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Turning what was once conventional wisdom on its head, a new study suggests that many, if not most peanut allergies can be prevented by feeding young children food containing peanuts beginning in infancy, rather than avoiding such foods.与传统观念相反,一项新研究表明,与其完全避免花生,如果从婴儿时期便开始食用含有花生的食物,反而可以防止很多——甚至大多数——花生过敏。About 2 percent of American children are allergic to peanuts, a figure that has more than quadrupled since 1997 for reasons that are not entirely clear. There have also been big increases in other Western countries. For some people, even traces of peanuts can be life-threatening.约2%的美国儿童对花生过敏,这个数字比1997年增长了四倍多,原因不甚明确。其他西方国家的花生过敏症也大量增多。对有些人来说,摄入微量花生都可能致命。An editorial published Monday in The New England Journal of Medicine, along with the study, called the results “so compelling” and the rise of peanut allergies “so alarming” that guidelines for how to feed infants at risk of peanut allergies should be revised soon.周一,《新英格兰医学杂志》(The New England Journal of Medicine)发表了这项研究和一篇社论。社论称,这些研究结果“十分令人信”,花生过敏的增多“特别令人担忧”,所以关于应该如何喂养有花生过敏风险的婴儿的指导准则应该立即修正。The study “clearly indicates that the early introduction of peanut dramatically decreases the risk of development of peanut allergy,” said the editorial, by Dr. Rebecca S. Gruchalla of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Dr. Hugh A. Sampson of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. It also “makes it clear that we can do something now to reverse the increasing prevalence of peanut allergy.”社论称,这项研究“清楚表明,幼儿期摄入花生能极大降低患花生过敏症的风险”。社论作者是得克萨斯大学西南医学中心的丽贝卡·S·格鲁查拉士(Rebecca S. Gruchalla)和纽约市芒特西奈伊坎医学院的休·A·桑普森士(Hugh A. Sampson)。社论称,这项研究还“清楚表明,现在我们可以行动起来,逆转花生过敏的增长趋势”。In the study, conducted in London, infants 4 to 11 months old who were deemed at high risk of developing a peanut allergy were randomly assigned either to be regularly fed food that contained peanuts or to be denied such food. These feeding patterns continued until the children were 5 years old. Those who consumed the foods that had peanuts in them were far less likely to be allergic to peanuts when they turned 5.这项研究在伦敦进行,研究者在有花生过敏高风险的4至11个月婴儿中进行随机分配,其中一些定期喂食含花生的食物,其余的不喂食这种食物。这种喂养模式一直持续到孩子五岁。那些食用含花生食物的孩子到五岁时对花生过敏的比率大为减少。Dr. Gideon Lack, a professor of pediatric allergy at King’s College London and the leader of the study, said the common practice of withholding peanuts from babies “could have been in part responsible for the rise in peanut allergies we have seen.”这项研究的带头人、伦敦大学国王学院的儿科过敏教授吉迪恩·拉克士(Gideon Lack)说,不让婴儿吃花生的这种常见做法“可能是花生过敏症增多的一个原因”。Whether infants should be fed peanuts and other foods associated with allergies is one of the most common questions parents ask about introducing solid foods to their children, said Dr. Ruchi Gupta, associate professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University, who was not involved in the study. “And until now most of what we can say is there’s not very conclusive data.”美国西北大学儿科学副教授鲁奇· 古普塔士(Ruchi Gupta,她没有参与这项研究)说,婴儿是否应该吃花生或其他与过敏症相关的食物是父母在给孩子添加固体食物时经常询问的一个问题,“直到现在,我们能说的大致上还是,还没有非常确定的数据”。The American Academy of Pediatrics, in guidelines released in 2000, recommended that peanuts be withheld from children at risk of developing allergies until they were 3 years old.