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Both of us needed to be adults very early, but when we were together, we were two little kids having fun. We never collaborated together, we never performed together or danced on the same stage. Although he did try in vain one night to unsuccessfully teach me the ;moon walk;. And he just basically shook his head and crossed his arms at my attempt.我俩小小年纪就要做成大人的样子。但是当我们在一起时,就是两个贪玩的小孩子,真的非常非常开心。虽然我们从没合作过,从没在同一个舞台上表演过或一起跳过舞,不过我还记得有一天晚上,他教我“月球漫步”,可我没有学会。而他只是摇了摇头,抱着手臂,微笑地看着我尝试。We never filmed the or recorded a song, but what we did do was laugh. It was a competition to see who could make the other one laugh and his heart would just burst out of him when he was laughing. He adored it when I did silly imitations or told him stories about my life.我们从来没有一起拍过录像,或者录过歌,但是我们曾一起欢笑过。我们常比赛谁能笑得更多,或者谁能表现得更傻。迈克尔超级爱笑。他笑的时候就好像他的心都要跳出胸口了。当我做了傻乎乎的模仿或者和他讲我的生活故事时,他都会很喜欢。MJs laugh was the sweetst and purest laugh of anyones that I had ever known. His sense of humor was delightful, and he was very mischievous. I remember the night before Elizebeth Taylors wedding and he had called me prior and asked if I would join him. He didnt want to be alone for all the festivities. And it was the night before the big day. Michael and I tried to sneak in to get the first peek of the dress. We were giggling like crazy, and we almost passed out in his hysterics when we realized that Elizabeth was actually asleep in the bed. We thought she was in an entirely different room. We had to laugh and sneak out.迈克尔的笑声是我听过的最甜美、最纯净的笑声。他的幽默感也令人愉快,他还很顽皮。泰勒婚礼的前一晚他最先打电话给我,问我是否能陪他一起参加活动。他不想孤单一人出席这些活动。我还记得我们参加伊丽莎白·泰勒婚礼的前一晚,他和我尝试着偷偷溜进存放婚纱的房间,去偷看伊丽莎白的婚纱。我们一路狂笑,歇斯底里得几乎都要笑昏过去了,直到我们发现伊丽莎白就在那间房里睡觉,然后我们就笑着偷偷溜出来。我们原以为她会睡在另一个房间!201401/271498

I found that very, very thought provoking,我发现这个视频非常有感染力and thats why I wanted to bring it here for you guys to see.于是我把它带来跟大家分享And what was interesting about it is the obvious choice我做这个选择很明显for me to talk about was graphics and audio.因为我所谈的都是计算机图形和声音But as you heard, Michael talked about all these other elements as well.而你们刚刚所看到的,Michael说了其他的元素Video games give an awful lot of other things too,还有很多其他的方面and thats why people get so addicted.这就是为什么有的人会那么热衷于玩游戏The most important one being fun.最重要的一点就是趣味性The name of this track is ;The Magic To Come.;我们这个主题叫做;即将到来的奇幻旅程;Who is that going to come from?谁会是它的制作人呢?Is it going to come from the best directors in the world as we thought it probably would?会是世界上最好的导演吗?就像我们想的那样I dont think so.我觉得不是I think its going to come from the children who are growing up now我觉得会是现在正在成长的孩子们that arent stuck with all of the stuff that we remember from the past.因为他们的脑子里没有被塞满我们以前被塞满的那些东西Theyre going to do it their way, using the tools that weve created.他们将会用他们的方法,用我们做的那些工具The same with students or highly creative people, writers and people like that.学生,善于创造的人,作家等等也是如此As far as colleges go, theres about 350 colleges around the world teaching game courses.到目前为止,全世界大概有350所大学教授游戏课程That means theres literally thousands of new ideas.这就意味着有成千上万的新想法Some of the ideas are really dful and some of them are great.有的想法很烂有的却很棒Theres nothing worse than having to listen to someone被逼无奈去听有的人给你讲一个非常糟糕的游戏点子try and pitch you a really bad game idea.是最让人受不了的事Youre off, youre off. Thats it.到时间了,你该下去了Hes out of time.他时间用完了Ive just got a little tiny bit more if youll indulge me.如果你允许的话,我还想再讲一点Go ahead. Im going to stay right here though.讲吧,不过我就在这儿站着This is just a cool shot, because this is students coming to school after class.这是一个很酷的画面,因为学生在放学后回到学校The school is closed; theyre coming back at midnight学校已经关了,他们在半夜里回来because they want to pitch their game ideas.