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China has introduced six giant pandas into a ;semi-wild; environment on Wednesday. This is claimed to be one of the most ambitious attempts so far to build up the endangered population with captive-bred bears.Celebrities including retired basketball star Yao Ming attended the ceremony in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, to mark the relocation of the bears.Yao Ming said, ;I think the most important thing is to keep the balance between humans and nature. We have been talking about it for many years but it is never an easy thing to do. It is the thousand-year-old central thinking in the Chinese Confucian culture.;Chengdu#39;s researchers hope a phased approach will bring greater success. The six giant bears will be set loose for ;training; in a controlled rehabilitation area of 20 hectares in Dujiangyan#39;s ;Panda Valley; that is still under development.The animals have been selected according to their health, behaviour and genetic diversity from the 108 pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base.They are all adolescents - ages two-to-four - a time when scientists hope they will be strong enough to fend for themselves, but still young enough to adapt.Those who respond well to foraging and other skill training will eventually be released into the nature reserve.It is hoped that as they mature and breed, they will produce offspring fully accustomed to living in the wild.Once the 300 million yuan Dujiangyan facility is completed, it is expected to host more than 30 pandas at a time.The goal is to release 100 animals into the wild over the next 50 years. The researchers involved say patience will be one of the biggest keys.篮球明星姚明等社会名流和官员参加在四川都江堰举行的放归仪式,首批放归的6只大熊猫将被放到正在建设中的都江堰;熊猫谷;的受控野化区接受;训练;。熊猫研究人员说,有足够的空间进行野外训练,这些大熊猫是根据健康状况、行为表现和遗传多样性,从成都大熊猫基地的108 只大熊猫中选出来的。此次放归被誉为预计将持续50年的熊猫野外放归项目的里程碑。据称,首批放归的大熊猫属于亚成体,相当于人类少儿期。科学家认为,此时的大熊猫足够强壮,能够保护自己,同时仍有较强的适应能力。在觅食和其他训练中表现最好的大熊猫最终将被放归自然保护区。人们希望,随着这些大熊猫的成熟,它们将繁殖出完全适应野外生活的后代。 Article/201201/168173This film will show you to choose an indoor plant. An indoor plant can really improve a room#39;s appearance, so get it right by watching this short tutorial.这段视频将教给你怎样选择室内植物。室内植物可以改善房间景观,所以,马上跟随这段视频来学习吧。Step 1: Select a Spot1.选择位置Before you purchase your plant, it is advisable that you decide on its ultimate location in your home.在购买植物之前,我们建议你最好决定一下放在家中什么位置。Find a space in your home that receives the best amount of natural light. Survey the surroundings in the home, making note of window positions (north, south, east and west). Obviously, most rooms in the house are going to be considered low light compared to the light outside so you#39;ll want to designate a spot that gives you the most light as well as space for the plant you plan to purchase. Also consider the temperature of the rooms in which your plant may live and the amount of humidity.选择一个植物能够最好地吸收自然光线的地方。调查一下房间周边环境,记录窗子朝向。很明显,房间内的光线不如室外光线强。所以,你肯定想为即将购买的植物选择一个光线最好的地方。同时还要考虑房间的湿度和温度。