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宁都县手臂激光脱毛多少钱赣州俪人美容医院减肥手术多少钱Many years after receiving my graduate degree, I returned to the State University of New York at Binghamton as a faculty member. One day in a crowded elevator, someone remarked on its inefficiency. I said the elevators had not changed in the 20 years since I began there as a student. 获取研究生学位多年以后,我回到位于宾翰顿的纽约州立大学当教员。一天,电梯里很拥挤,有人抱怨电梯效率太低。我说自我在那里当学生起,20年来电梯一直没有换过。 When the door finally opened, I felt a compassionate pat on my back, and turned to see an elderly nun smiling at me. ;You#39;ll get that degree, dear,; she whispered. ;Perseverance is a virtue.; 最后当电梯门打开时,我感到有人在我的背上同情地拍了一下,回过头来我看到一位年长的修女正在朝我微笑。;你会拿到学位的,亲爱的,;她低声说道:;坚持不懈是一种美德。; /201203/175513赣州整形美容医院抽脂减肥怎么样 Sleep On, Sneeze Not 睡觉的时候不会打喷嚏 The signs are unmistakable: the eyes water, the chest heaves, the nose twitches, the body tenses, suspense builds until finally a sneeze blasts forth, concluding the drama. It's a momentarily paralyzing experience that can seize one at almost any time. 眼睛湿润,胸部隆起,鼻子一阵抽搐,身体紧绷,(身体)就这样待定着,到最后一个喷嚏响起,像是演了一出戏剧!这使得人的身体短暂麻痹,它几乎可以在任何时间让一个人给紧缩。 But try and recall if you've ever been jarred out of a peaceful sleep by an explosive sneeze. Chances are you can't, because, thankfully, we don't sneeze while we sleep. To understand why, first we need to know why we sneeze while we're awake. 但是,试想你曾经有过在安详的睡眠中被一个突然的喷嚏给震醒的情况吗? 你是不会有的,因为很庆幸,我们在睡觉的时候不会打喷嚏。要理解其原因,我们首先需要了解为什么我们会在醒的时候打喷嚏。 Sneezing is a reflex, which means that it's an uncontrollable physical response to an outside stimulus. When something, say a piece of dust or a strong odor, stimulates nerve endings in the lining of the nose, the stimulus travels to the central nervous system and is then routed back to the muscles of the face, throat, and chest. 打喷嚏是一种反射,也就是说它是一种生理对外界环境的反应,不可控制。有时候,像一颗尘埃或一股强烈的味道刺激了鼻子里的神经末梢,这个刺激就会到达中枢神经系统,继而再返回到脸部、喉咙和胸部的肌肉。 Once stimulated, these muscles go to work and cause us to forcefully expel air from the mouth and nose. Or, in other words, we sneeze. 这些肌肉一旦被刺激,它们就会运动,导致我们强有力的排出口腔和鼻子里面的空气。或者,换句话说就是打喷嚏。 Because the nose lining tends to swell when we lie down, making it even more sensitive to sneeze-causing particles, it would seem that sneezing would be likely during sleep. 因为在我们躺下的时候,鼻子里面部分趋于隆起,这使得它对引起打喷嚏的微小颗粒更加敏感。这样看来,似乎在睡觉的时候更容易打喷嚏。 However, since there is little airflow in most bedrooms at night, and little movement to stir up dust and other particles, the nose is not bombarded by as many foreign particles as it is during the day. 然而,由于我们的卧房里在晚上几乎没有空气流动,也没有什么运动会扬起灰尘及其它微粒,所以就不会有像白天那么多外界微粒来刺激我们的鼻子。 Furthermore, the area of the brain responsible for the sneeze reflex relaxes while we sleep. So, even when a particle does touch the nose lining, the brain doesn't notice, and we don't sneeze. 而且,当我们睡觉的时候,脑袋中负责打喷嚏反射的区域也休息了。所以,即使有微尘碰触了鼻子内部,大脑也没意识到,我们就不会打喷嚏。生词注释:twitch v. 抽搐,抽动,痉挛paralyze v. 使麻痹,使瘫痪reflex n. 反应,反射stimulate v. 刺激sensitive adj. 敏感的bombard v. 