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Two years ago, a group of Moscow restaurateurs made what on paper looked like a sound business decision. They chose a trendy location — Moscow’s Gorky Park, an oasis for hipsters — and opened a gleaming new restaurant called Oyster Bar, which planned to purvey molluscs and other imported delicacies to the city’s cosmopolitan elite.两年前,一群莫斯科餐馆老板做出了一个理论上貌似不错的商业决定。他们选择了一处时尚之地——潮人聚集的莫斯科高尔基公园(Gorky Park),开办了一家名为“牡蛎酒吧”(Oyster Bar)的全新餐厅,准备为莫斯科的国际化精英群体提供牡蛎和其他进口美食。One year later, in the wake of western sanctions, Vladimir Putin announced Russia would ban an array of American and European food products, including cheese, beef and seafood. Oyster Bar tried to rebrand — boldly renaming itself No Oyster Bar and relying on a of local ingredients — but the gamble didn’t pay off. The restaurant closed a few months later.一年后,随着西方国家的制裁,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)宣布禁止进口来自美国和欧洲的大多数食品,包括奶酪、牛肉和海鲜。牡蛎酒吧试图改头换面——大胆地更名为“无牡蛎酒吧”(No Oyster Bar),并依靠本地食材提供餐品——但这次押注并未奏效。餐厅在几个月后关张。The fate of Oyster Bar seems to fit a familiar narrative. Threatened by increasing western influence in Ukraine and the rise of Nato, Putin is hitting back against the west both in Ukraine and through a culture war at home, where a propaganda campaign has made Moscow’s pro-western, oyster-eating minority the enemy.对于牡蛎酒吧的命运,我们似曾相识。由于受到西方在乌克兰影响力日增以及北约(NATO)扩大的威胁,普京既在乌克兰也通过国内文化战对西方进行回击。在俄罗斯,一场宣传战已将莫斯科亲西方的、喜欢吃牡蛎的少数派变成了敌人。It is an allegory straight out of Tolstoy’s playbook. InAnna Karenina, the corpulent, adulterous, French-speaking Oblonsky orders a meal of Flensburg oysters, Parmesan and Chablis. His friend, the proletarian hero Levin, prefers cabbage soup and porridge.这是托尔斯泰(Tolstoy)剧本中常有的一幕。在《安娜愠列尼娜》(Anna Karenina)中,臃肿、荒淫、操着法语的奥勃朗斯基(Oblonsky)要了一桌包括弗伦斯堡牡蛎、帕尔马干酪和夏布利酒的大餐。而他的朋友、无产阶级英雄列文(Levin)更喜欢卷心菜汤和粥。On the Oblonsky-Levin scale, I probably lean more to the former. Returning to Russia from abroad, I’ve been known to stick copious amounts of jamón, Brie and Parmesan in my handbag. Yet during the ban I’ve found myself eating things such as scallops from Murmansk and crab from Magadan — and licking my fingers after every bite.如果将奥勃朗斯基与列文放在天平的两端,我可能更倾向于前者。很多人知道,我从国外回到俄罗斯时,手提包里总是塞满了伊比利亚火腿、布里干酪和帕尔马干酪。然而,在禁令期间,我发现自己吃东西——如来自尔曼斯克(Murmansk)的扇贝和来自马加丹(Magadan)的螃蟹——时,每咬一口都要吮吸自己的手指。Alexander Yezhel, an expert in the Russian mollusc industry, is inclined to agree with me. A former colonel for Russia’s security services with piercing blue eyes and a permatan, Yezhel reinvented himself upon retirement as a small-business owner. His trade: oysters.俄罗斯牡蛎行业专家亚历山大叶热列(Alexander Yezhel)倾向于同意我的观点。这位有着一双锐利的蓝色眼睛的俄罗斯情报部门前上校,在退休后当起了做牡蛎贸易的小企业主。Yezhel says Oyster Bar didn’t survive because its owners were “dilettantes”. For stalwarts, such as his own company Zhemchuzhina (Pearl), switching to local molluscs from Russia’s Far East and Black Sea regions has been good for the bottom line. Because the domestic oysters are cheaper, he can sell them at a higher mark-up than the French ones he used to import, a business strategy that has led to a 50 per cent increase in Zhemchuzhina’s profits, he says.叶热列说,牡蛎酒吧之所以倒闭,因为其所有者“不专业”。对于内行的公司,比如他自己的Zhemchuzhina(意思为珍珠),转而销售来自俄罗斯远东和黑海地区的本土牡蛎带来了不俗的业绩。他说,因为本土牡蛎更便宜,较之过去进口的法国牡蛎可以赚取更高的差价,这一商业策略已经使公司利润增加了50%。This is the Kremlin’s dream scenario and illustrates the two-pronged goal of the food ban: to boost patriotism and give Russians a chance to thumb their noses at the west, while also giving a fillip to Russia’s agricultural industry, which has lagged behind since the fall of the Soviet Union.这是克里姆林宫梦想的一幕,而且展示了食品禁令的双重目标:提振国民的爱国主义,给俄罗斯人一个蔑视西方的机会,同时也可以刺激一下自苏联解体以来一直处于落后状态的俄罗斯农业。