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She dresses very modestly.她衣着非常端庄。modest是个形容词,表示谦虚的(看下例);也可表示恰当的,得体的,(衣着)端庄的。He is modest about his success.他在成功面前表现得很谦虚。She wore a modest bathing suit.她穿一件不太暴露的游泳衣。蒋健棠----- /200803/28406。

The extremist group Boko Haram released 21 Nigerian schoolgirls Thursday. The girls are now in the custody of the country#39;s domestic intelligence agency.周四,极端组织“科圣地”释放21名尼日利亚少女。现在,女孩由该国国内情报机构监护。Militants kidnapped 276 girls from a school in 2014. More than 50 were able to initially escape, and many of the other girls have been shown in the background of several Boko Haram s since then.2014年武装分子绑架了一所学校的276名女生。最初超过50人能够逃跑,自那时起其他许多女孩出现在几处“科圣地”视频的背景。Prior to Thursday#39;s release, Boko Haram had freed just one other kidnapped schoolgirl. That happened in May of this year.周四释放女孩前,“科圣地”仅释放了另一名被绑架的女学生。这发生在今年5月。This latest release is the result of negotiations between militants and Nigeria#39;s government. 最近的释放是武装分子和尼日利亚政府之间谈判的结果。It#39;s unclear if Boko Haram gained anything because of the release. 目前不清楚“科圣地”是否因释放获得任何东西。The Associated Press says detained Boko Haram leaders were given in exchange, but an anonymous source told CNN no such exchange occurred. 美联社表示,用了被拘留的“科圣地”领导人进行交换,但一处匿名消息告诉美国有线电视新闻网,没有发生这样的交易。译文属。 Article/201610/471639。

[00:03.10]I was taking care of Sally. 我在照顾萨莉。[00:10.83]I wish I lived in NEWYORK. 我希望住在纽约。[00:18.21]I'm very glad to hear that. 很高兴听你这样说。[00:25.77]I'm your lucky fellow then. 我就是你的幸运舞伴啦![00:33.12]It's none of your business! 这不关你的事儿![00:39.78]No littering on the campus. 在校园内不准乱丢废物。[00:47.80]She is a good-looking girl. 她是一个漂亮女孩。[00:54.86]She mended the broken doll. 她修补了破了的洋娃娃。[01:02.53]So I just take what I want. 那么我只拿我所需要的东西。[01:10.81]Spring is a pretty season. 春天是一个好季节。[01:18.44]The figure seems all Right. 数目看起来是对的。[01:25.39]The stars are too far away. 星星太遥远了。[01:32.84]The whole world knows that. 全世界都知道。[01:39.64]Tomorrow will be a holiday. 明天放假。[01:46.16]We walk on the garden path. 我们走在花园小径上。[01:55.27]What you need is just rest. 你需要的就是休息。[02:02.54]What's your favorite steps? 你最喜欢跳什么舞?[02:09.88]You'd better let her alone. 你们最好是让她一个人呆会儿。[02:17.84]A lost chance never returns. 错过的机会永不再来。[02:25.83]Don't let this get you down. 不要为此灰心丧气。[02:33.46]He shot the lion with a gun. 他用把狮子打死了。[02:41.38]I don't think you are right. 我认为你是不对的。[02:48.33]I have never seen the movie. 我从未看过那部电影。[02:55.86]I haven't seen you for ages. 我好久没见到你了。 /200810/52671。

You both have a lot in common because you both have quite extreme phobias. Right? Yes.你们身上有一些共同点,因为你们都有很严重的恐惧症是吧?是的。Pauley, what#39;s your biggest phobia? I have a lot of them.玻利,你害怕什么?我害怕很多东西。And the rule is that if you have a phobia...I#39;m sorry. I#39;m not gonna tell anybody it does #39;cause it#39;s serious.如果你特别害怕某种东西。抱歉,我不会说出来,后果会很严重。You never tell anybody what the big ones are.通常我们不会告诉别人我们特别害怕的东西There#39;s other like fringe phobia you can talk about like—like say I#39;m terrified of ovens.可以告诉别人的有比如条纹恐惧症,或者你可以告诉别人你有烤箱恐惧症Ovens? Yes. I don#39;t own a oven. I can#39;t stand ovens. Microwaves are fine. But ovens no. Yes. And then movie theaters. I only bakery.烤箱?是的,我没有烤箱,受不了那个。但微波炉还好。烤箱就不行,是。还有电影院。我只去面包房So would you not go near ovens? It#39;s like 3,000 miles away.