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赣州玻尿酸隆鼻价格赣州割双眼皮哪儿好Gone Shopping购物Our supermarket had a sald on boneless chicken breasts,and a woman I know ontended to stock up .我们的超级市,场在廉价拍卖无骨鸡胸,我认识的某位女士打算去多买一些。At the store,However,she was disappointed to find only a few skimpy prepackaged portopns of the poultry,然而,到了这家肉店的时候她感到很失望,因为只找到一点点事先就包装好的鸡肉,so she complained to the butcher.所以她就向这位肉店老板抱怨。;don#39;t worry,lady,; he said.他说:“,别担心,;I will pack some more trays and have them y for you by the time you finish shopping.;我会替你多包几盘,在你买完东西的时候把它们准备好。”Several aisles later ,my friend heard the butcher#39;s voice boom over th public-address system:逛完几个走道之后,我的朋友听到肉店老板的声音透过公共广播系统隆隆地说;Will the lady who wanted bigger breasts please meet me at the back of the store?;“那位想要大胸部的请到本店后方来见我好吗?” /201503/361458于都县人民医院做去眼袋手术多少钱 When most people think of psychotherapy, they picture patients relaxing on a sofa and spilling all of their emotions. “Tell me about your childhood,” the therapist says, taking a drag of his cigar. In reality, therapy takes place in all kinds of settings.人们一说到心理疗法,通常都会想到这样一副画面:患者舒适地躺在沙发上,向心理医生诉尽内心情感,而旁边的医生一边抽雪茄一边说道,“谈谈你的童年吧。”实际上,展开心理疗法的情景可谓千奇百怪。10.Sexual Surrogacy Therapy10.性行为替代疗法Your therapist looks deeply into your eyes, holds your hand, and kisses you passionately on the lips. This isn#39;t a violation of the American Psychological Association#39;s code of ethics. Kissing, and sometimes even more, is just part of the job as a sexual surrogate. Sexual surrogates are trained professionals that work with sex therapists to help people work through intimacy issues. Surrogacy goes beyond regular talk therapy; it includes activities to model appropriate romantic and sexual relationships.你的医师满眼深情,握住你的手,与你热情激吻。要知道这种行为并不违背美国心理协会的相关行业道德规范。不单单是亲吻,即使做得更加过火也无可厚非,因为这只是一种名为性行为替代疗法的治疗手段而已。性行为替代治疗师是一群与性学专家共事、接受过相关训练的专业人员,帮助人们解决一些与亲热行为相关的问题。这种替代性疗法并不像平常的谈心疗法那样简单,它会涉及一些在医师和患者之间模拟浪漫的性关系的行为。People may choose sexual surrogacy for many reasons, including anxiety about relationships or general sexual dysfunction. A newly widowed person struggling with dating or a war veteran returning as an amputee might practice flirting or body confidence with a surrogate. Sessions can include everything from social skills training to actual genital-to-genital contact. Surrogacy might sound like prostitution, but its therapeutic benefit seems to give it a free legal pass. The focus is not on pleasure, but on learning what appropriate sexual or relationship behavior feels like. Surrogates aim to get patients to the point where they can end therapy and forge connections on their own.人们选择性替代疗法的原因多种多样,或许是对自己的恋情感到焦虑,或许是常见的性功能障碍问题。不论是刚刚丧偶、想要开启一段新恋情的人,抑或是在战场上惨遭截肢的老兵都可以借助这种方法提升调情技巧、增加自身魅力。性行为替代疗法的内容也很丰富,不仅可以锻炼你的社交技能,也能为你提供真正的性接触治疗。替代疗法听起来或许有些像乱交,但其治疗效果似乎为它争得了合法性。这种疗法的关键不在于享受,而是让人们了解到什么样的性行为或亲密关系才是合适的。性行为替代治疗师的目标就在于让患者能自己建立人际关系,享受社交乐趣。9.Equine Therapy9.马背疗法Horseback riding is no longer a luxury for the rich. The impressive size and emotionally intelligent nature of the horse makes it an excellent therapy partner for troubled youth, drug addicts, and people with disabilities. Learning to care for and ride these gentle giants can be a way to develop important coping skills like self-confidence and patience. Therapy with a horse feels more like fun than work, so patients may feel more open to growth as they learn to take care of both themselves and of their animal friend.对于有钱人来说,骑马早已不再是一件奢侈的事。马儿身型庞大、天性友好,对于问题少年、瘾君子和残疾人而言,它是绝佳的治疗伙伴。学习照顾和驾驭这些温柔的大家伙有助于人们培养一些重要的应对技能,如自信心和耐性。在马儿的陪伴下所开展的心理治疗使人感觉更像是一项活动。在这种情况下,随着病人逐渐学会照顾自己和这些动物朋友,他们也会更顺利地成长。