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Famous Americans-Katie Couric Payday loans, pronouncing listen, stepbrother versus half-brother, godmothers and godfathersWords:to rankto find (something) appealingsalary offercredentialshard newsto turn (something) around paydayto take out a loanbad creditshort-termcollateralto borrow against (something)predatorygodfathermotherstepbrothersisterhalf-brothersister 361Part . Short talks on listening skills.Listen to the short talk entitled ;Thinking ahead of the speaker ——anticipation helps;.Some important words are taken away from the written passage, supply the missing words.Thinking ahead of the speaker ——anticipation helps.Listening is an extremely complex communicative activity.In his book ;Principals and implications of cognitive phycology;, Neisser defines listening as a ;temporarily extended activity; in which the listener continuously develops more or less specific iness what will come next.In other words, an effective listener is constantly setting up hypothesis in his mind, and also he is constantly testing his hypothesis by matching it with what he has heard in reality.If he hears what he has expected, he receives the inmation, but if what he hears is totally out of his expectation, he fails to get the message.The skill to anticipate what is coming in listening comprehension depends largely on the listener familiarity with the theme of the message.It also depends on the listener knowledge of the speaker as well as the setting.Obviously, when we listen to something that we aly have some inmation about, it is generally a lot easier us take in the new inmation.Theree, pre-listening preparation seems to have a big role to play in enhancing listening comprehension.Bee actual listening, we could perhaps first give some thought to the topic, discuss it with others, some related materials and do some vocabulary work.If we could make ourselves fully oriented the thcoming talks or lectures, we are more likely to become effective listeners.Of course, iness beehand is not at all enough, active thinking must take place all the way through.In fact, we should always try to think ahead of the speaker.The ability to anticipate helps us in logical and intelligent guesswork.It does not only enable us to know generally what a person is going to talk about in a certain situation, but also interestingly enough.Sometimes even exactly what a person next utterance is going to be in a discussion. 39

Learn English While Learning About Daily Life in Australia — with Rob McCormack和罗布·麦考马克一起学习英语,并了解澳大利亚的日常生活Podcast Number 3 – A Barbeque in Melbourne — The Preparation播客第3期:在墨尔本烧烤之准备工作A really common activity families in summer in Melbourne is to have a barbeque. A barbeque is when you cook your meat outside on a griller or a hot plate. In Australia, we also call the griller or hot plate the ‘barbeque’. a typical barbeque, you cook steak or sausages. Or maybe you might also cook lamb chops or pork chops. Whatever, it always tastes better when it has been barbequed outside. Together with your cooked meat, you also have prepared salads, like coleslaw, a garden salad, potato salad, and you usually also have b. The b can be either sliced or fresh b rolls. And also, one must never get the tomato sauce. No barbeque is complete without tomato sauce.墨尔本家庭在夏天经常进行的活动是烧烤烧烤就是在室外用烤炉或电炉烤肉在澳大利亚,我们也称烤炉或电炉为烧烤炉一般的烧烤就是烤牛排和香肠也可以烤羊排和猪排室外烧烤的味道更香除了烤肉以外,还要准备沙拉,比如凉拌卷心菜、田园沙拉和土豆沙拉,另外还要准备面包可以是切片面包也可以是新鲜的面包卷当然,一定不要忘了准备番茄酱没有番茄酱的烧烤是不完整的So, let’s describe how you prepare a typical barbeque where a family decides to go to the local park and have a family barbeque.现在,我们来说一下如果家人决定去当地公园进行家庭烧烤,要如何准备First, you get the Esky out. Now the Esky is a cooler (like a refrigerator) that can keep food cold. Then you prepare the salads. I like a good coleslaw and also a potato salad. And you can’t beat a good mixed garden salad with lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes and maybe some cheese. And don’t get the dressing. French dressing is nice. Uhmm! You need to put the salads into sealed containers so they don’t leak everywhere when inside the Esky.首先,把埃斯基冷藏袋拿出来埃斯基冷藏袋和冰箱一样可以冷藏食物然后要准备沙拉我喜欢美味的凉拌卷心菜和土豆沙拉当然了,没有人能抵挡住用莴苣、胡萝卜、黄瓜、橄榄油、番茄和奶酪做的混合田园沙拉不要忘了调味酱法式色拉酱很不错嗯!你要把沙拉放进密封容器里,确保沙拉不会洒在埃斯基冷藏袋里 译文属 35838

Ann, James, and Jess are ordering coffee in the Kitty CafeJames: Any new ideas on the Mr. Fro case? How can we give this motor oil a new brand identity?Ann: Let me get my morning coffee to get my brain working again.James: I could use one, too. Im still burnt out from that last cigarette ad campaign.Ann: As long as the foam on my macchiato not burnt, too, Ill be alright a while. You got your espresso, Jess?参考译文:小安、詹姆士和洁丝在凯蒂咖啡店点咖啡詹姆士:法洛先生的案子有什么新点子吗?我们要怎么给这种机油新的品牌特性?小 安:让我喝喝早上的咖啡,好让大脑恢复运作吧詹姆士:我需要也来一杯为了上次香烟广告案,我到现在都还累得口吐白沫、脑汁干涸小 安:只要我的玛奇朵上的白沫没干涸,我就可以撑一阵子拿到你的浓缩咖啡了没,洁丝?重点词汇:brand (n.)品牌brand identity 是指「品牌特性」A: What your favorite brand of cigarette?你最喜爱的香烟品牌是什么?B: I only smoke Export A.我只抽艾斯柏Acampaign (n.)活动案,一系列相同主题诉求,以达成宣传目标的活动Bush presidential campaign was paid by oil companies.布什的总统选战是石油公司出钱的macchiato (n.)玛奇朵咖啡,这是在「浓缩咖啡」espresso 上面加少许奶泡的咖啡My favorite coffee drink is Macchiato.我最喜欢的咖啡饮料是玛奇朵咖啡burn out耗尽(热情、精力等),烧光burnt是过去式,过去分词James说的burnt out有「累瘫了」及「香烟烧光了」双关含意,Ann说的burnt,则引申当奶泡「烧干了、消失了」Youre going to burn out if you keep working so hard.你工作还是这么操劳的话,你一定会累摊的foam (n.)奶泡I dont like foam on my latte.我不喜欢我那堤上有奶泡 6793

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