轰炸,攻击 /201110/156648News Commentary. Can we stop all the desktop browser market share talk? Microsoft's mobile browsing problems are much bigger.Every few days, somebody writes something about Internet Explorer's declining marketshare. "OMG. Net Applications December data shows IE market share below 70 percent." Big hairy deal.arrow.gifGOT A TIP OR RUMOR?These numbers are somewhat meaningless, anyway, because they do the impossible: Add up to 100 percent. Browsers aren't a finite market. Analysts can calculate share based on, say, shipments of something. Ten manufacturers ship X number of widgets during Y time period; market share can be calculated based on how many widgets each manufacturer shipped.The math doesn't apply to Web browsers, because the real measurement is usage. Who is using what, and people tend to use more than one browser. At best, Net Apps is measuring usage share, which doesn't reflect how many people are using more than one browser. That said, Microsoft's drop below 70 percent is worth noting, but the news is more that people continue to use IE and something else. Three things stand out from Net Apps data:* Firefox isn't appreciably gaining as much share against Internet Explorer* Apple's Safari is making modest gains, while Google Chrome ekes upwards* The rush to convert from Internet Explorer 6 to IE 7 is largely overAccording to Net Apps, Internet Explorer usage (market share, if you must insist) dropped to 69.77 percent in November. IE's decline continued in December to 68.15 percent. Maybe, but for the year, IE is still well above 70 percent. That said, Internet Explorer's monthly downward trend is clear—from 75.47 percent in January 2008.Firefox continues to gain—from 16.98 percent share in January to 19.22 percent share in July to over 21 percent in December. But the bigger market share movers were Chrome and Safari. Google's browser went from 0 percent share in August to 1.04 percent share in December. Safari rose from 5.82 percent share in January to 7.93 percent share in December—that's up from 6.37 percent in August.From January to December, browser market share/usage share changed:* IE, down 7.32 percent* Firefox, up 4.36 percent* Safari, up 2.11 percent* Chrome, up 1.04 percentAdd up the gainers and they total 7.53 percent market/usage share. Based on Net App numbers then, Chrome, Firefox and Safari gained the share lost by Internet Explorer. But the story isn't so simple as the data tells, because these numbers shouldn't total 100 percent and the browser market is considerably more fragmented than what these topline numbers indicate. Net Apps tracks about 40 different browsers. In December, Internet Explorer 8 (Beta 2, I presume) had greater market share than Chrome 1.0: 82 percent to 55 percent. That means that nearly half of all Chrome users used a beta version of the Google browser. For the year, IE 8 share was 23 percent compared to .03 percent for Chrome 1.0. browsers1208.jpgIE 7 still isn't gaining the way one would expect against IE 6, which I see as being a big part of Microsoft's browser usage problem. For the year, IE 7 share was 46.06 percent compared to 26.2 percent for IE 6.Apple's share gains, while initially impressive, surprisingly aren't. Given Mac's market share gains, I would expect the browser numbers to be higher. I suspect two trends: Better Safari adoption than most people might expect on Windows and much less than expected on the Mac (where Firefox steals usage from Safari). Apple should worry about Google getting out a Chrome version for the Mac. Chrome will be the browser to watch in 2009. As my Google Watch colleague Clint Boulton so astutely observes, Google is using its Web services to push Chrome adoption.All this said, something hugely important isn't reflected in the data: Mobile. Internet Explorer is a simply godawful mobile browser. