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If youre not aly convinced that regular exercise is important to stay healthy, now there is yet another reason to break a sweat, especially if youre a woman: breast cancer.如果你还不是十分相信经常锻炼对于保持健康很重要,现在就有让自己大汗淋漓的另外一个理由,尤其是如果你是一个女人的话:它就是乳腺癌。Several studies have linked exercise to lowering the risk of developing breast cancer.一些研究发现运动能降低患乳腺癌的风险。Considering that breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women, these findings are nothing to shrug about.考虑到乳腺癌是女性的第二常见癌症,这些发现没有什么可以规避的。First, regular exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer by helping women to maintain a healthy and consistent body weight.首先,经常运动可以降低患乳腺癌的风险,帮助女性保持健康及体重稳定。Post-menopausal women who have gained more than twenty pounds since the age of eighteen are forty percent more likely to develop breast cancer.从18岁已经增加超过20磅绝经后的女性患乳腺癌的几率高达40%。Women who gain seventy or more pounds in their adult years are eighty percent more likely to develop breast cancer.成年期增加70磅或更多的女性患乳腺癌的几率高达80%。Another study suggests that the correlation between breast cancer and body weight may have much to do with female hormones produced by body fat.另一项研究表明乳腺癌和体重之间的关联会影响身体脂肪所产生的雌性激素。Higher levels of estrogen, as well as testosterone, have been demonstrated to increase ones risk of developing breast cancer.已经明过度的雌激素,以及睾酮会增加人们患上乳腺癌的风险。However, exercise significantly reduces the levels of these hormones by burning body fat, which produces the hormones.然而,运动明显通过燃烧产生激素的体内脂肪降低了这些激素的水平。So the more you exercise, the more fat you burn, hence the lower your hormone levels, and the lower your risk of developing breast cancer.所以越锻炼,消耗的脂肪越多,因此能够降低你的激素水平,从而降低患乳腺癌的风险。How much exercise is necessary?那练多少就合适了?Just thirty minutes of exercise each day or three to four hours a week could lower ones risk of breast cancer by about twenty percent.只要每天锻炼30钟或一个星期三至四小时就能够降低20%患乳腺癌的几率。And exercising more than four hours a week may further lower your risk.而一个星期锻炼4个多小时可能会进一步降低你的风险。Keep in mind, however, that no amount of exercise can guarantee you wont develop cancer.不过,要记住,不是再多的运动就可以保你不会患上癌症。Certain risk factors such as genetic make-up and environmental exposures are uncontrollable. 某些如基因构成及环境暴露的风险因素是无法控制的。 201310/261420

The World Cup世界杯Pitch imperfect球场不够完美They think its all over budget他们认为超出预算Down to the finishing touches开赛在即,已到最后收尾工作FOOTBALLS World Cup was meant to display Brazils coming-of-age as a global player. Instead, the preparations have illustrated the improvisation for which the country is nearly as famous as its footballers. With less than a month to go, organisers are scrambling to get everything y. A swanky new terminal opened at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo on May 11th. But just eight airlines will be operating there next month, not 25 as planned. Chunks of the airport in Belo Horizonte, another host city, are wrapped in scaffolding and sprinkled with dust—and will remain so well after the tournament ends in July.足球世界杯是巴西这个世界足球强国显示其成熟老道的绝好时机。然而,其糟糕的筹备,就像其足球运动员即兴表演那样闻名于世。距世界杯开幕已不足一个月,可是组委会正仓促地想要一切在一个月内各就各位。5月11日,位于圣保罗的Guarulhos机场,一个超炫豪华的机场航站楼建成开始对外开放。然而下个月,只有8个而不是计划的25个航空公司可以在这里起落。而位于另一个主办城市贝洛哈里桑塔的机场,绝大部分依然围着脚手架,到处是灰尘,而这个状态可能直到六月世界杯赛结束都不大会有所改观。