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Todd: So for the Satay you can have beef, chicken, liver, mutton. Now, people might not know what mutton is. What is mutton?托德:沙茶酱可以搭配牛肉、鸡肉、猪肝和羊肉。可能有人不清楚,mutton是什么?Ivan: Mutton is a lambs meat.伊凡:是羊肉。Todd: Lambs meat. Or sheeps meat.托德:羊肉。Ivan: Sheeps meat, yeah. And its… well actually, personally that is the meat that I most like.伊凡:对,羊肉。羊肉是我最喜欢的肉类。Todd: Oh really, thats your favorite?托德:哦,真的吗,羊肉是你的最爱?Ivan: Yeah its my favorite. It tastes like different and just… if I find a juicy one and its my wonder of the world maybe. Its really hard to find it anywhere else outside of Indonesia maybe because lack of lambs? I dont know.伊凡:对,羊肉是我的最爱。羊肉的味道有些不同,我吃到鲜嫩多汁的羊肉时,感觉非常奇妙。不过除了印尼以外,其他地方很难找到这种羊肉,难道是因为羊很少吗?我也不知道原因。Todd: Yeah, maybe.托德:可能是。Ivan: So once I find one I really cherish that moment.伊凡:所以我只要吃到这种羊肉,我会非常珍惜那个瞬间。Todd: Now in your city, is it common for people to eat in street stalls?托德:在你生活的城市,人们会经常去路边摊吃饭吗?Ivan: Yes, we have lots of hawkers in Jakarta. I mean, you can find meat ball sellers, you can find any street smoking vender shops and then you can find any… yeah, you can eat Nasi Goreng or Mi Goreng in the road also. Like maybe, well usually, when theres a traffic jam going on, usually when you can find some hawkers you can just ;Hey, I want Nasi Goreng;, they just go get and give it to us and you can eat.伊凡:会,雅加达有许多小贩。街头有卖肉丸和熏肉的小贩,还可以在路边摊吃印尼炒饭和印尼炒面。如果遇上交通堵塞,你可以直接喊那些小贩过来,跟他们说你想买份印尼炒饭,他们就会拿来给你,你就可以在车里吃了。Todd: From your car, you call to the people and they bring you the food?托德:你在车里喊那些小贩,他们就会把食物给你送过来?Ivan: Yeah, yeah they bring you the food. Or maybe sometimes we just park in anywhere and then if you see a hawker that sells Nasi Goreng you can just order and you can eat in there.伊凡:对,他们会把食物拿过来。有时候我们可以随便找个地方停车,然后去路边摊吃印尼炒饭。Todd: Wow, thats pretty cool.托德:哇,那太酷了。Ivan: Yeah, so its anywhere, basically, you can eat anywhere.伊凡:对,基本上来说是在任何地方都可以吃。Todd: I think I would gain a lot of weight.托德:我想这样我会胖很多的。Ivan: Yeah, so…伊凡:对…… 译文属 /201603/428930unit 322 购买眼影dialogue 英语情景对话A:May I help you? Miss!A:我能为你效劳吗?!B:Yes. Id like to look at lipstick and eye shadow.B:是的,我想看看唇膏和眼影。A:What color set do you prefer?A:你喜欢那一个色系?B:Well, brown.B:嗯,棕色系。A:We have a beautiful selection of eye shadows this fall. Look at the colors. Arent they beautiful?A:我们今秋推出一杀列漂亮的眼影。你看看这些颜色。它们是不是很漂亮?B:But theyre purple. I prefer a brown set.B:但都是紫色的。我比较喜欢棕色系。A:lf you insist, I can show you the brown sets. Ill have to warn you that theyre very ordinary, though.A:如果你坚持的话,我可以伞棕色系的出来给你看。不过我得提醒你,棕色系非常普通。B:Well, Im not so sure. Most of my make-up is brown.B:哦,我也不确定。我大部分的化妆品都是棕色系的。A:Why dont you wear purple eye shadow for a change? We also have lipstick to go with it.A:你何不擦紫色眼影改变一下?我们还有唇膏可以搭配。B:Can I try it?B:我可以试妆吗?A:Sure. Are you wearing any make-up?A:可以。你脸上有化妆吗?B:No.B:没有。A:Have a seat, please. Now, here is the mirror. How do you like it?A:请坐。镜子在这边,你喜欢吗?B:Not bad. Actually, it makes me look younger. I like it.B:还不错。事实上,它让我看起来年轻多了,我很喜欢。A:Try the lipstick as well. See, how fresh and charming you look.A:唇膏也擦擦看吧!