The stimulus the ban provides is great in theory. But it does little to solve the industry’s longstanding problems: primarily, poor logistics and a lack of incentive to modernise and make the industry more competitive. While Yezhel’s oyster business may be booming, it is still dependent on the entrepreneur’s warehouse of aquariums in the Moscow suburbs. So fragmented is Russia’s national logistics system that it is quicker and easier for a shipment of oysters to travel from the country’s Far East to central Russia via Moscow than it would be to make the journey between the two destinations directly.进口禁令带来的激励在理论上是巨大的。但对于解决该行业长期存在的问题基本上没有帮助:主要是糟糕的物流,以及缺乏现代化、提高俄罗斯农产品行业竞争力的激励机制。虽然叶热列的牡蛎生意或许很红火,但它仍依赖于这名企业家设在莫斯科郊区的水族仓库。俄罗斯的全国物流体系如此割裂,以至于一批牡蛎从远东地区经由莫斯科到达俄罗斯中部,要比直接在这两个地区之间运输更快速、更便捷。The ban isn’t making Russian food products more competitive but creating an artificial lack of supply and driving up food prices in the process.进口禁令并未让俄罗斯的食品更具竞争力,却人为制造了供应不足,在此过程中推高了食品价格。Annual food inflation has risen to 20 per cent in Russia since the ban. Yet few in Russia seem to either make the connection between the two or to mind. In a poll conducted this month by Levada Centre, Russia’s most respected polling agency, two in three respondents said they viewed the ban positively.自实施禁令以来,俄罗斯年度食品通胀率已上升至20%。然而,在俄罗斯,似乎很少有人将两者联系起来,或者在意这一点。俄罗斯最受尊敬的民调机构列瓦达中心(Levada Centre)本月做的一项民调中,三分之二的受访者表示,他们持这一禁令。 Authorities risk alienating a larger swathe of the population with its newest decree, which declares that any sanctioned European or American food products that have found their way into Russia must be destroyed on the spot.俄罗斯当局最近冒着惹恼更多俄罗斯民众的风险颁布了最新法令:任何禁运的欧洲或美国食品,一经发现进入俄罗斯,必须当场销毁。Since the ban took effect on August 6, Russian state television has shown blanket coverage of the staged destructions, which at times appear like a parody of Russian bureaucracy. In one , a dour Russian official gravely s out the death decree for three frozen Hungarian geese found in a Tatarstan food shop. With half-a-dozen witnesses watching, the geese are then carefully arranged on the ground and run over multiple times by a bulldozer.自该法令8月6日生效以来,俄罗斯国家电视台对销毁禁运食品进行了铺天盖地的报道,有时看起来像是在“高级黑”俄罗斯的官僚主义。在一段视频中,一名脸色阴沉的俄罗斯官员严肃地宣读着对在一家鞑靼斯坦人开的食杂店发现的3只匈牙利冷冻鹅的销毁令。在6名见者的注视下,这些鹅随后被煞有介事地排列在地上,然后用推土机反复碾压。In a country that lived through the Leningrad blockade and b lines, the destruction decree has not been as widely popular as the ban. Nearly half of Russians polled by Levada said they viewed the new measure somewhat or very negatively, arguing that the food should be donated to the needy instead.在一个经历过列宁格勒(Leningrad)大围困和购买面包都要排队的国家,销毁令并没有像进口禁令那样得到广泛持。勒瓦达中心调查的俄罗斯人中,将近一半受访者称,他们对新措施持有一定程度或者非常负面的看法,认为应该把这些食品分发给穷人,而非销毁。One friend said her 95-year-old grandmother had watched the broadcast of the destruction, convinced that the authorities were only destroying food that was rotten or dangerous, so difficult was it to believe that they would raze it for another reason.一位朋友说,自己95岁的祖母看了销毁食品的电视转播,但她相信当局只是在销毁腐烂或危险的食品,很难相信会因为其他理由将食品全部销毁。The new decree may not be working entirely. On a recent evening at a Mediterranean restaurant in Moscow, my waiter cheekily confided that the halloumi on my plate had come from Greece, one of the sanctioned countries. Banning Brie and bulldozing geese is an easy matter on paper. Getting rid of the systemic problems — well, that’s another matter.新法令可能也无法彻底实施。最近一天晚上,我到莫斯科一家地中海风味餐厅用餐,务生嬉皮笑脸地对我吐露,我盘中的哈罗米芝士来自希腊——禁运国家之一。禁运布里干酪、碾压冷冻鹅在理论上都很简单。而摆脱系统性问题——嗯,那是另一回事了。 /201509/397108

Online bus ticket booking网购客车票Twenty-seven provinces in China will first offer online bus ticket booking by the end of this year, when their inter-provincial online bus ticket booking system largely completes, according to the Ministry of Transport.据交通运输部消息,今年年底前,首批27个省份的省域道路客运联网售票系统主体工程将完成建设,这些省份将由此率先实现区域内联网售票工作。And by the end of next year, the national online ticket booking system for road transport will be put into operation, which will be a parallel bus ticket booking website with the train ticket booking website 12306.cn.明年年底前,全国道路客运联网售票系统整体投入运营,这也将成为与;12306;火车订票网并驾的客运订票网站。The ministry will explore a way to implement real-name bus ticket booking in future.未来,交通部将探索实现长途客运购票实名制。 /201506/379937



