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赣州俪人整形美容医院网上预约赣州同济医院去眼袋多少钱to bum someone out ------ 使……懊恼英文释义To annoy or disappoint someone.例句It bummed me out when I missed my flight to my brothers wedding.错过了前去参加我兄弟婚礼的航班让我很懊恼。 /201611/471238赣州整形医院除皱价格好不好 国家地理:Halloween: Giant Bats 巨型蝙蝠As the sun goes down every evening in northern Australia, millions of dark, huge, winged creatures dominate the skies.They're an imposing sight, but these black flying foxes are just big harmless bats, the biggest in the world.Their wingspan can reach a whopping six feet. Given that the world's smallest bat species weighs less than a penny, that's pretty big.Nearly one quarter of the world's mammal species are bats. 160 of these are fruit bats and 60 of these are called flying foxes, for their unique looking, fox-like faces. The black flying fox babies can't fly for the first month, which means the moms have to carry them, even when they become airborne.At night, they search for fruit and nectar, mainly through sight and smell. Like other fruit bats and vampire bats, black flying foxes don't rely on echolocation. During the day, they live in huge colonies or camps housing up to 100,000 flying foxes. Usually they stay relatively cool by roosting in mangrove and paperbark trees that sit in water. But sometimes even this location isn't cool enough. Ever wore a black fur coat in the intense Australian heat? You can imagine why they fan themselves.Hey, when that doesn't work, they'll lick themselves. They cool down a little as their saliva evaporates. But with 100,000 bats in the same grove of trees, things are bound to heat up.Fights often break out over which branch belongs to whom. They defend their turf. But they rarely break skin. Mostly it's just a lot of noisy posturing. Posturing aside, this big black flying creature is nothing more than a fuzzy foxy looking vegetarian.New Words:roost: (v.) To rest or sleep on or as if on a perch or roost. 栖息mangrove: (n.) [植]红树林paperbark: (n.) (澳大利亚的)白千层属植物saliva: (n.) 唾液200708/16997赣州哪家医院做双眼皮好

会昌县镭射去痘印价格UN Devotes Day to Human Trafficking联合国敦促各国打击全球人口走私  The ed Nations aimed the spotlight on human trafficking Tuesday. The General Assembly devoted the entire day to discussing the issue of forced labor and exploitation. 联合国这个星期二把焦点集中在人口走私问题上。联合国大会星期二全天讨论了强制性劳动和剥削等问题。The ed Nations estimates that at any given time 2 1/2 million people find themselves in situations that are defined as forced labor or sexual exploitation. Fifty-six percent, 1.4 million, are in Asia and the Pacific. 联合国估计,在任何一个时段,都有250万人处于被强制劳动或者是遭受性剥削的状态。其中百分之56,也就是140万人在亚太地区。The global organization says human trafficking affects more than 160 nations that serve either as a source, a transit point or a destination. 联合国表示,人口走私涉及160多个国家,这些国家或者是人口来源国、转口国、或者是目的地国。General Assembly President Srgjan Kerim says the full-day debate on the issue is the first time the General Assembly has dealt with human trafficking in a comprehensive way.  联大主席斯格杨.克里姆说,星期二的全天讨论是联合国大会第一次以彻底的方式来应对这个问题。"If there is an evil on earth which we are facing nowadays as nations and as peoples and individuals, then together with drug trafficking and illicit trade, it is human trafficking," he said.  他说:“人口走私同毒品走私和非法交易一样,是我们今天作为国家、民族和个人所面临的一种罪恶。”According to figures from the International Labor Organization, the majority of trafficking victims are between the ages of 18 and 24. The ed Nations Children Funds, UNICEF, estimates that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year. Another recent study says that 95 percent of trafficked people experience physical or sexual violence. 国际劳动组织公布的数字显示,被拐骗的人口年龄通常在18到24岁。联合国儿童基金估计,每年有大约120万儿童被拐卖。最近的另外一份研究显示,在被拐骗的人口当中,95%遭遇了性暴力或者是其他形式的虐待。Actress Ashley Judd spoke to General Assembly in her capacity as a board member of Population Services International (P.S.I.), a group with health programs in 65 nations worldwide. She says she stumbled upon the issue of human trafficking while working with P.S.I. 国际人口务是一个在65个国家里设有公共卫生项目的组织。美国电影女演员艾什莉.贾德以该组织理事的身份在联大会议上表示,她是在为该组织工作期间,碰到人口走私问题的。"