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赣州吸脂术赣州注射眼部除皱Exercise 1-11: TranslationTake the sentence ;I didnt say he stole the money; and translate it into your native language.Write it down below, using whatever letters or characters you use in your language.Now that you have written your sentence down, try shifting the stress around in your own language by going through the stress patterns 1-7 in Exercise 1-9.Dont try to put on a 11 particularly American or other accent;just concentrate on stressing a different word in the sentence each time you say it.For example, if your language is German, Ich habe nicht gesagt da#223; er das Geld gestohlen hat, you would change the stress to:Ich habe nicht gesagt da#223; er das Geld gestohlen hat, or Ich habe nicht gesagt da#223; er das Geld gestohlen hat.If you translated it into French, you would say,Je nai pas dit quil a vole largent, or Je n pas dit quil a vole largent.In Japanese, many people think that there are no intonation changes, but if you hear someone say,wakkanai,youll realize that it has similarities to every other language.Watashi wa kare ga okane o nusunda to wa iimasen deshita.Or perhaps, Watashi wa kare ga okane o nusunda to wa ümasen deshita.No matter how strange it may sound to you, stress each different word several times in your language.You may notice that with some words it sounds perfectly normal, but with other words it sounds very strange.Or you may find that in your language, rather than stressing a word, you prefer to change the word order or substitute another word.Whatever you do is fine, as long as you realize where your language patterns are similar to and different from the American English intonation patterns.Then, when you do it again, in English, it will be much easier.NoteAn excellent exercise is to practice speaking your native language with an American accent.If you can sound like an American speaking your native language, imagine how easy it would be to speak English with an American accent.Pause the CD and practice shifting the stressed words in your native language. /201505/373831赣州玻尿酸价格 栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:I owe you one. 我欠你一个人情(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201503/364615忐忑英语:走进新闻学英语:大拖车侧翻司机死亡。美国大拖车司机驾驶拖车翻车造成司机死亡,路面大面积拥堵。如需要字幕及语法学习和解释,加微信(ghabccom)索取。 /201603/431532全南县去眼袋多少钱

上犹县中医院去痘印多少钱16. Missing the Bus Stop (1) 16.错过公交站(1)A: Does this bus stop at Normandy Street?A:这个公交站在诺曼底街吗?B: Yes, it does. Is that your stop?B:是的。那是你要下车的站吗?A: Yes, it is. How much further until the bus gets there?A:是的。到那还有多远?B: Actually, the bus passed by Normandy Street ten minutes ago.B:事实上,公交在10分钟前刚刚经过诺曼底街。A: I missed my bus stop? Darn it, I knew this would happen to me.A:我错过了公交站?该死,我就知道这会发生在我身上。B: Are you on your way to work?B:你是去工作的路上吗?A: Fortunately Im not, or else I wouldve been running late.A:幸运的是我不是,否则我一定会迟到的。B: Are you meeting a friend?B:你要去见朋友?A: Yes, I am actually. Im going to have to call him, and tell him I missed my stop.A:是的,我确实是。我不得不打电话给他, 告诉他我忘了下车。B: You should get off on the upcoming stop.B:你应该在即将到达的车站下车。A: Good idea. Ill just walk back to Normandy.A:好主意。我这就走回诺曼底街。B: It might be a long walk.B:那可能是一段很长的路。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/437382赣州压双眼好的医院 8. Choosing a Gift 8.选礼物A: Im so bad at picking out gifts for my husband.A:我很不善于为我的丈夫挑选礼物。B: The eternal question of what to get for the man who has everything.B:应该送什么给一个什么都不缺的人是一个头疼的问题。A: What do you suggest?A:你有什么建议?B: Well, is your husband into sports?B:好吧,你的丈夫喜欢运动吗?A: He is a huge fan of both soccer and American football.A:他是一个狂热的足球和美式足球迷。B: Well, the football season is about to start. How about a jersey from his favorite team?B:嗯,足球赛季即将开始。他最喜欢的球队的球衣怎么样?A: Thats actually a great idea.A:这真的是一个好主意。B: Just tell me what size he is.B:告诉我他是什么尺寸。A: Hes really tall but slim.A:他真的很高但很瘦。B: How about a large then?B:那多大号呢?A: If it doesnt fit, can I return it?A:如果不合适,我可以退货吗?B: Ill include a gift receipt so he can return it, too. B:里面会附带一个礼物收据,所以他也可以退回去。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201602/427752赣州整形美容医院治疗青春痘

