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讲解文本:elaborate 精致的,精美的,精心设计的This restaurant is famous for its elaborate dishes.这家饭店以精美的菜品闻名。I really like your plan. It is elaborate.我喜欢你的计划,非常周密,精心设计。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201705/509547

忐忑英语:跟我用英语说 What is telephone,学生接受说话训练:What is telephone? 我们强迫她用英语句子记住英语,而不是用中文忘英语。 /201603/431494

栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:go dutch 各付个(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201505/373452

  Daniel: Hey, Vale, how are you?丹尼尔:嗨,瓦尔,你好吗?Valeria: Fine, and you, Daniel, how are you?瓦莱里娅:我很好,你呢,丹尼尔,你好吗?Daniel: Very well thanks. I have a question for you.丹尼尔:非常好,谢谢你。我有个问题要问你。Valeria: OK, tell me.瓦莱里娅:好,问吧。Daniel: Since youre from Argentina, Id have to ask you about soccer.丹尼尔:你来自阿根廷,所以我想问和足球有关的问题。Valeria: Yes, sure. What do you want to know about soccer?瓦莱里娅:好啊。有关足球你想知道什么?Daniel: Argentina is really famous for soccer.丹尼尔:阿根廷的足球运动非常出名。Valeria: Right.瓦莱里娅:对。Daniel: Because Ive seen it from the news but I dont have the feeling or I dont really know how Argentinian people live football.丹尼尔:这是我在新闻里看到的,可是我没有这种感觉,我真的不知道阿根廷人这么热爱足球。Valeria: OK, let me tell you that for us, football is something like natural.瓦莱里娅:好,我来跟你说一下,对我们来说,足球就像自然一样。Daniel: What do you mean by that?丹尼尔:这是什么意思?Valeria: Its like when especially if you are a boy, when you come back from school after having lunch what we do is like going with your friends to play soccer on the street.瓦莱里娅:尤其是孩提时代,吃完午饭从学校回来以后,我们喜欢和朋友在街上踢足球。Daniel: On the street?丹尼尔:在街上?Valeria: Yes. Like this, meaning that everybody has the experience of playing soccer.瓦莱里娅:对。就是说所有人都有踢球的经历。Daniel: Yeah, I have it myself too. I used to do that when I was a kid.丹尼尔:好。我也踢过球。我小时候也踢过。Valeria: So meaning that in Chile its kind of the same?瓦莱里娅:你是说智利也是这样的吗?Daniel: Yeah, I think you, since you can run and kick the ball, I mean everyone practice football or soccer.丹尼尔:对,奔跑、踢球,所有人都在练习踢球。Valeria: How about the teams?瓦莱里娅:那球队呢?Daniel: What about them?丹尼尔:球队怎么了?Valeria: How you choose a team in your country?瓦莱里娅:你怎么在你们国家选择一个持的球队?Daniel: Thats, I think thats an issue. You have to choose just one team basically.丹尼尔:这是个问题。你只能选择一个球队。Valeria: What do you mean just one team?瓦莱里娅:只能选一个是什么意思?Daniel: You cant support several teams, its just one.丹尼尔:你不能持很多球队,只能持一个球队。Valeria: I see and it should be the same through all your life or can we, or you can change?瓦莱里娅:我明白了,就是一生中只能持一个球队,可以改变持的球队吗?Daniel: OK, you can change but its not really, its not allowed actually by your friends or your family.丹尼尔:可以,不过你的朋友和家人不会允许你这么做。Valeria: Sorry, does anybody change team?瓦莱里娅:抱歉,那有人改为持别的队吗?Daniel: Ive seen some people who have changed but theyre not really like into soccer. If youre really into soccer you would never change it and not because of your group or not because of society, because if youre really into football thats if you choose a team, thats the team you support forever.丹尼尔:我知道有些人改变了持的球队,不过他们不太喜欢足球。如果你真的很喜欢足球,你不会更改你持的球队,这并不是因为你所在的社交圈子,而是因为你真的很喜欢足球,如果你选择持一个球队,那那球队就是你会永远持的球队。Valeria: Because in Argentina it is said there are two things that you cannot change, your mum and your team.瓦莱里娅:在阿根廷,人们说有两件事不会改变,你的母亲和你持的球队。Daniel: OK, thats good.丹尼尔:好,这很好。Valeria: No matter how bad things are for your team, you have to support, you will support the same team all your life.瓦莱里娅:无论你持的球队情况有多糟糕,你也必须要继续持他们,你一生都只能持这球队。Daniel: Yeah, we dont have that saying in Chile but I think its pretty much the same. You shouldnt change your team.丹尼尔:好,我们智利并没有这种说法,不过我想智利的情况也是一样的。你不应该更改你持的球队。 译文属 /201609/468851

