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  • I was going to ask my boss for a raise but I got cold feet.我打算要求老板给我加薪,但我退缩了。got cold feet直译过来就是:“双脚变冷”,这个短语的正确意思是:“失去勇气,临阵退缩”。因此,当美国人说;I was going to ask my boss for a raise but I got cold feet.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;I wanted a pay rise from my boss but I dared not to.;、;I gave up asking my boss a salary raise.;。情景对白:Shirley: Honey, you have devoted yourself to your work and have done a good job. Why not ask for a raise?雪莉:亲爱的,你全身心投入到工作中,干得很出色,为什么不要求加薪呢?Benjamin: I was going to ask my boss for a raise but I got cold feet.本杰明:我本打算要求老板给我加薪,但我退缩了。搭配句积累:①Come on! Your boss is not an unreasonable person.加油!你们老板不是那种不讲道理的人。②Its not a shame! Just do it!这又不是什么可耻的事情。尽管去吧。③Then I suggest you send him an email for a raise.那我建议你发封邮件要求加薪。④You work so hard, and you deserve higher pay.你工作如此卖力,你应该得到更高的薪水。单词:1. devote vt. 奉献Only the person of the real understanding other peoples pain and sufferings, then can devote to do a fine matter for the other people.只有真正了解别人痛苦的人,才能尽心为别人做美好的事。After graduation he started to devote himself to science research.他毕业后开始致力于科学研究。You devote all your life to the fulfillment of your dream.你付出你的一生来完成你的梦想。2. unreasonable adj. 不讲道理的The strikers were being unreasonable in their demands, having rejected the deal two weeks ago.罢工者的要求很不合理,他们在两周前已拒绝接受这份协议。Its unreasonable to expect your child to behave in a caring way if you behave selfishly.如果你自己表现得很自私却期待你的孩子能关心别人,这是很没道理的。One in four consumers now say water prices are very unreasonable.1/4的消费者认为现在的水费很不合理。 /201302/225516
  • 1.Byte 字节A: What is a byte?B: A byte is the space needed to store one letter in the computer.A:字节是什么?B:一字节就是计算机中需要储存一个字母所需的空间。 2.Computer language 计算机语言A: What computer language do you use?B: I use C, C++, and Visual Basic.A:你使用什么计算机语言啊?B:我用C语言,C++, 和Visual Basic语言。3.Dial up 拨号(上网)A: How do you get connected to the Internet at home?B: I ues dial up, not a broad band connection.A:你在家怎样上因特网?B:我用拨号(上网),不是宽带。4.Floppy disk 软盘A: Anybody still using floppy disk? It's aly obsolete.B: I know. The portable hard disk is popular now.A:现在还有人使用软盘吗?都已经淘汰了。B:我知道,现在流行移动硬盘。5.Internet 国际互联网/因特网A: Was the Internet really invented by Gore?B: There is a debate on that. I'm not quite sure who is right.A:因特网真的是由高尔发明的吗?B:还在争论,我不确定谁对。 /200809/49780
  • This is the second in a two-part Business English Pod series on administrative assistants, their jobs, and related vocabulary and collocations.这是2节英语商务播客中的第2节,将学到有关行政助理及其工作职责,和与之相关的词汇和搭配。Collocations are a challenge for anyone learning English. There aren’t any specific rules to follow. You just have to listen for what sounds right. Still, they’re essential for English communication and important to keep in mind when you learn new vocabulary – don’t just think about the new word, think about what other words it might be used with. We’ll point out some useful collocations related to daily office work as we go through this lesson.搭配对学英语的人是一种挑战。没有任何特定的规律可循。所以你必须留意那些听起来是正确的内容。而且搭配对于英语交流是十分必要的,当你学习新词汇是要记住相关搭配——不要只记单词,想想它和什么词可以搭配使用。我们会指出一些与日常办公室工作相关的搭配。Administrative assistants are important to any business organization. For example, they make sure data is handled responsibly and records are maintained properly. It might seem like they work in the background, but their jobs are critical to the smooth running of a company. 行政助理对于商业组织都是十分重要的。比如,他们能确保负责任地处理过数据,并保存好记录。他们似乎只在幕后工作,但是行政助理的工作对于公司的运作是很关键的。In the last episode we met Christina, the Head Administrative Assistant in the Human Resources department at LaFarge Automotive. In an interview, Christina told us about some of her usual job duties. Today, she’ll talk about why her work is so important to the company.上节课中,我们见到了 LaFarge车制造厂人力资源部门的首席行政助理Christina。在采访中,Christina告诉我们她的日常工作职责。今天她会谈下为什么她的工作对公司来很重要。Listening Questions1. What is one way Christina manages information for her company?2. What is one way she mobilizes resources?3. Does Christina like her job? Why or why not? /201103/128247