噍,你看起来多么神采奕奕,多么迷人!B:Youre right. Ill take them all.B:你说得对。我都买了。 /201601/424190unit 479申请商务贷款dialogue 英语情景对话A:Bill, Im expecting a big increase in turnover with the coming of the Mid-Autumn Festival. But wholesales are unwilling to supply my orders unless I pay them an advance of 50% of the full price, for my business is fairly new. I hope that you can make me an advance on loan.A:比尔,随着中秋节的到来,我预计营业额将会大大增加。但除非我预付50%,的总价,否则批发商不肯给我货,原因是我的生意才刚起步。我希望你能贷给我一笔预付款。B:Do you have stocks or a title deed of a house to pledge as security?B:你有没有股票或房屋所有权可做担保?A:No. I should be grateful if you could see your way to make an advance against my personal reputation. You may inspect my accounts. From my accounts you can see that Ive promptly met all my obligations.A:汝有。如果你肯根据我个人的信誉贷款给我,我会很感激。你可以检查我的账目,从账目上你可看出我向来都能按时履行所有义务。B:We do not allow any request for a loan against personal security. This is a common regulation. But we may consider it if you can provide a reliable guarantor.B:我们不允许依个人信用批准贷款,这是常规。不过如果你能提供一个可靠的担保人,我们或许可以考虑。A:Yes, I can. You know Mr. Macy, the famous car dealer here in New York. He agreed to act as my guarantor of a loan in the sum of US l0,000 until the end of this year.A:好的,我可以。你认识麦克里迪先生吧,纽约本地有名的汽车商人。他同意做我的担保人,保l万美元到年底。B:Good. He is a man of high standing. I think we can grant the loan you need after some further discussion. But I suggest you borrow on overdraft instead of on loan.B:好。他是个信誉很好的人。我想我们更进一步讨论后,能批准你贷款。不过我建议你以透方式而不是贷款方式贷款。 /201607/453458讲解文本:make up with 与...重修旧好,和解I think you should forgive Jack and make up with him.我想你应该原谅Jack,跟他和好。 Why dont you make up with her? She is your best friend.你为什么不同她和好呢? 她是你最好的闺蜜啊。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201607/455739

Todd: Hey, Mike, I heard that you went back to Canada and you had surgery.托德:嘿,迈克,我听说你回加拿大去做手术了。Mike: Thats right. I went back to Canada and I had an eye operation.迈克:没错。我回加拿大做了眼部手术。Todd: Get out of here!托德:开玩笑的吧!Mike: Yep. Id had complications. Im diabetic, and I had complications with my vision, and so...迈克:真的。我出现了并发症。我是糖尿病患者,并发症影响了我的视力,所以……Todd: With both eyes?托德:两只眼睛的视力都出现了问题吗?Mike: Well, yes. Originally, seven years ago, I had an operation on my left eye, and following that operation, they couldnt save the eye so basically, I cant see anything out of my left eye.迈克:对。其实,七年前我的左眼就接受过手术,可是那次手术医生没能治好我的眼睛,所以我的左眼几乎看不到东西。Todd: Really.托德:真的吗?Mike: Yeah.迈克:对。Todd: Ive known you for like five years. I had no idea.托德:我认识你有五年了吧,我都不知道这件事。Mike: Yeah, yeah. Well you cant really tell. yeah.迈克:对,你几乎看不出来我左眼的情况。Todd: You dont have a patch or anything. You know.托德:你也没有戴眼罩之类的东西。Mike: Yeah, I dont have a hook on my right arm either. But, yeah, Id lost my vision seven years ago but you cant tell.迈克:对,而且我右胳膊上也没有装钩子。我七年前失去了视力,不过你看不出来。Todd: Im sorry. Man, I had no idea.托德:抱歉。我真的不知道。