Step 2: Know Your Plants2.了解你的植物There are many common houseplants to choose from. If you are someone who likes to see fairly instant results and not spend too much time caring for your plant, it may be better for you to stick to plants belonging to the palm family. Another excellent choice would be dieffenbachia. Money plants and rubber plants are other all-time favorites.有多种室内植物供你选择。如果你想看到立竿见影的效果,不想花费太多时间来照料你的植物,最好选择棕榈科植物。花叶万年青也是一个很好的选择。金钱树和橡胶树也是永恒的选择。Other plants which are easy to take care of include corn, jade and aloe vera.其他比较容易护理的植物包括玉米和芦荟。Step 3: Find a Healthy Plant3.寻找健康的植物Purchase houseplants that look as if they have been well cared for and have all green leaves.购买看上去护理的比较好,叶片全部是绿色的植物。Look for new buds and leaves as this shows the plant has a vibrant, healthy future.看一下有没有新长出的嫩芽和叶片,因为这表明植物的长势比较好。Check out the soil and leaves for spots or insects. You should pass on plants that have wilted, brown or crunchy leaves.Sturdy and compact in build is a good quality in a houseplant.检查一下土壤,看一下叶片有没有斑点或昆虫。如果叶片枯萎,发黄或卷曲,这种植物忽略掉。整个植株比较结实茂盛是室内植物品质较高的保。Thanks for watching How To Choose An Indoor Plant感谢收看“怎样选择室内植物”视频节目。 Article/201211/206896

Talks on restarting US beef exports to China are moving fast and final details should be in place by early June, the US Department of Agriculture said.美国农业部近日称,关于重启美国牛肉对华出口的谈判进展迅速,最终细节应在6月初前敲定。Finalizing technical details in early June should mean beef companies, such as Tyson Foods Inc and Cargill Inc, can sign contracts with Chinese buyers to meet the deadline, the USDA said.美国农业部称,在6月初最终确定技术细节,意味着泰森食品和嘉吉等牛肉企业可以赶在最后期限前与中国买家签约。China banned US beef in 2003 after a US scare over mad cow disease.2003年,出于对美国出现疯牛病的担心,中国禁止了进口美国牛肉。Previous attempts by Washington to reopen the world#39;s fastest-growing beef market have fizzled out.此前美国政府试图重新打开中国这一世界上增长最快的牛肉市场的努力均告失败。But now, the quick progress of the latest talks is raising the hopes of US farmers.不过现在,最新磋商的快速进展给美国农户带来了希望。The timing of the new deal allows US producers to benefit as Brazil, the world#39;s top beef exporter, is struggling with scandals and rival shipper Australia is suffering from a drought that is hurting production, analysts said.分析人士称,世界最大牛肉出口国巴西目前丑闻缠身,而美国的牛肉出口对手国澳大利亚则因干旱导致产出受损,新协议在这一时机达成是美国牛肉厂商的福音。 /201705/511992

Steps步骤Step 1 Keep washcloths in the fridge冷冻毛巾Keep a stash of washcloths in your refrigerator. Apply one to your face each morning to temporarily tighten pores, reduce swelling, get rid of puffy eyes, and eliminate any redness.在冰箱里常备一条毛巾。每天早晨冰敷脸部可起到收缩毛孔,消除浮肿,去眼袋和减少肌肤红血丝的作用。Step 2 Prepare a ginseng drink人参泡水Buy whole Panax ginseng root – not Siberian ginseng – and soak a paper-thin slice in 4 ounces of distilled water for 30 minutes. Pour the water into the bottom of a double boiler and steam the ginseng in the top part for one hour.买一人参的根须,西伯利亚人参除外,切成纸一样薄厚,泡在4盎司蒸馏水中,浸泡30分钟。在双层蒸锅下层加水,将浸泡后的人参放在上层蒸1小时。Step 3 Drink up早晨半杯人参水Drink half the liquid before breakfast, and the other half anytime the next day. Repeat daily for 10 to 30 days. Ginseng is rich in antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles.