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George Osborne is Britain’s biggest political risk-taker; indeed, on a five-day tour of China the chancellor’s relish for the grand gesture suggests the mindset of the thrill seeker, constantly looking for an even bigger challenge.乔治攠斯George Osborne)是英国政界最敢于冒险的人。这位财政大臣在为期五天的访华之旅中饶有兴致地摆出大度的姿态,实际表明了他寻求刺激的心态,他在不断寻找更大的挑战。Mr Osborne calls his approach “bold at home, bold abroadand his China trip is the clearest sign yet that he intends to deploy his radical approach to domestic policymaking on a much wider stage. A trade mission to Iran is next on his agenda.奥斯本称自己的作风“在国内大胆,在国外也大胆”,而他的中国之行是最明显的信号,表明他打算将自己的激进作风应用到更广泛的国内政策制定上。他的下一行程是携贸易代表团前往伊朗。The China tour, covering four cities and thousands of miles, saw Mr Osborne accompanied by a sizeable retinue of British officials, business and civic leaders, and the kind of security normally associated with a visiting head of state.奥斯本此次中国之行共访问了四座城市,行程数千英里。他的随行代表团规模相当庞大,包括英国官员,商界和民间领袖,以及规格堪比国家元首出访的安保团队。“I’m the prime minister’s envoy,he tells the Financial Times during a trip on a high-speed train through the arid wastes of Xinjiang in north-west China. The 17-car convoy awaiting his arrival is on the scale of a prime ministerial visit.奥斯本在乘坐高铁前往新疆的途中对英囀?金融时报》表示:“我是英国首相的特使。”新疆位于中国西北地区,列车要穿过干旱的沙漠地区。由17辆汽车组成的车队等候着他的到来,迎接规模达到首相访问级别。Mr Osborne, a Sinophile who backpacked around China after graduating from Oxford 20 years ago, designed the itinerary himself in the knowledge that it would generate criticism in the west and approbation in Beijing.亲华派奥斯本从牛津大Oxford)毕业20年后,才开始了他的中国“背包”游。这一行程由他亲自安排,他很清楚此行会受到西方的批评,但会获得北京方面的赞许。“I just want to do something different with these China trips,he says. “I want to take a bit of a risk with the China relationship, pushing it so it really brings jobs and growth to our country.”奥斯本说:“我只是希望此次访华之旅能做些不一样的事。我希望在对华关系上冒一点险,推动英中关系发展,从而真正为我们国家带来就业机会和经济增长。”Mr Osborne’s visit to the Shanghai stock exchange was a gesture of economic solidarity, a defiant insistence that Britain should “run towards Chinawhen others were suggesting it might be better to head to the exit.奥斯本参观上海券交易所展现出了要在经济方面与中国紧密团结的姿态,当其他人都认为最好逃离中国之时,奥斯本用这一挑衅式表态强调英国应该“奔向中国”。His five-hour mission to Urumqi in the restive region of Xinjiang a highly unusual visit by a western politician was criticised by human rights groups concerned about Beijing’s curbs on the Muslim Uighur minority.乌鲁木齐位于不安定的新疆地区,奥斯本对这座城市进行了5个小时的访问,这在西方政客中是极不寻常的。一些关注中国政府压制维吾尔少数民族穆斯林的人权团体对奥斯本此行提出批评。Mr Osborne expected the reaction but his visit was appreciated in Beijing; only by conducting a walkabout in downtown Lhasa could Mr Osborne have raised the diplomatic stakes higher.奥斯本对这种反应已有意料,但此行受到了北京方面的赞赏。除非奥斯本在拉萨市区漫步,才会导致更大的外交风险。“Ultimately those who say don’t come to places like this don’t have an argument,he says of his stay in Urumqi. “They are saying you can best advance the interests of people living here by not turning up. I think that doesn’t wash.”奥斯本谈到乌鲁木齐之行时表示:“从根本上来说,那些说不要来这种地方的人毫无理由。他们说我不现身此地才能提高生活在这里的人民的利益,我认为这一说法无法令人接受。”Mr Osborne says he raised human rights issues as part of a wider “grown upconversation with his hosts. He says there is a false choice in public debate between “standing up to China and kowtowing to China奥斯本表示,他在与中方进行更广泛的“成熟”对话中提到了人权问题。他说有关“对抗中国还是屈从于中国”的公开辩论其实并不存在非此即彼的选择。China Daily, the state-run newspaper, purred in agreement that Sino-British relations presented “a desirable and harmonious pictureat the end of the chancellor’s visit, in contrast with the “downturnin 2012 after David Cameron met the Dalai Lama.中国官方报纸《中国日报China Daily)满意地赞同道,与2012年戴维愠蕓伦(David Cameron)会见达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama)后英中关系的“低迷”状态相比,奥斯本此次访问结束之际,中英关系呈现出“理想而和谐的景象”。