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We have a fun show tonight.我们今天的节目很好玩。In the blue room, you know him from Saturday Night Live, Horrible Bosses and We#39;re the Millers.今天的嘉宾现在就在我们的后台。他的成名作有《周六夜现场》,《可恶的老板》,《冒牌家庭》。The brilliant, the hilarious Jason Sudeikis is here, tonight!他就是才华横溢,幽默风趣的杰森·苏戴奇斯!Hi! Hi, Jason. Are you OK?嗨!嗨,杰森。你好吗?Oh, yeah. I#39;m just hosting a talk show.挺好的。我在主持脱口秀。Right. I figured the late night landscape needs another white man talking to people.哦……我觉得我们节目需要再找一个白人来主持。I got Michael O#39;Brien here, Julia in London. And there is my bandleader Wenny Jones over there.于是我邀请了迈克尔·奥布莱恩,来自伦敦的朱莉,还有我的乐队指挥温妮·琼斯在那边。Right. OK. That is also what we#39;re doing. Is anyone film your talk show?好的,我们也是这么干的。有人在帮你们录节目吗?Well, yeah, you guys are.有啊,你们就是。Also if the talk show happens in the woods and no one is filming it, does it still happen?如果一场脱口秀是在一片不为人知的森林里,也没有人拍下来?那么这场脱口秀存在吗?I would argue yes.如果问我的话,我会说存在We have been just following NCIS: New Orleans. We know exactly how that feels. Hang on. 我们都在追《海军罪案调查处:新奥尔良》,我们知道那是什么感觉。等一下。You#39;re Jewish, yeah? That#39;s great.你是犹太人,是吧?好的James Irks forgot to tell you you#39;re our musical guest later.詹姆斯,忘了告诉你,你是我们今晚的音乐嘉宾。I am? Yeah, so learn to play an instrument or something.我吗?对,所以你得学点儿乐器或者是别的东西。OK. I#39;m going to work on that. I#39;ll get back to you. Jason Sudeikis, everybody.我会去学的。待会儿再聊。各位,今天的嘉宾是杰森·苏戴奇斯。 Article/201706/512304奉贤区奉城医院切眼袋价格费用原味人文风情:All right. Looking for a roommate. Oh! Wow! Some people are aly interested. Well, let#39;s see who they are.好。寻找室友。噢!哇!已经有人有兴趣了。好,来看看他们是谁。Types of Roommates室友类型百百种The Serial Dater玩咖室友Oh, hey.噢,嘿。Hey.嘿。This is my girlfriend, Bobo.这我女朋友,波波。Hi! Nice to meet you.嗨!很高兴见到妳。Don#39;t worry. We#39;re gonna keep it down.别担心。我们会压低音量的。Yeah, keep it down.嗯,小声点啊。Come on!走吧!Please keep it down.拜托要小声点啊。Oh, hey!喔,嘿!Oh, hey. How#39;s it going? This is my roommate.喔,嘿。妳好吗?这是我室友。Hi.嗨。This is Mel, my girlfriend.这是小梅,我女朋友。We aly met, though.不过我们早就见过啦。No, you didn#39;t.不,妳没见过。I did.我有。No, you definitely did not.不,妳肯定没有。But who#39;s the other...不过另一个是谁...Yeah...嗯...Oh! Oh... Oh!喔!喔... 喔!Hi.嗨。Hi.嗨。Bye.掰。Huh, looks like I got a new roommate.哈,看来我有新室友了。Wait, wait, wait!等等、等等、等等!Oh, hey.噢,嘿。Who are you?妳谁啊?I#39;m Trevor#39;s girlfriend.我是崔佛的女朋友啊。Wait, but I#39;m Trevor#39;s girlfriend.等一下,可是我才是崔佛的女朋友。Whoa...there#39;s two of you?! This will never happen again, I promise...哇...妳们两个都来了?!这绝对不会再发生,我保...What are you talking about?!你在说什么啊?!Are you serious?有没有搞错?The Messy One脏鬼室友Andrew! I#39;ve been taking out the trash for the past three weeks now.Can you at least take it out, too?安德鲁!过去三个礼拜都是我拿垃圾出去。你难道不能至少也把垃圾拿出去吗?All right, Mom. You don#39;t have to yell at me. Take it out later, yeah?好啦,老妈子。妳又没必要吼我。等下就拿出去,可以了吧?Oh my goodness! Why is there an avocado in here?!我的老天鹅啊!这里怎么有颗酪梨?!This means war.这意味着战争。Andrew. Did you drink my milk?安德鲁。你喝了我的牛奶吗?What milk?什么牛奶?Spaghetti...意大利面...Are you serious? It#39;s, like, six a.m.! He#39;s using a blender?!