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Many white-collar professionals are burning out in big cities and moving back home to second-tier cities where the grass is greener and the prospects seem brighter.许多职业白领深感在大城市生活精疲力竭,纷纷返回二线城市,那里是他们的家乡,草更绿、明天更美好。Cheng Ding is keen to end his "seven-year itch" against the city of Beijing once and for all - by retreating back home to Sichuan Province.程丁(音译)渴望彻底结束他和北京的“七年之痒”——返回家乡四川省。Following a failed investment that led to the closure of his own company in Zhongguancun, known as "China`s Silicon Valley," the 32-year-old mobile phone games producer had to relinquish his dream of building a game empire based in the Chinese capital city.他曾在有“中国硅谷”之称的中关村创建自己的公司。投资失败后,这位32岁的手机游戏生产商不得不关掉了公司,放弃了在首都建立游戏帝国的梦想。For Cheng, the incentive to return home, nearly 2,000 kilometers southeast to Beijing, is more than just financial.对程丁来说,回到位于北京东南部,距京近2000千米的家乡,并非仅仅出于经济方面的考量。"Career setbacks are one thing. More important, I`m longing for another kind of life - one with no rush, no rent, no pressure," he says. "Beijing is no longer the home of my dreams."他表示,“事业的挫折是一方面。更重要的是,我一直渴望着一种悠然自得,没有房租,没有压力的生活。而北京已不再是我的梦想家园。”While millions from rural peripheries continue to flood booming metropolises in hopes of better education, better jobs and better lives, a rising group of burnt-out white collars is retreating to the smaller cities in search of a relaxed life style.当数百万来自农村地区的人们带着对可以获得更好的教育、工作和生活的期待继续涌进繁荣的大都市的时候,越来越多的疲惫白领们正为了寻求悠闲的生活方式而退回到小城市。Most are out-of-town degree-holders around 30 years old, with year-long working experience in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai.这些外地白领们大多30岁左右,拥有学历,在北京、上海等大城市中有一年以上的工作经历。 /201103/127332。

  • 1、不管长得漂亮还是难看,都要经常锻炼身体,保持身体活力。1, Whether you are pretty or not, you should regularly do exercise and maintain physical activity. /200912/90825。
  • Monthly Expense SheetThe most traditional style of budget is one in which you track your expenses for a couple months and then use the figures to set a budget. This style of budget is more effective when you remember to create monthly allotments for irregular or annual expenses such as property taxes, car repair, home repair and gifts.做好每月预算。最简单的做预算的方法就是对自己每日的开销进行预算。 /201002/97121。
  • A controlling and jealous husband secretly fed his wife steroids so she would pile on weight and be forced to stay at home and look after their children, the Daily Mail reported. 据英国《每日邮报》报道,英国一男子具有极强的控制欲和嫉妒心,他为了让妻子待在家中专心照顾子女,竟在妻子食物中偷偷加入类固醇,令她变胖。 The victim, Jaspreet Singh Gill, sprouted hair on her chin, cheeks and back and developed spotty, constantly itchy skin because her husband Dalwara Singh was secretly spiking her food and drink with the drugs. 因为丈夫德瓦拉·辛格偷偷在自己的食物和饮品中下药,结果令贾斯普里特·辛格·吉尔的下巴、两颊、后背都开始纷纷长出浓密的体毛,全身发痒起红斑。 The mother of two also suffered some hair loss, however her husband of 17 years told her not to go to the doctor. 已经是两个孩子的妈妈吉尔还开始脱发。而已经与她结婚17年的丈夫却不准她去看医生。 Their daughter told her mother she heard her father grinding a pestle and mortar in the bedroom. 他们的女儿告诉吉尔,说听到爸爸在卧室用杵捣碎一些东西的声音。 Mrs Singh broke into a locked cupboard and found the anabolic steroids, and called the police. 妻子检查房间发现里面的类固醇药物,并打电话报警。 Singh avoided jail and was given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, with supervision. 最后,辛格免受牢狱之灾,被判入狱12个月,缓刑2年。 /201111/160933。
