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  A woman was working as a temporary employee a large medical organization. months, she complained about certain coworkers at her job. At the time, she had decided to develop a 30-day plan to secure a full-time position. One part of her plan was to change her attitude toward these particular individuals. In the days that followed, she persisted in following her plan, especially focusing on her wanting attitude toward others. She was shocked however when a month into her plan, she was suddenly asked to work the organization full time -- her first non-temporary job in nearly a decade!directly ad.直接地;立即

tropical a.热带的

  back of 在...后面 


  viscous a.粘滞的,粘性的。

    B) Mindless people walking in the street.

  ahead of 在...之前 ahead of time 提前  arch n.拱门 vt.用拱连接(angle-角)  解题技巧:一般来说此类题的均可在文章中找到但是的表述常常不是文章中的原话,而是使用同义的词语或句子进行表述即对原句子改写,在回答此类问题时,应首先仔细审题画出关键词,弄清题目的具体要求,以及所给的四个选项画出关键词,再利用关键词回文章中定位,找出文章中相对应的细节性句子,分别与四个选项进行一一对照,以确定正确关键词的确定也有技巧如果题目或选项中有专有名词(人名、地名等)、数字(年代、时间等)要将此定位为关键词因为这些词有特点,在文章中很容易找到,所以很快就可以定位相应的细节,从而找到正确如果题目或选项中没有明显的词,可以定位主要的名词或动词为关键词

  cancer n.癌,癌症,肿瘤C) embark

  Am I the only one who shudders at this kind of thing? Certainly, I‘m not the first to have noticed it. The existence of child foodies isn’t anything especially new; two year ago the Times did an awful piece on “Fine Dining Where Strollers Don‘t Invite Sneers”; a year ago the New York Post weighed in on “Tweezine,” or fine cuisine grade schoolers. In both cases ers retched. But the trend, sadly, wasn’t limited to New York: Chicago Magazine called the snooty spawn “koodies” and ecasted “an emerging society of pintsize gourmands.” And they aren‘t going away. Earlier this week I a story in the Daily News about a -year-old critic who had just published a restaurant guide to New York. Kid critics are the latest trend; even the normally caustic eater.com has commissioned some. Then one of my friends wrote to tell me about his 8-year-old nephew. “He’s such a food snob,” he writes, that he “won‘t eat canned or jarred foods. If he’s given bottled tomato sauce he spits it out.” Now, we‘ve all seen bad kids; they’re even a m of entertainment, in the m of viral s enjoyed by those of us who don‘t actually have families. Child foodies aren’t bad—but the precocious displeasure they display towards foods beneath them is most unnatural. I‘m not against kids enjoying good food, even grown-up food like sushi or goat cheese risotto balls (fed to a two-year old, at one of the best restaurants in Manhattan, in the Times piece.) But being a foodie means having an aroused and rarefied interest in unusual foods; and that, inevitably, means an implicit detestation of regular, crappy foods. I may be the only professional food writer I know who eats Go-Go Taquitos at 7- as part of his regular diet; and I would get bounced out of the profession if people knew what I did behind closed doors. I don’t want to be the one to suggest that it‘s wrong to encourage prepubescent epicureanism in a country where 6 million people are on food stamps…but it is wrong. I know no kid is moved by warnings that children are starving in Biafra; but they should be aware that children are starving three blocks over. Not to pick on the Times piece, which is both old and ludicrous, but I can’t stop thinking of the photograph, of three princelings being waited upon by what appear to be hispanic servers. The image is one with more than a whiff of feudal privilege, in the context of which the children‘s choices seem totally gross and un-American.

  【派】exceeding a超过的;exceedingly ad非常 allocate vt 分配, 把…拨给。

  appreciable E5pri:FEbla.可估价的;可察觉的


  diplomatic a.外交的;有策略的

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