认真的吗?现在才早上六点耶!他在给我用搅拌机?!The Strict One严肃型室友Rule one: No friends. Rule two: No boys. Rule three: Not out late.You don#39;t like it? You go. Go, go!规则第一条:禁带朋友。规则第二条:男生止步。规则第三条:不准晚归。妳不喜欢?妳就滚。滚啊、滚!Why you so noisy? Quiet, quiet! Make no noise.妳怎么这么吵啊?安静、安静!不要制造噪音。I can#39;t even sneeze in my own home?我连在自己家打喷嚏都不行?You touch my stuff? Why you touch my stuff? You move my things.I can#39;t find them. Don#39;t touch my stuff!妳碰我的东西?妳为什么要碰我的东西?妳移动了我的东西。我这样就找不到了。不准碰我的东西!I wasn#39;t! I was just trying to get my sparkles!我没有!我只是想拿我的巧克力米!The Chatty One多话型室友Oh, hey, you#39;re Selina, right? I#39;m your roommate.噢,嘿,妳是赛琳娜,对吧?我是妳的室友。Hi! We#39;re gonna be best friends!嗨!我们一定会变成最要好的朋友!We#39;re jumping!我们在跳来跳去耶!Hey, girl. Okay, bye.嘿,女孩。好,掰啦。Wait. Isn#39;t that my hoodie?等等。那不是我的连帽外套吗?Yeah, we#39;re like sisters, right? We can share clothes. Bye, love ya!对啊,我们就和姊一样,对吧?我们可以互穿衣啦。掰,爱妳呦!Ugh! Oh my God... Okay, last night, my boyfriend didn#39;t text me back for, like, a whole hour.哦!天啊... 好,昨天晚上啊,我男朋友他有大概整整一个小时没回我讯息耶。Did you break the door? Because I locked it.妳破门而入吗?因为我有锁门。Yeah.对啊。The Anti-Social One反社会型室友Oh, hey, Will! Ha-ha! That#39;s funny! I love all our talks.噢,嘿,威尔!哈哈!真有意思!很高兴和你聊天。Great, so I#39;m gonna go to school now, so I guess I#39;ll see you... All right.好,我现在要去学校了,我想我们到时见... 好吧。Eight hours later...八小时后...You#39;re still here? So, Will, I got you some extra food if you want it.I#39;m not really sure if it#39;s your... Will? Will, did you move?你还在这?威尔,如果你想吃的话,我有帮你多带点食物回来。我不确定你... 威尔?威尔,你刚刚动了吗?So...I paid my share of my electricity bill aly. I was wondering if you paid yours yet. I guess you haven#39;t?那么...我已经缴好我这部分的电费了。我在想你的缴了没。我猜你是还没缴吧?My bad.我的错。The Artist艺术家型室友Sorry, I#39;m just—I#39;m trying to be quiet, but, like, trying to express myself.抱歉,我只是在--我试着要小声点,不过也试着在表达自我。Do you love it?妳喜欢吗?Did you paint my mom?妳画了我妈妈?Yeah. The stories that you were telling me about her...I felt connected. I had...I had to put it on paper.对啊。妳跟我说那些关于她的故事...让我很有感觉。我得...我一定要把那呈现在纸上。To be honest with you, it#39;s kinda weird.老实跟妳说,这有点诡异。Yeah, you just love surprising me with different things and...嗯,妳就是喜欢用不同东西来给我惊喜...Yeah, I mean...对啊,我是说...Wait, you got a dog?等等,妳有一只?She was very unhappy with our neighbor. You#39;re gonna live with us now!她对我们的邻居很不满意。妳现在就跟我们住啦!I#39;m allergic to dogs.我对过敏。Oh, you could move out.噢,那妳可以搬出去啊。 Article/201705/507522上海复旦大学附属华东医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱You tell your friend that the claims he#39;s making are pretty absurd你告诉朋友他的观点很荒唐and that he has no evidence for them whatsoever.而且也没什么据。Instead of addressing the issue, he tells you that if they were so absurd,他并没有就这个问题做相应的解释,反而告诉你,如果这些观点是荒唐的,1.6 billion other people wouldn#39;t believe in them.那其他16亿人口就不会相信了。Congratulations, you#39;ve unfortunately just been served argumentum ad populum.恭喜,你很不幸的受到了群众思维的影响。Apparently just because 1.6 billion people believe in something, it must be true.显然,仅仅是因为16亿人相信某事,那就一定是真的吗。