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A:Does this bus go to the train station?这辆公共汽车去火车站吗?B:No.Youll have to get off at the bank and take the A5.不去你在那一站就得下车,改乘A5路A:How long is the ride?要坐多久?B:About ten minutes.大约分钟A:Is this the bus Park Ridge?这辆公共汽车是去派克岭的吗?B:Not.It only goes as far as Main Street,but you can get the Number 31 there.不去,最远只到正街,不过你可以到那里再乘31路A:How long does it take to get there?到那里要多长时间?B:It only takes a few minutes.只要几分钟A:About how long does it take?大约要坐多久?B:Only fifteen minutes.只要分钟A:Is this the right bus Pacific Boulevard?这是去太平路的车吗?B:No.You should have taken the Yellow Line bus.You can get one at the next stop.不是,你该乘黄线车才是到下一站你可以搭上A:Is it a long ride?要坐很久吗?B:Not that long.不太久Taking a Taxi乘出租车A:Kennedy Airport,please.I have to be there by 7:00. 请到肯尼迪机场我得在7点前赶到那里B:I cant promise anything,but Ill do my best.不敢保,不过我尽力而为B:OK.Thatll be $.00,please.到了请付美元A:Thanks a lot.Here.多谢了这是车费A:Do you think you can get me to Union Station by quarter after?你看你能否在一刻钟内把我送到联合车站?B:We shouldnt have any trouble if the traffic isnt too heavy.如果交通不太拥挤的话,我们不会有什么困难的B:Youve got plenty of time.That .75,please.你早到了很多,请付7美元65美分A:Thank you very much.Here $.00.Give me .00 back,please.太谢谢你了这是美元,找我1美元就行了A:The Hilton Hotel,please.I have a :30 appointment.请到希尔顿旅馆,点30分我有一个约会B:Youll be there in plenty of time.你可以很从容地到达那里B:Here we are..,please.我们到了,请付8美元50美分A:Thank you.Here $.00.Keep the change.谢谢你这是美元,不用找了A:What time does the train Boston leave?去波士顿的火车几时开?B:9:5 on Track .9点5分,轨道A:When does it arrive?什么时候到那儿?B:It should be there at :5,but it may be a little late.应该是点5分到那里,但也可能稍晚一点儿A:How much is a one_way ticket?单程车票多少钱一张?B:It .00 coach and .00 club car.二等车厢票价3美元,头等车厢票价50美元A:Which train do I take to Philadelphia?去费城乘哪班车?B:Track at 9:30.9时30分第轨道的车A:How long does it take?火车要开多久?B:It due in at noon.正午到达A:What the round_trip fare.来回票价多少?B:It .00 one way or .00 a week_end excursion.单程票价5美元,周末旅行往返票价5美元A:What track does the Metroliner leave from?从第几轨道开出?B:That Track 1 at 9:5.第1轨道,9点5分开A:What time does it get in?什么时候到那里?B:It gets in around :5.大约点5分到A:What the fare?车费多少?B:Coach is .00.二等票价3美元A:What time the next train to Washington?下一班去华盛顿的车几点开?B:That 9:6 on Track .9点6分,轨道A:When does it get there?什么时候到那里?B:It scheduled to arrive at :50.照列车时刻表是点50分到A:How much is it?多少钱?B:It .00 one way or .00 round trip.单程票价30美元,往返票价55美元A:Which train do I take to Columbus Circle,please?请问,到哥伦布转盘广场该乘哪班车?B:Take the uptown A train and get off at the next station.坐往北去的A线车,下一站就下车A:And where do I get the train?那么我在哪里上车呢?B:Just go down those steps.下那边台阶就是A:How do I get to Rockefeller Center?到洛克菲勒中心怎么走?B:Take the RR to th Street,then change to the D train and go two stops.坐RR线车到第条街,然后换乘D线车,再坐两站路程A:Which platm is it on?车在哪个站台?B:Go down the stairs over there.从那边阶梯下去A:Which line do I take Greenwich Village?到格林威治村该乘哪一线车?B:You can take the D,the F or the A.Just make sure youre going downtown.你可以坐D线、F线和A线车只要弄准是往南去的车就行A:How do I get down to the trains?我怎么下去乘车呢?B:Take the escalator and then go to the right.乘自动扶梯下去,然后往右转A:Can you tell me the best way to get to Wall Street?请问,到华尔街乘哪班车最好?B:You want the 7th Avenue Express,the Number .乘第7街快车,也就是号车A:Which way should I go?我该往哪边走呢?B:Go straight down those stairs and follow the signs.往下向前顺那边阶梯走,然后路标走A:How long does it take to get to Times Square by subway?搭地铁到时代广场需要多长时间?B:About thirty minutes.大约30分钟A:Is this entrance only up trains?这个入口只能搭乘上行列车吗?B:That right.Up trains and down trains have their own entrance in New York.是的,在纽约上行列车和下行车各有它们的入口 190

