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留学英语口语:测验之前 Attending Cla-- ::57 LAURIE: Oh... I am really worried about the exam. I have no idea what will be on it.SUE: Why? Just your notes.You can see what the professor stressed in the lectures.Probably the exam will ask about things he stressed.LAURIE: Yes, but my notes are all nonsense. I can't figure out what is important.SUE: Let me see them.Are these all the notes you have?LAURIE: Yes.SUE: But Laurie, how can you do well in school if you don't take more notes?LAURIE: What do you mean? You think I don't write enough.SUE: I'm sure you don't write enough.Look at this. Here you wrote:"Russian Revolution. 19. Bolsheviks. Real revolution, or coup?" And that's all?I remember he lectured a half hour about that question.And you didn't write any of it!LAURIE: I know, but I listened.SUE: Yes, but did you remember? You need good notes to help you remember.LAURIE: I suppose you're right. But what can I do?I don't know what to write down.SUE: There are different things you can do. one, the university offers a special free course on note-taking.You should go to the course. Also, I am pretty good at taking notes.I can help you on this exam.I will photocopy all my notes, and you can compare them to your notes.Then maybe you will see what kinds of things to write down.LAURIE: That would really help me, Sue.I appreciate it. All this makes me feel like an idiot.SUE: Don't feel that way. I know you are very smart.Note-taking is a special skill. All students need to learn it.Some people are very smart, but they just haven't learned how to take notes yet.I'm lucky because I had a good English teacher in high school.She taught me how to take good notes. It's not hard.LAURIE: Alright. University and high school seem very different to me.I suppose I just need to learn how to manage lecture classes. Then I will do better.罗芮:我真的很担心那个测验,我不知道会考些什么苏:为什么呢?只要念你的笔记就好了你只要看教授上课的重点很可能考试的题目就是他上课的重点罗芮:是呀,我的笔记都是无意义的东西,我搞不清楚什么是重要的苏:让我看看这是你所有的笔记?罗芮:是的苏:但是罗芮,如果你没有好的笔记你又如何拿到好的成绩呢?罗芮:你这是什么意思?你认为我写得不够多苏:我肯定你写得不够多看看这里你写的:“苏俄革命运动19年布尔什维克真的革命运动,或是政变?”就这样?我记得他在课堂上谈了半个小时这个问题你一点都没有记下来!罗芮:我知道,但我有在听苏:对,但你记得吗?你需要好的笔记来帮助你记忆罗芮:我想你是对的,但我该怎么做?我不知道该写些什么苏:你可以做几件事情像是,学校有提供关于如何记笔记的免费课程教导你应该参加那个课程,另外,我在记笔记方面也很在行我可以帮助你这次的考试我会影印所有我的笔记,你可以把我的笔记跟你的相比较或许你会知道什么事情是该记下来的罗芮:那真的对我帮助很大,苏我很感激,这些让我感觉像个白痴苏:别那么样想,我知道你很聪明记笔记是一种很特殊的技巧,所有的学生都应该学习有些人很聪明,但他们只是还没有学到该如何记笔记我很幸运因为我在念高中的时候有一位很好的英文老师她告诉我该如何记好的笔记并不难罗芮:好吧,大学和高中对我来说是很不同的我认为我就是需要学习如何安排课程我就可以做得更好吉安祛痣多少钱英语情景剧剧本 英语版恶搞《梁祝 --6 ::56 来源: 英语情景剧剧本 英语版恶搞《梁祝  旁白:话说梁山伯和祝英台三年前一同来到刚刚成立的武汉新东方书院学习英语梁山伯酷爱口语师从口语老师邓大付学习美国口语,尤其擅长模仿马丁?路德?金的演讲(旁白暂停,邓英文“I have a dream ”)祝英台一心梦想出国,梦想有朝一日成为B主持人(旁白暂停,祝英文“this is B….)最终祝英台以和GRE高分的成绩被哥伦比亚大学录取在祝英台临走的那一天,梁山伯十八里相送在天河机场与祝英台缠绵告别  L: Yingtai ,I love you so much and I’ll miss you so much.!  Z: I love you, too! Don’t worry. Shanbo I only love you in this wild world. I’ll marry you as soon as I’m back. Wait me just two years.  L: I’ll kiss you across the Pacific Ocean.  Z: I’ll kiss you from the other side. Wait me. BoBo  旁白:一周以后,祝英台从美国打来越洋电话  L:Oh, Sweetie, Yintai I miss you so much, miss you every minute every second. Oh my dear. Are you listening to me?  Z: Listen, Liang Shanbo. I’m calling to tell you that I loved you. But I think you’d better find a better girl.  L: What? Pardon?  Z: Because I’ll get married.  L: Married ? to who?  