  Estée Lauder realized years ago that there is more to China than Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and made sure to build a presence in smaller (though still big) cities in the world’s fastest growing luxury market. The beauty products company has a bricks-and-mortar presence in 90 cities in China now, something CEO Fabrizio Freda told Fortune in an interview will give it an edge over rivals and sustain its growth even as China as a whole is maturing as a market for high-end beauty products.数年前,雅诗兰黛(Estée Lauder)就先知先觉地意识到,在中国这个全球发展速度最快的高档化妆品市场,北京、上海和香港等一线城市并不是全部,其他较小规模(与其他国家城市相比依然很大)的城市还有很大的开拓空间,因此该公司坚持将业务推进到二三线城市。在接受《财富》的采访时,弗雷达指出:目前,公司已在中国90多个城市铺设实体门店,随着中国整体发展成为高档化妆品的成熟市场,这将使得公司在业内具有竞争优势,并将维持增长势头。Still, the company, famous for brands ranging from M.A.C. to Lauder to La Mer, lowered its annual profit forecast on Tuesday and warned investors of slowing trends in China caused by a bunch of factors, such as a crackdown on corruption that has curbed gift giving, turmoil in Hong Kong and a drop in travel by the Chinese. Earlier this week, rival beauty company L’Oréal reported that global sales in its luxury unit rose 4.9% last quarter, slower than the 7.5% pace a quarter earlier, raising concerns that the China juggernaut is losing some steam.然而,作为拥有M.A.C、雅诗兰黛(Lauder)和海蓝之谜(La Mer)等多个著名品牌的行业巨头,该公司在周二发布的全年盈利预测中对投资者发出警示:由于中国政府大力反腐导致礼品消费减少、香港的乱局以及中国的旅游人数减少等一系列因素,中国市场的增速趋缓。本周初,竞争对手欧莱雅(L’Oréal )公布,其高档化妆品业务上一季度的全球销售额上升4.9%,相比第二季度的7.5%大幅下降,由此引发了对中国这一重大市场需求下降的担忧。Freda told Fortune why he thinks China, and Russia, which is facing its own issues, will long be important growth markets for Estée Lauder.弗雷达向《财富》讲述了,为什么他认为虽然中国和俄罗斯市场目前出现一些问题,但从长期来看仍然是雅诗兰黛销售增长举足轻重的市场。What is behind the slowdown in China sales?中国市场销售放缓的原因何在?“China is slowing down as a luxury market but is still growing very solidly as a luxury cosmetics market, I would like to clarify. The reason (China) growth has slowed down is first, because the affluent group of consumers in the high end and middle class has reached a certain level of saturation (in the biggest cities).”“我要澄清的是,虽然中国市场的奢侈品销售趋缓,但高档化妆品市场仍在持续增长。(中国)市场销售放缓,原因之一是(一线大城市)精英和中产阶层的富裕消费者已达到一定的饱和状态。”“So the growth now comes mainly from the new consumers, while growth in consumption by the affluent consumer has normalized.”“因此,销售增长主要来自于新增消费者,富裕消费者的消费增长已经趋于常态化。”What has been the impact of some of the Chinese government’s actions on luxury and the events in Hong Kong?中国政府针对奢侈品的举措,以及香港的占中事件,对公司业务有哪些的影响?“This anti-corruption campaign in the last 12-18 months has reduced the amount of gifting in China of luxury goods, including to a lesser extent, prestige cosmetics. So the consumption for personal use remains very solid, but the gifting habit has decreased.”“过去12-18个月的反腐运动已经令中国奢侈品的礼品数量减少,而其中高档化妆品受到的影响相对较小。也就是说,个人消费仍然相当稳健,但是用于赠礼的奢侈品消费减少了。”“The political turmoil in Hong Kong has reduced the number of visas, particularly for short-term travel. The combination of this has reduced the number of Chinese traveling and, by extension, those exposed to luxury goods. Many of these people live in tertiary cities where luxury goods do not exist and can only buy them when they travel.”“香港占中事件导致了签数量的减少,尤其是短期旅行的签。结果令中国大陆的旅游人数减少,进而导致奢侈品的消费下降。很多生活在三线城市的消费者买不到奢侈品,只能在旅行时购买。”Estée Lauder was one of the first Western brands to branch out in China beyond the five or so biggest cities and is now in 90 cities there—what impact is that having on your China growth?雅诗兰黛是首批在这五个一线城市开设分店的西方品牌,目前在90个城市已设有销售点—— 这对你们在中国的业务增长有何影响?