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浙江湖州曙光医疗美容治疗疤痕多少钱湖州吸脂手术价格湖州曙光医院修眉手术多少钱 There are more than 4.4 billion people in the Asia-Pacific region. In some areas, few people have mobile devices. In others, the market is so saturated with electronics that people deeply engage with their smartphones—more than consumers on any other continent, according to some estimates.亚太地区拥有超过44亿人口,在某些地区,拥有移动设备的人还很少。但在另外一些国家,市场上的电子产品琳琅满目,人们日常对智能手机的依赖度程度比任何其它大洲的消费者还要高。All of this helps explain why so many technology companies see the region as potentially lucrative. In one of the hotter areas of the technology industry, mobile communications applications, a wicked chat war is brewing. China’s WeChat, Japan’s Line, and Facebook’s WhatsApp (American in origin, but especially popular in Asia) are engaged in a fight for the hearts and mobile devices of billions of people.这就解释了为什么很多科技公司都把亚太地区当作摇钱树。作为科技行业的热门领域之一,移动通信应用领域正在酝酿着一场大战。中国的微信(WeChat)、日本的Line和Facebook的WhatsApp已成鼎足之势,即将为争夺几十亿用户展开恶斗。“The chat apps are all competing with each other in a platform land grab across Asian markets,” says Shiv Putcha, an analyst for IDC based in Mumbai. “They have extended well beyond the original SMS replacement service to include entertainment, gaming, and now payments. In effect, they are fast becoming the mobile equivalents of the online ecosystems built by the likes of Google and Facebook.”IDC公司驻孟买分析师希夫o普恰指出:“这些聊天应用正在亚洲市场上展开一场平台争夺战。它们的发展已经远远超越最初的短信务,现已包含、游戏甚至是付等诸多功能。实际上,它们在移动平台上的影响力,很快就堪比谷歌(Google)和Facebook等公司在网络生态系统中的影响力。”In preparation for the coming fight, the chat providers are building war chests and forging alliances to improve their chances of success. Tencent, the Chinese Internet giant, recently bought 15 percent of JD.com, the second largest e-commerce website in China, with the intention of adding a mobile payment function to its hugely popular WeChat platform. Tencent (which is Asia’s most valuable Internet company with a market capitalization that hovers around 9 billion) also plans to create an exclusive shopping channel for JD.com, thereby connecting WeChat’s 438 million young Chinese users to the e-commerce portal.为了准备即将到来的大战,这些聊天应用背后的公司正在抓紧排兵布阵,缔结同盟,以增加成功的机率。比如中国网络巨头腾讯公司(Tencent)最近刚刚收购了京东商城(JD.com)15%的股权,后者是中国第二大电子商务网站。这笔交易的目的是为了在微信这款热门应用中添加移动付功能。腾讯(它也是亚洲最有价值的互联网公司,市值约1590亿美元)还计划为京东建立一个独家的购物渠道,使微信的4.38亿年轻的中国用户可以轻松登陆这家电商门户网站。Japan’s Line Corporation is Tencent’s biggest Asian chat rival. The company has filed for an initial public offering on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is expected to raise .8 billion. “Product innovation will be a strong differentiating factor at this level of chat app competition,” says Neha Dharia, an analyst at Ovum. “Line seems to have understood this change in the market and its I.P.O. move makes perfect sense.”日本的Line公司是腾讯在亚洲的最大对手。该公司已经在东京券交易所(Tokyo Stock Exchange)递交了首次公开募股申请书,预计将融资98亿美元。Ovum公司分析师尼哈o达利亚指出:“在这个层次的聊天应用竞争中,产品创新将是决定成败的一个重要因素。看来Line已经了解了市场的这种变革,它的IPO之举也是非常明智的。”Meanwhile, consolidation is taking place in the market. Silicon Valley’s Facebook and Tokyo’s Rakuten have acquired WhatsApp and Viber, respectively, allowing the acquired companies to focus on developing new products and expanding their user base without having to worry about funds.