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北京每年下沉厘米 --9 ::7 来源: 中国的首都北京以可怕的雾霾和偶尔发生的沙尘暴远近闻名而一个重要的环境威胁却被大家忽略了:北京正在下沉 China’s capital is known its horrendous smog and occasional sandstorms. Yet one of its major environmental threats lies underground: Beijing is sinking.中国的首都北京以可怕的雾霾和偶尔发生的沙尘暴远近闻名而一个重要的环境威胁却被大家忽略了:北京正在下沉Excessive pumping of groundwater is causing the geology under the city to collapse, according to a new study using satellite imagery that reveals parts of Beijing – particularly its central business district – are subsiding each year by as much as centimetres, or more than four inches.一项根据卫星图像作出的最新研究结果显示,过度抽取地下水导致北京地下结构出现塌陷北京部分地区,特别是中央商务区,每年下沉多达厘米,也就是超过英寸The authors of the study warn that continued subsidence poses a safety threat to the city of more than o million, with “a strong impact on train operations” one of the predictions.研究报告的作者提醒说,持续的下沉对这座人口超过两千万的城市构成安全威胁,其中一个预测就是“将对列车运行造成很大影响”The study on Beijing’s subsidence has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Remote Sensing and is based on InSAR, a type of radar that monitors land elevation changes. It was written by a team of seven researchers这项有关北京下沉的研究发表在同行评议期刊《遥感科学上,基于合成孔径雷达干涉测量技术,这是一种监测陆地高程变化的雷达技术这个研究小组有7人“We are currently carrying out a detailed analysis of the impacts of subsidence on critical infrastructure (eg high-speed railways) in the Beijing plain,” they said in an email to the Guardian. “Hopefully a paper summarising our findings will come out later this year.”他们在给《卫报的一封电邮中写道:“我们目前正在进行一项北京平原地区地表下沉对关键基础设施影响的详细分析(比如高铁)希望能在今年晚些时候发表一份能概括我们研究结果的论文”Beijing sits in a dry plain where groundwater has accumulated over millennia. As wells are drilled and the water table drops, the underlying soil compacts, much like a dried-out sponge.北京坐落于干燥的平原地区,这儿的地下水经过了数千年的累积随着钻井抽取地下水,地下水位下降,地下的土壤更加紧密,就像干涸的海绵The study finds that the entire city is sinking but the subsidence is most pronounced in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, which has boomed since 1990 with skyscrapers, ringroads and other development. The researchers say the uneven nature of the subsidence in some areas poses risks to buildings and other infrastructure.研究发现,整个城市都在下沉,而朝阳区下沉最严重上世纪90年代以来,朝阳区繁荣发展,高楼大厦和环路不断涌现研究人员说,一些地区下沉不均匀的特性会对建筑物和其他基础设施造成威胁Tens of thousands of water wells are thought to exist in and around Beijing, many of them used in farming and landscaping. The state has regulatory power over installation of wells but is inconsistent in applying it, according to one leading Chinese environmentalist.据称北京及周边地区有数万口水井,其中很多用于农田灌溉和绿化国家对打井有监管权,但据一位领头的环保人士说,实际执行情况并不理想“There are some rules but the encement is doubtful,” said Ma Jun, director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs in Beijing. Ma said he wasn’t surprised subsidence was relatively high in the Chaoyang district given its rapid growth of recent decades. He expected it to keep moving east as the city sprawled in that direction.公众环境研究中心主任马俊说:“有一些监管规则,但执行成效令人怀疑”马俊说他对朝阳区地表下沉速度更快并不惊讶因为朝阳区近几十年来发展非常快他预计随着整个城市向东扩展,地表下沉将会继续向东延伸In China inaugurated a mega-engineering project aimed at mitigating Beijing’s water crisis. The state completed construction of the South-North Water Diversion.年,中国实施了一项大型的工程项目来缓解北京的用水紧张,现已完成了南水北调工程Even bee the canal began delivering water, Beijing was easing up on some groundwater pumping. In January of the Chaoyang district announced plans to phase out 367 water wells, reducing the use of m cubic meters of underground water.在南水北调工程开始通水之前,北京已经开始控制某些地区的地下水抽取年1月,朝阳区宣布计划停用367口水井,每年减少开采地下水千余万立方米Experts say it is still too early to know if the canal’s water deliveries will help recharge the aquifer and slow Beijing’s rate of subsidence. In the meantime concerns about impacts to buildings and rail systems continue. To prevent derailments a study recommended that China ban new water wells near completed high-speed rail lines.专家表示,想要知道南水北调能否帮助充盈含水层并减慢北京下沉的速度还为时尚早在此期间,人们仍将担心下沉对建筑物和铁路系统的影响为防止列车脱轨,年的一项研究建议中国禁止在已完工的高铁轨道旁打井Other cities around the world are experiencing subsidence caused by excessive water pumping or other factors. Mexico City is sinking by up to cm a year and Jakarta is subsiding at a similar rate. Bangkok is dropping annually by as much as cm, similar to Beijing, according to the Remote Sensing researchers.根据《遥感科学的研究,世界上其他诸多城市也受到过度抽取地下水或其他因素导致的地表下沉的困扰墨西哥城每年下沉多达厘米,雅加达下沉速度类似曼谷每年下沉达厘米,与北京类似。

