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A: A friend is picking up a parcel. Can I leave the parcel with you?B: By all means, sir. Just give me your name, his name, and when he will be coming by.A: I can put all of that right on the package and then bring it down to you, if that's okay.B: Well, thank you doing that, sir. I wish all guests were like you. 3A brother and sister in the US have swapped genders after they told their parents that they have gender identity disorders just a month apart.美国一对兄俩在向父母坦承自己有性别认知障碍后,仅一个月便交换了他们的性别At just three years old, Aly was a tomboy who enjoyed playing football while older sibling Russie, then 5, preferred playing dress up with the girls.艾丽3岁时就是个假小子,她喜欢和男孩们一起踢足球,而大她岁的哥哥卢瑟则喜欢和女孩子们一起打扮自己Their parents always knew their children were a little different.他们的父母表示一直都知道两个孩子有点不一样Then Aly and Russie decided to go ahead with gender reassignment surgery after receiving counseling.后来,他们在接受心理辅导后都决定接受性别重置手术Aly, now , is known as Gavin. Russie, now , is known as Rai.现在艾丽岁,改名为加文,卢瑟岁,改名为莱 367

  Residents of Los Angeles most famous neighborhood woke up on New Year Day to find the world-famous Hollywood sign had been changed to ;Hollyweed;.新年第一天,洛杉矶最有名社区的居民一觉醒来后发现,举世闻名的;Hollywood;标志被改成了;Hollyweed;Local media reported that police were treating the incident as minor trespass and were investigating.据当地媒体报道,警方以不太严重的非法闯入处理此事,且正对此进行调查The sign on Mount Lee is made of .7m tall letters.这一标志位于李山上,由几个高.7米的字母组成Voters in Calinia approved the legalization of marijuana in a ballot held on Nov 8, .去年月8日,加州选民投票同意大麻合法化The prank has not caused lasting damage to the sign, however, as parts of both ;O; letters were covered by tarpaulins to make them look like a lower-case letter ;E;.此次恶作剧并未对该标志造成永久性的破坏,两个字母;O;都只是被人用柏油帆布遮住了一部分,使它们看起来像小写字母;e;The Los Angeles Times reports that a single person was recorded on security cameras climbing the sign to hang the materials.据《洛杉矶时报报道,监视器中记录下了一个人攀爬好莱坞标志、并往上挂东西的过程A similar prank took place in 1976, to mark a relaxation in the state marijuana laws.1976年也曾;上演;过类似的恶作剧,以此纪念该州对大麻的相关法律有所放宽 78

  Y: Hey What up, Patrick?P: Well, Yang Chen, Im watching the Winter Olympics on TV. Today they are having the biathlon competition.Y: Biathlon是什么?P: The biathlon is one part cross country skiing, one part shooting.Y: That a real sport?P: Yep, its pretty entertaining too.Y: 那比赛规则是什么?P: Well they are timed, so whoever goes through the course the fastest and hits the most targets shooting wins.Y: 噢,这叫冬季两项,就是越野滑雪和射击两项运动P: That why its called the biathlon.Y: It such a strange sport.P: Oh come on. Yang Chen, you cant say it weird just because you are not good at it.Well it a tough sport too. But lucky us, were in here watching it on TV.Y: Watching TV is your number one sport.P:Ill have you know I am a very accomplished skier.Y: Accomplished skier? 滑雪好手?P: It a shame there are no mountains in downtown Washington, or Id show you a thing or two.What about you, Yang Chen, do you ski?Y: Oh no. Not me. 我怕冷P: [sarcastically] You mean your warm personality isnt enough to keep you from getting frostbite?Y: Patrick,我知道你在讽刺我 I just prefer to be warm, that all. Let leave the biathlon to other people.P: Sounds good to me. Pull up a seat and watch me participate in my favorite sport.PY: Watching TV! 5775。

  Conversation A: Let me have a look at this pair of jeans.B: OK. It the latest fashion, very popular.A: Let me have a try. (Tries that pair of jeans on) It a bit too long. Will it shrink after being washed?B: Im afraid not. It has been prewashed, but we can shorten it you.A: You have an alteration service?B: Yes, madam. It free. Let me take a look at it. We should take off about an inch.A: Thanks a lot. Can I have the navy blue one? By the way, will the color fade?B: No, it wont. It color fast. It takes about an hour. You can shop around and come back later to get it.A: Thanks. Do I have to pay now?B: Yes, please. Here your change and a coupon to join our raffle.A:让我看看那条牛仔裤B:好的,这条牛仔裤是最新款式,非常流行A:让我试试(试穿了那条牛仔裤)太长了,洗后会不会缩水?B:不会的,这是水洗牛仔裤,但我们可以替你改短A:你们有修改务吗?B:有,而且是免费的我看看,大概要改短一寸吧A:谢谢你,我想要海军蓝另外,回退色吗?B:不会的,这是不退色的,修改大约需要1小时,您可以先到别处逛逛,回来再取A:谢谢你,现在付款吗?B:是的,这是找您的零钱以及参加抽奖的优待券 196