与此同时,这个市场上也不时上演着收购大戏。比如硅谷的Facebook和东京的乐天公司(Rakuten)分别收购了WhatsApp和Viber,使这些被收购的公司可以不必担心资金问题,专心研发新产品,扩展他们的用户群。Viber, founded by four Israeli partners and acquired earlier this year for 0 million, is particularly interesting because it is considered to be a clone of Skype MSFT -0.04% , the popular Microsoft-owned communications software. Some argue that Viber is better suited to the task than the real McCoy.Viber是一款由四名以色列合伙人创办的聊天应用,今年早些时候以9亿美元的价格被日本乐天公司收购。Viber的有趣之处在于,很多人认为它是微软(Microsoft)热门通讯软件Skype的克隆版。有些人甚至认为Viber在通讯上比Skype表现得更出色。WhatsApp continues to enjoy massive global reach, but its future in Asia is unclear. Compared to rival applications, the service has limited functionality. Barring product improvements, its popularity could be dependent on its ability to leverage Facebook’s FB -0.52% immense user base and integrate with its namesake network and messaging system—a possibility WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum dashed in February. “No plans for integration with Facebook whatsoever,” he said at an industry conference, suggesting a post-acquisition trajectory similar to that of Instagram.WhatsApp继续在全球范围内享有大量用户群,但它在亚洲的前景则不那么清晰。与竞争对手相比,WhatsApp的缺陷在于功能还不够丰富。除了产品创新以外,WhatsApp能否获得更大范围的流行,还取决于它能否成功利用庞大的Facebook用户群,能否与其网络与信息系统进行整合,不过WhatsApp的CEO詹o库姆今年二月曾否定过这个可能,他在一次行业会议上表示:“目前没有与Facebook进行整合的计划。”说明WhatsApp被收购后的发展轨迹,很可能和Instagram差不多。“WhatsApp is for the global market but it’s weaker in Asia,” says Sandy Shen, an analyst for Gartner based in Shanghai. “WeChat is targeting the Chinese community worldwide, so it also has global presence. But its positioning is different.”高德纳公司(Gartner)驻上海分析师沈哲怡表示:“WhatsApp面向的是全球市场,但它在亚洲相对较弱,微信把目光瞄准了全球华人社区,所以它也在全球占据一席之地,但定位是不一样的。”And still there are are others: South Korea’s Kakao and India’s Hike are also popular services but are not considered significant threats to WeChat and Line. “China is where the real battles will occur,” Putcha says. “Tencent is way ahead with WeChat and instant messaging service QQ. But Line is getting traction in Southeast Asia and India by offering free calls on top of all their other services.”这个市场还有一些其他竞争对手,如韩国的Kakao和印度的Hike也都是很热门的务,但对微信和Line还算不上严重的威胁。普恰表示:“真正的战争会发生在中国市场。腾讯凭借微信和即时通讯工具QQ已经领先了一步。但是Line已经在东南亚和印度凭借免费电话等务产生了一定的吸引力。”And that’s to say nothing of future competition. Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company with annual sales exceeding those of Amazon and eBay combined, has started its own instant-messaging service called Laiwang. The company BABA -3.87% is also developing mobile games, s, and a mobile search service with the Beijing-based browser company UCWeb.未来这个领域的竞争还会愈发激烈。作为全球最大的电商公司,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的年销售额超过了亚马逊(Amazon)和易趣(eBay)的总和,如今阿里巴巴也开始启动自家的即时通讯务“来往”。另外阿里巴巴也在与北京的浏览器公司优视科技(UCWeb)一道,开发移动游戏、视频和移动搜索务。Why would Alibaba engage in such an effort? To counter Tencent’s partnership with its arch e-commerce rival JD.com, of course. (Tencent continues to stack its Internet platform with additional services. Most recently, it received permission from Chinese regulators to create a private bank.)为什么阿里巴巴也要进军这个领域?当然是为了抗衡其宿敌京东与腾讯的结盟。(腾讯仍在继续通过增加其它务,为其打造的互联网平台添砖加瓦。最近,腾讯获得了中国监管机构的许可,即将开办一家民营。)Which all goes to say that the battle over chat apps in Asia has only just begun.这一切都表明,在亚洲,围绕聊天应用的战争才刚刚开始。 /201411/343188湖州哪里隆鼻好

