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What this means is that our lips have little to no protection from the environment, and their main source of moisture is the saliva that comes from our mouths.这就说明嘴唇易受环境影响,而嘴唇水分大多是来自嘴里的唾液。What’s more, unlike much of the rest of our body, our lips are almost always on display, and rarely covered by clothing.此外有别于身体其他部位,嘴唇直接暴露在外面。As a result, the moisture on our lips is continually evaporating.结果就造成嘴唇的水分一直在蒸发。And that’s before we take into account exposure to sun, wind, cold, and air-conditioning.我们的嘴唇还要暴露于阳光、大风、冷空气及空调环境。Plus, if you’re sick or have allergies, and your nose is congested, your lips end up drying more quickly because you tend to breathe through your mouth.此外,如果你生病或者过敏而鼻塞,嘴唇会干得更快,因为你不得不大口呼吸!201503/362015。

The girlfriend of one of the 14 people killed in the San Bernadino shooting said when President Barack Obama came to speak with her, he immediately asked her for a hug.圣贝纳迪诺击事件遇难者之一的女朋友说,当奥巴马总统走过来和她说话时候,他立刻要求拥抱一下。On Friday Obama and his wife, Michelle, met members of each of the 14 families in the library of Indian Springs High School.星期五,奥巴马和他的妻子米歇尔在印第安泉中学图书馆与十四名遇难者家属见面。The stop happened before the first family headed to Hawaii for their annual holiday.这一站发生在奥巴马家庭前往夏威夷进行年度假期前。A separate table was set up for each family, and the Obamas moved from one to the next, spending about 10 minutes with each victim’s relatives.每个家庭安排单独的桌子,奥巴马一个个走过去,与每个遇难者家属交谈了约十分钟。When Obama approached the table where Mandy Pifer was sitting, he said: “Words aren’t enough. How about a hug?”当奥巴马走近曼迪·皮弗的桌子时,他说道:“语言难以言表,拥抱一下怎么样?”Pifer’s boyfriend Shannon Johnson, 45, was killed in the attack皮弗的男友约翰逊45岁,在袭击中丧生。译文属。201512/416796。

New homes新家Building blocks添砖加瓦The government makes a lame attempt to boost house-building政府促进房地产建设的步伐跌跌撞撞AS GEORGE OSBORNE prepared to deliver his autumn statement, on December 2nd, Danny Alexander, his Liberal Democrat deputy at the Treasury, announced a slew of investments in infrastructure. These included a much-needed 15 billion (24 billion) for roads, as well as 2.3 billion for flood defences. Mr Alexander tried to make much of the coalitions plans on housing, too, trumpeting 13,000 new homes to be built at Bicester, a town in Oxfordshire, which would then be designated as a garden city. The government will need to do much more, however, to solve Britains housing problem.随着乔治·奥斯本准备发表其秋日宣言,12月2日,来自自由民主党的英国财政部第一副大臣丹尼·亚历山大宣布了拉动基础建设的投资计划。其中包括道路急需的150亿英镑(折合240亿美元)以及防洪的23亿英镑。亚历山大试图推动更多联邦计划在房屋上,吹嘘将在牛津郡的比斯特镇修建13000栋新房并将其建成花园城市。然而,要解决英国的房屋问题,政府仍需要做出更多努力。On average, 140,000 homes have been built in each of the past four years, far fewer than the 240,000 new houses needed annually. With supply constrained, house prices continue to rise, by 19% in London over the past year. There is an estimated deficit of as many as 1m houses.过去四年中,平均每年新建140,000座房屋,远远少于每年240,000座房屋生物的需求。由于供应有限,今年房屋价格仍然持续上涨了19%。据估计,英国房屋缺口高达100万。Bicester is in the arc north and west of Londons green belt that is ideal territory for more house-building: it is good for commuters to the capital and other hubs of employment such as Oxford and Cambridge. It is the arc where, after the second world war, the government built several garden cities—new towns that combined employment with a pleasant place to live. Bicester has good transport links and plenty of brownfield land (most of the new homes will be on land now owned by the defence ministry). It also has an MP who supports more construction.比斯特位于伦敦绿化地带的北部和西部的弧形地区,是修建更多住宅区的理想地点:有利于上班族前往首都以及其他诸如牛津和剑桥之类的工作中心。自二战之后,政府在这片弧形区域修建了一些花园城市——适合工作和居住的新型城镇。比斯特拥有良好的交通网和大量肥沃的土地(这块领域中大多数新住宅区现在属于国防部)。还有一位国会议员持更多的建筑项目。Yet the Bicester houses are “not even a drop in the ocean,” says Paul Cheshire of the London School of Economics. The politicians are just going through the motions, he says. “This is political window dressing.” And that is assuming the homes even get built. Construction at the other recent attempt to fashion a new garden city—in Ebbsfleet, south-east of London—has barely begun.然而,伦敦经济学院的保罗·切希尔表示,比斯特镇的房屋量过少,甚至都算不上是“沧海一粟”。政治家们不过是做做样子而已,“这是政治粉饰太平的一种方式”。即使建造了房屋也不过如此。而在伦敦东南的艾贝斯费特镇建立新式花园城市的计划甚至还未起步。