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Many men are never taught how to talk to women. Because of this many guys go through life without the ability to attract a woman. Here are 13 tips to help make sure you aren’t making mistakes with the women you’d like to attract:很多男人都没有学习过怎样和女人聊天。正因为如此,很多男人终其一生都对女人没有吸引力。以下是13个小贴士,让你在想吸引的女人面前不犯错误。1. You should talk about “emotional” topics like childhood memories, future ambitions, or her passions. These conversation topics will open up her emotional floodgates.1. 你应该谈论和“情感”有关的话题,如童年回忆、未来志向、或者她的爱好。这样的话题能够打开她情绪的闸门。2. Women want a guy who is not afraid to lead her. While talking to a woman take control of the conversation. Never wait for her to dictate what you’ll be talking about.2. 女人们喜欢有能力掌控她的男人。跟女人谈话时要掌控话题。不要等着她告诉你谈论什么。3. Pay attention to the non-verbal cues a woman is giving you. If you’re standing too close to her, accidentally spitting when you talk, or making her feel uncomfortable in any way… she will send you hints. Pay attention to them.3. 注意女人给你的非语言提示。如果你站得离她很近,说话时唾沫星横飞,或是让她在其他方面感到不自在,她会给你暗示,要注意这些提示。4. Remember this motto “Fun not Funny.” Women are attracted to men who allow them to have fun. Don’t concentrate on having the funniest jokes. Concentrate on showing them the most excitement and enjoyment.4. 记住这条箴言:“幽默但不滑稽。”女人会被让她们开心的男人吸引。不要只想着说最搞笑的笑话,要多花花心思向她们展现最令人兴奋最有乐趣的事物。5. Tease women. One of the easiest ways to take a conversation to a fun and flirty level is to begin to tease women. Think back to your time on the playground. In the world of dating… what worked on the playground is effective all over again.5. 挑逗她。要让对话变得暧昧有趣,最简单的方法就是跟女士们调调情。回想一下当初在学校操场上是如何和女生玩的。当时吸引女生的方法现在在约会时也完全适用。6. Get intimate with her. Women are turned on by men who are not afraid to take a conversation to a personal, intimate level.6. 聊聊私密的话题。女人会被敢于让对话上升到个人的私密层面的男人吸引。7. Use things like “cold s” to turn women on. Women love to hear opinions about themselves. Tell her what you observe about her.7. 用“冷读术”推测她们的心理来吸引女性。女人喜欢听别人对她们的评价。告诉她你眼中的她是什么样的。8. Avoid complimenting a woman too much. Women are turned off by men who come across as “needy.” If you are complimenting a woman too much she will think you’re trying to impress her. Which will have the opposite effect.8. 不要过度恭维女人。看起来“饥不择食”的男人会让女人大倒胃口。过度的恭维女人会让她觉得你在想方设法吸引她的注意力,效果只会适得其反。9. If you want to know how to talk to women in a way that doesn’t bore them… Avoid asking 9. too many “interview” style questions. Instead state your opinion about things.如果你想知道要怎样跟女人说话才能让她们觉得不无聊,要避免问过多的“采访”式问题,而是陈述你对事物的意见。10. Remember: Statements over questions. Instead of saying “where did you grow up?” Say “You don’t look like you grew up around here.” This allows you to make observations about her and express your personality.10. 记住:陈述多于提问。比起问“你在哪里长大?”来,说“你看起来不像是在这块地方长大的。”会更好。这样你既可以对她做出评价,也可以展现你的个性。11. Don’t hide your identity. Don’t be afraid to talk about whatever you’re passionate about.11. 不要隐藏自己的个性。别担心,大胆谈论任何你喜欢的事物。12. Use conversation “games” to keep the mood fun and flirtatious. Games can be anything like “truth or dare” or to less extreme games like the “5 questions game”.12. 