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探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 13(Come on, let's talk about sex, baby, let's talk about you and me, let's talk about...) When it comes to growing up, 12-year-old Beatrice will ride the roller coaster of puberty. (let's talk about sex, let's talk about you and me...)When you are a teenager, apparently you go bolshy, you get your periods, you get pubic hair. You get taller, you get, er, sort of, er, you go wide at the hips, I think it is, I can't remember. It's painful to run. I wanna tell you that because what happens up above, you have to start wearing a bra, sorry. (I) have to mention that, it gets really painful to run. Month by month, Jeff and Philipper will share with us perhaps the body's greatest miracle. I just marvel at the fact that all of this is going on, there's no real intervention for me, it's just my body taking over and doing it all, and I'm not, not in control of it, at , at all really, it just all happens. In adulthood, we reach the peak of human achievement. Marsha, an astronaut, has scaled the heights. There is nothing in our experience, genetic, metaphysical, emotional, psychological experience that prepares us for being off the planet. You know, you can look at all of the pictures that come back from space, and you can look at the s and there are something about looking out of the window that is not describable. And we'll be living through the ravages of aging with 76-year-old Bud and his wife Viola. They live and work on a farm in the Midwest of America. What I remember about Bud, he had the prettiest waviest hair. Ha-ha.That's different now, isn't it?Yes, it is. Ha-ha, and his skin was smooth, no wrinkles, and didn't have any little pot here. Ha-ha. And in our last chapter, as his body slowly succumbs to cancer, Herby will take us on his final journey. I know, I'll never see this film in my lifetime.words and expressionsroller coaster :(original meaning here is 过山车)Something, such as an action, event, or experience, that is marked by abrupt, extreme changes in circumstance, quality, or behavior:急转突变的行为、事件或经历:指环境、品质或行为上发生了突忽而极端变化的东西puberty:The stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction.青春期:青少年阶段bolshy:lt;俚gt;反叛的, 顽强的period:An instance or occurrence of menstruation.经期pubic: of, relating to, or located in the region of the pubis or the pubes.阴部的,耻骨的ravage:Grievous damage; havoc:灾难:极大的损失;灾祸:the ravages of disease.疾病的毁减性succumb to:屈于200707/16013As expected, Senator Barack Obama has won the Wyoming caucuses, gaining seven more delegates to move him closer to clinching the Democratic Party nomination. But, Senator Hillary Clinton is also fighting hard, following her recent wins in Texas and Ohio. 正如人们的预料,角逐美国民主党总统候选人提名的奥巴马参议员在怀俄明州的党内预选中获胜,又增加了七名持他在党内获得提名的党代表。这距离奥巴马获得党内提名又走近了一步。但是,希拉里.克林顿参议员最近在德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州获胜以后也在努力奋斗。The western state of Wyoming has large areas of sparsely populated range land and wilderness and only a few relatively small cities, by national standards, so it offers only 12 delegates. But Senator Obama welcomes any delegates as he moves to widen his nearly 100 delegate lead over Hillary Clinton.  美国西部的怀俄明州有大片的荒野和人烟稀少的农场地区。以美国的全国标准,这个州只有很少几个不大的城市。这个州只有12个民主党代表名额。但是奥巴马欢迎他赢得的任何党代表,这将扩大他领先克林顿将近100个党代表的优势。Both candidates campaigned in the state Friday, but analysts had long assumed Obama would have the advantage partly because he has tended to do well in states that hold caucuses, rather than primaries. As the final results were being tallied it appeared he had won almost two thirds of the total votes cast. Obama is likely to take seven delegates from Wyoming. Clinton should take five. 星期五,这两位角逐者都在怀俄明竞选,但是分析人员早就估计奥巴马会拥有优势,部分原因是奥巴马倾向于在那些用党内预选的方式,而不是以选民初选的方式来推选党代表的州取得良好的表现。在怀俄明最后清点投票结果的时候,看来奥巴马赢得了将近三分之二的选票。他很可能赢得7个怀俄明的党代表,而克林顿应该赢得5个党代表。