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瑞金市中医院激光祛痣多少钱瑞金市手术疤痕修复多少钱I dont think my Mama found that very very funny,at least thats what her lawyer told me我不认为我妈妈觉得那很搞笑 至少他的律师是这么说的So here I have something to share with you.I have written another book我这儿有些东西要跟你们分享 我又写了一本书And I aly have two.The first book I wrote was My Point And I Do Have One我之前已经写了两本 我的第一本书是;My Point And I Do Have One;The second book was The Funny Thing IS.And I didnt even go to college,so how good is that第二本是;The Funny Thing IS; 我连大学都没上过呢 一切都太美好了Ive written a third one,the trilogy is complete now.It is called Seriously Im kidding我又写了第三本 现在三部曲算是完整了 它的名字是 Seriously Im KiddingAnd it is gonna be in bookstores October 4th,you can pre-order it right now on amazon.com10月4号就要上架了 你们可以去amazon.com提前预定Come which you should because its gonna fly off the shells like hot cakes你们得赶紧啊 要不就抢不到喽It really is my favorite book so far,so I think youll enjoy it这可是我目前为止最爱的书 我想你们会喜欢的I think a few important people got advance copies and it seems like when people start ing it they just cant put it down有些大人物提前拿到了几本 他们可是一拿起来就放不下了呢I dont know if you saw the Presidents jobs speaks the other day,take a look不知道你们有没有看总统前几天的演讲 我们一起来看一下This jobs plan builds on a program in Georgia that several Republican leaders have highlighted这项就业计划建立在乔治亚州的一个项目上 一些共和的领袖已经强调过这个项目Where people who collect unemployment insurance participate in temporary work as a way to build their skills while they look for a permanent job在那儿 领取失业保险的人参与临时工作 以此锻炼工作能力 好找到一份长期工The plan also extends on unemployment insurance for another year.该计划还将失业保险的期限延长一年yeah,Hes highlighting.That is rude.The president should really quiet down so he could .是的 他在书上做笔记呢 太无礼了 总统先生应该安静一下 要不别人怎么看书呢Thats how funny it is,you wanna highlight parts to remember later on很搞笑吧 你需要记得书上的东西就得做笔记We have a wonderful show for you today.Im gonna show you what happened when I visited Taylor Swift on her tour.right after this comercial well be right back今天的节目很精 我会告诉你们Taylor Swift的巡演后台发生了些什么 广告过后 马上回来 /201610/471485赣州俪人医院整形美容中心技术如何 The U.S. government is telling parents to not rely too heavily on rice cereal as a food staple for babies because it is a leading cause of arsenic exposure for infants. 美国政府告诉父母不要过分依赖米糊作为婴儿的主食,因为这是婴儿砷接触的主要原因。The Food and Drug Administration said in a news release that it is working to reduce the levels of inorganic arsenic in rice cereal for babies because of the concerns. 食品和药品在新闻稿中表示,正在努力降低婴儿米糊中的无机砷含量。FDA officials are requiring rice cereal to contain no more than 100 parts per billion of inorganic arsenic. 美国食品药品官员要求大米谷物中无机砷含量每10亿不超过100个单位。But, the agency also encouraged parents to not feed their kids too much cereal. 但是,该机构还鼓励家长不要给孩子喂过多的谷物。Exposure to inorganic arsenic can lead to developmental issues for children, such as decreased performance on developmental tests. 接触无机砷可导致儿童发育问题,如发育测试性能下降。The FDA says the risk also applies to pregnant women.美国食品药品表示妇也有同样的风险。译文属。201604/435500赣州去除疤痕要多少钱

赣县人民医院激光除皱手术多少钱Childrens literature儿童文学Much red ing books大量红色读物The politics of childrens stories儿童读物的政治性Once upon a time there was a loyal citizen从前有一个忠诚的市民IN CHINA in Mao Zedongs day, frivolous childhood pursuits such as ing were frowned on. The few childrens books that were tolerated told stories of revolution and class struggle. These days, toddlers are allowed to have more fun. But though the message has changed, parents and the state still believe the primary role of such works is to shape young minds, not amuse them.毛泽东时期的中国,毫无意义的童年追求,例如阅读,常常是不被赞同的。只有那些少部分关于革命和阶级斗争的儿童读物可以出版。今天,孩子们的读物变得更有趣味性。然而,即使儿童读物的限制已经改变,父母和国家仍然认为这些儿童读物的使命是塑造孩子的思想,而不仅仅是。