“This was a very important move. When you go deep into populations and you go into cities which are very big but much less international and less exposed to the rest of the world, you become more local.” [Some 70% of the company#39;s online sales in China are from cities where this is no distribution yet, something Freda said bodes well for its expansion.]“这是非常重要的举措。当我们深入接触中国的广大消费者,深入一些比较大的,但国际化程度没那么高、和外界接触比较少的城市时,才离本地化更进一步。”[公司在中国70%的线上销售来自于还没有经销店的城市,弗雷达预见这一业务的前景非常理想。]“I still believe that the luxury cosmetics market in China will remain in the long term one of the most vibrant and interesting opportunities in our industry.”“我仍然相信,长期来看,中国的奢侈化妆品市场依然是业内最具活力的市场,存在大量的机会。”You warned of the impact of sanctions on the Russian market—what are your prospects there?您对俄罗斯市场遭受制裁提出警告—— 您怎么看俄罗斯的前景?“Russia is obviously a volatile market. But we are doing very well there because we have a diversified portfolio of products there and of retail partners.”“俄罗斯的确是一个比较动荡的市场。但是我们在俄罗斯的业务非常好,因为我们的产品和零售合作伙伴都是多元化的。”“Russia is softening because the economy is softening. But in the long-term, I still believe Russia will be a superlative market because women there are enthusiastic beauty consumers.”“俄罗斯的业务正随其经济增长放缓而趋缓。但长期来看,我仍然看好俄罗斯的奢侈品市场,因为俄罗斯的女性非常热衷于购买化妆品。” /201411/341217

  Thousands of workers have downed tools at the shoemaking factory that last year suffered one of the biggest strikes in China’s modern history, as labour relations grow increasingly fractious amid the slowing economy.去年曾爆发中国现代史上最大规模罢工的鞋厂的数千名工人再次放下了生产工具。随着经济发展放缓,中国的劳资关系正变得越来越紧张。Millions of migrant women — and men — provided the muscle behind China’s export-driven economic rise. But protests are rising as the balance of power slowly shifts from employers to workers because of demographic and technological trends.数以百万计的男女农民工曾经充当中国出口导向型经济增长背后的“肌肉”。但由于人口结构和技术上的发展趋势,力量平衡慢慢地由雇主向工人倾斜,抗议活动正在增加。Workers and labour rights groups said at least 3,000 went on strike at Yue Yuen Industrial, a Taiwanese shoe manufacturer for the likes of Nike and Adidas, after management announced plans to merge two production operations.工人和劳工权益组织表示,在为耐克(Nike)和阿迪达斯(Adidas)等品牌代工的台资制鞋企业裕元工业(Yue Yuen Industrial),至少有3000名工人发起罢工。此前,管理层宣布了合并两块生产业务的计划。Last year tens of thousands of workers at Yue Yuen’s facilities in Dongguan, a manufacturing centre in southern Guangdong province, took to the streets after alleging their employer had not been making pension payments. The industrial action ended after Yue Yuen agreed to make back payments.去年,裕元位于广东省制造业重镇东莞的工厂有数万工人走上街头,这些工人声称,厂方未能足额缴付社保。这场劳工行动在裕元同意补缴社保费后结束。“With the transformation of manufacturing, a lot of problems affecting workers’ social security and other benefits have accumulated,” said Pang Kun, a labour lawyer. “There will be more strikes such as this.”“随着制造业逐渐转型,有很多影响工人社保和其他福利的问题日积月累,”劳工律师庞坤表示,“像这样的罢工还会发生。”In a notice obtained by China Labor Watch, a New York-based group, Yue Yuen said the merger of the two plants would affect only clerical and logistics staff, and not assembly-line personnel.总部位于纽约的“中国劳工观察”(China Labor Watch)获得的一份通知显示,裕元表示,两家工厂的合并将只影响文秘和后勤人员,不会影响组装线上的工人。The workers, however, fear it could be a prelude to lay-offs if the company relocates operations to cheaper locations in China or to other countries in Asia.但工人们担心,这可能是裁员的一个前奏——如果公司把业务迁往中国或亚洲其他国家劳动力成本更低的地方。They demanded the immediate release of money they have accrued under a “housing fund” — allowances required under Chinese law, which can range from 5 per cent to 20 per cent of workers’ monthly incomes.他们要求立即发放他们积累的“住房公积金”,这是中国法律规定由雇主及其在职职工缴存的长期住房储金,雇主缴纳的金额相当于工人月收入的5%至20%。Dongguan recently moved to restrict the circumstances under which workers may draw down their housing funds, sparking a strike at another factory in the area last week.