Mike: No, hey. Its all good. In fact, I was rather lucky because I lost my vision because of diabetic complications. As I said, Im diabetic, and I was lucky because the vision in my left eye went but the vision in my right eye, the right eye was fine, so in fact they couldnt save my left eye but I still have completely good vision in my right eye and so this summer I went back to Canada to do an operation on my right eye and that operation was basically just to save the retina, the part of the eye that was affected, to save it from complications and the same thing happening that happened in the left eye.迈克:没什么。一切都很好。其实,虽然我因为糖尿病并发症失去了视力,但我算很幸运的了。我刚才说过,我是糖尿病患者,虽然我失去了左眼的视力,但我右眼的视力还不错,所以我已经很幸运了,虽然医生没能保住我左眼的视力,但是我的右眼能看得很清楚,所以今年夏天我回加拿大接受了右眼手术,目的是为保护视网膜,一般并发症会对视网膜造成损害,所以我接受手术是为了保护视网膜不受并发症的损害,我的左眼就是因为这样才失去视力的。Todd: Oh, well good to hear that things went well.托德:哦,我很高兴一切都进展顺利。Mike: Yeah, things went great actually. Like I said, I was really lucky I think in many ways, but yeah, so now I can see, you know, according to the doctors, my vision with my right eye will be fine. There might be minor things. I might need to get, you know, whatever, adjusted or whatever, but in general, my eyesight will be here to stay, so Im really lucky.迈克:对,手术进行的非常顺利。我刚才说过,我觉得从许多方面来说我都很幸运,现在我还能看见,我的主治医生说我右眼的视力没什么问题。可能会有一些小问题,我需要适应,不过总体来说,我的视力保住了,所以我觉得我很幸运。Todd: Wow, thats good news.托德:哇,那真是个好消息。Mike: Yep.迈克:对。 译文属 /201512/415222

unit 358新年祝福dialogue 英语情景对话A:Happy New Year!A:新年快乐!B:Thank you! The same to you.B:谢谢,也祝你新年快乐!A:Have you got any plans?A:你有什么计划吗?B:Ive been invited over to a friends. And you?B:一个朋友邀请我去他家做客。你呢?A:My roommates having a party.A:我去室友举办的派对。 /201603/431191

Kara: So we have our annual trip to Vegas coming up, Labor Day weekend in September. Its about time to start planning. How many people do you think are gonna come this year?卡拉:我们一年一度的之行将在九月份的劳动节周末开始。现在该开始计划了。你认为今年有多少人会参加?Lupe: Well, Im hoping some of the same girls from last year will want to go, so if they decide they wanna go with us, Im thinking maybe about six girls will be on the trip this year.卢普:我希望去年参加过的那些女生今年也会去,如果她们决定和我们一起去,那今年的旅行就有6个女生参加。Kara: Now, do you wanna get one room, two rooms?卡拉:你觉得我们应该订一间房还是两间呢?Lupe: I think we should definitely stick with the one room so we can be together. That way were always being able to talk about what we want to do and I think a lot of the girls prefer to stay all in one room.卢普:我觉得我们当然应该住在一个房间里,这样我们就不用分开。而且我们还能聊聊我们想做的事情,我想许多女孩都喜欢住在一个房间里。Kara: Its a lot funner atmosphere when were all together and just having a great time and hanging out.卡拉:如果我们都住在一起,那气氛会更有趣,我们会度过愉快的时光,可以一起出去逛。Lupe: It is, and its a lot more convenient to as far as money and just not having to worry knowing where everybody is. We can always, if we split up, were always gonna come back to the same room. Well know everybodys OK.卢普:没错,而且在钱的方面也会更加方便,也不用担心会有不认识的人。如果我们分开住,那我们可以都聚在一个房间里。只要我们互相认识了就可以。Kara: Last year we got a suite. Should we do a suite again or just get a regular room? Or does that depend on the prices?卡拉:去年我们住的是一个套间。我们今年是还订套间还是订间普遍房?还是要看价格来决定?Lupe: Maybe we should look into the prices and see what works out best because we also want to be saving our money for all the things were gonna be doing over there. So what do you think are maybe some of our activities this year?