所以你总是远离烤箱?恨不得离它几千米远No, I do pretty well over there.不会,在厨房还好I#39;m terrified of movie theaters. So I#39;ve not been in the movie theater and probably like 20 years. And magicians, big one, big time.我还害怕电影院。我已经20年没去电影院了。还有魔术师Sorry. Scared of magicians? Scared is an understatement.抱歉,你害怕魔术师?说害怕都算轻的What is it about them that#39;s terrifying? Everything.你害怕他们身上的哪一点?每一点I mean it#39;s all about deception, it#39;s all about foolery and it#39;s all about something and I can feel them coming from like a mile away.魔术师全身都散发着一股欺骗和愚弄人的气质,我在一英里外都能感受到他们的存在Well, you#39;re feeling it now. Please welcome—I#39;m kidding. I#39;m kidding. I#39;m absolutely kidding.那你现在应该已经感受到了。让我们欢迎——我开玩笑的,真的是开玩笑的That#39;s an amazing thing to be scared of. You think it#39;s amazing?害怕魔术师这事儿挺让人惊讶的。你觉得这很让人感到惊讶?Well, kind of. It#39;s just not one of those things that you hear. Well, ask him what his is. Go on.是啊,有点。平常没怎么听别人说起过这种事。那你问他害怕什么。说说看I hate balloon animals. You know the guys make balloon animals.我讨厌气球做的动物,和做气球动物的那些人My wife and I walk like a mile around that guy. Because that guy is like hey—我和我妻子走路都离商场那个捏气球的人远远地。因为那个人老是——Oh, so it#39;s...hang on. I don#39;t know if people know what you#39;re talking about. Hey, hey, hey, hey.哦,等一下,我不确定观众听不听得懂你说的是什么。别,哎No, I#39;m saying, no, I#39;m saying... You mean, you mean like... No, I#39;m not making fun—I#39;m saying it#39;s that noise. Don#39;t make fun of phobias. If someone says—不不,我是说,你是不是说,哎呀,不要取笑,我是说这种声音。不要取笑别人的恐惧症。如果有人说Yeah, that would be it. And twist it there. Make a poodle or something.对,就是那个。然后这里扭一下。就做成了一只What are you talking about, Perrette? It#39;s not your phobia. Because you can turn it into a magic trick at any moment.你插什么嘴,玻利?你又不害怕这个。你随时会拿它变个魔术I#39;m not gonna do a magic trick. That can turn into a rabbit or something. No, it#39;s not. I#39;ve made a hat for a very small child.我不会的。它可以变成兔子或别的什么东西。不,不会的。我只是给小孩子做了一顶帽子。That#39;s what I#39;ve done. But what is it about it that#39;s really scary?这就是我做的。关于这个你是害怕什么呢?It#39;s the sound of it. Oh, stop it. Oh, stop it. Oh, stop it.它的声音。好好好,我不弄了By definition they#39;re irrational fear. So therefore we don#39;t have to rationale lies them to you.从定义上来看恐惧症是无法用道理解释清楚的。所以我们也没必要跟你解释我们为什么会觉得恐惧I#39;m not saying it. You do. It#39;s gone. It#39;s gone.我不说了,你讲讲吧。我把它拿走了。Needles. I hate needles. Needles. Yeah. Oh, I#39;m the worst.还有针,我还怕针。针,没错。哦,我最害怕这个了。But you#39;re so hard. You#39;re such a rocker. But a needle around a balloon is fine with me.但是你看起来很胆大的,你可是个摇滚歌手啊。但是把针和气球放在一起就就没事。But you mean you#39;re going for a blood test or something.你说过测血什么的。They can put my head in a guillotine or they can put a snake around me, hang me or stick anything.我宁愿他们把我送上断头台或者在我周围放一条蛇,在我面前放些东西,我都不想挨针。A blood test is like two weeks of me ooh, I don#39;t know about that. I haven#39;t had a shot probably in you know 30 years, 40 years.但是如果两周前告诉我要测血的话……我不知道,我差不多有三四十年没打过针了Please don#39;t pull out a shot. No, don#39;t worry. I#39;m not going to. I didn#39;t even think about that.你可别拿出一根针来。别担心,不会的。这点我还没想到I don#39;t mind a shot like you know when they do the one in the ass.如果针扎到屁股上我倒是不介意I actually, we were shooting here before we had to—before we launched. And we were doing a piece in a sneaker shop.事实上——我们刚就打了一针——就在拍这段之前。我们当时在一家运动鞋商店取景。