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郑州大学第二附属医院做双眼皮手术多少钱平顶山市开韩式双眼皮多少钱王力宏老婆怀5个月河南省郑州华山整形美容医院去老人斑怎么样 经典译文之孙子兵法【十】 --01 :35: 来源: 行军第九IX. The Army on the March孙子曰:凡处军相敌,绝山依谷,Sun Tzu said: We come now to the question of encamping the army, and observing signs of the enemy. Pass quickly over mountains, and keep in the neighborhood of valleys.视生处高,战隆无登,此处山之军也Camp in high places, facing the sun. Do not climb heights in order to fight. So much mountain warfare.绝水必远水,After crossing a river, you should get far away from it.客绝水而来,勿迎之于水内,令半渡而击之利,When an invading ce crosses a river in its onward march, do not advance to meet it in mid-stream. It will be best to let half the army get across, and then deliver your attack.欲战者,无附于水而迎客,If you are anxious to fight, you should not go to meet the invader near a river which he has to cross.视生处高,无迎水流,此处水上之军也Moor your craft higher up than the enemy, and facing the sun. Do not move up-stream to meet the enemy. So much river warfare.绝斥泽,唯亟去无留,In crossing salt-marshes, your sole concern should be to get over them quickly, without any delay.若交军于斥泽之中,必依水草而背众树,此处斥泽之军也If ced to fight in a salt-marsh, you should have water and grass near you, and get your back to a clump of trees. So much operations in salt-marches.平陆处易,右背高,前死后生,此处平陆之军也In dry, level country, take up an easily accessible position with rising ground to your right and on your rear, so that the danger may be in front, and safety lie behind. So much campaigning in flat country.凡此四军之利,黄帝之所以胜四帝也These are the four useful branches of military knowledge which enabled the Yellow Emperor to vanquish four several sovereigns.凡军好高而恶下,贵阳而贱阴,All armies prefer high ground to low and sunny places to dark.养生而处实,军无百疾,是谓必胜If you are careful of your men, and camp on hard ground, the army will be free from disease of every kind, and this will spell victory.丘陵堤防,必处其阳而右背之,此兵之利,地之助也When you come to a hill or a bank, occupy the sunny side, with the slope on your right rear. Thus you will at once act the benefit of your soldiers and utilize the natural advantages of the ground.上雨水流至,欲涉者,待其定也When, in consequence of heavy rains up-country, a river which you wish to d is swollen and flecked with foam, you must wait until it subsides.河南省郑州/华山整形医院祛斑效果好

平顶山市减肥医院哪家好Directors Ron Howard and Martin Scorsese placed fourth and fifth on the list respectively.新密市去除腋毛多少钱 古诗词汉译英:《中庸中英文版 第7章 -- ::35 来源: 第二十七章 明道--不要自以为是,独断专行  子曰:“愚而好自用,贱而好自专;生乎今之世,反古之道如此者,烖及其身者也”非天子,不议礼,不制度,不考文今天下车同轨,书同文,行同伦虽有其位,苟无其德,不敢作礼乐焉;虽有其德,苟无其位,亦不敢作礼乐焉  The Master said, Let a man who is ignorant be fond of using his own judgment; let a man without rank be fond of assuming a directing power to himself; let a man who is living in the present age go back to the ways of antiquity;-on the persons of all who act thus calamities will be sure to come.  To no one but the Son of Heaven does it belong to order ceremonies, to fix the measures, and to determine the written characters.  Now over the kingdom, carriages have all wheels, of the-same size; all writing is with the same characters; and conduct there are the same rules.  One may occupy the throne, but if he have not the proper virtue, he may not dare to make ceremonies or music. One may have the virtue, but if he do not occupy the throne, he may not presume to make ceremonies or music.  子曰:“吾说夏礼,杞不足征也吾学殷礼,有宋存焉吾学周礼,今用之,吾从周  The Master said, "I may describe the ceremonies of the Hsia dynasty, but Chi cannot sufficiently attest my words. I have learned the ceremonies of the Yin dynasty, and in Sung they still continue. I have learned the ceremonies of Chau, which are now used, and I follow Chau."    子曰:“愚而好自用(1),贱而好自专(),生乎今之世反(3)古之道如此者,灾及其身者也”  非天子,不议礼,不制度(),不考文(5)今天下车同轨,书同文,行同伦(6)虽有其位,苟无其德,不敢做礼乐焉,虽有其德, 苟无其位,亦不敢作礼乐焉  子日:“吾说夏礼(7),杞不足征也(8)吾学殷吸礼(9),有宋存焉();吾学周礼(),今用之,吾从周()”    (1)自用:凭自己主观意图行事,自以为是,不听别人意见,即刚愎自用的意思()自专:独断专行(3)反:通”返”,回复的意思()制度:在这里作动词用,指制订法度(5)考文,考汀文字规范(6)车同轨,书同文,行同伦:车同轨指车子的轮距一致;书同文指字体统一;行同指伦理道德相同这种情况是秦始皇统一六国后才出现的,据此知道《中庸有些章节的确是秦代儒者所增加的(7)夏礼,夏朝的礼制夏朝,约公元前年——前76年,传说是禹建立的,(8)杞:国名,传说是周武王封夏禹的后代于此,故城在个河南杞县征,验, (9)殷礼:殷朝的礼制商朝从盘庚迁都至殷(今河南安阳)到纣亡国,一般称为殷代,整个商朝也称商殷或殷商()宋:国名,商汤的后代居此,故城在今河南商丘县南()周礼:周朝的礼制()以上这段孔子的话也散见于《论语?八佾恰、《论语?为政    孔子说:“愚昧却喜欢自以为是,卑贱却喜欢独断专行生于现在的时代却一心想回复到古时去这样做,灾祸一定会降临到自己的身上”  不是天子就不要议订礼仪,不要制订法度,不要考订文字规范现在天下车子的轮距一致,文字的字体统一,伦理道德相同虽有相应的地位,如果没有相应的德行,是不敢制作礼乐制度的;虽然有相应的德行,如果没有相应的地位,也是不敢制作礼乐制度的  孔子说:“我谈论夏朝的礼制,夏的后裔杞国已不足以验它;我学习殷朝的礼制,殷的后裔宋国还残存着它;我学习周朝的礼制,现在还实行着它,所以我遵从周礼”  【读解】  本章承接上一章发挥“为下不倍(背)”的意思反对自以为是,独断专行,也有“不在其位,下谋其政”(《论语?泰伯)的意思归根结底,其实还是素位而行,安分守己的问题  此外有一点值得注意的是,这里所引孔子的话否定了那种“生乎今之世反古之道”的人,这与一般认为孔子主张“克己复礼”,具有复古主义倾向的看法似乎有些冲突其实,孔子所要复的礼,恰好是那种“今用之”的“周礼”,而不是“古之道”的“夏礼”和“殷札”因为夏礼已不可考,而殷礼虽然还在它的后裔宋国那里残存着,但毕竟也已是过去的了所以,从本章所引孔子的两段话来看,的确不能随随便便地给他扣上”拉历史倒车”的复古主义者帽子郑州华山医院美容中心

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