Locals in Bicester are not pleased, either, raising familiar concerns about crowded schools, bad traffic and stretched health care. “We dont even have a proper hospital,” says Claire, a hairdresser. “How are we going to support 13,000 more homes?”比斯特的当地人对此并不高兴,大多越来越担忧学校拥挤、交通堵塞和看病时间会延长。发型师克莱尔说,“我们甚至都没有足够大的医院,怎么撑13000多户人家的正常运转呢?”Meanwhile, Mr Alexander suggested another solution to the lack of housing: the first government involvement in house-building in a generation. He announced a pilot scheme near Cambridge to build 10,000 new homes, warning developers, “If you dont build, we will.”与此同时,亚历山大针对房屋匮乏提出了另一个解决方案:第一代政府只干涉一代人的房屋建设。他宣布了在剑桥郡附近修建10,000套新房屋的试行计划,并警告开发商们,“如果你们不修,那就让我们来。”The answer is simpler, says Mr Cheshire: the government should amend planning regulations to allow construction on the green belt. “Nothing short of radical” solutions will solve the problem, he says. But the benefits of such changes take a long time to filter through. The drawbacks for NIMBYs are apparent immediately, especially just ahead of an election.切希尔表示,可以更简单些:政府应修订计划规定,允许在绿化地带修建房屋,“强制”执行即可解决这个问题。但是这类变革的益处要过很久才能显示出来。 邻避症候群((NIMBYnot in my back yard,指反对建筑有害设施的运动或人)的阻挠显而易见,尤其是大选迫在眉睫的情况下。译者:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201412/349263。

Schumpeter熊彼特Life in the fast lane快车道生活Business people are racing to learn from Formula One drivers商务人士竞相向一级方程式车手学习ON THE face of it business executives and Formula One drivers have nothing in common, other than the fact that they do their jobs sitting down. Racing drivers hurtle round a track, touching speeds of 350km an hour. Office-bound managers may occasionally wheel their chairs from one side of their desks to the other. Drivers risk a high-speed pile-up if they lose concentration. Executives merely risk spilling coffee on a Hermès tie.乍看之下,商业高管和一级方程式车手除了都是坐着干活之外并没有什么共同之处。车手在赛道上疾驰,速度可触及350公里每小时,而办公室里的经理们可能偶尔会把椅子从办公桌的一边滑到另一边。车手们要是一分神可能有高速连环相撞的危险,高管们则最多只会把咖啡溅到爱马仕领带上。Yet one of the motor-racing world’s gurus now spends much of his time talking to chief executives. Aki Hintsa, a Finnish surgeon, was chief medical officer for the McLaren F1 team for 11 years. His clients have included two former world champions, Sebastian Vettel and Mika Hakkinen, as well as Lewis Hamilton, the current holder. Dr Hintsa’s relationship with the business world started informally when a CEO friend turned to him in despair, complaining of burnout. His business, Hintsa Performance, employs 30 people, applying his methods from discreet offices in Geneva and Helsinki. It earns more than 80% of its revenues from working with management teams and individual bosses.然而,赛车界的一位高手现在大部分时间都在和首席执行官们谈话。芬兰外科医生亚基·辛萨(Aki Hintsa)担任迈凯轮F1车队的首席医疗官达11年。他的客户包括两位前世界冠军—塞巴斯蒂安·维泰尔(Sebastian Vettel)和米卡·哈基宁(Mika Hakkien),还有去年的世界冠军刘易斯·汉密尔顿(Lewis Hamilton)。辛萨不经意间开始涉足商业界,当时一位CEO朋友因为身心俱疲而绝望地向他求助。他的公司Hintsa Performance位于日内瓦和赫尔辛基的办公室并不起眼,有30名员工在那里将他的方法付诸实施。与管理团队和个别老板的合作为公司贡献了超过80%的收入。Can business people really learn from Formula One? Dr Hintsa argues that the two worlds have more in common than you might think. Drivers sit atop a pyramid of 500-700 employees, from engineers to marketing departments, whose livelihoods depend on them. Surrounded by sycophants, drivers can easily lose control of their egos. They live horribly peripatetic lives—races are run in every corner of the world. Dr Hintsa says that his grand-prix experience forced him to focus on two problems that also plague executives always on the move.商务人士真的能从F1中学到什么吗?辛萨士认为这两个世界的共通之处比你想象的要多。车手实际上是坐在500-700名员工组成的金字塔的顶端。从工程师到市场营销部,这些员工都要靠他们过活。车手身边尽是些阿谀奉承的人,这很容易让他们自我膨胀。他们的生活极度奔波——比赛遍布世界上的每一个角落。辛萨说,他的大奖赛经验迫使他关注两个问题,而这两个问题也始终困扰着不断旅行的高管。The first is lack of sleep. A growing body of evidence shows that shortage of shut-eye cripples individuals and poisons organisations. One study shows that staying awake for 20 hours has the same impact on the performance of various cognitive tasks as a blood-alcohol level of 0.1%, well over the limit for driving a car in most countries. Another study shows that being deprived of sleep leads people to adopt a more negative attitude or tone of voice. Employees are also more likely to report disengagement from work if a bad night’s sleep makes their bosses grouchy.首先是睡眠不足。越来越多的据显示,缺乏合眼的时间不单让身体虚弱,更会对公司造成不良影响。一项研究表明,连续20小时不睡觉对各种认知任务的影响相当于血液里0.1%的酒精含量,而这大大超过了大多数国家的驾车限度。另一项研究表明,缺乏睡眠让人们的态度和说话的语气都更为负面。如果老板晚上睡得不好导致心情不佳,员工离职的可能性也会更高。Yet sleep deprivation is commonplace in the business world—and is sometimes worn as a badge of honour. A recent survey of 196 business leaders by McKinsey, a management consultancy, revealed that 66% were dissatisfied with the quantity of sleep they got and 55% were dissatisfied with the quality.然而,睡眠不足在商业界司空见惯,有时甚至还被看作是一种荣誉。管理咨询公司麦肯锡最近对196位企业领导的调查显示,66%的人不满意自己的睡眠质量,55%的人不满意睡眠的时长。 译文属译生译世 /201606/449600。