And I had a really, really sore throat. So a doctor come this sneaker shop.我喉咙突然很痛。医生来到鞋店In the changing room of this sneaker shop she said I#39;m going to give you a shot. I#39;m really not good with needles. She said I#39;ll do it in your ass.在鞋店的更衣室里,她说我要给你打一针。我很不喜欢打针。她说要打在屁股上。Do it quickly. Do it quickly. I#39;m in. Pants pulled down and she just went like this. She went bang. Spanked me.快点打完,我说行。我把裤子脱下来,然后她就在我屁股上拍了一巴掌。Was it cortisone? I don#39;t know. It was hard to remember, I had such an erection.是因为打的是可的松吗?不知道,我不记得了,我当时都勃起了。 Article/201706/513764。

Little pig, little pig, let us in! It#39;s the police! Move!小猪、小猪,让我们进去!我们是警察!行动!The third little pig is now being taken into custody,猪小弟目前遭到收押,so the spotlight has once again shone on the gray area of homeowners#39; rights to protect their properties.社会焦点再次关注在屋主保护自身财产权利的模糊地带。;This isn#39;t right. The three little pigs are the victims.;“这样不对。三只小猪才是受害者。”;The wolf blew down two houses. He got what he deserved.;“大野狼吹倒两栋房子。他罪有应得。”;The pigs went too far.;“小猪们做得太超过了。”;You have every right to defend your property.;“你绝对有权捍卫自己的财产。”;Keep your chinny chin chins up, fellas.;“不要低头,兄弟们。”Boiling someone alive hardly constitutes reasonable force.活生生煮死人不可能构成正当武力。;Is killing an intruder ever justified?;“杀害侵入者能否被合理化?”;If someone tried to blow my house down, I#39;d do the same.;“如果有人试着要吹倒我的房子,我也会做一样的事。”I knew the wolf. There#39;s no way he could#39;ve blown down those houses—he had asthma!我认识大野狼。他不可能有办法吹倒那些房子--他有气喘耶!The wolf had asthma, so what#39;s the truth about the pigs#39; houses being blown down? Inside job?大野狼患有气喘,那么小猪房子被吹倒的真相是什么?自己搞的鬼?There#39;s no reason why those two houses, one made from straw, the other from wood, should#39;ve collapsed没道理一间用稻草、另一间用木头盖的两间房子会倒塌not even a healthy wolf#39;s huff and puff could bring them down!就连一只身强体壮的大野狼都不可能把它们吹倒!The three little pigs have confessed to conspiring to commit insurance fraud,三只小猪已经承认密谋犯下保险诈欺案,framing the wolf in an attempt to cover their tracks.且为了掩饰自己的罪行而陷害大野狼。Their motive was financial as they struggled to keep up with their mortgage repayments.他们的动机源自财务,因为他们难以按时偿还房贷。Guilty. ;I can empathize.;有罪。“我能感同身受。”;I#39;m behind on my payments too.;“我也迟缴贷款了。”;How could this have happened?;“这种事怎么会发生?”;I#39;ve lost everything.;“我失去一切。”We want change! We want change! We want change! Come on!我们要求改变!我们要求改变!我们要求改变!冲啊! Article/201705/508716。

原味人文风情:Sometimes you can catch important things about human nature in apparent incidentals. It#39;s well observed that between the ages of around one and 12, many children manifest a deep attachment to a stuffed, soft object, normally shaped into a bear, a rabbit, or—less often—a penguin. The depth of the relationship can be extraordinary. The child sleeps with it, talks to it, cries in front of it, and tells it things it would never tell anyone else. What#39;s truly remarkable is that the animal looks after its owner, addressing him in a tone of unusual maturity and kindness. It might, in a crisis, urge the child not to worry so much and to look forward to better times in the future. But naturally, the animal#39;s character is entirely made up. The animal is simply something invented, or brought to life, by one part of the child in order to look after the other.