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2019年02月18日 15:53:16 | 作者:中医社区 | 来源:新华社
中国领导人:政风建设无尽头 6 :: BEIJING, May 5 (Xinhua) China's top leadership has called on local officials to strictly implement the "massline" campaign and improve work styles to boost development and rems.Chinese President Xi Jinping (C, back), also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, attends a meeting of the standing members of the local Party committee the "mass line" educational campaign, in Lankao County, central China's Henan Province, May 9, . The Communist Party of China (CPC) initiated the yearlong campaign in June, to strengthen the "mass line", referring to a guideline under which the CPC is required to prioritize the interests of the people. (XinhuaJu Peng)The campaign to deter malpractice and harmful work styles must be promoted strictly and continuously to achieve concrete results of promoting rems and people's livelihoods, said a Sunday statement that summarized inspections made by seven members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee."Massline" refers to a guideline under which CPC officials and members are required to prioritize the interest of the people and persist in representing them and working on their behalf.As part of the ongoing second round of the campaign, each of the seven members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee is allocated a county to supervise its progress.Chinese President Xi Jinping, also General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, visited Lankao County of Central China's Henan Province and attended county leadership sessions on May 9 when officials selfchecked the work to promote the campaign.Premier Li Keqiang inspected Ongniud Banner in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Top legislator Zhang Dejiang joined a session in Shanghang County, Fujian Province. Top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng attended a session in Wuding County, Yunnan Province. Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan and Zhang Gaoli inspected sessions in Liquan County in Shaanxi Province, Mengyin County in Shandong Province and Nong'an County in Jilin Province respectively.During the campaign, county leaderships are required to check and report their own problems and mistakes while summarizing the flaws of their colleagues to disciplinary supervisors.Xi praised the session in Lankao, saying it was effective in finding out problems through criticism and selfcriticism and working out feasible measures to correct these problems.The leadership urged officials to deepen the campaign and prevent it from turning it into "halfcooked rice."Officials must m a mechanism to ensure the long term effectiveness of the campaign, strictly abiding by Party disciplines and exercising powers within the cage of regulations.The leaders stressed promises must be translated into actions and results that really benefit the public.As an important part of China's state governance, county officials were urged to cherish their posts, solve problems facing the people and promote rems and development with improved work styles.  The three pages of questions show how Al Qaeda, in its vision of itself as a disciplinednetwork of committed militants, blended the mundanely bureaucratic with the frighteningly absurd.年北京残奥会上,东道主中国派遣了33名运动员参与全部项竞赛,创下了89枚金牌的历史记录年伦敦残奥会上中国派遣了名运动员参与1项竞赛中的项关于年索契冬奥会开幕式的英文报道 :7:1 关于年索契冬奥会开幕式的英文报道Music, dance, lights and fireworks...the Winter Olympics has officially opened in the Russian resort city of Sochi with plenty of fanfare and bravado. The opening ceremony of the most expensive Olympics was an opporty to dispel the anger, fear and suspicion that has marred the buildup to the Games.Just after the sun set over the Caucasus Mountains and along the shore of the Black Sea just outside the Fisht Olympic Stadium, Russian TV star Yana Churikova shouted to a crowd still taking their seats: "Welcome to the center of the universe!" Winter Olympics kick off with grand opening The official ceremony opened with the Russian alphabet projected on the stadium floor, as a young girl told the story of her country’s heroes and their globally renowned achievements. A satellite image of the earth was then projected on the floor of the stadium as the athletes began the parade of nations.But the ceremony did not go off without a glitch as the lighting of the five Olympic Rings was ruined when only four of them turned on and they all failed to erupt into white flames as planned.The nearly threehour ceremony ended with the lighting of the Olympic cauldron and a spectacular fireworks display. The honor of lighting the cauldron went to Russian hockey great Vladislav Tretiak and threetime gold medallist Irina Rodnina.

The life of Constitution lies in its implementation.

美国起诉中国军官有害两国关系 1 :50: 美国起诉中国军官有害两国关系 China has warned that the US charges against Chinese officers could jeopardize military ties between the two countries. At a press conference on Tuesday, eign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei said China could take action if the US did not withdraw its indictment."We have never engaged or participated in the socalled cybertheft trade secrets. It is the US who has launched cyber surveillance and wire tapping against individuals, companies and institutions of many countries around the world. China is a victim of this. "said Hong Lei, "The US deliberately fabricated the socalled facts. We have aly expressed our firm opposition and strong dissatisfaction and we have demanded that the US correct its mistakes and withdraw its indictment. We will take further action in accordance with the development of the situation."

Although the court ruling only applied to countries in the European union , Google is extending the "right to be gotten" to four other countries _ Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. More than 500 million people live in the area affected by Google's potential purge of personal inmation from its European search results.

  Lovers' Island known locally by the more prosaic name of Gale?njak is located in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of the popular tourism destination of Croatia.


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