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How did a peddler of cheap shirts and fishing rods become the mightiest corporation in America?The short version of Wal-Mart’s rise to glory goes something like thisIn 1979 it racked up a billion dollars in sales. By 1993 it did that much business in a week;by 01 it could do it in a day.It’s a stunning tale - one that propelled Wal-Mart from rural Arkansas, where it was founded in 196,to the top of the tune 500 this year. Sam Walton, Wal-Mart’s founder,pushed sales growth relentlessly while squeezing costs with sophisticated inmation technology.He exhorted employees to sell better with the“ten foot rule” (greet customers if they are that close).He was, in other words, an early evangelist the first commandment of today’s economy Service rules.Wal-Mart, in fact, is the first service company to rise to the top of the tune 500.When tune first published its list of the largest companies in America in 1955, Wal-Mart didn’t even exist.That year General Motors was America’s biggest company, and in every year that followed, either GM or another mighty industrial, Exxon, was NO. 1.Wal-Mart’s achievement caps a bigger economic shift - from producing goods to providing services.Manufacturing’s share of U.S. employment peaked in 1953, at 35%.It has been declining steadily since. In the decade that will end in ,the Bureau of Labor Statistics figures that goods producing industries will create 1.3 million new jobs,compared to million service industries.To look at it another way, today there are about four times as many people working in service jobs as in other kinds of jobs.And even within manufacturing, services are an increasingly large share of operations.As America got richer consumption got more complicated. With more income to throw around,people started spending more on services movies and travel, mortgages to buy houses, insurance to protect those houses,the occasional decadent weekend at a luxury hotel.Economists call this a shift in the demand pattern;tune calls it the main reason that 6 of this year’s top 0 are service companies.Over the next few years, only three of the ten fastest growing occupations (software engineers, nurses,and computer support) pay middle class salaries.The rest could be called, well, Wal-Mart kinds of jobs - cashiers, retail assistants, food service, and so on. In short, the service economy is delivering more good jobs than ever bee. 359873

I was in a department meeting and our manager was asking our feedback on improving our product. I had a few ideas and I wanted to get them across, but one of my colleagues was giving me a hard time. Marcelo: In my opinion, I think that we need to look at the question more from the customer’s perspective. I really feel we need to do more market research. Ellen: I tend to think that we have enough inmation aly and it’s time to make some decisions. Marcelo: Well, the way I see it, we’ve only scratched the surface in getting to know our customers. We need to get inside their heads if we want to offer what they want and aren’t getting right now. Ellen: You may be right, but if you ask me, I just don’t think it’s worth it to sink more time and money into the type of market research you’re proposing. It’s far more than what other companies are doing. Marcelo: That’s precisely my point. I’m sure that if we can get inmation that other companies don’t have, we’ll be one step ahead. That’s when the manager stepped in and offered her opinion. And, I’m happy to say, she sided with me. 5What In a Game?游戏有什么好玩的?Computer games are a billion industry globally and playing games is a big part of many children daily lives.电脑游戏在全球范围内是一个价值600亿美元的产业,它们占据儿童日常生活的大部分时间Parents are often concerned about the violent content of some computer games.父母经常担心一些电脑游戏中有暴力的内容Games like Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil, both rated 18+, feature significant scenes of graphic violence and are not supposed to be sold to children.《侠盗猎车和《生化危机这类游戏,级别是18 +,具有显著的影像暴力场景的特征,不宜出售给儿童Yet younger children are still getting access to these games.然而年幼的孩子还是能够接触到这些游戏The parents are to blame young kids playing 18+ games.