杭州将发公共自行车“外宾租赁卡”:参加G峰会外宾专供 --1 ::5 来源: 在即将举行的G杭州峰会期间,杭州公共自行车将出台或完善更多国际化务提升措施,向外国友人展示杭州公共自行车的独特魅力该市370处租赁务点将增加双语标识和双语语音播报,务热线增设英语坐席 Hangzhou, the host city of this year’s G summit, is preparing to offer bilingual bicycle rental services eigners visiting the provincial capital of eastern China’s Zhejiang province.作为今年G峰会的主办城市,中国东部浙江省省会杭州市计划在峰会期间为外宾提供公共自行车双语租赁务The rentals will be facilitated through specially-made bilingual cards, to be delivered to eign guests attending the summit in September. The cards will allow eigners to more easily take advantage of Hangzhou’s bicycle rental system, which reportedly ranked among the world’s top of such systems, thepaper.cn reported.据澎湃新闻报道,为了方便租赁务,杭州市特别定制了 “外宾租赁卡”,在9月峰会期间提供给外宾使用这种定制卡能为外宾使用公共自行车租赁务带来便利杭州的公共自行车务位居全球公共自行车务最佳榜单According to the report in thepaper.cn, Hangzhou was rated by the B as one of the world’s eight best cities with bicycle rental services in . In , the city’s bicycle rental service was championed as the world’s best in USA Today.澎湃新闻称,年,杭州被英国广播公司评为8个“全球公共自行车务最佳城市”之一年,杭州在《今日美国评选的全球最好的公共自行车务中高居榜首Some 370 bicycle rental booths around the city will be equipped with bilingual signs and auditory broadcasts. The rental hotline will also provide English service.该市370处租赁务点将增加双语标识和双语语音播报,务热线增设英语坐席The city’s bicycle rental service, originally launched in May , offers free use the first hour. Between the first and second hours, the rental fee is 1 yuan per hour, and it increases to yuan the third hour. After that, the fee stays at 3 yuan per hour.杭州的“公共自行车交通务系统”自年5月起运营,租车1小时内免费,1~小时1元,~3小时元,3小时以上,每小时3元As of May, the total number of bicycles available rent topped 8,000, and another ,000 new bicycles will be put into use bee September. Average daily rentals exceeded 3,000 in , thepaper.cn reported.截至今年5月,运营的公共自行车达8.万辆今年9月前,还会有1万辆新自行车投入使用据澎湃新闻报道,去年公共自行车的日均租用人次超过31万G is the most representative grouping of the world’s major economies. China holds the G presidency this year, and 66 G conferences will be held in Chinese cities, with Hangzhou as the primary host, Xinhua News Agency reported.国集团由全球一些重要的经济体组成今年由中国接任主席国,全年将在中国个城市举办66场会议,杭州是主会场,据新华社报道。

颠覆三观:最新调查表明早餐无用! --30 ::38 来源: It has long been hailed as the most crucial meal of the day, vital getting the body going and preventing overeating later on. But breakfast may not be so vital after all, if new research is to be believed.Contrary to popular belief, the study found the first meal of the day had little impact on snacking or portion sizes later in the day. It also had no effect on metabolism.很长时间以来早餐都被认定为一天中最重要的一餐,它可以激发身体的能量同时避免过量进食但是如果最新的调查是正确的话,早餐可能并不是如我们想象那般重要与流行说法相反的是,研究发现早餐对整天的吃零食并没有影响,同时也不会影响到新陈代谢The researchers, from the University of Bath, now suggest the better health of people who eat a good breakfast may be due to their general, wider, diet regime.They found there was no change in metabolism after six weeks between those who ate nothing breakfast and those who consumed 700 calories bee am.The major difference was that those who abstained from breakfast ate fewer calories over the whole day.来自巴斯大学的调查者称,早餐吃好的人们身体更健康是因为他们摄入得饮食更广泛而经过六周的实验,调查者发现在点之前摄入700大卡的人群和早餐不吃的人群中,新陈代谢并没有变化主要的不同在于不吃早餐的人一天摄入的卡路里更少This goes against the long-held theory that people who skip breakfast simply make up it by gorging on food later on.However, breakfast eaters were likely to expend more energy - around calories - by being active, mainly in the morning after eating. They also had more stable blood sugar ings, especially by the end of the trial.这和之前人们认为的“不吃早餐会使人之后进食更多”的想法截然相反然而,吃早餐的人确实会因为更加活跃消耗更多能量——约大卡,尤其是在早饭后那一段时间他们的血糖指数也更稳定,尤其是在实验后期The research added: “The belief that breakfast is ‘the most important meal of the day’ is so widesp that many people are surprised to learn that there is a lack of scientific evidence showing whether or how breakfast may directly cause changes in our health. It is certainly true that people who regularly eat breakfast tend to be slimmer and healthier but these individuals also typically follow most other recommendations a healthy lifestyle, so have more balanced diets and take more physical exercise. ”调查还说,“认为早餐最重要的传统观念被大众广泛接受,关于早餐是否会对我们的健康造成直接影响这个问题上,目前是缺乏科学依据的很多人对此非常惊讶当然,有规律地吃早餐的人会更苗条,也更健康,不过这些人其他的生活方式也一定是非常健康合理的,也会注意平衡饮食和锻炼身体”In another study published this month, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham divided vounteers into three groups. One skipped breakfast, others always ate it and a third continued with their current regime. Four months later, no-one in any group had lost much weight.而在本月发表的另外一项调查中,来自伯明翰阿拉巴马大学的调查者把志愿者们分成三组:一组不吃早餐,一组经常吃早餐,最后一组遵循之前的饮食方式四个月后,没有任何志愿者的体重下降。

