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Strong growth in Europe 2:46CNN's Charles Hodson speaks with Bank of America's Holger Schmieding about Europe's first-quarter growthWell the Germany economy had no winter in January and February and as a result, construction was much stronger than usual this time of the year. On top of that, the consumers which had paused over Christmas return to the shops early in 2008, and that propelled German growth up.What things are amazing that the rest are getting glum, certainly ed States, certainly in Britain and one or two Euro-zone economies, but the Germany is doing so well, is it just a blip?I think it is mostly a blip. We will probably see in the second and the third quarter that the growth trend is actually much weaker. On top of that, we yet have to see the full impact of the extremely strong Euro as well as of the extremely high oil price. So the start into 2008 was very good for Germany, less good for others, but even Germany is not gonna hold up going forward.Well, certainly. What's sort of a role is the strong Euro gonna play again, looking more broadly, certainly in terms of exporting into the dollar zones, it's getting more and more difficult for this year Euro, Euro-zone company, isn't it ?Yes. Euro-zone exports to the ed States are aly falling largely because US demand is so weak but also because the currency is starting to hurt and remind you it takes typically about nine months for the full impact of the exchange rate moves to come through. So we learned today that the Eurozone could cope with the exchange rates we had last summer. How the Eurozone will fare with the exchange rates of the last few months? We only have learned over this summer and the news is likely to be this exchange rate of the recent month has been too high.OK, well, clearly that does give us grounds for pessimism in terms of the start of fall, the end of 2008, start of . It may be that we might see kind of recession or certainly a sharp slowdown towards the end of the, um, essentially mirroring what's been happening in the ed States right now this first quarter?We'll probably see a sharp slowdown in the second quarter aly extending onto close to the end of the year. Well, whereas at the same time, the US economy may hit bottom, so the economic fortunes of the two regions which currently are diverging a lot will probably converge with significant extend by the end of this year, yes.Let's look at what is if you like the sick man of Europe, or at least the sick man of the Eurozone, and that, that is Spain, I mean, that is clearly suffering some punishment. Is it all housing related?It is in Spain mostly housing related. Year over year, actually Spain is not doing that badly, they are still growing at an annual term at 2.7% rate. It is just that by their own standards that they have slowed down a lot and they will likely slow down to growth rates of no more than 1%, which is the current US pace within the next one or two quarters, for Spain that feels like real pain.01/61303Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have unveiled their version of health care reform legislation, in an effort to accelerate progress toward meeting achieving one of President Obama's major priorities. Republicans immediately blasted the proposal, which Democrats say they're determined to have the House vote on before the August congressional recess.   美国众议院的民主党人公布了自己的医保改革法案,以便加速实现奥巴马总统的医疗保健改革计划,这是奥巴马的重要优先工作项目之一。共和党人立刻抨击了这个议案, 而民主党人说,他们决心让众议院在8月休会之前对此进行投票。The effort by majority Democrats to reform the health care system, a goal President Barack Obama says is crucial to speeding economic recovery, ran into problems because of huge initial cost estimates, and the prospect of higher taxes to pay for the changes.   奥巴马总统说,改革医疗保健系统是加速经济复苏所必需的。但是多数党民主党改革医保系统的努力遇到麻烦,这是由于预计的启动费用巨大,为了改革需要增税。The president has pledged that health care reform would be fully paid for and not add to the federal budget deficit, the growth of which experts agree also threatens long-term recovery. But a proposal by majority Democrats to pay for it by increasing taxes on high wage earners (couples earning more than 0,000) and wealthy Americans recently provoked opposition from fiscally-conservative Democrats.   