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The president has been choosing his words carefully, calibrating his response as events unfold in Iran.奥巴马总统一直在谨慎地措辞,并根据伊朗事态的发展调整他的回应。His comments on the right of dissent and peaceful protest have grown stronger over the last few days. But there has been no change in his view that the Iranian people must choose their own leaders, without any outside interference.在过去的几天中,他关于人们持有不同意见和举行和平抗议的权利方面的言论逐渐加强。但他的观点并没有改变,即伊朗人民必须在没有外界干涉的情况下,自己选出该国的领导人。In his latest statement, issued Saturday, Mr. Obama called the Iranian government's crackdown on protesters violent and unjust. And he warned once again that the world is watching what is happening in Tehran. Some leading Republicans in the U.S. Congress are urging the president to do more.美国国会中一些居领导地位的共和党人士敦促总统采取更多行动。Senator John McCain, Mr. Obama's opponent in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, told the CBS television program Face the Nation the White House must exert - what he called - moral leadership. 奥巴马在2008年总统大选中的对手麦凯恩参议员,在哥伦比亚广播公司的“面向全国”电视节目上说,白宫必须发挥更多的他所谓的“道义上的领导作用”。"I don't consider it meddling when you stand on the side of the principles that made our nation the greatest nation in history," he said.他说:“当你坚持使我们的国家成为历史上最伟大的国家的原则时,我不认为这是一种干涉。”On A's This Week, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the president's initial response was timid and passive. 共和党参议员格雷厄姆在美国广播公司“本周”节目上说,总统起初的回应是胆怯和被动的。"The young men and women taking to the streets in Tehran need our support. The signs are in English. They are basically asking for us to speak up on their behalf," he said.他说:“那些走上德黑兰街头的年轻男女们需要我们的持。他们的牌子上写的是英文。基本上他们是在请求我们代表他们大声疾呼。”But there are divisions in the Republican ranks. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, for example, has said President Obama has taken the right approach.但共和党人士中也存在着分歧。例如前国务卿基辛格说,奥巴马总统采取的方式是正确的。Mr. Obama is also getting support, as expected, from senior congressional Democrats. They agree that the ed States should not give the Iranian government cause to label the protesters pawns of America. Iranian leaders have accused the ed States and Britain of meddling.奥巴马也不出所料地得到了国会中资深民主党人的持。他们一致认为,美国不应该给伊朗政府理由将那些示威者称为美国的走卒。伊朗领导人已经指责美国和英国进行干涉。Senator Christopher Dodd says the president is striking the correct balance. Dodd also appeared on A's This Week.参议员克里斯托弗.多德说,奥巴马总统正确地保持了平衡。多德也出现在美国广播公司的“本周”节目上。"The worst thing that we could do at this moment for these reformers, these protesters, these courageous people in Tehran, is allow the government there to claim this is a U.S.-led opposition," he said.他说:“在目前这个时候,对于这些改革者、抗议者和德黑兰这些勇敢的人民来说,我们所能做的最糟的事就是允许当地政府宣称这是一场美国领导的反抗。”One of the leading voices in the U.S. Senate on Iran - Democrat Evan Bayh - told the Fox News Sunday television program that the Iranian government is losing legitimacy at home. He said Iran's leaders want to shift the focus elsewhere. 美国参议院在伊朗方面的一个主要声音来自民主党议员埃文.贝赫。他在福克斯周日新闻电视节目中说,伊朗政府在国内正在失去合法性。他说,伊朗领导人想要将注意力转移到其他地方。"We should not let them change the narrative to one of meddling Americans, American and western imperialism and that sort of thing, because, historically, that sort of narrative has resonated, and we might allow them to change the subject within Iran and within the rest of the Islamic world. Let's not let them do that," he said.他说:“我们不应该让他们把事情说成是美国人多管闲事,美国和西方帝国主义,或诸如此类论调。因为在历史上,这种说法曾引起共鸣。这样我们就有可能让他们在伊朗和伊斯兰世界的其它地方改变主题。我们不能让他们这么做。”Bayh said the demonstrations in Iran are now about far more than a disputed election. He said the protesters are seeking a better future for themselves and their country.贝赫说,伊朗的示威活动现在已经远远超出了有争议的选举。他说,抗议者正在为他们自己和他们的国家寻求一个更加美好的未来。06/75290。

'Porn mode' threatens Web ads 浏览器威胁网络广告模式 InPrivate, a new privacy feature dubbed 'porn mode,' could jeopardize the advertising model of Web search engines. With just a few clicks you can now make sure the computer you're searching the web on has no trace of your activity. The feature known as "inprivate browsing" is part of the test version of Microsoft's newest browser, Internet Explorer 8. Bloggers have been critical inprivate the porn mode, since anyone using the computer afterwards should not be able to retrace a user's virtual steps.While it activated inprivate browsing, this'll appear here and that means that internet explorer would be prevented from saving any data about your browsing session.Internet Explorer 8 also introduces inprivate blocking. This alerts users when third party sides are tracking browsing activity; this is where google might be affected.Banner adser often display based on what google or yahoo think a user might be interested in depending on the sites visited.Blocking third parties from browsing activity could disrupt that business model.When people are in inprivate browsing and inprivate blocking, they will be