  What significance is it to do the commodity inspection? 为什么要进行商品检验?Commodity inspection is done in order to protect the public interests and the awful rights and interests of the parties involved in eign trade. 维护社会公共利益和进出口贸易有关各方的合法权益而进行商品检验The significance of commodity inspection is to promote the smooth development of economic and trade relations with eign countries. 商品检验的意义在于促进对外经济贸易关系的顺利发展Shall we talk about the question of inspection? 我们谈一下商品检验问题好吗?Sure, go ahead. 好吧,开始吧Great, that what I have in mind. 很好,这也正是我想讨论的问题Sorry, but could we finish the problem under discussion first? 不好意思,我们能不能先解决眼前的这个问题?In what way can we do the inspection well? 如何做好商品检验?Import-export commodity inspection should be done on the basis of human health and safety, environmental protection and public safety. 进出口商品检验应当根据保护人类健康和安全、保护环境和维护公共安全为基础In order to protect the life or health of fauna and flora and prevent fraud, import-export commodity inspection is carried out. 进出口商品检验应当保护动物或者植物的生命和健康,防止欺诈行为Imported commodities which do not go through the inspection mality are not allowed to sell or use; exported commodities which prove to be disqualified in the process of inspection are bidden to be exported. 进口商品未经检验的,不准销售、使用;出口商品未经检验合格的,不准出口The import and export commodities which meet the conditions exemption of inspection provided by the State may be exempted from inspection upon the examination and approval of an application from the consignee or consignor by the State Administration Commodity Inspection. 进出口商品中符合国家规定的免予检验条件的,有收货人或者发货人申请,经国家商检部门审查批准,可以免予检验 6.Have a nice day!祝你过得愉快!Have a nice day!祝你过得愉快!Have a good day!祝你过得愉快!Have a good one!祝你过得愉快!Have a nice day!祝你过得愉快!Same to you.你也一样!Thanks,you too.谢谢,你也一样!Take care.保重.Bye!再见!Have a good day.祝你度过愉快的一天.Have a good night.祝你度过愉快的夜晚.You too.你也一样.Same to you.你也一样.Ill try.我会的.Take care.保重.Have a nice day!(Have a nice day.)祝你过得愉快!祝你过得愉快!Have a nice day!(Have a good day!)祝你过得愉快!祝你过得愉快!Have a nice day!(You too.)祝你过得愉快!你也一样.Have a nice day!(Same to you.)祝你过得愉快!你也一样.Have a nice day!(Thanks,you too.)祝你过得愉快!谢谢,你也一样.Have a good day!(Thanks,you too.)祝你过得愉快!谢谢,你也一样.Have a good day!(Same to you.)祝你过得愉快!谢谢,你也一样.Have a good day!(Have a nice day!)祝你过得愉快!你也一样.Have a good day!(Have a good day!)祝你过得愉快!祝你过得愉快!Have a good one!(Thanks,you too.)祝你过得愉快!谢谢,你也一样.Have a good one!(Same to you.)祝你过得愉快!你也一样.Have a good day!(Take care.)祝你过得愉快!保重.Have a nice day!(Take care.)祝你过得愉快!保重.Have a good one!(Take care.)祝你过得愉快!保重.Have a good one!(Bye!)祝你过得愉快!再见!Have a nice day!(Bye!)祝你过得愉快!再见!Have a good day!(Take care.)祝你度过愉快的一天!保重.Have a good day!(Bye!)祝你度过愉快的一天!再见!Have a good night!(You too.)祝你度过愉快的夜晚!你也一样.Have a good night!(Same to you.)祝你度过愉快的夜晚!你也一样.Have a good night!(Ill try.)祝你度过愉快的夜晚!我会的.Have a good night!(Take care.)祝你度过愉快的夜晚!保重. 0


  导购口语:This material is good quality and holds color well.这种料子质量好,不褪色This suit shows your figure off nicely.这套装把你的身材很好地衬托出来了This is pure silk and feels very soft.这是纯真丝的,手感特别柔顺语句:Good quality质量很好;hold color不退色;pure silk纯真丝;feels very soft手感特别柔软情景再现:Would you show me that bell-bottom pants?给我看看那条喇叭裤行吗?Will it shrink after I wash it? Will the color fade?洗后会不会缩水?会褪色吗?It a little bit too revealing. Do you have anything else?这件有点太暴露了,有别的吗? 19655。