民主党议员提议增加高工资者的所得税,让那些总收入超过35万美元的夫妇和富人多交税,这引起了那些在财政上比较保守的民主党人的反对。Amid worries that disagreements might destroy chances of House and Senate votes before an August congressional recess, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders worked out a final version they vow to bring to a vote before lawmakers leave town.   人们担心,这种分歧也许会使众议院和参议院在国会8月休会之前不能对此投票。众议院议长佩洛西和民主党领导人商定了一个最后文本,他们誓言要国会在议员们离开华盛顿之前进行表决。Pelosi called the measure a historic step of major importance for America's middle class, but also described as a starting point:   佩洛西称这个法案对美国中产阶级具有重要意义,迈出了历史性的一步。她还说这是个起点。"This bill is a starting point and a path to success, to lower costs for consumers and businesses, to give greater choice to Americans including keeping your doctor and plan if you like them, better quality of care putting doctors not insurance companies back in charge, and to provide stability and peace of mind that you cannot be denied care of coverage for a pre-existing [medical] condition," said Nancy Pelosi.   佩洛西说:“这个法案是个起点,是走向成功之路,它将减少消费者和企业的费用;它将给美国人更多的选择,包括可以保留你喜欢的医生和医疗保险计划,提高医疗质量,让医生而不是保险公司作主;它将让你安心放心,知道自己不会因为身体有病而得不到医疗保险。”The measure includes a new government-run insurance plan, known as a public option to compete with private providers. Provisions aim to slow rapidly-increasing medical care costs, and improve access to and the quality and effectiveness of care and treatments.   这个议案包括一个新的由政府管理的医疗保险计划,也就是所谓的公共选择,同私营保险公司竞争。目标是减缓迅速增长的医疗费用,使人们更容易得到医疗照顾,提高医疗照顾的质量和效果。Democratic Henry Waxman chairs the House Energy amp; Commerce Committee:   众议院能源和商务委员会主席,民主党议员韦克斯曼说:"The [current] system is unsustainable," said Henry Waxman. "We cannot continue to put more and more money into health care, especially when you recognize that this country spends more money on health care than any other western industrialized nation, and yet we have 46 to 50 million people uninsured."   “目前的体制难以为继。我们不能继续往医保系统投入越来越多的钱,特别是在你认识到这一点的情况下:美国在医疗保健上花的钱比其他任何西方工业国都多,但是有4600万到5000万美国人没有医疗保险。”Representative George Miller, a California Democrat, said the Democratic-controlled Congress will deliver on a goal set by President Obama when he was elected:"We will in this year produce a bill that is fair and fully paid for, reduces cost, preserves choice, and expands access for all Americans," said George Miller. "That was the charge that President Obama gave this Congress when he was sworn into office, it was the charge that the American people gave President Obama when they voted for him in the election."Currently, between 46 million and 50 million Americans are without health insurance. A report earlier this year found that one out of three Americans under the age of 65 were without health insurance at some point over the past two years. As for the sensitive question of costs, lawmakers were more guarded, declining to specify a figure before the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provides its estimate. However, it is thought to be around trillion.   对于成本这个敏感问题,议员们比较谨慎,在无党派的国会预算办公室提出估测之前,不肯提出具体数字。不过人们认为,这个成本是一万亿美元左右。Republicans immediately responded, attacking the proposed surtax on high-earning Americans as another burden on small businesses, and asserting that the government insurance plan will ruin the existing private medical system:   共和党议员立刻做出反应,抨击这个议案中对于高收入者征收附加税的条款是给小企业增加的又一个负担。他们断言,政府的医疗保险计划将毁坏现有的私营保险系统。Missouri Republican Roy Blunt:   代表密苏里州的共和党议员布朗特说:"What we really have here is a bill that without any question will kill jobs, will limit access to health care, will raise taxes, and will lead to a government takeover of health care," said Roy Blunt.   “这个议案无疑会减少就业机会,使得一些人得不到医疗保健,提高征税,会导致政府接管医保工作。”Democrats will fine tune the measure over the next three weeks to, among other things, address ongoing concerns of fiscally-conservative Democrats, a group known as the Blue Dogs who want assurances that cost-cutting measures will be effective.   