Sales of childrens literature have risen by double digits in most of the past ten years, much faster than the growth of book sales overall. The number of childrens titles has more than tripled since 2005. This partly reflects a growing demand for products aimed at indulged only-children. A cost-conscious reluctance to have more offspring, which was reinforced by the countrys recently relaxed one-child policy, helped fuel that demand. The richer parents are, the more they splash out on childrens books.过去十年里,儿童文学书籍的销量有了两位数的增长,比图书销量整体增长更快。自2005年以来,儿童书籍的数量翻了三倍多。这一定程度上反应了针对万千宠爱于一身的独生子女不断增长的产品需求。推动这种需求的原因正是具有成本意识的人们不愿意养更多的子女,而这种意识是独生子女政策所强化的,但是这个政策目前有所松懈。父母越富裕,就越愿意在儿童书籍上花钱。Booksellers see a huge moneymaking opportunity. Most publishers of literature for adults now offer childrens titles too. Around half of the 100 best-selling books last year were for youngsters—a higher share than in Britain or America. There is a growing variety of genres. Picture books for under-fives have been taking off; fiction for older teenagers is thriving.书商由此看到了一个巨大的赚钱机会。现在大部分成人读物出版商也开始出版儿童读物。去年前100部畅销书其中大约有一半是针对儿童的----无论英国还是美国,都没有这么高的比例。而且体裁种类越来越多。为五岁以下儿童量身定做的图画书大受欢迎;针对青少年的小说也在蓬勃发展。Unsurprisingly, given the huge emphasis in China that is placed on passing exams, many titles aim purely to teach facts. Parents like to buy non-fiction, even for children still learning to . Some books—printed on paperboard and intended mainly for under-twos—aim to teach the Roman alphabet to infants. Volumes for toddlers with titles such as “How to be a Meteorologist” and “Superstars of Science” do well.基于中国很大的重点在于通过考试,很多书目仅限于传授事实,这一点毫不奇怪。即使孩子还只是在咿呀学语的阶段,家长也会喜欢买非小说类的读物。一些印刷在纸板上,适于两岁及以下的儿童读物竟然旨在教那些婴儿罗马字母表。那些标题为“如何成为气象学家”或是“科学巨星”等系列儿童读物销量都很不错。The moral is often laid on thick. One provincial publisher (state-owned, like all of them) has titled a six-volume set of nursery rhymes “A Good Father is Better Than a Good Teacher”. Chinese-language versions of foreign classics often proclaim their didactic worth: Paddington, a marmalade-loving bear from darkest Peru, is a model of “thoughtfulness, modesty and self-discipline”, proclaims the blurb on the cover of a translation of Michael Bonds popular stories.道德伦理经常受到极大的吹捧。一个省出版社(所有的这些出版社都是国有的)给一部六卷的儿歌加的标题是“好父亲胜于好老师”。一些经典外文读物的中文版经常带有道德说教意味:迈克尔?邦德畅销书籍译本封面上写道:帕丁顿熊,一只来自秘鲁最深处且深爱橘子酱的熊是“周到,谦虚和自律”的榜样。Chinas publishers remain profoundly conservative. They shun books with naughty or frivolous children, or where youngsters outsmart their elders. Cute animals vastly outnumber rebellious figures such as pirates. Few books depict siblings, aunts, uncles or cousins—relationships little understood by the young, thanks to the one-child policy.中国出版社依旧非常保守。他们不会出版那些关于淘气或者不务正业的孩子的书籍,以及那些描述孩子的智慧超过大人的书籍。所出书籍中可爱的动物远多于海盗这样的叛逆的人物。独生子女政策使得年轻一代对兄弟,阿姨,叔叔或者同辈表亲(或堂亲)这样的关系理解极少,因此描述这样的关系的书籍也是几乎没有。Though far less visible than it was in Maos day, politics still lurks. Publishers have internally appointed censors whose job is to ensure that the Communist Partys line is not transgressed. One executive says she avoids publishing history books for children where “the story does not match the narrative” approved by the party. Maps showing the island of Taiwan as a separate country are omitted from translations. Even a toddlers bedtime story is part of a bigger political picture.虽不似毛泽东时代那样显而易见,但政治思想依旧根深蒂固。出版机构内部其实委派了相关的书籍检查员来确保这些读物不违背中共的路线。一位行政部门人员说道她不会向儿童出版党审核出的“与叙述不符合的故事”类历史书。那些不将台湾划入中国版图的地图无法翻译出版。即使是儿童的睡前读物也是巨大政治图景的一部分。翻译:吴茂amp;李晶晶 校对:马里奥译文属译生译世 /201603/431730赣州脱毛医院好 Teacher recruitment教师招募Those who can能者胜任How to turn teaching into a job that attracts high-flyers怎样使得教学变成了吸引成功人士的工作IMINE a job where excellence does nothing to improve your pay or chances of promotion, and failure carries little risk of being sacked. Your pay is low for your qualifications—but at least the holidays are long, and the pension is gold-plated.想象一下,一个工作卓越人士无须做什么事情即可提高你的工资或晋升的机会,出现故障被解雇的风险很小。你的工资低于你的资历,但至少假期长,养老金是“镀金”般有保障的。