Unfinished work at Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo means only 40,000 fans will attend a pre-tournament test game on May 18th, well shy of the 68,000 expected at the opening match on June 12th. The media centre at the stadium in Curitiba wont be y for the event; journalists will slum it in a tent.圣保罗哥林蒂安斯体育场作为世界杯的竞技场现在尚未完工,这意味着仅有4万球迷可以参加5月18号举行的赛前测试,这远远少于六月12号世界杯首场赛事的6.8万人。库里蒂巴市体育场的媒体中心届时可能无法为大赛务,记者只能挤在自搭的帐篷中。Red tape and overlapping federal, state and municipal fiefs have snarled projects. Jerme Valcke, secretary-general of FIFA, footballs governing body, has described dealing with Brazilian authorities as “hell”. Eight construction workers have died in accidents, six more than in South Africa four years ago. FIFA insists stadiums will be y when fans start pouring in. But delays have left little time to install and test telecommunications kit, prompting worries over patchy television and radio transmission.繁文缛节官僚习气以及冗杂的联邦、政府和市级区划让各个项目混乱不堪。国际足球联盟足球赛事的领导机构的总秘书长Jerme Valcke将与巴西当局的办事风格描述为“极不像话”。8名建筑工人在施工事故中丧生,这比四年前南非世界杯多整整6人。国际足球联盟坚持要求体育馆必须在观众前来参与赛前测试之前一切准备就绪。但是由于一再拖延,几乎没有时间安装、测试电信设备,这给不完善的电视转播和广播转播买下隐忧。Cost overruns, partly blamed on alleged price-gouging, mean that, measured by the cost of a seat, Brazil now boasts ten of the worlds 20 most expensive football venues, according to KPMG, a consultancy. The whitest of these elephants, in Brasília, may end up consuming 2 billion reais, nearly triple the initial estimate. After the Cup it is unlikely ever to draw capacity crowds again, as the city lacks a good league side.足球世界杯筹备成本远远超出预算,部分原因是由于价格欺骗。意思是,以一个座位的成本作为衡量手段,根据毕马威会计事务所的数据,现在巴西拥有世界上最贵的20个足球竞技场。在巴西利亚,这些造价昂贵而使用价值又不太高的场馆最终可能花费20亿里亚尔,是最初预算的3倍。在世界杯赛事之后,因为这个城市缺乏一个好的联赛赛事它不可能再整场爆满。A promised public-works bonanza has not materialised. Brazils government insisted on staging games in 12 cities, rather than the required eight, in order to sp the benefits across the country. It succeeded only in sping itself thin. Just five of 35 planned urban-mobility schemes are complete. Fans will use buses or taxis to get to most city centres.因此一个颇具前景的市政工程金矿也无法带来物质财富。巴西政府为了均衡举办世界杯带来的红利,坚持在12个城市举行赛事而非按照要求在8个城市举办。而这,只会让传播世界杯赛事的成功几率降低。而35个城市交通方案也仅有5个竣工。最后,球迷只能通过公交车或者计程车前往各个位于市中心的赛场。Support for hosting the World Cup has fallen sharply, from 79% after it was awarded to Brazil in 2007 to 48% now, according to Datafolha, a pollster. Given Brazilians love of football and knack for making merry, the tournament is almost certain to be a blast. But the legacy has been left in the changing-rooms.根据圣保罗页报的民意调查,巴西国内民众对世界杯的持也急剧下降,由2007年申办成功之初的78%降至现在的48%,世界杯赛几乎注定了将是猛烈的一击。而这一现象已经在更衣室得到验。 201406/304653

Mike: I like the look of that pair over there. What do you think? 我喜欢那双鞋。你觉得怎么样?Amanda: The leather pair? Good choice. Leather shoes allow your feet to breathe, so they wont get all sweaty and smelly. 那双皮的?不错啊。皮鞋能让你的脚得到放松,不至于出汗或脚臭。Mike: They even have special insoles to support the arches of my feet. Thats going to make a big difference when I go jogging. Perhaps I wont get cramps so much now. 皮鞋甚至还有配有特殊的鞋垫撑足弓。那将在我慢跑时带来不一样的效果。也许我不会像现在这样抽筋了。Amanda: If you wanted, you could buy the same pair without laces. Im not a big fan of Velcro straps though. I think they look ugly. 如果你想买的话,你可以买一双没有鞋带的。不过我倒不是魔术贴狂热爱好者,我就是那样不好看。Mike: Yeah. Me too. Well, Im going to try them on to see how they feel. 恩,我也这么觉得。我先来试试看他们上脚的感觉。Amanda: Dont forget to make sure they dont pinch anywhere, or youll soon be limping along with horrible blisters. 要记着确保每一处都磨不到脚,否则你以后会因为起了水泡而一瘸一拐地走路。Mike: Theyre a bit tight. Could you get me a shoehorn? Oh, and one more thing, could you ask how much they are going to cost me? 有点儿小,能不能给我拿个大点的?哦对了,还有一件事,你能帮我问问多少钱吗?Amanda: Do you have a price in mind? 你心里有预估吗?Mike: Err ... 恩。。201308/254239

