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赣州俪人整形医院激光脱毛做的怎么样赣州点痣医院The jury is still out on whether vitamin C can treat or prevent a cold, but a recent review of the scientific literature suggests that it does have some benefits.虽然维生素C能否治疗或预防感冒依然没有定论,但是最近的一项科学文献综述表明,它确实有一些好处。While supplementing with vitamin C may not prevent colds, according to the studies, there#39;s some evidence that taking vitamin C regularly can help us bounce back from a cold faster.虽然补充维生素C可能不能预防感冒,但是该研究称,有一些据表明,定期用维生素C可以帮助我们更快地从感冒中恢复。;Supplemental vitamin C may lessen the duration and symptoms of the common cold because of its immune-enhancing effects,; says registered dietitian Lisa Fischer.注册营养师莉萨·费希尔表示:;补充维生素C可以缩短常见感冒的持续时间,减轻感冒的症状,因为它有增强免疫力的效果。;;It#39;s not like if you take vitamin C, it#39;s going cure your cold, but it makes the body more capable of fighting off the virus once you have it.;;但这不是说如果你用了维生素C,它就会治愈你的感冒。不过你用的维生素C会使身体对抗病毒的能力更强。;In addition to boosting the immune system, Fischer says vitamin C helps repair and regenerate tissue, protect against heart disease and certain cancers, aid in iron absorption, decrease LDL cholesterol, and plays a role in building collagen.除了增强免疫系统,费希尔表示,维生素C有助于修复和再生组织、防止心脏病和某些癌症、帮助铁吸收、减少低密度脂蛋白胆固醇,并在构成胶原蛋白中发挥作用。It#39;s also an antioxidant that helps protect cells and DNA against free radicals and other harmful agents that can cause damage to cells. To reap the greatest benefits of supplemental vitamin C, Fischer says it#39;s best to make it a daily habit.它也是一种抗氧化剂,有助于保护细胞和DNA免受损害细胞的自由基和其他有害物质的影响。为了获得补充维生素C的最大好处,费希尔称,最好是让它成为一种日常习惯。;Any of the research that supports vitamin C says it#39;s best to take it continuously or consistently, rather than right before you feel like you#39;re getting sick;.;任何持维生素C的研究都表示,最好是持续或连续用,而不是在感到生病之前才用;。The best sources of vitamin C may surprise you. ;A lot of people assume that vitamin C is found in fruit like oranges, but actually, some of the top sources are vegetables such as bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and squash,; says Fischer. The best sources from fruit would be papaya, strawberry, pineapple, orange, kiwi, and cantaloupe.;维生素C的最佳来源可能会让你惊讶。费希尔称:;很多人认为维生素C存在于橙子之类的水果中,但是实际上,一些最主要的来源是蔬菜,如青椒,西兰花、球芽甘蓝、花椰菜和南瓜。水果中最好的来源是番木瓜、草莓、菠萝、橙子、猕猴桃和哈密瓜。;If you#39;re considering supplementation, studies show that consuming between 250 and 1,000 mg of vitamin C a day is considered safe, but more than that could lead to potential gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and gastritis and other issues.如果你正在考虑补充维生素C,研究表明,每天用250至1000毫克维生素C被认为是安全的,更多剂量可能导致潜在的胃肠道不适的症状,如腹泻和胃炎等问题。 /201612/484858赣州俪人整形美容医院治疗痘痘多少钱 Are you aware of the realities and factors of life? Life is hard!你完全清楚生活的种种现实么?生活不易!Storms will come, people will disappoint you and people will hate you for nothing, in fact your knowledge will be tested, your strength will be tested at all times.暴风雨会来,人们会对你失望,甚至会无故讨厌你,还有你的知识能力会被一天到晚测试。Most times even those you think are your friends will be against you. So have a positive mind and a positive plan. Never stand down!!! Don’t quit.那些一度你当成朋友的人也会与你为敌。所以你需要一颗积极乐观的心,制定一个不断进步的计划,不言败,不放弃。“You are a soldier!!! Don’t stand down until you accomplish your mission”“你是一名战士!!!除非任务完成否则你不能倒下。”For every phase to your destiny, you will face challenges to make you a champion. Keep pushing until you CRACK.生命的每个阶段,你都会面对挑战忍受煎熬。你要勇往直前直到粉身碎骨。What you are passing through is to stop you from achieving your goal but you can turn it for your own good, as a motivation to build you stronger only if you hold on till the end.化阻碍为动力,坚持到最后,让你痛苦的事情,终究会让你变得强大。Don’t be a victim of circumstances, let your passion, vision and mission take the lead!!! Apply this method to keep you focused, SAY IT DAILY.不畏困难,不做弱者,让动力、愿景、使命引领你前进。每日诵读以下良言金句,它们让你保持定力。Today is a gift!今天是上天给我的馈赠!I can amp; will surmount!我可以并将超越!I will never forgo my goal in life!不忘初心!I can see the picture of futurity!我能看到未来之景!Today is the day to be primo!一切从今天开始I#39;m on the finish line!我在终点线上!“Your achievement and greatness in life is not for you but for the world”你生命中的成就与伟大,不光为你自己也为这个世界。 /201705/509380The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first new drug for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, in more than two decades.美国食品药品批准了20多年来首款治疗肌萎缩侧索硬化症(ALS,俗称“渐冻人症”)的新药。The FDA announced that Radicava has been approved for use in the US.日前,美国食品药品宣布这款名为Radicava的药物在美国获批使用。The only other drug specifically for the treatment of ALS is riluzole, which was approved for use in the US in 1995.除此之外,唯一一款专门治疗ALS的药物是1995年在美获批使用的利鲁唑。ALS is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease. It affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that make muscles work.ALS是一种渐进性神经退行性疾病。ALS会影响大脑和脊髓中控制肌肉运动的神经细胞。Those nerve cells lose their ability to initiate and control muscle movement, which leads to paralysis and death.这些神经细胞会失去发起和控制肌肉运动的能力,导致患者瘫痪和死亡。The disease gained new prominence in 2014, thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge.2014年,这种病因“冰桶挑战”再次获得关注。Fueled by social media, the campaign prompted millions of people to post s of themselves dumping cold water on their heads and drove 5 million in donations to the ALS Association in just eight weeks.在社交媒体的推动下,“冰桶挑战”活动吸引了数以百万计的人上传自己将冷水从头浇下的视频,仅8周就为ALS协会带来了1.15亿美元的捐款。 /201705/509696赣州俪人美容医院胎记多少钱

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