年全球最有声望大学排行榜新鲜出炉:剑桥和牛津排名下滑 -- :: 来源:   年全球最有声望大学排行榜新鲜出炉,英国表现有所退步,剑桥和牛津名次下滑至第四和第五The UK has universities in the top 0 of the worldrsquo;s best when it comes to global reputation, but many have slipped down the rankings this year.  在世界顶级大学百强榜上,英国占了所然而今年,多所学校排名有所下滑  Cambridge and Oxd remain in the top five, at fourth and fifth place respectively, but both have moved down two places on their ranking.  剑桥和牛津仍然保持在前五名,分别位列第四和第五,但二者均比年排行下滑了个名次  The US dominates the Times Higher Education (THE) reputation rankings, with Harvard and MIT in top places.  美国包揽了泰晤士高等教育(THE)声望排行榜,哈佛和麻省理工学院名列前茅  Asia has universities in the top 0 - up from in last yearrsquo;s rankings.  亚洲有所大学进入百强-与去年的所相比有所增加  The highest rated Asian universities are the University of Tokyo in Japan in th place and Chinarsquo;s Tsinghua University in 18th place and Peking University in 1st place and the National University of Singapore in 6th place.  排名最前的亚洲大学是日本东京大学(名)、中国清华大学(18名)、北京大学(1名)及新加坡国立大学(6名)  These are rankings based on reputation and perceived status, based on the opinions of an international panel of academics.  这些排名依据学校的声誉、地位以及国际学术专家组的意见而定  These are separate from the university rankings based on research and teaching quality.  它与针对研究和教学质量的大学排名相互独立  Three London universities stay in the top third of the reputation table - Imperial College London at , University College London at and the London School of Economics and Political Science at - but each has fallen slightly on last yearrsquo;s ranking.  三所伦敦的大学位列排行榜前三分之一-伦敦帝国学院(名)、伦敦大学学院(名)以及伦敦政治经济学院(名)-但这三所学校相比去年,名次均有小幅下滑  University of Edinburgh (38th), Kingrsquo;s College London (3rd), University of Manchester (joint 9th), London Business School (between 81st and 90th) and University of Warwick (between 81st and 90th) also made the top 0 global reputation ranking.  爱丁堡大学(38名)、伦敦大学国王学院(3名)、曼彻斯特大学(并列9名)、伦敦商学院(81到90名之间)以及华威大学(81到90名之间)也进入全球声誉大学百强名单  The University of Bristol and Durham University have fallen out of the top 0, bringing the UKrsquo;s total number of universities in the rankings to - down from last year.  布里斯托大学和杜伦大学未能进入百强名单,因而英国进入百强榜单的大学为所-相比去年的所有所下降  The top institutions by reputation are:  声誉最佳大学前十强:  1.Harvard University, US  1.哈佛大学,美国  .Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US  .麻省理工学院,美国  3.Stand University, US  3.斯坦福大学,美国  .University of Cambridge, UK  .剑桥大学,英国  5.University of Oxd, UK  5.牛津大学,英国  6.University of Calinia, Berkeley, US  6.加州大学伯克利分校,美国  7.Princeton University, US  7.普林斯顿大学,美国  8.Yale University, US  8.耶鲁大学,美国  9.Columbia University, US  9.哥伦比亚大学,美国  .Calinia Institute of Technology, US  .加州理工学院,美国  Diminishing permancersquo;  表现退步  THE rankings editor Phil Baty said the UK had lost ground this year.  THE排名编辑费尔巴蒂说,英国今年有所退步  ;Even the countryrsquo;s most prestigious institutions have slipped, with the universities of Cambridge and Oxd each dropping two places to fourth and fifth place respectively,; he said.  ;全英最有声望的院校竟然也下滑了,剑桥和牛津都退步了两名,排到了第四和第五;他说  ;The UKrsquo;s diminishing permance occurs as institutions in Asia rapidly rise up the table - the continent has representatives, up from last year.;  ;英国表现退步,而亚洲学府却表现优异-亚洲有所高校入选,而去年只有所;  Mr Baty said cuts to higher education funding and a series of immigration measures affecting overseas students were ;starting to have an impact; on the UKrsquo;s global reputation.  巴蒂先生说,高等教育经费减少以及一系列影响海外学生的移民措施对英国的全球声誉;开始产生影响;  ;The UK will have to ensure that it can still draw in talent and investment from across the world and it does not lose its position at the heart of higher educationrsquo;s global elite,; he added.  ;英国必须确保这个国家还能继续吸引全球的人才及投资,而不会失去它在全球高等教育精英中心的地位;他补充  Asia snapping at heelsrsquo;  亚洲紧随其后  Dr Wendy Piatt, director general of the Russell Group of leading universities, said the UK had some of the very best universities in the world, but it was ;no time to rest on our laurels;.  罗素集团大学总经理温迪皮亚特士说,英国拥有一些世界顶尖的大学,但它;不能坐吃山空;  ;These rankings can be seen as a warning that the rest of the world is catching up with us and Asian universities, in particular, are snapping at our heels.  ;这些排名可以看作是一个警告,世界其他大学正紧紧跟随我们,尤其是亚洲大学,正紧随其后;  ;We risk losing out on further business and overseas funding unless there is greater investment in our world-class universities and a more risk-based, proportionate approach to regulation.  ;除非在我们的世界级大学上有更多投资,以及采取更加基于风险和更加均衡的管理方法,否则我们将面临着失去进一步商业和海外投资的机会  ;Our key international competitors recognise that world-class universities are central to their success.;  ;国际上我们的主要竞争对手也承认,世界一流大学对我们的成功是至关重要的;。