But are the commercial gains worth the political risk? After all, the chancellor’s diplomacy will not look so good in the event of an ethnic bloodbath in Xinjiang or another stock market crash. Mr Osborne admits British exporters have not been a great beneficiary so far in China’s economic growth but he believes that is changing.然而,为了获取商业利益是否值得冒政治风险?毕竟,如果新疆发生种族屠杀,或者中国股市再度崩盘,财相的外交手段看起来就不那么高明了。奥斯本承认,英国出口商迄今并非中国经济增长的重要受益者,但他相信这种情况正在改变。“In the early stage of China’s development, frankly our economy didn’t have a huge amount to offer,he says. But he argues that as China moves from an economy based on investment to one based on consumption, the country would want “to make use of services more: British high-end manufacturing, banking, pharmaceuticals, cultural products all come into play“在中国发展的早期,坦白说我们的经济并没有很多可以提供的东西,”奥斯本说。但他认为,随着中国从依靠投资的经济转为依靠消费的经济,中国将希望“利用更多务:英国的高端制造业、业、药物和文化产品都会开始发挥作用”。He says the City of London could be the biggest beneficiary as China’s capital markets go global but it is a slow process. Mr Osborne says China is slowly opening its economy but has no qualms about the lopsided nature of the relationship. He says Britain’s “access all areasoffer to China is good in its own right. “There’s a powerful free trade doctrine,he says. “We had that idea in the 19th century and it’s served us well ever since.”奥斯本称,伦敦金融City of London)可能是中国资本市场走向世界的最大受益者,但这是一个缓慢的过程。他表示,中国正缓慢开放经济,但他对于两国关系的不平衡并无顾虑。他说,英国向中国提供“所有领域的准入”本身是不错的。“其中包含强大的自由贸易信条,”他说,“我们在19世纪萌生了这种思想,此后这一直让我们受益匪浅。”As the train speeds from Urumqi to Turpan on the old silk road, the chancellor admits he has an appetite for risk he cites his decision to bring a party of Labour leaders from northern cities with him from London but he says he is guided by the national interest.沿着古老的丝绸之路,火车从乌鲁木齐高速驶向吐鲁番,奥斯本承认,他有一种对冒险的渴望——比如说他决定带领英国北方城市的一些工党领袖一起从伦敦来华就是一个例子——但他表示,他是在国家利益的指引下这么做的。At home, policies such as revolutionising the pensions sector, slashing the welfare state or introducing a 9 national living wage speak to his love of the bold move. He says he is confident those policies will work out, but he cannot be sure. Could the minimum wage end up as a millstone around the neck of the economy; will handing over pension pots to individuals leave the state to pick up the pieces if they squander the money, or result in a mis-selling scandal? With Labour’s opposition in turmoil, is hubris only a step away?在英国国内,养老金改革、削减福利国家角色,或者引英镑的国家生活工资标准等政策,都表明他喜欢采取大胆举措。奥斯本说,他有信心这些政策将会奏效,但他不能确定。最低工资最后是否可能成为经济的负累?如果个人挥霍了移交给他们的养老金,国家是否要收拾残局,或者是否可能导致不当销售的丑闻?在一片混乱局势中不顾工党的反对,这离狂妄自大是否只有一步之差?Mr Osborne says: “I think in this job you have a responsibility to shift the dial a bit and take the big decisions the country needs for its future. Ultimately I’m paid to make decisions with the prime minister on the country’s future.”奥斯本表示:“我认为,身在这个岗位上,你有责任推动一些进步,做出国家未来所需要的重大决策。归根结底,我拿这份报酬是要和首相一起,为这个国家的未来做出决策。”He argues that not making decisions is more dangerous: for example not pushing ahead with the HS2 train line or striking out into riskier export markets. “I don’t want us to slowly decline into the sunset,he says, arguing that plenty of countries were following that route.他认为,不做决策更为危险;比如,不推进英国HS2高铁项目,或者不去开辟风险更高的出口市场。“我不希望我们慢慢衰退,走向没落,”奥斯本说,他表示有许多国家正走上这条路。“I’d agree with the broader point that if you take big bold decisions they won’t always be popular,he says. “In that sense it’s a risk. But sometimes the absence of decision and the consequences can be much worse.”“我认同一个更广泛的观点,也就是如果你做出大胆的决策,它们并不会总是受到欢迎,”他说,“就此而言,这是一种风险,但有时,没有决策,后果可能糟糕得多。”