Teaching ought to be a profession for hard-working altruists who want to improve childrens life prospects. But all too often school systems seem designed to attract mediocre timeservers. Many Mexican teachers have inherited their jobs; Brazilian ones earn less than other public servants, and retire much earlier. Each school-day a quarter of Indian teachers play truant. In New York it is so hard to sack teachers that even those accused of theft or assault may be parked away from pupils, doing “administrative tasks” on full pay, sometimes for years.教学应该是一个为想要改善儿童的生活前景勤劳的利他主义者的专业。但很多时候学校系统似乎旨在吸引平庸的趋炎附势之人。许多墨西哥教师继承了他们的工作;巴西那些教师收入低于其他公务人员,并提前退休了。每所学校一天四分之一的印度教师罢工。在纽约很难解雇教师,即使是那些被指控偷窃或侵犯远离学生的教师,有时多年全薪做“管理任务”。You can find outstanding individuals in the worst school systems. But, as lazy and incompetent teachers get away with slacking, the committed ones often lose motivation. In America and Britain surveys find plummeting morale. Jaded British teachers on online forums remind each other that it is just a few months till the long summer break—and just a few years till retirement. No wonder so many children struggle to learn: no school can be better than those who work in it.您可以在最恶劣的学校系统找到先进个人。但是,由于懒惰和无能的教师逃脱松弛,负责的教师往往失去动力。在美国和英国的调查发现士气一落千丈。在网上论坛疲倦不堪的的英国老师提醒对方,坚持到漫长的暑假仅仅只有短短数月,并且直到退休只有短短几年。难怪这么多孩子努力学习:没有学校可以比那些孩子在这工作得更好。Yet it is possible to persuade the hardworking and ambitious to teach. Finland pays teachers modestly but manages them well; ten graduates apply for each training place. South Korea recruits teachers from the top 5% of school-leavers and promises them fat pay cheques. In both countries teachers are revered—and results are among the worlds best.然而,有可能说勤奋和雄心勃勃的教导者。芬兰付教师的薪酬不多,但他们善于管理; 10名毕业生申请每次实习的地方。韩国从高中毕业生中排名前5%里抽取学生进行教师招聘,并承诺他们充沛的工资。在这两个国家的教师受到崇敬——其结果是世界上最好的。Even where the profession is in disrepute, high-flyers can be lured into the classroom. Teach for America, which sends star graduates from elite universities for two-year stints in rough schools, is being copied around the globe. Private employers snap up its alumni—but many stay in teaching. Teach First, Britains version, has helped raise standards in London and is one of the countrys most prestigious graduate employers. Such schemes are small, but show that when teaching is recast as tough and rewarding, the right sort clamour to join.即使在专业是声名狼藉,成功人士可以被引诱成为教师。为美国而教,使得精英大学的星级毕业生两年都就职于水平较差的学校,这种情况在全球各地都在效仿出现。人雇主抢购校友,但很多都停留在教学。教育首先,英国方面,有助于提高在伦敦标准,伦敦是全国最负盛名的毕业生的雇主之一。这些计划虽小,但是显示当教育被改写为坚韧和奖励,学校将会进行正确排序。Sping the revolution to the entire profession will mean dumping the perks cherished by slackers and setting terms that appeal to the hardworking. That may well mean higher pay—but also less generous pensions and holidays. Why not encourage teachers to use the long vacation for catch-up classes for pupils who have fallen behind? Stiffer entry requirements would raise the jobs status and attract better applicants. Pay rises should reward excellence, not long service. Underperformers should be shown the door.传播革命理念给整个行业将意味着被逃避工作之人和头脑清醒者所珍视并吸引勤劳者珍惜的额外津贴。这可能意味着更高的薪水——也不太丰厚的退休金和节假日。为什么不鼓励教师利用长假对已经落后的学生进行补课教育?更严厉的入学要求会提高工作的地位和吸引更好的申请人。加薪应奖励优秀者,而非长期的工作务。表现不佳应该被扫地出门。Standing in the way, almost everywhere, are the unions. Their willingness to back shirkers over strivers should not be underestimated: in Washington, DC, when the schools boss (a Teach for America alumna) offered teachers much higher pay in return for less job security, their union balked.路上,几乎无处不在是工会组织。他们卸责于奋斗者之上的意愿不容小觑:在华盛顿,当学校的老板(一个做教师,校友)提供教师高得多的薪酬以换取较少的工作保障,他们的工会犹豫不决。Class action集体诉讼But against the unions is a growing coalition: the leaders in public administration and private enterprise who have been through Teach for America and its ilk. They know what it takes to succeed in difficult schools, and what it would take for success to become the norm. They know that what good teachers want most of all is good colleagues. As they become more numerous and influential, they need to argue for a new deal for teachers. The good ones deserve it—and pupils do, too.但对工会是一个不断增长的联盟:在公共管理和民营企业的领导者经历过为美国和其同类而教授。他们知道如何才能在困难的学校成功,怎样做才能成功成为常态。他们知道,好教师最希望的还是不错的同事。当他们变得越来越多,具有影响力,他们需要争取教师的新协议。好人应该得到它,学生们也同样如此。译者:肖登怡译文属译生译世 /201504/370324赣州微整形注射隆鼻

