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Five years ago, Facebook turned down Brian Acton for a job.五年前,Facebook曾经拒绝了软件工程师布莱恩o阿克顿的求职。The Orlando, Fla.-raised software engineer had worked at Yahoo YHOO 0.60% for over a decade when he decided to take time off. For two years he did, exploring places as far-flung as Antarctica before returning to Silicon Valley to work again. After companies like Facebook FB -0.24% and Twitter TWTR 3.01% rejected him, he started building WhatsApp, a mobile messaging service that eventually exploded, amassing 500 million users worldwide. Then last February, Facebook stunned the world when it announced it was scooping up WhatsApp for a jaw-dropping billion – the most it had ever paid for a startup. By one estimate, Acton will be worth at least billion when the deal closes, which is expected later this year.国佛罗里达州奥兰多市,在雅虎(Yahoo)工作了十多年后,阿克顿决定歇一歇。他在两年的时间里四处游历,甚至远赴南极,后来才回到硅谷重新开始工作。先后遭到Facebook和Twitter等公司拒绝后,阿克顿开始开发移动短信务WhatsApp,结果一炮而红,在全球吸引了5亿用户。今年二月,Facebook宣布豪掷190亿美元收购WhatsApp,震动了外界。这也是Facebook收购新创企业最大手笔的一次。交易预计在今年晚些时候达成,据估计,届时阿克顿的身家至少将达到30亿美元。That Facebook once rejected Acton, 42 is an irony not lost on him. But far from being bitter he says he looks forward to working with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and crew. “We might disagree on some topics, but they understand what communication is like, and they understand the issues around privacy and security,” Acton explained Wednesday at StartX, a non-profit organization for Stanford University entrepreneurs.阿克顿明白,如今看来,他曾求职Facebook被拒颇有些讽刺意味。不过,他完全没有因此而忿忿不平。相反,他表示自己很期待与Facebook首席执行官马克o扎克伯格及其团队共事。上周三,在为斯坦福大学(Stanford University)创业者务的非营利机构StartX上,阿克顿说:“我们或许在某些问题上看法不同,但他们明白通讯是怎么回事,他们也了解与隐私和安全相关的问题。”Reaching a billion deal was a roundabout journey for Acton and Koum. For one, Acton was aly 38 when he helped build WhatsApp. Before that, he spent three years at Apple AAPL 0.39% and over 11 years at Yahoo, where he met WhatsApp CEO and cofounder Jan Koum and eventually became the company’s vice president of engineering. (Acton also weathered a divorce and had children.) It’s a different — and far longer — trajectory compared to many of today’s entrepreneurs, who jump into a startup right after college or drop out, Acton points out.阿克顿和另一位创始人库姆经历了不少曲折,才把WhatsApp发展到了作价190亿美元的规模。其一,帮助创办WhatsApp时,阿克顿已经38岁了。在此之前,他在苹果(Apple)干了三年,在雅虎干了11年多。阿克顿在雅虎结识了WhatsApp首席执行官兼联合创始人简o库姆,并最终成为WhatsApp公司负责工程设计的副总裁。(阿克顿曾经历离婚,并育有子女。)阿克顿指出,他与今天的许多创业者不同,后者大多大学毕业后就直接开始创业,甚至辍学创业。Still, Acton and Koum’s late-blooming strategy worked. With WhatsApp, they developed a dead-simple mobile app that works a lot like traditional text, or SMS messaging, allowing users to send and receive calls, , and pictures in addition to messages. (“I used to call SMS black and white,” Acton said. “We’re color.”) Because it was free, the app developed a huge following, particularly in Europe and parts of Asia, where traditional texting can be pricey. That’s despite a mobile messaging space crowded with competitors like Line, Viber and MessageMe. “It just effing works,” said Acton, explaining in semi-profane terms WhatApp’s appeal. “We don’t have a lot of gimmickry. We don’t collect messages or do anything with them. We respect our users.”不过,阿克顿和库姆大器晚成的战略行之有效。他们开发的WhatsApp是一款超级简单的移动应用,原理很像传统的手机短信,在文本信息外,用户还能发送和接收呼叫、视频和图片。(阿克顿说:“我常说短信是黑白的,而我们的务则是色的。”)因为不收费,WhatsApp吸引了大量的追捧者,尤其是在传统短信务收费较高的欧洲和亚洲,尽管移动通讯领域充斥着Line、Viber以及MessageMe等一种竞争对手。谈到WhatsApp 大受欢迎,阿克顿说道:“它就是火了。我们没有什么花招,我们也不收集信息或干那些有的没的。我们尊重我们的用户。”Talks with Zuckerberg about a potential WhatsApp acquisition began heating up in early February, when Zuck – as he is known to tech insiders – presented Acton and Koum with a hard number. “We said, ‘Oh, shit,’ We’ve got to pay attention to this,” Acton said, who recalled a mind-numbing 96-hours straight in conference rooms with a “flotilla” of lawyers as they hammered out a deal.早在今年二月初,同扎克伯格关于可能收购WhatsApp的谈判就开始升温。扎克伯格向阿克顿和库姆开出了一个确切的数字——高科技界人士都知道,这是他的一贯做法。阿克顿回忆道:“我们说:‘靠’,我们得好好琢磨琢磨这事。”