家长都会责备小孩玩级别为18+的游戏Retailers simply advise them and say that game is an 18+.零售商们只是想你推荐,并且说这是18+级别的If a kid goes into a store and says, ;Mum, can I get that game?; the parent often says yes.如果一个孩子走进一家店里,说:“妈妈,能给我买那个游戏吗?”父母常会给孩子买The manufacturers could also do more to help by avoiding the bloody content but keeping the games action-packed children.制造商本可以做的更多,可以避免血腥的内容,但是会为孩子保留丰富有趣的内容 example, Grand Theft Auto is senseless violence. There are people getting crushed and there blood all over the place.比如,《侠盗猎车中有毫无意义的暴力有些人粉身碎骨,到处是血So if there were games that were a bit less bloody but still action-packed, younger children would steer away from buying, or wanting to buy.所以如果有血腥少但同时丰富有趣的游戏,年幼的孩子们可能会避免购买,或者也可能很想买Young game players shared their experience of buying and playing computer games.年轻的游戏玩家们分享他们购买和玩电脑游戏的经验Samir Pasha, from London, was concerned about the violent content of PC games.岁的萨米尔·帕夏来自伦敦,很关注电脑游戏中的暴力情节 5Frederic Francois Chopin, Polish-born composer and renowned pianist, was the creator of 55 mazurkas, polonaises, preludes, 7 etudes, 19 nocturnes, ballads, and scherzos.肖邦是近代浪漫派的抒情音乐家,他在音乐史中,是一位神秘、爱国而最富于诗意生命的钢琴家他一生创作了 55 部马祖卡舞曲, 部波罗涅滋, 首序曲,7 首练习曲,19 首夜曲, 首叙事曲以及 部诙谐曲Frederic Chopin was born in Zelazowa Wola, Poland, on February , 18, to a French father and Polish mother.18 年 月 日,肖邦出生于波兰华沙郊区的热拉佐瓦沃拉His father, Nicholas Chopin, was a French tutor to many aristocratic Polish families, later accepting a position as a French teacher at the Warsaw Lyceum.他的父亲尼古拉斯是具有波兰血统的法国人,而母亲却是一位纯粹的波兰人Although Chopin later attended the Lyceum where his father taught, his early training began at home.尼古拉斯原本是波兰贵族家庭的一名法语教师,后来到华沙的一所中学教授法语This included receiving piano lessons from his mother. By the age of six, Chopin was creating original pieces, showing innate prodigious musical ability.肖邦最初接触音乐的机会是跟随母亲学钢琴六岁那年,肖邦创作出了人生的第一部作品,充分展现了他与生俱来的非凡的音乐天赋His parents arranged the young Chopin to take piano instruction from Wojciech Zywny.不久后,他进入了父亲在的学校学习,并在父母的安排下,跟随捷克音乐家 W.日夫尼学习钢琴When Chopin was sixteen, he attended the Warsaw Conservatory of Music, directed by composer Joseph Elsner.中学毕业后,肖邦进入华沙音乐学院学习,从师德国音乐家 J.A.F 埃尔斯纳Elsner, like Zywny, insisted on the traditional training associated with Classical music but allowed his students to investigate the more original imaginations of the Romantic style as well.与日尼夫相同的是,埃尔斯纳在坚持古典派推崇的传统练习外,鼓励学生们从浪漫派中吸取灵感 离开华沙音乐学院后,肖邦来到了当时的音乐圣地-维As often happened with the young musicians of both the Classical and Romantic Periods, Chopin was sent to Vienna, the unquestioned center of music that day.在那里,肖邦不仅举行了多场音乐会,也发表了不少音乐作品在波兰民族运动走向高潮,与沙俄的战争一触即发的时候,肖邦身在奥地利He gave piano concerts and then arranged to have his pieces published by a Viennese publishing house there.不久,他回到华沙为出国做准备临行前,华沙音乐学院的师生们为他送行,并赠以盛满祖国泥土的银杯While Chopin was in Austria, Poland and Russia faced off in the apparent beginnings of war.尽管从此肖邦再也没有回到他深爱着的祖国,他一直保存着这捧祖国的泥土He returned to Warsaw to get his things in preparation of a more permanent move.为了得到更多浪漫派听众的认可,加上自己拥有一半的法国血统,肖邦来到了法国巴黎While there, his friends gave him a silver goblet filled with Polish soil. He kept it always, as he was never able to return to his beloved Poland.在这里,肖邦结识了西欧文艺界许多重要人物,包括匈牙利艺术家李斯特,柏辽兹,意大利音乐家贝利尼等新浪漫主义的拥护者French by heritage, and desirous of finding musical acceptance from a less traditional audience than that of Vienna, Chopin ventured to Paris.尽管肖邦有时也在大型音乐厅演出,但他更喜欢在家或是一些私人的场合,享受更融洽的氛围Interestingly, other young musicians had assembled in the city of fashion with the very same hope.有趣的是,许多抱有同样想法的年轻音乐家们也都聚集到了这座流行之都Chopin joined Franz Liszt, Hector Berlioz, Felix Mendelssohn, Vincenzo Bellini, and Auguste Franchomme, all proponents of the ;new; Romantic style. Although Chopin did play in the large concert halls on occasion, he felt most at home in private settings, enjoying the social milieu that accompanied concerts the wealthy.弗朗兹李斯特肖邦加入,赫克托耳柏辽兹,门德尔松,维琴佐·贝里尼和奥古斯特·Franchomme,所有的持者“新”的浪漫风格尽管肖邦玩有时也在大型音乐厅演出,他觉得在国内大部分集中在私人场合,享受这种社会环境对富人伴随着音乐会He also enjoyed teaching, as this caused him less stress than perming.他也更喜欢教学时放松的心情Chopin did not feel that his delicate technique and intricate melodies were as suited to the grandiose hall as they were to smaller environments and audiences.