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Eat Fiber 多吃高纤维食品Unrefined foods, especially those that are high in fiber, stimulate appetite-suppressing hormones and make you feel full.多吃粗粮,尤其高纤维食品。因为他们能产生抑制食欲激素,容易有饱腹感。Brush Your Teeth 勤刷牙Take a break from that ice cream to brush. The flavor change helps you resist eating more.品尝冰激凌时,小憩片刻,刷刷牙。口腔环境的改变,增强你对美味的抵抗力。Be Consistent 良好的饮食习惯Eating breakfast and regularly scheduled meals keeps hormone levels steady and quashes hunger pangs.吃早饭,饮食规律。这样做有助于稳住食欲,不至于让饥饿感吞噬了你。Slow down 细嚼慢咽It takes a while for the brain to realize that the stomach is stretching. Eating slowly gives the brain time to catch on.大脑需要一段时间才能收到"吃饱了"的消息。慢慢吃,留点时间给大脑。 The Atkins Diet 艾特金斯饮食法Philosophy:Cut carbohydrates-they make you hungrier. Load up on fats and proteins.How It Works: When the body takes in very few carbs, it gets its energy by burning fat instead of carbs. This occurs when the liver turns stored fat into chemicals called ketones, which are used for fuel (and can give you less-than-fresh breath).Downside:Long-term adherance. It's hard to stick to a diet that restricts such a big chunk of the food pyramid.关键词 减少碳水化合物摄入-这样你容易有饥饿感。摄入更多脂肪和蛋白质。原理:当人体碳水化合物摄入不足时,它从脂肪燃烧中获得能量,取代原来的碳水化合物。这时肝脏将体内储存的脂肪转化为酮类化学物质,它常常用来做燃料。(从而产生一种呼吸不畅的感觉).缺点:长期节食,严格限制食物金字塔中基础食物的摄入,困难。 The Weight Watchers Diet 卡路里饮食法Philosophy: Portion control. Nothing is off-limits, but everything must be in moderation.How It Works: Smaller portions mean fewer calories are taken in, so less fat gets stored. A point system assigns a value to portions of all sorts of foods to help tabulate-and limit-daily consumption. To lose half a kilogram a week, you generally need to consume 500 fewer calories a day.Downside:Hunger. Small portions can leave stomachs growling.关键词:食量控制。食物不受控制,但限制摄入量。原理:较少食量,降低摄入热量,减少脂肪囤积。食物卡路里表标明了每种食物的热量值,据此将每日摄入食物做成表格,便于控制。如果想一周减1斤,通常你每天吸收的热量得低于500 卡。缺点:饥饿。吃得少,你的胃会很难受。The Ornish Diet 素食饮食法Philosophy:Kiss meat goodbye. Cutdown on fats and simple carbs like sugar and alcohol.How It Works:At nine calories per gram, fat is more than twice as dense as protein and carbs. Thus dieters can consume the same amount of food but still lose weight if they eat less fat. Focusing on complex carbs like whole grains helps stabilize blood sugar, and lots of fiber increases satiety.Downside:Strictness. Giving up meat is hard, but no fatty nuts or avocados? Sheesh.关键词:和肥肉说再见。减少脂肪和简单碳水化合物(比如糖、酒精)摄入。原理:每克肥肉的热量为9大卡,是蛋白质和碳水化合物的两倍多。所以节食者如果少吃肉,即使吃同样份量的其他事物,也能减轻体重。多吃复合碳水化合物,比如全麦食品能够平稳血糖A,高纤维食品能够提高饱腹感。缺点:不折不扣的实施困难。或者你还可选择不吃坚果或者鳄梨?天哪,太恐怖了! /200911/88137Aries considers sleep too easy and makes a dare with themselves to stay up all night.白羊座:把睡觉看做是件再容易不过的事,想尝尝通宵不睡的滋味。Taurus forgot to pick up their silk sheets at the dry cleaner.金牛座:忘了把丝制床单拿去干洗店清洗。Gemini's twin just isn't tired.双子座:失眠的唯一原因就是根本不累。Cancer worries how everyone else is sleeping.巨蟹座:老惦着其它人都睡得怎么着,反而苦了自己哦。 /201108/148666Celebrations and traditions hold a special place in a nation. It is a time of national solidarity when the general families come together and forget the day to day grind and celebrates a holiday, for a particular purpose. It is a way for the people to express themselves. 庆典和传统在一个国家中占据着特殊的地位。这是一个举国团结的时刻,家家户户欢聚一堂,把日常琐事都抛诸脑后,为了一个特别目的来庆祝一个节日。这也是人们表达自我的一种方式。 Besides the national festivals and celebrations, many places enjoy some whacky celebrations. Here are just 3 whacky festivals: 许多地方在欢度全国性节日和庆典之外还举办一些古怪的庆祝活动。下面就介绍三个怪节日。 Japanese Naked Festival 日本裸体节Japan hosts the Naked Festival. All male contestants are dressed in oversize diapers and parade through the winter streets. Bystanders throw cold water over the contestants, who drink copious amounts of sake in an effort to stop from freezing. 日本会举办裸体节。所有的男性参与者都身穿肥大的兜裆布在冬日的街头列队游行。路边的旁观者则把冷水泼到他们身上。参赛者们则喝大量的清酒以免被冻僵。 La Tomatina Festival 西红柿节Every August thousands of Spaniards take part in the La Tomatina festival in Bunol. Truckloads of tomatoes are dumped in each year and dumped in the city centre. The people throw tomatoes at each other for the whole day, but the only rule is that the tomato must be flattened in the hand first, before being thrown. Even elderly grandmothers have been seen to participate in the festival. 每年八月都有成千上万的西班牙人参加在波诺举行的西红柿节。每年,一卡车一卡车的西红柿都会被运送并倾倒到市中心。整整一天,人们都互相扔掷西红柿。但是,唯一的规矩就是必须先把西红柿用手捏扁了再扔。就连老奶奶都会参加这个节日。 Sauna Bathing Championships 桑拿浴大赛If you prefer it hot, Finland is the place for you to compare in the Sauna Bathing Championships. Every 30 seconds the heat is turned up, but the contestants must keep their naked bums firmly on the wooden seat, while remaining seated in an upright positon. The last person left in the sauna is the winner. 如果你喜欢高温,就去芬兰参加桑拿浴大赛吧!温度每30秒就升高一次,选手们必须坚持光着屁股坐在木椅子上,同时保持笔直的坐姿。最后一名留在桑拿室的人将赢得冠军。 While some say festivals express something about the people who celebrate them, I wonder! It is important however, as a universal community we respect without censure, how and what others choose to celebrate. Each festival meets a particular need in the individuals of that nation and becomes an integral part of a way of life. Maybe you can come up with some whacky celebration of your own. 有人说节日体现了庆祝者身上的某些东西,我去对此表示怀疑。但是,重要的是,作为地球村的一员,我们应该尊重而非责难他人选择庆祝的方式和内容。每个节日都满足了该国家中个体成员的某种特殊需要,并且构成了生活方式中不可或缺的部分。也许你也可以发现一些属于自己国家的古怪节日呢! /200904/66034