According to the same logic, the world must have been flat a few thousand years ago根据相同的逻辑,在几千年以前这个世界一定是平的,而不是圆的since a lot of people believed in that too.因为很多人都相信它是平的。Your friend tells you that her grandma only ate carrots her whole life and she lived to be a 109 years old.朋友告诉你,她的奶奶一生只食用胡萝卜,并活了109岁。You tell her, ;Okay, cool. Good for her.; But she’s not content with that.你说,“那太好了。”但是她并仅仅满足于你这种赞美。She wants you to only eat carrots as well.她想让你也只吃胡萝卜。If her grandma had such great results, you#39;ll surely have great results as well.如果她的奶奶有个如此美好的结局,那么你也会是一样。You tell her that you look at evidence through scientific studies你告诉她通过科学研究你看到了据,involving large sample sizes for what is ideal to eat but she doesn#39;t understand.这些研究包含了很多理想膳食的样本,但是她不明白。In her world, smoking is beneficial since there#39;s a 109-year-old smoker somewhere in the world right now without lung cancer.在她的世界里,吸烟是有益的,因为在世界上的某个地方有个109岁的烟民,他并没有患肺癌。A friend of yours tells you that he started using this new soap一个朋友告诉你他开始用新的肥皂了and his acne have been getting much better.而且他的痤疮得到了有效的缓解。You realize that that might very well be true, but you#39;re also skeptical.你觉得这可能是非常真实的,但你仍然有所怀疑。You share this with him and he gets mad. What do you mean?你分享了你的想法,他不乐意了。你什么意思?He knows for a fact that ever since he started using this soap his acne have been getting better.他只知道一个事实,那就是自从他用来这种肥皂他的痤疮变好了。You tell him that yes, while that could be true, it could also be because we#39;re getting more sun now cause it#39;s the summer.你告诉他是的,这有可能是对的,但是也有可能是因为夏天到了,天气变热He changed his diet a little while ago, and that also might be affecting it.他不久前刚刚调整了饮食,这也有可能对他的痤疮产生影响。He also got a new job and might be less stressed. You bring up all these points他也换了一份压力不太大的新工作。你罗列出这些观点and tell him that even though the soap could be legit, you can#39;t really say for sure.并告诉他,尽管肥皂有那个功效,你也不能说的太绝对。He#39;s still mad. He doesn#39;t understand that correlation does not prove causation,他依然很生气。他不明白关联性并不能明因果性,especially with his impressive sample size of 1.尤其是在只有他这一个样例的前提下。Your friend tells you that he loves the thought of being massaged by the spaghetti monster and his tentacles for eternity.朋友告诉你他喜欢让意大利面飞行怪永远给他的这个想法You ask him if he has a reason to believe in something like that.你问他,他是不是有什么理由来相信这种类似的想法。He tells you that it#39;s so consoling to him.他告诉你这让他觉得很安慰。What is your alternative? You die and then there might be nothing?你有什么选择呢?你能去死然后装作什么都没发生吗?All you can tell him is, ;I don’t know?;你所能告诉他的就是“我不知道?”That kind of uncertainty sounds terrible and isn#39;t very consoling,那种不确定听起来很可怕,一点也不让人欣慰,therefore the whole spaghetti monster gently caressing you for eternity thing must be true.因此飞行怪永久给你的事情是真的。A friend of yours tells you that Zeus exists and that he is the one true God.朋友告诉你宙斯是真实存在的并且是真神。You ask him if he has any reason to make that claim or if there#39;s any way he can prove that statement.你问他有什么理由得出这个结论,又或者是他怎样可以明这个陈述。He laughs at you and tells you, ;Well, how about you prove that he doesn#39;t exist.;他蔑视一笑并问你,“你怎么能够明他不存在呢。”