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台湾旅游景点垦丁公园英文介绍 -- 1:3:8 来源: 台湾旅游景点垦丁公园英文介绍 Kenting National Park垦丁公园 Founded on January 1st, 198 and located on the Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung County, the park is also the southernmost park and the only tropical one in all of Taiwan. It covers an area of 333 square kilometers, including 181 square kilometers of land and square kilometers of sea. Featuring scenic mountains, tropical est, breathtaking beaches and coral reefs, the park attracts thousands of travelers both from home and abroad every season.Admission: NT英语世界最古老的大学牛津大学英文介绍 --9 19:: 来源: 英语世界最古老的大学牛津大学英文介绍牛津大学是一所独一无二的具有历史意义的学府作为英语世界最古老的大学,牛津大学已存世8个世纪Oxd is a unique and historic institution. As the oldest English-speaking university in the world, it lays claim to eight centuries of continuous existence. There is no clear date of foundation, but teaching existed at Oxd in some m in and developed rapidly from 67, when Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris. In 88, the historian, Gerald of Wales, gave a public ing to the assembled Oxd dons and in 90 the arrival of Emo of Friesland, the first known overseas student, initiated the University's tradition of international scholarship. By 01, the University was headed by a magister scolarum Oxonie, on whom the title of Chancellor was conferred in , and in 31 the masters were recognized as a uniuersitas or corporation.  In the th century, rioting between town and gown (students and townspeople) hastened the establishment of primitive halls of residence. These were succeeded by the first of xd's colleges or endowed houses whose architectural splendour, together with the University's libraries and museums, give the city its unique character. University, Balliol and Merton Colleges, established between 9 and 6, were the oldest.  Less than a century later, Oxd had achieved eminence above every other seat of learning, and won the praises of popes, kings and sages by virtue of its antiquity, curriculum, doctrine and privileges. In 55, Edward III paid tribute to the University its invaluable contribution to learning; he also commented on the services rendered to the state by distinguished Oxd graduates.  Oxd early on became a centre lively controversy, with scholars involved in religious and political disputes. John Wyclif, a th-century Master of Balliol, campaigned a bible in the vernacular, against the wishes of the papacy. In 30, Henry VIII ced the University to accept his divorce from Catherine of Aragon. During the Remation in the th century, the Anglican churchmen Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley were tried heresy and burnt at the stake in Oxd. The University was Royalist in the Civil War, and Charles I held a counter-Parliament in Convocation House.  In the late th century, the Oxd philosopher John Locke, suspected of treason, was ced to flee the country. The 18th century, when Oxd was said to have saken port politics, was also an era of scientific discovery and religious revival. Edmund Halley, Professor of Geometry, predicted the return of the comet that bears his name; John and Charles Wesley's prayer meetings laid the foundations of the Methodist Society.  The University assumed a leading role in the Victorian era. The Oxd Movement, led by John Henry Newman, broke from the Anglican Church in the 180s. Twenty years later, the new University Museum was the site of a famous debate between Thomas Huxley, the champion of evolution, and Bishop Wilberce.  From 1878, academic halls were established women, who became members of the University in 19. Since 197, all but one of Oxd's 39 colleges have changed their statutes to admit both men and women. St Hilda's remains the only women's college.  In the years since the war, Oxd has added to its humanistic core a major new research capacity in the natural and applied sciences, including medicine. In so doing, it has enhanced and strengthened its traditional role as a focus learning and a um intellectual debate.  Students  The University of Oxd's total student population numbers just over ,0 (students in residence, 1998-9). Almost a quarter of these students are from overseas, including the countries of the European union .  More than 0 nationalities are represented among our student body. Almost 5,000 students are engaged in postgraduate work. Of these, around 3,000 are working in the arts and humanities.  Staff  Oxd's current academic commy includes 76 Fellows of the Royal Society and 1 Fellows of the British Academy. A further 97 Emeritus and Honorary College Fellows are also Fellows of the British Academy, and Emeritus and Honorary College Fellows are Fellows of the Royal Society. 牛津大学英文介绍 (3 yuan) adults; NT ( yuan) studentsBest time to visit: all year round 垦丁公园通过海关 Going Through Customs-- ::59 OFFICER: May I see your passport please?CHARLES: Here is my passport. And this is the declaration m.OFFICER: What is the purpose of your visit to the ed States?CHARLES: Business. I have a trade convention I'm attending in Chicago.OFFICER: This visa is good two weeks. Do you intend to stay longer than that?CHARLES: No. I will fly back twelve days from now.OFFICER: And you will do some traveling while you are here?CHARLES: Yes, I want to spend a couple days in New York. I have friends there I will visit.OFFICER: What do you have in the bag, Mr. Lee?CHARLES: Just my cameras, my clothes, and some books.OFFICER: You're not carrying any food with you today?CHARLES: No.OFFICER: Okay, Mr. Lee. This is just a routine check.Would you mind opening the bag me?CHARLES: Alright.OFFICER: Hmm. You have three cameras. Are you a photographer?CHARLES: No, my company makes cameras.Well, I'm also a photographer, but two of these are our display.OFFICER: I see. And what's in this bag?CHARLES: Egg tarts.OFFICER: I thought you said you didn't have any food with you today.CHARLES: I thought you meant vegetables and meat when you asked me. Things like that.I don't have any vegetables.OFFICER: I'm sorry, Mr. Lee. Egg tarts are food too. We will have to confiscate these.CHARLES: Confiscate?OFFICER: Yes, we will have to dispose of them.CHARLES: It's too bad. They are very delicious.OFFICER: I know. One out of every three travelers from Taiwan seems to be carrying them.They are being smuggled in by the thousands.CHARLES: Oh, well. Not by me.OFFICER: No, not today at least. Enjoy your visit to the ed States, Mr. Lee.CHARLES: Thank you.海关人员:我可以看一下你的护照吗?查尔斯:这是我的护照,这是入境申请表海关人员:你到美国的目的是什么?查尔斯:商务,我要到芝加哥去开商务会议海关人员:你的签期限是两个星期,你打算待更久吗?查尔斯:不会,我十二天之后就要回去了海关人员:这段期间你会去旅行吗?查尔斯:是的,我想去纽约几天,我在那儿有朋友,要去拜访海关人员:李先生,你的袋子里有些什么?查尔斯:只是一些照相机、衣和书籍海关人员:你没有携带任何食物吧?查尔斯:没有海关人员:好的,李先生,这是例行检查,请你把袋子打开让我看看好吗?查尔斯:好的海关人员:嗯……有三台照相机,你是摄影师吗?查尔斯:不是,我们公司是生产照相机的我自己也是摄影师,但是有两台是展示用的海关人员:我明白了,那这个袋子里面装什么?查尔斯:蛋挞海关人员:我以为你没有带任何食物查尔斯:我以为你是指蔬菜和肉品之类的食物我并没有带蔬菜海关人员:李先生,对不起,蛋挞也算是食物,我们必须充公查尔斯:充公?海关人员:是的,我们将会处理掉查尔斯:太可惜了,蛋挞非常好吃海关人员:我知道台湾来的旅客,三个就有一个会带蛋挞成千的人就成走私了查尔斯:我没有海关人员:至少今天没有,祝您旅途愉快,李先生查尔斯:谢谢My good habits   -- :: 来源: My good habits     In the morning. First, I get up. Next, I brush my teeth. then, I wash my face. After that, I have breakfast. At last, I go to school.     In the evening. First, I finish my homework. Next, I have dinner. then, I pack my schoolbag. After that, hang up my clothes. At last, I go to bed.     How about you?