于是他们同“一大帮”律师一起,在会议室整整煎熬了96个小时,直到他们制定出交易方案。For now, the thing Acton looks forward to most isn’t working with the employer who once rejected him – or even getting to 600 million WhatsApp users – it’s closing the deal with Facebook. Admitted Acton: “When it closes, it’ll be with a sense of relief.眼下,阿克顿最期待的,不是与曾拒绝自己的雇主共事,甚至也不是使WhatsApp的用户数增长到6亿,而是与Facebook达成交易。阿克顿坦言:“等到交易达成,我肯定会感到如释重负。” /201406/304907Cyber attacks rose 14 per cent last year, as online criminals targeted intellectual property-rich industries such as pharmaceuticals, mining and electronics, according to a report by Cisco.思科(Cisco)一份报告称,网络攻击数量去年上升了14%,制药、矿业和电子工业等知识产权密集的行业成为网络罪犯的目标。Vulnerabilities in computer systems and the threat from hackers reached the highest level since 2000, when the technology company launched its annual security report.这家技术公司发布年度安全报告之际,计算机系统漏洞及黑客威胁达到2000年以来的最高水平。Cisco said there had been “unprecedented growth” in advanced attacks, with every large company it monitored becoming a target for malicious traffic.思科表示,技术含量较高的攻击出现了“前所未有的增长”。思科监测的每家大型公司都成为恶意流量攻击的目标。John Stewart, senior vice-president and chief security officer, said the report painted a grim picture of the state of cyber security.思科副总裁兼首席安全官约翰#8226;斯图尔特(John Stewart)说,这份报告描绘了网络安全现状的一幅悲观图景。But, he added, there was hope to restore trust by trying to understand hackers. “To truly protect against all of these possible attacks, defenders must understand the attackers, their motivations and their methods – before, during and after an attack.”但他补充道,通过试图了解黑客,有望恢复信心。“为了真正防御所有这些可能的攻击,防御者必须了解攻击者,掌握他们的动机和手段——在攻击开始前、进行中和结束后。”Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, mining and electronics all saw increases in the malware targeted at them of more than 600 per cent, while attempts to breach security in the energy, oil and gas industries rose more than 400 per cent.制药、化工、农业、矿业和电子工业受到的恶意软件攻击均增加逾600%。同时,针对能源和油气行业的攻击增加400%以上。Attempts to hack retailers and wholesalers – in the public eye after Target lost data from more than 70m customers in an attack – rose more than 100 per cent. The attempts may not have led to breaches, depending on the protections in place.针对零售商和批发商的攻击增加逾100%。美国零售商塔吉特(Target)在一次攻击中丢失7000余万用户数据的消息曝光后,此类攻击引起公众关注。不过,取决于采取的保护措施,有些攻击可能没有突破防线。Cyber criminals are increasingly looking for intellectual property they can either sell on the black market or use to inform decisions about competing products or plans.网络罪犯对寻找知识产权越来越感兴趣,这些机密要么可在黑市上出售,要么可用作竞争产品或计划的决策依据。Levi Gundert, a threat researcher who worked on the Cisco report, said the attacks could be “criminals” or “nation states”.参与撰写报告的威胁研究员莱维#8226;贡德特(Levi Gundert)说,实施攻击的可能是“罪犯”,也可能是“国家”。“You almost need to have the Economist or the FT in hand while looking at some of these numbers – they vertically correspond to geopolitical events,” he said.他说:“你在看报告中的一些数字时,手里几乎需要一份《经济学人》或英国《金融时报》,因为这些数字直接对应着某些地缘政治事件。” /201401/273677

Apple Readies IPhone For China LaunchIPhone's Been A Long Time Comin' In China. Some Consumers Couldn't WaitEven as Apple (AAPL) gears up to officially launch the iPhone in China, as many as 1.5 million consumers in China have aly managed to get their hands on one through various unofficial channels. Below, the main methods for buying an iPhone (or something resembling one) in China now.Gray MarketA Beijing Internet company employee - who asks that only his surname, Shang, be used - bought his first-generation iPhone at mobile-phone market in the capital's famed Zhongguancun electronics shopping district, just a few months after its June 2007 release in the U.S. He paid 5,500 yuan, or about 0, for the privilege of being one of China's earliest iPhone adopters.'I was very much interested in its large touch-screen design. At the same time, it also serves as a multimedia player and game machine. I was attracted by all these functions,' he says. An Apple lover, Shang counts many of the company's products among his gadgets: MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iPod Classic and iPod Nano.Shang divides iPhone users into two groups: Those simply fascinated by its unique design; and those with a thorough understanding of Apple products and the Mac operating system. 