15 pies我的任务是去找15个馅饼and I can get 15 pies by killing these cute, little monsters.我可以得到15个馅饼就靠去杀掉这些可爱的小怪物Simple game quest.很简单的游戏要求Now you can think about this, if you like,现在你可以把这个当做,如果你愿意as a problem about boxes.一个关于箱子的问题Ive got to keep opening boxes.我要一直打开箱子I dont know whats inside them until I open them.在打开它们之前我并不知道里面有什么And I go around opening box after box until Ive got 15 pies.所以我四处走,打开一个又一个箱子,直到我得到15个饼Now, if you take a game like Warcraft,现在,如果你玩像魔兽这类游戏you can think about it, if you like, as a great box-opening effort.你可以把它当做,如果你愿意的话,一个庞大的开箱子工程The games just trying to get people to open about a million boxes,游戏只是尽可能地让人们打开成千上万的箱子getting better and better stuff in them.从中获得越来越好的装备This sounds immensely boring这听起来非常无聊but games are able to make this process incredibly compelling.但游戏却有能力将这一过程变得异常地有吸引力And the way they do this而他们做到这些的方法就是is through a combination of probability and data.通过结合概率和数理统计Lets think about probability.让我们先想想概率吧If we want to engage someone如果我想让某人参与进in the process of opening boxes to try and find pies,这个为了寻找馅饼去开箱子的过程中we want to make sure its neither too easy,我想要保这一过程既不太简单nor too difficult, to find a pie.也不会太难So what do you do? Well, you look at a million people所以你会怎么做?好的,你看着一百万人no, 100 million people, 100 million box openers不,一亿人,一亿个开箱者and you work out, if you make the pie rate about 25 percent然后你计算,如果你使得到馅饼的几率成大约25%--thats neither too frustrating, nor too easy.那就既不太让人丧气,又不会太简单It keeps people engaged.它能使人持续参与But of course, thats not all you do -- theres 15 pies.当然,这还不是全部, 这只是15个馅饼。201511/410660But, when I chose a career, as an adult, it was film making. And that seemed to be the best way to reconcile this urge I had to tell stories, with my urges to create images. And I was, as a kid, constantly drawing comic books, and so on. So, film making was the way to put pictures and stories together. And that made sense. And of course the stories that I chose to tell were science fiction stories: Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss. And with The Abyss, I was putting together my love of underwater and diving, with film making. So, you know, merging the two passions.但是长大后,我选择的职业是拍电影。拍电影看起来是我实现讲故事和创造形象的愿望的最好方式。孩提时,我就一直坚持画连环画等等。所以说拍电影可以把这些图画和故事放在一起。这很有道理。当然我讲的故事都是科幻故事:《终结者》,《异形》和《深渊》。拍《深渊》的时候,我把我对电影和潜水的热爱结合起来。这,你知道,也是将两种热情结合起来。Something interesting came out of The Abyss, which was that to solve a specific narrative problem on that film, which was to create this kind of liquid water creature, we actually embraced computer generated animation, CG. And this resulted in the first soft-surface character, CG animatin that was ever in a movie. And even though the film didnt make any money, barely broke even, I should say, I witnessed something amazing, which is that the audience, the global audience, was mesmerized by this apparent magic.拍摄《深渊》时,我有了一些有趣的想法。我们要解决电影中一个具体的叙事问题,我们要塑造一个液态水的生物时,我们使用了计算机生成动画——电脑图形。电脑图形的应用产生了电影历史上第一个电脑制成的形象,一个软表面角色。虽然这部电影没有赚钱,甚至让公司差点破产,但我想说我见了令人惊叹的东西,全世界的观众都会对这逼真的魔法着迷。You know, its Arthur Clarkes law that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. They were seeing something magical. And so that got me very excited. And I thought, ;Wow, this is something that needs to be embraced into the cinematic art.; So, with Terminator 2, which was my next film, we took that much farther. Working with ILM, we created the liquid metal dude in that film. The success hung in the balance on whether that effect would work. And it did. And we created magic again. And we had the same result with an audience. Although we did make a little more money on that one.