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安远县妇幼保健人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱赣州丰苹果肌要多少钱Kuwait joined other Saudi allies in taking diplomatic action against Iran after protesters angry about Saudi Arabias execution of a prominent Shiite cleric stormed the countrys embassy in the Iranian capital.科威特加入其他沙特阿拉伯的盟友,对伊朗采取外交行动。此前,沙特阿拉伯处决著名什叶派穆斯林教士后,愤怒的抗议者冲击了沙特驻伊朗大使馆。The state-run KUNA news agency said Tuesday Kuwait recalled its ambassador to Tehran and reiterated its support for all measures Saudi Arabia takes to maintain its security.科威特国家媒体科威特新闻社星期二称,科威特召回了驻伊朗大使,并重申其持沙特采取的一切维护自身安全的措施。The move follows decisions by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Sudan to cut diplomatic ties with Iran, while the ed Arab Emirates downgraded its relations with the country. All four nations are members of the Arab League, which is due to hold a special meeting Sunday to discuss the Saudi-Iran developments.此前,沙特、巴林和苏丹都断绝了同伊朗的外交联系,阿联酋也把与伊朗的外交关系降格。这四个国家都是阿拉伯国家联盟的成员。阿拉伯国家联盟定于星期天召开特别会议,讨论沙特阿拉伯与伊朗关系的局势发展。Iranian President Hassan Rouhani continued criticism of Saudi Arabias decision to sever ties, saying that cannot cover up its ;crime; of executing Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. The Saudi government announced his execution on January 2, along with 46 other prisoners on terrorism related charges. Nimr was an outspoken critic of the Saudi monarchy.伊朗总统鲁哈尼继续谴责沙特阿拉伯断绝外交关系的决定,称这不能掩盖其处决尼姆尔的“罪行”日,沙特政府宣布处决了尼姆尔以及其他46名被指控有恐怖罪名的囚犯。尼姆尔经常公开批评沙特王室。The ed Nations Security Council issued a statement Monday condemning the attack on the Saudi embassy. It called on Iran to respect its international obligations to protect diplomatic property and urged all parties to ;maintain dialogue and take steps to reduce tensions in the region.;联合国安理会星期一发表声明,谴责伊朗抗议者对沙特阿拉伯大使馆的冲击,呼吁伊朗履行保护外交设施的国际义务,并呼吁各方“保持对话、采取措施缓解该地区的紧张局势。”来 /201601/421031龙华中心卫生院做抽脂手术多少钱 North Korea has fired a ballistic missile into the sea, South Korean and US officials say. They say the missile, launched off the east coast, flew about 800km (500 miles) and fell into the water. North Korea has not commented on the report.近日,据韩国和美国官员表示,朝鲜已经向海上发射了一枚弹道导弹。他们表示,该导弹自东海岸发射,飞行了大00公里之后落入水里。朝鲜方面对该报道没有给予。US President Barack Obama earlier imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang, after its recent ;illicit; nuclear test and satellite launch. His executive order freezes North Korean government property in America.在平壤方面开展了“非法”的核试验和发射卫星之后,美国总统奥巴马在日前对其给予了新的制裁,他的行政命令冻结了朝鲜政府的资产。It bans US exports to - or investment in - North Korea and also greatly expands powers to blacklist anyone, including non-Americans, dealing with North Korea.这项命令禁止美国向朝鲜出口或在朝鲜投资,并把所有与朝鲜有交易的人,包括非美籍人拉入了黑名单。White House spokesman Josh Earnest said: ;The US and the global community will not tolerate North Koreas illicit nuclear and ballistic missile activities, and we will continue to impose costs on North Korea until it comes into compliance with its international obligations.;白宫发言人乔帷恩斯特表示:“美国和国际社会不会容忍朝鲜的非法核及弹道导弹活动,我们将继续让朝鲜付出代价,直到其遵守国际义务。”Mr Obama said the sanctions ;did not target the people of North Korea; but suggested that the countrys leadership only had itself to blame.奥巴马总统表示,这项制裁不是针对朝鲜人民,但该国的领导层则是咎由自取。Amid the heightened tensions, the North sentenced a US student to 15 years hard labour on Wednesday for ;severe crimes; against the state. The US demanded North Korea immediately release Otto Warmbier, 21, who was arrested for trying to steal a propaganda sign from a hotel while on a visit in January.在这种紧张局势下,朝鲜在本周三对美国一名学生施5年监禁,称其犯了阴谋颠覆国家的“严重罪行”。美国要求朝鲜立即释放奥托·瓦姆比尔,这名21岁的学生游客月份因试图偷取酒店的宣传示意牌而被逮捕。来 /201603/432952江西赣州注射丰唇一针多少钱

