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上海市第九医院做双眼皮多少钱上海治疗青春痘浦东新区周浦医院激光祛太田痣价格费用 Apple Inc., welcome to stock-market purgatory.苹果公司(Apple Inc.)的股票将在市场上遭受磨难。That#39;s essentially the view Barclays analysts took Wednesday in downgrading the iPhone and iPad maker to equal weight from overweight. The firm predicts the stock will remain rangebound for at least the next year, and could suffer growing pains similar to the ones software giant Microsoft Corp. experienced when it transitioned into a mature, value stock.这基本上就是巴克莱(Barclays)分析师周三将苹果公司的评级从增持下调至中性时所持的观点。该行预计,至少在未来一年,苹果的股价都将保持区间波动,而且可能承受越来越大的压力,类似于微软(Microsoft Co.)的股票在向一只成熟的价值股转变时所遭遇的情况。#39;Frankly, we just couldn#39;t quite bring ourselves to use smart watches or TVs as reasons to raise numbers--nor were we fully convinced that these products could move the needle like new categories did in the old days,#39; Barclays wrote to clients. #39;As a result, we believe it is time to step aside, given a maturing smart phone market.#39;巴克莱在给客户的报告中写道,坦率说,我们不能仅凭智能手表或智能电视就上调预期,我们也不太相信这些产品可以像新产品在过去那样产生决定性作用;因此,鉴于智能手机市场日趋成熟,我们相信现在是投资者回避的时候。Apple shares recently fell 1.3% to 0.50. The stock is up about 20% over the past 12 months, although it remains well off its record high above 0 hit in September 2012.苹果的股价最近下跌了1.3%,至530.50美元。该股在过去12个月上涨了约20%,但仍远低于其在2012年9月创下的逾700美元的纪录高点。One of the bullish views on Apple in recent months has been the company#39;s relatively cheap valuation compared to its peers. It trades at about 12 times future earnings, according to FactSet, less than the price-to-earnings ratios of Microsoft, Google Inc. and Facebook Inc.最近几个月,看好苹果股票的观点之一就是该股的估值与同类股相比较为便宜。FactSet的数据显示,苹果的预期市盈率约为12倍,低于微软、谷歌(Google Inc.)和Facebook Inc.。Barclays isn#39;t convinced. #39;We believe the valuation argument is becoming less and less helpful,#39; the firm said. #39;Furthermore, we look at a valuation analogy vs. Microsoft from 2000 to about 2010 and see no precedent that large-size tech companies simply start to broadly outperform again after a tough year or two if the law of large numbers is catching up to them and margins have peaked.#39;巴克莱并不认同这种看法。该行称,我们相信估值偏低的说法会越来越没有意义。另外,我们对2000年至2010前后的苹果与微软的估值进行了对比,发现如果符合大数定律且利润率已达到峰值,没有大型科技公司在度过艰难的一两年后能再度表现出众的先例。Here#39;s a chart overlaying Microsoft#39;s performance from 1998 through the present compared to Apple#39;s performance since 2011.下面这张图将1998年至今的微软股价表现与2011年至今的苹果股价表现进行了对比。Barclays offered four similarities between Apple now and Microsoft back then:巴克莱列举了苹果公司与微软的四点相似之处:Market Cap: Microsoft#39;s market cap peaked at about 0 billion in 1999. Apple surpassed that mark in August 2012, but shares peaked the next month. #39;The point is that the most dominant tech leaders of their era don#39;t necessarily just regroup from these types of peaks and re-assume a new all-time high market cap after a year or two,#39; Barclays says. #39;They may get usurped in the ensuing decade or two. These observations are easier to see in hindsight -- but it shows how hard it is to get to this type of size and stay there, much less regroup -- and rise above it again.#39;市值:微软的市值在1999年达到了约6,200亿美元的峰值。苹果的市值在2012年8月超过这一水平,但股价在随后的一个月达到了峰值。巴克莱认为,关键问题是,一个时代最具影响力的科技领导者并不一定会在达到这样的峰值后重整旗鼓,并在一两年后再度创下新的最高市值纪录。该行称,这些企业的地位可能会在随后的一二十年被取代;回顾企业的发展历程会更容易看清这一点,但这也说明一个企业要达到并保持这种状态有多难,更不要说重整旗鼓、再创新高。