根据亚瑟·克拉克定律,任何高难度的技术和魔法没有什么区别,很多人觉得自己看到了一些神奇的东西。这让我感到很兴奋。我想,“哇,电脑图形应该被用到电影艺术中去。”所以,在我接下来的电影《终结者2》中,我把这种技术又推进了一步。我们和工业光学魔术公司创造了一个金属人。这部电影是否成功取决于电脑图形的效果是否有效。电影成功了。我们再次创造了魔法。结果观众的反应和我们一样。我们确实赚得比上一部电影多一些。 /201310/262752Im an industrial engineer.我是一个工业工程师。The goal in my life has always been to make more and more products in the least amount of time and resources.在我的生命中一直追求的目标,是用最少的时间和资源,做出更多的产品。While working at Toyota,all I knew was how to make cars until I met Dr. Akira Miyawaki,who came to our factory to make a forest in it in order to make it carbon-neutral. 当我刚在丰田工作时,我只知道如何制造汽车,直到我遇到了宫胁昭士。他为了使碳中性,在我们的工厂里建造了一个森林。I was so fascinated that I decided to learn this methodology by joining his team as a volunteer.我对此十分着迷。因此我决定去学这门方法,便加入他的团队当志工。Soon, I started making a forest in the backyard of my own house,and this is how it looks after three years. 不久后,我开始造林,就造在我家後院。这就是三年後的样子。These forests,compared to a conventional plantation,grow 10 times faster,theyre 30 times more dense,and 100 times more biodiverse. 这些森林比常规的种植园,生长速度快十倍。他们比一般的森林更密集30倍,生物多样性高一百倍。Within two years of having this forest in our backyard,I could observe that the groundwater didnt dry during summers,the number of bird species I spotted in this area doubled. 2年了,有了这个森林在我们的后院。在夏天时我可以观察到,地下水并没有干涸。我观察到鸟类在这个区域,数量翻了一倍。Quality of air became better,and we started harvesting seasonal fruits growing effortlessly right in the backyard of our house.空气的质量变得更好了。而且我们还开始采收时令水果,在我们家的后院里。I wanted to make more of these forests.我想要造更多这种样子的森林,I was so moved by these results that I wanted to make these forests with the same acumen with which we make cars or write software or do any mainstream business,so I founded a company which is an end-to-end service provider to create these native natural forests. 我被这些数据深深地感动了。我想要去建造这些森林,以我们造汽车,或者编写软件,或做任何主流业务相同的速度。所以我创办了一家公司,一家为了建造这些原始森林,而提供整套植树造林务的公司。But to make afforestation as a mainstream business or an industry, we had to standardize the process of forest-making.但是,把使植树造林作为主流业务或者一个行业,我们必须规范造林决策的整个过程。So we benchmarked the Toyota Production System known for its quality and efficiency for the process of forest-making. 因此,我们按照丰田生产系统。这个系统的高质量和高效率被人熟知,去做造林决策。For an example, the core of TPS,Toyota Production System, lies in heijunka,which is making manufacturing of different models of cars on a single assembly line. 举个列子:TPS的核心,丰田生产系统,就在于均衡化。使其能在一条流水线上,生产不同样式的汽车。We replaced these cars with trees,using which now we can make multi-layered forests. 我们的树木取代了这些车,用的是如今我们造出多层次的森林。These forests utilize 100 percent vertical space.这些森林占了100%的空间,They are so dense that one cant even walk into them.它们非常的密集,甚至都不够一个人走过去。For an example, we can make a 300-tree forest in an area as small as the parking spaces of six cars.比如,我们可以造一座300棵树的森林,在小至六个停车位的空间内。In order to reduce cost and our own carbon footprint,we started utilizing local biomass as soil amender and fertilizers. 为了降低成本和我们自己的碳足迹,我们开始利用当地生物质,作为改变土壤的肥料。For example, coconut shells crushed in a machine mixed with rice straw,powder of rice husk mixed with organic manure is finally dumped in soil on which our forest is planted.例如:把椰子壳在一个机器里碾碎,与稻草混合起来,稻壳粉与有机肥混合,最后倒到我们要造林的土壤上。Once planted, we use grass or rice straw to cover the soil so that all the water which goes into irrigation doesnt get evaporated back into the atmosphere.