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上海市浦东新区南汇中心医院整形科上海黄浦区第九人民医院激光祛痘手术价格There's opportunity in China even if you're a Westerner with no skills. If you're a white male and have a nice suit, you can get a job that pays well and requires no work.中国遍地是机会,即便你是个毫无技能的西方人。如果你是个衣着光鲜的西方男性,你就可以获得一份报酬丰厚的工作——还不需要干活A White Guy'Mitch Moxley, a freelance writer who lives in Beijing, discovered that with just those assets, he could make a living as a fake American businessman. He wrote about his experience in The Atlantic article "Rent A White Guy: Confessions of a Fake Businessman from Beijing."米奇·莫克斯利(Mitch Moxley),生活在北京的自由作家,发现自己只要拥有上述资本就可以以假冒的美国商人的身份谋生。他把自己的经历写进了大西洋月刊的文章《租借白人小伙:来自北京的冒牌商人的自白》里Basically, a friend of a friend knew of a company that needed a bunch of white guys to go down and represent the company," Moxley told NPR's Robert Siegel. "I didn't know too much other than it was going to be ,000 for a week and then we would be put in a hotel. And we'd have to attend a couple of banquets and tour a factory."“大概情况是这样,一个朋友的朋友了解到了一家公司需要一堆白人男性过去代表该公司”,莫克斯利告诉NPR的罗伯特·西格尔(Robert Siegel):"我不知道还有比这更好的差事了,每周可以拿000美元,我们则住进宾馆。而我们需要做的事就是参加一堆宴会,然后参观一家工厂Moxley was acting as one of the quality control experts.莫克斯利扮演的是其中一位质量控制专家I was told in advance we weren't going to be doing any quality control," he says. "Which is good because none of us actually had any experience in quality control."“我事先被告知我们不需要做任何的质量控制工作”,他说:“这再好不过了,因为实际上我们当中谁都没有一点儿质量控制经验”。来 /201006/106939上海市奉贤区奉城医院治疗腋臭多少钱 The global economy is experiencing a ;vicious cycle; in which the efforts of governments, households, businesses and the financial sector to reduce their debts are worsening each others prospects, the Bank for International Settlements has warned.国际清算(BIS)警告,全球经济正处于;恶性循;之中,各国政府、家庭、企业和金融业削减债务的努力正在导致彼此的前景不断恶化。Stephen Cecchetti, chief economist of the BIS–often referred to as the bank for central banks–said five years after the financial crisis engulfed the global economy, the world appears no closer to finding a sustainable economic model.BIS首席经济学家史蒂#8226;切凯Stephen Cecchetti)表示,自年前金融危机席卷了全球经济,世界至今依然茫无头绪,找不到一种可持续的经济模式。BIS常被称作;央行的央;。Not until regulators get to grips with the banking systems woes by forcing banks to recognise losses, take write-offs and raise capital can the path to sustainable growth begin, he said.切凯蒂表示,在各国监管部门迫使承担损失、进行资产减记并增资,从而化解体系的困境之后,全球经济才有望踏上可持续的增长道路;The revitalisation of the banks and the moderation of the financial industry will end this destructive interaction with the other sectors and clear the way for the next steps–fiscal consolidation and the deleveraging of the private, non-financial sector,; Mr Cecchetti said, unveiling the banks 2012 annual report. ;Only then can we return to a balanced growth path.;切凯蒂在公布BIS 2012年度报告时表示:;当恢复元气、金融业企稳时,该行业与其他部门之间具有破坏性的相互作用就会终止,这将为接下来的事情——财政巩固以及私人非金融行业的去杠杆化——扫清道路;The report underscores the challenges facing governments, particularly in advanced economies, as they struggle to contain spending and recoup revenue lost as output collapses.报告中强调了各国政府面临的挑战,尤其是发达经济体的政府,它们正在努力控制开,弥补由于产出下降导致的税收减少。Indeed, the study says the budgets of most advanced economies, excluding interest payments, ;would need 20 consecutive years of surpluses exceeding 2 per cent of gross domestic product–starting now–just to bring the debt-to-GDP ratio back to its pre-crisis level;.报告指出,在大多数发达经济体;要使债务与GDP比率恢复到危机前的水平,基本预算盈余(不计利息出)占GDP的比率需要连0年保持在2%以上的水;。Moreover, monetary policy has been bearing the brunt of efforts to adjust. These cannot go on forever and carry their own risks as economies become dependent on ultra-low interest rates, the BIS says.此外,货币政策一直受到调整努力的极大影响。BIS指出,这种情况不会永远持续下去,而且,随着各国经济日渐依赖于超低利率,这种做法本身就带有风险;There are very clear limits to what central banks can do,; Mr Cecchetti said, summing up the annual report. ;They cannot repair balance sheets. They cannot increase productivity. And they cannot put policy on a sustainable path.;切凯蒂在概述年度报告时表示:;各国央行能做的事十分有限,它们无法修补资产负债表,它们无法提高生产率,它们也无法让政策走上可持续的道路;Every additional year that policy makers fail to get to grips with long-term fiscal consolidation makes the recovery period even longer, he warned.他警告说,除非政策制定者能够解决长期财政巩固的问题,否则复苏就会遥遥无期。While the risks are greatest for developed economies–especially Europe–the BIS notes that risks are rising for emerging economies, particularly those that have experienced rapid growth through exports to more industrialised neighbours. These include Russia, India and Thailand.发达经济体——尤其是欧洲——面临的风险最大,不过BIS也指出,新兴经济体面临的风险正在上升,特别是那些通过向工业化程度更高的邻近国家出口而实现快速增长的国家,如俄罗斯、印度和泰国。来 /201206/188062上海市第六人民医院金山分院治疗疤痕多少钱