For the past week Clinton has been focusing much of her campaign rhetoric on what she describes as Obama's lack of experience, questioning his iness to be commander in chief. 过去一个星期,克林顿的竞选言论一直集中在她所谓的奥巴马缺乏经验方面。她质疑奥巴马是否作好了担任三军总司令的准备。"Often when lives are on the line and a decision must be made, experience counts for everything,' she said. "In this election we need a nominee who can pass the commander-in-chief test, someone y on day one to defend our country and keep our families safe." 克林顿说,“我们经常遇到的情况是,生死攸关,必须作出决定,这种情况下经验决定一切。这场选举,我们需要这样一个提名人。这个人能够通过三军总司令的考验,这个人从上任第一天起就能够保卫我们的国家,保护我们的家庭的安全。”Clinton cites her experience both as a senator from New York and her eight years working with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in the White House as well as her claim to have visited some 80 nations. But Obama says her vote in the Senate to authorize the war in Iraq shows her lack of good judgment and he also questions the basis of her claim to experience. 克林顿谈到她作为纽约州参议员的经历和作为前总统克林顿的夫人在白宫度过的八年时光。她也谈到她曾访问过大约80个国家。但是奥巴马说,克林顿夫人在参议院投票批准发动伊拉克战争,表明她不能作出良好的判断。奥巴马还质疑克林顿参议员自称的经验的基础。"One of the things I hope people start asking is what exactly is this foreign experience that she is claiming. I know she talks about visiting 80 countries. It is not clear, was she negotiating a treaty or agreements or was she handling crises during this period of time? My sense is the answer is no," he said. 奥巴马说,“我希望大家开始提到的一个问题是,克林顿自称她拥有的外交事务经验究竟是什么?我知道,她说她访问了80个国家。我们不明白的是,她在这个时期是谈判过协议,还是处理过危机?依我看,是否定的。”Obama supporters hailed the Wyoming victory as one more step to ultimate victory for their candidate, but Clinton supporters say the nearly even split of delegates keeps their candidate's campaign alive. Under the Democratic Party's rules delegates are split proportionally based on the vote in each contest.  奥巴马的持者说,他在怀俄明州的胜利是朝最终胜利走近了一步。但是克林顿的持者则表示,两位角逐者几乎平分了怀俄明州的党代表,这将保持克林顿的竞选继续下去。The next contest for the two Democratic candidates will be in the southern state of Mississippi, which holds its primary on Tuesday. Thirty-three delegates are at stake in that contest.  按照民主党的规定,在每个州的初选中,党代表的名额按照竞选人得到的选票的比例分配给竞选人。下一个举行民主党初选的是南方的密西西比州。初选时间是星期二。这个州将决出33个党代表的名额。200803/29596Report Says US Plan for Commandos in Pakistan Delayed报导称美计划追剿巴境内恐怖份子  The New York Times reports there is a secret plan to put American commandos in Pakistan's tribal areas, along the Afghanistan border, to hunt for terrorists who take refuge there. But the Times says the plan has not been implemented due to concerns about the impact of such operations. 纽约时报报导说,美国有一项秘密计划,准备向巴基斯坦与阿富汗接壤的部落地区派遣特种兵部队,追剿在那里藏身的恐怖分子。但是报导又说,由于担心行动带来的影响,这项计划一直没有得到实施。The Times report says the plan was designed to end disagreements among U.S. government agencies about how to pursue leaders of the al-Qaida terrorist network. But the newspaper says those same disagreements have prevented the plan from being implemented.  纽约时报报导说,这项计划的目的是结束美国各机构之间就如何追剿基地恐怖组织头目产生的不同意见。但是,报导说,也正是由于这些分歧使得计划至今无法付诸实施。In particular, the paper says there is concern about the impact on Pakistan's government, a key U.S. ally, if the presence of U.S. ground troops became public. 报导说,各机构特别担心的是,如果美国派遣地面部队到巴基斯坦境内的消息公诸于众后,会对巴基斯坦政府造成的影响。巴基斯坦政府是美国的一个重要盟友。The Times reports "mounting frustration" in the U.S. Defense Department about the continuing delay in implementing the plan.  纽约时报说,美国国防部对计划一再被推迟感到“越来越沮丧”。But Spokesman Bryan Whitman says, although he can not comment on whether any such secret plan exists, he is not aware of any frustration about not using U.S. troops to hunt terrorists inside Pakistan. 但是,国防部发言人惠特曼说,他并没有感到国防部内部因为不能派遣美国部队追剿巴基斯坦境内的恐怖分子而存在任何沮丧的情绪,虽然他对是否存在这样的秘密计划不置可否。"I, quite frankly, have not sensed that kind of frustration," he said. "I have sensed the same kind of frustration that you have heard from our military commanders, and that is with a border region that is long, challenging, porous, in an area where operations have taken place in the past, and where some elements have appeared to find some safe haven in Pakistan, and what Pakistan is doing to try to address those." 