种好之后,我们把草和稻草铺盖在土壤上。这样做的话,用于灌溉的水就不会蒸发掉。And using these simple improvisations,today we can make a forest for a cost as low as the cost of an iPhone.就是用了这些简单的创意,今天我们才能造出一个森林,只花比买一个iPhone还少的钱。Today, we are making forests in houses,in schools, even in factories with the corporates.今天,我们在家里造森林。在学校里,甚至工厂里。But thats not enough.但是这些还不够,There is a huge number of people who want to take matters into their own hands.有一大推人,想要自己动手造森林。So we let it happen.所以,我们就帮助他们造林。Today, we are working on an Internet-based platform where we are going to share our methodology on an open source using which anyone and everyone can make their own forest without our physical presence being there,using our methodology. 今天,我们正在研究一个基于互联网的平台。用于开放分享我们造林的秘方,用于让任何一个人,创造他们自己的森林,不用我们的协助,或是用我们的方法。At the click of a button,they can get to know all the native species of their place.只需点一下按钮,人们就能知道,所有在他们那一块地里的生物。By installing a small hardware probe on site,we can do remote soil testing,using which we can give step-by-step instructions on forest-making remotely. 通过在网站上安装一个小的硬件探针,我们可以远程测试土壤,用来给予一步步的操作指南,去远程制造森林。Also we can monitor the growth of this forest without being on site.而且,我们可以不去现场,就能监控观察森林的成长。This methodology, I believe,has a potential.我相信,这个方法很有潜力。By sharing, we can actually bring back our native forests.通过分享,我们实际上Now, when you go back home,if you see a barren piece of land,do remember that it can be a potential forest. 可以找回我们的原始森林。现在,当你回到家时。如果你看到一片荒地,请记住,它可以变成一个潜在的森林。Thank you very much. Thanks.非常感谢大家,谢谢。201503/367146

My predecessor at the Fed, Chairman Ben Bernanke我在美联储的前任本·伯南克主席demonstrated such courage就明了这份勇气especially in his response to the threat of the financial crisis特别体现在他对金融危机威胁所作出的反应To stabilize the financial system and restore economic growth为了让金融体系保持稳定并恢复经济增长he took courageous actions that were unprecedented in ambition and scope他采取了力度和范围都堪称空前的勇敢行动He faced relentless criticism, personal threats他因此面临了无情的批评 甚至人身威胁and the certainty that history would judge him harshly if he was wrong他如果走错一步 历史上恐怕就会留下骂名But he stood up for what he believed was right and necessary不过他勇敢地坚持着自己认为正确和必要的道路Ben Bernankes intelligence and knowledge served him well as Chairman对本·伯南克担任主席而言 不仅智慧和知识至关重要but his grit and willingness to take a stand were just as important对重要信念坚定不移的决心和毅力也同样重要I hope you never are confronted by challenges this great我倒希望你们永远不碰到这么大的困难but you too will face moments in life但即便如此 生命中还是会有时候when standing up for what you believe can make all the difference你必须捍卫自己信仰的东西 才能实现成功Having dwelt for a moment on failure and grit之前我讲了失败和决心let me turn to the下面让我转向deeper meaning that underpins grit and can carry us beyond failure能撑决心并帮助我们度过失败的更深层次的意义The hard work of building a life that makes a difference人生成功所需要的辛勤工作is much easier to sustain when you are passionate about what you pursue在拥有热情时会更容易维持 201504/371559

Hi everybody.In America, we believe that a lifetime of hard work and responsibility should be rewarded with a shot at a secure, dignified retirement.Its one of the critical components of middle-class life-and this week, I took new steps to protect it.大家好!在美国,我们都认为一个人经历一辈子的辛勤付出和担当之后,应该能够体面地退休、安享晚年。这一点对于中产阶级的生活而言至关重要,本周,我们采取了新的措施来保障人民利益。Six years after the crisis that shook a lot of peoples faith in a secure retirement, our economy is steadily growing.Last year was the best year for job growth since the 1990s.All told, over the past five years, the private sector has added nearly 12 million new jobs.And since I took office, the stock market has more than doubled, replenishing the 401(k)s of millions of families.