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Washington post: Some 3,0 students accepted as freshman by the University of Florida the fall got a big surprise along with their congratulations notices.They were told that the acceptance was contingent on their agreement to spend their first year taking classes online as part of a new program designed to attract more freshmen to the flagship public university.The 3,8 applicants accepted this way to the university did not apply to the online program, above and beyond the approximately ,000 students offered traditional freshman slots. Nor were they told that there was a chance that they would be accepted with the online caveat. They wound up as part of an admissions experiment. 3967。

Cat and Mice猫和老鼠Mrs. Brown went to visit one of her friend and carried a small box with holes punched in the top.布朗太太去拜访一位朋友,她拿着一个顶部扎满了眼儿的盒子; What in your box?; asked the friend.“盒子里装的是什么?”朋友问道;A cat,; answered Mrs. Brown. ;You see Ive been dreaming about mice at night and Im so scared! This cat is to catch them.;“一只猫,”布朗太太回答说,“你知道我晚上睡觉总梦见老鼠,吓得要命有这只猫就可以捉那些老鼠了”;But the mice are only imaginary,; said the friend.“可老鼠都是假想的呀”朋友说;So is the cat,; whispered Mrs Brown.“猫也是假想的”布朗太太说道 559。

Xiaohua: Hello, and welcome to Round Table’s word of the week. This week we are talking about plastic surgery as it seems that over half of the plastic surgery patients visiting South Korean doctors are Chinese.John: Yeah, and so plastic surgery just gives you a quick definition is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of m and function of the human bodies. So this can be cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, but it could also include non-elective medical surgery that is required, example, severe burns or broken bones or things like that.Xiaohua: 嗯,整形手术plastic surgery 指的可不光是美容类的手术还可以指医疗上用的,比如说伤痕的祛除等等John: In the term plastic surgery, plastic actually refers to sculpting or reshaping, which is derived from the Greek plastikē, which means the art of modeling of malleable flesh. So the actual surgical definition of “plastic” first appeared in 1839, which actually predates the actual modern use of plastic which is, you know, substance made from petroleum. So in this sense plastic surgery isn’t talking about, you know, the material plastic. It’s talking about how the human body is malleable and you can change how it looks.Xiaohua: Right. 我们一般都觉得plastic是塑料的意思,但是它的另外一个意思也就是塑型,或者是雕塑其实比塑料开始应用还要更早70年John: And so treatments the plastic repair of a broken nose are first mentioned in the Edwin Smith Papyrus, which is a transcription from an Ancient Egyptian medical text, dating to the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt 3000 to 500 . Reconstructive surgery techniques were also being carried out in India by around 800. So we can see these types of techniques are actually very, very old.Xiaohua: 哇,原来在、5千年以前就有过重塑鼻子这样的整形手术了John: Ok, now let’s take a look at some different types of plastic surgery. So one of more common ones is called skin grafting and basically it’s you take skin from the recipient or from a donor. And you basically just stitch it back on to the recipient.Xiaohua :最常见的一种整形手术实际上是植皮,也叫做skin grafting.John: Mm-hmm, and there is also reconstructive plastic surgery which is used to correct functional impairments caused by burns, or traumatic injuries, congenital abnormalities, or perhaps even cancer, or tumors.Xiaohua: 重建类的整形手术呢,包括治疗烧伤甚至还包括切除肿瘤John: And now we come to probably the most well-known aspect of plastic surgery and that is cosmetic surgery, sometimes called aesthetic surgery or perhaps even elective plastic surgery. So abdominoplasty or just “tummy tuck” which might be heard of is basically just reshaping and firming of the stomach area.Xiaohua: 腹部塑型 actually this is different from liposuction, right?John: Yeah, this is different from liposuction. So liposuction is literally just taking fat out of certain areas and sucking it out.Xiaohua : 这跟我们通常所说的吸脂术还是不太一样的John: yeah, and so I think also one of the types of surgery that are many of our female listeners will probably be familiar with is the blepharoplasty or “eyelid surgery”.Xiaohua: blepharoplasty 就是开双眼皮的手术John : And then there is the mammoplasty which can include breast implants, breast reductions and even a mastoplexy which is breast lift.Xiaohua: en, mammoplasty 不光是指隆胸手术还有缩胸手术John: and then there is the ever popular rhinoplasty, or nose job, which is exactly when sounds like just make your nose look different.Xiaohua: 嗯,right, rhinoplasty是针对鼻子的整形手术John: and then there is the rhytidectomy which is basically just face lift so removes wrinkles and signs of aging.Xiaohua: 嗯,脸部的这个除皱术叫做rhytidectomy.John: uh-huh. And that can include a neck lift, include a browplasty or brow lift, it can also include a midface lift or a cheek lift.Xiaohua: okay, 颈部除皱,前额的除皱或者是面部的除皱都可以包括在它之内Actually talking about all these kinds of plastic surgery kind of turns me off towards any sort of these procedures. Are you gonna go through any of these?Jonh: no, I don’t think I ever will. If my wife decides one day that she wants to, I think my main concern would be the cost and safety, otherwise I don’t think I’d have too much of a problem.Xiaohua: ah, great! That’s all we have Round Table’s word of this week. 3650。