given a list of companies that made aware of who else is seeing the conversation. They can then opt in or opt out, if having those people continue to provide and stream new information and data onto the websites.Microsoft controls around 70% of the browser market while Apple aly has the privacy feature and it can also be added to the popular Firefox 3 browser. A Google spokesman told CNN it's too early to tell how the Internet Explorer 8 features work and what their impact on the search giant might be.Microsoft says there're plenty of things inprivate browsing does not do.It does not necessarily make you anonymous on the web so the sites you visit can record your information. And if you're using a network at the office, your IT apartment can still see what you're up to while you surf on a company PC.Jim /, CNN London.200811/55623。

CNN Entertainment's JD Cargill talks with the cast of the new Pixar Animations movie "Wall-E." What is the premise at the very beginning of the film, what has happened? We er, bought so much stuff, that we just filled up the world with trash/, almost like a blizzard of snow, and with just no room, and this poor little guy just kept doing his job, even though there was no reason to keep doing it. And what is the difference about Wall-E? Well, it's a sci-fi genre, that you've never really seen with this medium. It's a love story on top of that, and it's told through the eyes of this little machine that doesn't speak the way you and I speak. I've to say I am super excited to interview you, because you actually had lines in this movie. Yes, I have lines, and most of the lines in this movie, "Computer, status report?"I cannot remember seeing a movie with this little dialogue. Well, it used to work though, during the days of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, so it's sorta, like a combination of science fiction, Buster Keaton movie. I didn't even notice there was no dialogue, you're so caught up in what's happening in the film.Its great music and its great excitement and you really feel like you are in another world. What did you take away from this film as the message? Never give up. There is always hope, there's always someone out there for you. (Ten seconds to stop the start.)There's also the message of, your love may not come in the package that you expect. ("Just a trail, you look gorgeous!")The one only important message is the love story between Wall-E and Eve. That's the important thing that love is fantastic.200812/58592。

Watch The Queen's Christmas Message Watch Her Majesty's annual Christmas message to the ed Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Christmas is a time for celebration. But this year it is a more sombre occasion for many. Some of those things which could once have been taken for granted suddenly seem less certain, and naturally give rise to feelings of insecurity. People are touched by events which have their roots far across the world. Whether it is the global economy or violence in a distant land, effects can be keenly felt at home. Once again many of our service men and women are serving on operations in common cause to bring peace and security to troubled places. In this 90th year since the end of the First World War, the last survivors recently commemorated the service and enormous sacrifice of their own generation. Their successors in theatres such as Iraq and Afghanistan are still to be found in harm's way in the service of others. For their loved ones, the worry will never cease until they are safely home. In such times as these we can all learn some lessons from the past. We might begin to see things in a new perspective. And certainly, we begin to ask ourselves where it is that we can find lasting happiness. Over the years, those who have seemed to me to be the most happy, contented and fulfilled have always been the people who have lived the most outgoing and unselfish lives; the kind of people who are generous with their talents or their time. There are those who use their prosperity or good fortune for the benefit of others whether they number among the great philanthropists or are people who with whatever they have, simply have a desire to help those less fortunate than themselves.What they offer comes in the form of what can easily be recognized as service to the nation or service to the wider community. As often as not, however, their unselfishness is a simply taken-for-granted part of the life of their family or neighborhood. They tend to have some sense that life itself is full of blessings and is a precious gift for which we should be thankful. When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat, instead they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future.I think we have a huge amount to learn from individuals