因为他们想把他们的游戏点子描绘出来Im sitting at the front of the class,我当时就坐在教室最前面and theyre actually pitching their ideas.他们当时正在描绘他们的点子So its hard to get students to come back to class,让学生放学后回到教室是很难的but it is possible.但是是可能做到的This is my daughter, her names Emma, shes 17 months old.这是我女儿,她叫Emma,她有17个月大了And Ive been asking myself, what is Emma going to experience in the game world?我一直在问自己,Emma以后将会有什么样的游戏体验呢?And as Ive shown here, we have the audience.就像我在这里给大家看的,我们有观众Shes never going to know a world where you cant press a button她未来生活的世界中,只要轻轻按一个键and have millions of people y to play.便有成千上万的人蓄意待发(玩游戏)You know, we have the technology.我们已经拥有了技术Shes never going to know a world where the graphics just arent stunning and really immersive.她未来生活的世界中,的画面都将是完美和真实的And as the student showed, we can impact and move.就像那个学生做的视频里展现的,我们可以让游戏感动人Shes never going to know a world where games因此她生活的世界中的将会是充满感情的arent incredibly emotional and will probably make her cry.很可能会让她哭I just hope she likes games.我就是希望她会喜欢玩游戏So, my closing thought.我的总结是Games on the surface seem simple entertainment,游戏,表面上看起来是简单的but for those that like to look a little deeper,但是只要你稍微往深处看一点the new paradigm of games could open entirely new frontiers to creative minds that like to think big.这些新的游戏对于那些善于创新的眼光长远的人来说将会开拓出一个全新的领域Where better to challenge those minds than here at TED?有什么地方的人比TED上的你们更适合接受这个挑战呢?Thank you.谢谢201512/413423

Here are some images of clusters of galaxies.这是一些星团的照片。Theyre exactly what they sound like.正如听上去一样。They are these huge collections of galaxies,它们是一堆星系,bound together by their mutual gravity.由于互相的引力而吸引在一起。So most of the points that you see on the screen are not individual stars,你在屏幕上看到的大部分点,不是单独的恒星,but collections of stars, or galaxies.而是一系列恒星,或者称为星系。Now, by showing you some of these images,现在通过展示这些图片,I hope that you will quickly see that galaxy clusters are these beautiful objects,希望你已经看到星团是很美丽的东西,but more than that,都不止于此,I think galaxy clusters are mysterious,我认为星团是神秘的,they are surprising,它们让人惊奇,and theyre useful.而且它们很有用。Useful as the universes most massive laboratories.作为宇宙里最大的实验室,它们很有用。And as laboratories, to describe galaxy clusters is to describe the experiments that you can do with them.就像描述实验室一样,要描述星团,就要去描述你能够通过它们做的实验。And I think there are four major types,我认为那包括四种主要类型,and the first type that I want to describe is probing the very big.我想描述的第一类是去探测“极大”。So, how big?那么,是多大?Well, here is an image of a particular galaxy cluster.这里是某个星团的一张照片。It is so massive that the light passing through it is being bent, its being distorted by the extreme gravity of this cluster.它的质量非常大,以至于光在经过的时候,由于其引力的作用而变弯了。And, in fact, if you look very carefully youll be able to see rings around this cluster.事实上,如果你仔细看,能够看到这个星团周围的光环。Now, to give you a number,具体到数字,this particular galaxy cluster has a mass of over one million billion suns.这个星团的质量有超过10的15次方个太阳那么大。Its just mind-boggling how massive these systems can get.这些系统质量之巨大简直让人瞠目结舌。But more than their mass,但除了巨大的质量之外,they have this additional feature.他们还有其他特殊之处。They are essentially isolated systems,它们基本上可以算是孤立的系统,so if we like, we can think of them as a scaled-down version of the entire universe.如果愿意的话,我们可以将它们想象为整个宇宙的缩小版本。201512/415732My friend, Daniel Batson, spent a whole life putting people in the lab in very complex situations.我的朋友丹尼尔巴特森花了一生的时间研究人们在实验室中复杂环境下的表现。And of course we are sometimes selfish, and some people more than others.当然,我们有时是自私的, 而且有些人会比他人更自私。But he found that systematically, no matter what,theres a significant number of people who do behave altruistically, no matter what. 