做点对话“游戏”让气氛变得暧昧有趣。游戏可以是“真心话大冒险”,也可以是不那么极端的游戏,如两人间的点名游戏。13. Don’t give away your hand so fast. Women like men who are a challenge. If you want to keep a woman’s interest she has to feel like she is slowly winning you over. If she thinks you’re too easy… she’ll lose interest.13. 保持神秘感。女人喜欢有挑战性的男人。如果你想让女人保持对你的兴趣,你要让她觉得她需要慢慢赢得你的欢心。如果她认为你太好到手了…她就不会对你有兴趣了。The best way to think about how to talk to women is to think about what kind of fun, playful, and sexual conversation you would most enjoy. Talking to a woman doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to be aware of what they are turned on by and what turns them off. Follow the list above and you’ll do just fine.和女人谈话最好的方式,就是找一些有趣、好玩、涉及性的谈话。和女人谈话未必有那么困难。你只要知道她们对什么话题有兴趣、对什么话题没有兴趣就可以了。放心照着上面的做就好了。 /201301/223047

Most of us have struggled at some point with sleep. Whether it’s not getting enough sleep or struggling to get up in the morning, it can be difficult to get the balance just right.大多数人都遇到过一些睡眠问题。有可能是睡得不够,又或者是早晨起不来,很难达到平衡睡得舒。However, sleep is essential if we want to be productive in life. It provides us with the energy we need to get stuff done!然而为了保精力充沛,睡眠是十分必要的。我们需要睡足了才有精力干活!Here are the 10 most common sleep mistakes people make and a few tips for avoiding them!下面列出了常见的十大睡眠错误以及纠正小贴士。1. The snooze button1、闹钟止闹按钮Don’t EVER hit the snooze button. It really is much more beneficial to just get up on your first alarm. Think about it – the snooze button gives you an extra 10 minutes or so sleep. In the grand scheme of your day this really won’t provide you with any more energy. In-fact it does the opposite. Research has shown that ‘interrupted sleep’ can cause us to feel more tired.千万不要按止闹按钮,其实在闹铃一响时就起来对身体更好。想想看,止闹按钮可以让你多睡10分钟或者更长一点时间。但相比于一整天满满的计划,这多睡的10分钟根本无法为你多添几份活力。事实上恰恰相反,研究表明受干扰的睡眠会让人更加疲倦。2. Disorganized sleeping habits2、不规律的睡眠习惯It’s much easier to get to sleep each night (and wake up feeling refreshed) if we have a regular routine. This means going to bed at roughly the same time each night and getting up at roughly the same time each morning. If you’re disorganized with your sleeping routine, you end up interrupting your natural sleeping rhythms, which can cause insomnia and fatigue.如果每天的作息时间规律,每晚会更加容易入眠(醒来时也会感到神清气爽)。也就是说每晚在相对固定的时间睡觉,每天早上在相对固定的时间起床。如果你睡觉的时间不规律,就会打乱你的生物钟,导致失眠和疲劳感。3. Long naps3、小睡时间过长Long naps can disrupt your sleeping rhythms so if you’re desperate for a nap then keep it under the 30 minute mark (and before 4pm). Short naps after lunch can help to restore energy levels (just make sure you don’t sleep in).小睡时间过长会打乱人的生物钟,所以如果你真的很想打个盹儿的话,请把时间控制在30分钟以内(而且要在下午四点前睡)。在午餐后小睡一会儿有助于恢复体力(只是不要睡过头了)。4. Caffeine/stimulants4、咖啡因/兴奋剂Don’t drink any caffeinated drinks after mid-day. Caffeine stimulates your body for up to 12 hours after consumption so it’s important to restrict your intake later in the day. Be aware of supposed ‘herbal’ drinks such as green tea, which can have a high dose of caffeine. Always check the label.请不要在中午之后饮用含咖啡因的饮料。咖啡因会持续的影响人体12个小时,所以要控制自己不要在中午以后摄取咖啡因。小心一些“草本”饮料,例如绿茶含有很高的咖啡因。