such as these. And what I believe many of us share with them is a source of strength and peace of mind in our families and friends. Indeed, Prince Philip and I can reflect on the blessing, comfort and support we have gained from our own family in this special year for our son, The Prince of Wales.60 years ago, he was baptized here in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace. As parents and grandparents, we feel great pride in seeing our family make their own unique contributions to society. Through his charities, The Prince of Wales has worked to support young people and other causes for the benefit of the wider community, and now his sons are following in his footsteps. At Christmas, we feel very fortunate to have our family around us. But for many of you, this Christmas will mean separation from loved ones and perhaps reflection on the memories of those no longer with us.I hope that, like me, you will be comforted by the example of Jesus of Nazareth who, often in circumstances of great adversity, managed to live an outgoing, unselfish and sacrificial life. Countless millions of people around the world continue to celebrate his birthday at Christmas, inspired by his teaching. He makes it clear that genuine human happiness and satisfaction lie more in giving than receiving; more in serving than in being served.We can surely be grateful that, two thousand years after the birth of Jesus, so many of us are able to draw inspiration from his life and message, and find in him a source of strength and courage. I hope that the Christmas message will encourage and sustain you, too, now and in the coming year.I wish you all a very happy Christmas.200812/60008。

Violent clashes erupt on the streets of Tehran. Supporters of moderate Mir-Hossein Mousavi became angry after incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner in the country's elections. The result has been fiercely disputed by Mousavi's supporters who claim he is the real winner. In Israel where Iran's uranium enrichment is seen as a direct threat to its existence, Sheila Dale says another four years of Ahmadinejad would just further divide East and West."Well, I'm not exactly happy about it. I think that it just shows all the more so that there is a continuing division between the East and the West. And for Israel, of course, it's not a good sign. Somewhere along the way, Israel is going to have to take steps whether or not the rest of the Western world agrees with Israel."Last week, Israel said it had no plans to bomb Iran. Tehran meanwhile maintains its nuclear plant is purely to produce the country's energy. In Gaza, Iran's ally Hamas welcomed the results."The Western world should respect the democracy and the choice of the Iranian people. This is a democratic and free election. We hope that this new Iranian leadership will continue to support the Palestinian rights and its people and help us to end sanctions."And there was more support for Iran's leader from neighboring Iraq."President Ahmadinejad deserves victory, and we hope that he will help us establish security in Iraq. We also hope he will put an end to the infiltration of terrorists and deny those who intend to harm our country. We wish him all the best."Iran and Washington have had no official ties since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. But on Friday, the Obama administration said it would like to improve the countries' relations regardless of the election outcome.06/75552。

Obama to Address Foreign Policy on First Full Day in Office奥巴马上任首日处理外交政策议题  U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to tackle foreign policy issues on his first full day in office. Mr. Obama will likely address the Middle East crisis and other world issues on Wednesday. 美国总统奥巴马在上任第一天预料将处理外交政策议题。奥巴马可能会在星期三针对中东危机以及其他全球议题发表讲话。After almost two years of campaigning, a 78-day presidential transition period and a day of speeches, parades and balls, President Obama is y for his first full day on the job, Wednesday. 在经历了近两年的竞选活动、78天的总统交接期,以及一整天的就职演说、庆祝游行和舞会之后,奥巴马将在星期三正式展开总统工作。He signaled in his inaugural speech on Tuesday that his first focus will likely be foreign policy.  星期二他在就职演说中提到,上任后的第一个焦点可能是外交政策。"Know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity, and we are y to lead once more," he said. 奥巴马说:“美国是所有追求和平与尊严的国家以及男女老少的朋友,我们已经准备好再次领导世界。”Published reports e aides as saying one of Mr. Obama's first actions will be to name former U.S. Senator George Mitchell as his Middle East envoy. 一些媒体报导引述奥巴马助手的说法报道,奥巴马的首要行动将是任命前美国参议员乔治.米歇尔担任中东特使。During the transition, the president-elect remained silent about world affairs, deferring to the Bush administration. But as president, Mr. Obama seems to be indicating that he plans to move quickly to work with Israel and the Palestinians toward peace.  