美国儿科学会在2000年发布的指导准则中建议,为了防范过敏,三岁前不要给孩子吃花生。In 2008, the academy revised its stance, saying there was no conclusive evidence that avoidance of certain foods beyond 4 to 6 months of age helped stave off allergies, but stopped short of recommending that parents give their young children such foods.2008年,该学会改变了立场,称没有明确据明,在四至六个月年龄段后不食用某些食物能帮助防止过敏,但是也没有建议父母给幼儿喂食这种食物。“There was no study showing that that was the right thing to do,” said Dr. Wesley Burks, chairman of pediatrics at the University of North Carolina, who was not involved in the new research. Now, with the new study, he said, there is such evidence.“当时没有任何研究表明,在幼儿时期喂食含花生的食物是正确的,”北卡罗来纳大学儿科学主任韦斯利·伯克斯士(Wesley Burks,他没有参与这项新研究)说。他说,现在这项新研究提供了据。The results of the study were presented on Monday at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in Houston.周一,这项研究的结果在休斯顿的美国过敏、哮喘和免疫学会(American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)年度大会上公布。Pediatricians caution that parents should not feed whole peanuts to infants because of the choking risk, but rather peanut butter or other foods.儿科医生警告父母们不要给婴儿喂整颗花生,因为有窒息风险,而要喂花生酱或其他花生制品。Dr. Lack said he first began to question the conventional wisdom about 15 years ago when he gave a talk in Tel Aviv and asked doctors in the audience how many had patients with peanut allergy. Only three hands went up. “In the U.K., if you had asked that question, every single member of the audience would have put up their hand,” he said.拉克说,他第一次质疑传统观点是在约15年前,当时他在特拉维夫作报告,他问听众中的医生有多少遇到过花生过敏症病人。只有三个人举手。“在英国,如果你问那个问题,所有听众都会举手,”他说。So Dr. Lack and colleagues conducted a survey, published in 2008, that found the rate of peanut allergy in Israeli children was only about one-tenth that of Jewish children in Britain. The best explanation, they concluded, was that Israeli infants consumed high amount of peanut protein in the first year of life while parents in Britain avoided giving such foods.所以,拉克和同事们进行了一项调查,调查结果于2008年发表。他们发现,以色列儿童的花生过敏症比率只有英国犹太儿童的约十分之一。他们推断,最可能的原因是,以色列婴儿在头一年中摄入了大量花生蛋白质,而英国父母不给婴儿吃这种食物。Some other studies have also found that earlier feeding of allergy-inducing foods was associated with lower allergy rates. But such observational studies are not definitive because there could be unexplored factors that account for the differences.其他一些研究也发现,在幼儿期喂食致敏食物与过敏症比率较低有关。但是这样的观察性研究不具有确定性,因为这种差异可能是其他未知因素造成的。The new study, by contrast, was a randomized trial in which the only difference between two groups of children was whether they were fed peanut protein. The study, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and other organizations in the ed States and Britain, involved infants 4 to 11 months old deemed to have a high risk of peanut allergy because they aly had severe eczema or were allergic to eggs.相比之下,这项新研究是随机试验,这两组儿童之间的唯一区别是是否食用花生蛋白质。这项研究由美国国家卫生研究院以及美国和英国的其他一些组织赞助。研究对象是有花生过敏高风险的4至11个月大的婴儿,因为他们已经出现严重湿疹或者对鸡蛋过敏。The infants were given skin-prick tests for peanut allergy. Those aly allergic to peanuts were excluded from the study.研究者对这些婴儿进行了花生过敏皮试。那些已经对花生过敏的婴儿被排除在研究之外。