惠特曼说:“坦白地说,我没有感到有这样的沮丧存在。我倒是从我们的指挥官那里感受到了你所说类似的沮丧。他们对边界如此漫长,富有挑战,同时存在这么多的安全漏洞感到困惑。 虽然过去也一直在这个地区采取清剿行动,但是看起来,一些恐怖分子还是在巴基斯坦找到了藏身之处。他们困惑的是不知巴基斯坦方面采取什么样的措施,试图解决这个问题。”The use of Pakistani territory along the Afghan border as a safe haven for al-Qaida and other terrorist groups has been a cause of growing concern among U.S. officials. The groups regularly send militants across the border to attack U.S., Afghan and allied forces. Pakistan says a U.S. air strike against one such group killed 11 Pakistani soldiers earlier this month. 基地和其他恐怖组织利用巴基斯坦靠近阿富汗的边境地区藏身,这是美国官员的担心与日俱增的一个因素。这些组织经常派遣激进分子越境袭击美国、阿富汗以及联军部队。巴基斯坦这个月早些时候说,美国针对这些组织发动的空袭造成11名巴基斯坦士兵死亡。Last week, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates called the situation "a real concern." But he also said the insurgent activity has increased only recently. Gates indicated the ed States is y to help Pakistan address the problem, but did not specify exactly how. "The Pakistani government, I think, now understands that it is a problem for the Pakistani government as well," he said. "It is not just a problem for us. So I think this creates an opportunity for us to talk with them and see if we can work together in a better way to try and deal with the problem in the FATA."The FATA are Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, along the Afghan border. The New York Times says its story is based on more than four dozen interviews with current and former U.S. and Pakistani officials. It says al-Qaida now has a string of camps in Pakistan's border area that give it a similar capability to what it had in Afghanistan eight years ago, when it planned the September 11th attacks.  纽约时报报导说,他们对40多名美国和巴基斯坦的现任或是前任官员进行了采访,完成了这篇报导。报导说,基地组织目前在巴基斯坦边境地区建立了一连串的营地,他们的战斗力与八年前在阿富汗计划发动9/11恐怖袭击时的战斗力接近。The article es the Pakistani general responsible for the region as denying allegations of a strong terrorist presence, but it also es U.S. officials who are critical of the general's efforts to get the facts. 文章援引了负责该区域安全的巴基斯坦将军的话,这位将军否认有关恐怖分子在该地区势力强大的说法。报导同时也援引了美国官员的话。美国官员批评这位将军没有尽力寻求事实真相。For now at least, the ed States is only conducting air strikes in the area, based on intelligence reports or when in 'hot pursuit' of terrorist units. 至少到目前为止,美国只是在得到情报或是“现场追剿”恐怖分子时,才对该地区发动空袭行动。But Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman says the hunt for al-Qaida leaders and the broader war on terrorism are not just U.S. concerns, and American forces will continue to implement the policy outlined by President Bush just after the September 11 attacks."We continue to pursue terrorist activities wherever they take place," he said. "We seek to not only deny them operations, but also the ability to plan, seek safe harbor. Our efforts are to identify, capture, if necessary kill."U.S. officials say when it comes to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area, that effort needs to be pursued in cooperation with those two governments, and with other allies in the NATO and coalition commands.200807/43138

Within a month, the spring blooms are finished. The plants now set their seeds, taking advantage of the warm summer winds which sweep the desert.For a while, the karoo just glows.But trouble is stiring. Triggered by the rains, an all-devouring army-- locusts.Millions emerge from eggs buried in the sand, gathering into columns which may stretch for ten kilometers. At this stage, they can't fly, only hop, but it doesn't hinder their progress. These sweeping hordes devastate any fresh growth in their path. After five weeks of steady munching, the infantry becomes airborne. These breeding swarms can cover up to 80 kilometers a day, but only while the food and moisture last.So how do you define a desert in Africa? They are places where less than 50 centimeters of rain falls a year. Neighbouring the karoo is a desert which gets the maximum, in brief, but intense summer monsoons.words and expression:1.karoo: an arid plateau of southern Africa非洲干旱的南方2.locust:any of numerous grasshoppers of the family Acrididae, often migrating in immense swarms that devour vegetation and crops蝗虫3.horde:swarm群4.munch:to chew food audibly or with a steady working of the jaws发出声音或高兴地吃5.infantry becomes airborne:步兵变成空降兵6.monsoon:a wind system that influences large climatic regions and reverses direction seasonally季风200807/44690