在总统交接时期里,总统当选人奥巴马对全球事务保持缄默,以表示对布什政府的尊重。但是就任总统后,奥巴马似乎计划尽快与以色列,巴勒斯坦人合作,促进以巴和平。Later on Wednesday, the new president is expected to meet with his National Security Council to start reevaluating the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout the presidential campaign, candidate Obama promised a 16-month withdrawal of combat forces from Iraq and a new look at how the war in Afghanistan is being fought. 星期三稍晚,奥巴马总统将与他的国家安全会议成员会商,对伊拉克和阿富汗战事进行评估。在竞选总统时,奥巴马曾经承诺在16个月内将美军从伊拉克撤出,并且重新检视阿富汗战争的情况。By the end of the day, Mr. Obama might have a secretary of state. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Senate will vote Wednesday afternoon on Hillary Clinton's nomination as the country's top diplomat. 星期三下午,奥巴马的国务卿可能就会产生,参议院多数党领袖里德表示,参议院将在星期三下午针对希拉里.克林顿的国务卿任命案进行表决。Shortly after Mr. Obama became president, the Senate approved six members of his Cabinet, but delayed for one day a vote on Clinton. Republican Senator John Cornyn said he had concerns about foreign donations to the foundation led by Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton.  星期二在奥巴马就任后不久,参议院就通过了6位内阁成员的任命,但是将克林顿任命案延后一天表决。共和党参议院员科宁说,他对克林顿的丈夫、前总统比尔.克林顿基金会接受外国捐款一事存有疑虑。The economic crisis will also receive Mr. Obama's attention on Wednesday. He is expected to meet with his economic advisers and issue new regulations, forcing institutions that receive government rescue money to be more transparent about how it is spent. 除了外交议题,经济危机也将是奥巴马总统星期三的工作重点。他将与财经幕僚会晤,提出新的法规,要求那些接受政府援助金的机构,更透明地公开援助金的使用。Within days, Mr. Obama is expected to issue an executive order to start the process of closing the controversial military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and to make plans for moving the detainees elsewhere. 在未来几天内,奥巴马总统还将发布行政命令,就关闭具有争议性的古巴关塔纳湾监狱展开行动,并且为如何安置那些被关押人制定计划。The new president is also expected to restore U.S. government funding for family-planning programs overseas and reverse the Bush administration's restrictions on federal spending for embryonic stem cell research. 奥巴马总统还将恢复美国政府对海外计划生育项目的赞助,并且推翻布什政府对联邦资金资助胚胎干细胞研究的限制。01/61425。

Rice to New York for Gaza Diplomacy赖斯展开外交努力以解决加沙危机 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is joining U.N. Security Council and bilateral diplomacy on the Gaza crisis in New York. The ed States is seeking a deal on Gaza that would end Hamas rocket fire into Israel, halt arms smuggling to the militant group, and reopen Gaza crossing points for aid and trade. 美国国务卿赖斯为解决加沙危机在纽约参与联合国安理会和双边外交活动。美国谋求的加沙协议目的在于结束哈马斯对以色列发射火箭,制止向这个激进组织走私武器,并为救援和贸易重新开放加沙过境点。Rice is holding meetings in New York with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as well as Arab and European foreign ministers in advance of a late-afternoon Security Council meeting on the Gaza crisis. 在联合国安理会星期二傍晚将举行加沙危机讨论之前,赖斯在纽约同巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯、阿拉伯和欧盟国家的外长举行会谈。But State Department officials are cautioning against expectations of an early cease-fire resolution from the Security Council, and say Rice's principal focus is on the bilateral contacts, which will continue Wednesday. 但是国务院官员警告说,不要指望安理会能很快做出一项停火决议。他们说,赖斯关注的重点是双边接触。双边活动将于星期三继续进行。The Bush administration has come under criticism for resisting Arab-backed calls in the Security Council for an immediate end to hostilities. U.S. officials say drafts submitted thus far have failed to address the Hamas rocket fire on Israel that provoked the crisis, and have not included terms that would assure that a truce would be durable. 布什政府抵制安理会有关立即结束敌对状态的呼吁,这是阿拉伯国家持的。美国政府由于这一立场而受到批评。美国官员说,迄今为止提交的草案没有提到如何解决哈马斯对以色列发射火箭弹的问题,这是挑起这场危机的起因。草案也没有包括确保停火能够持久的条款。State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the ed States would like an immediate cease-fire provided it has a reasonable chance to succeed long-term. 国务院发言人麦科马克说,美国希望立即实现停火,但是必须有适当的机会能够持久。"We would like an immediate cease-fire, absolutely," McCormack said. "Look, nobody wants to see violence. We would like to see the violence end today, but we also want to see it end in a way that is sustainable and durable, so that you do not have my successor up here three months, four months, six months from now talking about the same thing."  他说:“我们当然希望立即停火。没有人希望看到暴力。我们希望暴力能在今天结束,但是我们也希望暴力能以一种持续和持久的方式结束,这样接替我的发言人才不会在三个月、四个月、六个月以后再来谈同样的问题。”The State Department said Monday that Rice, who has been conducting telephone diplomacy on Gaza, is pursuing a three-pronged accord to end Hamas rocket fire, close the tunnels from Egypt through which the militant group has been receiving weapons, and reopen Gaza crossing points so that the economy of the coastal strip can return to normal. 国务院星期一说,赖斯一直在就加沙危机进行电话外交。赖斯目前正谋求一项三管齐下的协议:结束哈马斯的火箭发射,关闭哈马斯经由埃及获得武器的通道,重新开放加沙过境点,以便沿海地区加沙的经济能回归正常。