欧洲杯:威尔士和英格兰晋级强 --1 :58: 来源: 据欧洲杯最新战果报告,威尔士和英格兰均顺利出线,晋级强 A fearless Wales side beat Russia 3-0 to top the group at their first European Championship, with England second after a 0-0 draw with Slovakia.无所畏惧的威尔士队以3-0的成绩击败了俄罗斯,第一次参加欧洲杯便以小组头名的身份进入淘汰赛,而英格兰方面以0-0打平斯洛伐克,位列小组第二名On Tuesday, Northern Ireland will look to join both sides as they face Germany in Paris (:00 BST).本周二,北爱尔兰队将在巴黎(英国夏令时点)对阵德国队,输赢前途未卜,能否晋级尚未可知The top two teams in each of the six groups qualify automatically, plus the best four third-placed sides.6个小组中排位前两名的球队将自动晋级淘汰赛,另外还将选择“最佳第三名”的球队加入到强的队伍中来Chris Coleman’s side - led by the tournament’s top scorer Gareth Bale - destroyed a poor Russia to leapfrog England at the top of the group and reach the knockout stage of a major finals only the second time in their history.威尔士方面由赛会种子射手加雷斯带领,大比分虐杀了俄罗斯队,比分跨级超过英格兰队,成为小组第一名,这是威尔士队历史上第二次在重大赛事中进入淘汰赛环节England were frustrated by a resolute Solvakian defence and manager Roy Hodgson was criticised making six changes - including resting captain Wayne Rooney.斯洛伐克的铁桶防御使得英格兰焦头烂额、沮丧万分,而主帅罗伊·霍奇森也因为其六次换人而备受批评--包括将队长鲁尼替换下场Real Madrid ward Bale, who scored Wales’ third goal against Russia, said: "We said we didn’t want to make the numbers up. Well, we can’t do any more than win the group. We look ward to seeing who we play next."在威尔士对阵俄罗斯的比赛中,皇马前锋贝尔替威尔士打进了第三球,他说道:“我们之前曾说过,不想让排名再上升嗯,我们所能做的也就只有成为小组第一了我迫不及待想要知道谁是我们下一场比赛的对手”Hodgson admitted finishing as runners-up in the group was a "disappointment" but added: "We’re not doomed yet.霍奇森表示,威尔士排名上升成为第一,而英格兰降到第二让人“失望”,但补充说道:“我们还没有失败”"Who is to say the team we will play will be that much stronger? The way we are playing I am not frightened of anybody."“谁说我们将要对阵的球队会比那更强大?就我们的球队和战术战略来说,我不怕任何人”Who could Wales face?谁将有可能成为威尔士的对手?Wales will play a third-place team from either Group A (Albania), Group D (one from Czech Republic, Croatia or Turkey) or Group C (one from Germany, Poland or Northern Ireland).威尔士的对手将是一“最佳第三名”球队,他们可能来自A组(阿尔巴尼亚队)、D组(捷克、克罗地亚、和土耳其中的一球队),和C组(德国、波兰、和北爱尔兰中的一球队)That depends on the combination of the four groups which provide the third-placed sides - explained in Uefa’s pre-determined mula below.对阵双方最终结果将取决于提供“最佳第三名”球队小组的组合--从下图欧足联预先确定的公式可以看出结果Whoever they face, Wales will play at Paris’ Parc des Princes on Saturday at :00 BST.然而无论对手是谁,威尔士都将于本周六点(英国夏令时)在巴黎王子公园体育场上演一场大战Who could England face?英格兰将会和谁狭路相逢?Finishing as Group B runners-up, England will next face the second-placed team in Group F, in Nice on Monday (:00 BST).由于B组排名发生了变化,英格兰以小组第二名的身份出线,英格兰接下来将于下周一(英国夏令时点)在尼斯对阵F组第二名的球队That could well be Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal - who knocked England out of consecutive tournaments, at Euro and at the World Cup in Germany.而那很有可能是由C罗带领的葡萄牙队--而葡萄牙队曾在欧洲杯和德国世界杯连续两场大赛上淘汰了英格兰However, Austria, Hungary and Iceland can all still finish second - with Group F’s final matches to be played on Wednesday.然而,奥地利、匈牙利和冰岛仍然有可能以小组第二名的身份出线--F组的最后一场比赛将于本周三举行It is the fourth time England have reached the knockout stages of a European Championship (1996, and ).这是英格兰队历史上第四次晋级欧洲杯淘汰赛阶段(前三次分别是1996年、年和年)。

美国撑腰也没用,中国反对印度加入核供应集团 --5 18:53: 来源: 印度加入核供应集团国(NSG)的愿望因中国反对而落空 India’s bid to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) has suffered a setback following Chinese opposition.印度加入核供应集团国(NSG)的愿望因中国反对而落空The plenary of the NSG ended on Friday without a decision on India’s membership.NSG全体会议在周五结束,会议未就印度加入该组织做出任何决定China said India should not become a member until it signs the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) - a key requirement all NSG members.中国说印度想要加入NSG就应该签署不扩散核武器条约(NPT)——这是向NSG成员提出的关键要求The NSG sets global rules international trade in nuclear energy technology.NSG对全球的核能源科技国际贸易设置规则In a statement following the end of the plenary session, the group confirmed that India’s application had been discussed, reports India’s PTI news agency.在全体会议结束后的声明中,该组织确认会议对印度的申请进行了讨论,印度PTI新闻社报道说"Participating governments reiterated their firm support the full, complete and effective implementation of the NPT as the cornerstone of the international non-proliferation regime," the statement .该声明宣称:与会政府重申了他们对“全面和有效地执行NPT,将它作为国际防核扩散的基石”的坚定持India needed a unanimous vote in the 8-member group to become a member, but Beijing took the position that the rules should not be bent India.印度想要成为NSG的一员需要8个成员国全体通过,但北京的立场是不能为印度歪曲规则"Applicant countries must be signatories of the NPT. This is a pillar, not something that China set. It is universally recognised by the international commy," the Reuters news agency ed Wang Qun, the head of the arms control department in China’s eign ministry, as saying.“申请国必须是NPT条约的签署国这是核心,而不是中国的要求,这是国际公认的,”路透社引用中国外交部武器控制部门主任Wang Qun的话说China was always the main opponent to India’s US-backed bid to become an NSG member despite hectic diplomatic discussions between Delhi and Beijing.中国一直反对印度不顾德里和北京之间紧张的外交谈判,而试图依靠美国撑腰加入NSG的企图US President Barack Obama had publicly endorsed India’s candidacy during his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this month and also urged other NSG members to consider it favourably.美国总统Barack Obama在本月初与印度总理Narendra Modi的会面中,公开持印度,并敦促其他NSG成员也很好地考虑Correspondents say that India’s failure to secure a seat in the NSG will be seen as a setback to Mr Modi’s eign policy.记者说,印度未能成功占得NSG一席,将被看作是Modi总理外交政策上的一次挫折India’s main opposition Congress party has referred to the development as an "embarrassment" to the country.印度的主要反对党说这样的进展令国家“蒙羞”"Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to realise that diplomacy needs depth and seriousness and not public tamasha [spectacle]," a party spokesman said.“总理Narendra Modi需要意识到外交需要深度和严肃性,而不是大众,”该党发言人说。

