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河南省人民医院激光去痣多少钱河南人民医院做去疤手术价钱费用年金融英语学习专业英语词汇小结(5) --5 ::53 来源: 金融英语学习专业英语词汇小结E恶性通货膨胀 hyperinflation二级市场 secondary marketF58英语网 免费学英语发行货币 to issue currency发行总股本 total stock issue法定准备金 required reserves;reserve requirement法人股 institutional shares法人股东 institutional shareholders法治 rule of law房地产投资 real estate investment放松银根 to ease monetary policy非现场稽核 off-site surveillance(or monitoring)非金融机构 non-bank financial institutions非赢利性机构 non-profit organizations分税制 assignment of central and local taxes;tax assignment system分业经营 segregation of financial business(services);division of business scope based on the type of financial institutions风险暴露(风险敞口) risk exposure风险管理 risk management风险意识 risk awareness风险资本比例 risk-weighted capital ratios风险资本标准 risk-based capital standard务事业收入 public service charges;user‘s charges扶贫 poverty alleviation负增长 negative growth复式预算制 double-entry budgeting;capital and current budgetary信阳市抽脂瘦腿多少钱 一些常用词语的地道表达 -- 19:: 来源: 1. 素质教育 :Quality Education. EQ:分两种,一种为教育商数Educational ient,另一种情感商数Emotional ient3. 保险业: the insurance industry. 保重点指出: ensure funding priority areas5. 补发拖欠的养老金: clear up pension payments in arrears6. 不良贷款: non-perMing loan7. 层层转包和违法分包: mutlti-level contracting and illegal subcontracting8. 城乡信用社: credit cooperative in both urban and rural areas9. 城镇居民最低生活保障: a minimum standard of living city residents. 城镇职工医疗保障制度: the system of medical insurance urban workers. 出口信贷: export credit. 贷款质量: loan quality. 贷款质量五级分类办法: the five-category assets classification bank loans. 防范和化解金融风险: take precautions against and reduce financial risks. 防洪工程: flood-prevention project. 非法外汇交易 : illegal eign exchange transaction. 非贸易收汇: eign exchange earnings through nontrade channels18. 非金融机构: non-bank financial institutions19. 费改税: transM administrative fees into taxes. 跟踪审计: foolow-up auditing1. 工程监理制度: the monitoring system projects. 国有资产安全: the safety of state-owned assets3. 过度开垦 : excess reclamation. 合同管理制度: the contract system governing projects5. 积极的财政政策 : pro-active fiscal policy6. 基本生活费: basic allowance7. 解除劳动关系: sever labor relation. 金融监管责任制: the responsibility system financial supervision9. 经济安全: economic security30. 靠扩大财政赤字搞建设: to increase the deficit to spend more on development31. 扩大国内需求 : the expansion of domestic demand3. 拉动经济增长: fuel economic growth33. 粮食仓库: grain depot. 粮食收购企业: grain collection and storage enterprise35. 粮食收购资金实行封闭运行: closed operation of grain purchase funds36. 粮食销售市场: grain sales market37. 劣质工程: shoddy engineering38. 乱收费、乱摊派、乱罚款: arbitrary charges, fund-raising, as and fines39. 骗汇、逃汇、套汇: obtain eign currency under false pretenses, not turn over eign owed to the government and illegal arbitrage0. 融资渠道: financing channels1. 商业信贷原则: the principles commercial credit. 社会保险机构: social security institution3. 失业保险金: unemployment insurance benefits. 偷税、骗税、逃税、抗税: tax evasion, tax fraud and refusal to pay taxes5. 外汇收: eign exchange revenue and spending6. 安居工程: housing project low-income urban residents7. 信息化: inMation-based; inMationization8. 智力密集型: concentration of brain power; knowledge-intensive9. 