I have been to 12 countries worldwide and spent a great deal of time in brothels, slums, hospices, youth drop-in centers, in both public hospitals as well as rural clinics. It is very difficult to leave behind people I know are victims of human trafficking. I defy anyone to walk out of a brothel or to walk out of an orphanage leaving those people behind. So I have been making a series of sacred promises: I will never forget you' and 'I will tell your story.' I know that the unheard are helped when they are heard," he said. 她说:“我去到过12个国家,用好多时间走访妓院、贫民窟、福利院、儿童赡养所、公立医院和乡村卫生所,看到很多被拐卖的人,每一次都很难从他们身边走开。我想去到妓院或者是孤儿院参观的人,都会有一样的感受。因此,我一直在内心里保说,‘我不会忘记你们的,我会讲述你们的故事’。我知道,对那些沉默中的人来说,能够让外界了解他们的处境,对他们就是一种帮助。”UN studies show that the estimated annual global profit from trafficked people is almost billion. Almost half of that is generated in industrialized economies.  联合国的研究显示,国际间每年从人口走私中获利近320亿美元,其中几乎一半是在工业化国家赚取的。The Foreign Affairs Minister of the ed Arab Emirates Anwar Gargash says economically successful countries will always face problems such as human trafficking. He says the use of imported children as jockeys in camel racing first brought the issue to the fore in the UAE. 阿拉伯联合酋长国的外交事务大臣加尔加什说,经济发达国家总会碰到人口走私等问题。他说,让从外国买来的儿童充当骆驼比赛的骑手,阿拉伯联合国酋长国是由此开始关注这个问题的。"We realized that tackling that problem means for us to look beyond what a traditional sport is. At the same time, to understand that we cannot tackle these issues except through international partnerships. This is what we did with UNICEF. We are starting to tackle the other forms of human trafficking. Mostly what we have is the issue of sexual exploitation. We understand that it is not a stigma to have human trafficking, but the stigma is not to do anything about it," he said. 他说:“我们意识到,要解决这个问题,就意味著必须要重新审视骆驼比赛这一传统体育项目。同时,要明白只有通过国际合作才能解决这个问题。所以我们开始和联合国儿童基金会合作。我们也开始处理其他形式的人口走私问题,其中最多的是性剥削问题。我们明白,存在人口走私现象不是耻辱,而面对这种现象无所作为才是耻辱。”So far, 116 nations have ratified a UN protocol against trafficking, the only international agreement that addresses human trafficking as a crime. The Trafficking Protocol requires ratifying nations to criminalize human trafficking and help victims. 迄今,已经有116个国家批准了联合国反人口走私议定书。议定书将走私人口视为犯罪,要求签署国制裁人口走私行为,并帮助受害者。200806/41194赣州哪家整形医院做双眼皮好的 探索世界奥秘之万里长城 6It is a staggering 2,700 miles longer than the first Great Wall of the Emperor Qin. There is no wood, water or stone in the desert. But the Han managed to build a wall that has resisted 2,000 years of erosion. You can still see the layers constructed with only local materials, layers of compressed sand, twigs, bark, tamarisk and horse manure. The wall has withstood conditions that alternated between torrid heat for half the year and freezing winds for the rest. Building this wall in the middle of the barren desert was only half the task. It had to be manned. Soldiers were constantly told to be vigilant and not to move an inch from their posts. This was particularly true of those manning these towers, built miles in front of the actual wall. Despite millions of soldiers in the army, the wall was so long they didn't have enough men to post a sentry every few yards, so plenty of advance warning from these towers was crucial. Using smoke signals, the Chinese evolved a highly sophisticated and successful signaling system. A beacon lit here in the Gobi can pass its message some 700 miles in only 24 hours, alerting the entire frontier to the danger. "Chariots and horsemen are directed to keep on guard and the men at the watchtowers to keep a sharp lookout for fire signals and keep the border clear." says a Han military document. Each beacon was constructed within clear view of its nearest neighbor so that fire signals at night or smoke in the day could be seen and the message passed on. And this was their most precious commodity in the barren desert. It is firewood, used to light the ancient signal fires. It's still here where it was abandoned some 2,000 years ago. We know so much about these ancient lives because the dry Gobi Desert has preserved their letters, buried next to the watchtowers where they lived and often died. Dear all, in this far-off labor camp, I miss clear grounds in the middle of the sands. This is no camp. It's like a tomb. And I miss you so much. Last week, I received a punishment. I can't express properly (coldest . . .) my gratitude toward you, dear elder brother. Do you remember that night? (Dear old parents) We drank so much.Thanks for the food and medicine you sent to me. Words can't translate what my heart feels for you. There is only something for you…Today, we made 150 bricks . . . We all look like slaves. The moon is shining through a sea of clouds. When we are on guard, all we can see is this desolate landscape, devoid of any sign of life. The memory of our home become so painful. Our exile seems as though it will never end. torrid: scorching; burningman: supply with men, as for defense or servicedevoid of: completely wanting or lacking200707/15846赣州小腿激光脱毛