One minister said before the trip that Mr Osborne’s China mission was “all about George becoming prime minister but we can’t say that Even Mr Cameron’s team seemed surprised at the scale of the visit. “Five days?said one ally.一位大臣在这次出访前表示,奥斯本的中国之行“一切都在于乔治要成为首相,但我们不能说出来”。即使是卡梅伦的团队,似乎也对此次出行的规模感到吃惊。“五天?”一名助手说。But Mr Osborne shrugs off suggestions he is auditioning for the top job. “I’m very focused on my job which is to deliver economic success for Britain,he says. “Being here is about doing that. I do that in partnership with the leadership of DC without whom none of this would be possible.”但奥斯本对于他在“试演”最高职位的说法不以为然。“我非常专注于我的工作,那就是实现英国经济的成功,”他说,“身处这里是为了做那件事情。我是在戴维愠蕓伦的领导以及与他的合作下做这些事情的,没有他这些都不可能。”来 /201509/401116

Bombing Isis oil infrastructure will not be enough to cripple the financing of the jihadi war machine, western intelligence assessments indicate, as the scale and intricacy of the economy it runs becomes clear.西方情报评估显示,轰炸“伊斯兰国”组ISIS)的石油基础设施将不足以削弱圣战分子战争机器的资金来源。ISIS经济的规模和复杂细节正变得清晰起来。The US-led coalition against Isis last week celebrated having killed the head of its financial affairs, Abu Salah. President Barack Obama hailed the killing on Monday as part of a concerted effort to strike the jihadi group and its leadership “harder than ever以美国为首的联军上周欢呼打死ISIS财务主管阿布萨拉Abu Salah)。美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)周一称赞打死萨拉赫的行动,称其为协同努力的一部分,这种协同努力的目的是“比以往任何时候都更狠地”打击这个圣战集团及其领导层。But in a Financial Times investigation into Isis finances, several senior intelligence officials and diplomats have said that without a ground campaign it will be hard to stop Isis from financing its core operations and paying the more than 30,000 fighters who make up the backbone of its military force.但在英国《金融时报》对ISIS财政展开的调查中,多名高级情报官员和外交官都表示,在无意卷入地面作战的情况下,很难阻止ISIS向其核心行动输送资金,以及向构成其军事力量主体的万名作战人员付薪水。One coalition intelligence official said that Isis was estimated to possess sufficient reserves and a viable income stream to keep its military operations running at their current level for three years. When the coalition began its bombing campaign in October 2014, the official said, the assessment had been that Isis would begin to feel a squeeze on its finances within 12 months.联军的一名情报官员表示,据估计,ISIS拥有足够储备和靠得住的收入来源,可在目前水平上维持三年的军事行动。这名官员承认,当联军在20140月开始轰炸时,相关评估是ISIS将在12个月内开始感受到财政紧张。Based on documents and dozens of interviews with former Isis commanders, Iraqi and Syrian officials in Isis territory, and coalition diplomats, the FT has produced its own assessment of the Isis balance sheet.根据文件和对数十名ISIS前指挥官、ISIS地盘内的伊拉克和叙利亚官员,以及联军外交官的采访,英囀?金融时报》对ISIS的资产负债表作出了自己的评估。In the past year, the jihadi terror group has raked in almost as much revenue from looting, confiscations often thinly veiled in religious rhetoric and taxation as it has from oil, its primary funding resource, the investigation found. Before the coalition started targeting Isis oil wells last month, the group was estimated to earn as much as 0m a year from oil.调查发现,在过去一年里,这个圣战恐怖组织从掠夺、没收(往往以牵强的宗教说辞为借口)和税收获得的财政收入,几乎和石油(其主要资金来源)一样多。在联军上月开始空中打击ISIS油井之前,该组织估计每年从石油赚取高.5亿美元。In total, Isis makes close to 0m a year, the FT’s analysis indicates, with about two-thirds of that ploughed back into its war machine.英国《金融时报》的分析显示,ISIS每年的总收入接亿美元,其中约三分之二被投入它的战争机器。But its core fighting force, comprising principally foreign recruits to the “caliphate costs just 0m-0m annually, underlining how the jihadis could weather a big hit to their revenue.但其核心战斗力量——主要由“哈里发”的外国应召者组成——每年仅耗资2亿至2.5亿美元,突显这个圣战恐怖分子能够承受对其财政收入的沉重打击。About m is spent every month to pay for the core fighters. A further m-m is spent on local fighters and auxiliaries. Estimates from coalition intelligence officials vary, but most agree that the core force is at least 30,000-strong, with 50,000-70,000 more split between local members, auxiliary and part-time forces.ISIS每月要向核心作战人员付大约2000万美元,还要向当地作战人员和辅助人员付1500万至2000万美元。