外资企业: overseas-funded enterprises50. 下岗职工: laid-off workers51. 分流: reposition of redundant personnel5. 素质教育: education all-round development53. 豆腐渣工程: jerry-built projects5. 社会治安情况: law-and-order situation55. 民族国家: nation state56. “台独”: "independence of Taiwan"57. 台湾当局: Taiwan authorities58. 台湾同胞 : Taiwan compatriots59. 台湾是中国领土不可分割的一部分:Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory.60. 西部大开发 : Development of the West Regions61. 可持续性发展: sustainable development6. 风险投资 : risk investment63. 通货紧缩 : deflation6. 扩大内需 : to expand domestic demand65. 计算机辅助教学: computer-assisted instruction ( CAI )66. 网络空间: cyberspace67. 虚拟现实: virtual reality68. 网民 : netizen ( net citizen )69. 电脑犯罪 : computer crime70. 电子商务: the e-business71. 网上购物 : shopping online7. 应试教育: exam-oriented education73. 学生减负 : to reduce study load7. “厄尔尼诺”:(EL Nino)75. “拉尼娜”:(La Nina)76. “智商”:(IQ)77. “情商”:(EQ)78. “第三产业”:(thirdtertiary industry,service sector,third sequence of enterprises)79.“第四产业”:(quaternaryinMation industry)80.“军嫂”:(military spouse)81.“峰会”(香港译“极峰会议”)”:summit(conference)8.“克隆”:clone83.“冰毒”:ice8.“摇头丸”:dancing outreach85.“传销”:multi level marketing86.“(计算机)00年问题”:YK problem(y year, k kilo or thousand)87.“白皮书”:white paper(不是white cover book)88.“傻瓜相机”:Instamatic(商标名,焦距、镜头均固定,被称为foolproof相机);89.“白条”:IOU note(IOU:债款、债务,由I owe you 的读音缩略转义而来)90.“巡回招聘”:milk round(一种招聘毕业生的方式,大公司走访各大学及学院,向求职者介绍本公司情况并与报名者晤谈)91.“减员增效”:increase efficiency by downsizing staff;9.“抓大放小”:manage large enterprises well while ease control over small ones;93.“市政府要办的X件实事”:x major projects that should be given top priority asdesignated on the municipal government’s working agenda;9.“两个基本点”:two focal points,two of the major points of the line set bythe th Congress of the CPC,I.e.upholding the four cardinalprinciples and the policies reM,opening to the outsideworld and invigorating domestic economy95.“投资热点”:a region attractive to investors,a muchsought piece of hand,popular investment spot96.“移动电话”:本系cellular(有时简作cel)或mobile(tele)phone97.“三角债”:chain debts或debt chains98.“拳头产品”:knockout product99.“投诉热线”:dial-a-cheat confidential hotline(打电话告诉一件欺诈事件)0.“三通”的现译文three links:link of trade,travel and post1.“外资”:overseas investments1.“开放”:open to the outside world1.“联防”:commyteampolicing(一种由警察和辖区居民共同参与的治安管理)1.“三陪务”:escort services(陪伴务)1.“五讲四美”:five stresses and four points of beauty1.“暴利”:excessiveextravagantexorbitantsudden huge profit (windfall profit也好)1.“暴发户”:upstart,parvenu,noov(e),nouveau riche(new rich),jumped-up people(口语)1.“快餐”:snack(food),quick meal,fast(food,meal),takeaway,carryout,MRE(meals y to eat) “一次(性用)”1.一次处理:singleprimary treatment;1.一次污染:primary pollution;1.一次冻透:straight;freez-ing;1.一次空气:freshprimary air;1.一次爆破:onepull;1.一次付清: pay in full;1.一次消费:one-time-consumption;6.一次误差:first-order error;7.一次成像照片:a Polaroid picture;8.一次偿还信贷: non-in-stallment;9.一次性杯子:sanitary cup;0.一次性筷子:disposable chopsticks;1.一次性收入:lump-sum payment;.一次用包装:non-returnable container;3.一次用相机:single-use camera.西部开发:Develop Western Regions5.假日经济:Holiday Economy6.手机的利与弊:Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cell Phone7.