Bush: Stimulus Plan Will Help US Economy布什:刺激经济计划将有助于经济  President Bush says he is confident tax incentives and tax rebates will make the U.S. economy "stronger than ever before." President and Congress agreed on a temporary stimulus plan last month after rising energy prices and falling property values slowed economic growth. 布什总统说,他相信,税收激励措施和退税将使美国经济比以往任何时候都更加强劲。在不断上涨的能源价格以及继续下跌的房产价值拖累了经济增长之后,布什总统和国会上个月就一个临时性的经济刺激计划达成了协议。President Bush says the government has taken decisive action to ease the pains of a slowing economy by agreeing to tax incentives for businesses and tax rebates for more than 130 million households. 布什总统说,政府通过同意给美国企业提供税收激励以及给1亿3千万家庭提供退税而采取了果断行动来缓解经济减缓所带来的痛苦。"I fully recognize that people are concerned about our economy, but they must understand that this package has yet to fully kick in yet," he said. "We have taken action, but it is going to take awhile for the economy to feel the effects of this good law that I have signed." 他说:“我充分意识到大家对我们的经济感到关注,但是他们必须理解,这个一揽子经济刺激方案还没有开始充分发挥作用。我们已经采取了行动,但是还需要一段时间才能使经济感受到我签署的这个好法案的效果。”Mr. Bush spoke to reporters at a printing plant in the state of Virginia. The visit was meant to highlight tax incentives for businesses to invest in new equipment this year. 布什总统是在维吉尼亚州一个印刷厂对记者做出上述表示的。他来这个印刷厂参观是为了突出显示鼓励企业今年对新的设备进行投资的税收激励措施。"Small business owners are dreamers and doers," he added. "And we want to watch them and help them expand, because as they expand, more and more people find work. We are in a rough patch right now in our economy, but I am confident that in the long term we will come out stronger than ever before." 他说:“小企业主既是梦想家,也是实干家。我们要关注它们,而且要帮助它们发展壮大,因为随著它们的壮大,更多的人会找到工作。我们的经济现在处于一个比较艰难的处境,但是我有信心,从长远来看,我们会比以往任何时候都要更加强劲。”Two government reports show further evidence of a slowing economy. The Commerce Department said sales of newly built homes last month fell to the lowest level in 13 years. The median price of homes sold was down nearly three percent from a year earlier. 美国联邦政府星期三公布的两个报告显示了经济正在减缓的进一步据。商务部说,上个月新建房屋的销售下降到13年来的最低水平,售出房屋的中间价格几乎比一年前下跌了3%。The number of unsold homes on the market held steady from January, creating the biggest inventory of residential property in more than 26 years. That is partly the result of banks trying to resell homes they have foreclosed on because owners could not make higher payments on adjustable-rate mortgages. 从1月以来,市场上没有售出的房屋数量没有什么变化,从而使民宅的库存量达到26年多来的最高水平。因为房主在房贷利率调整后不能付更高的贷款而收回这些房子后试图重新出售这些房子也是造成这种现象的部分原因。A separate government report showed a second straight month of declining U.S. manufacturing activity as orders for items intended to last more than three years dropped 1.7 percent. Demand for manufacturing equipment fell more than 13 percent, the largest drop on record. 另外一份政府报告显示,美国的制造业活动连续第二月出现下降,对那些可以使用3年以上产品的订单下跌了1.7%,对制造设备的需求下跌了13%以上,是有记录以来的最大跌幅。Consumer confidence is also down. A regular survey of 5,000 American households found consumer confidence in the economy at a five-year low. Expectations for future business conditions, jobs and income are at a 35-year low. 消费者信心也处于低迷状态。对5千个美国家庭定期进行的调查发现,消费者对经济的信心处于5年来的低水平,对今后的商业条件、就业和收入的预期则处于35年来的新低。A public-opinion poll this month by N News and the Wall Street Journal found that two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the president's handling of the economy. The economy has now replaced the war in Iraq as the number-one issue for voters before the November presidential election.全国广播公司和华尔街日报这个月进行的一项民意调查发现,三分之二的美国人不满意布什总统对经济的处理。经济问题已经取代伊拉克战争成为11月总统大选之前选民最关心的问题。 200803/32439

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