一周热词榜(7.-7.8) -- :: 来源:chinadaily 一周新闻热词榜,一网打尽trending newsCHINADAILY手机报新一期热词榜发榜啦!本周的新闻热词有:1.'GDP核算'方法接轨国际.我国'整治网络虚假新闻'3.'超强台风尼伯特'袭台湾.'录取通知书'投递已启动5.英将迎来第二位'女首相'6.美连发'警察杀黑人'案1. GDP核算GDP calculation请看例句:China has adopted a new gross domestic product (GDP) calculation method, a move that analysts have called a step toward meeting international standards and improving data accuracy.我国采用了一种新的国内生产总值(GDP)核算方法,分析人士称此举是迈向与国际标准接轨、提高数据准确性的一步5日,国家统计局(the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS)发布了关于改革研发出(research and development spendingR#38;D expenditures)核算方法、修订国内生产总值核算(GDP calculation)数据的公告公告称,为更好地反映创新对经济增长的贡献(to better reflect the contribution of innovation to economic growth),进一步推动我国国民经济核算与国际接轨,国家统计局照联合国等五大国际组织(five international organizations, including the UN)联合颁布的国民经济核算国际标准(international standard measuring a country's economy)——《国民账户体系(年SNA)(the System of National s , the SNA),改革研发出核算方法(rem the R#38;D expenditures calculation method),将能够为所有者带来经济利益(economic benefits)的研发出不再作为中间消耗(intermediate consumption),而是作为固定资本形成(fixed capital mation)处理根据新的核算方法,国家统计局修订(revise)了195年以来的GDP数据(GDP figures dating back to 195)修订结果显示,各年GDP总量相应增加,但GDP增速(GDP growth rate)变化不大其中,年GDP增加8798亿元,增幅为1.3%;扣除价格影响后(in price-adjusted terms),GDP实际增长速度提高0.个百分点国家统计局公布的信息显示,这次推出的研发出核算方法改革,暂在国家层面实施(be implemented at the national level)国家统计局正在积极开展地区层面(at the regionallocal level)研发出核算方法改革问题研究本月日,国家统计局将公布二季度GDP(second-quarter GDP)等一系列重磅宏观经济数据(macroeconomic data)据国家统计局核算司司长程子林介绍,目前,欧盟国家都实施了此项改革,绝大多数经合组织(Organization Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD)国家都已实施了此项改革,有的发展中国家如南非、印度等也进行了改革美国在年做出了类似的调整,重新定义和计算文娱(entertainment and culture)、研发等项目,从而使年美国的经济增长率(economic growth rate)从.%上调至.8%印度则在年初做出了改变,从而使该国-财政年度(fiscal year)的GDP增长率从.7%上调至6.9%[相关词汇]科技创新 scientific and technological innovation产业结构 industrial structure宏观调控 macroeconomic regulation and controlmacro-control定向调控 targeted regulation and control经济下行 economic downturn政府消费出 government consumption expenditure[!-empirenews.page--]. 整治网络虚假新闻crack down on online fake news请看例句:The Cyberspace Administration of China is further cracking down on online fake news and false coverage.国家互联网信息办公室正在进一步整治网络虚假新闻和不实报道为进一步打击网络虚假新闻(crack down on online fake news),国家网信办(the Cyberspace Administration of China, CAC)日前印发《关于进一步加强管理制止虚假新闻的通知,要求各网站始终坚持正确舆论导向(stick to correct orientation of public opinion),采取有力措施,确保新闻报道真实、全面、客观、公正(take effective measures to guarantee that their news reports are authentic, comprehensive, objective and fair),严禁盲目追求时效,未经核实将社交网络平台上的内容直接作为新闻报道刊发(directly e unconfirmed content posted on social networking platms in news report)通知要求,各网站要落实主体责任,进一步规范包括移动新闻客户端、微、微信在内的各类网络平台采编发稿流程,健全内部管理监督机制(improve internal management and supervision mechanism)通知要求网站标注新闻来源(give credit to the original news source),严禁道听途说编造新闻或歪曲事实(publishing hearsay as news or distorting facts are strictly prohibited)各级网信办要切实履行网络内容管理职责(cyber administrations at all levels should be responsible the management of Internet content),加强监督检查(enhance their inspection and supervision),严肃查处虚假、失实新闻信息今年以来,国家网信办进一步加强了对网络信息的监督和管理,查处了一批制作或传播网络虚假新闻的信息提供商(deal with a number of inmation providers that produce or sp fake news online)国家网信办有关负责人表示,将保持整治网络虚假新闻信息的高压态势,不断规范网络新闻信息(online news and inmation)传播秩序欢迎广大网民对网上违法和不良信息进行监督举报,共同维护良好网络生态(jointly maintain a good online ecosystem)[相关词汇]新闻职业道德 media ethics标题党 sensational headline writer年度新闻人物 newsmaker of the year新闻时效性 news timeliness新媒体时代 new media age[!-empirenews.page--]3. 超强台风尼伯特super typhoon Nepartak请看例句:Super typhoon Nepartak made landfall early Friday in eastern Taiwan, bringing strong gusts and downpours to the area, Taiwan's weather bureau said.台湾气象部门表示,8日凌晨,超强台风尼伯特在台湾东部登陆,给该地区带来狂风暴雨今年第1号台风(the first typhoon of the year)"尼伯特"于8日5时50分以超强台风(super typhoon)级在台湾台东太麻里乡沿海登陆(make landfall),成为199年以来登陆我国的最强初台近中心最大风速每小时191公里(winds of up to 191 km per hour),相当于级风瞬间最大阵风每小时公里(gusts of up to km per hour),相当于级风以上受台风影响,8日,台湾部分县市停班、停课一天(citizens have one-day off and classes are suspended),股汇市也休市(markets are closed);台铁各级对号列车停驶,区间车(commuter train)下午5点前停驶;高铁全天暂停营运(high-speed train service is suspended the whole day),岛内航班也几乎全数取消(almost all flights in the island are cancelled)据中央气象台(the National Meteorological Center)台风首席预报员(chief typhoon ecaster)高拴柱介绍,"尼伯特"具有移动速度快(move fast)、强度发展快、登陆强度强(high intensity)、陆地时间长、降雨强度大(bring a large amount of precipitation)、影响范围广等特点目前台风中心正向西北方向移动(move