有时,你能透过显见的小事情发觉关于人类天性的重要线索。据观察,在一到十二岁间,许多孩子对填充、柔软的物品会展现密切的依附感,这些物品通常被做成小熊、兔子或是比较少见的企鹅的样子。这段关系的深度可以很惊人。小孩和他的绒毛玩具一起睡觉、和它说话、在它面前哭泣,还告诉它绝不可能告诉他人的事情。真正令人惊叹的是,动物玩偶会照顾它的主人,用独特的成熟和善良语调与他对话。它可能在危机发生时激励小孩,告诉他别担心太多,并期待未来更好的时光。但当然,动物玩偶的角色完全是被创造出来的。那动物仅仅是由孩子心里的一部分所创造或赋予生命的东西,以能照顾另一部分的自己。The English psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott was the first person to write seriously, and with sensitivity, about the business of teddy bears. In a paper from the early 1960s, Winnicott described a boy of six, whose parents had been deeply abusive to him, becoming very connected to a small animal his grandmother had given him. Every night, he would have a dialogue with the animal, would hug him close to his chest and shed a few tears into his stained and graying soft fur. It was his most precious possession, for which he would#39;ve given up everything else. As the boy summarized the situation to Winnicott, ;No one else can understand me like Bunny can,; what fascinated Winnicott here was that it was, of course, the boy who had invented the rabbit, given him his identity, his voice, and his way of addressing him. The boy was speaking to himself via the bunny in a voice filled with an otherwise all-too-rarely-present compassion and sympathy.英国心理分析师 Donald Winnicott 是第一位认真又感性地研究泰迪熊行业的人。在 1960 年代早期的一篇论文中,Winnicott 描述了一个六岁男孩,他的父母严重虐待他,男孩和他祖母送的小动物玩偶产生强烈的连结。每天晚上他都会和玩偶对话,将他紧紧抱在胸前,且掉几滴泪在他那带有脏污又逐渐变灰的绒毛上。那只玩偶是男孩最珍贵的资产,男孩会为了它放弃一切。当男孩向 Winnicott 简述这个情况:「没有人能比兔兔更了解我」,在这让 Winnicott 感到有趣的事是,当然,男孩创造了兔子,赋予他个性、声音,以及和自己说话的方式。男孩是在透过这只小兔子和自己对话,以一种充满生活中少见的怜悯和同情的声音跟自己对话。Although it sounds a little odd, speaking to ourselves is common practice throughout our lives. Often, when we do so, the tone is harsh and punitive. We upbraid ourselves for being losers, time-wasters, or perverts. But, as Winnicott knew, mental well-being depends on having to hand a repertoire of more gentle, forgiving, and hopeful inner voices. To keep going, there are moments when one side of the mind needs to say to the other that the criticism is enough: that it understands, that this could happen to anyone, that one couldn#39;t have known. It#39;s this kind of indispensable benevolent voice that the child first starts to rehearse and exercise—with the help of a stuffed animal.虽然这听起来有些奇怪,但和自己对话是我们人生中常见的行为。常常当我们和自己对话时,我们的语调会严厉又苛刻。我们责备自己一事无成、浪费时间或行为反常。但据 Winnicott 所知,心理健康取决于必须以一种更温柔、宽容且怀抱希望的心底声音表达。为了继续下去,有时候心里某一面必须告诉另一面批评已经够了:它能理解,任何人都可能碰到这种事,人人都没办法事先知道。就是这种不可或缺的和蔼声音,那是孩子最先开始练习和实现的--透过填充动物玩偶的协助。In adolescence, animals tend to get put away. They become embarrassing, evoking a vulnerability we#39;re keen to escape from. But, to follow Winnicott, if our development has gone well, what was trialled in the presence of a stuffed animal should continue all of our lives—because, by definition, we will frequently be let down by the people around us, who won#39;t be able to understand us, won#39;t listen to our griefs, and won#39;t be kind to us in the manner we crave and require.青春期时,这些动物玩偶往往被丢到一边。它们变得令人难为情,唤起一种我们亟欲逃避的脆弱感。但依照 Winnicott 的建议,若我们发展良好,拥有填充玩偶时的试验应该要跟着我们一辈子--因为,就本质来说,我们会常常对生活周遭的人感到失望,他们无法理解我们、不愿聆听我们的悲伤,而且不会以我们渴望且需要的方式善良地对待我们。