赣州俪人整形美容医院眼部松弛怎么样 India Prepares for First India-Africa Summit印度筹办印非峰会加强对非洲关系 India is preparing to host a two-day summit of leaders of key African countries in a bid to deepen engagement with the continent. The meeting that starts Tuesday is an effort by India to raise its political profile in the resource-rich region.  印度正在筹备主办一个为期两天的、由关键的非洲国家领导人参加的高峰会议,希望进一步加深与非洲大陆的联系。星期二开始的这个会议是印度为了提高它在资源丰富的非洲地区的政治地位所做出的努力。 The line-up of African leaders attending the summit in New Delhi spans the entire continent - from Egypt in the north to South Africa. 参加在新德里举行的印非高峰会议的非洲领导人涵盖了从北部的埃及到南非的整个大陆。Indian Junior Foreign Minister, Anand Sharma, says both India and Africa represent developing regions with shared challenges, and have much to share.  印度副外交部长阿南德.夏尔马说,印度和非洲都代表那些面临相同挑战的发展中地区,而且有很多共同点。"Both the sides are of this considered view that this summit is not only historic, but will give a new dimension and momentum to the partnership that is there and evolving between Africa and India," said Sharma.  他说:“我们双方都持这样的看法,即这次高峰会议不仅具有历史意义,而且还将给非洲和印度之间业已存在而且正在不断演变的夥伴关系提供新的深度和动力。”The Indian foreign minister says both sides will collaborate in areas like agriculture, food security, human-resource development, and infrastructure development. 这位印度副外交部长表示,双方将在农业、食品安全、人力开发以及基础设施建设方面进行合作。Political analysts say India is hosting the summit to rectify what they call New Delhi's neglect of Africa in recent decades. 政治分析人士说,印度主办这次高峰会议是为了矫正他们所说的最近几十年来新德里对非洲的忽视。India once shared close ties with the continent, and staunchly supported the African independence struggle against colonial rulers. But its influence waned in recent decades as it focused on building closer ties with ed States and Europe.  印度曾经同非洲大陆拥有紧密的关系,而且在非洲国家对抗殖民统治者的独立斗争中给予了他们坚定的持。但是在最近几十年的时间里,随著印度把注意力集中在建立同美国和欧洲更紧密的关系上,它在非洲的影响逐渐减少。Analysts say India wants to ensure it is not left behind by China, which has made deep inroads into the continent. African countries are emerging as a big market for Indian goods as they post strong growth. 分析人士说,印度要确保它不会落在已经在非洲大陆渗透很深的中国的后面。由于非洲国家强劲的增长,它们正在成为印度产品的一个巨大的市场。India also wants to tap Africa's huge reservoir of resources for its growing economy. India is aly competing fiercely with China for some of these assets, especially energy sources. 印度还希望开发非洲巨大的资源蕴藏量为它高速发展的经济务。印度已经正在同中国在非洲的一些资产上,特别是能源,展开激烈的竞争。An African expert at New Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University, A.K.Pasha, says Africa is emerging as the new global oil hub. 新德里尼赫鲁大学的非洲问题专家帕夏说,非洲正在成为新的全球石油中心。"India's rapid economic growth forces it to have secure sources of energy, both oil and gas away from the volatile Gulf area," said Pasha. "Large number of deals have been finalized with countries like Egypt, Libya, Algeria to Nigeria, and now we are looking for Angola and Gabon." India's trade with African countries is growing steadily, and added up to more than billion last year. But experts say that is far below potential, and point to China's billion trade with the continent in the same period. Analysts say New Delhi also wants greater political influence in Africa so that it can get support from the continent's big bloc of nations on global issues such as reform of the U.N. Security Council, world trade negotiations and climate change.But the task of wooing Africa may not be easy. African countries say they want partners who will treat them as equals and help them modernize their economies - not simply exploit their resources.The countries attending the summit, the first of its kind, include Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Algeria, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.200804/33876石城县妇幼保健人民医院激光脱毛多少钱瑞金市大腿抽脂价格多少



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