每次喝饮料之前都要看一下成份标签。5. Stress amp; negative thinking5、压力和消极想法Stress is a large reason why many people find it difficult to sleep. One of the worse things you can do is be stressed before bed. Stress produces chemicals that physically stop us from sleeping. Try and clear your mind before bed time and make an effort to think positive thoughts that aid sleep.压力是造成人难以入眠的重要原因。在上床睡觉前带着太大压力就更加糟糕了。压力会使人分泌出某些从生理上阻止睡眠的化学物质。尝试在睡前清空所思所想,努力朝有助于睡眠的积极方面想吧。6. Too much light6、光线太亮Our bodies depend on ‘sleep signals’ to fall asleep and one of those signals is darkness. Make sure your room is as dark as possible before trying to get to sleep. Even a thin stream of light coming in through your window can disrupt your pineal gland’s production of sleep hormones and therefore disturb your sleep rhythms, so make sure your blinds are closed!我们的身体依靠“睡眠信号”来入睡,其中一个信号就是黑暗。所以在睡觉前要确保房间光线尽可能暗。即便是透过玻璃窗射进来的一小束光线也可能会干扰人的松果体分泌睡眠荷尔蒙,从而干扰睡眠生物钟。因此要保关上百叶窗!7. Sugar before bedtime7、睡前摄取糖分Sugary snacks before bedtime are a really bad idea. The sugar can disrupt the chemicals in your body causing you to wake up during the night. Limit all late night sweet treats – if you’re hungry go for a protein based snack instead.睡前吃含糖的零食真的是个坏主意。糖会破坏人体体内的化学物质,导致人在夜间醒来。因此要控制晚间吃甜食的量,如果你饿了,去吃一些蛋白质为主的零食吧。8. Alcohol before bedtime8、睡前喝酒Alcohol is a sedative and therefore people get fooled into thinking it will help them get a good nights sleep. The reality is that it may initially induce sleep, however it usually drastically impairs sleep during the second half of the night which leads to interrupted sleep patterns that will leave you feeling fatigued in the morning (not to mention the hangover!)酒精有镇定作用,因此人们会误以为酒精能帮助睡眠。实际上酒精可能会在一开始促进人睡眠,但是它也常会在后半夜严重影响人的睡眠,打乱人的睡眠模式,让你在早上觉得很疲乏(更不用说还有宿醉了)。9. TV in the bedroom9、卧室里摆放电视It can be easy to fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV. It’s important we don’t try and replicate this strategy in the bedroom though. The bedroom must only be associated with sleep. When you start to introduce mental stimulation such as a TV this can severely disrupt your sleep patterns.坐在电视机前的沙发上很容易睡着,但重要的是我们不能在卧室里尝试这一方法。卧室应当只与睡眠有关,把电视机之类刺激神经的东西放进卧室会严重打乱你的睡眠模式。10. Worrying about sleep10、担心睡眠If you’ve had a few bad nights sleep, then the worst thing you can do is worry too much about it. When we place too much focus on sleeping this can cause anxiety and only make the problem worse. Try to go with the flow and let your body naturally get into a healthy sleep pattern.当你几天都睡不好后,最糟糕的事情就是你还总是担心自己的睡眠。当我们把注意力过多放在睡眠上时,就会导致焦虑,而焦虑只会让睡眠问题变得更严重。试着顺其自然地让身体进入健康的睡眠模式吧。 /201210/204898

LEO The Leo is a romantic soul. You dream of opulence and romance on a large scale! Sometimes when it comes to frangrances you get side tracked and fall in love with the extravagant packaging and names. Leos are very sensual and sometimes very sexy. You should choose romantically sexy perfumes like below :Christian Dior.狮子:爱浪漫的狮子喜欢眩目高贵的香水。特有的皇族气质让他们更看重香水的品牌和包装。狮子是非常感性的,有时还很性感。那么,Christian Dior 毋庸置疑地成为了他们的首选。 /201208/195403

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