Some 530 children were did not have peanut allergy on that initial test. Parents of half of them were told to avoid peanuts. The other half were told to feed their children at least six grams of peanut protein per week, the equivalent of about 24 peanuts, sp over three or more meals. The preferred food was Bamba, an Israeli snack made of puffed corn and peanut butter.约有530名婴儿在初次皮试中没有出现花生过敏。研究者要求其中一半婴儿的父母不要给孩子喂食花生制品,要求另一半父母每周至少给孩子喂食六克花生蛋白质,大约相当于24颗花生,分散在三餐(或更多顿)中食用。研究者推荐的食物是Bamba,它是一种用爆米花和花生酱做成的以色列零食。The children were given another allergy test when they turned 5. Only 1.9 percent of those who were fed peanuts were allergic to them, compared with 13.7 percent of the children in the group that avoided peanuts.这些孩子长到五岁时,又进行了一次过敏测试。吃花生的婴儿中只有1.9%对花生过敏,而不吃花生的那组中有13.7%对花生过敏。An additional 98 infants had a weakly positive test when the study began, suggesting they were on their way to developing a full-fledged allergy. Among those children, only 10.6 percent of those fed food containing peanuts developed that allergy by age 5, far less than the 35.3 percent rate for children whose parents avoided feeding them peanuts.另有98名婴儿在初次皮试中表现为弱阳性,说明他们正在向全面过敏症发展。在这些孩子中,食用含花生食物的孩子只有10.6%在五岁时出现花生过敏症,这个比率远远低于不吃含花生食物的孩子,后者的比率是35.3%。“You got a definitive outcome, which I think is a very important thing,” said Dr. James R. Baker Jr., chief executive of FARE, or Food Allergy Research and Education, an advocacy group that helped pay for the study.“我们得到了确定的结果,我觉得这很重要,”食物过敏研究和教育组织(Food Allergy Research and Education)的负责人小詹姆斯·R·贝克士(Dr. James R. Baker Jr.)说。该组织是资助这项研究的一个倡议组织。There are some caveats. Parents knew which group they were in. And the study was done at a single site in London with 75 percent white children. However, the results were the same for the small number of children of other ethnic groups in the study, the researchers said.其他需要说明的情况是:父母们知道自己在哪个组。这项研究是在伦敦的单个地方进行的,其中75%是白人儿童。不过,研究者说,这项研究中的其他少量族群的结果也是一样的。Moreover, it is still unknown whether allergies might yet develop if the regular feeding of peanuts stopped. To test this, the children in the study were taken off peanuts after they turned 5 and are being followed for a year.另外,目前仍不明确的是,如果常规的花生喂养中断,是否仍会发展成过敏症。为了测试这一点,这项研究中的孩子们五岁后中止食用花生,继续观察了一年。It is also unknown if the same strategy would work with other foods or for children not considered at a high risk of getting a peanut allergy. Some pediatricians said that if feeding peanut foods to children at risk was beneficial, there would be no reason to withhold such food from children not prone to allergies.还有一点不确定的是,同样的策略是否适用于其他致敏食物或没有花生过敏高风险的儿童。有些儿科医生说,如果给有风险的孩子喂食花生制品是有益的,那么没理由不给不易过敏的儿童吃这些食物。Changing practice might not be easy. “I do think parents have the highest fear of introducing peanuts,” said Dr. Gupta of Northwestern. Eight years ago, she withheld peanuts from her own baby daughter, who had eczema and was allergic to eggs. The girl developed a peanut allergy.改变做法可能并不容易。“我确实认为父母们最怕给孩子吃花生,”西北大学的古普塔说。八年前,她不让自己的幼女吃花生,因为女儿已出现湿疹,且对鸡蛋过敏。她女儿后来患上了花生过敏症。In light of the new study, Dr. Gupta said, “I’m kind of slapping myself on the wrist.”古普塔说,看到这项新研究,“我有点自责”。 /201503/362659New ways to flight the flu抵御流感的新方法You go to bed feeling fine. The next morning you#39;re sick with a fever, exhaustion, headache, body aches and more.晚上睡觉之前你还感觉良好,但是第二天早上醒来后却发现自己病了,发烧、疲劳、浑身疼等等。