湖州哪有去疤的医院WARNING: Holding a cellphone against your ear or storing it in your pocket may be hazardous to your health.  警告:将手机贴在耳边或者塞在口袋里可能有害健康。  This paraphrases a warning that cellphone manufacturers include in the small printthat is often tossed aside when a new phone is purchased. Apple, for example, doesn't want iPhones to come closer to you than 1.5 centimeters; Research In Motion, BlackBerry's manufacturer, recommends 2.5 centimeters.  在消费者购置新机后,常对手机厂商印在不起眼位置的小字警告不以为然。例如,苹果公司提醒称iPhone手机距离人体至少要有1.5厘米,黑莓手机生产商RIM公司建议最小距离为2.5厘米。  If health issues arise from cellphone use, the implications are huge. Voice calls - Americans chat on cellphones 2.26 trillion minutes annually - generate 9 billion for the wireless carriers.  如果手机使用可导致健康问题,后果将很严重。美国每年手机通话的时长共计2.26万亿分钟,这些语音通话为无线运营商带来了1090亿美元的收入。  Devra Davis, an epidemiologist who has worked for the University of Pittsburgh, has published a book about cellphone radiation, "Disconnect." The book surveys scientific research and concludes the question is not settled.  匹兹堡大学的流行病学专家德芙拉 戴维斯出版了一本有关手机辐射的书《关机》。这本书对有关科学研究进行了调查,其结论是:这个问题还没有定论。  Brain cancer is a concern that Ms. Davis examines. Over all, there has not been an increase in its incidencesince cellphones arrived. But the average masks an increase in brain cancer in the 20-to-29 age group and a drop for the older population.  脑癌是戴维斯女士研究的辐射后果之一。总体而言,自手机出现以来,脑癌发病率并未上升。但这一平均率掩盖了如下事实:脑癌在20至29岁年龄群体中的发病率增加,而在老年人群中的发病率下降。 /201012/120117湖州注射丰下巴费用 南浔区丰太阳穴价格

吴兴区去色素痣多少钱Each January, when the Consumer Electronics Show hits Las Vegas, TV makers claim their top sets to be the #39;world#39;s largest,#39; #39;world#39;s first, #39; and #39;world#39;s best.#39; This year, LG is making the first declaration of awesomeness with a triple threat: The company says it will debut a 77-inch OLED television that will boast the Ultra HD resolution -- 3,480 x 2,160 pixels -- and a curved screen.每年1月国际消费类电子产品展览会(Consumer Electronics Show, 简称:消费电子展)在盛大开幕时,电视生产商总会争相发布“全球最大”、“全球第一”、“全球最好”的产品。今年LG电子(LG Electronics Co.)首度带来一项“三项全能”的产品,称将发布一款大小77英寸、分辨率3,480 x 2,160超高清曲面OLED电视。This makes it the world#39;s largest OLED set, says LG, an important bragging point because OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology promises unparalleled contrast and response time, not to mention the thinnest screens. Instead of requiring a separate light source to illuminate pixels, like LCD TVs, OLED pixels illuminate themselves when they receive electric current. OLED has long been the #39;next great thing#39; in the TV business -- and at the CES show -- but TVs based on the technology have been slow to hit the market.LG表示,这将是全球最大的一款OLED电视。这是一个极大的卖点,因为OLED(有机发光二极管)技术在对比度以及响应时间方面的优势无与伦比,更不要提其薄如蝉翼的面板厚度。与需要独立背光源的LCD电视不同,只要有电流通过,OLED屏幕的像素点就可以实现自发光。在电视业界以及消费电子展上,OLED很早就被誉为“下一代的革命性技术”,但基于该技术的电视产品面市脚步却很慢。