Conversation A: These frames are really beautiful.A:这些镜架真漂亮!我可以试试这副吗?B: Yes, they are the latest designs. I think the oval shape suits you well.B:是的,它们都是最新款,这副椭圆形的可能很适合你A: I agree, but I like wire frame.A:我也这么想,但我喜欢金属镜架B: How about this? Theyre the same shape. Well, the mirror is over there.B:那这个好吗?形状一样的嗯,镜子在那边A: (Tries them on) Theyre much better. I want to change the lenses too, but I havent brought my prescription with me.A:(试戴上)好多了,我想把镜片也换了,可惜没带验光单来B: Dont worry, madam. You can do an eye test now. Would you please come to the testing room?B:别担心,女士,你可以现在验光请到验光室好吗?A: That great.A:那太好了B: Please just put on these spectacles and look at the chart. Can you see what is printed at the bottom of it?B:请你把这幅眼镜戴上,看那视力表你能看到表中最下面的字吗?A: No, not plainly.A:不行,看不清楚B: Then you are very shortsighted. I should say, please try this pair.B:这样看来,你的近视还是很深的,请试试这副A: Now, I can see very clearly.A:现在我看得很清楚了B: Your number is four hundred and fifty.B:你的度数是50度A: How much is a pair of anti-reflection lenses?A:一对不反光镜片大约要多少钱呢?B: It depends. Prices range from two hundred to one thousand.B:那得看情况,价格波动在0元至00元之间A: It much cheaper than back home. Do you have sunglasses too?A:比我的国家便宜多了,你们也卖太阳镜吗?B: Yes, sure. We have different kinds of sunglasses. Prescription-lens could be ordered, too. It takes just a few days.B:有啊,我们有各式的太阳镜有度数的也可以定做,几天后便可领取A: Youre very efficient.A:你们真有效率B: Thank you. Were glad to hear that.B:谢谢,很高兴你这样说 66

What a sport! Incredible moment a cyclist REFUSES to overtake his rival after the athlete suffers a puncture near finish line.这才是运动精神!自行车手在临近终点时自行车爆胎,而紧随其后的对手却拒绝超越When cyclist Agustin Navarro rival suffered a puncture near the finish line of a big competition, it was the perfect opporty him to speed into third place and win the bronze medal.在西班牙坎塔布里亚举行的自行车大赛上,一名参赛选手在临近终点的时候车轮胎被刺爆,此时对于紧随其后的选手奥古斯丁·纳瓦罗来说是绝好的机会,他尽可以加快速度,获得铜牌But in an incredible display of sportsmanship, Mr Navarro slowed down and refused to overtake competitor Ismael Esteban, following him as he ran along the road with his bike on his shoulders.爆胎选手伊斯梅尔·埃斯特班并未放弃比赛,而是扛着车到了终点,然而,紧随其后的纳瓦罗却刻意放慢速度,拒绝超越,跟随他抵达终点,在体育竞赛方面这简直令人难以置信Footage of the scene shows stunned spectators applauding Mr Navarro gesture and cheering the two men as they make it over the finish line - Mr Esteban, by foot; Mr Navarro, on his bike.现场录像显示,两边围观观众对纳瓦罗的这一举动表示诧异,并为其鼓掌,两位选手,一位扛车步行,一位骑车慢行,到达终点时观众纷纷欢呼The was later posted online, where it has since been shared thousands of times globally.该视频发布在网上后,在全球被分享了上千次This week, Mr Navarro, who has been praised by Internet users his gentlemanly act. He told a local newspaper: I dont want to win like that. To overtake him just bee the finish line would have been unethical.本周,网民对纳瓦罗先生的这一绅士风度大加赞赏纳瓦罗告诉当地新闻媒体,“我不想这样赢在终点线前超越他是不道德的”Amazingly, a grateful Mr Esteban tried to give his bronze medal to Mr Navarro after the contest. However, his opponent stoutly refused the prize.而更令人感动的是,赛后,埃斯特班竟然要把铜牌让给纳瓦罗不过,他的对手拒绝接受这枚奖牌 6


