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Sharpe#39;s job, decoy, to distract the Feds.夏普的职责是引诱和分散联邦警察的注意力In Franklin County,99 residents out of 100 are thought to be involved.据称在富兰克林郡99%的居民与私酒业有牵连Secret stills are everywhere.到处都有私藏的蒸馏器Moonshine is flooding across the country,100 million gallons a year.私酒充斥着整个美国,每年产量达1亿加仑Even the President has a private wine cellar.就连美国总统也有自己的隐秘酒窖It seemed so ridiculous.看起来真荒唐Anyone would ever tell you 基本上人人都会告诉你you cannot legislate morality,不能将道德制定成法律you certainly can#39;t stop people from drinking.喝酒的行为是禁止不了的People need a drink at the end of the day.人们终究还是需要一杯好酒的Outrunning the cops is the new extreme sport.跟警察赛车成了新的极限运动Locals witness Carter Sharpe in action.当地居民亲眼目睹了卡特·夏普的行动I saw her go right through our town.我看到她从我们镇里直穿过去There was a federal car after her.后面有辆联邦警车在追They were trying to shoot down her tires.他们想把她的车胎射瘪She was driving at 75 miles an hour.她的时速有75英里She got away.She gets away because of this:她逃脱了,她逃脱的法宝在于An ordinary car souped up for more horsepower.将原本普通的车,改装成马力超强的赛车A supercharger rams additional air into the cylinders.用增压器向气缸内推送额外的空气The result, America#39;s first muscle cars.美国最早的高性能赛车就此诞生They#39;re so popular,they kick-start a new national pastime,stock-car racing.它们如此受欢迎以致开启了一项崭新的全国性运动,改装车比赛Even today, there#39;s a driving maneuver called ;The bootleg turn.;直到今天仍有一个赛车动作被命名为私酒大转弯But there#39;s a darker side to bootlegging.但私酒贩运还有更为黑暗的一面The illegal liquor trade is worth tens of billions in today#39;s money,非法私酒贸易额相当于今天的数百亿美元and it#39;s not Willie Carter Sharpe who#39;s in charge.It#39;s gangsters.当然控制权肯定不在薇莉·卡特·夏普手中,而是在黑帮手里Organized crime has a stranglehold stretching across the country.黑社会组织掌控着整个美国的私酒贸易Lucky Luciano in New York,Frank ;Chee-Chee; DeMayo, Kansas City.纽约的;小福星;卢西安诺[黑帮教父],堪萨斯城的法兰克· ;奇奇;· 德迈奥Joseph ;Iron Man; Ardizzone in LA.洛杉矶的约瑟夫·;铁人;·阿尔迪佐尼The Licavoli family, Detroit.底特律的里卡沃利家族Harry Rosen, Philadelphia.费城的哈里·罗森Charles ;King; Solomon, Boston.波士顿的查尔斯·;国王;·所罗门And in Chicago, the most notorious gangster of all,Al Capone.还有来自芝加哥的最臭名昭著的黑帮头子,阿尔·卡彭He earns over 0 a minute from illegal alcohol.他每分钟从私酒贸易中牟利超过100美元That#39;s ,500 today.But his luck is about to change.相当于今天的1500美元,但他的好运就要到头了2122 North Clark Street,headquarters of Capone#39;s bitter rival,George ;Bugs; Moran.北克拉克大街2122号,卡彭的死对头乔治·;小虫; ·莫兰的大本营February 14, 1929.Two men in police uniform arrive.1929年2月14日,两名穿着警察制的男人在此出现Normally the cops leave without arrests after a quick payoff.通常只要花点小钱就能疏通警察免于逮捕But this isn#39;t a normal day,and these aren#39;t regular cops.但这一天不同寻常,他们也不是一般的警察What happens on Valentine#39;s Day 1929 will change the course of Prohibition in America.1929年情人节发生的事件,将会改变禁酒令在美国的命运 /201301/218077

How To Save Money on College Costs on HowcastCollege tuition is pricey enough without spending a fortune getting settled at school. A few smart strategies can help corral expenses.即使不算在学校食宿的费用,大学学费也很高。一些聪明的办法能帮你控制费用。Step 1: Shave a year off college 争取早一年毕业Save up to a year of college tuition by graduating early. Take community college classes and advanced placement tests while you’re still in high school. Once in college, take community college courses during summer that will count towards your degree; they are usually cheaper than the ones offered at four-year schools.Step 2: Buy used books 买旧书Search online for used textbooks as soon as class syllabi are posted on the university’s web site; good deals go fast. At the end of the semester, sell them back to the highest bidder.Shop around: Some sites rent textbooks; others