As for that curved shape, TV makers argue that it offers a more immersive picture.至于曲面弧度造型,电视生产商称它可以实现更优良的可视角度,让用户享受到影院级别的视听感受。LG isn#39;t yet talking about how much it would sell such a display for -- if it ever brings the set to market -- it#39;ll cost enough to be found in more mansions than Best Buy showrooms.LG尚未宣布这款产品的售价,但是可以想像,如果最终上市的话,昂贵的价格肯定会让人们更多地在大厦公馆而不是百思买(Best Buy)的卖场看到它。While OLED has been shown off at CES for years now, no set has been this big, and it#39;s been rare to see even design prototypes with the Ultra HD resolution. At the 2013 CES, LG#39;s top OLED set was 55-inches, and only had the typical 1080p high-definition screen, and was priced at ,000 when it finally shipped. The company#39;s rival, Samsung, released its own 55-inch HDTV at the same price. At that show, Sony showed off an Ultra HD OLED, but its screen size measured just 56 inches, and it never came to market.虽然OLED电视早在几年前就出现在了消费电子展上,但如此大的尺寸还是头一回看到,这么高分辨率的原型产品也很少见。在2013年的消费电子展上,LG展出的是一款55英寸的OLED电视,分别率只是普通的1080p,最终的上市售价为1万美元。那届电子展上,LG的竞争对手三星(Samsung)发布了一款同样价格的55英寸HDTV电视。索尼(Sony)展示的是一款56英寸大小的超高清OLED电视,但后来没有上市。Alongside LG#39;s 77-incher will be smaller 55-inch and 65-inch curved OLED televisions, all capable of displaying in 3D TVs as well, LG said in a press release. The company plans to open OLED production plants in Brazil, Poland, China and Thailand. LG also said it#39;s opening a OLED plant in Mexico later this year to produce OLED sets for North America.LG在一份新闻稿中称,除77英寸的产品外,该公司还将发布55英寸和65英寸的曲面OLED电视,均可播放3D节目。该公司计划在巴西、波兰、中国和泰国开设OLED生产厂。LG还表示今年晚些时候将在墨西哥开设一家OLED厂,生产的电视将面向北美销售。On top of the 77-inch OLED TV, LG will also exhibit a 105-inch curved Ultra HD television with a resolution of 5,120 x 2,160 pixels and feature a 21:9 aspect ratio, giving the insanely large display an extra-wide feel. While the 77-inch TV makes use of an OLED display, the 105-inch model is built with standard LCD technology. Samsung will have a 105-inch Ultra HD TV at CES, too, featuring the exact same 5,120 x 2,160 resolution.在本届消费电子展上,LG还将展出一款105英寸的曲面超高清电视,分别率5,120 x 2,160,屏幕比例21:9,给用户带来超大超宽的屏幕体验。这款产品没有采用OLED显示技术,而是使用了标准的LCD技术。三星也将展出一款105英寸的超高清电视产品,分辨率也同样达到5,120 x 2,160。 /201401/271947 Plans for a new breed of mobile devices running operating systems from both Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. have apparently hit a wall, falling victim to opposition from the software suppliers.由于软件供应商的反对,打造能同时运行微软(Microsoft Co.)和谷歌(Google Inc.)操作系统的新一代移动设备的计划显然已经受阻。Facing pressure from Google and Microsoft, Taiwanese PC maker Asustek Computer Inc. has indefinitely postponed plans to sell a high-profile device designed to simultaneously run both Android and Windows software, people familiar with the matter said.知情人士称,台湾的华硕电脑有限公司(Asustek Computer Inc.)原本打算销售一款能同时运行安卓(Android)和Windows软件的备受瞩目的移动设备,但面对来自谷歌和微软的压力,只得无限期推迟该计划。The Taiwanese company unveiled the Transformer Book Duet TD300, which converts from a tablet to clamshell-style laptop, in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. The device was slated to go on sale in the first half of this year.