Z: To 英俊潇洒风流倜傥玉树临风的Ma Wencai.. He is so handsome. So rich, even richer than Yu Minhong. And he is good at 葵花宝典I love his money and I love his body.  L: What are you talking about? You wait and see. I’ll give you some color to see see. I’ll kill you! I will kill you in America!  Z: America? You can come to America? Hahahaha  旁白:祝英台的无端背叛深深伤害了梁山伯脆弱的心灵,他发下毒誓:不杀祝英台誓不为人于是重新来到新东方书院学习和GRE当然他没有忘记用老生可以优惠块钱为了能飞越重洋去杀掉祝英台,他每天提醒自己有一个梦想  I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.  I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and lives out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal. I have a dream that one day I will kill Zhu Yingtai right in America. It is a dream that deeply rooted in my heart. In my heart.  旁白:一年之后,梁山伯也来到了美国,四处寻找祝英台的下落终于在纽约街头找到他当年的爱人祝英台,而她正和马文才卿卿我我  L:Zhu Yingtai, long time no see, huh? Who am I ? I’m Liang Shanbo. I’m here to kill you.  Z: Liang….shanbo. Oh, Wencai. He is crazy. He will kill me.  M: You! Get out of here.  L: You! Get out of here!  M: 电话来了Hello, I’m in wuhan. Ok ok I’ll come right now  Z: Please don’t go. Just stay, please. He’ll kill me.  M: I know! But if I stay, he’ll kill me by the way..  Z: You told me you were good at 葵花宝典?  M: Sorry, I’m not good at 葵花宝典. I’m just good at 新华字典  Z: Oh,you liar. Just get out of here!! (to Liang Shanbo) Oh,darling, you must kill me?  L: Yes, I have to. Because I hate you more than I can say.  Z: (sing)When we were young, we listened to the MP三, you said you’d love me ever. Don’t kill me,ok? Shanbo. I qiu qiu ni..  L: No door! (sing) Where you go, whatever you say, I’ll be right here killing you. I only know I was born to love you or to kill you. Now I can’t love you, the only choice is to kill you.  Z: 曾经Once upon a time, there was a true love in front of me, I didn’t cherish it.If I was to meet him again, I wish to say I love you. If you would ask me how long I would love him, I should say ten thousand years. That man is you The only man I love in this wild world is you. Only you.(sing)  L: The only woman I want to kill is on-ly you!!  Z: Please, you know I love you. I love you just like laoshu ai dami. I want to marry you.  L: hehehe Really?  Z: Oh, of course. Please don’t kill me!!!!  L: To kill or not to kill is a question. I don’t know. Who can tell me? I put her life in your hands. Everybody here, please tell me kill or not kill?  (to kill)  L: You hear this. I ‘m sorry. But don’t worry , I’ ll go to heaven together with you.  Z: All right kill me, then we’ll become two butterflies in the beautiful garden(sing)  (sing)  Z: 亲爱的你别杀我本杀了我你也没有好结果  L: 亲爱的我也不想杀  可是大家非得要我杀 英语情景剧剧本吉安市中医院激光去斑多少钱全球大著名温泉英文介绍 --19 19:5:55 来源: 全球大著名温泉英文介绍从古时候起,泡温泉便一直是生活中必不可少的一大乐趣从皇家如维多利亚皇后到文学大师如歌德无不对温泉里升起的暖暖的雾气着迷温泉,大自然的产物,在世界各地展现各自不同的姿态,或者,用句马克吐温的话说,泡温泉能让你“忘记整个世界”Ever since ancient times, indulging oneself in a hot spa has always been an indispensable pleasure in life. From the royals like Queen Victoria to the literary masters like Goethe, all were allegedly obsessed with the warm mist rising from a hot spring. Granted by Mother Nature, hot springs around the world present themselves in different styles, complementing the captivating natural scenery or, to put it into Mark Twain's words, the experience can make you "get the whole world."People relax in the Blue Lagoon spa in Grindavik, Iceland. The Blue Lagoon came into being in the mid-1970s, when some commies on Iceland's Reykjanes peninsula sought to harness heat generated by the geothermal area. Blood Pond Hot Spring, Kyushu, Japan. 