赣州无创隆鼻哪里好Greeces finance minister希腊财政部长Absent professor心不在焉的教授The immovable Yanis Varoufakis毫不动摇的雅尼斯·瓦鲁法克斯ALMOST every recent Greek finance minister has been an Athens university economics professor moonlighting as a politician. Yanis Varoufakis is no exception. But unlike his predecessors, Mr Varoufakis has become a global celebrity, to the annoyance of many in Syriza, the leftist party in power. To his critics, Mr Varoufakiss lifestyle—riding a powerful motorbike, spending evenings in chic bars and weekends at a smart island villa belonging to his wife—is embarrassingly close to that of the rich Greeks he castigates for avoiding taxes by stashing cash abroad.希腊近几任财政部长皆为希腊大学的经济学教授,业余职业是政治家。雅尼斯·瓦鲁法克斯也不例外。但与前几任部长不同的是,他已是全球瞩目的热门人物,惹来执政党激进左翼联盟中诸多人士的不满。瓦鲁法克斯财长经常骑着飙劲十足的托车,夜晚沉浸在时尚酒吧,周末在妻子的智能沙滩别墅度过。在其批评家看来,这差不多是希腊富豪阶级的生活方式,而瓦鲁法克斯财长也严惩海外存钱避税的富豪阶级,这种矛盾的表现令人哭笑不得。The leather-jacketed Mr Varoufakis is not much liked by his euro-zone colleagues either. He lectures them and shows little interest in the details of reforms demanded by Greeces creditors. The pace of negotiations has picked up as Greeces cash crunch gets more acute. But Mr Varoufakis continues to raise obstacles, say officials in Brussels and Frankfurt. He is deeply reluctant to cross any of Syrizas “red lines”: no more cuts in pensions, no more labour reforms, no increases in value-added tax and no privatisations beyond the handful that are aly under way.身着皮夹克的瓦鲁法克斯财长亦不招欧元区同僚的喜欢。他训斥他们,对希腊债权人发起的改革详情几乎毫无兴趣。随着希腊现金危机的不断加剧,谈判进程才恢复正常。但是,据布鲁塞尔与法兰克福两市的官员称,瓦鲁法克斯还是不断加以为难。他极其不愿越激进左翼联盟的“雷池”一步,即禁止再度削减养老金,禁止劳力改革,禁止提高增值税,禁止少数人以外的私有化扩大。Divisions within Syrizas economic team do not help. Amazingly, Mr Varoufakis is often away on the international conference circuit. In his absence Yannis Dragasakis, the deputy prime minister, who is close to Mr Tsipras but not to Mr Varoufakis, takes over. His messages to the “institutions”, as the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission are now known (in place of the hated “troika”), are more conciliatory than those of Mr Varoufakis. But their senior officials are still banned by Mr Varoufakis from holding discussions in the finance ministry inAthens.激进左翼联盟经济团队的内部分化也于事无补。而国际电话会议上常常不见瓦鲁法克斯其人,让人不可思议。在其缺席期间,亲齐普拉斯的Yannis Dragasakis副总理代其参会。他在会议上向如今熟知的国际货币基金组织、欧洲中央以及欧盟委员会“三方集团”(取代“三巨头”这一令人厌恶的称呼)传达的信息相较于瓦鲁法克斯的而言,调解性强。但瓦鲁法克斯财长仍然禁止三方机构的高级官员在雅典财政部举行洽谈会。Greeceis unlikely to reach a deal this month with its creditors. Mr Varoufakis is trying to buy more time. The latest wheeze was to get local authorities and other public agencies to transfer their cash reserves to the central bank. But without a deal,Greece seems certain to run out of money to repay its debts to the IMF and ECB. Some fret that Mr Varoufakiss half-hearted negotiating tactics show a lack of commitment to keeping Greece in the euro. As a fellow economics professor puts it: “Unlike his predecessors, Yanis isnt interested in managing the economy. What he really enjoys is brinkmanship.”希腊本月与其债权人达成协议看来无望。瓦鲁法克斯财长设法周旋,以拖延时间。最新的举动即让地方政府等机构将其现金储备转移到中央。如果双方还未达成协议,希腊很可能为偿还国际货币基金组织与欧洲央行的债务而落得倾家荡产。有些人士万分焦灼,表示瓦鲁法克斯财长在谈判中不太认真,并未表现出希腊留在欧元区的承诺和决心。正如一位经济学教授同仁所言:“真正让瓦鲁法克斯上心的不是管理经济,而是实行边缘政策。” 