northwestward),预计将于9日早晨到上午以台风级登陆福建龙海到连江一带沿海,之后将经华东地区北上,陆上滞留时间近60小时,强度逐渐减弱,先后影响福建、浙江、江西、江苏、上海、安徽6省市为确保旅客列车运行的绝对安全,南昌铁路局于7日时在福建铁路沿线启动防洪防台风IV级应急响应(a level-IV emergency response),停运8日至日的旅客列车(passenger train)1列此前我国南方已有多条河流超警戒水位(many rivers are aly above warning levels),台风将使汛情更加严峻(worsen the flooding situation)00年起,世界气象组织(World Meteorological Organization, WMO)规范台风命名,对西北太平洋(northwest Pacific Ocean)和南海(the South China Sea)的热带气旋(tropical cyclone)采用具有亚洲风格的名字统一命名亚太地区的个成员国和地区各提供了个名字,总共0个名字照顺序被循环使用因造成巨大损害(cause huge losses)或者命名国提起更换等原因,有一些台风名被弃用中国提出的个是:龙王(后被"海葵"替代)、悟空、玉兔、海燕、风神、海神、杜鹃、电母、海马和海棠[相关词汇]风眼中心 eye龙卷风 tornado飓风 hurricane热带风暴 tropical storm热带低压 tropical depression极端天气 extreme weather降雨量 precipitation level[!-empirenews.page--]. 录取通知书acceptanceadmission letter请看例句:Universities are going to great lengths to showcase their unique characteristics and impress new students who are beginning to receive their admission letters.高校正竭尽全力地展示其特色,给将要开始收到录取通知书的新生们留下深刻印象高招录取工作(college enrollment)已经开始,7月上旬开始至8月份,高考录取通知书(acceptanceadmission letter)将陆续投递近日,江南大学、西北工业大学、西安交通大学、对外经济贸易大学、湖南大学等高校陆续公布了自主设计的录取通知书(independently designed admission letters)江南大学年录取通知书以"水墨江南"为主题,装帧折叠方式由两折改为了三折外页图形由清名桥(Qingming Bridge)、墨梅(ink painting of plum blossoms)等元素拼合而成;内页采用了云纹、水纹、白描图书馆、莲花、墨山等元素通知书打开的动作与清名桥在水中的倒影(reflection on the water)巧妙结合背面"笃学尚行,止于至善"的校训(school motto)指示着入校前的学生怀揣着"书山有路勤为径"的赤子之心步入大学校园西安交大的录取通知书选择了正统交大红作为主色调(dominant hue),白色与灰色作为辅色通知书正面用中国古典回文点缀,校训齿轮作底,表现了学校的文化底蕴(cultural deposits)及古城西安的特色(the characteristics of the ancient city of Xi'an)西北工业大学今年的录取通知书采用进口特种纸(specialty paper),整体设计典雅中带着沉稳,所用色与今年招生主题色系蓝紫统一设计正面运用最新防伪技术(anti-counterfeit technology),防伪纹校徽(school badge)采用不同色系宝石蓝(sapphire)烫染,给新生(freshman)耳目一新的感觉背面设计采用印金和进口UV等特殊工艺,以学校图书馆周围全景(panorama)剪影为背景,上方伴有"公诚勇毅"校训,让朝气的校园和严谨的校训融为一体,适合长期纪念和收藏对外经济贸易大学的录取通知书纸张为0克贸大专用水印纸,纸张水印图案为老一辈革命家陈云同志手书的(handwritten)"对外经济贸易大学"字样,选用色为学校主色调——贸大蓝通知书封面一选用贸大校门为主图,寓意学子们即将跨入惠园,开始大学生涯(start college years),背景为惠园白鸽;封面二选用学校图书馆为主图,体现惠园对知识的尊重(respect of knowledge),经典诚信主楼、宁远主教学楼、学生高级公寓以及校园长廊环绕四周;封面三背景选用中国传统吉祥线化纹样,庄重大气;封面四印有校训及惠园全景湖南大学录取通知书以岳麓山为背景,配以文字,寓意"书山",此乃古往今来的求学之地以岳麓山下、校园内的湖南大学石碑、岳麓书院大门、爱晚亭、东方红广场主席像组成了具有湖南大学代表性的建筑群(architectural complex)"录取通知书"五字选金色寓意考生"金榜题名(success in the examination)"[相关词汇]准考 exam attendance docket报志愿 college application高考状元 gaokao top scorer学生手册 student guidebook新生报到 registration freshmen[!-empirenews.page--]5. 女首相female prime minister请看例句:Britain is to have its second ever female prime minister after Conservative members of the parliament (MPs) Thursday narrowed the Conservative leadership battle to a final two.7日,保守党议员将保守党党魁竞选的候选者范围缩小至最终两人,英国将迎来史上第二位女首相7日,在保守党议员(Conservative MPs)决定两名最终候选者的第二轮投票中,两位女性——反对脱欧阵营(anti-Brexit campaign)的内政大臣特里萨·梅(Home Secretary Theresa May)(图左)与持脱欧的能源部次长安德烈娅·利德索姆(Brexit campaigner and junior energy minister Angela Leadsom))(图右)——分别赢得199票和8票,另一名竞选者、司法大臣迈克尔·戈夫(Justice Secretary Michael Gove)仅获得6票,被淘汰出局(be eliminated from the race)梅和利德索姆将在今年9月举行的保守党党员投票中进行角逐,最终胜选者将接替卡梅伦出任执政党保守党新党魁党魁选举结果定于9月9日宣布保守党是英国目前的执政党,照英国政治体制,执政党党魁(the ruling party leader)自动成为英国首相这意味着,继撒切尔夫人之后,英国将出现其历史上第二位女首相(the second female prime minister in its history)英国新任女首相将带领英国从脱欧的结果中走出来她将决定何时触发正式的脱欧谈判(decide when to trigger mal Brexit negotiations),建立团队与欧盟重新建立商业关系(business relations),也要处理好英国和中国、美国的关系梅今年60岁,曾在四任保守党领袖手下任职,可谓"四朝元老"(a senior party member who has served in Conservative governments under four prime ministers),1997年当选国会议员(member of the parliament),年起担任内政大臣利德索姆今年53岁,从政资历较浅(less experienced),年当选国会议员,年担任财政部次长,年调任能源与气候变化部,担任能源国务大臣(Minister of State Energy)未来九个星期,梅和利德索姆将会在全国各地游说,努力赢得党内万名成员的持从目前的形势来看,梅胜选的可能性更大,她不仅在前两轮选举中得票率遥遥领先(claim large lead in the first two rounds of voting),而且获得众多党内"大佬"( heavyweight figures in the party)的持,国防大臣迈克尔·法伦(Michael Fallon)、交通大臣帕特里克·麦克洛克林(Patrick McLoughlin)、教育大臣妮基·根(Nicky Morgan)、国会下议院领袖克里斯·格雷林(Leader of the House of Commons Chris Grayling)都已经表态持梅(voice support May)利德索姆拥有前伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)和前保守党党魁伊恩·邓肯·史密斯(Iain Duncan Smith)的持她在英国脱欧公投(Brexit referendum)中主张脱离欧盟,这一立场可能让她赢得想要一位"脱欧派首相"(Brexit prime minister)来监督脱欧谈判进程的疑欧派人士(Eurosceptic activists)的持[相关词汇]党魁竞选 party leadership contestbattlerace执政党 the ruling partythe party in power在野党 the opposition partythe party out of power党鞭 party whip压倒性胜利 landslideoverwhelming victorysweeping victory[!-empirenews.page--]6. 警察杀黑人police shooting of black man请看例句:US President Barack Obama said police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota show the US has a "serious problem."