'I purchase applications in App Store and download the de-coded ones from the Web as well,' Shang says. 'I also use Mobile Me service, which is a good combination with iPhone.'Still, he points out a few problems using his iPhone. 'For instance, the input method is not good and convenient enough' for writing Chinese characters. 'It's not easy to forward messages. When trying to open a couple of Web pages at the same time, the browser might refuse to work.''But still, I think it's aly the best high-end phone, even with these many problems,' he says.Jessica Wu, a 26-year-old trading company employee in Nanjing, bought her 8-gigabyte iPhone for about 0 at a mobile phone market in Feb. 2008. Her unit is 'jailbroken,' which allows her to download applications from Apple's App Store. One problem with her phone is that every time she upgrades the software, she has to jailbreak it again. 'Original iPhones can be upgraded directly through iTunes, which is more convenient.'But it's a small price to pay, she says. 'To some extent, iphone and other Apple products are considered a status symbol.'Buying Outside ChinaZhang May, a 28-year-old from Shanghai asked a friend to buy her an iPhone in the U.S. two years ago. She paid 9. 'I chose iPhone because of its good brand, good quality and good function,' she said. Zhang says she's had no major problems using her jailbroken iPhone in China.Hong Kong a self-run Chinese city where the iPhone is aly officially sold has been a popular place to pick up a legally unlocked iPhones without a SIM card or any type of commitment to a local cellular plan. Mainland Chinese residents can visit the city easier these days than in the past, and those who have access to a Hong Kong mailing address can also make purchases via Hong Kong's online Apple Store. Current prices range from HK,488 to HK,288, or about 0 to 0.The Shanzhai RouteThose with less money can hope that the iPhone's official launch in China will bring lower prices. Or, as many in China have done aly, they may just seek to satisfy their yearning for the iPhone look from one of the numerous shanzhai versions for sale in China's mobile phone markets, often alongside the real (gray market) iPhones. Often-seen copycats include the 'HiPhone' the 'iPhone Mini' and the 'iOrgane.' /200908/82756

Microsoft and Barnes amp; Noble write their own love story.微软和Barnes amp; Noble共写爱情故事。LAST July Barnes amp; Noble gave a presentation to the antitrust division of America#39;s Department of Justice.去年七月Barnes amp; Noble向美国司法部反托拉斯部门做了一个演示。In slide after slide, the bookseller laid into Microsoft.Barnes amp; Noble的每张幻灯片都在攻击微软。The software giant, it thundered, was guilty of ;anti-competitive behaviour; in demanding royalties from makers of mobile devices (such as the Nook, Barnes amp; Noble#39;s e-er) that used Android, Google#39;s open-source mobile operating system.它怒斥微软这家软件巨头违法,因为微软向生产使用安卓(谷歌的手机开源操作系统)移动设备的厂商收取专利使用费是;反竞争行为;(例如Barnes amp; Noble的电子书阅读器Nook)。The bookseller sniffed that Microsoft owned only ;trivial; patents and reminded the department of the software company#39;s past trespasses against competition.Barnes amp; Noble讥讽微软只拥有一些不重要的专利并向提醒司法部微软以往的反竞争行为。Nine months later, the bookworms and the geeks are the best of friends.九个月后,书虫和极客成为了最好的朋友。On April 30th Barnes amp; Noble said it was creating a subsidiary, called NewCo for now, into which it would put Nook and its ;college; business, which has 641 bookshops on American campuses.4月30日,Barnes amp; Noble宣布成立名为NewCo的分公司,该公司主营Nook和在美国校园拥有641家书店的;高校;业务部。Microsoft is putting up 0m for 17.6% of NewCo.微软注资3亿美元,拥有17.6的股份。People will be able to buy and e-books through a Nook application for Windows 8, a new incarnation of Microsoft#39;s operating system that is due to appear in a few months.人们将能通过WIN8版Nook应用购买和阅读电子书,WIN8是微软的新版操作系统,将在数月后问世。