联军情报官员的估算各不相同,但多数都认为,核心力量的人数至少有3万,还有共计5万至7万的当地成员、辅助人员和兼职力量。Via looting and confiscations of the towns they have overrun in Iraq and Syria, the jihadis have amassed reserves of more than bn, according to US and European intelligence officials.据美国和欧洲情报官员分析,通过掠夺和洗劫他们在伊拉克和叙利亚攻占的城镇,圣战者积累了0亿美元储备。Much of the income in recent months has come from sources which will be hard for the coalition to disrupt without risk of civilian casualties or even humanitarian disaster.近几个月有很大一部分收入来自联军很难在避免平民伤亡甚至人道主义灾难的情况下进行破坏的来源。A foreign fighter for Isis receives a base salary of up to 0 a month topped up with benefits, ranging from 0 a month as an emigration bonus, war spoils and allowances for wives and enslaved women.ISIS的外国作战人员每月获得至50美元的基本工资,外加各种福利——从每月200美元的移民奖金、战利品,到妻子和奴役女性的津贴。On average, it amounts to around 0, according to fighters from Isis territory.据ISIS地盘上的作战人员介绍,平均而言,这相当于每月收入约800美元。Other priority areas of Isis spending include its internal security apparatus, comprising the morality police, the hisba, and the secret police, the amniyat. The FT investigation indicates that Isis spends as much as m a month on internal security.ISIS的其他优先出领域包括其内部安全机器,主要是道德警察hisba和秘密警察amniyat。英囀?金融时报》调查显示,ISIS在内部保卫上每月出高达1500万美元。Other areas of government, such as healthcare and education, receive less than m a month between them.其它政府职能领域,如医疗和教育,每月总共得到的经费不000万美元。来 /201512/416538

A typical Uruguayan asado, or barbecue, is made up of vast racks of prime cuts of beef, pork or chicken roasted on a grill next to not on top of a wood burning fire.一个典型的乌拉圭烤肉,或者烧烤是这样构成的:烤架上大片上好切割的猪牛颈脊肉以及小鸡,熊熊燃烧燃烧的木头。At parilla restaurants across the capitol Monte, the asados are pretty epic; the fatty cuts sizzle and then get slapped onto your plate, oozing with juice.在遍布首都蒙得维的亚的parilla 饭店,烧烤相当火爆;肥肉发出嘶嘶声,拍打在你的盘子上,渗着汁液。But if you want to grab a salt shaker and add a bit of extra salt to your meal these days in the Uruguayan capital, you cant.然而这些天来在乌拉圭首都,如果你想摇摇盐罐给你的肉上撒点盐,那是不可能的;People are not allowed to put salt anymore on the table,; says Lucia Soria, the owner of Jacinto restaurant in Monte. The city government made it illegal to have salt shakers out in restaurants, she says. No mayonnaise either. Or ketchup. In fact, pretty much anything with a lot of sodium is banned. If you want it, you have to ask for it.首都蒙得维的亚的Jacinto 饭店主人Lucia Soria,;盐不许摆在餐桌上; ,市政府颁布命令,餐馆中放置盐罐是非法的,沙拉酱、番茄酱也不行。实际上任何含有大量钠离子的都是非法的。如果你确实需要,那么就必须额外要求加点。Unlike in the U.S. where New York Citys last government was unable to pass a law limiting the size of soft drinks other countries like Uruguay take a much more active role in what you can and cant eat, in the name of public health.和美国不同,上个任期的纽约市政府没有通过一项限制碳酸饮料的法令------而其他象乌拉圭一样的国家在以健康的名义上规定你可以或者不可以吃什么东西上更为积极。Soria says she doesnt like this interventionist approach.饭店老板娘Soria说她不喜欢这种极端做法;I think its the wrong way to do it, I think we have to try to teach people not to eat salt in quantities that are not safe,; she says.;我认为这是用错误的方法去做事,我认为我们应该教育人们盐的食用量及其危;。Public health officials in Uruguay argue education can only do so much.乌拉圭公共卫生官员却认为教育能做的事是有限的;The national consumption of sodium in Uruguay is about 9 grams per person, which is double what the World Health Organization recommends,; says Pablo Anzalone, the director of public health for Monte.蒙得维的亚公共卫生主任Pablo Anzalone ; 乌拉圭人均钠消费大约克,是世卫组织推荐值的两倍;According to the Uruguayan Ministry of Health, over 30 percent of the population suffers from hypertension. Uruguay also has the largest percentage of obese children in the region.根据乌拉圭卫生部,超过百分之30的人口患有高血压。乌拉圭还拥有该地区最高的肥胖儿童比例。And its not just about removing salt from the table.