  • There is one law for the rich and another for the poor. What else can one conclude from the decision by the City of London police not to investigate the former UK chief executive of JC Flowers for fraud? This week Britain#39;s Financial Services Authority hit Ravi Shankar Sinha with a pound;2.8m financial penalty, the biggest ever imposed on an individual for an infringement not related to market abuse. In its findings, the FSA said Mr Sinha had acted ;without honesty or integrity; in fraudulently obtaining pound;1.3m in fees from one of the private equity group#39;s portfolio companies and abusing his position of trust with his employer. In the legal lexicon, this translates as grounds for fraud investigation.这个世上适用于富人的法律是一套,适用于穷人的则是另一套。当伦敦金融城警方决定不对JC Flowers前英国首席执行官拉维bull;尚卡尔bull;辛哈(Ravi Shankar Sinha)进行相关欺诈调查时,你还能得出什么别的结论呢?上周,英国金融务(Financial Services Authority)对辛哈处以280万英镑的罚款,这是其有史以来就不涉及市场舞弊的违规行为对个人开出的最大罚单。该局在调查结果中表示,辛哈以欺诈手段从一家公司(该公司是私人股本集团JC Flowers投资组合中的公司之一)获得了130万英镑的费用,滥用了雇主对他的信任,其行为;缺乏诚信;。用法律语言来说,这就等于是为展开相关欺诈调查提供了理由。Dishonesty against an employer is taken particularly seriously in the UK. A gross breach of trust is rarely dealt with in the magistrates#39; courts, but goes immediately to the crown court, where a prison sentence is a near certainty on conviction. That is how Joyti De-Laurey, a secretary who stole pound;4.4m from Goldman Sachs in 2004, was sent down for seven years. But heavy jail terms are normal even for far smaller breaches. Which is why the decision not to push ahead with a full criminal inquiry into Mr Sinha#39;s conduct smacks of double standards. 在英国,失信于雇主是一件特别严重的事。性质严重的失信案件很少会交由地方法院审理,而是直接移交刑事法庭,一旦定罪,则难逃牢狱之灾。曾在高盛(Goldman Sachs)担任秘书的乔伊蒂bull;德-劳雷(Joyti De-Laurey)就是这样被判入狱7年的;;2004年时,她从高盛偷走了440万英镑。即便涉案金额比这小很多,量刑力度通常还是会很大。这就是为什么当警方决定不对辛哈的行为展开全面刑事调查时,人们仿佛嗅到了双重标准的味道。The City of London Police were clearly in a difficult position, given JC Flowers#39; reported lack of enthusiasm to pursue charges. It is regrettable that the UK has historically been more reluctant to convict and impose long sentences in cases of white-collar crime than in Hong Kong or the US. Without the determined support of the putative victim, the chances of securing a conviction quickly dwindle.伦敦金融城警方显然处在一个尴尬的境地,因为据说JC Flowers对提出指控的兴趣不大。从历史上看,英国在涉及白领犯罪的案件时,对罪犯判以长期徒刑的意愿不如香港或美国那么强烈,这一点令人遗憾。没有公认受害者的坚定持,明不法之徒有罪的可能性便迅速降低。 But there is good reason why an investigation ; no matter how difficult ; would still be in the public interest. Apart from the fact that a crime appears to have been committed, it is important that those engaged in relationships of trust ; such as JC Flowers, which manages millions for investors ; co-operate with authorities and that such episodes are not swept under the carpet. Mr Sinha#39;s defence that he would have been given permission by head office to charge what were, in effect, fees for nothing had he asked beforehand may be self-serving nonsense. But equally, it raises questions about private equity#39;s arbitrary fee structure that many in the industry might be uncomfortable answering. Britain#39;s financial sector should employ practices that stand up to scrutiny. By opting to abandon an inquiry, neither justice nor transparency has been served. 但我们有充分理由认为,推进相关调查;;无论调查过程会多么艰难;;仍是符合公众利益的。除了犯罪似乎已经发生这一点之外,涉及信任关系的相关方;;例如为投资者管理着海量资金的JC Flowers;;应与有关部门合作,让这类事情无处隐藏,这一点很重要。辛哈辩解说,如果他事先请示,总部应该也会同意他收取这笔实际上可谓是无缘由的费用。这话或许是他为自身开脱的无稽之谈,但它另一方面也引发了人们对于私人股本公司这种随意式收费结构的疑问。面对此疑问,该行业的许多从业者或许都难以坦然地给出。英国金融业的各种做法要经得起外界的审视。若选择放弃调查,沦为牺牲品的便是公正与透明。译者:薛磊 /201202/170591。
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