Microsoft will pay NewCo an advance of 0m over three years for such purchases, plus 5m over five years to buy content and develop technology.微软将会提前付1.8亿美元的三年使用费,并付额外的1.25亿美元用于之后五年的内容购买和技术开发。The squabbles over patents have been settled: Microsoft is giving Barnes amp; Noble a licence for the Nook and will get royalties in return.专利之争已经平息:微软给予Barnes amp; Noble的Nook许可并获得专利使用费。For now at least, the Nook will remain an Android, not Windows, device.最起码就目前而言,Nook将仍然是安卓阵营成员而非windows成员。The agreement values NewCo at .7 billion, more than twice Barnes amp; Noble#39;s market capitalisation before it was announced.协议中将NewCo估价为17亿美元,超过协议公布前Barnes amp; Noble市值的两倍。The bookseller#39;s share price rose by 50% on the day of the deal—which tells you what investors think of the dead-tree end of the trade.协议达成当天Barnes amp; Noble股价上涨50%,这表明投资者对这个实体书过时行业的看法。The alliance should bring Barnes amp; Noble not only cash but also new ers of digital books and magazines, especially outside the ed States.两公司联合不仅仅给Barnes amp; Noble带来资金还要带来新的电子书刊读者,尤其是美国外的读者。In the fourth quarter of 2011, according to Tom Mainelli of IDC, a research firm, Barnes amp; Noble accounted for one-fifth of the 7m e-ers shipped in America—against a mighty three-quarters for Amazon, maker of the Kindle (see chart).调查机构IDC的Tom Mainelli表示,2011年第四季度美国市场新推出的七百万的电子书阅读器中,Barnes amp; Noble占有五分之一,而Kindle的生产商亚马逊囊括了四分之三。But Barnes amp; Noble shipped no Nooks elsewhere, which helps explain why it had only 14% of the global market.但是Barnes amp; Noble只在美国销售Nook,这也解释了为什么它只拥有14%全球市场。Via the Nook app, non-Americans will also be able to leaf through Barnes amp; Noble#39;s digital catalogue.通过Nook应用,其他国家的居民也可以浏览Barnes amp; Noble的电子产品目录。Microsoft is in effect buying a second bash at a market where it made an early but unsuccessful start.实际上这是微软在早期打入电纸书市场失败后的第二次尝试。It launched its own e-er software all of 12 years ago.12年前,微软就曾发布过自己的电纸书软件。The deal with Barnes amp; Noble, bringing lots of content with it, may give people an extra reason to buy Windows 8 tablets (a likelier choice for e-ing than smartphones, laptops or desktops) when they appear.这次与 Barnes amp; Noble的协议又加入了诸多内容,这使得上市后购买WIN 8平板电脑的人们多了一个理由(就电子阅读来说平板电脑是比智能手机,笔记本或台式机更好的选择)。The bundling of Barnes amp; Noble#39;s college business into NewCo indicates hope that a fair few of these customers will be students.Barnes amp; Noble的大量高校业务融入NewCo,这意味着多数客户有望是学生。Allen Weiner of Gartner , another research firm, suggests that through campus bookshops Barnes amp; Noble could sell Windows devices pre-loaded with course material.调查机构高德纳公司的Allen Weiner暗示通过校园书店,Barnes amp; Noble可以销售预先装有课程材料的Windous设备。Of course, others are after students#39; dollars too. Apple recently started selling interactive digital textbooks for the iPad, far and away the biggest-selling tablet (among its publishing partners is Pearson, part-owner of The Economist).当然其他公司也对大学生市场虎视眈眈。 苹果公司最近开始为其卖得最好的平板电脑ipad销售互动电子书(合作出版社之一是Pearson,也是经济学人的股东之一)。But Mr Weiner points out that Microsoft and Barnes amp; Noble have some advantages. Lots of students write notes and essays with Microsoft#39;s Office software, which is not available on the iPad.但是Weiner指出微软和Barnes amp; Noble有优势, 许多学生使用微软的office软件做笔记,写文章,而ipad上却没有这一软件。And although Amazon sells and rents a lot of paper textbooks, it has not done much with digital ones.而且尽管亚马逊销售出租大量纸质教材,却并没有过多涉及电子版教材。The tie-up with Barnes amp; Noble makes three of a kind for Microsoft: cheap deals with struggling but established partners in markets where it is weak and sees a chance to do much better.与Barnes amp; Noble公司的合作关系是微软完成了第三项同类合作: 在表现不佳有大量上升空间市场里以廉价的合同和经营不佳但在业内已树起口碑的公司签约合作。In 2009 it struck an agreement with Yahoo! in online search.2009年,微软与雅虎就网上搜索达成协议。Last year Nokia became the prime conduit for Windows in smartphones.去年,诺基亚成为windows智能手机的最佳渠道。With Barnes amp; Noble it is having another stab at e-ing. Unlike the books on the Nook, this tale is still being written.而与Barnes amp; Noble合作,则可以打入电子阅读市场。 不像Nook上的电子书那样,这个故事依旧在继续。 /201210/203603

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