但他发现,整体来看,无论如何,有大量的人会表现出利他的行为,无论如何。If you see someone deeply wounded, great suffering,you might just help out of empathic distress you cant stand it, so its better to help than to keep on looking at that person. 如果你看到有人受伤很严重,非常痛苦,你就会出于同理心而伸出救援之手,你无法承受其伤痛, 与其冷眼相看,不如上前救援。So we tested all that, and in the end, he said, clearly people can be altruistic.种种情况都进行过试验研究, 最后,他说,人是有利他精神的So thats good news.这是好消息。And even further, we should look at the banality of goodness.而且,我们要看到善良的平凡一面。Now look at here.看这儿,When we come out, we arent going to say,Thats so nice.当我们走出家门,我们不会说,太好了,There was no fistfight while this mob was thinking about altruism.当强盗也在考虑帮助他人, 就不会有暴力发生了。No, thats expected, isnt it?不,这很显然,不是吗?If there was a fistfight, we would speak of that for months.如果真有暴力事件, 那够我们谈论几个月的了。So the banality of goodness is something that doesnt attract your attention,but it exists. 因此,你或许没留意到善良的平凡一面,但它确实存在。Now, look at this.看这段录像,So some psychologists said,when I tell them I run 140 humanitarian projects in the Himalayas that give me so much joy,they said, Oh, I see, you work for the warm glow. 许多心理学家说,当我告诉他们我在喜马拉雅地区 开展的140个人道主义行动带给我极大的幸福感时,他们说,我明白了,这是温情效应,That is not altruistic. You just feel good.而不是利他精神, 你只是为了让自己感觉良好。You think this guy, when he jumped in front of the train,he thought, Im going to feel so good when this is over?看看他,迎着火车跳入铁轨时,你们认为他会在想 救了他之后我的感觉会棒极了吗?But thats not the end of it.故事并没有结束。They say, well, but when you interviewed him, he said,I had no choice. I had to jump, of course.他们说,好吧,他接受采访时,说,我没有选择,我不得不跳下去, 当然了。He has no choice. Automatic behavior. Its neither selfish nor altruistic.他没有选择,自发的行为。 这不是自私也不是利他。No choice?没有选择?Well of course, this guys not going to think for half an hour,Should I give my hand? Not give my hand? 当然,他不会在那想个半小时,我要不要救他?不救他会怎样?He does it. There is a choice, but its obvious, its immediate.他跳了下去,这是一个选择, 但很显然,这是瞬间的反应。And then, also, there he had a choice.然后,没错,他确实是做了选择。There are people who had choice, like Pastor Andr Trocm and his wife,and the whole village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in France.有很多人做了选择, 像 Pastor Andre Trocme 和他的妻子,还有法国的名为利尼翁河畔勒尚邦的小镇。For the whole Second World War, they saved 3,500 Jews,在二次世界大战期间, 他们救了三千五百个犹太人,gave them shelter, brought them to Switzerland,为他们提供住所,带他们去瑞士,against all odds, at the risk of their lives and those of their family.克一切困难,冒着丧生和失去整个家庭的危险。So altruism does exist.因此,利他精神确实存在。So what is altruism?利他精神是什么呢?It is the wish: May others be happy and find the cause of happiness.是一种希望: 愿他人幸福喜乐,并找到幸福的根源。Now, empathy is the affective resonance or cognitive resonance that tells you,this person is joyful, this person suffers. 移情作用是一种共鸣, 或称之为认知共鸣,它会让你感受到他人的欢快, 他人的伤痛。But empathy alone is not sufficient.但只有移情是不够的。If you keep on being confronted with suffering,you might have empathic distress, burnout,so you need the greater sphere of loving-kindness. 如果周遭的不幸始终笼罩着你,你就会感到压力,承受不住,所以,你需要更大范围的充满关爱的善良。With Tania Singer at the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig,we showed that the brain networks for empathy and loving-kindness are different.来自莱比锡马普研究所的塔尼亚辛格 与我一起发现,从大脑构造的角度来看, 移情和充满关爱的善良是不一样的。Now, thats all well done,so we got that from evolution, from maternal care, parental love,but we need to extend that. 这是成熟的科学研究。这些是进化而来的, 是从我们接受母爱、父爱而得到的,但我们不能止步于此,It can be extended even to other species.它还可以拓展到其他物种。Now, if we want a more altruistic society, we need two things:如果希望社会中有更多的利他行为, 我们需要做到两方面:individual change and societal change.个人的改变和社会的改变。So is individual change possible?个人的改变可能吗?Two thousand years of contemplative study said yes, it is.