美国总统奥巴马表示,在路易斯安那州和明尼苏达州发生的警察杀黑人事件说明美国存在"严重问题"当地时间6日,美国明尼苏达州发生一起警察杀黑人事件(police shooting of black man)一则网络视频显示,一名中弹的非洲裔男子瘫倒在汽车里,司机一侧的车窗外是一名用对着他的白人警察3岁的费兰多·卡斯提尔据称因汽车尾灯损坏而被警察拦停,随后被其杀(be shot to death by a policeman after allegedly being pulled over a broken tail light)击发生后,费兰多的女友立即上传了事件现场的直播视频(post a live recording the scene on site immediately following the shooting),这使得他的死亡引起了公众极大的愤怒(his death has largely fueled public fury)这是本周内发生的第二起警察暴力(police brutalityviolence)事件,被杀的都是黑人男性当地时间5日凌晨,路易斯安那州警察开打死了在一家便利店外销售光盘的黑人男子奥尔顿·斯特林网上流传的一名目击者拍摄的视频显示(a shot by a witness and circulated online),两名警察勒令奥尔顿趴在地上(two officers ordered him to the ground)在奥尔顿被他们倒在地(be pinned down by the officers)期间,其中一名警察近距离对其开了(one shot him four times at close range)当地时间7日,抗议者聚集在芝加哥、纽约和圣保罗等城市举行游行示威以表达他们的愤怒(protesters gathered demonstrations in cities including Chicago, New York and St Paul to express outrage)在达拉斯的抗议活动中(during protest in Dallas),多名警察遭击,已造成至少5名警察死亡,6名警察受伤(five police officers died and six were injured)奥巴马就两起击事件发表讲话称:"类似事件发生时,我们的大部分同胞都认为这些人是因为他们的肤色而遭到区别对待(because of the color of their skin they are not being treated the same)而我们全体美国人都应对此感到不安(that should trouble all of us),因为这不只是非裔美国人的问题、拉美裔美国人的问题(Hispanic issue),这是一个所有美国人都应该关心的问题(this is an American issue that we should all care about)"[相关词汇]种族歧视 racial discrimination种族隔离 racial segregation校园击案 schoolcampus shooting大规模击案 mass shooting民愤 public outragepopular indignation(来源:CHINADAILY手机报,编辑:丹妮)。

想要来场“假日恋爱”?Tinder应用为你推荐不容错过的十五大城市 -- 18::8 来源:chinadaily LondonIn this day and age, if you want a holiday romance the airport's selection of steamy fiction isn't your only option.如今这年头,你若是想来场假日恋爱,看机场书店的色情小说可不会是你唯一的选择Dating app Tinder, which preaches a swipe right approach to finding love at the touch of a screen, has been calculating the best cities to cosy up with a local.手机约会软件Tinder宣称,使用此款软件时只需将手指在屏幕上向右一划即可找到恋爱对象这款应用也正在统计当地人最易交往的几大城市In a list of , the start-up found that London is the top spot a vacation fling beating the city of love Paris, which came in at second, and New York which scored third place.排行榜单上有个城市,其中伦敦位居榜首,是假日恋爱的最佳胜地,完胜列位第二的“恋爱都市”巴黎,纽约则排行第三New YorkUsing a feature called Passport, which subscribers pay , the phone application allows tourists to meet and match with users in other cities.通过付费激活使用“护照”功能后,这款应用将自动匹配旅客和其他城市的用户This function makes setting up dates with residents bee you reach your next vacation a lot easier.这一功能使得你在下个假日到来前即可安排好与当地居民的约会,极其便利This mode, which launched last year, allows eager travellers to 'pin drop' their location at anywhere in the world.这一模式于去年推出,它使得旅游狂热者能够在世界各地“签到”Once you've dropped your pin your feed will be automatically filled with locals from that area.你一点下签到键,屏幕上就会自动冒出许多当地人的签到印迹By measuring the top destinations the Passport feature to be used around the world, Tinder calculated the list.Tinder应用通过世界各地都在使用的护照(Passport)功能统计出几大最佳目的地,由此列出这一排行榜单The other popular cities Passport users on Tinder include Berlin, Moscow, Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Melbourne L.A., Auckland and Dublin.在Tinder上广受“护照”用户喜爱的城市还有:柏林、莫斯科、斯德哥尔、里约热内卢、悉尼、巴塞罗那、布宜诺斯艾利斯、墨尔本、洛杉矶、奥克兰和都柏林Though they say all roads lead to Rome, the Italian city came in th, which was last place.尽管人们说条条大路通罗马,但是意大利的城市却在排行榜上垫了底While the passport service could be used to initiate dates in advance, it is also being used as a travel guide with Tinder swipers taking advantage of the chance to pick up tips from the residents and to find out about local neighbourhoods.“护照”功能不仅仅可用于提前安排约会碰面,也可充当旅游指南,Tinder用户可利用与当地居民交流的机会获取旅游攻略,从而发现当地独特风情之地Certain destinations have seen spikes in activity. instance, as the Olympics near, Rio de Janeiro has seen an increase in traffic by percent.榜单上的某些地区已迎来旅游高峰如里约热内卢,随着奥运会临近,里约的交通量已上涨了%Areas with smaller permanent populations also see their users rise during holiday season, like Toronto, which has increased percent and Bali, which has grown by 60 percent.在假期间,一些常住人口较少地区的用户也见涨比如多伦多用户已上涨了%,巴厘岛也上涨了60%The Passport service is an additional paid- add-on and is used by more than 1million Tinder Plus subscribers.“护照”功能是Tinder所附加的付费使用功能,目前已有超过0万的Tinder Plus升级版用户使用Vocabularysteamy: 色情的英文来源:每日邮报翻译:章琳(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮。