Officials say such a crossings accord would be based on the movement and access deal Rice brokered between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 2005, but was never fully implemented. That accord provided for a European Union monitoring presence at the crossings, which U.S. officials say could be augmented by personnel from other countries. 有关官员说,这样的一个过境协议将基于赖斯2005年在以色列和巴勒斯坦权力机构之间进行斡旋而达成的人员流动和过境协议。但是那项协议从未得到全面实施。该协议授权欧盟在过境点进行监督。美国官员说,这可以由其它国家的人员参加来加以扩大。The deal Rice is seeking would not necessarily unfold under U.N. auspices. She is meeting in New York with, among others, Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, whose government has offered to provide observers, and with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. 赖斯推动的协议可能不会以联合国的名义提出。赖斯目前正在纽约会晤土耳其外长巴巴詹。土耳其政府主动提出要提供观察员。赖斯还会见了英国外交大臣米利班德和法国外长库什内。McCormack said Rice spoke by telephone Monday with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman. Egypt mediated the previous Gaza truce which Hamas refused to renew last month and would be a key to enforcement of any new effort to curb arms traffic to Hamas. 麦科马克说,赖斯星期一打电话给埃及情报局长苏莱曼。埃及斡旋了以前的加沙停火协议。但是哈马斯上个月拒绝延长这一协议。该协议将是加强遏制武器偷运到哈马斯的任何最新努力的关键。Rice also called President-elect Barack Obama on Monday to brief him on Gaza diplomacy. 赖斯星期一还打电话给当选总统奥巴马,向他汇报有关加沙的外交活动。A senior official who spoke to reporters said concerned parties, including Arab states are "starting to coalesce" around the three-part strategy Rice is pursuing, but in his words "are not there yet by any stretch" of the imagination. 一位高级官员对记者说,包括阿拉伯国家在内的有关各方“开始凝聚”在赖斯推动的三方战略周围。但是,用他的话说,“目前还远远没有到能够达成协议的时候”。01/60590。

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half 生活与消费 The cheapest family in America offers tips on how to save money. We're all paying more for groceries than ever before except for one family. They had nearly cut their grocery bill in half while everyone else's just keeps going up. So, how do they do it? How could you do it too? Our Mike Von Fremd reveals the answer in our latest Recession Rescue.To the aptly named Economides family, shopping is a game . The thrill of victory is to find the cheapest food. Entertainment for you, it seems like. I know, you like the deal. It's a fun you get the deal. Well, it is. I mean, If your job is to stretch your dollars and you can do it and have success at it, and wouldn't you? Steve Annette Economides feed their family of six for just 0 a month-- something you have to see to believe. At the first store, they used coupons for almost every item, buying more than 0 worth of food for just . Thank you all.The typical American family buys only a few bags of groceries for 0. So at our next stop, I challenged the Economides to see how much they could \ buy with 0. And the race was on."Wait, wait, we'd better check and make sure you didn't short us. Trust but verify. It's all there. Ok, good, we are y. And they did not disappoint, buying 13 bags of groceries, everything from Global Mart, yogurt to fruits and vegetables for only 1.77. An average person would have spent 200,250, what do you think. At least 200, I'm thinking. Coz of all the price match. Think about the price match. You’re convincing you got about at least 50 percent off? Yah. Proud of yourself? Yeah, she did good.Price match means the store will match the lowest price from any competitor. It's a good way to stretch your dollars. And the Economides have some other tips. 1. Don't go to the grocery store often. A lot of families are going three, four, five times a week. We're gonna take a challenge, let's say, I'm gonna plan the , I'm gonna plan five dinners. And I am gonna go shopping once this week, and buy the stuff I need, use what's in my pantry, whatever, and not go back to the store, no matter what.The Economides planned for each grocery trip. They bring coupons which save them \ .57 on this trip. And they write down price match items, saving .18.2. Leave the kids at home. You'll save three times the price of the baby- sitter if you have time to really think and walk through the store and get and pick up the things you need 3. Have the deli slice your lunch meat. I need you to slice this up for me, real thin, can you do that? Yes. By buying a chop of meat and asking the deli to slice it for you, you can save to a pound. And finally, the Economides recommend: You grind your own meat. You can buy the cheapest cuts of like, chuck roast or chuck steak at .50 pound, and leave most of the fat on there , put it through the grinder and the stuff will come out looking like and cooking up as if you have bought the a pound lean ground beef.Total savings? .50 a pound. This family wins the gold medal when it comes to saving money .I mean, this is like your moment of glory, when you look and see that you tripled your money, isn't it.... Yes. And they'd like to teach you how to do the same. For Good Morning America, Mike Von Fremd , A news, Phoenix200811/56360。