  The tale of a cat who sits faithfully waiting its family to come back to the spot where it was abandoned has captured the hearts of internet users.近日,一只猫咪在其被遗弃的地方坚持等待它的家人回来的故事,深深地打动了网友们的心The sad story was posted on Vkontakte (Russian Facebook) by user Ostap Zadunayskly, where he compared the cat plight to that of Greyfriar Bobby, a Skye Terrier who spent years guarding his owner grave.这个悲伤的故事是由一名名叫Ostap Zadunayskly的网友发布到Vkontakte(类似俄罗斯的脸书)上去的,Ostap将这只猫咪比作英国的忠犬波比波比是一只苏格兰长毛短腿猎犬,它守候在死去主人的无名墓地旁,直到年后自己去世He first spotted the cat in Belgorod, south-west Russia, in summer , and soon realised that it sits in exactly the same place every day.年夏天,他在俄罗斯西南部的别尔哥罗德第一次发现了这只猫咪,之后,他发现这只猫咪每天都会蹲在同一个地方Ostap asked around and was told that the cat owners used to live in the area but sold up and moved out some time ago.Ostap四处打听了一下,并被告知这只猫咪的主人以前住在这个区域,但是不久前卖掉房子搬走了The story gets a bit over the top here; someone told him that theyd seen the cat running after the car when they drove off (not very cat-like behaviour) and that the cat has been waiting at the same spot them to return ; years; (sure).故事到这儿就有点儿到了高潮有人说,他们曾看见,当主人全家搬离时,这只猫咪追着那辆汽车跑(不太像一只猫会做的事情)而且从那以后,多年来这只猫一直在同一个地方等主人回来Locals have taken to feeding the cat, which might be a more credible explanation why it stays put.当地人也经常会喂猫咪一些吃的,这也可能是这只猫为何会一直待在这个地方的更为合理的解释Mr Zadunayskiy said: ;This is a great example of human meanness and true animal loyalty.;Zadunayskiy在他的文章中写道:“这是对人类的无情以及动物的忠诚最好的体现”Many Internet commenters ed from the book The Little Prince, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, saying, ;You become responsible ever what youve tamed.;许多网民引用安东尼·德·圣-埃克苏佩里所著《小王子中的名言:;一旦你驯了什么,就要对她负责,永远的负责; 373。

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  A: I came here to get a chest X-ray.B: I will need you to take your clothes off from the waist up and put on the gown, leaving the opening in the back.A: What comes next?B: I will need you to face this glass plate right over here.A: Should I do anything else?B: Your arms need to be raised to shoulder height.A: Is this OK?B: So far, so good.A: How come you are walking away?B: I am not leaving. I just need you to take a really deep breath, hold it, and then let it out.A: Will I be finished then?B: You will be able to put your clothes on as soon as I have checked the film. 57Revamp Clothes Parts修改装部位S1: We can make alterations when they are needed.需要的话我们可以给你改一改S: Do you need to add one zipper?你是不是要加一个拉链?S3: Do you need to take out bottom of trousers?你是要裤脚放长吗?S: Do you need to take in the waist on the pair of pants?你是要将裤子的腰身改小一些吗?S5: This dress cant be alterations.这衣没法再修改S6: Let me take a measurement and calculate.让我量一量,计算一下C1: Could I change the embroidery?我可以换一下绣花吗?C: I need to take in the sleeves.我需要缩短袖长C3: I need to take out the sleeves.我需要加长袖长C: I need to let out the waist.我需要把腰围放宽一点C5: I would like my sleeves lengthened.我想把袖子加长C6: I dont want trousers with turn-ups.我不要翻边的裤子C7: I want to change the length of the skirt.我要修改裙子的长度C8: It is too tight. I want to make it loose.这太紧了,我想把它放松C9: Id like to add two pockets in the front, could you do it?我想在前面加两个口袋,你可以做吗?C: The sleeves seem a bit too short, can you let them out a bit?袖子有些短了,你能再放长一点吗?C: You mean you can have ti shortened me?你是说能把它改短吗? 7