最近东莞出台新政策,对工人能够提取住房公积金的情况作出了限制,此举上周在当地另一家工厂引发罢工。“We are at the factory today but nobody is doing any work,” said one Yue Yuen employee, who asked not to be identified. “Our main request is to be able to withdraw our housing fund freely. If the merger goes ahead, then we also want severance.”“我们今天在厂里上班,但没有人干活。”一位要求匿名的裕元雇员表示,“我们的主要诉求是能够自由提取我们的住房公积金。如果合并变成现实,那么我们还想拿到遣散费。”Jerry Shum, head of investor relations for Yue Yuen, said the strike involved less than 5 per cent of the company’s China workforce and would not have a material impact on its operations.裕元的投资者关系总监岑立(Jerry Shum)表示,此次罢工涉及该公司不到5%的中国员工,不会对公司经营产生实质性影响。Late last year, similar concerns sparked a wave of school strikes in northeastern Heilongjiang province involving as many as 20,000 teachers.去年晚些时候,类似的担忧在中国东北的黑龙江省引发了一连串教师罢工,涉及多达两万名教师。Additional reporting by Wan Li万丽补充报道 /201503/365378

  Are you saving too much for retirement? Can you believe I#39;m even asking that question?你的养老金是不是存得太多了?或者你认为这个问题本身就很无厘头?Full disclosure: The folks at Morningstar Investment Management, specifically head of retirement research David Blanchett, asked it first. He found that for many people the answer is yes -- by an average of 20%. That, as Blanchett acknowledges, is a big deal. ;Retirement is, by and large, the most expensive purchase of anyone#39;s lifetime,; he says. ;For people who think they need million but find they only need 0,000, it is a big difference.;而事实是这样的:晨星投资管理公司(Morningstar Investment Management)退休研究部主管大卫?布兰切特率先提出了这个问题,而且他发现, 20%左右的人对这个问题的回答是肯定的。布兰切特认为情况有些严重,他说:“养老储蓄金毫无疑问是大多数人人生最大的一笔投入。但想象和现实差距很大,人们以为自己需要存上100万美元来养老,实际上只要80万就够了。”So how do you figure out whether it applies to you? You have to take a step back and look at both the retirement saving goals you#39;ve set for yourself and your current spending.那么,这种情况是否也出现在你身上?大家最好还是重新审视一下自己的养老储蓄计划,以及目前的开销。There has long been a rule of thumb that says you should plan to replace 70% to 80% of your pre-retirement income (that is, your final annual salary before you retire) in retirement -- and that that number should be adjusted upward, with inflation, each year. In real life, data from the Survey of Consumer Finances shows, spending, and therefore the amount you#39;ll need, isn#39;t that linear.长期以来,根据概测法,人们应该存下退休前收入(即退休前的最终年收入)的70%到80%作为养老金。而且,算上通货膨胀的话,这个比例还应该逐年上调。但美国消费者金融调查报告(Survey of Consumer Finances)的数据显示,人们的实际开销并不会因为通胀的影响而上涨。People in their mid-40s to 50s spend the most. (As someone right in the middle of that range with one child in college and another starting in 18 months, I can totally see why that#39;s the case.) From there, spending starts to decline as -- typically -- the kids leave the nest, you downsize, retire the mortgage (although that#39;s getting less common), ditch the extra car, etc., etc., until medical needs drive expenses up again toward the end of life. Bottom line, the amount people need to replace varies from under 54% of pre-retirement income to over 87%.通常,四十五至五十岁的人群开销最大。(这个年龄段的人通常要负担一个上大学的孩子,同时抚养一个一两岁的小家伙。)但之后,开就逐渐减少了,尤其是等到孩子们都成年以后,父母们就会缩减开销,取消房贷抵押(尽管这种情况越来越少),处理掉多余的汽车。这种状态一直持续到晚年,直到医疗和交通方面的开销出现增长。根据年龄段的不同,人们退休后的年均最低花费在退休前收入中的占比从低于54%到超过87%不等。For average earners, whose pre-retirement income is roughly ,000, this is welcome news, says Michael Falcon, Head of Retirement at JP Morgan Asset Management. Their annual spending in retirement seems not to be escalating as previously thought from around ,000 at age 65 to nearly ,000 at age 90 (due to inflation); instead, it climbs only to around ,000. Social Security can cover a significant chunk of that.根大通资产管理公司(JP Morgan Asset Management)退休部的主管迈克尔?法尔孔说,这对于年收入约5.6万美元的中等收入人群是个鼓舞人心的消息:这部分人群退休后的年度开并没有像当初预料的那样,从65岁时所需的4.3万美元增长到90岁时的8万美元(受通胀影响),而是仅仅止步于5万美元左右。其中,社保资金弥补了相当大的缺口。