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  • A restaurant run by prisoners at a tough jail has been voted one of Britain#39;s top 10 fine dining venues.英国一所防范严密的监狱里的囚犯经营的餐厅被票选为英国十佳就餐场所之一。The Clink Restaurant, staffed by inmates from Cardiff and Prescoed prisons, beat establishments run by celebrity chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver to take 10th place.The Clink餐厅的务人员是来自加的夫(Cardiff)和普莱斯各(Prescoed)的监狱的囚犯。这家监狱餐厅打败了包括戈登#8226;拉姆齐(Gordon Ramsay)和杰米·奥利弗(Jamie Oliver)等名厨经营的餐厅,夺得了榜单的第十名。Included in the top 10 was michelin-starred Le Manoir aux Quat#39;Saisons in Great Milton, Oxfordshire, which came third.其他上榜餐厅还有位于牛津郡(Oxfordshire)大弥尔顿(Great Milton)的四季农庄餐厅(Le Manoir aux Quat#39;Saisons),这家米其林星级餐厅在榜单上位列第三。Reviews on website TripAdvisor were used to decide who should win the 2015 Travellers#39; Choice Restaurants awards.猫途鹰(TripAdvisor)网站上的用户被用于决定谁能赢得2015年旅行者首选餐厅奖(the 2015 Travellers#39; Choice Restaurants awards)。Customers said the ;friendly and informative staff; put other waiters to shame.顾客说,The Clink餐厅“友好且善于提供有用信息的员工”让别处的侍应相形见绌。The 96-seat restaurant, serving breakfast and lunch, opened to the public in 2012. Thirty inmates are each paid #163;14 for a 40-hour week.这家餐厅有96个座位,提供早餐和午餐,于2012年对公众开放。30位囚犯每周工作40小时,每人可获得14英镑的报酬。The Clink has been credited with helping to slash reoffending rates. Latest figures show it has reduced the rate of the released prisoners who worked there to 12.5 per cent.The Clink餐厅被认为有助于降低再犯率。最新数据显示,该餐厅把曾在此工作的囚犯获释后的再犯率降低至12.5%。TripAdvisor spokesman James Kay said: ;Given how competitive the UK restaurant industry is, the fact that The Clink Restaurant is the only winning Welsh restaurant demonstrates the incredibly high standard of food and service that the team consistently delivers to customers.;猫途鹰的发言人詹姆斯·凯伊(James Kay)称:“The Clink餐厅是威尔士唯一一家上榜的餐厅。考虑到英国餐饮业竞争的激烈程度,这无疑显示了这家餐厅的员工们坚持带给顾客的高水准饮食及务。”It was also named top spot in Cardiff out of 946 restaurants in the city.这家餐厅也被提名为全卡的夫市946家餐厅之中的就餐首选地。Opened in 2012, The Clink Cardiff is now one of four restaurants run by prisoners across the UK through The Clink Charity.卡的夫的The Clink餐厅于2012年开张,是慈善机构The Clink Charity在英国国内开的由囚犯提供务的四家餐厅之一。The charity also has restaurants at HMPs Brixton, High Down and Styal and aims to reduce reoffending through projects that train and give practical skills to prisoners to aid their rehabilitation.该慈善机构也在布里克斯顿(Brixton)监狱(HMP,即Her Majesty#39;s Prison)、高唐(High Down)监狱和斯蒂亚尔(Styal )监狱开了餐厅,旨在通过这些项目,培训囚犯并授予他们实用技能,帮助他们改过自新,以降低再犯罪率。Chris Moore, chief executive of The Clink Charity, said: ;The whole team is delighted to have made it into the top 10 restaurants in the UK by TripAdvisor users, and to be ranked so highly against almost 1,000 restaurants in the city of Cardiff is a huge achievement for us.;The Clink Charity的首席执行官克里斯·尔(Chris Moore)表示:“餐厅的所有员工都为餐厅被猫途鹰网友评选入围英国十佳餐厅榜单而高兴。打败了卡的夫市近1000家餐厅,并 得到这么高的评价,对我们来说是一项巨大成就。” /201510/405524