这项法令并不是简单地把盐从餐桌上撤下。The salt law also stipulates that there needs to be a warning on the about salt consumption, and restaurants need to have low-sodium alternatives available to customers. Nationally, bakers have also agreed to lower the sodium content in their products by 10 percent.盐法规定,菜单上必须有盐消费的警示,饭店必须给客户提供低钠替代品。在全国范围内,面包师行业同意降低产品中盐的食用0%。Anzalone says the government has a duty to protect its citizens from bad choices.公共卫生主任Pablo Anzalone说政府有责任保护其公民避开坏的选择;People make decisions based on conditioning and the advertising that large corporations unleash. This is now a serious problem of public health,; Anzalone says.Pablo Anzalone说:;公众的选择受到大公司的广告诱导以及现实条件的限制,这是个严重的公共卫生问题;Uruguays leftist leadership has a history of getting involved in what in many countries is viewed as a private issue. The new president, Tabaré Vázquez, is a former doctor who championed Uruguays tough anti-smoking laws in his first term of office. Recently, he has announced a war on alcohol consumption.乌拉圭左翼领导人习惯于干涉在许多国家视为个人私事的事务。新任总统,Tabaré Vázquez,曾经是医生,在他的第一任期持了强硬的反吸烟法。现在,又发起了一场对酒精消费的战争。Liber Bisciottano works in an exclusive asado restaurant in Monte. So far there are no figures that show if the law, which was enacted a few years ago, is actually making a difference. He says though there is circumstantial evidence that shows its changing peoples habits.Liber Bisciottano工作于蒙得维的亚一家独家烤肉店。他认为,到目前为止没有数据显示这条几年前颁布的法律带来什么实际的变化。尽管有据表明人们的习惯有所改变;Ive worked in the restaurant business for 11 years and at the beginning it was only 20 percent of people who didnt salt their food and now its about 20 percent who do,; he says.;我在饭店干了11年,开始的时候只0%的人不在食物上撒盐,现在只有20%的人撒盐;。He says he supports the law except for one thing.他说除了一件事外,他都持这项法律;It makes us have to work harder because we have to walk more going back and forth to the kitchen to get salt,; he says. ;I think its added an extra mile to my day.;;这增加了我们的工作,为了拿盐我们必须反复去厨房,我想这大碍要让我每天多走一英里;。来 /201506/382022

LONDON Perhaps befitting a battle that ended French hegemony in Europe, Paris, it seems, has been outflanked once again.伦敦——或许与终结法国在欧洲的霸权的那场战役一样,巴黎似乎再次被打败了。After it objected to a decision in March by Belgium to introduce a new 2 euro coin to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, the Belgians retreated, scrapping 180,000 coins they had aly minted.为了纪念拿破仑在滑铁卢战00周年,比利时于今月决定推出一款新欧元硬币。但是在巴黎对此表示反对之后,比利时人作出了让步,销毁了他们已经制造出来的18万枚硬币。But victory for France is proving elusive.不过事实明,胜利对于法国来说似乎转瞬即逝。This week, Belgium decided to circumvent French resistance by invoking a little-known European Union rule that allows countries to issue euro coins of their choice, provided they are in an irregular denomination.本周,比利时决定援引一条鲜为人知的欧盟规定,从而绕开法国的阻挠。根据这条规定,各国可以自行选择发行欧元硬币,只要面值不常见即可。That led to the unveiling of a 2.50 coin a first in Belgium and 70,000 of them have now been minted. The coins, which can only be spent inside Belgium, display a monument of a lion atop a cone-shaped hill on the site of France’s humiliation, as well as lines indicating where troops were positioned when forces led by Britain and Prussia defeated Napoleon in the countryside near Brussels.于是,比利时推出了面值为2.5欧元的硬币——这在比利时历史上是头一遭——并已铸造了7万枚。这些硬币只能在比利时境内使用,上面的图案是一座狮子纪念碑耸立在法国受辱之地的锥形山丘上,下方还有线条代表着由英国和普鲁士带领的军队在这片靠近布鲁塞尔的郊区击败拿破仑时军队部署的位置。Johan Van Overtveldt, the Belgian finance minister, insisted on Monday that the new coins were not meant to provoke Gallic anger.比利时财政大臣约翰·范奥维尔威尔特(Johan Van Overtveldt)周一坚称,铸造这些新硬币并不是为了挑起法国人的愤怒情绪。“The goal is not to revive old quarrels in a modern Europe and there are more important things to sort out,he was ed as saying by Agence France-Presse. “But there’s been no battle in recent history as important as Waterloo, or indeed one that captures the imagination in the same way.”