早餐前喝半杯人参水,并且第二天继续这么做,坚持10到30天。人参富含抗氧化剂,能够防止皮肤产生皱纹。Warning: If you are pregnant, have a medical condition, or are taking medication, consult your doctor before drinking ginseng water.警示:妇,有过敏史和长期药的人群要事先询问个人医师。Step 4 Make a pearl mask珍珠粉敷脸Get some pearl powder from an herbalist or order online. Mix 1 teaspoon of it with one egg white and half a teaspoon of honey. Apply it to your face and let it set for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Pearl powder is rich in calcium and the natural protein conchiolin, which helps cells regenerate and stay hydrated.从草药医师那儿或网上商城弄点儿珍珠粉。一汤匙珍珠粉加一个鸡蛋蛋清,半汤匙蜂蜜,搅拌均匀。将搅拌好的面膜涂在脸上,敷面20分钟。用温水洗净。珍珠粉富含钙质和天然珍珠蛋白,Tip: Wipe your face with a warm, wet washcloth before applying the mask; moist skin is better at absorbing nutrients.小贴士:做珍珠粉面膜前,用温润毛巾敷脸,湿润脸部肌肤可以使皮肤更好地吸收养分。Step 5 Moisturize with coconut椰子保湿Shred a fresh coconut and simmer it with an equal amount of water or milk until it#39;s frothy. Strain it through cheesecloth and refrigerate. Skim off the cream that hardens on the top and rub it into your skin to moisturize.将椰子肉切碎,并和等量的水或牛奶混合煮沸。将煮好的液体放进粗麻布中过滤,将过滤后液体上方漂浮的精华涂抹于脸上保湿。Step 6 Carry a parasol使用遮阳伞Carry a parasol on sunny days. It helps protect you from skin damage caused by the sun. (But you should still wear sunscreen!)在炎炎夏日使用遮阳伞。它能防止阳光造成的肌肤伤害。(即使使用遮阳伞,也要使用防晒面霜)Fact: In the 18th and 19th centuries, facial powders containing nightingale droppings were popular in Japan because the bird poop#39;s enzymes were thought to prevent wrinkles and stimulate circulation.小常识:在18,19世纪的日本,人们脸部使用的散粉是由夜莺的粪便制成的,因为鸟类的粪便可以预防产生皱纹,促进血液循环。You Will Need你需要Washcloths毛巾Panax ginseng root人参根Pearl powder珍珠粉An egg white鸡蛋白Honey蜂蜜A fresh coconut新鲜的椰子A cheesecloth粗棉布A parasol阳伞 Article/201208/197084

Today in History: Monday, August 06, 2012历史上的今天,2012年8月6号。On Aug. 6, 1945, the ed States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, that instantly killed an estimated 66,000 people in the first use of a nuclear weapon in warfare.1945年8月6日,美国向日本广岛投下一枚原子弹,据估计当场炸死约66,000人,这是人类战争中首次使用核武器。 1825 Upper Peru became the autonomous republic of Bolivia.1825上秘鲁成立玻利维亚自治共和国。 1890 The electric chair was used for the first time, to execute a convicted murderer at Auburn State Prison in New York.1890年,在纽约奥本监狱首次使用电椅处决一名谋杀犯。 1890 Hall of fame pitcher Cy Young made his major league debut with the Cleveland Spiders of the National League.1890年名人堂棒球投手Cy Young首次亮相国家联盟Cleveland Spiders联赛。 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war against Russia, and Serbia declared war against Germany at the outbreak of World War I.1914年第一次世界大战爆发,奥匈帝国对俄宣战,塞尔维亚对德宣战。 1962 Jamaica became an independent dominion within the Commonwealth of Nations.1962年牙买加宣告独立,成为英联邦国家。 1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act.1965年林登#8226;约翰逊总统签署《选举权法案》。 1978 Pope Paul VI died at age 80.1978年教皇保罗六世去世,享年80岁。 2007 The Crandall Canyon Mine in central Utah collapsed, trapping six coal miners. (All six miners died, along with three rescuers.)2007年,在犹他州中部Crandall Canyon矿井坍塌,六名煤矿工人被困。