  596.Tenth floor service desk,what can I do you?这是楼务台,有什么可以帮您?597.May I show you to your room please,sir?先生,我可以领您到您的房间吗?598.Welcome you to our hotel,sir. Have a wash,please. 欢迎您来到我们饭店,请用毛巾599.Take a rest,please. 请休息600.Have some Chinese tea,please. 请用茶601.If you want an attendant ,please push the bell. 如果您需要务员,请电铃6.I will glad to serve you. 很高兴为您务6.I am an attendant on this floor,what can I do you?我是楼层务员,我能为您做什么?6.Would you please give me some envelopes and writing paper?请给我一些信封喝信纸,好吗?6.Just a moment please,I’ll bring you some soon. 请稍等,我马上给您拿来6.I felt a bit cold when I slept,please get me a blanket. 我入睡时感觉有些冷,请给我一条毛毯6.The soap in the toilet is used up. Would you please give me a new one?卫生间的香皂用完了.请给我再添一块新的好吗?6.I’ll send it up to your room,just one moment please. 我马上送到您的房间来,请稍等6.Good morning,Housekeeping Service Centre. What can I do you?早上好,客房务中心,我能为您做什么?6.I have a cold. 我感冒了6.Do you have a temperature?您发烧吗?6.Would you like to see a doctor?您要看病吗?6.Our clinic is on the first floor. Shall I call a doctor you?饭店医务室在一楼,需要我为您请医生上来吗?6.Please take me a good rest and I hope you’ll get well soon.请您好好休息,祝您早日康复6.It’s my pleasure,I’m always at your service.我很愿意这样做,我随时都会为您务6.Do you want hot water and cold water now?您现在需要热开水和冷水吗?6.In this bottle there is hot boiled water and in that one,there is cold drink water. 这是热水瓶,那是冷水瓶618.This is the light switch and that is the temperature adjuster,sir. 先生,这是电灯开关,那是温度调节器619.There are closed-circuit television programs from 8pm to am every day.每天晚上8点到次日点播放饭店闭路电视节目6.The room light is too dim,please get me a brighter one. 房间灯光太暗,可否调一个亮灯泡61.The room is too hot,why isn’t cool air turned on in such a hot day?房间这么热,为什么还不开冷气?6.Some of my friends will come and see me this afternoon. Could you please bring me some more tea cups and chairs?今天下午有几个朋友要来看我,请给我送些杯子和椅子好吗?63.I will send them at once.我马上就送来6.I’m leaving Shanghai today and will be back in two days,can this room be kept me?我今天要到上海去,两天后回来,这间房可以保留给我吗?65.Certainly,but you will have to pay it as usual. 可以,不过您在这期间要照付房费66.If someone asks me,please tell him that I will be back after o’clock. 如果有人来找我,请告诉他我点候回来67.I will leave a note him,please give it to him.我留下一张纸条请转交给他6.Is there anything I can do you bee you leave?在您离开之前有什么事情需要我来为您做吗?69.Please wake up at 5 o’clock tomorrow morning. 请在明天造成5点叫醒我630.Please leave your key at the service desk when you leave. 当您离开房间时,请将房间钥匙放在务台631.Any comments and suggestions are warmly welcome. 请您多提宝贵意见63.I will be checking out around noon. Where can I pay me bill?我中午要结帐离店,在哪里付帐?633.Please settle your bills at the Front Office Cashier’s,it’s on the first floor.请在前台收银处结帐,它在一楼6.You can pay in the lobby on the ground floor. Welcome to come here again,good-bye!您到大厅一楼付帐,欢迎您下次再来,再见!635.I am room attendant,could you please show me your room card?我时客房务员,请让我看一下您的住房卡好吗?636.Your room number is 87 let me show you up there. 您的房号是87,我领您去637.Let me tell you something about the service in our hotel. 我简单向您介绍一下饭店提供的务638.Let me help you with your luggage. 我来帮您提行李639.If you need anything,please push this button and call the service or just dial 80,that’s the Housekeeping Service Centre.