On Friday, fire officials said that a wildfire has continued to advance near the coast of Santa Barbara, California, ripping through over 1,400 acres and forcing homeowners to flee. 周五,消防官员称大火已经持续推进,靠近加利福尼亚圣巴巴拉海岸,覆盖1400余亩,迫使房主逃离。About 140 homes and ranches are at risk in the coastal canyons of an area that hasnt seen a fire this big in 60 years. 沿海峡谷约140户家庭和农场面临危险,该地区60年未见如此大火。According to the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Office, mandatory evacuations were called late Thursday for the communities of El Capitan, Refugio, Venadito and Las Flores canyons. 据圣巴巴拉县警长办公室称,周四晚些时候要求埃尔卡皮坦、雷富希奥、维纳帝托和拉斯弗洛雷斯峡谷社区强制撤离。The so-called Sherpa Fire, which began Wednesday afternoon and has been driven by 40 mph wind gusts, is being fueled by hot and dry weather.所谓的Sherpa大火于周三下午开始,在40英里每小时的风力下推动,炎热和干燥的天气助长燃烧。译文属。201606/449883。

This week, violence and race have hit us in a way many of us have never seen.Violence and race, though, are not new. The Detroit Journalism Cooperative has been looking at the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Some of the core issues then are some of the issues were still struggling with today.Youve got to understand the history to really understand whats happened this week.One of the experts weve talked to over the past several months is Joe T. Darden. He researches urban social geography, residential segregation, immigration and socioeconomic neighborhood inequality in multi-racial societies.Today, Statesides Lester Graham asked him about the 1968 Kerner Report, which was issued by a presidential commission.President Lyndon Johnson asked the commission to determine why there had been so many racial uprisings and riots in 1967. It looked at grievances of black America and suggested remedies which went far beyond the Great Society programs Johnson launched.The report was largely ignored. Darden said thats evident today.Support for the Detroit Journalism Cooperative on Michigan Radio comes from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Renaissance Journalisms Michigan Reporting Initiative, the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.You can see all of our Detroit Journalism Cooperative coverage here.201607/453772。

Michigan has more than 280 contaminated sites that are ;orphans.; That means the company that made the mess no longer exists and the state has to deal with it.But Michigan is running out of money to tackle these environmental problems. That was not good news for Antrim County, home to one of the largest contaminated sites in the country. State management of an underground plume of trichlorethylene (TCE) has been crucial here for years and will be needed in the future.A lack of state funding to clean up the plume is causing concern Its been more than a decade since residents like Ruth Ann Clark went onto city water because of the TCE contamination. Her water comes from Mancelona, about eight miles away from her house.Clark has a small farm with llamas and donkeys. She says she spends more than 0 a month on water. She doesnt know if the TCE plume has reached her land yet, but shes not worried because she has clean water.;Its been okay,; she says with a smile.But its not okay for everyone in Antrim County. In fact, millions more dollars must be spent to keep all her neighbors safe. Where that money will come from is a critical question for this community.An expanding legacy of pollutionNot far from Clarks home is Summit Village, part of Shanty Creek Resort. The resort is one of the main drivers of economic growth in this area. It was purchased in 2007 and the new owners say theyve put another million into it.Realtor Donna