You may have influenza, better known as the flu. It#39;s caused by a virus, a tiny bit of genetic material surrounded by a protein. Flu viruses infect the nose, throat and lungs. (If people claim to have ;stomach flu,; they are mistaken. They really have some other infection.)此时你可能已经患上流行性感冒,也就是我们通常所说的流感。这种病一般由病毒引起,病毒是一种由蛋白质裹着的遗传物质。这些流感病毒会感染鼻腔,喉咙和肺部。(如果患者觉得自己患了;肠胃感冒;,那他们就错了,事实上他们是患有其他感染)。Every year, between 5 percent and 20 percent of all Americans come down with the flu. Those numbers come from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C. Complications send more than 200,000 of these flu victims to the hospital each year. Worse, the flu kills anywhere from 3,000 to 49,000 people annually - and that#39;s just in the ed States.来自美国华盛顿卫生与公共务部的数据显示在美国每年约有5%-20%人口染上流感,并且其并发症会致使20万以上患者不得不到医院接受治疗。更糟的情况是每年流感都会导致不同地区3000-49000名患者死亡,而这一情况仅仅是在美国。A widesp outbreak of flu or another infectious disease is called an epidemic. In some years, flu sps so far and so fast that it causes a worldwide epidemic. This is known as a pandemic. Researchers hope to prevent a pandemic if possible. One tactic: vaccines.流感广泛爆发或另一种传染病被称为流行病。在某段时间内,流感快速、广泛爆发会引起世界范围内的流行病,叫做流行性疾病。如果可能的话研究者希望阻止它。而他们的首选应对策略是疫苗。Flu vaccines offer people some immunity. Immunity is the body#39;s ability to resist a particular disease by making proteins called antibodies. A vaccine can give that process a head start. However, no vaccine yet can fight all types, or strains, of flu.流感疫苗能增强人体免疫力,它是人类通过自身制造抗体蛋白质来抵御特殊疾病必不可少的能力,而疫苗会赋予这一过程一个顺利的开端。但迄今为止还没有一种疫苗能抵抗各种类型的流感。What#39;s more, notes David Morens, ;Flu is not one virus. It#39;s many, many viruses.; Morens works at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. As an epidemiologist, he studies the causes, patterns and effects of disease.就职于美国马里兰州贝塞斯达国立卫生研究所的David Morens补充道:流感不是由一个病毒构成,而是由大量的病毒构成。作为一名流行病学家,他对疾病的起因,发展模式以及所产生的后果进行了研究。 /201506/383389


  Women apologize more often than men do, a new study showed。一项最新调查研究表明,女性要比男性更频繁地道歉。But it#39;s not that men are reluctant to admit wrongdoings, the study showed. It#39;s just that they have a higher threshold for what they think warrants reparation. When the researchers looked at the number of apologies relative to the number of offenses the participants perceived they had committed, the researchers saw no differences between the genders。研究显示,并不是男性不愿意道歉,只是他们认为值得道歉的标准应该更高一些。当研究人员把被调查者道歉的次数和他们认为自己冒犯别人的次数放在一起比较,结果发现两性之间不存在差异。Study researcher Karina Schumann and her colleagues conducted two studies to see if genders do indeed differ in how often they apologize, and if so, why this might be。调查研究者卡莉娜·舒曼表和她的同事们进行两项研究试验,来观察两性是否在道歉的频率上存在差异,如果有,这些差异是因何而起。In one, 33 university students aged 18 to 44 kept an online dairy for 12 days documenting whether they apologized or did something they thought required an apology, even if they didn#39;t actually say they were sorry. They also kept track of how often they felt someone had committed an offensive act against them that warranted an apology。第一个试验要求年龄在18岁到44岁的33名大学生连续12天记录网络日志,在日志里注明那些自己做错了但没有道歉的事情,或者自己没有道歉,但是自认为应该道歉的事情。他们还要跟踪记录多久他们会认为有人对他们做出冒犯的事情,而冒犯者应该为此向他们道歉。Women apologized more and reported committing more offensive acts, but both men and women apologized about 81 percent of the time when they deemed their actions offensive。记录显示女性道歉次数更多,做出冒犯的事情也比较多。