两千年的冥想研究表明,是可以改变的。Now, 15 years of collaboration with neuroscience and epigenetics said yes, our brains change when you train in altruism.神经科学和表观遗传学 长达15年的合作也表明,改变可以发生,当你接受利他精神的训练时, 你的大脑会发生改变。So I spent 120 hours in an MRI machine.我接受了MRI长达120小时的扫描,This is the first time I went after two and a half hours.这是上次两个半小时治疗后第一次接受扫描。And then the result has been published in many scientific papers.扫描的结果被多篇学术论文选用。It shows without ambiguity that there is structural change and functional change in the brain when you train the altruistic love.其结果清晰地表明,当你接受利他关爱的训练时,大脑的结构和机能会发生改变。Just to give you an idea:给你们一个直观的感受:this is the meditator at rest on the left,meditator in compassion meditation, you see all the activity,and then the control group at rest, nothing happened,in meditation, nothing happened. 从左到右依次是放松状态下的冥思者,正在冥思怜悯的冥思者, 你们能看到发生了什么,然后是对照组,放松时,什么都没发生,冥想时,什么都没发生。201503/365492

Once when he was eating his contraband ramen有一次 他正在无照小摊旁边吃面next to the vendor, police started chasing the vendors and all the customers警察来了 开始驱赶小摊贩和顾客But my father told me但我的父亲告诉我that as he was running, he kept eating his noodles他一边跑一边还在吃他的面because he knew he wouldnt be able to afford any more因为他知道自己买不起另一碗面了My mother was born in China near Shanghai我的母亲出生在中国上海附近among a small community of Korean expatriates一个韩国侨民居住的小社区After returning to Korea, on a day she will never forget回到韩国后 有一天 她永远都不会忘记my grandmother went outside to hang the laundry and she never saw here again我的外祖母出去晾衣就再也没有回来she was probably either taken or killed by North Korean soldiers她可能是被北朝鲜士兵绑架或杀害了With the war closing in around her随着战争的临近at the age of 15, my mother became a refugee我的母亲在15岁时成了难民and literally walked, with her younger brother on her back为了躲避战火 她背着她弟弟for 200 miles to escape the fighting徒步走了200英里Luckily, she was able to resume her schooling in a tent in the southern city of Masan幸运的是 她在南部马山市的一顶帐篷里得以继续学业She was an excellent student and with great good luck她是一个好学生 非常幸运地she received a scholarship from a secret womens society in the ed States获得了美国一个秘密妇女学会提供的奖学金and enrolled as a freshman at Scarritt College in Nashville, Tennessee进入田纳西州纳什维尔的斯卡里特学院Through almost unthinkably divergent and unlikely paths通过几乎是无法想象的完全不同和不可能的路径my parents ended up meeting in New York City at a Christmas party我的父母最终在纽约市的一次圣诞聚会上邂逅相遇that gathered together the few hundred Korean students那次圣诞聚会聚集了几百名当时居住who were living in the ed States at that time在美国的韩国学生201502/358315I meet young comedians all the time, they just say 我总碰到有年轻喜剧演员跟我说I just want to do colleges, I just play small clubs, I just play jazz s 我只想对大学生表演 我只想在小俱乐部表演等等You should always try to find the topless audience you can 你总应当竭尽所能找最顶级的观众Its how you get better and what you do 这才能让你变得更好You know when I was starting out the comedy down in Los Angeles 我最开始在洛杉矶表演喜剧的时候I personally asked for the toughest slot of the night 请求在最难的地方进行表演I wanted to follow Richard Pryor every night 我每晚都要紧随理查德·普赖尔because I knew that Richard blow the audience out, so they would be exhausted因为我知道理查德讲完后 观众已经有些疲了and then I got up when I found out very quickly I didnt have 20 minutes 然后我上台 我没有20分钟可以表演I had about six minutes 我只有大约6分钟because that was the only stuff that was really funny 因为只有这段时间能够讲有趣的东西and I threw anything else out and built on that six minutes until you get better我把无关紧要的内容都删减掉 专注于这6分钟Number 19 第19点all manufacturing has a scrap rate 所有行业都有报废率The more product you put out, the greater your chances of error 生产的产品越多 出错的几率就越大Accept criticism, resolved to do better 接受批评 努力改进You know something, people say, I never bad reviews. I always bad reviews 