今年1月份,华硕电脑在国际消费电子产品展(Consumer Electronics Show)上发布了Transformer Book Duet TD300,该设备能在平板电脑与翻盖式笔记本电脑的形态之间自由转换。这款产品原定在今年上半年上市销售。Dual-OS devices were widely seen as a boon to chip giant Intel Corp., which has been trying to spur interest in PCs amid flagging sales as well as build a foothold in tablets. Brian Krzanich, Intel#39;s chief executive, showed the Asustek convertible device during his CES keynote.业界普遍认为,双操作系统设备的推出是芯片巨头英特尔公司(Intel Co., INTC)的福音,因为销售业绩低迷的英特尔一边在努力激发市场对个人电脑的兴趣,一边也试图在平板电脑市场占据一席之地。英特尔首席执行长科再奇(Brian Krzanich)在国际消费电子产品展上发表主旨演讲时展示了华硕的这款可转换设备。Such hybrid products, in theory, could appeal to buyers interested in both work chores and leisure-time activities. They could allow users to run PC-oriented application programs as well as mobile-style apps developed for Android tablets.从理论上说,这类混合型产品可以吸引那些对用电脑工作和休闲都感兴趣的消费者。这种产品使用户既可以运行针对个人电脑的应用程序,也可以运行专为安卓平板电脑开发的移动式应用软件。But the software companies have ways to exert pressure to deter the propagation of dual-OS products, people familiar with the situation say.但知情人士说,软件公司已设法施加压力,阻止双操作系统产品的发展。Though versions of Android are available under open-source licenses that give Google little control, for example, versions that allow access to Google#39;s app store must be approved by the company, said Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights amp; Strategy. #39;Google wants all-Android devices,#39; he said.Moor Insights amp; Strategy的分析师穆尔黑德(Patrick Moorhead)说,虽然安卓系统是在开源协议下提供的,谷歌没有多大的控制权,但要获得能使用谷歌应用软件商店等功能的系统版本就必须经过谷歌批准。他说,谷歌想看到的是单纯使用安卓系统的设备。A Google spokesman declined to comment.谷歌的发言人未就此置评。Microsoft has its own reasons for not wanting to share space on computers with Google, particularly on business-oriented desktop and laptop PCs that could give the Internet giant an entry point into a Microsoft stronghold.微软也有自己的理由不想与谷歌软件分享电脑空间,特别是针对商用的台式电脑和笔记本电脑,因为这可能为谷歌提供进入微软重点领地的入口。Computer makers that make dual-OS machines risk jeopardizing a flow of marketing funds from Microsoft that are an important economic force in the low-margin PC business, Mr. Moorhead said.穆尔黑德说,制造双操作系统设备的电脑制造商要冒着难以从微软获得营销资金的危险,在低利润率的个人电脑产业,这笔资金是重要的经济力量。Besides the new convertible device, Asustek will stop selling the dual-OS Asus Transformer AiO P1801 and P1802 all-in-one PCs launched last year due to Microsoft#39;s #39;new policy#39; of not supporting dual OS products, according to an internal Asustek memo circulated to some employees and obtained by The Wall Street Journal.《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)看到的已下发给华硕部分员工的公司内部备忘录显示,除上述这款新的可转换设备外,华硕还将暂停销售去年推出的同样有双操作系统的Transformer AiO P1801和P1802两款电脑一体机,原因是微软不持双操作系统设备的“新政策”。A Microsoft spokesman said its policies haven#39;t changed for PC makers.微软的发言人表示,公司对个人电脑制造商的政策没有变化。#39;Microsoft will continue to invest with OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] to promote best-in-class OEM and Microsoft experiences to our joint customers.#39;这位发言人说,微软将继续对原始设备制造商进行投资,以便使双方共同的客户从原始设备制造商和微软获得一流的用户体验。One person familiar with the situation traced conflicts with Asus to Microsoft patents. Microsoft has sought patent royalties from several hardware makers using the Android software, claiming it owns some mobile patents used in Android.