但是研究显示无论男女,当他们认为自己做错事情,承认错误的比例都是81%。In the second study, 120 undergraduates rated how severe they thought a particular offensive was. For instance, they had to imagine they woke their friend up late at night, and because of the sleep disturbance, the friend did poorly on an interview the next day. Women rated the offenses as more severe than men did, and women were also more likely to say the friend deserved an apology。在第二个研究试验中,120名本科生对一项特定的冒犯进行严重程度评级。例如,他们必须想象他们在夜里很晚的时候把朋友给吵醒,朋友因为睡眠被打扰,所以在第二天的面试中表现很差。在研究中,女性认为自己冒犯朋友的程度要比男性高,而且女性会认为她们应该对朋友道歉。Women might have a lower threshold for what requires an apology because they are more concerned with the emotional experiences of others and in promoting harmony in their relationships, Schumann speculated。舒曼推测,(相比男性),女性的道歉标准更低一些是因为他们更关注其他人的情感体验,也更希望和其他人保持融洽的关系。Recognizing that men and women may perceive situations differently may help the genders to get along。认识到两性在认知周围环境时存在差异可以帮助他们更好地相处。The studies, detailed in the journal Psychological Science Online, were small and involved only university students, so the findings might not be applicable to all men and women in general。这些调查详细刊登在《心理学科学杂志》网络版,因为调查对象人数较少,又都是大学生,所以一般来说,这些发现并不适用于所有的男性和女性。 /201507/384640。


  Life inthe Russian Countryside,Happy One俄罗斯乡下的美好生活Pictures from amodern Russian village don#39;t have to be always gloomy. These ones, taken in Ushakovovillage, for example, portray the best we normally may imagine whenthink about joys and pleasures of life in a countryside.现代俄罗斯乡下的照片也不一定就都是愁云惨雾的样子。这些图片拍摄于Ushakovo村,其中是一派乡村生活其乐融融的景象。 /201501/353096

  A:You know what?A:你知道什么?B:What?B:什么?A:The world is getting nuts.A:这个世界正在发狂。B:Yeah...and you know what else?B:是,你还知道什么?A:What?A:什么?B:We be the nuts they getting!B:他们也这么说我们。 /201505/373716

  Eileen Burbidge, one of London’s most influential venture capitalists, is an American who built her career by going against convention. A software engineer by training, she earned her chops in Silicon Valley working for some of the world’s most prestigious tech companies, including Apple, Yahoo and Sun Microsystems. But then, she moved to London in 2004 to “push my comfort zone,” becoming one of Skype’s earliest employees.艾琳o比奇是伦敦最具影响力的风险投资家之一。这位来自美国的女性开创了一条有违常规的职业发展道路。她是一名训练有素的软件工程师,在硅谷积累了丰富的技术经验,曾经先后供职于多家世界最知名的科技公司,其中包括苹果、雅虎和太阳微系统公司。但在2004年,为了“迫使自己走出舒适区”,比奇毅然前往伦敦,成为Skype最早的一批员工之一。From there, she and two partners launched Passion Capital, a venture capital firm. It became one of London’s top VC firms — despite the fact that none of the cofounders have a traditional finance background. As a VC, Burbidge has taken a somewhat maverick approach, declaring she won’t invest in “jerks” and backing Lulu, a controversial dating app that allows women to rate men. She recently spoke to Fortune.com about her professional journey, her approach to investment and why she values passion above all else.后来,她与两位合伙人一起成立了Passion Capital公司。它现已成为伦敦顶级的风险投资公司之一,但三位创始人其实都没有传统的金融业背景。作为一名风险投资家,比奇采用了一种特立独行的做法,宣称她不会给“ 令人讨厌的人”投资,她还为颇具争议的约会应用Lulu(这款应用允许女性对男性评分)提供巨额资金持。日前在接受《财富》官网采访时,她畅谈了自己的职业历程、投资方式,以及她为何最看重创业者的。Q: What inspired you to move to London and become a venture capitalist there?