SHOWER OR BATH?  冲澡还是泡澡?  Answer: Shower  It’s a healthier way to clean your body than soaking in the water you wash in.  冲澡比浸泡在水里更有利健康。  But baths are brilliantly relaxing. Use the shower head to rinseoff afterwards.  但是泡澡更舒,不过泡完了还是要用莲蓬头冲洗一下。充足的睡眠是健康生活的关键 /201004/101840

摘要:数字13 一个广为流传的迷信是13不吉利。许多饭店就不设13房间。有人不愿意在13号出发旅行,特别赶上当天是星期五。One of the most widesp superstitions is that thirteen is unlucky, and so general is this idea that many hotels do not have a room number thirteen. Some people will not start a trip on the 13th day of the month, especially if it happens to be a Friday. Various explanations have been given as to the origin of this superstition. The most popular explanation is that there were thirteen persons at the Last Supper, Judas being frequently represented as the thirteen. The superstition about the number thirteen is universal. We can find it in France, England, throughout almost the whole of Europe, and in America. It has long been a matter of etiquette in France to avoid having exactly thirteen guests at a dinner or party, and the person who is invited to fill the fourteenth seat at the table is usually known as quatorizième. The English writer Joseph Addison, who wrote early in the 18th century, tells us a story about the superstition in his time:“I remember I was once in a mixed assembly that was full of noise and mirth, when on a sudden an old woman unluckily observed there were thirteen of us in company. This remark struck a panic terror into several who were present, insomuch that one or two of the ladies were going to leave the room; but a friend of mine, taking notice that one of our female companions was big with child, affirmed there were fourteen in the room, and that, instead of portending one of the company should die, it plainly forebode one of them should be born. Had not my friend found this expedient to break the omen, I question not but half of the women in the company would have fallen sick that night.”Nowadays few people take the number so seriously as people in Addison’s time. /200907/76405

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