肖邦认为他细致优美的演奏技巧和纷繁的旋律更适合小环境演奏,而不适合宏伟的音乐厅News of the war in Poland inspired Chopin to write many sad musical pieces expressing his grief ;his; Poland.波兰陷入战火的消息促使他写了许多充满悲伤的作品,以表达对祖国波兰的哀伤与思念,其中包括名曲《革命练习曲Among these was the famous ;Revolutionary Etude.; Plagued by poor health as well as his homesickness, Chopin found solace in summer visits to the country.肖邦的健康状况一直不佳,加上思乡心切,一度患上肺病,曾在法国南部疗养Here, his most complex yet harmonic creations found their way to the brilliant composer hand. The ;Fantasia in F Minor,; the ;Barcarolle,; the ;Polonaise Fantasia,; ;Ballade in A Flat Major,; ;Ballade in F Minor,; and ;Sonata in B Minor; were all products of the relaxed time Chopin enjoyed in the country.期间写过不少成名的珍品《F 小调幻想曲,《船歌,《幻想波罗涅滋舞曲,《降 A 大调叙事曲,《F 小调叙事曲,《B 小调奏鸣曲等都是在南部疗养时创作的As the war continued in Warsaw and then reached Paris, Chopin retired to Scotland with friends.战事从华沙蔓延到了巴黎,肖邦不得不和朋友们躲避至苏格兰Although he was far beyond the reach of the revolution, his melancholy attitude did not improve and he sank deeper into a depression.虽然肖邦远离了波兰的战火,但他忧郁的情绪丝毫没有改善,反而陷入了更深的沮丧之中Likewise, his health did not rejuvenate either. A window in the fighting made it possible Chopin to return to Paris as his health deteriorated further.同样地,他的健康状况也没有恢复回巴黎后,肖邦的健康状况急剧下降,最终在友人们的陪伴下逝世于巴黎的寓所中,Surrounded by those that he loved, Frederic Francois Chopin died at the age of 39. He was buried in Paris. Chopin last request was that the Polish soil in the silver goblet be sprinkled over his grave.最终在友人们的陪伴下逝世于巴黎的寓所中,结束了短短 39 年的生命他的遗体被安葬在巴黎 肖邦最后的遗愿是将银杯中祖国波兰的泥土撒在他的墓碑上 57

And did those feet in ancient time walk upon England mountains green?是否那恒古时光的足迹,曾漫步在英格兰葱绿的群山?And was the holy Lamb of God on England pleasant pastures seen?是否上帝圣洁的羔羊,曾看到了英格兰愉悦的牧草?And did the Countenance Divine shine th upon our clouded hills?是否那神圣的容颜,曾在我们前方照耀阴暗高地?And was Jerusalem builded here among these dark Satanic Mills?是否耶路撒冷的建筑,曾建造在撒旦的黑暗中?Bring me my bow of burning gold!拿着我灼热黄金之弓!Bring me my arrows of desire!搭着我欲望之箭!Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!带着我的矛!哦,云,消散!Bring me my chariot of fire!驾着我的火战车!I will not cease from mental fight, nor shall my sword sleep in my hand.我绝不止息信仰的争战,我不会让我的剑在手中沉睡Till we have built Jerusalem in England green and pleasant land.直到我建立耶路撒冷,在英格兰青绿愉悦的土地上 560The Practice of Peace心静如水There are many areas in which peace needs to be accomplished,许多方面需要做到心静如水within ourselves, between ourselves and others,我们的内心,我们和他人之间的关系,and between ourselves and the divine.以及我们和我们内心之间的关系When any part is out of balance,当任何一方失去平衡,a lasting peace cannot be maintained.都不能维持一种持久的平静心境A state of peace does not grow out of a false sense of safety,一种平静的心境并不来自于一种错觉的安全感,but out of understanding how to interact with the ces we are subjected to.而是来自于对如何应对我们周遭事物的理解Rather than reacting automatically,不要去机械地应对,we must learn how to best respond.相反,我们必须学着去以最好的方式应对事物Automatic, habitual reactions lead us and others into blind alleys.机械的,习惯性的反应会将我们带入一个狭窄的盲区Responding, on the other hand, includes response-ability,而相反,理智的反应,包括反应能力,the power to see things as they are,却是一种能看透事物本质的能力,stay balanced and make an appropriate response.保持各方面的平衡,并做出适当的反应This is the action of seeking peace.这才是追求心境如水的本质行为Many may not be aware of the enormous power their choices and actions have upon their lives and the lives of others.很多人可能并没有意识到他们的选择和行为对他们自己的生活以及他人生活的巨大影响力It has been said that even a small amount of real love has the power to dissolve mountains of hate.人们曾说哪怕是一点点真爱都有着化解一座冰山的力量The wonder is why we are so mean with our good will,why we hold onto thoughts of hatred and revenge.既然如此,那我们为什么还要如此吝啬我们的善意,为什么还要紧紧抓住仇恨和复仇的思想不放手Seeing this is the first step.认识到这一点是第一步,Letting go comes next.学会释怀就是第二步Rather than pretending to be loving and peaceful,we must learn how to actively work with all that opposes peace.不要假装爱与平静,相反,我们必须积极地学会应付各类对平静的干扰We must learn how to work with our fear and anger when it arises.我们必须学会当恐惧与愤怒滋长时如何去理智地应对Even in the midst of anger we can be peaceful,if we learn how to handle it properly.如果我们学会如何适当地应对,即使在愤怒进行时,我们也可以平静下来In this way we pursue and practice peace.这样,我们就能够真正地做到心静如水 7

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