上海市徐汇区宛平地段医院口腔科上海复旦大学附属华山医院去痣多少钱 A: Good afternoon, how can I help?下午好,我如何为您效劳?B: Hi there. Id like to draw some cash from my Fund at the Securities Company. Could I check my balance bee I withdraw anything?你好我想从我在券公司开的资金账户中取一些现金在取钱之前,我可以查看一下我的账户余额吗?A: Of course. Your balance is 9,3 RMB in your Securities . How much would you like to withdraw?当然可以您的券账户的余额是93元您要取多少钱?B: Id like ,000 RMB, please. If that possible.如果可能的话我要取000元,谱谢A: No problem. Please fill in this transfer m that will authorise us to send the amount from the Securities Company to your .没问题请您填写这张汇款单,这将授权我们从您的券公司账户中转账到您的账户里 38松江腋窝脱毛多少钱

上海省肿瘤医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格A: Good morning, Madam. What can I do you?早上好,女士我能为您做点儿什么吗?B: Id like to withdraw 35,000 RMB from my Corporate .我想从我的公司账户里取35000块钱A: Do you have an appointment?您有预约吗?B: Yes, my name is Ms Jane Reeve, R-E-E-V-E.我有我的名字是Jane Reeve女士,R-E-E-V-EA: Ah, yes, Ms Reeve. I have all of your inmation here. Do you have the cash cheque?啊,是的,Reeve女士我这里有您的所有信息您有现金票吗?B: Here you go.给你A: Im sorry Ms Reeve, it says 5,000 RMB here.对不起,Reeve女士,上面写的是5000元B: Oh, how silly of me. Can we correct it here?哦,我真笨我能在这里改吗?A: Im sorry, we cannot make corrections on these. Youll have to bring another one with the correct amount, Im afraid.对不起,我们不能在这上面改恐怕您得另外拿一张写着正确数额的现金票来 5996 必背句型:A:He was booked driving on the wrong side of the road.他被指控占道驾驶B:What did he face at last?他最终面对的是什么?He was booked killing his family.他被指控杀了家人It is unbelievable that he was not booked in the end.真不敢相信他最终没有被指控What was he booked ?他因为什么被指控?延伸阅读:A:Driving under the influence of alcohol is severely bidden.严禁酒后驾车B:But many people still drive like this.但是很多人仍然这样驾车Setting off firecracker is severely bidden.严禁燃放爆竹Littering around is severely bidden.严禁乱扔垃圾What is severely bidden in the place?这个地方禁止什么? 6733上海整形医院激光去红血丝多少钱奉贤打玻尿酸多少钱



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