(六名矿工全部遇难,还包括三名救援人员。) 2008 The government declared that Army scientist Bruce Ivins was solely responsible for the anthrax attacks that killed five in 2001. (Ivins had committed suicide on July 29.)2008年,政府宣布,军方科学家布鲁斯艾文斯对2001年遭成五人死亡的炭疽菌袭击事件负全部责任。(埃文斯于7月29日自杀)。 2008 A U.S. military jury convicted Osama bin Laden#39;s former driver, Salim Hamdan, of supporting terrorism in the first war crimes trial at Guantanamo Bay.2008年,在关塔那湾第一次战争罪审判上,美国军事陪审团判定本拉登的前任司机萨利姆#8226;哈姆丹因持恐怖主义有罪。 2009 Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed as the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice by a Senate vote of 68-31.2009年,索尼娅#8226;索托马约尔经参议院表决以68 – 31当选第一位拉丁裔最高法院大法官。 2011 Insurgents shot down a U.S. military helicopter in Afghanistan, killing 30 Americans, most of them belonging to the elite Navy commando unit that had slain Osama bin Laden; seven Afghan commandos also died.2011年,在阿富汗叛军击落了一架美国军用直升机造成30名美国人死亡,其中大部分是曾执行过消灭本拉登的海豹突击队的精英,另外7名阿富汗突击队也牺牲了。 2011 Violence erupted in London amid anger over the fatal police shooting of a 29-year-old father of four; rioting and looting sp to other parts of the city and other English cities over the next several days, leaving five dead.2011年,因警方开射杀一名29岁的男子(4个孩子的父亲)引发人们强烈愤怒造成伦敦暴乱。在未来的几天里,骚乱和抢劫迅速扩散到城市的其它地区和英国其它城市,造成5人死亡。【今日历史故事】精选之-美国在广岛投掷原子弹  1945年秋,日本败局已定。美国总统杜鲁门和美国政府想尽快让日本投降,也想以此抑制苏联,于是杜鲁门决定在日本的首都和长崎投掷原子弹,因日本首都雾太浓所以选择了广岛。在此之前,美国、英国和苏联发表了《波茨坦公告》,敦促日本投降。7月28日,日本政府拒绝接受《波茨坦公告》。出于军事和政治的原因,美国政府便按照原定计划,对日本使用原子弹。  根据计划,美军将根据天气情况确定轰炸地点:广岛、长崎或小仓。广岛,与其在半个多世纪中拼命向世界表现的“和平之城”形象不同,当时是一座陆军之城。它是日本本土防卫军第二总军的司令部所在地,也是中国(日本地名,相当于中部地区)军管区所在地。在广岛市南面的宇品港,一代又一代的日本军队,在“爱好和平、反对战争”的市民夹道欢送下,登上运兵船,前往鸭绿江与清军作战,前往奉天与俄军作战,前去吞并朝鲜,前去占领中国东北,前往卢沟桥,前往哈尔滨平房,前往南京、武汉、平顶山、桂河大桥......广岛附近还有著名的吴海军基地,拥有日本第一流的海军造船厂。 长崎是日本最重要的造船基地之一。小仓则是日本北九州地区的兵器工业城市。其他备选目标:新潟也是兵器工业城,还是化学工业城。京都在前期的大轰炸中被美军故意遗忘(实际上是中国学者梁思成提议,京都有太多的历史文化遗迹,不应轰炸),积累了大量从周边迁移过来的兵工厂和居民。东京则是日本政治、经济中心。  1945年8月6日早晨8时整,3架B-29美机又从高空进入广岛上空。这时很多广岛市民并未进入防空洞,而是在仰望美机。在此以前,B-29已连续数天飞临日本领空进行训练,但这一次的3架飞机中,有一架已经装上了一颗5吨重的原子弹。此时正奉命来轰炸广岛。  9点14分17秒,那架装载着原子弹的美机上的视准仪对准了广岛一座桥的正中时,自动装置被打开了。60秒种后,原子弹从打开的舱门落入空中。这时飞机作了一个155°的转弯,俯冲下来;一瞬间,飞行高度下降了300多米。这样做是为了尽量远离爆炸地点。45秒种后,原子弹在离地600米空中爆炸,立即发出令人眼花目眩的强烈的白色闪光,广岛市中心上空随即发生震耳欲聋的大爆炸。顷刻之间,城市突然卷起巨大的蘑菇状烟云,接着便竖起几百根火柱,广岛市马上沦为焦热的火海。  原子弹爆炸的强烈光波,使成千上万人双目失明;10亿度的高温,把一切都化为灰烬;放射雨使一些人在以后20年中缓慢地走向死亡;冲击波形成的狂风,又把所有的建筑物摧毁殆尽。处在爆心极点影响下的人和物,象原子分离那样分崩离析。离中心远一点的地方,可以看到在一霎那间被烧毁的男人和女人及儿童的残骸。更远一些的地方,有些人虽侥幸还活着,但不是被严重烧伤,就是双目被烧成两个窟窿。在16公里以外的地方,人们仍然可以感到闷热的气流。  当时广岛人口为34万多人,靠近爆炸中心的人大部分死亡,当日死者计8.8万余人,负伤和失踪的为5.1万余人;全市7.6万幢建筑物全被毁坏的有4.8万幢,严重毁坏的有2.2万幢。但是,广岛的悲剧并未使日本立即同意接受波茨坦最后通牒,即无条件投降。他们竭力掩盖广岛事实真象,把希望寄托在苏联的调停上。但8月8日,日本从苏联领导人那里得到的回答是:日本仍在继续进行战争,拒绝接受《波茨坦公告》,因此,日本政府请求苏联调停的建议已失去一切根据。苏联政府遵守对联合国的义务,接受联合国的要求,宣布从8月9日起对日宣战。就在苏联出兵这天的上午11时30分,美国又在日本长崎投下第二颗原子弹。长崎全城27万人,当日便死去6万余人,从而酿成了广岛以来的又一次悲剧。  当年8月15日,日本天皇发布投降诏书宣布投降。9月2日,在东京湾“密苏里”号战列舰的甲板上,日本外相重光葵和参谋总长梅津美治郎在投降文件上签字。签字的时间是9点过4分。接着,西南太平洋战区总司令道格拉斯·麦克阿瑟签字。他代表美国、中国、英国和苏联及与日本作战的其他国家接受了日本的投降。

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