But higher earners -- particularly those who earn more than the median income but below what the country considers wealthy -- should be cautious before taking their feet off the gas. Their spending actually declines in retirement -- but that still doesn#39;t mean they#39;ll have saved enough to cover it.但收入更高的人群,尤其是高于平均水平,但称不上富豪的那些人,在决定养老储蓄时不能掉以轻心。他们退休后的开当然会较之退休前减少,但这并不意味着他们的储蓄足以维持这些开。;Having to save more is an affluent problem,; Falcon says. And here#39;s why: ;If I make 0,000 to 0,000 a year, I#39;m probably spending a lower percentage of my gross income pre-retirement because of saving and taxes,; Falcon says. ;I may be spending only 50% of my gross salary.; Still, because of the higher take-home, Social Security will not replace the same percentage of pre-retirement income. And taxes -- including those on withdrawals from retirement accounts -- will take a bigger bite.法尔孔说:“多攒钱是‘富人’不得不面对的问题。”他的解释是:“如果我一年能挣20万到30万美元,那么在退休前,我的开销可能是收入中较小的一部分,因为我得存钱,还得交税。我大概只会花掉总收入的50%。”而由于扣除各种费用后的实际收入更高,社会保险所能承担的退休后开占退休前收入的比例也无法达到与较低收入人群相同的比例。而税款也是很大一笔开,包括从退休账户取款需要缴纳的税款。Of course it pays to figure out if indeed you#39;re over-saving. That would free you up to use the money in the present, whether you put it toward defraying student loan debt for your kids or enjoying yourselves. Blanchett recommends a personal touch. ;Nothing can substitute for spending five hours with a CFP,; he says. ;But the percent of the population that will do that ... is a definite minority.; For people who are not going to engage, utilizing the online tools and retirement calculators available is a step in the right direction.当然,确定自己是否过度储蓄是明智之举。这样的话,你就不会在当下急需开时瞻前顾后。比如,你可以把一部分储蓄用来替孩子还掉助学贷款,也可以把它用于休闲。布兰切特给出了一条私人建议:“和金融理财师交流5小时绝对有必要。遗憾的是,很少有人这么做。”如果你不想聘请理财师,利用网络工具和退休计算器也不失为明智的做法。And remember, one thing this paper shows is that this is not a one-and-done experience. Your spending is not static. Neither is your health, earning potential, or -- even further from your control -- the sequence of your investment returns. Even if you#39;ve set retirement goals and are working toward them, revisiting the process every couple of years will pay off. Not just in how you#39;re able to live in the long run, but in how you#39;re able to live today.另外,请记住,这篇文章要说明的道理之一是,制定退休储蓄计划不是一劳永逸的事。你的花销并不是一成不变,同样,你的健康状况、赚钱能力以及你的投资回报顺序也不是一成不变的,未来它们甚至会失去控制。即使你已设定了退休目标,而且正在为之奋斗,每隔几年重新评估一下也是相当重要的。这样做不仅有益于未来的生活,也有助于过好当前的生活。 /201401/273437

  (Reuters) - Ukraine#39;s protest leaders namedthe ministers they want to form a new government following the overthrow ofPresident Viktor Yanukovich, as an angry Russia put 150,000 troops on highalert in a show of strength.(路透社)——在推翻总统亚努科维奇后,乌克兰抗议领袖们任命新的部长来组成他们所想要的新政府,而愤怒的俄罗斯为了展示自己的实力而让15万军人处于警戒状态。*President Vladimir Putin#39;s order onWednesday for soldiers to be y for war games near Ukraine was the Kremlin#39;sboldest gesture yet after days of sabre rattling since its ally Yanukovich wasousted at the weekend.普京周三发布命令,要求士兵们做好在乌克兰附近进行战争的准备,这是其盟友亚努科维奇于周末被驱逐后,克林姆林宫所做出的最大胆举动。Moscow denied that the previouslyunannounced drill in its western military district was linked to events in itsneighbor but it came amid a series of increasingly strident statements aboutthe fate of Russian citizens and interests.莫斯科否认在其西部军事地区突然举行的军事演习与乌克兰发生的事件有关,但是在这期间,俄罗斯就在乌克兰的俄公民以及俄国家利益问题发表了一系列越来越刺耳的声明。U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warnedMoscow that ;any kind of military intervention that would violate thesovereign territorial integrity of Ukraine would be a huge - a gravemistake;.美国国务卿克里警告莫斯科“任何违反乌克兰主权完整的军事介入都将是一个巨大且严重的错误”。 /201402/277817