“这样做并非是想在当今的欧洲重燃旧的纷争——我们还有更重要的事情需要解决,”法新社(Agence France-Presse)援引他的话报道。“但是在近代历史中,没有哪场战役比滑铁卢战役更重要,也的确没有哪场战役像它一样激起人们的兴趣。”There is no doubt that the European Union has bigger struggles to wage at the moment. But in its small way, the skirmish has signaled the challenges facing European integration, and the limits of Europe’s open borders at overcoming old nationalist impulses.毫无疑问,欧盟有更大的问题需要处理。但从小的方面来看,这次纠纷表明了欧洲一体化面临的挑战,以及在克由来已久的民族主义冲动方面,欧洲开放的边界存在的局限性。Tensions among the 19 countries that use the euro have mounted as Greece teeters perilously close to defaulting on its debt.随着希腊债务违约的风险加大,使用欧元9个国家间的关系也愈加紧张。Yet history has its own currency in Europe, which even a common currency has yet to overcome. Back in March, officials in Paris wrote a letter to the European authorities insisting that the Battle of Waterloo, which took place on June 18, 1815, and altered the shape of European history, had a deep and damaging resonance in the collective French consciousness.不过在欧洲,各家自有通行的历史论断,即便使用统一货币也不能改变这一点。今月,巴黎的官员致函欧盟当局,坚称滑铁卢战役深深伤害了法国民众的集体情感。这场于18158日爆发的战役改变了欧洲历史的格局。France protested Belgium’s plans for its original coin by saying that basking in France’s defeat threatened to undermine European unity, troubled enough aly. The 2 coin, it said, could spur an “unfavorable reaction in France.In Belgium, the victory embodied in the 2.50 coin is being lauded as if the tiny country had itself triumphed on the battlefield.法国反对比利时的铸币计划,理由是以法国的战败为乐可能会破坏欧洲的团结,而这里的麻烦已经够多了。法国称,这款面欧元的硬币可能会在法国引发“令人不快的反应”。在比利时,推出2.5欧元硬币代表的胜利却受到了人们的称赞,就好像这个小国自己在战场上打了胜仗一样。“Belgium creativity at its best!Jean-Yves Jault, the Brussels-based head of corporate communications for Toyota Europe, boasted on Twitter.丰田欧洲(Toyota Europe)驻布鲁塞尔的企业公关部门负责人让-伊夫·Jean-Yves Jault)在Twitter上夸赞,“这是比利时最好的创意!”Nevertheless, the move has inspired no little annoyance in France. An article on the website of Bfmtv, the French broadcaster, noted that 200 years later, the defeat of Napoleon was “still hard to swallow.”尽管如此,此举在法国引发了不少恼怒情绪。法国电视台Bfmtv的网站上有一篇文章指出,200年后,拿破仑战败的事实“仍然让人难以接受”。The article asked whether France was a “poor loser,even as it stressed that the 2.50 coin would not be legal tender outside of Belgium, where it is to be sold in plastic bags at a cost of 6.这篇文章提出,法国是不是一个“输不起的败者”?但又同时强调,除了在比利时,这款面.5欧元的硬币不属合法货币。在比利时,它装在塑料包装里售卖,标欧元。In Britain, where the 19th-century poet laureate Robert Southey called the Battle of Waterloo “the greatest deliverance that civilized society has experiencedsince Charles Martel repelled an Islamic conquest of Europe in 732, the new 2.50 coin aroused similar adulation.19世纪的英国桂冠诗人罗伯特·骚塞(Robert Southey)称,滑铁卢战役是自查尔斯·马特Charles Martel)于公32年击退攻取欧洲的伊斯兰大军以来,“文明社会经历的最伟大的解救”。这款新.5欧元硬币引发了类似的吹捧。“Well done Belgium beat the French at their own game of finding ways around EU rules, the English should take note!!Michael Dunn, from Stratford-upon-Avon, wrote on Twitter.来自英格兰埃文河畔斯特拉福德镇的迈克尔·邓Michael Dunn)在Twitter上写道,“干得漂亮。比利时用法国惯用的想方设法绕过欧盟规定的把戏击败了法国,英国人该好好看看!!”Others were less impressed. On Facebook, Manuel Di Pietrantonio suggested that the value of the dispute was about 2.50.其他一些人则没有这么强烈的感觉。曼纽尔·迪彼得兰托尼Manuel Di Pietrantonio)在Facebook上表示,这场争端就.5欧元。来 /201506/380033(CNN) -- In a published to the Internet on Sunday -- purportedly from terror group ISIS -- militants claim to have beheaded American hostage Peter Kassig.(CNN)--星期天,一段据称由恐怖组织伊斯兰国公布到网络上的视频声称美国人质皮特·卡西格已经被斩首。The shows the aftermath of a beheading, in which the victim is not clearly recognizable. CNN has not been able to confirm the authenticity of the nor the identity of the victim.这段视频记录了斩首之后的现场,但无法清晰辨认出受害人。