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. November's Gizmodo mobile browser shoot-out was a hoot in explaining IE's failing grade:Jesus Christ. This is a joke, right Microsoft? Hahaha. No really, this is the worst smartphone browser on the planet. It couldn't render its way out of an ASCII-art paper bag. It totally screwed up every single test page, except for Wikipedia, which it only mostly screwed up. Good luck navigating a page if you're granted the miraculous occurrence of it being rendered in a state that's usable. Grade: F-The future platform that matters, the one where Microsoft doesn't have dominant browser share, is mobile. There, Apple and Google have two excellent WebKit-based mobile browsers. Microsoft has got less than nothing. Microsoft's desktop declines are interesting but not hugely significant.Big deal. IE is losing ground on last century's dominant computing platform. What matters more is where IE isn't—and that's this century's dominant platform: Mobile. How about we dispense with this IE less-than-70-percent chatter and talk more about Microsoft's mobile crisis. Mozilla is months away from releasing mobile Firefox. Mobile Chrome and Safari aly are rainmakers.Increased adoption of mobile browsers should drive usage of their desktop counterparts, too. Unless Microsoft does something dramatic on mobiles, IE's mobile extinction is almost inevitable. Then it will be time to really talk about IE's desktop browser share declines. /200901/60606赣州俪人整形医院祛除腋臭多少钱

赣州激光祛痘江西赣州去胎记多少钱 You probably count on your daily jolt of caffeine to wake up your brain and stay sharp all day long. But downing that coffee, tea, cola, or chocolate bar may be giving you a leg upin another unexpected way: It can improve your proofing skills, according to a new study. 也许你现在每天要靠咖啡来醒脑、醒神。但其实咖啡、茶、可乐和巧克力棒还能在其他方面给你意想不到的帮助:一项最新研究表示,它能帮你提高你的校正能力。 In the study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, researchers asked 36 college students who consumedlow levels of caffeine -- about a half-cup of coffee a day -- to do a "language task." The students were given 5 minutes to a one-page news story, and needed to identify and correct as many spelling and grammatical mistakes as they found in that time. 在《实验心理学期刊》上发表的文章:研究者让36名对咖啡摄入程度较低的大学生——每天咖啡摄入量低于半杯——做一个“语言测试”。给这些受测试者5分钟时间来读一篇长度约为一页的文章,让他们找出并更正文内的拼写和语法错误。 Forty-five minutes before taking the proofing test, students were randomly given a capsule containing one of four doses of caffeine: none, 100 milligrams, 200 milligrams , or 400 milligrams. 在校对测验开始前45分钟,有四种剂量的咖啡因胶囊,分别是不含咖啡因、100毫克、200毫克、和400毫克,这些胶囊让参加测验的学生任意领取一枚。 /201111/160545赣州玻尿酸填充鼻唇沟价格

赣州俪人医院打玻尿酸多少钱Man proposes, God disposes. 这个说法最早见于14世纪,起初以 “If man proposes evil, God disposes of it.” 的形式出现, 意思是上帝会阻止想要为恶的人。这里的God, 既可以指上帝, 又可以指天意。 就像我们常说的“尽人事, 听天命”、“谋事在人,成事在天”一样, 尽力而为之后, 还要顺从自然的规律。 毕竟,人类是自然的一部分, 凡事皆不可强求, 与自然的和谐是人类的生存之本。 例如:A: Bob, how about tomorrow’s driving test?Sure to pass,huh? B: I don’t know. I’ve done enough, I’d say. Anyway, man proposes, God disposes. I am praying for good luck. It is a sin to steal a pin. 该句的字面意思是: 即使是偷一根针也是一种罪过。还记得那句古训吗?“勿以恶小而为之, 勿以善小而不为。”冀望之切,溢于言表。不要因为犯的是小错就可以听之任之。 例如:Honesty is the best policy. Never covet what is not yours, for it is a sin to steal a pin. If you play with fire, you get burnt. /200903/65894 龙南县妇幼保健人民医院韩式三点多少钱赣州整形美容医院文眉手术怎么样



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