  • A microblog alleging that ;smog will make people look uglier year by year; has been circulated online recently, voc.com.cn reported on Tuesday.华声在线周二报道,一则宣称;雾霾让人逐年变丑;的微近日在网上疯传。Such microblog posts originated from a proposal by a well-known Chinese otolaryngological expert and professor Zhang Quan#39;an on protecting children from the harm caused by smog, at the local Two Sessions of Shaanxi province.此类文源自国内知名耳鼻喉专家张全安教授在陕西省两会上提交的关于保护儿童免受雾霾危害的提案。Zhang said in his proposal that children can develop a ;smog face; and coryza, caused by harmful particles in the air, which can also result in a shortage of oxygen supply to the brain.张全安在他的提案中表示,有害空气中的微粒会使得儿童五官变形形成“雾霾脸”,还会导致大脑缺氧。He told voc.com.cn the claim that smog can make children look uglier sounds exaggerated but has theoretical support.他接受华声在线采访时表示,;雾霾使儿童变丑;的说法听起来夸张,但确有理论依据。When children get coryza due to an irritation of the nose caused by harmful particles in smog, their nose gets blocked and they have to use their mouths to breathe, and this could adversely affect facial development over time and develop a short thick upturned upperlip and an irregular row of teeth, Zhang explained.张全安对此作出解释:当儿童因雾霾中的有害颗粒物刺激鼻腔而患上鼻炎时,其鼻腔堵塞,必须用嘴呼吸。这不利于儿童的面部发育,会造成其上唇短厚翘起,牙齿排列不整齐。Children whose brains are still developing may experience retarded development as a result of breathing disorders at night.而在夜间,大脑还处于发育期的儿童因为鼻腔呼吸不畅,引发大脑发育的延缓。Zhang said he was researching the safest way for children to wear masks, as these are so far the most effective means to protect wearers from the potential harm caused by smog.张全安表示,他正在研究儿童戴面具的最安全方法,因为这是到目前为止,最有效的保护使用者免受烟雾造成的潜在危害的手段 /201603/428939
  • Mark Zuckerberg and his new baby, Maxima, are getting along just swimmingly. The Facebook founder and CEO posted a new photo of his two month old baby girl serenely floating in what appears to be a lake as her billionaire daddy holds her lightly behind her head and looks adoringly into her eyes.马克·扎克伯格和女儿麦克斯在水中进行亲子互动。这位Facebook的创始人兼现任首席执行官最近在自己的Facebook账号上晒出了一张照片。照片中,在一处看上去像是湖水的地方,女儿麦克斯静静地漂浮着,扎克伯格则轻轻地托着女儿的头,宠溺地望着女儿。He captioned the photo #39;Max#39;s first swim. She loves it!#39; The post has so received almost a million likes and over 21,000 comments.扎克伯格为该照片配上这样一段话 #39;麦克斯的初次游泳体验!小家伙很开心。#39; 这张照片获得了百万网友的点赞,超过21000条留言。Pretty little Max is wearing a green striped onesie bathing suit with a red rose on the front. Her hair seems a little longer and her features a bit more defined than in previous photos the proud dad has shared. Baby Max is growing up!麦克斯身着绿色条纹的肚兜,胸前有一朵红色的玫瑰花。和扎克伯格以前晒出的照片相比,麦克斯的头发长了一些,面部轮廓也更清晰了,小麦克斯长大了!Since Maxima was born, Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, haven#39;t been shy about sharing pictures of the little girl on - where else? - Facebook.麦克斯一出生,扎克伯格和妻子普莉希拉就大大方方地开始晒女秀。在哪里?当然是在Facebook上了。Zuck has just returned to work after a two month parental leave to spend time with Max - all Facebook employees receive four months paid parental leave每位Facebook的员工都拥有休四个月带薪产假的福利。而扎克伯格在和女儿度过两个月的时光后,便回去上班了。He has posted pictures of her getting her first vaccines, celebrating her first New Year#39;s Eve in her daddy#39;s arms, and posing with Star Wars merchandise, including a baby light saber.扎克伯格还晒出了几张麦克斯在新年前夕接种疫苗的照片。其中一张照片中,扎克伯格抱着她;另一张照片中,麦克斯身边放着一些《星球大战》的道具,包括一把玩具光剑。Before her birth, the couple made a time capsule promising to try to make the world a better place for her and all children.在麦克斯出生前,扎克伯格夫妇曾制作了一段时间胶囊视频,承诺将为麦克斯和所有的孩子带来一个更美好的世界。 /201601/424460