  A Chinese mining tycoon who went missing a year ago will go on trial in central China along with 35 other people on charges of “organising, leading and participating in Mafia-like groups”, after his brother was accused of gunning down three people in their home town.一位一年前失踪的中国矿业大亨将与另外35人一起,以涉嫌“组织、领导、参加黑社会性质组织”等罪名在华中受审。之前,他的弟弟因为在家乡射杀三人而被起诉。Liu Han, chairman of Sichuan-based Hanlong Group, was a high-flying millionaire who was in the process of a A.4bn bid for Australian-listed Sundance Resources when state media reported last March that he and his wife had been detained.刘汉是四川汉龙集团董事长,也是一位雄心勃勃的百万富翁。去年3月官方媒体曝出他与妻子被拘的消息时,汉龙正以14亿澳元竞购在澳大利亚上市的Sundance Resources。Liu was the biggest private entrepreneur in his native Sichuan province, with investments spanning financing, energy, real estate and mining. He had a fortune of 0m, according to estimates by Hurun Report, which tracks wealthy Chinese.刘汉是四川省最大的民营企业家,投资范围囊括融资、能源、房地产和矿业。追踪中国富人的胡润百富(Hurun Report)称刘汉拥有6.5亿美元的财富。The state-run Xinhua News Agency, which reported the charges on Thursday, alleged that Mr Liu covered up murders committed by his brother, Liu Wei, who ran gambling rings in their home town of Guanghan, Sichuan. It said that a total of nine people died due to the activities of the gang. Liu Wei has also been charged.官方通讯社新华社(Xinhua)周四报道了这些指控,称刘汉掩盖了其弟刘维所犯下的杀人罪行。刘维在兄弟俩的故乡四川广汉管理团伙。报道说,刘汉等的涉黑活动共导致9人死亡。刘维也受到了指控。Xinhua also said that Mr Liu raised money through high interest rate lending and stock market manipulation, and helped Chinese citizens gamble in Macau – a frequent channel for spiriting money overseas. Neither Mr Liu, or his brother, could be reached for comment on the allegations.新华社还表示,刘汉通过放高利贷和操纵股市敛钱,并帮助中国内地公民前往,这是将资金偷偷转移出国的常见渠道。记者无法联系到刘汉或刘维对这些指控置评。Sundance was hoping to find funding for its Abn iron ore project on the border of Cameroon and the Republic of Congo. China’s state planning agency had refused to sign off on Hanlong’s purchase unless a Chinese state-owned enterprise could join the project.Sundance曾希望为其在喀麦隆和刚果共和国边境的50亿澳元铁矿石项目寻求融资。但中国国家发改委拒绝放行汉龙的收购计划,除非有中国国企参与该项目。The ranks of wealthy Sichuanese businessmen and officials have been hit by a corruption investigation that has dug deep into the power base of Zhou Yongkang, former energy and security tsar. Mr Zhou has not made any comment on the allegations of corruption against some of his former associates.一场反腐调查打击了四川多位富商和官员,调查深度已经触及曾任国土资源部部长和公安部部长的周永康的权力基础。对于曾与自己关系密切的人受到反腐指控,周永康未发表任何。However, there has been no reported link in the Chinese media between that investigation and Mr Liu’s case, with its tales of murder and mayhem.然而,中国媒体虽然报道了刘汉等人涉及谋杀与伤害,但没有提到反腐调查与刘汉案有任何联系。 /201402/277065

  While poaching and environmental degradation have had disastrous effects on animal species across Asia, one highly endangered cat has seen a small but important rise in its numbers, researchers say.尽管偷猎和环境恶化给全亚洲的动物物种带来了灾难性的影响,但研究人员称,一种高度濒危的猫科动物的数量出现了幅度虽小却有重要意义的增加。The Amur leopard, which was once found across the Korean Peninsula and parts of Russia and China, is now considered the rarest big cat, with just a few dozen existing in the wild. But their numbers in Russia have risen from just 30 in 2007 to nearly double that in the latest count, according to the conservation group WWF.曾在朝鲜半岛各地以及中国和俄罗斯部分地区出现过的远东豹,现在被认为是最稀有的大型猫科动物,生活在野外的只有几十只。但据环保组织世界野生动物基金会(WWF)介绍,在距今最近的统计中,俄罗斯境内的远东豹数量已从2007年30只的水平上,翻了近一番。The group said 57 were found in Land of the Leopard National Park in the Russian Far East. The park, which was established in 2012, is in Primorsky Krai on the finger of land west of Vladivostok, where Russia, North Korea and China meet.该组织称在俄罗斯远东地区的豹之乡国家公园(Land of the Leopard National Park)发现了57只远东豹。成立于2012年的该公园位于滨海边疆,地处俄罗斯、朝鲜和中国三国交界处符拉迪沃斯托克以西一处狭长地带上。An estimated eight to 12 Amur leopards live in China, the WWF says. Chinese researchers counted 13 Amur leopards between April and June 2013 in the Hunchun Siberian Tiger National Nature Reserve, in the Chinese province of Jilin just across the border from the Russian park. Results of a new survey of the leopards in China will be published in a few months and will show their population has increased, said Wang Tianming, a researcher at Beijing Normal University, without giving specifics.