The Next Big Thing: Apple trades at about 12 times next year#39;s earnings, down from its P/E of 15.9 in October 2012. By comparison, Microsoft traded at about 20 times earnings in 2004, but its multiple decreased and has roughly maintained in the mid-teen range since then. #39;Once the market decides that your main product will remain slow for a long time, there does seem to be a visible pattern for multiples to sustain lower levels for a long time even if revenues grow --as was the case with Microsoft,#39; Barclays says.公司发展过程中的下一个重大事件:目前苹果以下一年预期收益计算的市盈率为12倍,2012年10月份时的市盈率为15.9倍。与之相比,微软2004年的市盈率约为20倍,但此后市盈率下降并基本维持在13至16倍之间。巴克莱指出,一旦市场认定一家公司的主要产品会长期维持缓慢发展,那么即便该公司的收入增长,其市盈率长期维持在较低水平似乎也是一种明显格局,就像微软的情况。Valuation: #39;Both companies seemed to share a peak in the valuation that roughly coincided with the high point in gross margins,#39; Barclays says. #39;Microsoft#39;s operating margins were in the high 50% range, which marked the high point in the shares. Apple#39;s operating margins were over 39% in the second quarter of 2012, and the high in the shares followed about two quarters later.#39;股票估值:巴克莱表示,苹果与微软的股票估值高峰似乎都有与各自毛利率的高点基本同时出现。在微软的营业利润率处于57%-59%的水平时,其股票估值也处于高点。苹果的营业利润率在2012年第二季度突破39%,其股票估值的高点出现在大约两个季度之后。Buybacks: #39;Both Microsoft and Apple bowed to market pressure to issue dividends and start buybacks -- and it really did not lead to a resurgence in share price,#39; Barclays says. #39;We acknowledge that Apple may have put a #39;floor#39; in its stock at 0 given recent buyback acceleration, but the stock may not outperform from the mid 0s simply due to buybacks.#39;股票回购:巴克莱表示,微软和苹果都迫于市场压力派发了股息并开始回购股票,但这并没有导致其股价回升;从苹果最近加快回购速度来看,该公司可能已将股价的“底线”定在500美元,但正是由于回购行动,苹果的股价可能不会大幅高于540-560美元。In an interview earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company had bought billion of its own shares in the two weeks following its quarterly results. Apple reported lower iPhone sales than projected and warned that revenue in the current quarter might fall from a year ago.本月早些时候,苹果公司首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)在接受采访时表示,苹果在发布季度财报后的两周内已回购了140亿美元的股票。此前,苹果宣布iPhone销售额的下降幅度高于预期,并警告说当前财季的收入可能低于上年同期。Apple has bought back more than billion of its shares over the past 12 months, an aggressive push that billionaire investor Carl Icahn has been advocating since he took a position in the company last year.苹果公司在过去12个月回购了超过400亿美元的股票,这是富豪投资人伊坎(Carl Icahn)去年入股苹果以来一直在倡导的大力度行动。Still, unless Apple really has a breakthrough product up its sleeve, Barclays sees the company#39;s future looking awfully similar to Microsoft at the turn of the century.不过,巴克莱认为,除非苹果真的拥有突破性产品,否则该公司的前景看起来与微软在世纪之交时的情况颇为近似。#39;We see plenty of evidence to suggest that each product cycle or #39;next big thing#39; will get less and less meaningful. The risk to investors, we believe, is that earnings power ex-buybacks could be flattish stemming from multiple pressures on margins,#39; Barclays says.巴克莱表示,我们看到有很多据表明每一个产品周期或者说“下一个重大事件”的影响力会越来越小。我们认为,投资者面临的风险是,由于利润率面临多重压力,除了回购之外的收益能力可能平平。 /201402/277076上海曙光医院西院激光去斑手术价格

上海市徐汇区宛平地段医院整形美容中心Amazon is working with HTC to develop a range of smartphones as the online retailer steps up efforts to compete with Apple and Google, according to people familiar with the project. 知情人士称,网络零售商亚马逊(Amazon)正与宏达电(HTC)合作开发一个智能手机产品系列,以加大与苹果(Apple)和谷歌(Google)的竞争力度。 One of the three devices discussed by the two companies is at an advanced stage of development, according to one person, but another warned that the timeline for launch has been changed before and Amazon may yet decide not to release it. Rumours that Amazon would enter the smartphone market have been circulating for up to two years. The device is unlikely to launch this year but may launch in 2014 if Amazon decides to proceed with the project. 