翻译:石海霞 校对:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201505/373054 Last Friday, I said Saturdays game would be the ;Mother of all Michigan-Michigan State games.;Clearly, I had no idea. For the first time in years, the rivalry was billed as a heavyweight prize fight – and it delivered.The Spartans outgained the Wolverines, but Michigan held the lead until the last play.How? By relying on great special teams play, especially from their fantastic punter, Blake ONeill.ONeill grew up in Melbourne playing Aussie Rules Football, a game that requires unusual strength, stamina and coordination. He decided to jump the ocean to play American college football, first at Weber State, and now at Michigan.When Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh met him this summer, and asked him to kick the ball, ONeill asked, ;Which way?;When Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh met him this summer, and asked him to kick the ball, ONeill asked, ;Which way?;Unlike American kickers, ONeill can deliver the football high, low, or with a running start to his right.Harbaugh liked them all, and made ONeill the teams starting punter.ONeill has been spectacular.He has stuck half his punts inside the opponents 20-yard line, for average returns of less than two yards. Against Michigan State, ONeill was in top form, kicking three punts inside the Spartans ten-yard line, one of them a staggering 80 yards, the longest in Michigan Stadiums history. With Michigan holding a 2 point lead, and ten seconds left with the ball at mid-field, Michigan needed only to punt the ball, and kill the remaining seconds to win. The snap came to ONeill a little low. The ball bounced off his hands, and onto the turf. He scooped it up, and tried to kick it. But instead, he inadvertently tossed the ball to Michigan States Jalen Watts-Jackson, who dashed down the sidelines for the game-winning score.Michigan State fans were ecstatic.Michigan fans were too shocked to be upset, standing with their hands on their heads in stunned silence.Given the unbelievable events, I thought the players, coaches and fans generally carried themselves with class.The only disturbing behavior came from a minority of Michigan fans – not toward the Spartans, but Michigan punter Blake ONeill.A man named Chris Vomish tweeted that ONeill should go to the equipment room and ;start chugging that bleach my friend.;After fans reacted to his tweet, Vomish deleted it, explaining that, ;Everyones entitled to their opinion,; apparently confusing his asinine comment with an actual opinion.Another tweeter told ONeill to ;jump off of a cliff into a pool of spikes and cyanide; and that ;you might as well cut your hands off.;Alas, this is not new. In 1905, Michigan was riding a 56-game winning streak. In the last game of the season against arch-rival Chicago, Michigans Denny Clark tried to run the ball out of the endzone, got caught for a safety, and Michigan lost 2-0.Clark received hate mail and death threats, but also a rousing reception upon his return to campus. However, 27 years later, in a Portland, Oregon, hotel room, he wrote a note saying he hoped his ;final play; would make up for it all, and killed himself. Since then, the only thing thats really changed is the Internet, where cowardice masquerades as courage.Twitter amplifies the worst sides of our worst people.But the better angels among us, including some Spartans, stood up and showered ONeill with sympathy and support.They even set up a Facebook page for ONeill, which has more than 11,000 subscribers.Today is a good time to remember that these games only matter because we say they do – we created this play in the first place.Sports build character, but they also reveal character -- and not just of the athletes.201510/404604赣州市中医院治疗青春痘多少钱于都县脸部激光美白多少钱




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