大学生被捅死,只因在宿舍唱歌 --18 :9:6 来源: 昆明大学两名学生因在宿舍唱歌问题发生口角,继而引发了打斗,后来一名学生不幸被捅死 A student at a university in China has died in a horrific stabbing by his dorm roommate.中国一名大学生被他的舍友捅死了,现场可怕至极Kunming University in south-west China’s Yunnan province has confirmed that one of their students died on June , reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,日前经云南省昆明大学实,该校一名学生在6月日死亡Police announced that the fight broke out after the victim had started singing and hit the suspect with a chair.据警方表示,死者起先在唱歌,然后用一把椅子打了犯罪嫌疑人,后来两人便发生了打斗The victim has been named locally as Peng Moumou, an 18-year-old freshman student at the university.受害人彭某某,18岁,是该校大一新生He reportedly shared a room with the suspect and students claim that the pair did not get on.据报道,他之前和犯罪嫌疑人住在同一间宿舍里,有学生说他们两人相处得不好China News spoke to Kunming police who said that Peng started singing which caused the pair to start arguing.中国新闻网采访了昆明警方,据称当时彭某某在宿舍唱歌,从而导致两人发生了争吵The situation soon escalated as Peng grabbed a chair and hit the suspect with it. The suspect then pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed Peng.事态迅速升级,当时彭某某抓起一把椅子,并用这把椅子打了犯罪嫌疑人据报道,后来嫌疑人拔出了一把刀,并且捅了彭某某The victim was taken to hospital where he later died from his injuries.受害人被送往医院,但由于伤势太重,随后便死亡了The suspect is currently under criminal detention.犯罪嫌疑人目前正被刑事拘留Whats on Weibo reported that the dorms at the university are usually shared between four or eight people.据微上的报道称,该校的宿舍一般都是人间或8人间In recent years there have been a spate of attacks in university dorm rooms.近年来,中国大学宿舍里发生了许多袭击事件In March this year, a student from Sichuan University was killed and beheaded in his dormitory by his roommate.今年三月份,四川大学一名学生被他的舍友在宿舍里斩首杀害And in , a student was stabbed to death by his dorm roommate at Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University after an argument.年,南京航空航天大学一名学生因为争吵被他的舍友捅死Many people on China’s social media site Weibo have been commenting on the case and have been sharing their own opinions on violence in dorm rooms.许多人都在微上发表了他们对于这起事件的,并且提出了他们自己关于宿舍暴力事件的意见One user wrote: ’Thankfully my roommate does not have the grace to kill.’一名用户写道:“感谢室友不杀之恩”While another commented: ’Has there not been a follow up after the Sichuan murder?’另一人写道:“川大那件事没有后续跟进吗?”And one user said: ’A single bedroom can solve so many problems.’一名用户说道:“单人间可以解决很多问题”。

现实版睡美人:嗜睡症?英女子每天睡小时 -- :51: 来源:   Teenagers are known their ability to sleep hours on end.  人在青少年时期总能一连睡上好几个小时  But one young woman suffering from a rare condition gets up to hours of shut-eye a night.  但是英国一年轻女子太能睡了,她每天要睡个小时  Beth Goodier, , suffers from Kleine-Levin Syndrome, also known as 'Sleeping Beauty' syndrome.  这名年轻女子名叫贝丝·古迪尔,今年岁,她患有克莱恩-莱文综合症,即俗称的睡美人症  The neurological condition - which began when she was - means she sleeps, on average, 18 hours a night.  贝丝在岁患上此病的,那时候开始她平均每晚要睡18个小时  When an episode strikes, typically every five weeks, she can sleep anything between one and three weeks - and requires hour care.  睡美人症通常每隔5周发病一次在发病期间的1到3周时间里,古迪尔随时可能睡着,需有人小时看护  Even when she wakes, she can be in a child-like state, confused and not able to tell the difference between reality and dreams.  发病期间,即使醒着的时候贝丝也处于一种类似孩童的状态,迷迷糊糊的,分不清现实与梦境的差别  It's thought only around 1,000 people worldwide suffer from the disorder, 70 per cent of them male.  据统计,目前全球约有00人患有克莱恩-莱文综合症,其中70%为男性患者  It is not clear what causes it and there is no cure.  目前并不清楚该症的成因,也没有有效的治疗方法  Miss Goodier, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, appeared on B Breakfast this morning to discuss her situation, which triggers episodes every five weeks.  贝丝,来自英国大曼彻斯特斯托克波特,1日早晨来到B早间新闻,向大家讲述了她的病情  Discussing her frustration at the situation, she said: 'I spend half of my life in bed. The onset most people is adolescence, when you are at college, university, getting a job, finding out who you are.  谈到该病所带来的困扰时,贝丝说:“我一生中有一半时间都花在睡觉上,而大多数同龄人都在上大学、找工作、思考探索‘我是谁’的问题”  Mrs Goodier, who has been ced to give up work to care her daughter, explained the family tries to make the most of the time between the episodes.   贝丝的妈妈古迪尔女士不得不辞去工作在家专门照顾女儿,她说全家都希望能好好利用贝丝不发病的时间   Kleine-Levin Syndrome has had a devastating effect on Miss Goodier's life, stopping her from moving out of home or attending university, the B website reports.   克莱恩-莱文综合症严重影响了贝丝的生活,使她无法迈出家门、无法上大学   Because the condition causes her to often be in a child-like state when awake, she must be supervised by her mother.   发病期间,因为醒着的时候会处于类似小孩的状态,所以贝丝需时刻被母亲看护着   During such an episode a sufferer may be irritable, childish, disorientated and want to eat excessive amounts of food.   且在这种状态下,患者会表现的易怒、幼稚、无判断力,并有暴食的倾向   The disease tends to strike at a key time of life - during adolescence - and sometimes begins after an infection or illness.   克莱恩-莱文综合症常会在人生的关键时期---青少年期间发病,有时会在患某种疾病之后患上此病   Episodes can come on very quickly and last between a few days to a few weeks.   该病症发病速度很快快,且发病一次会持续数日到数周   There is no known cure the sleeping disorder, and the main treatment is watchful waiting at home by loved ones.   目前克莱恩-莱文综合症还没有有效的治疗方法,病人只能呆在家里,主要依靠家人看护   Miss Goodier added: 'I want to be able to do something productive in the time when I'm well.I want to productive society.'   贝丝表示:“我希望在我不发病的时候能够多做些有意义的事情我希望自己能对社会有用”   However she hopes by talking about her illness, she can raise awareness. 'There are Facebook groups, which have really helped. '   但同时贝丝也希望通过在节目上讨论病情能够引起大家的关注“在Facebook上创建讨论组,这有很大帮助”。