CNN目前无法确认这段视频的真实性,也不能确定受害人的身什?Kassig, 26, who converted to Islam in captivity, also went by the name Abdul Rahman Kassig.卡西格今6岁,在被俘期间转信伊斯兰教,同时还一个名字叫:阿卜杜勒·拉赫曼·卡西格He went to the Middle East as a U.S. soldier and returned as a medical worker, feeling compelled to help victims of war.他以美国士兵的身份奔赴中东,后以一个医疗工作者的身份回国,并以帮助战争受害者为己任。After returning to civilian life, he did aid work in Syria, where he was captured. He was held hostage for over a year.回归平民生活后,他在叙利亚做援助工作,最终在那里被抓。他已经被俘一年多。The White House issued a statement condemning the purported killing.白宫已经发表声明,谴责这次还未实的屠杀;The intelligence community is working as quickly as possible to determine (the s) authenticity. If confirmed, we are appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent American aid worker and we express our deepest condolences to his family and friends,; said National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan.“情报机构正在以尽可能最快的速度确认视频的真实性。这种残忍杀害无辜美国救援人员的行为令人发指,如果确认是真实的,我们将对他的家人和朋友表示最深沉的哀悼,”美国国家安全局发言人伯纳黛特·米汉说。British Prime Minister also condemned ISIS over purported killing.英国首相针对这次疑似事件也对伊斯兰国发出了谴责;Im horrified by the cold blooded murder of Abdul-Rahman Kassig. ISIL have again shown their depravity. My thoughts are with his family,; British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Twitter.“斩杀阿卜杜勒·拉赫曼·卡西格的冷血行为让我感到震惊。ISIL又一次展现出了他们的邪恶。我的心和卡西格的家人同在,”英国首相大卫·卡梅伦在推特上说。ISIL is another term for the group ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.ISIL是ISIS的另外一种称呼,即伊拉克和叙利亚伊斯兰国Five beheadings of Westerners五位西方公民被斩首Kassig is the fifth Westerner ISIS claims to have beheaded.、据伊斯兰国的声明,卡西格是第五名被斩首的西方公民。The first was U.S. journalist James Foley. A of his killing was posted online in mid-August, just over a week after President Obama approved ;targeted airstrikes; against ISIS.第一位是美国记者詹姆斯·福利。八月中旬,在奥巴马发动针对伊斯兰国的空袭一个星期后,他被斩首的视频就被公布到网络上。In early September, ISIS released a showing the beheading of U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff. Sotloffs apparent killer spoke in what sounded like the same British accent as the man who purportedly killed Foley.九月初,伊斯兰国公布了美国记者斯蒂芬·所托罗夫被斩首的视频。杀死这两人的刽子手口音听起来相似,都是相同的英国口音。Less than two weeks later, ISIS announced in a the apparent murder of British aid worker David Haines.此后不到两个星期,伊斯兰国在一段可信的视频中宣称杀死了英国援助工作者大卫·海恩斯And on October 3, ISIS released a showing the apparent beheading of hostage Alan Henning.0日,通过伊斯兰国公布的视频,确信被俘的阿伦·亨宁也被斩首。Plea for mercy恳求Kassigs life was threatened in that last .在最后一段视频中,卡西格的生命便受到了威胁A week after its release, Kassigs family released a YouTube of its own, asking his captors to show mercy and free him.在视频公布一个星期后,卡西格的家人在YouTube上也发布了一段视频,恳求囚禁卡西格的人发发慈悲,放了卡西格。Kassigs mother, Paula, addressed her son in the . ;We are so very proud of you and the work you have done to bring humanitarian aid to the Syrian people,; she said.卡西格的母亲保拉在视频中对她儿子说:“我们以你为骄傲,你对叙利亚人民所做的人道主义援助让我们自豪。”The couple noted they were releasing the on the same day of Islams Eid al-Adah, or the Festival of Sacrifice, when Muslims slaughter lambs, goats, sheep and cattle and distribute the meat to the poor and their families.这对夫妇强调他(她)们特意选在伊斯兰教古邦节这一天发布这个视频。古邦节是一个牺牲献祭的节日,穆斯林会宰杀牛羊,并将肉分给穷人和他们的家人。A native of Indiana, Peter Kassig founded Special Emergency Response and Assistance, a nongovernmental organization aiding Syrians fleeing the civil war there.皮特·卡西格出生并成长在印第安纳州,他建立了一个紧急情况应急应助组织。作为一个非政府组织,它主要是为了帮助那些逃离叙利亚内战的难民。From 2012, he delivered food and medical supplies within and outside Syria and provided trauma care and training, his family said.他的家人说,012年起,他就往叙利亚境内和境外运送食物和医疗物品,同时提供外科医疗务,并对其他人进行培训。