一位知情人士将微软与华硕之间冲突的根源归结为微软的专利。微软一直试图向数家使用安卓软件的硬件生产商收取专利使用费,称自己拥有用于安卓系统的部分移动专利。Asustek, typically known to consumers as Asus, grew up in the PC industry but has made forays into mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. It has products that run Android as well as Windows, the mainstay of PCs.华硕从个人电脑业起家,但目前已进入平板电脑和智能手机等移动设备领域。它既生产搭载安卓系统的产品,也生产搭载主流个人电脑系统Windows的产品。Though shifting between operating systems isn#39;t a new concept, Asustek#39;s TD300 device had a selling point called Instant Switch. The company said it would allow users to switch between Windows and Android with one simple command, whether the device was configured at the time as a tablet or a laptop.尽管在不同的操作系统之间进行切换并不是一个新的概念,但华硕TD300设备拥有“快速切换”(Instant Switch)的卖点。该公司称,用户可以通过一条简单的指令完成Windows和安卓系统之间的切换,无论设备当时是平板电脑的设置还是笔记本电脑的设置。The suspension of Asustek#39;s dual-OS tablet was reported last month by the Taiwan-based publication Digitimes.台湾出版物《电子时报》(Digitimes)上个月报道了华硕暂停双操作系统平板电脑销售计划的消息。Samsung Electronics Co. also announced a dual-OS tablet last year, a product that it hasn#39;t begun selling.三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)去年也公布了一款双操作系统平板电脑,这款产品目前尚未开始销售。Intel, based in Santa Clara, Calif., has long relied on its partnership with Microsoft in the PC market. But it has increasingly hedged its bets, in part because Windows has failed to gain a major foothold in either smartphones or tablets.位于加州 巴巴拉的英特尔在个人电脑市场长期以来一直依靠与微软的伙伴关系。但该公司目前越来越多地与更多的公司合作,部分原因在于微软无论是在智能手机还是平板电脑市场上都未获得主要地位。The chip maker has worked hard to make sure Android works as well on Intel microprocessors as those based on chip designs licensed by U.K.-based ARM. Intel also supplies what the industry calls firmware--software stored on chips called -only memory--that can support both Windows and Android, Mr. Moorhead said.英特尔努力确保安卓在英特尔微处理器上的表现与在基于ARM构架的微处理器上的表现一样好。穆尔黑德说,英特尔还提供既持Windows也持安卓系统的固件(存储在只读存储器上的软件)。Mr. Kraznich, in a meeting with analysts in November, said Intel would increasingly help companies ship new PCs or tablets to distribution channels without buying or installing operating systems. Hardware makers, in that scheme, could load the desired software at the time a customer orders a system.科再奇去年11月在与分析师的一个会议上称,英特尔将越来越多地帮助公司在不购买、不安装操作系统的情况下将新的个人电脑或平板电脑发送到分销渠道。这种情况下,硬件生产商可以在客户订购系统的时候安装想使用的软件。Other Intel executives have said customers in China seemed particularly interested in the dual-OS option.其他英特尔的高管说,中国的客户似乎对双操作系统格外感兴趣。One person familiar with Intel#39;s thinking traced the idea for such machines to computer makers, but said Intel provided assistance and gradually got more enthusiastic about the dual-OS concept.一位了解英特尔想法的人士认为,双操作系统的想法源自电脑生产商,但说英特尔在期间提供了帮助,并逐渐对双操作系统的概念产生了更大的热情。#39;Intel remains committed to supporting our customer plans for our platforms, and to help them bring to market the best user experiences,#39; said Intel#39;s Asia corporate PR manager John Mandeville.英特尔亚洲公司公关经理曼德维尔(John Mandeville)表示,英特尔仍致力于持我们平台的客户计划,帮助他们使用户获得最佳的体验。 /201403/280305湖州隆胸的费用浙江省湖州蓝光祛痘多少钱




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