Because horses can weigh up to 900 kilograms (2,000 lb) and are easily frightened, patients get a hands-on education in overcoming fears. Anger and anxiety have no place in the saddle, so troubled youth and others struggling with those emotions may find that working with a horse helps to form new patterns of positive behavior. Caring for the horse and its equipment, or even learning to conquer the fear of riding, can be a powerful metaphor for other challenges in life.马儿体重最多可达900千克(2000磅)并且容易受惊,所以患者们需要临时接受相关训练以克对马儿的恐惧。一旦坐在马鞍之上,所有的愤怒和焦虑都会瞬间消失,因此问题少年或者那些深受不良情绪困扰的人或许会发现,马儿的陪伴有助于他们变得更加乐观积极。照料好马儿和骑马的用具,甚至只是克自身对骑马的恐惧都会为患者今后从容应对生活的各种挑战打下良好的基础。Horses aren#39;t the only animals helping people figure out their feelings; elephants, dolphins, monkeys, and many other animals have been used in therapeutic or service settings.而马儿并不是唯一具有这种神奇功能的动物。大象、海豚、猴子以及许多其他动物均已被广泛应用于心理治疗领域。8.Nude Psychotherapy8.裸体疗法While now a forgotten art, baring bodies and souls in nude therapy sessions was all the rage in the late 1960s. At the forefront of this movement was Paul Bindrim, an offbeat psychologist who believed nakedness allowed people to shake off the social expectations created by clothing and to deal directly with their most private emotions. During group therapy events, Bindrim preached that by shedding shirts and ties, people could explore repressed thoughts, heal marriage troubles, and achieve “peak experiences,” a euphoric state of being attained only through self-actualization.尽管现如今已是一门被遗忘的艺术,但是暴露身体、袒露心扉在上世纪60年代末却是裸体疗法中风靡一时的做法。这场运动的积极倡导者,保罗·宾迪曼(Paul Bindrim),是一个标新立异的心理学家。他相信裸体让人摆脱由装带来的社会期望,并直接应对最私密的情绪。在集体治疗活动期间,宾迪曼宣扬通过脱掉衬衫和领带,人们可以探索遭到压抑的思想、医治婚姻问题、达到“高峰体验”,这种愉快状态只有通过自我实现才能达到。Nude truth-seekers would delight in spending several days revealing their deepest secrets in facilitated exercises designed by Bindrim to promote trust and openness. Activities included everything from deeply gazing into a partner#39;s eyes to scrutinizing each others#39; genitals in an exercise called “crotch eyeballing.” Bindrim taught that true freedom from negative thoughts could only be achieved once a person could expose her most private motivations and parts. Staring directly into what he believed was the root of all repression was a means to do this. Groups of participants swam, meditated, hugged, and expressed rage, all in their birthday suits.着身体追寻真理的人喜欢花上几天时间用宾迪曼设计的促进练习来展现自己最深的秘密,提升信任与公开的程度。这些活动无所不有,包括深深地凝视伴侣的眼睛,以及仔细查看对方的生殖器——这种活动被称作“打量裆部”。宾迪曼教导说,一旦一个人可以展现她最隐密的动机及其身体部位,消极想法中真正的自由才能实现。他认为这个部位是所有压抑的根源,直视这里是做到这一点的一种办法。众多参与者们都一丝不挂地游泳、冥想、拥抱,或者愤怒。As the socially liberal climate of the 1960s dwindled, so did the popularity of nude therapy. Bindrim felt the sting of conservative critics, but his naked marathon programs seemed to fall out of favor due to changing times as opposed to any wrongdoing. Those seeking nude therapy today aren#39;t out of luck. The Human Awareness Institute in California offers participants courses in intimacy and sexuality, some with the option of ditching clothes in search of personal purpose.因为上世纪60年代的社会自由风气衰落了,所以裸体疗法未得以普及。宾迪曼感受到保守派批评家的刺痛,但他的裸体马拉松项目失宠似乎是由于时代的变迁,而不是任何不当行为。那些寻求裸体疗法的人们现如今并非不走运。人类意识研究所在加利福尼亚州为学员提供亲密关系和性方面的课程,其中有一些人选择抛弃衣探索个人意义。审校:Amy.L 编辑:Freya然 校对:落花生 /201507/385226BEIJING: Chinais increasingly opening up to gays and lesbians with a new survey showing 59 percent of Chinese people saying the society should accept homosexuals.北京:中国对同性恋者越来越持开放态度,一份新发布的研究表明59%的中国人表示社会应当接受同性恋者。Fifty-nine per cent of 2,400 city residents interviewed in a survey said that society should accept homosexuals while 21 percent said they know gay people,state-run Global Times reported on Monday.