如果您需要务,请电铃交房间务或拨电话80,那是客房务中心60.We will send the tea to the room when the visitors come. 您的客人来访时,我们会送茶水进房间的61.If you want to have your shoes polished,please put them outside the door. 如果您希望我们帮您擦皮鞋,请将鞋放在门外6.I am looking room 6. 请问6房间怎么走?63.It’s at the end of this corridor,sir.先生,房间在走廊的尽头6.We would like to go shopping. But my baby is just asleep now,can you look after my baby me?我们想出去购物,现在我们的孩子睡着了,你能代我们照看吗?65.I’m sorry sir. I am afraid that I can’t take the responsibility, but we do have baby-sitter service.对不起先生,恐怕我不能胜任,但我们可以提供照看婴儿的务66.Please dial 8 the Housekeeping Department,they will arrange a baby-sitter you. 你可以拨8与客房务中心联系,他们能会为您安排婴儿务67.Do you know how much it will cost?你能告诉我如何收费吗?68.It is 50 Yuan per hour baby-sitter service. 照看婴儿务每小时收费50元69.Do you have an iron and ironing board that I can borrow?我可以借用一下你们的电熨斗和烫衣板吗?650.Yes,sir. I will send someone up with it right away. Your room number,please?好的先生,我马上派人给您送来,请问您的房号?651.I have a hair dryer,but I can’t plug it into the socket.我有一个吹风机,但插座不好用65.Would you please show me your hair dryer?让我看看你的吹风机好吗?653.Your hair dryer is 1v which is different from Beijing’s. let me bring you a transmer.先生,您的电吹风用的时1伏的电压,与北京电压不匹配,我为您拿一个变压器吧65.May I refill your mini-bar?我可以补充您的小酒吧吗?655.Shall I pay you now what I have drunk?我需要现在付我喝的饮料钱吗?656.No,sir. We have charged it to your room aly.不,先生我们已将其记入您的房价中了657.Can I pay you directly in cash?我可以付现金给您吗?658.Sorry,we are not allowed to accept cash. 对不起,我们无权接受现金付帐659.Mr. Smith,welcome back to our hotel,how are you?史密斯先生,欢迎您再次下榻我们饭店,您近来好吗?660.Your room has been set up as usual.您常住的那间房保持着良好的状态 1987。


  Quality issues 质量问题A: Your request compensation makes me surprised. What happened?B: Itrsquo;s because of the quality.A: Could you tell me the particulars?B: I told you that we want first-class goods. So the quality, specification and price are clarified in our contract. Do you remember those details?A: Yes, I do.B: The re-examination results indicate that one-third of the goods are not up to standard.A: Really? We began to load the goods after we made sure they were qualified.B: I told you the truth. According to the contract, if you fail to honor the contract, we are entitled to cancel it.重点讲解:Be entitled to do sth. 有权利去做某事 例如:A feudal knight ranking between a knight bachelor and a baron was entitled to lead men into battle under his own standard. 方旗爵士是一种封建骑士爵位,其勋位在最低级爵士和男爵士之间,有权率领随从在自己的方旗下上阵作战A: 听到你要提出索赔我很吃惊,究竟是怎么回事?B: 质量问题A: 能说的具体点吗?B: 当初我说过要的是一等品所以合同里将质量、规格和价格都写的很明确你还记得吗?A: 确实是这样的B: 但是我们复验的结果是三分之一的质量与规定不符A: 是真的吗?我们是检验合格后蔡装船的B: 我说的全部是事实根据合同,如果你放没有照合同条款执行,我们有权终止合同 5

  A: Where are you feeling the pain?B: I can’t stand up! My stomach is killing me!A: Can you put your hand where it hurts the most?B: It hurts smack in the middle of my gut!A: Did this just come on suddenly?B: I felt OK until an hour or so ago, and then I just doubled over.A: Have you exercised strenuously or played sports recently?B: No, and I don’t usually get a lot of stomachaches.A: We need to get you to an emergency room to see what the problem is.B: I think that that is the best way to figure out what is causing this. Thank you 531

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