传呼机不久将会被淘汰吗?:Can Beepers Be Soon Out of Use?8.电脑病毒:Computer Viruses9.网上犯罪:Cyber Crimes0.旅游热:Tourism Wave1.打拐:Cracking Down on the Abduction of Women and Children.反毒斗争:Anti-drug Battle3.黑客:Hackers1.减负:Reduction of Students’ Study Load5.中国加入世贸组织:China’s Entry into the WTO6.沙尘暴:Sandstorms7.告别1999:Farewell to the Special Year 19998.千年虫:The Millennium Bug9.千禧年的梦想:My Millennium Dreams0.拥抱新千年:Embracing the New Millennium1.网上购物:Shopping on the Net.参考书的负面效应:My View on the Negative Effects of Reference Books3.因特网的利与弊:Positive and Negative Aspects of Internet.人类第一张基因草图的意义:The Significance of the First Working Draft of Human Genome Map5.高校合并:The Merging of Universities6.网上求职:Hunting A Job on Internet7.何为新世纪的好老师?:What Is a Good Teacher in the Next Century?8.中国的外资:China’s eign Investment9.中国的人才流失:The Talent Flight in China0.性教育:Sex Education1.明天的因特网:The Future Tomorrows Internet.课堂是以教师为中心还是以学生为中心?:A Teacher-centered Class or A Student-centered Class?3.现有的考试制度的利与弊:The Positive and Negative Aspects of Exams and the Existing Examination System.中国的因特网:Internet in China5.中国的电脑:Computers in China6.中国的大学英语教学:College English Teaching in China7.新的收费政策把学生拒之门外了吗?:Does New Tuition Policy Keep Students Away?8.家教的利与弊:Positive and Negative Aspects of Home Tutoring9.教师,国家的未来:Teachers, A Nation’s Future0.电子词典:Electronic Dictionaries1.教育应是应试教育还是素质教育:Education: Examination-oriented or Quality-oriented.提倡创新精神:Develop Our Creative Mind3.计算机辅助教学:CAIComputer Assisted Instruction.自动取款机的利与弊:Advantages and Disadvantages of the ATM5.展望廿一世纪:Looking ward to the 1st Century6.盗版问题:Problem of Piracy7.学会如何学习:Learn How to Learn8.假文凭:Fake Diplomas9.书的不良影响:My View on the Negative Effects of Books0.人们为什么热衷于摸票?:Why Do People Like to Try Their Luck on Lottery?1.兼职工作:My View on a Part-time Job.无偿献血:Blood Donation without Repayment3.留学海外:Studying Abroad.发展经济还是保护环境?:Developing Economy or Protecting the Environment?5.电子邮件:The Internet E-mail6.拥抱知识经济的新时代:Embracing the Knowledge Economy Age7.努力更新知识:Trying to Renew Knowledge8.深化(中国的)改革:Deepen China’s ReM9.因特网的利与弊:The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet180.我们需要因特网吗?:Do We Need Internet?181.大学英语考试:College English Test18.大学英语四、六级考试有必要吗?:Is the College English Test Band Band 6 Necessary?183.廿一世纪的青年人:The Youth and the 1st Century实用初级英语高频词汇 第课 -- ::53 来源: 实用初级英语高频词汇 第课这里总结了英语中最基础、出现频率最高的00的词汇,适宜所有英语初学者和中学阶段的英语爱好者学习e-maile-mail n. 电子邮件 (electronic mail)eacheach adj.各自的, 每个的, 每一 pron.各, 各自, 每个 adv.每个earear n.耳朵, 倾听, 听觉, 听力, 穗 vi.抽穗earlyearly adj.早的, 早熟的, 及早的, 早先的, 早期的 adv.早, 在初期earthearth n.地球, 陆地, 泥土, 洞穴, 地球上的人类, 尘世, [电]接地 vt.埋入土中, 把...赶入洞内, 把...接地 vi.躲入洞内easteast n.东方, 东, 东部地区 adj.东方的, 从向东来的 adv.在东方, 向东方, 朝东方easyeasy adj.容易的, 安逸的, 舒适的, 宽裕的, 小康的, 从容的, 宽容的, 流畅的 adv.不费力的, 轻松, 悠闲, 慢慢地 n.短暂的休息eateat v.吃, 腐蚀eggegg n.蛋, 鸡蛋, 卵 v.怂恿, 怂恿eighteight adj.八的 num.八, 八个, 第八 n.八字形eighteeneighteen adj.十八的, 十八个的eightheighth num.第八eightyeighty num.八十, 八十个eithereither adj.任一的, (两方中的)每一方的 pron.任一, 随便任一个 conj.或者, 也elephantelephant n.象, 一种纸张的尺寸eleveneleven n.十一elseelse adj.别的, 其他的 adv.另外, 其他endend n.末端, 尽头, 结束, 目标, 限度, 梢, 末端, 死亡 v.结束, 终结, 终止郑州去红血丝哪家医院好

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