英国每日邮报:英国人在过去的一年中,为了添置厨房设备,花了大把银子.来看看英国厨房里的十大物件儿是什么?Daily Mail: Britons are getting high-tech in the kitchen spending more than #3;1 billion on gadgets and equipment over the past year.Inspired by television programmes like The Great British Bake Off and MasterChef, wannabe cooks have stocked up on million culinary devices in just months.According to new research Kitchens are home to some 3 million mixers, juicers, blenders and grills.The frenzy gadgetry has been has been driven by the rise of the celebrity chef and soaring popularity of cookery shows. The research by shopping website bespoke offers part of Barclaycard, found Britain is also a nation of health-conscious cooks with more than a quarter owning a steamer.Around 3 per cent have a juicer while per cent own a smoothie maker. However 1.6 million less healthy households have an ice cream maker, with 930,000 owning a popcorn machine and 70,000 a candy floss maker.And the nation love of tea and toast is still alive with more than 80 per cent of households owning a kettle and 77 per cent a toaster.David Herrick, managing director of bespoke offers, said: As someone whose kitchen is the central room in the home, it great to see that so many of us are cooking and baking up a storm.The poll of ,000 adults found nine million Britons have been inspired to cook by watching The Great British Bake Off which kicks off the fifth series on Wednesday, on B One.THE TOP TEN MOST DESIRED KITCHEN GADGETS1. Microwave - 31 per cent. Kettle - per cent3. Toaster - per cent. Coffee machine - per cent5. B maker - per cent6. Slow cooker - 8 per cent7. George eman Grill - 7 per cent8. Juicer - 7 per cent9. Smoothie maker - 6 per cent. Candy floss machine - 3 per cent 36767。

Healing IncantatianFlower gleam and glow花朵闪亮发光let your power shine让你的力量闪耀make the clock reverse使时光倒转bring back what once was mine带回曾经的我heal what has been hurt治愈了所有伤害change the fate design改变命运的设计save what has been lost拯救已经丢失的bring back what once was mine带回曾经的我what once was mine曾经的我 73。

Song: Lemon TreeArtist: Fool GardenPart 1Im sitting here in a boring roomIt just another rainy Sunday afternoonIm wasting my time I got nothing to doIm hanging around Im waiting youBut nothing ever happens and I wonderIm driving around in my carIm driving too fast Im driving too farId like to change my point of viewI feel so lonely Im waiting youBut nothing ever happens and I wonderI wonder how I wonder whyYesterday you told me about the blue blue skyAnd all that I can see is just a yellow lemon treeIm turning my head up and downIm turning turning turning turning turning aroundAnd all that I can see is just a yellow lemon treePartIm sitting here I miss the powerId like to go out taking a showerBut there a heavy cloud inside my headI feel so tired put myself into bedWell, nothing ever happans and I wonderIsolation is not good meIsolation, I dont want to sit on a lemon treeIm stepping around in the desert of joyBaby anyhow Ill get another toyAnd everything will happen and you wonderI wonder how I wonder whyYesterday you told me about the blue blue skyAnd all that I can see is just a yellow lemon treeIm turning my head up and downIm turning turning turning turning turning aroundAnd all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree 077。

The New Doctor新来的医生A woman went to doctor office. She was seen by one of the new doctors, but after about 5 minutes in the examination room, she burst out, screaming as she ran down the hall. An older doctor stopped and asked her what the problem was, and she explained. He had her sit down and relax in another room.一个女人去看病一个新来的医生为她诊察,可是进了诊疗室大约5分钟之后,她就尖叫着冲到大厅里一位老医生撞拦住她问明情况,安排她坐到另一个房间里休息The older doctor marched back to the first and demanded, ;What the matter with you? Mrs. Johnson is 67 years old, she has three grown children and eight grandchildren, and you told her she was pregnant?;然后老医生大步走到新医生面前质问道:“你有什么毛病没有?约翰逊夫人67岁了,有三个成年子女和八个孙辈而你竟然对她说她怀了?”The new doctor smiled smugly as he continued to write on his clipboard.新医生一边继续填写自己的诊疗记录,一边洋洋得意地笑着说——;Cured her hiccups though, didnt it?;“不管怎么样,我治好了她的打嗝,不是吗?” 61。