民主党人将在今后三个星期里调整这个议案,以便安抚那些在财政上比较保守的民主党议员,他们的一个团体要求得到一个保,那就是削减成本的措施将会奏效。In a statement, the group said it is committed to passing health care reform, but said any plan that fails to meet President Obama's goal of substantially bringing down costs is not an option. The Senate has made slower progress coming up with a health care reform bill. Achieving House and Senate votes before August would allow lawmakers to resolve differences on separate bills so each chamber could vote on a final version after they return from their break.07/77909在本期节目中,主持人以另一种方式回顾了奥巴马总统继位100天~~07/78446哈利·波特系列进军游戏市场 “《哈利·波特》游戏将成为绝佳的电影互动延伸,并拥有全新的动作感,” 华纳兄弟互动总裁Martin Tremblay表示,“EA正在创造一个玩家们喜爱的哈利·波特游戏,这款游戏将带给玩家他们所向往的新游戏元素,”“我们和EA在哈利·波特全系列电影游戏方面的合作进行得十分愉快,”哈利·波特电影制作人David Heyman表示,“《哈利·波特》的视觉效果非常忠实于电影,绝对会给每个玩这款游戏的人提供身临其境的游戏体验。”In today’s TECH bytes, DVRs are about to become much more widesp. The Supreme Court declined to hear a case attempting to block so-called network DVRs. That technology allows you to store programs on your cable company’s computers instead of a set-top box in your home, and that means current cable boxes could be converted to DVRs without any new equipment, making the technology cheaper and more widely available. The latest installment of the Harry Potter series will be in movie theaters in just a couple of weeks. The new game hits store today. Does it have the same magic as the movies? Richard Fishman of Parenting.com tested it out for us. For fans of the Harry Potter series, this is a really exciting game list. you can move through hard walls, you can move through all these different locations there. You can play as one of the three stars. One of the really cool things about this game is that if you’re playing on the way, you get to use the way mode as a wonder. So you really feel like you are fighting that dwarf, and you know, point the wonder and shooting the spells, it’s very exciting. Another really fun thing about the Harry Potter games is that they are equally appealing to both boys and girls and the parents. It’s an activity that families can do together. So it’s really fun that way. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is available for all major gaming councils. Finally, are worrying that your kids are spending too much time online? Well, it turns out you’re probably surfing the web more than they are. A new study finds teens spend 11.5 hours online each month versus 29 hours for the average American. Of course, part of the reason is that adults are browsing at work while kids are at school. Another reason seems to be the kids spend a lot more time on their cellphones, sending hundreds of text messages each month. 07/76943Banking crisis lessons learned Were bankers sorry enough? A member of Britain's Parliament, Colin Breed, discusses the bankers' apologies. A: I think they probably were bearing in mind what they have lost personally. But of course, they were saying sorry on behalf of their organizations which have affected literally millions of people-shareholders,pensioners , account holders,and of course the taxpayer.B: What did you learn today that you didn't learn before, besides just the threat of the event?A: Probably two things. One is that those they will charge with taking the final decisions in such, probably didn't have sufficient experience or training to really understand the Risk Management issues. And secondly, I think the speed with which this event occurred, like... like, it was liken into a tsunami, if you like, this morning. I think that came across; there is something that perhaps we didn't quite understand. We believe, in fact, there was plenty of time for the bankers to adjust their policies and their business models. But they were saying that "no", there was so little time for changing. I think that took about surprise.B: It was fairly horrifying to listen to so many people basically saying and that this happens so quickly. But also that perhaps they didn't fully understand the entire market. There seemed to be people who were extremely qualified but not qualified in this