问:是什么激励你前往伦敦,成为一名风险投资家?The ten years I was in Silicon Valley were phenomenal. However, Silicon Valley began to feel very insular to me. I thought it would be useful to get out “into the real world” or at least the wider world and I looked towards London. I was fortunate enough to secure job offers from both Skype and Shazam, and I went for Skype. I wanted to work with people who were crazy visionaries.我在硅谷度过了不平凡的十年。但我却感觉硅谷正在变得越来越封闭。我认为,自己或许应该进入“真实的世界”,或至少更广阔的世界,于是我把目光投向伦敦。我很幸运地收到了Skype和音乐识别软件Shazam的工作邀请,我选择了Skype。我希望与疯狂的梦想家一起共事。I became an “accidental” VC in that I started working with the former Skype engineers who founded Ambient Sound Investments. We made four investments in London, three of which ended up being with Stefan Glaenzer [who became one of her Passion Capital partners.] Stefan and I realized we probably identify and value similar traits in founders/teams/startups, and so we started talking about working together and raising our own micro VC fund in London.后来,我开始与几位创建Ambient Sound Investments投资公司的原Skype工程师们合作,就这样,我“一不小心”就成为一名风险投资家。我们在伦敦进行了四笔投资,其中有三笔是与斯蒂芬o格莱恩泽尔(他后来成为Passion Capital的合伙人之一)合作的。斯蒂芬和我意识到,我们或许可以在创业者/团队/初创公司身上找到类似的特质,并为其估值,于是我们开始谈论合作,并在伦敦成立了一家小型风投基金。Q: Given that you and your cofounders, Robert Dighero and Stefan Glaenzer, all have startup experience, how has that shaped your approach as VCs?问:你和另外两位创始人罗伯特o迪哥希罗与斯蒂芬o格莱恩泽尔都有创业经历,这些经历对于你的投资方式有何影响?We’d like to think that we’re able to assess and relate better to entrepreneurs and are better equipped to add operational and strategic value.我们认为,我们可以更好地评估和理解创业者,有能力为创业者增添运营和战略价值。We basically conduct ourselves [as the kind of company] we’d like to partner with if we were still operators ourselves. We started by establishing a co-working space in 2009 and then we were able to raise, close, and launch our million fund, Passion Capital, in April 2011.在进行投资时,我们总是会考虑假如我们还是经营者,希望与什么样的风险投资者合作。我们在2009年建立了一个联合办公场所,然后开始融资,最终于2011年3月份启动价值6000万美元的风险投资基金Passion Capital。At that time, we were the only London-based VC firm in East London (where the entrepreneurs are, now sometimes referred to as “Tech City”) as opposed to Mayfair or the other areas of London which is where financiers were historically located. And we were the only London VC with a co-working space — an open plan that we share with ten to twelve teams at any given time.当时,我们是东伦敦(创业者聚集的地区,现在被称为“科技城”)唯一的风投公司。因为在历史上,金融家们大多集中在梅菲尔区或伦敦的其他地区。我们也是唯一一家在联合办公场所运营的伦敦风险投资公司——我们与另外十个或十二个团队共同使用这个开放空间。We were also the first VC in the world to use a Plain English term sheet and to not re-charge any legal fees to our companies (no fees to a cap, literally no fees whatsoever).我们也是全世界第一家使用简明英语风险投资协议的公司,并且我们不向投资公司重复收取任何法律费用,其实几乎没有任何费用。Q: Can you explain the criteria you use when deciding whether to back an entrepreneur?问:你能否解释一下在确定符合投资条件的创业者时所遵循的标准?Of course we look to validate the proposition they’re planning, the problem they’re trying to solve, and their ability to understand the requirements to execute a plan. But we also look for even softer skills such as the motivation behind their ambition.我们当然会验他们的创业计划,他们希望解决的问题,以及他们是否理解执行计划所需的能力。但我们也会关注一些软性技能,比如万丈雄心背后的动机。