5 温泉英文介绍各地最佳美食好酒旅游胜地前三甲 --5 :: 来源:   Bangkok, New Orleans, Florence voted tops food and wine  最佳美食好酒旅游胜地:曼谷、新奥尔良、佛罗伦萨榜上有名Travel website Tripadvisor.com has announced the winners of its Travelers' Choice Food and Wine Destinations awards, with New Orleans, Florence and Bangkok taking top honors in the ed States, Europe and Asia, respectively.  旅游网站Tripadvisor近期评选出了年度旅行者票选的最佳美食好酒旅游胜地,其中,新奥尔良、佛罗伦萨和曼谷分别荣登美国、欧洲和亚洲榜单的榜首 many, Bangkok edging out Hong Kong to claim top prize in the Asia category comes as a surprise, given Thailand's high taxation rate on imported wine, and all imported alcohol.  曼谷把香港挤出了亚洲冠军的宝座,很多人对此感到吃惊,因为曼谷对于进口酒和其他酒类都有着极高的关税  Though Bangkok might be making great strides in wine appreciation, it's definitely the food and not the drink that earned this street food mega-city its top spot on the list.尽管曼谷在美酒上的竞争力欠佳,但是这个小吃天堂肯定是凭借其在美食上的魅力得头筹的 Travelers' Choice Food and Wine Asia Destinations“亚洲最佳美食好酒胜地”三强1. Bangkok, Thailand泰国,曼谷. Hong Kong, China中国,香港3. Seminyak, Indonesia印尼,水明漾 Travelers' Choice Food and Wine U.S. Destinations“美国最佳美食好酒胜地”三强1. New Orleans, Louisiana路易斯安那州,新奥尔良. Napa, Calinia加利福尼亚州,纳帕3. Chicago, Illinois伊利诺斯州,芝加哥 Travelers' Choice Food and Wine Europe Destinations“欧洲最佳美食好酒胜地”三强1. Florence, Italy意大利,佛罗伦萨. Paris, France法国,巴黎3. Rome, Italy意大利,罗马 各地 最佳吉安韩式三点双眼皮价格

吉安第一人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱吉安脸型整形价格旅游英语口语情景对话:入住宾馆(part ) --01 1:19:5 来源: A: Hi, I'm John Sandals, and I have a reservation.B: Would you show me your ID, sir, please?A: Here you go.B: Thank you very much. Now, sir, do you have a credit card?A: Certainly! Would you like my American Express card?B: Regrettably, Mr. Sandals, we accept only MasterCard or VISA.A: I thought American Express was accepted everywhere. Never mind. Here's my VISA.B: Thanks. You're in room 5, a big, nonsmoking room, with a queen bed. Is that okay, sir?A: Yes, that's just fine.B: I'm happy to hear that. Here is your key. Just dial 0 if you need anything.旅游英语口语,旅游英语专业,旅游英语对话,旅游英语词汇,旅游英语作文,旅游英语专业介绍 旅游 英语口语 情景当我长大了... (When I grow up... ) -- ::58 来源: 当我长大了... (When I grow up... )   when i grow up, i want to be an engineer. i want to build a big house and a small house my father and mother. we will live together.  there will be a garden and playground in front of the house. we will grow beautiful flowers and fruit trees in the garden. we will grow grass in the playground.  i will buy a big car. i will take my father and mother to many places.吉安保仕柏丽医院丰胸多少钱My Favorite Teacher --19 :: 来源: Everyone has his favorite teacher ,so do I. My favourite teacher is Miss Wei, our English teacher. We felt English very difficuit when we began to study English. Miss Wei had a good idea to solve the problem. One day, Miss Wei came into the classroom with some fruits, such as apples,bananas,and oranges. She said: “Today we are going to learn the names of the fruits. You can eat the fruits if you can tell me their names in English . ”All the students listened carefully and studied hard . Someone even stood up to answer questions. Class was over ,and the fruits were all eaten. From then on ,I am more and more interested in English, and I want to say from my heart: “ Thank you, Miss Wei!”吉安做全身脱毛要多少钱

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