卢普:我们应该考试一下价格问题,还要看看哪种房间更适合,因为我们得省钱,我们要在那里把想做的事都做了。你认为今年会有什么活动呢?Kara: Well, I actually was wondering about flights. Are we gonna fly out like we did last year in the morning or do you want to do it in the evening?卡拉:嗯,实际上我正在考虑航班的问题。我们是像去年那样坐早上的飞机还是坐晚上的飞机?Lupe: I think we should fly out in the morning just so it gives us more time to do other things when were there.卢普:我觉得我们应该坐早上的航班,这样我们抵达后就有更多时间做一些其他的事情。Kara: And last year some people got rides. I took my own car, and I thought that was lot easier to drive my car to the airport and park it there instead of having to depend on people. Cause some of the girls on the way home didnt have a ride so what do you think we should do this year about that?卡拉:去年有些人搭便车去的机场。我是自己开车去的机场,我认为开车去机场、把车停在停车场比搭别人的便车更方便。因为去年有一些女孩在回家的时候没有便车可搭,你认为我们今年应该怎么做?Lupe: Im really not sure, but I think we should leave it up to everybody and see how everybody wants to get there that way one person is not responsible for everybody else.卢普:我也不太确定,不过我觉得我们应该让大家一起做决定,看看大家想怎么去机场,一个人的想法不能代表其他人。Kara: Yeah, thats true.卡拉:对,没错。Lupe: So do you want to do any shows this year? I know we havent done any shows in the past.卢普:你今年想看表演秀吗?我们以前都没有看过演出。Kara: Id be interested in looking into a show. I think it would depend on type of show it was. And sometimes the shows are really expensive also so.卡拉:我想看演出。我觉得这取决于表演的种类。有的演出门票会很贵。Lupe: And I think that depends too on how much shopping we do because during the day, thats basically our main focus, is the shopping.卢普:我认为这完全取决于我们在购物上花费的时间,因为通常白天我们主要的活动就是购物。Kara: Yeah, we seem to have a problem with that.卡拉:对,这是个问题。Lupe: Although, this year we could spend more time at the pool — lounging, relaxing — thats free and maybe shop for a little bit less time than usual.卢普:今年我们应该能多花些时间去游泳池玩,好好地休息放松,这是免费的,我们花在购物上的时间可能会林以前少。Kara: Yeah, last year we only made it to the pool one time.卡拉:对,去年我们只去了一次游泳池。Lupe: Yeah, and Id really like to do that a lot more this year. So we definitely need to do that. We have to save a little more money. I think we will be able to do at least one show at night and then the rest of the night we can definitely go out dancing because I know we all love to do that.卢普:嗯,今年我真的很想多去游泳池玩玩。我们绝对需要这种放松。我们得多存些钱。我认为我们晚上至少能看一场演出,其他时间我们肯定要去跳舞,我知道我们大家都喜欢跳舞。Kara: Yes, we do.卡拉:对,我们都喜欢。Lupe: Maybe a little bit of dancing, a little bit of drinking and the show can start off the night, so maybe we should do that the first night were there.卢普:我们可以跳会儿舞,喝点儿酒,演出可以在开始的时候看,我们也许应该在到那里的第一天晚上去看演出。Kara: The first night.卡拉:第一天晚上。Lupe: Ive heard of some really good shows and we really have a lot to choose from and some are really affordable, so we should definitely look into it just because we havent done it before and after going for three years, I think its time to change a little bit and do something different.卢普:我听说有很多非常不错的演出,我们要好好挑选一下,其中有一些演出是我们能负担得起的,所以我们得研究一下,因为我们之前没有看过演出,而在之行持续了三年之后,我觉得现在是时候做出一些改变了,是时候去做一些不同的事情。 译文属 /201511/408076

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