What I’ve found is that every great entrepreneur has some driving ambition that fuels them. There will be extreme hardships. It’s super stressful to hire people, fire people, build a team, push through challenges and barriers, compete with larger players. So there has to be something that is emotionally anchored, deep-rooted and which will drive that founder through their most difficult days.我发现,每一位优秀的创业者都心怀抱负,这让他们充满干劲。他们可能会遭遇极端的困难。招聘、解雇、组建团队、应对挑战和障碍、与更大的竞争对手竞争等,会让他们承受巨大的压力。因此,创业者必须拥有百折不挠的意志力,才能度过最艰难的阶段。Q: Is that why you invested in Lulu?问:这是你投资Lulu的原因吗?Like most of our other investments, we invested in Lulu based on the strength, ambition and vision of its founder, Alexandra Chong, who is an absolute tour de force. Her original vision was to create a platform and “safe and private place online for women” to connect and interact with one another — whether it be about relationships, finances, education, work or any other topics.与我们的大多数投资一样,我们之所以投资Lulu,是基于其创始人亚历山德拉o庄的实力、雄心和愿景。她真的很杰出。最初,她希望为女性创建一个“安全私密的在线平台”,彼此之间进行交际和互动,谈论人际关系、财务、教育、工作或其他任何话题。The key conclusion after its initial launch was that nearly all of the content and interactions focused exclusively on dating and guys. So as a consequence and like any genius founder, Alexandra seized on that user feedback and whittled the proposition down to offer the best user experience to address that demand — and that’s led to the massively popular app we have today.但这个平台正式推出后,所有内容和互动几乎都集中在与男性约会这个话题上。于是,与其他天才创始人一样,亚历山德罗根据用户的反馈,对最初的计划进行了修改,致力于针对这一特定需求提供最佳用户体验,于是便有了这款极受欢迎的应用。Now used by one out of every four college women in the US, Lulu is on its way to becoming a platform for providing content, transactions and services around a broad-range of topics, products and subject areas — coming full circle back to delivering on Alexandra’s vision which I’ll be excited to see.现在美国几乎四分之一的女大学生都在使用Lulu,它也在努力成为涉及不同话题、产品和主题的平台,提供与这些话题相关的内容、交易和务——最终又回到了亚历山德罗当初的愿景,我很期待她的愿景实现的那一天。Q: You’ve said that you’d rather not invest in “jerks.” How do you determine jerkiness?问:你曾说过自己不会为“令人讨厌的人”投资。你如何确定什么样的人是“令人讨厌的”?It’s true and therefore dangerous that “jerk” is largely subjective. However, my partners and I are all at points in our lives where we’ve the luxury to decide that life’s just too short to work with people who we find objectionable, offensive or even plainly rude. We want to work with people with whom we enjoy spending time.确实如此,但很大程度上,“令人讨厌”是一个主观概念,因此这种观念其实很危险。但在经历了人生的风风雨雨之后,我和我的合伙人得出结论:人生太短暂,不应该在那些令人讨厌的、无礼的甚至粗鲁的人身上浪费时间。我们希望与那些我们愿意与之共处的人合作。To discern this, we’ll employ techniques that anyone uses when they’re trying to interview/recruit candidates to hire. We’ll ask questions to probe and try to get a reaction about professional and situational matters. We’re also paying attention to how founders behave even when we’re not in the room or out of earshot. So if they’re rude or dismissive of other people (no matter who they are), that’s pretty much a non-starter.为此,我们采用了人们在面试或招聘时使用的技巧。我们会问一些问题进行试探,尽量获得他们对专业问题和情景化问题的反应。我们还会观察当我们不在房间里或在听力范围之外时,创始人有何表现。对其他人(不论是谁)很粗鲁或不屑一顾的人,会被我们淘汰。Q: But don’t some jerks build successful companies?问:但有些“令人讨厌的人”确实建立了成功的公司,不是吗?There is indeed a theory that jerks or assholes make the most successful founders/CEOs. It might be idealistic and naive of me, but I’d like to think that as successful as those types of individuals have been, perhaps they could have been even more successful had they not been jerks.