area--running banks.A: I think it's exactly right. And I think they relied far too much on outside advice, most notably, of course, the Credit Ratings Agency. From my point of view, it seemed almost impossible that you can consider a mortgage to someone who had no assets, no income and no job, who had ever been part of a AAA derivative.B: You are a politician. You have to justify the billions of dollars and pounds being spent. And are you angry, are your constituents telling you they are angry? And do you get the feeling that this anger is simmering or is building?A: There is genuine anger, but the need to actually undertake such a huge bailout of taxpayers' money to people who apparently, and I say "apparently", are still being able to access or have access to bonuses which they have been paid on fictitious profits. And I think there is still no end to the situation, many people feel that we may not be at the end yet. There may still have to be even more government assistance one from another to get us out this enormous hole of the banks' dark forest.B: Are you angry as a politician?A: I am angry as a politician and as a former banker myself, because I think that I’m very proud of profession and a banking history which goes back to centuries has been brought down to this sort of ignominy. And I am angry of that and I am angry they have actually had to resort to huge amount of taxpayers’ money which could be much better spent on other things.GLOSSARY1. bear in mind v.记住 牢记不完 2. literally Really; actually:真实地;确切地(表示强调语气)3. Risk Management 风险管理 4. come across 来到, 偶遇, lt;口gt;给人印象深刻 不期而遇,交付 5. Credit Ratings Agency 信用等级评价机构 6. derivative n.派生的事物, 派生词adj.引出的, 系出的7. constituent n.委托人, 要素adj.有选 举权的; 8. simmer vt.慢煮 煨, 炖, n.将沸腾的状态,9. fictitious profit 虚构利润 10. government assistance n.政府援助 11. ignominy n.耻辱02/62585

Anniversary of credit crisis 信用危机 One year after the onset of a global credit crunch, has anything fundamentally changed? A year into the global credit crunch, \ Wall Street is still nursing its wounds. Investment banks are racking up billions of dollars in losses related to mortgages. Nine regional banks have been forced out of business. Stocks have dipped into bear market territory. Analysts say fear is still the prevailing emotion.I think it's going to be a very difficult path ahead. I don't think that you can visualize a recovery coming from Wall Street, because Wall Street has been based on innovation in the past years and I think that there is fear out there guiding any future innovation at least at this point in time.In Wall Street's absence, the US government has been trying to take the lead. The Bush administration's stimulus package passed in February put a little cash back in homeowners' pockets. The Federal Reserve also came to the aid of struggling mortgage finance giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Administration officials claim we are on the road to recovery.While home price adjustments will continue for some time, and certainly well beyond the end of this year, I believe we can move through the bulk of the correction in months rather than years.People we talked to on the streets of New York, however, did not share Paulson's optimism.I think we're in for a tough run, probably for the next 5 to 10 years.I have a friend that works in real estate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and she's lost her job. And she's had, she's had her job for a long time. And she said it got so bad that in her office they couldn't even afford to buy toilet paper.So when can we expect these tough times to turn a little brighter? Analysts say, don't hold your breath.I think this is more a long term, a long term scenario where you would see recovery, that doesn't necessarily mean . It will depend on a great deal \ what the mortgage market does at the homeowner level, at the pricing level. Unfortunately these links there are still very very, very heavy.Government assistance and renewed confidence on Wall Street may help. But many market watchers, including former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, believe the global credit crisis won't end until the US housing market recovers. Maggie Lake, CNN, New York.200811/57107