赣州抽脂减肥价格赣南附属医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱 The head of the Democratic National Committee has resigned after the leaking of 20,000 emails exposed rifts in the party leadership, throwing Hillary Clinton’s campaign into turmoil on the eve of this week’s convention.在遭泄露万份电子邮件揭示出美国民主党领导层内存在裂痕后,民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee,简称DNC)主席已提出辞职。在本周的民主党全国代表大会前夕,她的辞职令希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)的竞选陷入一片混乱。Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC chairwoman, said on Sunday that she would be stepping down at the end of the convention in the wake of the leaks that have cast both her and her office in a negative light.邮件泄露后,民主党全国委员会主席黛比#8226;沃瑟#8226;舒尔Debbie Wasserman Schultz)上周日表示,她会在本次大会结束时离职。邮件泄露令她和她的办公室成为了负面新闻焦点。Ms Wasserman Schultz will open and close the event but by the end of the week her duties are to be taken over by Donna Brazile, a longtime Democratic operative and alumna of Bill Clinton’s White House.沃瑟#8226;舒尔茨将主持此次大会的开幕和闭幕,但在本周结束前,她的职务将由唐#8226;布拉齐尔(Donna Brazile)接任。后者曾长期担任民主党党工,也曾是比#8226;克林Bill Clinton)在白宫的幕僚。The resignation comes in the wake of a growing scandal over the DNC’s closeness to the Clinton campaign during the primary a time when the committee is supposed to be impartial and threatens to overshadow the first days of the convention and the news that Michael Bloomberg, the former New York mayor, will endorse Mrs Clinton on the convention stage.在沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨辞职前,民主党全国委员会卷入了一宗愈演愈烈的丑闻。丑闻涉及民主党初选期间该委员会与希拉里竞选活动的密切关系——它本该在这一时期保持中立。沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨的辞职可能会为民主党全国代表大会的头两天蒙上阴影,也会为纽约市前市长迈克尔#8226;布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)将在大会现场为希拉里站台的消息蒙上阴影。Last month the DNC reported that it had been hacked by what it believed were Russian government hackers, who had gained access to the committee’s email system for up to 12 months. The committee’s emails are now slowly being released to the public by WikiLeaks, which published an initial trove of 20,000 on Friday.上月,民主党全国委员会报告称,其遭据信是俄罗斯政府黑客的人员攻陷。这些黑客侵入该委员会电子邮件系统长2个月。如今,该委员会的电子邮件正被维基解WikiLeaks)慢慢公之于众。上周五,维基解密公布了首批2万份邮件。In a statement, Ms Wasserman Schultz said she would be stepping down to better focus on serving as Mrs Clinton’s surrogate in Florida, where she is one of the state’s representatives to Congress. But she did not directly address the leaks or some of the specific emails that have gained attention.沃瑟#8226;舒尔茨在一份声明中表示,她会离职以便更好地集中精力担任希拉里在佛罗里达州的代理人。沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨是佛罗里达州在美国国会的代表之一。不过,她并未直接提到邮件泄露或引发媒体关注的部分具体邮件。