其中一位知情人士表示,两家企业联手的三款移动设备之一已进入研发的后期阶段。不过,另一位知情人士警告说,发布的时间表此前曾有变动,亚马逊也仍有可能决定不发布该设备。有关亚马逊可能进入智能手机市场的传闻已经流传了两年之久。该移动设备不太可能于今年发布,但是如果亚马逊决定将该项目开展下去,则有可能在2014年发布该设备。 Amazon did not respond to a request for comment. In response to a recent report on its mobile ambitions, it said that it had “no plans to offer a phone this year”. HTC declined to comment on Amazon, but Ben Ho, its chief of marketing, said the company is “always exploring new opportunities”. 亚马逊未回应记者的置评请求。该公司在回应最近一则有关其在移动市场雄心的报道时曾表示,“并无今年发布手机的打算”。HTC拒绝对亚马逊置评,不过该公司首席营销官何永生(Benjamin Ho)表示,该公司“对于新的机遇始终不会放过”。 “We have been very focused on building our own brand, but we have also been very open to co-branding and collaborating with carriers and other technology brands,” said Mr Ho. 何永生表示:“我们始终对建设自身品牌极为专注,不过我们也十分愿意与电信运营商和其他技术品牌进行品牌联合以及其它合作。” By using HTC to help design the phones, Amazon is acting much like Google, which has deals with Asus and LG to develop its Nexus line of tablets and phones. 亚马逊在HTC的帮助下设计手机,这种做法与谷歌十分相像。后者与华硕(Asus)和LG都签有协议,以开发其Nexus系列的平板电脑和手机。 /201310/260658上海市第八人民医院做丰胸手术价格 Negotiations between Lenovo and IBM over a multi-billion dollar deal under which Lenovo would acquire parts of IBM#39;s server business have broken down, according to people familiar with the situation.据知情人士透露,联想(Lenovo)与IBM就联想以数十亿美元收购IBM部分务器业务的交易谈判已经破裂。While the discussions could resume, they were halted over valuation concerns, according to a person familiar with the talks.知情人士称,尽管双方的谈判可能会再度恢复,但目前已因为价格问题而宣告结束。Spokespeople for Lenovo and IBM (IBM) declined to comment.目前,联想和IBM的发言人都未就上述传闻置评。News of the negotiations surfaced last month in various publications and were confirmed byFortune. Bloomberg put the value of the potential deal, which would cover IBM#39;s sale of its so-called x86 server business, at between .5 billion and .5 billion. Others suggested IBM was seeking as much as billion. Lenovo is said to have balked at the price tag for the business, which generates close to billion in sales, or about a third of IBM#39;s overall server revenue, according to estimates.上个月,有关双方交易谈判的传闻开始出现在各大媒体,而且这个消息也得到了《财富》杂志(Fortune)的实。彭社(Bloomberg)认为,IBM准备卖给联想的的x86务器业务价值应该在在25亿美元到45亿美元之间。其它一些媒体则声称,IBM寻求的交易价格为60亿美元。据称,联想拒绝了这个价格。IBM计划出售的这项业务每年产生的销售额接近50亿美元,约占IBM务器总营收的三分之一。Lenovo, the world#39;s No. 2 computer maker behind HP (HPQ), has been seeking to bolster its server business. The x86 servers, which represent the lower end of the server business, would allow Lenovo to compete more effectively with HP and Dell (DELL).联想目前是仅次于惠普(HP)的全球第二大电脑制造商,一直希望能够持自身务器业务的发展。虽然x86务器目前仍是低端务器业务,但它可以帮助联想与惠普和戴尔(Dell)展开竞争。Lenovo, which in 2005 bought IBM#39;s PC business, has been growing faster than rivals for the last few years. In the most recent quarter, which saw the worst decline in PC sales in the industry#39;s history, Lenovo was the only one of the major computer makers to hold its ground, according to research firm IDC. The company has also expanded into smartphones and tablets.2005年,联想收购了IBM的PC业务。最近几年中,联想的增长速度一直快于竞争对手。据研究机构互联网数据中心(IDC)的报告称,尤其是在最近一个季度,全球PC销量遭遇行业史上最大幅度的下滑,联想是其中唯一一家稳住了阵脚的大制造商。目前,联想也向智能手机和平板电脑市场吹响了进军的号角。 /201305/238186上海市第九医院激光点痣多少钱