Obama Warns of Severe Consequences Without Stimulus Package奥巴马促美国会通过经济刺激方案 President-elect Barack Obama is urging Congress to act quickly on his economic recovery program, warning that inaction by Washington could extend the current recession for years. 美国当选总统奥巴马敦促国会立即行动,通过他提出的经济刺激方案。奥巴马警告说,华盛顿如果行动迟缓,经济衰退将会持续很多年。President-elects traditionally focus on their transition period and naming cabinet members. 过去,美国当选总统在这样的时候发表讲话谈的都是如何过渡接班,如何安排内阁成员。But Mr. Obama took the unusual step of delivering what his aides described as a major policy speech in Virginia, urging quick congressional action on an economic stimulus plan that is still being put together. 但是,奥巴马这次在维吉尼亚发表演讲的时候却有所不同,他的讲话,按照他的助手们的概括,是做出了一个重大的政策宣示。奥巴马敦促国会立即就他提出的经济刺激方案采取行动。这个方案正在修改当中。"Now I do not believe that it is too late to change course, but it will be if we do not take dramatic action as soon as possible. If nothing is done, this recession could linger for years," he said. 他说:“现在,我认为,要改变方向还来得及。但是,如果我们不能够尽快采取大的行动,我们就可能来不及了。要是什么都不做,这次的衰退可能回会持续很多年。”The Obama stimulus plan could cost as much as 0 billion. The incoming administration hopes to free up credit for consumers, create three million jobs and boost spending on infrastructure projects around the country. 奥巴马的刺激方案的规模可能会高达8千亿美元。即将上任的新政府希望能够恢复消费信贷,创造3百万个工作,扩大全国的基础设施建设开。Mr. Obama said it was important to have what he called an open and honest discussion about his evolving recovery plan in the days ahead. But he warned Congress against lengthy delays in taking up his proposals once he becomes president on January 20. 奥巴马表示,在今后几天就他提出的振兴经济的计划展开开放和认真的讨论是非常重要的。不过,奥巴马提醒国会不要在处理他的方案时候拖延的时间太长。奥巴马将在1月20号成为总统。"For every day we wait or point our fingers or drag our feet, more Americans will lose their jobs. More families will lose their savings," he added. "More dreams will be deferred and denied. And our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse." 他说:“在我们等待、相互指责、拖延的每一天,都会有更多的美国人失去自己的工作。就会有更多的家庭失去自己的储蓄,就会有更多的梦想被推迟、被粉碎。我们的国家就会在危机中陷得更深。到了某个时候,我们可能就无法扭转局面了。”Republican congressional leaders have complimented the president-elect on his efforts to reach out to them as the incoming administration and lawmakers shape the recovery plan. 国会中的共和党领袖赞扬了当选总统在听取他们意见方面所做出的努力。下届政府和国会议员们正在就这个经济振兴方案进行修改。But the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Congressman John Boehner of Ohio, said members of his party remain concerned about the size of the Obama stimulus plan and its impact on the federal budget deficit. 但是,众议院共和党领袖、来自俄亥俄州的议员约翰.伯纳(John Boehner)表示,共和党议员对奥巴马的经济刺激方案的规模和这个方案对联邦预算赤字的影响依然感到不安。"I do believe that our economy is facing a crisis, and I do believe that American families and small businesses are under an awful lot of stress and anxiety. And I do believe that Washington has to act," he said. "But we have to act in a responsible way. We have got to address the economic crisis, but we also have to address just how much debt we are going to build up." 他说:“我确实认为,我们的经济面临危机;我确实认为,美国家庭和小企业经受着巨大的压力和焦虑;我确实认为,华盛顿必须有所行动。但是,我们必须采取负责的行动。我们必须解决经济危机的问题。但是,我们还必须注意我们究竟准备承受多大的债务。”Mr. Obama acknowledged some of the concerns in his speech. But he also added that he and the new Congress have little alternative but to take dramatic steps to turn the economy around."It is true that we cannot depend on government alone to create jobs or long-term growth. But at this particular moment, only government can provide the short term boost necessary to lift us from a recession this deep and severe," he said.Democratic congressional leaders had hoped to pass Mr. Obama's economic recovery plan before he took office so that it would be y for his signature right after his inauguration on January 20. But some leaders are now suggesting that congress may not finish with the plan until mid-February at the earliest. 国会的民主党领袖希望在奥巴马就职前能够表决通过经济振兴方案,这样,在奥巴马1月20号就职的时候就可以予以签署。不过,其他的国会领袖已经暗示,国会可能最早要到2月初才能够完成对这个计划的审批过程。01/60723

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