You tell him you can#39;t do that,你告诉他你不能明他不存在,just like you can#39;t disprove that there isn#39;t a teapot orbiting somewhere around the sun right now就像是,你根本没法明围绕太阳运行的茶壶是不存在的一样,even though we would never just assume that a teapot like that existed.尽管我们从来不会去假设有那种茶壶的存在。He laughs again and says, ;See...You can#39;t disprove it therefore Zeus exists.;他又笑道,“瞧…你反驳不了,因此宙斯是存在的。”You want to bring up the point again that the burden of proof lies on the person making the claim你想再次表明举责任是由声明人承担的,but at this point you hopefully realize that you#39;re not really going anywhere with this但此时你要意识到你这么做毫无意义,and perhaps have an even more important realization that you really need some less shitty friends.可能你更需要意识到的是你真的需要一些高情商的朋友。 Article/201706/514040The World Health Organization has rejected a call to move or postpone the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro over concerns about the Zika virus outbreak. 因担忧寨卡病毒爆发,有人呼吁转移或推迟里约奥运会,世界卫生组织对此予以否决。A group of more than 150 health experts signed an open letter calling for the games to be delayed or moved to a different city for fear that that the thousands of tourists traveling to the games will cause the virus to sp more rapidly around the world. 超过150名健康专家组成的小组签署一封公开信,要求推迟奥运会或转移到另一个城市,称担忧成千上万的游客参加比赛将使病毒在世界各地传播加快。But the World Health Organization said canceling the Rio Games wouldn#39;t ;significantly alter; the international sp of the disease. 但世界卫生组织表示,取消里约奥运会不会“显著改变”该疾病的国际传播。The group claims that Brazil is only one of 60 countries battling an outbreak, and people continue to travel to those areas for a variety of reasons. However, the organization does advise pregnant women not to travel to affected areas, including Rio. 该组织声称,巴西仅是对抗疾病爆发的60个国家之一,人们因各种原因继续前往这些地区。然而,世卫组织确实建议妇不要前往受影响的地区,包括里约。This is similar to what Dr. Tom Frieden, the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has said.这类似于美国疾病控制和预防中心主任弗里登所说,;I don#39;t think there is any reason from a public health standpoint to cancel or postpone the Olympics. The risk is for pregnant women,; said Frieden. “从公共健康的角度来看,我不认为有任何理由取消或推迟奥运会。对妇有风险。”弗里登说。Studies have found that the Zika virus is responsible for birth defects such as microcephaly, which is when children are born with an abnormally small head and an underdeveloped brain.研究发现,塞卡病毒会导致出生缺陷如小头畸形,即当孩子生下来会出现异常小头以及未充分发育的大脑。Frieden also advised pregnant women to avoid travel to affected areas and to make sure sexual partners wear a condom, since the disease can also be transmitted sexually.弗里登还建议妇避免前往受影响地区,并确保性伴侣戴安全套,因为疾病也可以通过性传播。译文属。 Article/201605/446623闵行区治疗白瓷娃娃多少钱