玫瑰医疗美容医院询问 Mobile phones, wearable devices and self-driving cars are generating buzz as the future of technology. But the old Web browser is being reinvented too, in a trend with implications for how consumers work and entertain themselves online.如今,手机、可穿戴式设备以及能够自动驾驶的汽车已经成为人们滔滔不绝地谈论着的技术的未来,不过,看似过时的浏览器也在经历重生,其引领的趋势将影响消费者在网上工作和的方式。Companies from Google Inc. GOOG -0.31% to small startups are introducing new features, such as taking and syncing notes and files within the browser, voice-recognition, calls and messaging. They are also reinventing the browser for newly connected devices like cars.从谷歌(Google Inc.)到小型初创企业,很多公司都在给浏览器配备种种新的功能,比如可以在浏览器内实现笔记、文件的记录与同步,并实现语音识别、视频通话和短信功能。这些企业还在为汽车等近来也可以使用浏览器的“设备”重新设计浏览器。In one new front of experimentation, browser company Maxthon Ltd. will next month offer users the ability to sync downloads and local files across devices via its browser, in potential competition with file-sharing services like Dropbox Inc. Consumers will be able to download or send the data to a cloud storage account or other device running the browser from a drop-down within the browser. The company aly offers the ability to take and sync notes in the browser.在一个新的实验战线上,浏览器公司傲游(Maxthon Ltd.)将在本月让用户能够通过其浏览器在不同设备上同步已经下载的文件和本地文件,对Dropbox Inc.等文件分享务商形成潜在竞争。消费者可以通过浏览器的一个下拉菜单将数据下载或发送到云存储账户或同样运行该浏览器的其他设备。该公司已经实现了在浏览器内部记笔记并同步笔记。The little-known software, which Maxthon says has some 120 million monthly users, more than half of them in China, aims to capitalize on consumers#39; desires to access their files from a range of devices. The company offers browsers for desktops, mobile phones, tablets and even in-car systems. Earlier this year, Maxthon announced a deal with Pioneer Electronics to enable users to browse the Web from an in-car touch-screen device.这个鲜为人知的软件旨在满足消费者从多种设备上获取个人文件的需求。傲游说,这款软件有大约1.2亿每月活跃用户,其中超过一半用户在中国。这家公司推出了台式电脑、手机、平板电脑甚至车载系统的浏览器。今年早些时候,傲游宣布与凯新达电子有限公司(Pioneer Electronics Co., Ltd.)达成交易,将使用户能够在一个车载的触屏设备上浏览网页。#39;It#39;s clear we#39;re shifting to a multi-device world and that creates a lot of pain points,#39; says Karl Mattson, vice president and general manager of Maxthon, which has about 220 employees. #39;The browser is the natural frame for this,#39; he says.傲游副总裁兼总经理马特森(Karl Mattson)说,显然,我们正在进入一个多设备的世界,这就产生了许多需要解决的问题。他说,这款浏览器就是解决这个问题的自然框架。傲游公司有大约220名员工。The browser industry may have appeared staid in recent years, with the market dominated by tech giants such as Microsoft Corp., MSFT +1.04% Google and Apple Inc. AAPL +0.39% Microsoft#39;s Internet Explorer remains the market-share leader for desktop browsers, according to Net Applications, with a 56% share of the desktop market globally. Apple#39;s Safari browser leads on mobile phones and tablets, with 59% share, thanks to the popularity of the iPhone and iPad.浏览器行业最近几年从表面上看似乎没什么变化,市场主要由微软(Microsoft Corp.)、谷歌和苹果(Apple Inc.)等科技巨头占据。根据Net Applications的数据,微软的IE浏览器在台式机中仍然占据着领先的市场份额,在全球台式机的市场份额达到56%。由于iPhone和iPad的风靡,苹果的Safari浏览器在手机和平板设备中的市场份额最高,为59%。But behind the scenes, many companies have quietly been enhancing and reimagining the Web browser, as new technologies have made it possible to do numerous activities in the browser instead of through software downloaded to a computer or mobile device. The set of new programming techniques enabling the features is often referred to as HTML5.但是在幕后,许多公司一直在不声不响地改进和重新设计网络浏览器,新的技术使用户可以通过浏览器完成大量活动,取代了需要下载到电脑或移动设备上的软件。实现这些功能的新的编程技术通常被称作HTML5。Companies have opened up to #39;add-ons#39; and apps, allowing users to access features like games and third-party software from a homescreen. Earlier this year, Google, which develops the Chrome browser, released software that allows developers to add voice-recognition to their Web pages, so users can browse the Web by speaking. It also released a Chrome app for its Google Keep note-taking service that syncs notes directly with its Google Drive storage service.