确实有一种理论认为,“令人讨厌的人”或“混蛋”可以成为最成功的创始人和CEO。或许我有些理想主义,过于天真,我认为虽然这些人取得了成功,但如果他们没有这么令人讨厌,或许会更加成功。I very simplistically believe that one can be more successful at hiring and attracting great team members, partners and customers if they’re not off-putting, offensive or objectionable. Those small successes in theory contribute to building a more valuable business.我的看法非常简单:一个不令人反感的人,在招聘和吸引优秀的团队成员方面可以做得更成功。而从理论上来说,这些小的成功有助于建立一家更有价值的公司。Q: As an investor, which industries currently excite you the most?问:作为投资者,你目前对哪些行业最感兴趣?At the moment, I’m really excited about three specific sectors: fintech [companies that build technology for financial firms], cyber/infosecurity and healthtech/medtech. Conveniently, I also genuinely believe that startups in London/UK have an advantage in these specific sectors.目前,我最感兴趣的有三个领域:金融技术(为金融公司提供技术的公司)、网络/信息安全和健康科技/医疗科技。并且我真心认为,伦敦/英国的初创公司在这些领域占有优势。London has always been one of the financial capitals of the world. Similarly, the UK has a long-standing heritage and deep expertise in cyber/infosecurity and intelligence with GCHQ and other intelligence agencies and strong universities, and finally for all its good and bad aspects, the UK also has the NHS [National Health Service] as a centralized “platform” to leverage or make more efficient.伦敦一直是世界金融中心。英国有政府通信总部(GCHQ)和其他情报机构以及顶尖的大学,在网络/信息安全与情报领域有悠久的历史和深厚的专业知识,此外,尽管人们对英国的国民卫生务体系褒贬不一,但作为一个集中的“平台”,它可以更有效地利用或开发健康/医疗科技。Q: Are you making a special effort to fund women entrepreneurs?问:你是否在资助女性创业者方面做过特殊的努力?I actively seek out strong entrepreneurs — regardless of gender or demographic. For obvious reasons, I take a great interest in women entrepreneurs in particular. Therefore I try to make myself available to anyone who is interested in connecting, getting feedback — or pitching. Over the years I’ve seen more women entrepreneurs emerging and I look forward to this trend continuing.我一直在积极寻找有实力的创业者——不会去考虑性别或其他人口特征。由于众所周知的原因,我对女性创业者尤其感兴趣。因此,如果有女同胞愿意与我联系、寻求反馈或者兜售她们的创业理念,我都会尽量提供机会。最近这几年,我发现女性创业者越来越多,希望这种趋势能够继续下去。 /201503/361601



  ;The secret for keeping my bright-eyed enthusiasm after 20 years at the same job? LED contact lenses!;想知道我是怎让让我的女儿在一个岗位工作20年之后,眼睛仍然闪亮的秘密吗?那就是隐形眼镜! /201506/379835

  A new tour from Adventure Life allows travelers to explore China on foot, by bicycle and via kayak. On the Great Wall, Dynasties and Rivers trip, guests will hike the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall and through villages in the rice terraces of Longsheng; bike through Beijing hutongs, along Xi’an’s ancient city wall and by the Li River; and kayak on the Yulong River. The itinerary includes the Forbidden City and Summer Palace in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an and Ping’an Village, inhabited by the Zhuang ethnic group.根据冒险人生(Adventure Life)的一项新旅程安排,游客们可以通过步行、骑车和乘船来游览中国。在“长城、王朝与河流之旅”中,游客可以在金山岭长城徒步,穿越龙胜梯田附近的村庄;可以在北京的胡同里、西安古城墙下、漓江江畔骑行;还可以在遇龙河上泛舟。这条路线包括北京的故宫和颐和园,西安兵马俑和壮族聚居的平安村。The 12-day trip departs monthly from Beijing and costs ,785 a person, including internal transportation by air and bullet train.这趟旅程共计12天,每个月从北京出发,一个人的费用是3785美元(约合2.35万元人民币),包括线路内的机票和高铁车票。 /201506/383127

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