第六人民医院金山分院去胎记价格费用上海市长宁区天山中医医院整形美容From b and beer to sugar and toilet paper - you name it, Venezuela’s economic crisis has resulted in a chronic shortage of basic goods.从面包、啤酒到糖和卫生纸,委内瑞拉的经济危机已导致基本商品长期短缺。But, the lack of vital medicine is especially acute.但是,重要药物的缺乏尤为严峻。Experts say the government’s import of low cost alternatives and how they are handled has led to a ;drastic reduction; in medical success rates, notably in treating cancers like leukaemia.专家表示,政府进口低成本的替代品及其处理方式导致医疗成功率“大幅降低”,特别是在治疗癌症如白血病上。This mother whose son has Leukaemia said,There is nothing and we have to go to other countries to look for the medicine and that is very expensive. Unfortunately, the situation we are going through is terrible. There are many children and adults who are dying because there are no medicines to treat the diseases they have.这位儿子患有白血病的母亲说,我们什么也没有,我们必须去其它国家寻找药品,那是非常昂贵的。不幸的是,我们经历的状况非常糟糕,许多孩子和成年人因为没有药物治疗他们的疾病而死亡。During the oil bonanza under former President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela spent lavishly on health.在前总统乌戈·查韦斯的油矿期间,委内瑞拉在健康上耗费巨资。Those waiting for treatment accuse the current government of eroding those gains, wasting money on needless items.那些等待治疗的人指责目前政府正在侵蚀这些收益,浪费钱在不必要的物品上。They are buying airplanes and not drugs. With the purchase of those aircraft they would have solved the problem of drugs in Venezuela. There were dollars for that purpose, but for us who suffer from shortages of medicines and food, they have not given us an effective solution. I have heard nothing about solving this issue.他们在购买飞机,而不是药品。因为购买这些飞机,他们本应该解决委内瑞拉的药品问题。有钱为了那目的,但对于缺乏药物和食品的我们,他们没有给出有效的解决方案。我没有听到解决这个问题的声音。Some doctors in Venezuela say they have stopped using certain generics drugs.委内瑞拉的一些医生说,他们已经停止使用某些无商标药物。But with around 8 of every 10 medicines estimated to be running short, clinicians have less and less wiggle room. 但10种药物中约8种估计要用完,临床医生越发少有用药余地。译文属。 /201606/447725原味人文风情:Hi, Mommy! This was our first date together, but...you didn#39;t know I was there yet! I really wanted to surprise you. Surprise!!! I was so small, but your big, big heart made me grow and grow and grow! Is that bacon? Mmm...I#39;m so hungry, Mom! Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon! I want to eat all the bacon in the world! Oops...morning sicky. Sorry, Mom. I hope you feel better. It#39;s okay. You are still the prettiest!嗨,妈咪!这是我们第一次约会,不过...你还不知道我在那!我真的很想给你个惊喜。惊喜!!!我是那么小,不过你大大的心脏让我长大、长大再长大!那是培根吗?嗯...妈妈我好饿喔!培根、培根、培根、培根!我要吃掉全世界的培根!喔喔...晨吐。对不起,妈妈。我希望你觉得好点了。没关系。你还是最漂亮的!Oh, Mommy! Look at me grow! Look at this, Mom—close, open. Cool... Growing with you is so much fun, Mom. I love our stretchy date, and our yum-yum date! Happy rain! But I think I just want a nappy date for now. I hope the rest of me grows soon so I can hug you, and I can kiss you. For now, I#39;ll just have to dream about it. I love you, Mom. I love you from our very first date together, and I just love you more and more and more.噢,妈咪!看我长大了!看看这个,妈妈--握住、打开。酷... 和你一起长大好好玩,妈妈。我爱我们的伸展约会,还有我们的好好吃约会!快乐雨!但我想我现在只想来个睡觉觉约会。我希望我剩下的部分可以快快长大,好让我可以抱你,还有亲你。现在,我就只能作梦梦到啰。我爱你,妈妈。我从我们的第一次约会开始就好爱你,而且我越来越爱你了。Hi, Mommy! It#39;s our four, eight, umm...manyeth date together! And today, we#39;re on a doctor#39;s date! Can you see me, Mom? What#39;s that?!嗨,妈咪!这是我们的四、八,嗯...在一起的第好多好多次约会!