众多公司都向“插件”和应用程序敞开了大门,允许用户实现从一个主页面上登入游戏和第三方软件等功能。今年早些时候,开发了Chrome浏览器的谷歌发布一款软件,让开发者可以在自己的网页上增加语音识别功能,这样用户只需要说话就可以浏览网页了。谷歌同时还发布了一款用于其Google Keep笔记务的Chrome应用,可以将笔记直接与Google Drive存储务同步。Microsoft has been tailoring its Internet Explorer browser for touch, focusing on making it responsive and fast for tablets like its Surface. The latest version of Internet Explorer also is designed to work well with its SkyDrive storage service.微软一直将其Internet Explorer浏览器朝着触摸操作的方向改进,专注于让该浏览器在Surface等平板电脑上表现得灵敏快捷。最新版的Internet Explorer还经过了设计,配合SkyDrive存储务。Apps have stolen some thunder from browsers, especially as consumers find apps faster and more convenient to use than the Web. That has spurred some of the latest browser innovation.移动应用抢走了浏览器的一些风头,特别是当消费者发现移动应用比浏览器速度更快、使用更方便时。这催生了一些最新的浏览方式创新。Jay Sullivan, chief operating officer of browser maker Mozilla Corp., says browsing is going to become more social through new and easy ways to share what people are browsing with friends. #39;It will be more lively, quick and fun,#39; he says.浏览器开发商Mozilla Corp.首席营运长沙利文(Jay Sullivan)说,由于出现了各种使人们可以与朋友分享浏览内容的简单新方法,网络浏览将变得社交性更强。他说,它将变得更加活跃、迅速、有趣。Mozilla#39;s Firefox browser has rolled out new features, such as the ability to integrate with social-networking sites so users can see updates and messages from Facebook Inc. FB +0.52% within the browser#39;s frame. It is also testing the feature with Sina Corp.#39;s SINA -0.76% Weibo for Chinese users.Mozilla的火狐(Firefox)浏览器推出了新的功能,比如能够与社交网站整合,用户能够在浏览器框内看到Facebook Inc.的更新和信息。此外,该公司正在测试与新浪微的整合,以便向中国用户推出这一功能。Mozilla also is working on embedded communication features. For instance, consumers could open up a chat screen within their browser and drag a from a Web page into the screen to share immediately. Mozilla is also trying to persuade websites to adopt a new identity system called Persona that aims to eliminate passwords. It allows users to log into websites using existing accounts and passwords.此外,Mozilla正在开发嵌入式通讯功能。比如,消费者可以在他们的浏览器内打开一个聊天室屏幕,从网页上拖拉视频到屏幕上立即进行分享。Mozilla也在努力说网站使用一个名为“Persona”的新身份识别系统,该系统旨在消除密码。它使用户可以用现有的账户和密码登陆网站。Past attempts to spiff up browsers haven#39;t always taken off. Onetime Web-browser startup Rockmelt, which once trumpeted its integration with Facebook, says its desktop browser had 4.5 million users but will be discontinued in the next few months. It has changed course to become a discovery service for finding interesting Web content.以往浏览器方面的创新尝试并不总能取得成功。曾经的浏览器初创公司Rockmelt曾宣称可以实现与Facebook的一体化。该公司说,它的桌面浏览器曾有450万用户,但未来几个月将停止运营。它已经改变业务类型,转而提供帮助挖掘有趣网络内容的务。Tim Howes, Rockmelt co-founder and chief technology officer, said in a statement that #39;browsers today are just big dumb windows in [consumers#39;] way.#39;Rockmelt联合创始人、首席技术长豪斯(Tim Howes)在一份声明中说,今天的浏览器在消费者看来只是愚蠢的大窗口。Some new browser features, like file-sharing, aim to replicate functions or Web services that are aly easy to access across multiple devices through services like Google Drive or Dropbox.分享文件等一些新浏览器功能旨在复制现有那些可轻松实现跨设备使用的功能或网络务。这些功能或务目前可通过Google Drive或Dropbox等务实现。Mr. Mattson of Maxthon says integrated features are more convenient for users. He likens some of the stand-alone services to #39;using a five-pound hammer to kill a mosquito#39; when something simpler within the browser will do.傲游的马特森说,一体化的功能对用户来说更方便。他将一些单独的务比作用高射炮打蚊子,而实际上用浏览器内一些更加简单的功能就能实现。 /201306/242656上海市浦东新区周浦医院做隆鼻手术价格上海市奉贤区奉城医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格



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