Joined the Army in 2006 2006年参军Kassigs journey began when he joined the U.S. Army Rangers in 2006 and deployed to Iraq in 2007. He was honorably discharged for medical reasons after a brief tour and returned to the ed States to study political science and train for 1,500-meter races. But something wasnt right.卡西格于2006年加入美国陆军突击部队,2007年被安排去伊拉克。由于身体原因,在一次简短的游行后他光荣退伍了。回到美国后他进修政治学,还进行1500米的田径训练。但是,他总觉得格格不入;I was going to school with kids who look the same, were the same age as me, but we werent the same,; he said in an interview with CNN in 2012. ;I wanted more of a challenge, a sense of purpose.;“我在学校看起来和其他人一样,我们也是同龄人,但是我们不一样,012年在一次CNN的采访中他这样回答。“我需要的不仅仅是一个挑战,一个目标。”In 2010, Kassig took time off and began his certification as an emergency medical technician.2010年,卡西格休息了一段时间,并开始争取获得急诊医师的认。In the two years that followed, he fell in love, got married and quickly divorced. Devastated and heartbroken, he went back to school, but he couldnt shake his depression.两年后,他恋爱结婚,然后立刻又离婚。精疲力竭,心碎神伤后,他又回到学校,但仍然无法回去低落的情绪;I needed a game changer,; he said.“我需要改变我的生活,”他说To Syria then captivity去叙利亚,被俘He decided he would head to Beirut, follow the situation in Syria and try to help. So on his spring break in 2012, he packed his medical kit and flew into the Lebanese capital.他看到叙利亚的局势,他决定去贝鲁特,做一个援助人员。在2012年春假期间,他背上他的医药箱,飞去了黎巴嫩首郀?After finishing the semester back in the ed States, he returned to Lebanon, only this time with a plan -- he founded founded SERA (Special Emergency Response and Assistance), a nongovernmental organization.回到美国继续读了一个学期后,他再次前往黎巴嫩。这次他有了一个计划,创立了一个非政府组织SERA(紧急情况应急应助组织)In summer 2013 he moved its base of operations to Gaziantep, Turkey.2013年夏天,他将组织的指挥总部搬到了土耳其加齐安泰普。Kassig found and delivered food and medical supplies to the growing camps on both sides of the Syrian border, his family said, and provided primary trauma care and trauma care training to civilian casualties inside Syria.他的家人说,卡西格搜集食物和医疗物品,并将这些物资提供给叙利亚边境线两边不断扩大的战争难民营,同时他还提供简单的外科医疗援助,并对叙利亚境内的伤员进行外科的培训。On October 1, 2013, he was ;detained; on his way to Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria, his family said.他的家人说,20130日,卡西格在去叙利亚东部的戴尔泽尔市的路上被武装分子抓走。His family had maintained silence about Kassigs captivity at the request of his captors.在武装分子的威胁下,他的家人对卡西格的被俘保持了沉默。来 /201411/343355China on Tuesday warned over escalatingviolence between Myanmars military and rebel forces after a civi lian home washit by shelling from across the border, apparently for the first time in thecurrent unrest.中国一民居被跨境泡弹击中后,中国周二对缅甸政府和叛军之间不断升级的冲突发出了警告。在目前的动荡中,这还是首次发生这样的炮击事件。Beijing has previously warned of a threatto border stability after the dramatic upsurge in ethnic confli ct in the remoteKokang region in Myanmars northeastern Shan state.在缅甸东北部果敢地区的种族冲突发生后,北京就对其边境稳定造成的威胁发出了警告。More than 30,000 people have fled from Myanmar into Chinas Yunnan province, according to Beijings official newsagency Xinhua, but it was the first time authorities confirmed artillery firecrossing the frontier.根据新华社报道,已经万人从缅甸逃往中国云南省,但是这是官方首次确认有炮弹穿过边境。Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Leisaid the incident took place on Sunday when ;some shells fell on Chineseterritory, damaging a civilian home;.中国外交部发言人说这个事件发生在周日,“当时一些炮弹落在中国领土上,损坏了一处民宅。”The unrest has virtually emptied the mainKokang town of Laukkai, the epicentre of the fighting, with str eets in theonce-bustling frontier community transformed into a battle ground.动荡几乎使得果敢的主要城市老街市空无一人,这里是战斗的中心地带。这里之前是熙熙攘攘的边界社区,现在则变成了战场。It is unclear how many people remain in theremote region, which is under martial law and almost cut off from help by aidgroups. There are no official figures on the civilian death toll.目前还不知道有多少人还留在这个遥远的边界地区,目前处于戒严状态,救援组织完全无法进入。平民死亡人数还没有官方的数据。来 /201503/364192

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