Business商业报道Schumpeter熊彼得Ideas reinvenTED重塑创意产业的TEDTED has revolutionised the ideas industry, in part by putting old wine in new bottles旧瓶装新酒,TED颠覆创意产业THE first TED conference in 1984 was such a damp squib that the organisers did not hold a second one for six years.1984年的第一次TED大会办得非常失败,以至于其组织者6年后才举办第二场。Today TED is the Goliath of the ideas industry.而如今的TED是创业行业的龙头企业。The heart of the enterprise is TEDs twice-yearly conference at which big ideas are presented in short, punchy talks.TED的核心产品就是两年一届的TED大会,大会由一些呈现优秀思想的短小精悍的演讲组成。On March 17th-21st,今年3月17-21日,around 1,200 TEDsters will gather in Vancouver to listen to the likes of Bill Gates and Nicholas Negroponte celebrating TEDs 30th birthday and thinking great thoughts.将会约有1200TED爱好者聚集到温哥华庆祝TED成立30周年,届时会有像比尔·盖茨或尼古拉斯·尼葛洛庞帝这样的人物来分享一些伟大的思想。The conference has also spawned an array of businesses, albeit not-for-profit ones.TED大会也催生出了一系列的企业,其中也不乏一些非盈利性的企业。The organisation has built an electronic warehouse of more than 1,700 previous talks, at TED.com.TED在其网站TED.com上建立了一个电子仓库,储存了1700多长以往的演讲视频。These are free to view and, so far, they have been watched nearly 2 billion times.迄今为止,这些免费的视频已经被观看了将近200万次。It has generated a mass movement:TED还催生了一个大规模活动:volunteers have put on more than 9,000 TED-like events called TEDx in 150 or so countries since .自年以来,来自150多个国家的志愿者举行了超过9000场类似TED,他们自己称之为TEDx的活动。It has established a TED prize, a TED fellowship programme and a line of TED e-books.TED还设立了一个TED奖,TED奖学金计划和一个电子书计划。它同时也成为了世界上重要的造星工场:And it has become a central part of the worlds star-making machinery:一旦被受邀至TED演讲,一个名不见经传的学者可以变身学界明星,an invitation to speak at TED can turn an obscure academic into a superstar guru and a struggling journalist into a celebrated writer.一个艰难谋生的小记者也可能成为知名作家。Such success has inevitably produced a backlash.如此巨大的成功自然会招来强烈的抵制。Critics dismiss TED as the Starbucks of intellectual life.批评者对TED嗤之以鼻,把它称作知识生活中的星巴克。Evgeny Morozov, a technology pundit, says it has become something ludicrous, and a little sinister.尤金·洛所夫,一位科技界的公共权威,说TED已经变成了一个荒唐荒唐可笑,有点邪乎的东西。Benjamin Bratton, a sociologist, goes further and suggests that TED is a recipe for civilisational disaster.社会学家本杰明·布莱顿则说TED会造成文明世界的灾难,In his view TED really stands for middlebrow, megachurch infotainment.在他看来,TED实际上代表的是通俗,大教派,资讯。The Onion, a satirical website, has produced a series of Onion talks including A future where all robots have penises.讽刺网站《洋葱报》制作了一系列洋葱脱口秀,其中一期名为在未来,每个机器人都会有‘铅笔。There is certainly some truth in these criticisms:这些批评也不是全无道理:any organisation that invites Sting to its 30th birthday party is in danger of jumping the shark.任何一个邀请斯汀参加其三十周年庆典的组织都可能会有走下坡路的危险。But criticism must be tempered by admiration for what TED has achieved.但是,那些对于TED所取得成就的赞誉中和了这些批评。It does indeed have a weakness for celebrities.