今天,我们要来场医生叔叔约会!你看得到我吗,妈妈?那是什么?!It#39;s a girl!是个女孩!I#39;m a girl! I love growing, Mommy! Oh no...I#39;m sorry your pants don#39;t fit anymore—your shoes too. Don#39;t worry! One day, I#39;m going to give you the biggest hug! For now, I hope you can feel this. Mmm! I want you to know I love growing with you. You#39;ve given me a happy pool, and the prettiest eyes too! I love being your little girl, Mommy. I promise, no matter how big I get, I will always be your baby.我是女生!我喜欢长大,妈咪!噢不...我很抱歉你的裤子不再合身--鞋子也是。别担心!有一天,我会给你一个最大的抱抱!现在,我希望你可以感受这个。嗯!我想要你知道我很爱和你一起长大。你给了我一个开心水池,还有最漂亮的眼睛!我爱当你的小女孩,妈咪。我保,不管我长多大,我永远都会是你的宝宝。Hi, Mommy! It#39;s our bajillion, zillion date together! And today, we#39;re on a picnic date. Whee!!! Ooh...look at these things I#39;ve grown. Look at what I can do! Oops! Sorry, Mom. Ugh! It#39;s getting really tight in here! I#39;ve had the best time with you, Mommy, but I think I#39;m y to come out. I might not remember all our dates together, but I want you to know, you did a really good job.嗨,妈咪!这是我们在一起的第好几次、第不知道几次的约会!今天,我们在野餐约会。嘻嘻!!!哇...看看我长出来的这些东东。看看我能做什么!喔喔!对不起,妈妈。呃!这里面变得好挤好挤!我和你度过了最棒的时光,妈咪,但我想我准备好要出来了。我可能不会记得我们在一起的所有约会,但我想要你知道,你做得很好。Thanks for sharing your ice cream, and ing to me, and letting me listen to your lalalas. For giving up the bad things you like, and giving me the good things I need. Thank you for my eyes, my ears, and my nose. Thank you for my hands, my feet, and toes. Thank you for my heart. And most of all, Mom, thank you for your love. I love you, Mommy, and I can#39;t wait to meet you.谢谢你分享你的冰淇淋,还有念故事给我听,还有让我听你的啦啦啦音乐。谢谢你放弃自己喜欢的那些不健康的东西,然后给我我需要的好东西。谢谢你生给我眼睛、我的耳朵,还有我的鼻子。谢谢你给了我我的手手、我的脚脚,还有脚趾头。谢谢你给了我我的心脏。还有最重要的,妈妈,谢谢你给我你的爱。我爱你,妈咪,我等不及要见到你了。 Article/201612/481352上海瑞金医院韩式三点多少钱There#39;s bound to be some difficult terrain ahead,前面的路肯定会遇到一些困难and this stuff is too good to leave behind.不能抛弃这么好的东西Not as good as rope, a lot of this wire,but it#39;s better than nothing.这么长的线 虽然不如绳子 但有总比没有强See if we can get this down. Just watch yourself, there.So rotten, look. Okay, watch out.试试能不能弄下来 小心 杆子烂得很严重 好了 小心I#39;m collecting 50 foot of cable.It#39;s strong and remarkably light.我弄到了50英尺长的电线 很结实而且非常轻Now to get out of the trees and back onto open ground.现在该走出树林回到开阔地带去I need to get my bearings and head towards the plains.我需要搞清自己的位置 然后前往平地You can see a very clear animal track around here.你可以清晰看见一条 动物行走的小道And it#39;s probly used by deer,elk, maybe even bear as well.可能是鹿 也可能是熊Also, generally they#39;re gonna follow the path of least resistance.通常它们都会选择最容易走的路径So, trying to work your way through difficult terrain,it#39;s a good thing to follow.所以如果你想走出困境 沿着这样的痕迹走是个好主意Let#39;s pick up the pace a bit here.从这儿开始我们加快脚步吧An old deer antler.Always worth taking.鹿脱落的角 这样的东西值得留着The trail is taking me back into the mountains.小道又将我带回到山中I need to leave it behind,but that means crossing tough ground.我必须离开这里 但这意味着我必须穿越一片崎岖的土地 Article/201608/460618上海市奉贤区奉城医院玻尿酸多少钱

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