allow you to download them for about half the price of a new book.Step 3: Consider a netbook 买一个上网本 Buy a computer that meets your academic needs — and nothing more. For many students, a netbook does the job more cheaply than a laptop.Don’t bother with a printer; it’s usually cheaper to use the ones in the campus computer lab.Step 4: Invest in used appliances 买二手物品Before you invest in a mini-fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker for your dorm room, contact your roommate to see if you can divvy up an appliance list. Then find used ones online or in thrift stores.Step 5: Buy bedding in bulk 买便宜的整套被褥Buy a bed and bath set that includes a comforter, a single bed sheet set, one pillow, and a towel set all for one price. Some even throw in a hamper.Step 6: Limit college to four years 如果无法早毕业,一定要在4年内毕业If you don’t graduate early, do your best to graduate in four years. Some schools make this difficult by limiting the number of credits students can take per semester. But they’ll usually make an exception for a student with a good scholastic record if you ask.Step 7: Be careful with credit cards 使用信用卡要有节制Be careful with credit cards. If you sign up for one, the fine print first and make sure you understand the penalties for paying late and carrying a balance. Don’t charge more than you can pay off each month. And check your statement online every couple of days so you don’t lose track of your spending. Article/201110/159130Each has been entrusted with a single precious egg每只企鹅都带着一个珍贵的企鹅蛋balanced on the top of its feet.平稳地放在脚上If the egg were to drop onto the ice, even for a moment,如果企鹅蛋掉在冰上 哪怕只有一小会儿the chick inside would die蛋中的小企鹅也会死去and all this would count for nothing.而这一切也将成为徒劳The emperors are not entirely alone.帝企鹅并非完全孤单The Weddell seal.威德尔海豹The only mammal to remain here throughout the winter.唯一留在这里过冬的哺乳动物They must have breathing holes,必须要有冰洞供他们呼吸and so have to constantly scrape away the ice所以得经常把冰刮掉that threatens to close them,以防水面被冻住rasping away fresh build-ups用他们的超级大嘴with special wide-gaped jaws.将刚结上的冰层一一刮掉Beneath the ice, they are在冰面之下beyond the reach of the bitter winter winds.凛冬的寒风无法影响此处The sea is -2 degrees centigrade.海水只有零下二摄氏度A warm bath, compared to the conditions overhead.但相比冰上的条件 这算得上温水浴 /201211/211323Is your silver jewellery all tarnished and you haven#39;t got a silver polishing cloth? Don#39;t dispair just yet as you can use regular tomato ketchup to achieve the same effect. Amazing, lets show you how!你的银质饰品是否变暗了,而你却没有专门的银器擦洗布?不要失望,你可以使用普通的番茄酱取得同样的效果。非常令人惊叹,现在就让我们现场演示。Step 1: Get dolloping1.倒出番茄酱Get your ketchup and dollop out a load into a small dish.向一个小盘子里倒一点番茄酱。If your cleaning a ring, bracelet or earring that has a smooth surface then just pop it in to soak for a bit.如果你清洁的是表面比较光滑的戒指,项链或耳环,只要放入番茄酱中浸泡一下就可以了。If it has a more detailed surface then use an old toothbrush to work the ketchup into the crevices.如果你的银器有一些细节雕刻,可以使用旧牙刷将番茄酱涂抹进食品的凹槽。Step 2: Rinse amp; Dry2.清洗和干燥With a bowl of water rinse the ketchup off the jewellery and dry thoroughly to reveal your lovely clean silver thanks to the natural acid found in the tomatoes!用一碗水将饰品上的番茄酱冲洗干净,然后彻底干燥。由于番茄酱中天然的酸性成分,你挚爱的银质饰品又恢复了原有的光泽。Thanks for watching How To Clean Silverware With Tomato Ketchup.感谢收看“怎样用番茄酱清洗银器”视频节目。 Article/201212/212571