In one message sent on May 21, Ms Wasserman Schultz suggested that it was not worth responding to a particular claim by Bernie Sanders, who at the time was fiercely campaigning against Mrs Clinton for the Democratic nomination. “He isn’t going to be president,she said of Mr Sanders.1日发送的一封电子邮件中,沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨暗示不值得回应伯尼#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)的一份声明。当时,桑德斯正处于同希拉里争夺民主党总统候选人提名的激烈选战之中。沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨在提到桑德斯时表示:“他不会成为总统的。”In another email, a DNC staffer suggested planting a story about the problems that had plagued Mr Sanderscampaign.在另一封电子邮件中,民主党全国委员会一名工作人员建议弄出一篇新闻,报道困扰桑德斯竞选的种种问题。“Wondering if there’s a good Bernie narrative for a story, which is that Bernie never had his act together, that his campaign was a mess,Mark Paustenbach, a DNC communications officer, wrote to Luis Miranda, the DNC’s communications director.民主党全国委员会沟通官员马#8226;保斯滕巴Mark Paustenbach)在给沟通部门主管路易斯#8226;米兰Luis Miranda)的电子邮件中写道:“不知道可不可以好好报道下伯尼,就说伯尼从来都没有章法,说他的竞选一团糟。”Mr Sanders, who has been calling for months for Ms Wasserman Schultz to resign, said he was not surprised by the content of the emails. “I told you a long time ago that the DNC was not running a fair operation, that they were supporting Secretary Clinton,he told A NewsGeorge Stephanopoulos.桑德斯几个月来一直呼吁沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨辞职,他表示自己对这些电子邮件的内容并不感到惊讶。他对A News的乔#8226;斯特凡诺普洛George Stephanopoulos)说:“我早就告诉过你,民主党全国委员会行事不公,他们在持希拉里。”Robby Mook, Mrs Clinton’s campaign manager, suggested on Sunday that the leak of the DNC emails on the eve of the convention could be an effort by Russia to give a boost to Mr Trump, the Republican candidate who has often sounded sympathetic to Moscow.希拉里的竞选经理罗#8226;穆克(Robby Mook)上周日暗示,在全国代表大会前夕发生的这起民主党全国委员会电子邮件泄露,可能是俄罗斯为了助唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)一臂之力而干的,这位共和党总统候选人常常对俄罗斯表示同情。“What’s disturbing to us is that experts are telling us Russian state actors broke into the DNC, stole these emails, and other experts are now saying that the Russians are releasing these emails for the purpose of actually helping Donald Trump,Mr Mook told CNN.穆克对美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)表示:“让我们不安的是,专家告诉我们俄政府黑客侵入了民主党全国委员会,偷走了这些电子邮件。现在还有一些专家说,俄国人公布这些邮件其实是为了帮助唐纳德#8226;特朗普。”Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, said the saga over the emails underscored the claim by Mr Trump that the Democratic primary process was rigged. Speaking at an event in Philadelphia, he said that “when you rig a system . . . this kind of outcome is inevitable共和党全国委员会(Republican National Committee)主席雷恩#8226;普瑞巴斯(Reince Priebus)表示,邮件泄露事件持了特朗普的说法,即民主党初选过程受到了操纵。普瑞巴斯在费城一场活动上表示,“当你操纵一个体制时……这种结果是不可避免的。”On Sunday, protesters were aly staging rallies not far from the convention site. On social media some Sanders supporters were demanding that he revoke his endorsement of Mrs Clinton following the DNC leaks.上周日,已经有抗议者在民主党全国代表大会会场不远处举行集会。民主党全国委员会邮件泄露事件发生后,一些桑德斯的持者在社交媒体上要求他撤销对希拉里的持。来 /201607/456433赣州俪人医院激光美白