赣州市黄金医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱喜欢与偏爱What I most enjoy is ing.我最喜欢读书。A: What do you like to do in your spare time?业余时间你喜欢做什么?B: What I most enjoy is ing我最喜欢读书。本句是主语从句,“what I most enjoy”是主语。I like it.我很喜欢。A:How is your new house?你的新房子怎么样?B:I like it.我很喜欢。Im very partial to sweet food.I have a special liking for sweet food. My choice would always be sweetmeats.我特别喜欢甜食。partial a. 偏爱的be partial to“偏爱”What I most enjoy is taking photos.我最喜欢拍照片。A:What do you like best?你最喜欢什么?B: What l most enjoy is taking photos.我最喜欢拍照片。Im mad about math. Im crazy about math.我极喜欢数学。I do like climbing.我确实喜欢爬山。A: I do like climbing.我确实喜欢爬山。B: Its really a good sport.它确实是一项很好的运动。do表示强调,可译为“确实,的确”。Theres nothing I enjoy more than styling hair.我最喜欢的莫过于做头发了。A: Theres nothing l enjoy more than doing hair.我最喜欢的莫过于做头发了。B: Really? That will cost you a lot.真的吗?那开销可不小啊。Im into collecting stamps. Im nuts about collecting stamps.我对集邮很着迷。A: What do you like?你喜欢什么?B:Im into collecting stamps.我对集邮很着迷。be into“对…着迷”I always like fishing.我一向喜欢钓鱼。A:Whats your hobby?你的爱好是什么?B:l always like fishing.我一向喜欢钓鱼。I really care for swimming.我真的喜欢游泳。A: I really care for swimming.我真的喜欢游泳。B:So do I.我也是。Flying kites is more fun to me.对我来说,放风筝更有趣。A:Which is more interesting to you, flying kites or going roller-skating?你觉得放风筝和滑旱冰哪个更有趣?B: Well, flying kites is more fun to me.对我来说,放风筝更有趣。I adore this color. I take a fancy to this color.我很喜欢这个颜色。adore v. 极喜欢,爱慕I prefer milk to coffee.I like milk more than coffee与咖啡相比,我更喜欢牛奶。prefer A to B“与B相比,更喜欢A”I like football better.我更喜欢足球。A: Which do you like, football or basketball?你喜欢哪一个,足球还是篮球?B:I like football better.我更喜欢足球。Whats your favorite subject in school?你最喜欢的科目是什么?A: Whats your favorite subject in school?你最喜欢的科目是什么?B:Well, English I think.嗯,我想是英语。It will be wise to go over again.最好是再检查一遍。A:Weve got everything y. What should we do next?我们已经准备好了。下一步该做什么呢?B: It will be wise to go over again.最好是再检查一遍。go over“仔细检查”I take a fancy to dancing.我喜欢上了跳舞。A: Why do you go to the dance hall three times a week?为什么你一周要去三次舞厅?B: I take a fancy to dancing.我喜欢上了跳舞,fancy n. 爱好,迷恋What color are you fond of?你喜欢什么颜色?A: What color are you fond of?你喜欢什么颜色?B:Dark blue.深蓝色。be fond of“喜欢,喜爱” /201501/352889 赣县区镭射去痘印价格江西省赣州激光去除雀斑费用




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