Chinese New Year has been celebrated throughout the world. In South Africa, our correspondent Rene Del Carme takes us for a closer look at how locals there have wrung in the New Year.Most South African celebrations of this kind usually turn into a cultural celebration of the UNITY and DIVERSITY of South Africa#39;s Post-Apartheid Rainbow Nation.The food, the music and surroundings generally reflect this. And the 2012 Chinese New Year Celebration - Honouring the Year Of Dragon - was no different.Chinese South Africans and South Africans of all races and ages partied in the streets of Johannesburg to usher in The Chinese New Year 2012. The Year Of The Dragon natsound fireworks.hoping their dreams and goals will come true in the year of dragon.These celebrations are being held in Marshalltown, in Johannesburg, the oldest Chinatown in South Africa, which was established in 1903.Many South African Chinese families have a rich history here... and every year they come here to Marshalltown, to celebrate their heritage and the Chinese New Year.This year most of these people said they hoped the Year Of The Dragon would bring them, peace, prosperity, happiness amp; financial success.Certainly a sentiment echoed around the globe - whether you#39;re celebrating Chinese New Year or just praying amp; hoping for your country#39;s economy to start looking up.世界各地都在庆祝中国的传统新年。记者雷内bull;德尔bull;卡梅带领我们走近南非,看看当地人如何庆祝新年。 Article/201201/169109【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Shameless flattery isn’t the only way to boost someone’s self-image.You Will NeedTime to spend with the person Patience to encourage life changes And the wisdom to compliment wisely A dog Step 1: Encourage exercise(鼓励对方锻炼身体)Lure the person off the couch. Studies show that exercise raises confidence, so you’ll both get a self-esteem boost.Strength training, in particular, has been shown to make people feel better about themselves.Step 2: Get him a pet(送对方一只宠物)Get him a puppy—particularly if the person who needs to feel better about himself is a child or a senior citizen. Research shows that both groups benefit greatly from dogs’ legendary unconditional love.Step 3: Encourage him to volunteer(鼓励对方多参加自愿活动)Encourage the person to become a volunteer. They’ll feel good for helping, and it’ll remind them of how fortunate they are.Step 4: Encourage writing(鼓励对方练字)Urge the person to pen a poem. Writing verse has been shown to raise self-esteem by producing endorphins, the so-called “feel good” chemicals produced by the brain.Step 5: Compliment him(赞美对方)Use praise wisely. Research shows it’s better to compliment a person for working hard than being smart, because the latter will cause a major drop in confidence every time the person fails at a task.Adolescent girls with low self-esteem are more likely to diet and less likely to exercise than confident girls, according to The Commonwealth Fund Survey of the Health of Adolescent Girls. Article/201002/96951

演讲简介:别再为艾滋病、癌症和禽流感过度忧虑了。心血管疾病每年致死的人数比其他疾病加起来的还要多,而这大部分都是可以预防的。Dean Ornish医生将会解释如何通过改变饮食习惯从而挽救我们的生命。 Article/201211/209257How To Walk in High Heels on HowcastItrsquo;s not as easy as you think, girls! Shoetube.tv host Stephanie Simons shows you how to own the walk and turn heads.女孩们,这并不像你们想象的那么简单。Shoetube.tv主持人 Stephanie Simons将向你显示如何走路和转头。Step 1: PostureStomach in, buttocks out, shoulders back注意姿势收腐败,翘臀,肩部耸起Step 2: Land on ball of foot For balance do not step on toe or heel用脚掌下面近拇趾根的球形部分着地为了保持平很,不要用脚趾或脚后跟着地Step 3: Use thigh muscles for liftFeel them contracting as you walk用腿部肌肉来提起抬腿走路的时候要感到腿部肌肉收缩Step 4: Put one foot in front of the otherDonrsquo;t walk with your feet parallel交错步子行走不要走平行的步子 Article/201110/159374

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