  • Mike出差刚回来,遇到同事Larry。Larry: Hey, Mike! Good to have you back! You look exhausted!Mike: Hi, Larry. Yeah, Im totally beat. I can barely keep my eyes open!L: Was it a rough trip?M: Well, it was actually pretty productive, but all the flying really got to me.L: Ah, jet lag... the scourge of business travelers.M: Yep. I flew from Beijing to Boston for a meeting, and then hopped back on a plane for a flight to the trade fair in Frankfurt. Then back to Beijing before catching a train back here to Shanghai.Mike出差回来十分疲惫,因为要倒时差Jet lag. Larry说时差是the scourge of business travelers. Scourge is spelled s-c-o-u-r-g-e, 意思是灾祸。Mike抱怨说,All the flying really got to me. 飞来飞去真是把我折腾坏了。说一件事情get to me,意思是这件事情对我产生了影响。L: Wow! Thats a lot of traveling! No wonder youre exhausted!M: The worst thing was adjusting to the time zones! Its so hard to get used to the difference!L: Yeah, its hard. You know jet lag only hits if you travel east-west or west-east. You could fly from Germany to Cape Town in South Africa and you wouldnt feel anything.M: Right... because its all in the same time zone. Unfortunately for me... all my travel was between different time zones. Ive gotta say: Im really suffering! Why is jet lag so nasty?Mike出差去的地方老是跨时区time zones,所以the worst thing was adjusting to the time zones. 最讨厌的就是倒时差。从一个时区进入另一个时区,为什么会有时差,让身体感觉不舒呢?L: Travel between time zones basically resets your bodys internal clock.M: So when you travel between time zones your body is thrown off its cycle?L: Exactly! Some experts say it takes a full day to recover from each time zone you cross.M: Wow, thats a long time. Im going to need a few weeks off!L: (Chuckle) That would be best, but unfortunately our boss isnt quite that generous.M: Is there anything I can do to make my jet lag less severe the next time I make an international trip?Larry解释说,进入一个新时区,就要重新调整生物钟。Reset the bodys internal clock。换句话说,your body is thrown off its cycle,身体原来的作息周期被打乱了。To throw off,意思是让一件事情偏离预期的轨道。比如,His performance in the game was thrown off by the injury,伤势让他的比赛表现受到了影响。有什么办法让倒时差不那么痛苦吗?我们下次继续听。 /201201/167930
  • 2 Using the telephone一、New words and expressions生词和短语telephone /phone n.电话, 电话机 v.打电话telephone number 电话号码switchboard n.交换台/总机extension 分机direct line 直线confidential adj.机密的/秘密的mobile phone 移动电话cell phoneavailable adj.有效的,可以得到的1.I would like to speak to2.Can I speak to3.Can I talk to4.Can I ask whos calling?5.Can I take a message?6.Hang on(hold on)7.Youve got the wrong number!二、answer the question1 what is the number of Phils mobile phone?2 Why is Don calling Phil?三、Dialogue(一)EDWARD GREEN: Hello, my name is Edward Green. I would like to speak to Mr. Smith, please.爱德华.格林:你好,我是爱德华.格林。请史密斯先生接电话。SMITHS SECRETARY: I am sorry, but Mr.Smith isnt available.史密斯的秘书:对不起,史密斯先生现在不在。EDWARD GREEN: Okay. Ill ring back. Does Mr. Smith have a direct line?爱德华.格林:那好吧。我再打过来。史密斯先生有直线电话吗?SMITHS SECRETARY: Im sorry but the number is confidential.史密斯的秘书:对不起,号码保密。EDWARD GREEN: Okay. Thank you.爱德华.格林:好的。谢谢。JENNY ROSS: Its very difficult to speak to Mr. Smith.詹妮.罗斯:想跟史密斯先生通电话真难。EDWARD GREEN: Yes, I know.爱德华.格林:是啊,我知道。四、Dialogue(二) NOVO RECEPTIONIST: Good morning, RUYJ Advertising.NOVO 接待员:早上好, RUYJ 广告公司。DON BRADLEY: Good morning. This is Don Bradley. Can I talk to Phil Watson, please?堂.布拉德利:早上好。我是堂.布拉德利。请菲尔.沃森接电话?NOVO RECEPTIONIST: What company are you from please?NOVO 接待员:您是哪家公司的?DON BRADLEY: Bibury Systems.堂.布拉德利:Bibury系统公司。NOVO RECEPTIONIST: Ill put you through.NOVO 接待员:我给您转过去。DAVE Phil Watsons phone.戴夫菲尔.沃森的电话。DON BRADLEY: Good morning. Can I talk to Phil, please?堂.布拉德利:早上好。请菲尔听电话DAVE: Can I ask whos calling please?戴夫:能问一下您是哪位吗?DON BRADLEY: Don Bradley from Bibury Systems.堂.布拉德利: Bibury系统公司的堂.布拉德利。DAVE: Well, Mr. Bradley, Im afraid Phils not in the office at the moment.戴夫:哦,布拉德利先生,菲尔目前不在办公室。Can I take a message or would you like to ring him on his mobile (cell)phone?让我给他捎信还是您打他的移动电话? /200702/10438
  • to get rattled by something 紧张(非正式)英文释义(INFORMAL) To become confused, fearful, or anxious by something.例句The morning before my big speech I was relaxed and confident, but later I got rattled when I could not locate my notes.早上,我在发表重要演讲之前还很放松和自信,但后来当我找不到我的笔记时,就紧张起来。 /201301/223130
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