  • In a bid to prove that showering is overrated, an American scientist hasn#39;t had a bath in 12 years. Instead, he sprays his skin with a mist containing live bacteria, which he claims has kept him clean all these years!为了明洗澡是小题大做,一位美国科学家12年没洗澡。他把一种含有活性微生物的喷雾喷洒在皮肤上,以代替洗澡。他声称,这些年他就是靠这来保持清洁的!Dave Whitlock, a chemical engineer and MIT graduate, says that there is no basis for assuming that bathing is a healthy practice. ;No one did clinical trials on people taking showers every day,; he said. ;I have not taken a shower in 12 years.; In fact, he says that the chemicals in our soaps and shampoos have destroyed all the friendly bacteria that once inhabited our skin and kept us clean.戴夫·惠特洛克是一位化学工程师,也是麻省理工学院(MIT)毕业生。他说,没有理论明洗澡是一种健康的日常活动。“没有人就每天洗澡进行过临床实验。”他说,“我已经12年没洗澡了。”事实上,他认为,我们使用的沐浴露和洗发水中的化学成分,杀死了生活在我们皮肤上并保持我们清洁的有益微生物。Whitlock first started thinking about good bacteria when a woman he was dating asked him why horses liked to roll around in the dirt during summer. “The only way that horses could evolve this behavior was if they had substantial evolutionary benefits from it,” Whitlock explained. That#39;s when he realised that for the horses, this was actually a way of keeping clean.惠特洛克第一次想到有益微生物,是在和一位女士约会时。她问他,为什么夏天的时候,马喜欢在泥里打滚?“马之所以进化出这种习性,唯一的可能,就是它们能从中获得很大益处。”惠特洛克解释道。那时他想到,这对于马来说,实际上是一种保持清洁的方式。Until then, no one had considered that skin bacteria was important and could be helpful to the body. “I didn#39;t have a biology degree – I wasn#39;t at an institution that was renowned for its biological research,” Whitlock said. “And I was proposing something completely off the wall.” But he went ahead and invented a one-of-a-kind spray – called ‘Mother Dirt AO+ Mist#39; – consisting of ‘good#39; bacteria.在那之前,没有人意识到我们皮肤上的微生物有多么重要,并且可能对身体有益。“我没有生物学学位,我并不是待在以生物学研究著称的单位。”惠特洛克说,“我那时正在做一项完全出格的研究。”但他继续下去了,发明了一种富含有益微生物的,叫“Mother Dirt AO+ Mist”的喷雾剂。According to Whitlock, the bacteria in the spray can serve as personal groomers, eating through sweat and oil on our skin. They feed off urea and ammonia in the sweat from the skin, turning them into nitric oxide, which is very good for the body. Nitric oxide molecules dilate blood vessels and help regulate blood pressure, along with a host of other benefits.据惠特洛克说,喷雾剂里的微生物,能充当私人美容师,在我们的皮肤表面,依靠汗水和油脂生存。它们从皮肤的汗水中吸收尿素和氨,将其转化为对身体有益的氧化氮。氧化氮分子会扩张血管,有利于调节血压,还带来许多好处。The spray is manufactured through AOBiome, a company that Whitlock helped found. According to the company, “Modern hygiene has selectively depleted the natural balance of the skin microbiome particularly affecting AOB. By restoring the appropriate AOB levels, we believe a range of human health conditions could be impacted.”