据国家媒体《环球时报》周一报道,根据一份调查,2400名接受采访的市民中有59%的人表示社会应当接受同性恋者,有21%的人表示他们认识的人中就有同性恋者。On same-sex marriage, 40 percent of respondents supported the idea and 19 percent opposed.谈到同性婚姻,40%的受访者表示他们持持态度,另有19%的人反对。The survey, on the social acceptance towards LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual,transgender) people, was done by the Shanghai LGBT Professionals and Work For LGBT and Parents, Families, Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFL).这份关于社会对同性恋、双性恋及跨性别人群接纳程度的调研是由上海同志商务和同性恋亲友会共同执行的。City residents aged 18 years and above were surveyed in November online and through mobile.11月,18岁以上的市民通过网络和手机接受了调查。The survey showed that Chinese people are more positive towards LGBT people.调查表明,中国民众对同性恋者持更正面的态度。Only 4 percent of the respondents said they have no opinion on LGBT people while 40 percent of those surveyed remained neutral.只有4%的受访者表示他们对同性恋者没有概念,而40%的受访者保持中立态度。Ah Qiang, a well-known gay rights activist and founder of PFL China said the report revealed that gay people can win more acceptance and understanding by socialising with others.知名同性恋权利活动专家及中国同性恋亲友会创始人Ah Qiang表示,报道揭露同性恋者在社会交往中获得了更多的接受和理解。Zhang Beichuan, a prominent scholar on homosexuality, said the survey indicates that Chinese society has made great progress in accepting homosexuals in the past 20 years but many people still lack an understanding of gay people.杰出的同性恋学者张北川(ZhangBeichuan)表示,这份调研表明中国社会在过去二十多年来已经在接纳同性恋者方面取得了很大进步,但仍有很多人对同性恋者缺乏理解。;The general public#39;s acceptance does not mean they fully understand the LGBT groups,; Zhang said, adding, that the majority of Chinese people may accept homosexuals in society but they would be opposed to the idea of having gay family members.张说,“大众接受并不意味着他们就是完全理解了同性恋群体”。他还说,大多数中国人可以接受社会中的同性恋者,但他们反对家庭成员中有同性恋者。A report on the state of HIV and AIDS in China released this month shows that China has more than 7,000 students who are either HIV carriers or AIDS patients while 64.8 percent of them contracted the virus through sex with people of the same gender, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.据国家媒体新华社报道,本月发布的一份关于艾滋病病毒和艾滋病的报告表明,中国有7000名学生是艾滋病病毒的携带者或是艾滋病患者,而其中有64.8%的人是因为与同性发生了关系而染上此病的。 /201412/347807赣州洗纹身多少钱

赣州修眉毛多少钱赣州瑞兰玻尿酸的价格 1、想你,是一种美丽的忧伤的甜蜜的惆怅,心里面,却是一种用任何语言也无法表达的温馨。It is graceful grief and sweet sadness to think of you, but in my heart, there is a kind of soft warmth that can’t be expressed with any choice of words.2、你知道思念一个人的滋味吗,就像喝了一大杯冰水,然后用很长很长的时间流成热泪。Do you understand the feeling of missing someone? It is just like that you will spend a long hard time to turn the ice-cold water you have drunk into tears. /201507/384778会昌县妇幼保健人民医院治疗痘坑多少钱

赣州治疗白瓷娃娃多少钱Plenty of lives are admirable or eventful, but only a very few are so influential that it’s difficult to wrap your head around just how much they meant to the world. Thomas A. Edison lived such a life, and it receives a thorough two-hour examination in Tuesday’s “American Experience” on PBS.很多人的一生令人钦佩或充满变故,但只有极少数人的影响力如此重大,连深刻理解他们对世界的意义都不是一件容易的事。托马斯·A·爱迪生(Thomas A. Edison)的人生就是这样的,PBS频道周二(本文发表于2015年1月27日。)播出的《美国体验》(American Experience)栏目将用两个小时来详细回顾爱迪生的一生。A well-chosen collection of historians and other experts take us through Edison’s life, from his birth in Ohio in 1847 to his death in New Jersey in 1931. They sometimes struggle to convey just how earthshaking it was to go from lamplight to electric light, from a world where the human voice was ephemeral to one where it could be captured and preserved, but who wouldn’t?一些精心挑选的史学家和专家带我们回顾爱迪生的一生,从他1847年在俄亥俄州出生到1931年在新泽西州去世。