  unit 250 送餐失误dialogue 英语情景对话A:Waiter, can you come here for a moment?A:务员,能过来一下吗?B:Yes, is there something wrong?B:妤的,有什么问题吗?A:Im afraid youve made a mistake. This isnt what I ordered.A:恐怕你搞错了,这不是我点的菜。B:So sorry, I must have confused the orders. Ill check it.B:非常抱歉,一定是我搞混点菜单了,我去查一下。A:And also this soup is cold.A:还有,这碗汤也是凉的。B:Im really sorry, Ill bring you a hot one right away.B:实在对不起,我马上给您换一碗热汤来。 /201511/410588。


  unit 335 购买桌子dialogue 英语情景对话A:Do you have any tables?A:你们有桌子卖吗?B:Yes. Weve got plenty of tables in stock. Will you have a look at this one?B:我们这里桌子有的是。想看看这张吗?A:Its a nice color, and the style is not bad, but a bit too small. Id like to get a slightly larger one.A:这张颜色不错,式样也不错,只是太小了一点。我想要一张稍大一点的。B:How about this one?B:这张怎么样?A:Mmm, I like it. How much is it?A:哦,我挺喜欢。多少钱?B:Seveniy US dollars.B:70美元。A:Here is the money. Could you deliver this to my house?A:给你钱。你们能帮我把这张桌子送到家吗?B:Of course. We are always at year service.B:没问题。我们随时为你务。A:Here is my name card. Thanks.A:这是我的名片。谢谢。B:You are welcome.B:不客气。 /201602/426729讲解文本:go dutch AA制,各付各帐Lets go dutch this time. 这次我们AA制。split the bill 分摊费用split 使分开,使分离We decided to split the bill for our dinner.我们决定要分摊晚餐的费用。 疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201608/459922

  You look prettier in person. 你本人更漂亮。例句:A:You look prettier in person.你本人更漂亮。B:Thank you.谢谢。A:You look prettier in person.你本人更漂亮。B:Yeah,Im not photogenic.是的,我不太上相。photogenic上相的A:You look prettier in person.你本人更漂亮。B:Of course I do.是的。背景音乐:Harry Connick,Jr-someday关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201611/471113Todd: Adrienne, you said you mother lives in Hong Kong.托德:埃德里安娜,你说过你妈妈生活在香港。Adrienne: Thats right.埃德里安娜:没错。Todd: Wow. Why is she in Hong Kong?托德:哇。她为什么在香港生活。Adrienne: Shes there for work actually.埃德里安娜:她在香港工作。Todd: Oh, yeah. What does she do?托德:哦,好。她从事什么工作?Adrienne: Its difficult to explain because I dont really understand it myself but she works for a corporation in the States and shes on assignment in Hong Kong.埃德里安娜:这很难解释,因为我自己也不太清楚,我知道她在一家美国公司工作,后来被委派去香港工作。Todd: So what does your mother think of Hong Kong so far?托德:你母亲认为香港怎么样?Adrienne: Oh, she loves it. Of course, she misses being home with her family, with all of us, but its quite an adventure of course to live overseas and she has a great apartment and a view of the harbor and shes really enjoying doing a lot of traveling and stuff so shes having a good time.埃德里安娜:哦,她非常喜欢香港。当然,她很想家人,很想念我们,不过在海外生活是种有意思的体验,她有一间能看到港口的大公寓,她非常喜欢旅行,所以她过得很开心。Todd: So have you actually been out to Hong Kong to see her?托德:你有去香港看过她吗?Adrienne: Of course. Many times.埃德里安娜:当然了,我去过很多次。Todd: So what was it like when you were in Hong Kong?托德:你在香港时感觉怎么样?Adrienne: Its hot and humid like a lot of places in Asia especially in the summer. But its very hot, very humid but a beautiful city. Its like I said, a harbor city, so theres water everywhere, and I think actually the name Hong Kong, maybe someone will correct me about this, but I think it means like fragrant harbor, or good harbor, something like that, so its an interesting name, but it is, its just all water. Its beautiful.埃德里安娜:香港的夏天和大部分亚洲国家的夏天一样,又热又潮湿。虽然香港又热又潮湿,不过那里是个美丽的城市。我之前说过,香港是港口城市,所以雨水非常多,也许有人会纠正我,不过我认为香港这个名字的意思就是“芳香的港湾”或是“良港”,这个名字非常有意思,香港经常下雨,不过很漂亮。Todd: What things did you really enjoy about Hong Kong?托德:你最喜欢香港的什么地方?Adrienne: The shopping of course. Hong Kong has great shopping. Theres Stanley Market.埃德里安娜:当然是购物。香港是购物天堂。香港有个赤柱市集。Todd: Stanley Market? Whats that?托德:赤柱市集,那是什么?Adrienne: Its just a market area. Its on the other side of the island from downtown and its well-know for having lots of souvenirs, but lots of things like purses and scarves and shoes and clothes and everything, and very reasonably priced.埃德里安娜:是个市场。就在岛区的另一边,赤柱市集因有大量的纪念品出售而闻名,不过那里也卖钱包、围巾、鞋、衣等其它东西,而且价格合理。Todd: So when you went to Stanley Market, did you buy anything?托德:你去赤柱市集的时候有买东西吗?Adrienne: Of course. I bought lots of purses and shoes and accessories. All of the fun stuff.埃德里安娜:当然买了。我买了许多钱包、鞋和饰品。都是有趣的物件。Todd: Multiple? You bought more than one purse?托德:许多?你不只买了一个钱包?Adrienne: Oh, yes, of course.埃德里安娜:对,当然了。Todd: Why would you buy more than one purse?托德:你为什么要买那么多钱包?Adrienne: A couple reasons. One, it was very cheap. Two, it was.... I was planing ahead for Christmas.埃德里安娜:有几个原因。首先,那里的价格非常便宜;第二,当时我在为圣诞节做准备。Todd: So, in Hong Kong, when you buy something, is it standard to haggle about the price, or is it pretty standard... do you pay the price thats written?托德:在香港购物,你是可以讨价还价,还是不能还价,要按照标价付?Adrienne: Um, at the regular shops, you know, any kind of standard mall or boutique, that kind of place, of course the prices are set, but if you go to the market you can usually get a bargain.埃德里安娜:嗯,在一般的商店里,比如大型购物中心和精品店,不能砍价,不过在市场里买东西通常都能还价,能买到便宜货。 译文属 /201508/392699