这种喷雾剂由AO生物(AOBiome)公司生产,这是一家惠特洛克帮助建立的公司。该公司称:“现代卫生保健,很大程度上破坏了皮肤微生物的平衡,尤其影响了氨氧化细菌。我们相信,通过恢复氨氧化细菌的水平,很多种健康问题会得到改善。”;We#39;ve confused clean with sterile,; added AOBiome#39;s consumer products general manager Jasmina Aganovic. ;We#39;ve taken the dirt out of our lives. We don#39;t spend as much time outdoors as we used to, even little children.;该公司的消费产品总经理亚斯米娜·阿甘诺维科补充道:“我们错把清洁等同于无菌。我们将泥土从生活中赶出去。我们不像过去那样,在户外待那么长时间,即使小孩子也一样。”Mother Dirt Mist helps us reclaim the connection we once had with good bacteria. It#39;s odorless and feels just like water, and can be sprayed all over the skin twice a day to avoid bathing. But for those who simply cannot do without showering, the company is now planning to launch a bacteria-friendly shower gel and shampoo. The mist costs a bottle, while the gel and shampoo are priced at each.这种喷雾剂帮助我们和有益微生物重新建立起联系。它没有任何气味,像水一样,每天可以在皮肤上喷两次,那样就不用洗澡。但对于那些没法不洗澡的人,该公司正计划发售一种不会伤害微生物的沐浴露和洗发水。这种喷雾每瓶售价99美元,沐浴露和洗发水每瓶售价15美元。 /201510/404361
  • 1 Compared with conventional beef, grass-fed beef is higher in this health-promoting nutrient, which gives its fat a yellow color:1、与传统牛肉相比,草饲牛肉中某种有益健康的营养素含量更高,并让脂肪呈现黄色,这种营养素是:Vitamin A维生素AVitamin B维生素BVitamin C维生素CVitamin D维生素D2 Researchers found that having an “ambivalent” marriage, in which feelings of support from a partner waver, could jeopardize health. What percentage of couples they surveyed had ambivalent marriages?2、研究人员发现,如果你的婚姻属于“矛盾型”,你感觉配偶对自己的持时高时低,那么你的健康可能会因此受损。在接受调查的夫妇中,“矛盾”婚姻的百分比有多高?23 percent23%45 percent45%59 percent59%77 percent77%3 A large analysis found that birth order had an effect on which of the following traits?3、一项大型分析发现,出生顺序对以下哪方面产生了影响?Extroversion外向程度Consientiousness责任心IQ智商All of the above以上所有4 Exercise, particularly during midlife, may slow cell aging by preventing the fraying of this part of the chromosome:4、锻炼,特别是中年时期加强锻炼,可能会减缓细胞老化,防止染色体的哪个部分损耗:Centromeres着丝粒Telomeres端粒Chromatids染色单体Arms染色体两臂5 This contraceptive method is associated with the lowest one-year pregnancy rate:5、采用哪种避方法,一年内的受率最低:IUD宫内节育器The “pill”口药Condoms避套Cervical caps and sponges宫颈帽和海绵6 The World Health Organization placed processed meats like hot dogs and bacon in its Group 1 category, with “sufficient evidence” that they could cause cancer. Other carcinogens in this category include:6、世界卫生组织将热和培根等加工肉制品列为1类物质,即有“充分据”显示它们可能会导致癌症。此类别中的其他致癌物质包括:Alcohol酒精Asbestos石棉Tobacco smoke烟草烟雾All of the above以上所有7 Obese children who cut their sugar intake showed lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol ings within:7、肥胖儿童减少糖分摄入多久之后,血压会降低,胆固醇水平会得到改善:10 days10天One month一个月Two months两个月Six months六个月8 Sleep apnea has been tied to excess levels of uric acid and may raise the risk of this painful condition:8、睡眠呼吸暂停和尿酸水平过高有关,而且还可能引发哪种疼痛的病症:Shingles带状疱疹Gout痛风Migraine偏头痛Sciatica坐骨神经痛 /201511/407794
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