的确,TED很钟爱名人,But it has also discovered hundreds of lights hidden under bushels:但它也发掘了大量被埋没的人才 :the most viewed TED , with 25m downloads, features Ken Robinson, a once-obscure British educationalist.被观看次数最多的,下载量高达2500万次的TED视频的主角,便是一个一度默默无闻的教育家肯·罗宾逊。It is true that TED shrinks big ideas into bite-like chunks.虽然TED把一些的宏大思想都极度压缩了,But it has also demonstrated that there is a huge market for big ideas.但它也明了这些思想具有巨大的市场。TED is the perfect example of the power of disruptive innovation.TED可以说是破坏式创新的典范:The ideas business was aly overcrowded when it began to flex its muscles.当TED崭露头角的时候,创意行业的市场已然饱和。The B rejected an early TED talk on the ground that it was too intellectual.B曾拒绝转播早期TED的现场演讲,理由是其太过深奥。But TED has rewritten the rules.但是,TED现在已经更改了规则。Conference regulars compare the corporate pabulum that they are served at Davos with the intellectual sustenance they receive at TED.TED大会的常客们拿达沃斯论坛和TED做对比,他们说前者提供的企业方面的内容简单乏味,而TED提供的才是有用的精神食粮。Businesses now hire it to run their in-house conferences.现在,企业会雇TED帮助其举办内部会议,Publishers compete to sign up its speakers.出版商也竞相与TED的演讲者签约。TED has done more to advance the art of lecturing in a decade than Oxford University has done in a thousand years.在革新演讲艺术方面,TED在十年内做出的贡献,比牛津大学一千以年来做出的更大。The man at the heart of this disruption is Chris Anderson, a journalist turned entrepreneur who calls himself TEDs curator.曾经是一名新闻工作者的克里斯·安德森便是这场创新运动的核心人物,他称自己是TED的守护人。Mr Anderson made his money publishing computer and business magazines.安德森通过出版计算机和商业杂志积累了财富。He bought TED in 2001 and set about turning a cult conference into a multimedia phenomenon,他在2001年买下了TED并在那时就开始将这个小众的集会转变为一种媒体现象。by bringing together the two worlds that he knew best:在此过程中他把他最熟悉的两个领域的知识。the journalistic one of storytelling and the high-tech world of disruptive change.新闻界的的讲故事的技巧和科技界的破坏式创新的理念结合了起来。And he provided TED with both a powerful business model and a pipeline of polished output.他还在为TED创造一个强大商业模式的同时,也建立了一个输出高质内容的渠道。TED uses a shrewd combination of paid-for and free products, the purpose of the latter being to generate buzz.TED巧妙地将付费和免费结合在了一起,这也造成了近来的轰动效应。Tickets to its five-day conferences cost at least ,000.如果要买下一场为期五天的TED大会的所有门票,你至少得花6000美元。It sells an ever-growing array of TED-branded products.TED的产品线还在日益增长。But it has also been generous with its intellectual capital,但是TED对待其知识资产却是毫不吝啬,not only giving away s on the internet but also granting licences to enthusiasts to stage TEDx events.它不仅在网上免费发布它的视频,还为TED的狂热爱好者举行的TEDx颁发许可。To ensure quality it sends all speakers a stone tablet engraved with the TED Commandments, starting with:为保演讲的质量,TED给其演讲者都定下了TED戒律,第一条便是Thou shalt not simply trot out thy usual schtick.勿施黔驴之技。Talks must last for just 18 minutes—Long enough to be serious and short enough to hold peoples attention, as Mr Anderson puts it.安德森规定演讲的长度不能超过18分钟既足够用来讲严肃的问题,也至于太长使人厌烦。Potential speakers are carefully auditioned and extensively trained—and subtly reminded that only successful talks will be put online.被精心挑选出的演讲者会接受多方面的训练,并被暗示说只有成功的演讲视频才会被发布。TED is constantly striving to improve its products and expand its pipeline.TED在努力不断提升产品的品质和并扩宽来源渠道。It has invested heavily in camera crews and stagecraft.它在摄影和舞台技术方面已经投入了大量资金。It has experimented with shorter formats such as TED in three minutes.它还试验了缩短般的三分钟TED。