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Wouldnt you be better off in another company?你不认为在其他公司会比较好吗?No,I dont think so.不,我不这么认为。Because of what youve told me about the position and the company,Im even more excited about the apportunity now.因为您对这个职位和公司情况的说明,更增加了我对这个职位的兴趣。My experience and skills also match what is required.我的经验和技能也符合贵公司的要求。This is the job Ive been looking for.这正是我想要的工作。内容来自: /201309/255169澳洲广播电台商业英语教程 17:商业谈判Negotiating(1)澳洲广播电台商业英语教程全套文本 /200706/14581lateral thinking 水平思维英文释义 The ability to think in unconventional but useful ways in order to solve a problem.例句 Our new production manager has strong lateral thinking skills, and often surprises us with her ingenious solutions.新来的生产经理拥有很强的水平思维能力,经常提出精妙的解决方案,让我们惊喜。 /201311/264245Dont try to pull rank on me.别对我摆架子。pull rank on sb. 源自军队中级别较高的军官利用职权欺压下属,所以这个短语的正确意思是:“仗势欺压,摆架子”。因此,当美国人说;Dont try to pull rank on me.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Dont put on airs.;、;Dont ride the high horses in front of me.;。情景对白:Peter: My document is very urgent. The president is waiting for it. Let me use the copier first.彼得:我的文件非常紧急,总裁等着要呢。让我先复印吧。Benjamin: Dont try to pull rank on me. Were all equal here. My document is urgent, too.本杰明:别对我摆架子,这里人人平等,我的文件也急着要用呢。搭配句积累:①I am not your underling.我不是你的下属。②Sorry, Im not doing it on purpose.抱歉,我不是有意的。③Youll suffer from it if you dont change your style.如果你不改变这种作风,你会尝到恶果的。④I hate people who bully others by flaunting ones powerful connections.我讨厌狐假虎威的人。单词:1. put on airs 摆架子I find I cant stand for those who put on airs.我觉得我不能忍受那些摆架子的人。Dont put on airs in your working office, because everyone has their strong point.在公司别摆架子,因为每个人都有自己的优点。She had better not put on airs with me. I wont like it.她最好不要对我摆架子,我不喜欢那一套。2. underling n. 下属Every underling feared him.所有的手下都怕他。Once an underling, always an underling.一旦是下僚,永远都是一个下僚。3. flaunt vt. 夸耀They drove around in Rolls-Royces, openly flaunting their wealth.他们开着劳斯莱斯到处转悠,公开炫耀他们的财富。One secret he learned very early on was not to flaunt his success.他很早就学到的一个秘诀就是不要夸耀自己的成功。 /201212/212599

第36期:新员工培训我是来向经理报到上班的。I am asked to report to the manager.For example:A: What do you wish to see him about?你找他有什么事吗?B: I am asked to report to the manager.我是来向经理报到上班的。我现在就开始干活吗?Shall I begin my job now?A: Shall I begin my job now?我现在就开始干活吗?B: Wait a minute, please. Here is your job description. Have a look at it first.等等,这儿有你的工作职责说明。先看一下吧。她来的正是时候。She couldnt have come at a better time.For example:A: Mr. Jones, I have Ms. Wang with me.琼斯先生,王女士来了。B: She couldnt have come at a better time.她来的正是时候。她可以开始工作了。Shes y to start work.很高兴你能加入我们的行列。Glad to have you with us.Very glad to work with you.For example:A: Glad to have you with us.很高兴你能加入我们的行列。B: Thank you. Im glad to be here,谢谢,我很高兴能到这里工作。如果有什么问题可以来问我。If you have any question,Im the person to ask.For example:A: If you have any question, Im the person to ask.如果有什么问题可以来问我。B: Sure, l will.好的,我会的。希望各位在今后的工作中多多关照。I hope you will help me in work.你是新来的吧?Are you a newcomer?For example:A: Hello. Are you a newcomer? 嗨,你是新来的吧?B: Yes. This is the first day I come to work.是的,今天是我上班的第一天。关于你的工作还有什么意见吗?Do you have anything to say about your work?For example:A: Do you have anything to say about your work?关于你的工作还有什么意见吗?B: No, Miss Jenny.没有,珍妮。我具体做哪方面工作?What the specific work is to me?For example:A: What the specific work is to me?我具体做哪方面工作?B: After you are familiar with all these jobs, we will discuss the problem.我想在你熟悉各项工作后,再与你讨论这个问题。你的工作说明书是怎样写的?What does your job description say?For example:A: What does your job description say?你的工作说明书是怎样写的?B: As an assistant to the director, my job requires that I prepare all incoming and outgoing overseas letters, take care of all the contract agreements and keep all the files in order.作为主任助理,我的工作要求处理海外寄出和寄来的信件,管好所有的合同和文档。