有些人说自己从不看差评 我则很喜欢看差评youll learn more from your critics than you will ever learn from your friends 从批评者那里学到的东西会比从朋友那里学到的要多得多And number 20, the last one remember 第20点 也是最后一点anybody can have a life 任何人都有自己的生活要过careers are hard to come by 职业很难获得So with that I say, Happy Mothers Day 就这些 母亲节快乐And thank you so much for this great honor. Thank you 感谢大家给了我这份荣誉 谢谢201601/44Alison Bechdel is a comic book artist,艾莉森·贝克德尔是一个漫画作家,and back in the mid-80s, she recorded this conversation在80年代中期,,她记录下了她和一个朋友shed had with a friend about assessing the movies that they saw.在评估她们看过的电影时的讨论内容。And its very simple. Theres just three questions you should ask:非常简单,只有三个问题:Is there more than one character in the movie这部电影中是否有一个以上的角色that is female who has lines?是女性并且有台词?So try to meet that bar.想想看这个标准。And do these women talk to each other at any point in the movie?如果是,这些女性角色在电影中是否交谈过?And is their conversation about something other than如果交谈了,有没有跟她们共同的心上人the guy that they both like? 无关的谈话内容?Right? Thank you.明白了?谢谢。Thank you very much.非常感谢。Two women who exist and talk to each other about stuff.两个女人,有台词,有交谈。It does happen. Ive seen it,确实有这样的电影。我看过,and yet I very rarely see it in the movies但是在我们看过的和喜欢的电影中that we know and love.是很少见的。In fact, this week I went to see事实上,这个星期我刚看过a very high-quality movie, ;Argo.;一部质量不错的电影《阿尔戈》(Argo)。Right? Oscar buzz, doing great at the box office,奥斯卡热门电影,票房很好,a consensus idea of what a quality Hollywood film is.公认的好莱坞电影高品质电影。It pretty much flunks the Bechdel test.但是贝尔德尔测试不及格。And I dont think it should, because a lot of the movie,我觉得这不应该。因为电影中的大部分情节I dont know if youve seen it, but a lot of the movie不知道你们看过没有,电影中的大部分情节takes place in this embassy where men and women都发生在发生人质劫持事件的大使馆内,are hiding out during the hostage crisis.男人和女人都躲在里面。Weve got quite a few scenes of the men我们看到好几个场景,having deep, angst-ridden conversations in this hideout,男人们在藏身处深刻而充满焦虑的对话。and the great moment for one of the actresses is而电影中一个女演员最出的情节to peek through the door and say, ;Are you coming to bed, honey?;是隔着一扇门问道,“睡觉么,亲爱的?”Thats Hollywood for you.这就是好莱坞。So lets look at the numbers.来看看统计数字。2011, of the 100 most popular movies,2011年前100部最流行的电影中,how many of them do you think actually have female protagonists?有多少部电影有女主角?Eleven. Its not bad.11部。不算太坏。Its not as many percent as the number of women就刚刚普选出的国会议员中weve just elected to Congress, so thats good.女性议员比例而言,这个比例算好的。But there is a number that is greater than this接下来这个比例比刚才的要高thats going to bring this room down.而这个比例会让在座各位震惊。Last year, The New York Times published a study去年,纽约时报发表了一份that the government had done.由政府完成的报告。Heres what it said.以下是内容。One out of five women in America每五名美国女性中就有一位say that they have been sexually assaulted some time in their life.曾经遇到过性骚扰。Now, I dont think thats the fault of popular entertainment.我不认为是流行圈的过错。I dont think kids movies have anything to do with that.我不认为这是由于儿童电影导致的。I dont even think that我甚至觉得music s or pornography are really directly related to that,色情音乐和电影跟这都没有直接关系,but something is going wrong,但是肯定哪里出问题了。and when I hear that statistic,当我听到这个统计数字,one of the things I think of is我当时想到的是thats a lot of sexual assailants.性骚扰者的数量竟然这么多。Who are these guys? What are they learning?他们是谁?他们怎么被教出来的?What are they failing to learn?他们漏学了什么?Are they absorbing the story that他们有没有理解电影的情节,a male heros job is to defeat the villain with violence一个男性英雄打败了残暴的反派and then collect the reward, which is a woman然后获得荣誉和奖励--就是一个没有朋友who has no friends and doesnt speak?又不说话(没有思想)的女人?Are we soaking up that story?我们有没有从这些故事中吸取到什么?201510/404661

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