It has even introduced an American Idol element:它甚至引入了美国偶像的元素:about half of the speakers at each conference are chosen by competitive auditions that take place all over the world and are theoretically open to anyone.有将近一半的演讲者是通过全球海选的形式挑选的,理论上所有人都能参加这个选拔。Modern-day missionaries现代传教士TED has become the leading ideas festival of the digital world.TED已经成为数字世界最重要的思想盛会。It draws much of its audience as well as many of its star speakers from the technocracy.它的观众和演讲者很多都来技术专家政治群体。It champions tech solutions to problems:它赞成用科技手段解决问题:its talks tend to give the impression that there is no ill in the world that cannot be solved with a laptop and an internet connection.许多演讲都给人一种这样的印象:世界上没有什么问题是计算机和互联网解决不了的。But there is also something old-fashioned about it.但是TED也有传统的一面。TED meetings have a revivalist feel,TED的集会给人一种像是宗教复兴运动的感觉:from the preachers promises of salvation to the happy-clappy congregation.演讲者像布道者一样给出救赎的承诺,观众们则像一群狂热的教众。It is revealing that Mr Anderson is the son of missionaries, and, in rather Victorian fashion,克里斯·安德森是一名传教士的儿子,而且极具维多利亚时期风格的是,grew up in India before going to Oxford.他在印度长大,后来又上了牛津大学。TEDsters can also sound like modern versions of Dale Carnegie, the author of The Art of Public Speaking and How to Win Friends and Influence People.TED的演讲则也像是现代版本的戴尔·卡耐基,此人是《演讲的艺术》和《人性的弱点》的作者。A striking number of TED talks preach that you can have it all, a great career and a fulfilled life, if only you work hard and follow your passion.大量的TED演讲都宣扬,只要你努力工作并追随自己的,你就可以同时工作和生活的双丰收。The ultimate secret of TEDs success is not its commitment to disruptive innovation but its ability to repackage old-time religion for the digital age.TED成功的奥秘并不是它恪守了破坏性创新的理念,而是它把旧时的宗教重新包装,使之适应数字时代。 /201403/280880Forest conservation森林保护Lidartector激光雷达探测术How to tell if countries are cheating on their conservation commitments如何判断一个国家在森林保护承诺上是否有舞弊行为The wood and the trees 林地与树木In an isolated forest in the Sivalik hills of south-western Nepal, intense sun beats down through the treetops.位于尼泊尔西南部西瓦利克山脉一处偏僻的森林内,毒辣的阳光正从树冠强射而入。A sweaty trek up a steep, rocky slope leads to a spot where a team of researchers is busy measuring the trees.经过一段汗流浃背的艰难跋涉,登上一处陡峭怪石嶙峋的斜坡,到达一块区域,就可以看到一组研究人员正忙着对树木进行测量。They are working for Forest Resource Assessment Nepal, a joint venture between the Nepalese and Finnish governments.他们是尼泊尔与芬兰政府森林资源评估合资企业的工作人员。Two global-positioning-system devices guide the researchers to their target.凭借两套全球定位系统就可将研究人员带到目的地。Once there, they use tape measures, callipers and a hand-held laser to measure the heights and girths of all the trees within a 500-square-metre plot.到达目标后,在圈定好的500平方米区域内,他们用卷尺,测径规和手持激光设备对所有树木的高度和树围进行测量。These measurements, and each trees species, are recorded on a clipboard. One plot finished; 959 more to go.测量结果及每棵树的品种都会被记录下来。一块区域测量完成后,他们还要转战其余的959块区域。A classic piece of forestry, then.这是当时的一种传统林艺技术,Boots on the ground.采用人力进行实地考察,Specimens duly counted.准确测量标本。But this is a study with a twist, for its purpose is to calibrate a new approach to the subject—one that will gather information by the bucketload without the need to rely on quite so many boots.但一项新的研究将会使现状产生飞跃的转变,其目标是针对该课题开创一种新的测量方法—即无须动用众多的人力物力就可收集到大量所需信息。This new approach uses a technique called lidar.这项新方法采用的技术称之为激光雷达术。Like its cousins radar and sonar,lidar,works by broadcasting electromagnetic waves towards a target and then building up a picture from the reflection.