赣州俪人整形医院美容 US President Barack Obama has urged president-elect Donald Trump to “stand up toRussia when it deviates from international “values and norms warning his successor against striking “convenientdeals with Russian president Vladimir Putin.美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)已敦促新当选总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)在俄罗斯偏离国际“价值观和准则”时“与之对抗”,并警告特朗普不要“图省事”与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)达成协议。Speaking in Germany at a press conference with chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr Obama said he hoped Mr Trump would not simply take “a realpolitik approachand “cut deals with Russia, even if it hurts people奥巴马是在德国和德国总理安格默克Angela Merkel)一同出席一个新闻发布会时发表这一言论的。他说,他希望特朗普不会简单化地采取“现实政治路线”,“就算在会伤害人的情况下,也和俄罗斯达成协议”。His call came as he and Ms Merkel emphasised their support for liberal democracy, freedom and free trade and the importance of the transatlantic alliance. They were speaking during a three-day farewell visit by Mr Obama to Ms Merkel, which on Friday will include an informal summit with the government heads of the UK, France, Spain and Italy.在发出这一呼吁的同时,奥巴马还和默克尔一道,强调他们对自由民主制、自由和自由贸易的持,以及跨大西洋同盟的重要性。他们的讲话发生在奥巴马对默克尔为期三天的告别访问中。访问的议程将包括周五与英国、法囀?西班牙及意大利政府首脑的一次非正式峰会。Mr Obama also warned of the dangers of sping cyber warfare, after what he said were Russian attacks on the US during the presidential election campaign. He said he had called Mr Putin and made clear there was a difference between intelligence gathering and “going aftertargets.奥巴马还就不断扩散的网络战的危险发出警告。此前,在美国总统选举期间曾发生过对美国的网络攻击,奥巴马称这轮攻击来自俄罗斯。奥巴马表示,他已和普京通过电话,明确表示情报收集和“打击”各种目标不是一回事。He called for more international efforts so that “we don’t have a cyber arms race Expressing concern about the vulnerability of infrastructure, he said: “We must be careful that this does not become a lawless low-level battlefield.”他呼吁国际社会采取更多努力,确保“我们不会开展网络军备竞赛”。在表达对基础设施易受攻击的担忧时,他表示:“我们必须小心确保这不会变成无法无天的低水平战场。”Mr Obama addressed widesp concerns in the US and Europe about Mr Trump, including fears that the president-elect might reduce America’s engagement with the world. He said he was “cautiously optimisticbecause the “responsibilities of officeand the “extraordinary demandsplaced on it by Americans and “people around the worldforced a president “to focus奥巴马提到欧美对特朗普的普遍担忧,包括对这位新当选总统可能降低美国全球介入的担忧。他说,他对此“谨慎乐观”,因为“总统职责”和美国人及“全球人民”对该职责的“极大要求”会迫使美国总统“集中注意力”。Ms Merkel said she was approaching Mr Trump with “an open mindand suggested that the atmosphere might change as the US was no longer in an election but in a post-election period. There was “an interestin Europe and Germany “to co-operate well with the US#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;on the basis of shared values默克尔表示她正以“开放态度”对待特朗普,并暗示风向也许会改变,因为美国不再处于大选期而进入了选后期。“在共同价值观基础上……与美国密切合作”符合欧洲和德国的“利益”。She added that the planned TTIP transatlantic trade and investment agreement, opposed on both sides of the Atlantic, could not now be concluded but could return on to the agenda in future.她还表示,计划中的跨大西洋贸易和投资伙伴协定(TTIP)目前还无法敲定下来,不过可能会在未来重新列入议程。TTIP在大西洋两岸都曾遭到反对。Ms Merkel declined to confirm reports she is planning soon to announce that she will stand for a fourth term as chancellor in next year’s parliamentary election.对于有关她计划不久后宣布在明年议会选举中竞选总理第四任期的报道,默克尔拒绝予以确认。The US President joked that while he did not normally “meddlein other countriespolitics, if he were German he would vote for Ms Merkel.奥巴马开玩笑说,尽管他通常不会“干涉”别国政治,但如果他是德国人,他会把票投给默克尔。来 /201611/479518上犹县妇幼保健院治疗腋臭多少钱赣州垫高鼻梁多少钱



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