  A: How time flies! Our college life will end in four months.A: 时间过得真快啊。四个月后们的大学生活就要画上句号了。B: Yes. Have you made up your mind where to go after graduation?B: 是啊。你决定毕业后去哪里工作了吗?A: I have no idea yet. Maybe Ill go back to my hometown. I like my families around me. Well, what about you?A: 暂时还没想清楚。或许回老家吧。我喜欢有亲人在身边。你怎么打算的呢?B: Ive decided to go to the South such as Shenzhen.B: 我决定去南方发展,像深圳。A: Sounds so far. Im afraid it wil be tough to work and live away from home.A: 好远啊。我担心你一个人离家在外工作会很辛苦。B: You are right, but I think there are good opportunities for me to develop my abilities.B: 你说得没错。不过我觉得那里会有更利于我发展的好机会。A: Thats true. Frankly speaking, I really admire your courage.A: 那倒是。坦白讲,我真的很佩你的勇气。B: Ha-ha, wish me good luck.B: 哈哈,祝我好运吧。 /201506/376953。

  9. The board of directors made the decision to expand the scale of our company.董事会决定扩大公司规模。还能这样说:The board of directors decided to expand our companys scale.The board of directors made up their mind to double the size of our company.应用:go by the board 未成功;on even board with 与……齐头并进,处于平等地位10. Almost every process is computerized.几乎每一道工序都是由电脑控制的。还能这样说:Almost every process is controlled by computer.Almost every process is finished under the computer.应用:in the process 在进行中;in the process of sth./doing sth. 在从事某任务的过程中11. Our factory is beginning to expand, and the prospects are considerable.我厂正着手扩产改造,发展前景可观。还能这样说:Our factory will have considerable prospects because we are trying to expand the scale.Our company is beginning to expand, and we will have great potential.应用:considerable的意思是:值得考虑的,不可忽视的,重要的;相当大的,可观的。例如:I bought the painting at considerable expense.我花了大价钱才买到这幅画。12. We own an average-sized company.我们拥有一个中等规模的公司。还能这样说:Our company is middle-sized.We have a company which is of medium size.应用:take/follow a middle course (取)中间路线,(行)中庸之道;bang in the middle/center 恰恰在正中间;in the middle of nowhere 在偏僻的地方 /201501/352765

  4. Requesting a Wake-up Call 4.要求叫醒电话A: I have an early meeting, so can I get a wake-up call?A:我有一个早会,所以我可以得到一个叫醒电话吗?B: Sure! What time should we call you?B:当然!我们应该什么时候打给你?A: Can you call my room at six in the morning?A:你可以在早上六点打到我房间吗?B: Just tell me your room number.B:告诉我你的房间号。A: Im staying in room 302.A:我待在302室。B: Okay, Mr. Roberts. Well call you at 6 a.m.B:好吧,罗伯茨先生。我们会在6点会打电话给你。A: What happens if I dont answer?A:如果我不回答怎么办?B: Then youll probably miss your meeting.B:那你可能会错过你的会议。A: Can I request a second wake-up call?A:我可以请求第二次叫醒电话吗?B: What time should we schedule the second wake-up call?B:我们应该把第二次叫醒务安排在什么时候?A: Call me again at 6:15 a.m. if I dont answer at six.A:如果我六点没有回答,在6点15再叫我一遍。B: So we have one wake-up call at six and a second one fifteen minutes later. B:所以我们又一次叫醒电话在6点,第二次在15分钟后。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/430598


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