与雷达和声纳技术相似,激光雷达的工作原理是通过向目标发射电磁波然后根据反射波构建图像。In the case of lidar, the waves are in the form of an infra-red laser beam.拿激光雷达来说,其波形采用的是红外激光束。And in the case of the forests of south-western Nepal,the target is the trees.以尼泊尔西南部的森林为例,被测目标就是树木。During a forest survey, an aircraft-borne lidar sweeps a beam that fires about 70,000 pulses a second over the canopy.在森林探测过程中,载有激光雷达的飞机将每秒产生7万个脉冲的激光束向森林树冠进行扫掠,A sensor on the aircraft records the time it takes to receive the backscattering of pulses, and that is used to compute distances to the forest canopy and to the soil beneath.同时安装在飞机上的探测设备会记录收到脉冲反向散射波的时间,然后分别用于计算到树林冠部及到土壤的距离。The result, when processed through the computers of Arbonaut, a Finnish natural-resource-management company, is a three-dimensional image of the forest that can be correlated with, and calibrated by, the efforts of the chaps with the tape measures.经过芬兰自然资源管理公司的Arbonaut计算机进行数据处理后,便可生成与采用卷尺那帮家伙的测量结果相关并可校验的树林三维图象。And that, in turn, can be used to estimate the amount of carbon stored in the plot examined, and extrapolated to calculate the carbon stored in larger areas of forest that have been scanned by lidar, but not measured with tapes.接下来,它还能用于估算所测森林区域的二氧化碳储存量,以此类推,激光雷达所探测的更大片森林区域的二氧化碳储存量也可以计算出来,但用的可不是卷尺。The point of the project, which should be completed by 2014,该项目预计到2014年完成,is to allow Nepal to participate in international carbon-trading schemes that pay poor countries with lots of trees not to cut them down.其实际意义在于能够让尼泊尔参加国际碳交易计划。该计划向拥有大量树木的贫穷国家付资金,以确保其树木不被砍伐。The Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation scheme agreed at the ed Nationsclimate-change conference in Cancún last December may eventually be worth billion a year.联合国气候变化会议去年12月在墨西哥坎昆就减少砍伐森林和森林退化产生的排放计划达成协议,确定每年最终可用于森林保护的资金达300亿美元。Nepal wants a slice of that.尼泊尔也想参与其中分得一杯羹。Lidar monitoring may provide a way of making sure it is delivering on its side of the bargain.激光雷达监测可能提供了一种方法,表明尼泊尔履行森林保护协议的决心。Until a few years ago, assessing the amount of plant matter in a forest in a cheap and accurate manner seemed an insurmountable problem, according to Eric Dinerstein,环保组织世界自然基金会也参与了尼泊尔激光雷达项目的研究。chief scientist of the World Wide Fund for Nature, a conservation group that is also involved in the Nepalese lidar project.其首席科学家埃里克说,几年前,采用经济和准确的方法对植被数量进行评估似乎还是一项无法解决的难题。Although a woodlands area can be worked out from satellite photographs, that gives only a hazy idea of the mass of the plants growing there.尽管林地的面积能从卫星图片上得到,但它只能给提供我们生长在那里的大片植物的粗略情况。If Forest Resource Assessment Nepal and projects like it are successful, that will change.如果象尼泊尔森林资源评估这样的研究项目能够取得成功,情况就会大有不同。It will then be possible, with reasonable confidence,to pay REDD money out only to those countries that deliver the goods—or, rather, the trees—in sufficient, measurable quantities.我们将有充分理由相信REDD计划拨出的资金可能只会流向那些能够提供货真价实,或更确切的说,树木充足且数量可测量的国家。 /201304/235162