世界野生动物基金会估计,中国境内还生活着8到12只远东豹。2013年4月到6月期间,中国的研究人员在与前述俄罗斯国家公园只有一条国境线之隔的吉林省珲春东北虎国家级自然保护区,清点到了13只远东豹。北京师范大学的研究人员王天明称,对中国远东豹的最新调查结果将在几个月后发布,届时将表明它们的数量增加了。但他未给出具体细节。“The number of leopards in China is extremely hopeful, higher than anything that’s been reported in the media,” Dr. Wang wrote in an email.“中国境内的远东豹数量极其乐观,比媒体任何一次报道的都高,”王天明在一封电子邮件中写道。There are many uncertainties preventing a precise count of Amur leopards. The cats often cross the border between Russia and China, meaning that some could be double-counted. Also, some could live in adjoining areas of North Korea, though little is known about their population there.很多不确定因素都会导致无法精确地清点远东豹的数量。它们常常穿越中俄边境,也就是说有些可能数重复了。此外,一些远东豹可能生活在毗连朝鲜的地区,但人们对那里的远东豹数量情况知之甚少。The leopard’s numbers are still quite small, but environmental groups say the recent population increase is a result of the expanded protection of their habitat. The increase in leopard numbers is paralleled by the Amur or Siberian tiger, a larger cat whose range overlaps that of the Amur leopard. The Siberian tiger numbers have climbed from just 40 in the 1940s to as many as 450 in Russia today. An additional 18 to 22 tigers are estimated to live in China.远东豹的数量依然很少,但环保组织称,最近远东豹数量增加,是加大了对其栖息地的保护的结果。和远东豹一样,东北虎的数量也增加了。东北虎是一种体型更大的猫科动物,其栖息地与远东豹重合。俄罗斯境内的东北虎数量已从上世纪40年代的40只,增加到了如今的450只。据估计,中国境内还生活着18到22只东北虎。The Siberian tiger made headlines last year after one released by Russian President Vladimir V. Putin crossed into China, followed later by another tiger released as part of the same Russian conservation program.去年,在俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)放生的一只东北虎进入中国境内之后,东北虎一度成为媒体关注的焦点。后来,同一个俄罗斯环保项目放生的另一只东北虎也进入了中国。“The fact that the Putin tiger came over and didn’t get poached, which was what everybody was worried about, showed that the Chinese side is starting to really be managed effectively for large cats,” said Barney Long, head of Asian species conservation at the World Wildlife Fund in the ed States, as the WWF is known there. “If you look at what China has done for panda conservation, our hope is that this is the initial sign that China is doing the same kind of world-class conservation for tigers and leopards across the northeast.”“普京的老虎能够进入中国,没有像外界担心的那样被捕杀,这说明中国方面对大型猫科动物进行了有效的保护。”世界自然基金会(World Wildlife Fund)在美国的亚洲物种保护负责人巴尼·朗(Barney Long)说。“看看中国为保护大熊猫所付出的行动,我们希望这预示着,中国也会为东北部的老虎和豹提供同样的世界级的保护。”Although China has extensive forests in its northeast, years of commercial logging mean they often lack diverse plant species. That limits the food supply for deer and other prey for the big cats, Dr. Long said. But improved management in both China and Russia has improved prospects of rebounds in endangered tiger and leopard populations.中国的东北拥有大面积的森林,但常年的商业砍伐意味着,那里的植物种类缺乏多样性。朗说,这限制了鹿以及大型猫科动物捕食的其他动物的食物来源。不过,中国和俄罗斯管理方面的改善,提高了濒危老虎和豹数量反弹的可能性。Still, the overall numbers of big cats in the wild in Northeast Asia are still quite small, leaving them vulnerable to catastrophe.尽管如此,东北亚地区野生大型猫科动物的整体数量仍然很少,很容易受到灾难的影响。“When you start getting down to small numbers like that, a single disease outbreak could wipe out large amounts, a single really serious poaching incident could take out two or three breeding females and that could knock them back,” Dr. Long said. “This population of Amur leopards, by no stretch of imagination is it safe. But it is recovering and it is showing all the signs. It can be an exponential recovery if it is allowed to get going.”“当一个物种的数量减少到这种程度时,一场疾病的爆发就可能导致动物大量死去,一次严重的偷猎行为就可能导致两三只能够繁衍下一代的雌性动物死亡,使种群的数量进一步退回以前的水平,”朗说。“远东豹的数量,绝对不是毫无风险。但它正在恢复,显示出各种增长的迹象。如果得以持续下去的话,可能会出现几何级数的增长。” /201503/361989


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