Gundle-Krieg says a lot of money has been spent in Summit, one of three villages in Shanty Creek, where theres a hotel and conference center.;This is probably the area with the most expensive homes,; she says.But homes here will need to hook up to city water soon, because the TCE plume is moving towards them.Gundle-Krieg has a vacant lot listed in Summit Village for ,000. She doesnt expect to see a house on it anytime soon. She thinks it will be bought by someone who wants the beach access that goes with it on Lake Bellaire.There is some confusion about exactly what is happening with the water. Gundle-Krieg says she frequently comes across homeowners who say they werent told anything about the plume when they bought property and ask her what the situation is.Property owners between Mancelona and Bellaire have this trouble today because of a degreaser used to clean machinery 50 years ago.Herb Tipton got a job at Mount Clemens Metal Products in the 1960s.;The cleaning fluid was kind of a last resort,; Tipton says. ;It was expensive.;He says what they did use, they poured down the drain.;But I dont think anybody really knew the after-effects,; he says. ;Course, thats true all over the world.;Michigan comes up short for clean waterThe TCE plume sping across Antrim County might be the largest in the country, contaminating trillions of gallons of water.Thats too expensive to clean up, so the state has spent million to keep people from drinking the stuff. More will be needed to get clean water to everyone who will eventually need it. Thats why community leaders were surprised in 2014 when they were told there wasnt enough money to extend more water lines.They went to Lansing and proposed the state spend another million to expand and upgrade the city water system. The state offered 0,000.The idea that the state couldnt afford to protect drinking water in Antrim County sent shockwaves through the community last year.Dean Branson, with Three Lakes Association, says the states ability to manage this problem is critical. Without it, he says property becomes worthless since nobody will build a home on a lot that might not have clean water one day.;You arent going to pay anything for that lot,; Branson says. ;You arent even going to pay your taxes. Youre basically going to let it go back to the bank.;Branson helped work out a novel solution last spring. It involves the county sharing some of the costs of the next phase of work on the water system. Local governments seldom finance this kind of project. Its usually left to the state or federal government.The agreement was not easy to get. Some county commissioners said the state would find the money one way or another and voted against the plan. County officials insisted this is the only time theyll spend money on this problem.Who will pay?The agreement will protect everyone for a few years before more work is needed. Dean Branson says hes confident the state will be there to help.Thats because at a meeting this summer, a division chief from the Department of Environmental Quality told a room full of people that the state will protect their drinking water. On tape, Bob Wagner said if anyone asks the DEQ whether its safe to buy property in Antrim County, the answer will be ;yes.;;Its safe. Its fine,; he said. ;There is no risk. Its all managed. Thats our message.;Where the money will come from to keep that commitment is the question.More than 280 contaminated sites were identified in Michigan in 2014 that still need work, including the TCE plume coming from Mancelona, and there is no more money to start new projects. In fact, Wagner says the state might have to pull back on groundwater monitoring at some of these sites next year.The pool of money that has been used for this work in recent decades came from voter approved bonds. Voters have agreed to let Michigan borrow more than billion since 1988 for an array of environmental initiatives. Finding a new long-term funding source is one of the goals laid out in Michigans new water strategy, a comprehensive approach to a variety of water-related issues. Conversations about how that could happen are just beginning in Lansing.201601/422134。