我管理办公用品吗?Do I take care of office supplies?For example:A: Do I take care of office supplies?我管理办公用品吗?B: No. One of the monthly duties of the office secretary is to take inventory of office supplies and place orders for those items in low supply.不,办公室秘书的每月任务之一就是清点库存办公用品,并预订那些 库存不多的用品。take care of 照顾,照料你是怎样整理所有的档案呢?How do you keep all the files in order?For example:A: How do you keep all the files in order?你是怎样整理所有的档案呢?B: Let me show you how our filling system works.我来告诉你我们的档案系统是怎样运行的。这里的上班之前,还有什么事情需要交待吗?Is there anything else I should know before starting to work here?For example:A: Is there anything else I should know before starting to work here?在这里上班之前,还有什么事情需要交待吗?B: Youll get a copy of the managers manual.你会拿到一份经理手册的影印本。我想问一些有关公司工作方面的事,你不介意吧?Do you mind if I ask you something about work in the company?For example:A: Do you mind if I ask you something about work in the company? 我想问一些有关公司工作方面的事,你不介意吧?B: Not at all, go ahead.没关系,你问吧。Do you mind if…如果 ......你不介意吧?我听说在这家企业工作要求很严,是吧?Its said that the company is very strict with the staff. Is that right?For example:A: Its said that the company is very strict with the staff. Is that right?我听说这家企业工作要求很严,是吧?B: Not really. As long as you act on the regulations.也不一定。只要照章办事就行。Its said that...据说这里的工作很忙,还要经常加班吗?Does working here involve a busy schedule and overtime?For example:A: Does working here involve a busy schedule and overtime?这里的工作很忙,还要经常加班吗?B: Yes, its true. We are always busy.在外企工作的确很忙。感觉工作怎样?How do you feel about the job?For example:A: How do you feel about the job?感觉工作怎样?B: Not bad. Thank you for your help.还不错,多谢你们帮助。我一直忙于工作,感到有点儿累。Im always busy with the job. I feel a bit tired.我想到你办公室来汇报工作。Id like to go to your office and report the work.For example:A: Id like to go to your office and report the work.我想到你办公室来汇报工作。B: Ok. Come at 10 oclock.好吧,请 10 点钟来。这里都有哪些工会?Which unions are active here?For example:A: Which unions are active here?这儿都有哪些工会?B: Ill come back to that after weve looked at this...我等一会儿就会谈到它……工作前我是否要接受一些培训呢?Shall I receive some training before I get to work?For example:A: Shall I receive some training before I get to work?工作前我是否要接受一些培训呢?B: Yes. All our new employees will go through our in-house training.是的。我们所有的新员工都要参加公司内部培训。我想马上工作。I want to get to work.For example:A: I want to get to work.我想马上工作。B: Dont worry. You will be working soon.别担心,你马上就能工作了。我希望在给你布置工作前你先看一下产品目录。Id like you to look over the products brochures before I give you some assignment.培训计划要多少时间?How long will the training program be?For example:A: How long will the training program be?培训计划要多少时间?B: About three weeks.大约三个星期。how long 多久你准备好接受在职培训了吗?Are you y to have the on-the-job training?For example:A: Are you y to have the on-the-job training?你准备好接受在职培训了吗?B: Yes. I cant wait to know what kind of job I will do.是的。我迫不及待地想知道我要做哪些工作。on-the-job training 在职培训如果我遇到了一些问题,我该怎么做?What will I do if I come into some problems?For example:A: What will I do if I come into some problems?如果我遇到了 一些问题,我该怎么做?B: You can ask those experienced colleagues and consult your boss.你可以向经验丰富的同事们请教,也可以问你的上司。come into 遇到我是独自工作吗?Will I work alone?A: Will I work alone?我是独自工作吗?B: Of course not. If it is a big deal, a lot of people will do it together.当然不是。如果是笔大买卖,会有很多人一起做的。你被安排在海外部。You will be assigned to the overseas section.assign sb. to...委派到……,本句使用了其被动语态。你的桌子在陈先生旁边,他是部门主管。Your desk will be next to Mr. Chens. Hes the Section Chief.到了月底,工作会变得比较紧张。Things get rather hectic around the end of the month.hectic(adj.)兴奋的,激动的,闹哄哄的have a hectic time.闹哄哄地乱了一场有关薪水的问题,你要去问陈先生。Im afraid youll have to ask Mr. Chen about your salary.人事部要通知我们的新员工来签约。Personnel want me to inform our new employee to come in and sign the contract.sign contract 签约 /201502/359183

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