金融危机过去6年,动摇了人们对能否安享退休生活的信念,但现在我们的经济正在稳步增长。去年是自上世纪90年代以来就业增长最好的一年。总体而言,过去的5年里,私营部门一共创造了将近1200万个就业岗位。自我主政以来,股票市场翻了两番多,数百万家庭的养老金账户的资金再次充实起来。But while weve come a long way, weve got more work to do to make sure that our recovery reaches more Americans, not just those at the top.Thats what middle-class economics is all about-the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everybody does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.但尽管我们取得了长足的进步,为了让经济复苏惠及更多的美国人民而不仅仅是社会的顶层人士,依然还有大量的事情等着我们去做。这正是中产阶级经济政策需要解决的问题,这一理念就是,当每个人都享有公平的机会、承担公平的责任、遵守共同的规则时,国家才会发展的更好。That last part-making sure everyone plays by the same set of rules-is why we passed historic Wall Street Reform and a Credit Card Bill of Rights. Its why we created a new consumer watchdog agency.And its why were taking new action to protect hardworking families retirement security. If youre working hard and putting away money, you should have the peace of mind that the financial advice youre getting is sound and that your investments are protected.最后一条,让每个人都遵守共同的规则,正是我们历史性地通过《华尔街改革和信用卡权益法案》的原因所在。正因如此,我们成立了全新的消费者监管保护机构。正因如此,我们采取新的措施来保护辛勤付出的工薪家庭的退休保障。如果你一直努力工作,按时存钱,你所得到的理财建议就应该是可靠的,让人心安的,你的投资也应该受到保护。But right now, there are no rules of the road.Many financial advisers put their clients interest first-but some financial advisers get backdoor payments and hidden fees in exchange for steering people into bad investments.All told, bad advice that results from these conflicts of interest costs middle-class and working families about billion every year.但现在,在这些方面没有规则。尽管大多数理财规划师将客户的利益放在首位,但依然有部分咨询人员利用后门和漏洞收钱,让客户的投资受损。总之,这些源自于利益冲突的不良的投资建议让中产家庭和工薪家庭每年损失170亿美元。This week, I called on the Department of Labor to change that-to update the rules and require that retirement advisers put the best interests of their clients above their own financial interests.Middle-class families cannot afford to lose their hard earned savings after a lifetime of work.They deserve to be treated with fairness and respect.And thats what this rule would do.本周,我指示劳工部改变这一现状,修订规则,要求退休金规划师将客户的利益而不是他们所在金融机构的利益放在最高位置。失去一辈子辛勤付出的积蓄,这是中产阶级不可承受之重。他们理应体面地退休,得到公平的对待。这些就是这一规则需要做的事情。While many financial advisers support these basic safeguards to prevent abuse, I know some special interests will fight this with everything theyve got.But while we welcome different perspectives and ideas on how to move forward, what I wont accept is the notion that theres nothing we can do to make sure that hard-working, responsible Americans who scrimp and save can retire with security and dignity.尽管大多理财规划师都持这些基本的保障措施,防止权力滥用,但我知道,一些特殊利益集团还是会想尽一切办法来阻挠的。尽管我们欢迎对前进道路不同的看法和建议,但我绝不能接受的是,对确保美国人民体面退休、安享晚年无动于衷,他们辛勤付出、敢于担当、节衣缩食、集腋成裘,他们应该得到保障,这是原则。Were going to keep pushing for this rule, because its the right thing to do for our workers and for our country.The strength of our economy rests on whether hard-working families can not only share in Americas success, but can also contribute to Americas success.And thats what I will never stop fighting for-an economy where everyone who works hard has the chance to get ahead.我们将持续推进这一政策,因为这是对劳动者和国家都有利的事情。我们国家经济发展的动力,不仅依赖于辛勤付出的家庭能否享受美国的发展成果,更依赖于人民能否为美国的成功做出自己的贡献。这是我将继续为之奋斗的目标,建设一个让每个辛勤付出的人都有机会获得成功的经济体。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201503/361709

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