My Cousin 我的表弟 -- :5:5 来源: My Cousin 我的表弟  I have a lovely cousin. His name is Bai Yun. He is seven years old. He has a round face, a small nose and two big eyes. His eyes look like grapes, and his hair is short and black.  He likes playing games and ing books. And he likes listening to stories best. He often plays with me and asks me to tell him stories. We all love him.  我有一个可爱的表弟,他叫白云,七岁了他长了一张圆圆的脸,一个小鼻子和两只大眼睛他的眼睛看起来像葡萄,他的头发又短又黑  他喜欢玩游戏和读书,他最喜欢听故事他经常和我玩,并要我给他讲故事我们都爱他

包公祠英文导游词 --30 :19: 来源: 包公祠英文导游词包公祠位于市中心的包河公园,为纪念北宋有名的清官包拯首建于公元年  Lord Bao Memorial Temple is located in Baohe Park just southwest of the city center. It was initially built in in memory of Baozheng, a famous upright officer during the Northern Song Dynasty (960 - ).   Lord Bao Memorial Temple is a typical ancient architectural complex with style imitating that of the Song Dynasty. Covering an area of one hectare, it mainly consists of Entrance Gate, the Second Gate, the Stele Pavilion, the Main Hall, the Second Hall and the east and west exhibition rooms.   In the main hall, a bronze statue of Lord Bao, which is three meters in height and .5 tons in weight, is displayed. With his hat and waist   band on, Baozheng sits upright. One of his hands placed on the chair with the other clenched.In the second hall, the historical materials and classic books about Lord Bao, the poems made by Lord Bao, monument inscription, and "Kaifeng Residence and Office monument inscription" are exhibited.   The eastern and western halls, using some pictures and essays, show visitors many stories and tales about Lord Bao.   Admission Fee:   Opening Hours:8:00 - 18:00   Recommended 英文导游词


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