  At around p.m. on Feb. , a noise came suddenly from the emergency department of the Frontier Corps Hospital of Fujian People Armed Police in Quanzhou city, Fujian province. With the support of family members, a man named A Yong, pale and smelling of alcohol, shouted: ;I wont be put back together!; His shouts confused the medical staff on duty.月日晚上点左右,位于福建省泉州市的武警边防总队医院急诊部突然传来一阵嘈杂声,一名名叫阿勇的男子在家人的搀扶下,脸色苍白,一身酒气,嘴里却嚷嚷着“我不接!我不接!”这情景让值班的医护人员一头雾水According to his family member, the man cut his penis after drinking excessive alcohol. The cut portion was about 3 centimeters long and was put on ice as soon as A Yong was brought to the hospital.根据家人介绍,男子在过度饮酒后,冲动之下,挥刀自宫被切掉的部分长3厘米,阿勇一被送到医院,这部分就被包到一个冰袋里面Doctor Huang, who was in charge of the operation, said later that the wound was not bandaged and was bleeding heavily when the man was transferred from a hospital in Yongchun county. A Yong even suffered from shock.边防医院负责手术的黄医生后来介绍说,当时伤者是经由永春县医院转运过来的,伤口并没有包扎,一直血流不止阿勇甚至还出现了休克的情况The situation was critical. After being put on an IV and given a blood transfusion, A Yong underwent an operation that lasted more than four hours. Luckily, the surgery went smoothly.当时情况十分危急在进行注射并输送血液之后,阿勇又进行了个多小时的手术幸运的是,手术进行得很顺;He usually does not drink, but he had five drinks that night,; a family member told the doctor. A Yong is 36 years old. He has two daughters, ages 3 and respectively.阿勇家属告诉医生:“他平时不怎么喝酒,那天晚上连喝了5杯酒,”阿勇今年36岁,育有两名女儿,分别是岁和3岁A Yong was born to a rural family that preferred boys to girls. He was often laughed at not having any male children. So on the night of Feb. , he drank himself into a great depression and used a knife to cut his penis.阿勇出生于农村,村里重男轻女因没有生下儿子,阿勇经常被嘲笑月日晚上,阿勇一个人喝闷酒,越喝越郁闷,最后竟然拿起刀子切了自己的“命根子”Judging from the wound, Doctor Huang guessed that A Yong must have made two cuts, and that his hand was also cut in the process. This is the first operation of its kind that the hospital has permed.黄医生介绍称,从阿勇的伤口来看,阿勇应该切了两次才把自己的“命根子”切断,过程中,阿勇的手也被切了个口子这是医院第一次接到这样的手术Doctor Huang said that A Yong condition is currently stable. Generally, it takes six months to one year to fully recover, after which the injury should no longer affect A Yong life.黄医生表示,阿勇现在病情稳定通常来讲,这种情况需要半年到一年的时间就可以恢复到正常人的水平,不会影响到阿勇的正常生活 8895

  After falling into the hands of human traffickers in Mexico, one woman has estimated she was raped 3,0 times in a span of four years. Karla Jacinto is now sharing her heartbreaking story in the hope of raising awareness about the horrific trade that is destroying the lives of countless girls around the world.自从陷入人贩子之手后,一位墨西哥女性在四年内造性侵多达.3万次,全世界有无数女性都惨遭人口贩卖的毒害,卡拉讲述了自己的悲惨遭遇,希望引起人们对于人口贩卖的关注Jacinto claims that she always felt rejected by her mother and suffered abuse from a young age. ;I came from a dysfunctional family. I was sexually abused and mistreated from the age of five by a relative.;卡拉从小就遭受家人虐待,妈妈也对她不闻不问;我出生在一个不健全的家庭里,5岁就遭到一名亲戚的性侵;At the age of , a sex trafficker targeted her while she was waiting friends near a subway station in Mexico City and lured her away by using kind words and a fast car. The older man claimed to be a used car salesman and told her that he was also abused as a boy. She says he became very affectionate and they exchanged phone numbers.岁那年,有一天她在墨西哥城的一个地铁站等朋友时被一个人贩子盯上了,这名男子温柔的话语和开的豪车引诱了卡拉这位稍微年长些的男子称自己一名汽车销售员,也曾遭受虐待,卡拉说他显得很深情,便和他互换了电话号码The man, who was aged at the time, quickly convinced her to leave with him. I lived with him three months, during which he treated me very well, she told CNN. He loved me, he bought me clothes, gave me attention, bought me shoes, flowers, chocolates, everything was beautiful.这名岁的男人很快就说了卡拉就和他私奔,;我和他一起住了三个月他对我非常好他爱我,给我买衣,关心我,给我买鞋子、鲜花和巧克力,一切都那么美好;She explained that his cousins would show up to the apartment with new girls every week, so she asked finally asked him what business they were truly in. He told her that they were pimps.这名男子的表亲每周都带着新的女孩们出现在公寓里,卡拉问他们究竟是做什么的,这名男子承认他们是人贩子A few days later he started telling me everything I had to do; the positions, how much I need to charge, the things I had to do with the client and how long, how I was to treat them and how I had to talk to them so that they would give me more money, Karla told CNN.;几天后他告诉我必须卖淫,告诉我应该收多少钱,如何接客,应该务多久,怎样与客人们说话他们才能给我更多的钱;Her first time working as a prostitute was in Guadalajara, one of the country largest cities. After her first few days of working as a prostitute, she was ced to see at least 30 customers a day, seven days a week.起初,她被送往墨西哥大城市瓜达拉哈拉卖淫之后她从早忙到晚,没有休息日,每天至少接待30个人 9

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