Every healthy adult should therefore possess a capacity for self-nurture, that is, for retreating to a safe, secluded space and speaking in a tone that#39;s gentle, encouraging, and infinitely forgiving. That we don#39;t formally label the understanding self ;white rabbit; or ;yellow bear; shouldn#39;t obscure the debt that the nurturing adult self owes to its earlier embodiment in a furry toy.因此每个健康的成人都应该有自我照顾的能力,也就是退回一个安全、僻静的空间,并以一种温柔、鼓励和极其宽容的语调说话。虽然我们不会将宽容体贴的自己正式标签为「小白兔」或是「黄色小熊」,但这并不应否定长大后能自我照顾的自己是早期绒毛玩偶化身的功劳。A good adult life requires us to see the links between our strengths and our regressive, childlike states. Being properly mature demands a gracious accommodation with what could seem embarrassing or humiliatingly vulnerable. We should honor stuffed animals for what they really are: tools to help us on our first steps in the vital business of knowing how to look after ourselves.为有美好的成人生活,我们需要看见自己的力量和倒退、稚气状态之间的连结。真正的成熟需要和看似难为情或羞辱般地脆弱的事物达成一种仁慈的和解。我们应该向动物填充玩偶的真正样貌致敬:在了解如何照顾自己这项重要工作起步时帮助我们的一样工具。 Article/201705/507515。

In a surprise announcement, energy companies representing almost the entire European Union have promised not to build new coal power plants after the year 2020.在一个出人意料的公告中,代表几乎整个欧盟的能源公司承诺在2020年后不建新的煤电厂。National energy companies from every EU nation except Poland and Greece were a part of the announcement Wednesday. 周三,来自除波兰和希腊以外的每个欧盟国家能源公司参加了公告。The move stems from the Paris climate agreement, in which 195 countries vowed to take action to limit global warming.此举源自巴黎气候协议,195个国家誓言采取行动限制全球变暖。Coal is a good fossil fuel to start with because it releases the most carbon dioxide. And its toxic pollution travels across Europe. 首先,煤炭是一个很好的化石燃料,因为它释放的二氧化碳最多。它的有毒污染遍布欧洲。But while many clean-energy supporters praised the announcement, some told The Guardian they hope these countries will go further and completely phase out existing coal plants. 但是,尽管许多清洁能源持者称赞这一宣布,一些人告诉卫报,他们希望这些国家将进一步并完全淘汰现有的燃煤电厂。Climate experts say Europe will have to completely shut down its plants by 2030 to meet its goals for limiting climate change.气候专家称,到2030年欧洲将不得不完全关闭其工厂,以满足其限制气候变化的目标。译文属。 Article/201704/502356。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/470005。

新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson52:At the office在办公室766. Please have a seat. 请坐。767. How do you feel about working on weekends? 你觉得周末上班怎么样?768. The yacht#61557; market is slow this time of the year. 一年中的这个时候,游艇市场很低靡。769. You haven’t made a single sale in the past 3 weeks. 过去的三个星期里,你一笔销售业务也没有做成。770. I’ll try to help you make a dent in some of that work. 我会尽量帮你着手其中的一些工作。771. How does this fax machine#61558; work? 这传真机效果如何?772. Is the repairman#61559; coming to fix the photocopier? 修理人员来修复印机了吗?773. I’m going on a break to get some coffee. 我要休息一下,去喝点咖啡。774. These accounts need to be paid immediately#61560; . 这些账单要马上付。775. I heard there’re going to lay off some people this quarter. 我听说这个季度要裁一些人。776. Sales have gone way up this month. 这个月销售上升很快。777. I left the papers on my desk. 我把文件放在桌子上了。778. We need to cut costs somewhere in this office. 我们办公室必须削减开了。779. Has the outgoing#61561; mail left for the day? 要寄出的邮件今天寄出了吗?780. Can someone answer that phone? 有谁能去接一下电话吗? 【生词解读】1. yacht n. 快艇;游艇2. fax machine 传真机 3. repairman n. 修理工4. immediately adv. 立即;即刻;马上5. outgoing n. 外出;流出;出 /200902/17094。