爱迪生把我们从煤油灯的世界带到了电灯的世界,把我们从人的声音转瞬即逝的世界带到了声音可以被记录和保存的世界,这些专家们有时竭力想让我们明白这样的变化有多么翻天覆地,但谁不会这样做呢?They are particularly good at conveying that what made Edison special wasn’t so much his inventions as knowing what to do with them. As several note, he didn’t merely invent things, he invented the profession of inventor. And, especially with the light bulb, he tackled not just the technological problem, but also the infrastructure needed to illuminate homes.这些专家们有一点格外出色,他们让我们明白,爱迪生的独特之处不在于他的发明,而更多的在于他知道如何应用它们。就像几位史学家指出的那样,他不只是发明了东西,他还发明了发明家这个职业。而且,以电灯泡为例,他不只是解决了技术问题,而且发明了家庭照明所需的基础设施。“You had to be able to not just marshal the science, but then put the people and the money, the capital and the organizations together,” the historian Nancy F. Koehn, a professor at the Harvard Business School, says. “And the politics. I can’t think of another figure who could operate on all those different levels.”“能够引领科学还不够,你还必须把人力、金钱、资本和组织结合起来,”史学家、哈佛商学院教授南希·F·克恩(Nancy F. Koehn)说,“还有政治。我想不出还有哪个人物能运作所有这些不同层面。”Edison’s story, though, was also one of celebrity and its hazards. He became world famous, and practically no one reaches those heights without problems. A falling out with a friend, unflattering efforts to discredit other inventors and entrepreneurs and more are duly noted.不过,爱迪生的故事也是关于名声及其危险的故事。他举世闻名,实际上所有达到这种高度的人几乎都会出现问题。节目中也适当提及他与一个朋友的争执以及他抹黑其他发明家和企业家等不光行为。But he ended his life widely revered. Would we still be ing by kerosene lamp had Edison not lived? No; someone else would have made that breakthrough and the others credited to him. The impressive part is that the same guy had a hand in so many transformative changes.但是他的一生终究受到广泛崇敬。如果没有爱迪生,我们是否还在煤油灯下读书?不会的。其他人会取得这个突破,他名下的其他成就也会有别人发明出来。令人钦佩的是,他一个人参与了这么多翻天覆地的变革。 /201502/357889 The Notebook is well-known as one of the most romantic films of all time.众所周知,《恋恋笔记本》是有史以来最浪漫的电影之一。So it’s about time that a wannabe groom decided to pop the question using inspiration from the famous movie.正因为此,一位准新郎决定从这部电影里借取灵感向女友求婚。Italian Angelo Piccini hired a private lake in Alexandra Palace, north London, and filled it with 1000 origami swans to propose to his girlfriend, Chiara Grimaldi.意大利男子安吉洛·比奇尼在伦敦北部的亚历山大宫租用了一片私人湖区,湖里满放着1000只折纸天鹅,以此向他的女友基娅拉·格里马尔迪求婚。The gesture was a reference to the famous scene in the Hollywood movie where Noah, played by Ryan Gosling, took his love Allie, played by Rachel McAdams, on a boat ride to a beautiful lake that was filled with swans.这番场景布置的灵感来自那部著名好莱坞电影中的镜头,在电影中,瑞恩·高斯林扮演的诺亚将自己心爱的姑娘、瑞秋·麦克亚当斯饰演的艾丽带去湖上泛舟,湖水里游满了天鹅,场景非常美丽。Although the effect wasn#39;t quite as spectacular as the blockbuster movie, from the look on Chiara#39;s face she certainly appreciated the gesture.虽然现实效果不如电影大片那样唯美,但是从基娅拉的表情来看,她确实很喜欢这番布置。Angelo then asked his friends and family to hold up signs which contained the words, #39;Chiara, Will You Marry Me? You are the one.#39;接着,安吉洛请自己的朋友和亲人举起一组牌子,牌子上写着“基娅拉,你愿意嫁给我吗?你是我的唯一。”During the , Chiara is also seen being serenaded by a singer - the woman sings the Italian#39;s favourite songs as she walks alongside them on the banks of the lake.在他们拍摄的视频中,还有人为基娅拉演唱了一小夜曲——一位女士在湖岸上,一边缓步走着,一边唱着那位意大利女郎最爱的歌曲。And luckily all of Angelo#39;s planning was not in vain.幸运的是,安吉洛所有这些精心准备并没有白费。During the proposal, he tells Chiara: #39;When we are together, everything is possible. Together everything is doable.#39; #39;I did this because when I met you, one year ago more or less, my life changed.#39;在他向基娅拉求婚的时候,他对女友说:“当我们在一起的时候,没有什么事是不可能的,没有什么事是办不到的。”“我现在向你求婚是因为,当一年前我遇到你之后,我的生活彻底改变了。”He then presented her with a diamond ring and she accepted his proposal.接着他将一枚钻石戒指送到她面前,而她接受了他的求婚。 /201501/356298赣州丰唇大概需要多少钱瑞金市去老年斑多少钱



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