Their finding?结果如何呢?The coots that couldnt tell when a strangers egg had been stuck into their nest laid that many fewer of their own–sneak one in, the coot lays one fewer.不能认出陌生蛋骨顶巢里的蛋越来越多,而自己的蛋越来越少。Sneak two in, the coot lays two fewer.如果多出两个陌生蛋,它们就会少生两个蛋。Coots that successfully spotted intruders knocked them out again and then laid the same number they normally would.而那些认出闯入者的鸟则会将其赶走,然后产下通常相同数量的蛋。If the number of eggs laid were independent of how many the coot sees in its nest, coots that allow a strangers egg should wind up with one egg extra.如果产蛋数量与巢里蛋的数量是独立的,那么骨顶就会算上陌生蛋,不再生蛋。But they dont.可是他们它们不会。Lyon argues that, along with egg recognition, the coots must therefore be doing some version of I see I have nine eggs here-time to stop laying now.里昂认为,骨顶是具有识别蛋的能力,它们可能在想已经有了九个蛋,可以停了。And that means coots count.那就意味着它们能数数。Other researchers arent convinced.其他研究人员并不相信这一理论。But though the debate goes on, the case for animal counting just got stronger…by the weight of one coot.虽然争论还在继续,但权因骨顶,动物会数数的事例越来越多。 201312/269092Aboriginal people would have lived here too.土著人可能生活在这里。Hunting the wildlife in areas that are now deep underwater.在这片目前是大海深处的原始森林里打猎。Then the end of last ice age, ice of the poles melted and sea levels rose all around the round flooding this lowline coast.到冰河世纪的末期,两级的冰川开始融化,海平面开始上升,大量水涌入这片低洼的海岸。This happened nearly 10,000 years ago.这仅仅发生在1万年前。In fact, stories of the great flood still pass down in aboriginal culture.实际上大洪水的传说在土著文化中代代相传。As the sea rose, corals began to grow on the Rockey frenches of the continental shelf creating the Great Barrier Reef we see today.随着海平面上升,珊瑚开始在大陆架的岩石上生长,造就了今天这壮观的大堡礁。The shallow tropical waters are clear and warm.这片热带浅海干净温暖。Perfect conditions for corals to thrive.极适合珊瑚虫生活。Sheltered behind this long straight of reef, Alagoon was born.这条礁石维持一个环礁湖。An area protected water larger in size than the whole of Great Britain.围起来的水域面积比整个英国都大。And a new coastal line too which shallows Sandy waters.一条海岸线形成,伴着浅沙水域。The rising sea also cut a various of high ground creating the 600 islands that adopt the Agoon.上升的海岸线分割开高地,形成了散布于环礁湖内的600个小岛。201408/324737When a vegetable is growing, it protects itself from insects by producing chemical nutrients thatmake it taste bad or seem repellant to predators.蔬菜在生长的过程中会产生化学养分,使其口感变差或让捕食者排斥,以此来保护自己免受虫害。Some of these nutrients—in particularphytochemicals—have been shown to fight cancer in people.这其中的一些化学养分,特别是植物素,已经被明可以用于人类抵抗癌症。Whats more, many vegetables areable to anticipate when insects will attack, and will ramp up its defenses accordingly.并且,许多蔬菜都能够提前预见昆虫的进攻,并相应地增加自身防御力。Even after vegetables are harvested and theyre no longer fighting insects, these garden wonderscan still be made to produce more nutrients at certain times.即便蔬菜已经丰收,无需再抵抗昆虫,这些菜园中的奇迹依旧能在某些时候产生较多的营养素。This is done by varying a vegetableslight exposure to simulate the experience of night turning into day.方法就是通过改变蔬菜的光照量来制造出昼夜交替的效果。Studies have shown thatvegetables stored this way produce more phytochemicals during the light cycle.研究表明这种方式下储存的蔬菜会在光照周期中产生更多的植物素。So eating vegetables during this golden period means youre getting more nutritional value!Exactly.所以在这段黄金时间吃蔬菜意味着你能获得更多的营养价值!Its not yet clear how people might be able to activate these nutrition-packed properties at home.至于人们如何能在家就激活这些储存的营养素,还不甚清楚。Perhaps simply storing veggies in the dark and then subjecting them to a flash of light is enoughto trigger the process.也许只是简单地将蔬菜储存在暗处再给予它们一闪光亮就足以触发这一过程。Or it could be more complex.或者还会更复杂。In any case, more research could help us findways to eating vegetables even more helpful.无论如何,更多的研究会帮助我们找到使蔬菜营养价值最大化的方法。 /201403/278305

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