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上海市皮肤病医院祛痘多少钱上海公立三甲医院光子脱毛手术价格英语日常口语 63:A sad goodbye悲伤的再见本单元是关于悲伤的再见的对话Tim: Well cousin Michal, this is goodbye. Alice: You've been a great friend to us all and a great flatmate too. Michal: Thanks you guys. Tim: Bye Michal and give my love to Uncle Kazimierz. Michal: Yeah, I will. Tim: Alice, I think we should leave these two alone. Helen: Oh Michal, it seems like only yesterday I was here in the airport to meet you and now you're leaving me. Michal: Helen, I've got something to tell you. I really like you but I'm not y to settle down. I'm going back to Poland to look after my dad but also because I need some space. Do you hate me now? Helen: Of course not! You'll always have a place in my heart. Michal: That's my flight. Goodbye Helen. Helen: Goodbye my love.Vocabulary (词汇):to need some space (需要一些空间):to want to spend more time alone because a relationship is too intense, or because you do not want a committed relationshipto have a place in someone's heart (在某人心中占有一席之地):to be loved by someone本单元的语言点是及物和不及物短语动词,请看下面的短语和例句Transitive and intransitive phrasal verbs 及物和不及物短语动词Phrasal verbs (also known as multi-word verbs) are verbs made of two or more words. The first word is a verb and the second word (known as a particle) is either a preposition or an adverb. Some phrasal verbs can have two particles. Phrasal verbs with one particle: let down, stand up, fall for, ask out, settle down Phrasal verbs with more than one particle: go out with, take care of phrasal verbs with objects (带宾语的短语动词) Phrasal verbs which must take an object are known as transitive phrasal verbs. In the examples below the object must go after the verb and particle. to go out with (somebody): to have a romantic relationship with somebody They had been going out with each other for 5 years when he asked her to marry him. Is she really going out with him? to fall for (somebody): to fall in love with He's not her usual type, but she fell for him after dating for a couple of months. He fell for her on the first date. to cheat on (somebody): to secretly have a romantic or sexual relationship with somebody other than your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. She found out that he had been cheating on her for 3 years. He cheated on her with her best friend. separable phrasal verbs (可分开使用的短语动词) Sometimes the object of a transitive phrasal verb must be placed between the verb and particle. The following phrasal verbs are separable.to ask (somebody) out: to invite someone to something, such as dinner or the theatre, for a romantic date. He felt nervous about asking her out. In my country, women never ask men out. It's the men who make the first move. let (somebody) down: to disappoint somebody by failing to do what you were expected to do, or promised to do He promised to spend more time with her but he let her down. He kept on working late most evenings. If you let me down again I will leave you. stand (somebody) up: to fail to keep an appointment with someone, especially a romantic date I waited for her for half an hour before I realised she had stood me up. You shouldn't stand people up. If you can't keep a date you should call them.phrasal verbs without objects (不带宾语的短语动词) Some phrasal verbs do not take an object . These are called intransitive phrasal verbs. The phrasal verbs below do not have objects. settle down: to begin living a stable and orderly life as an adult He settled down as a farmer with a family. I am too young to settle down. I want to travel around the world before I get married. break up: to end a romantic relationship or marriage Maria and Peter have broken up . They broke up after she saw him with another woman /200707/16067上海东方医院祛疤痕多少钱 上海市新华医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱

上海激光治疗红血丝VOA流行美语 69: CATCH A FLICK / HAVE NO BUSINESS DOING STH.Michael和李华刚吃完晚饭,两人正在讨论晚上去干什么。李华会学到两个常用语:to catch a flick和to have no business doing something。M: Dinner was okay. Did you like it?L: 晚饭是不错,可是我吃得太饱了。M: Me, too. It's still really early. Do you want to catch a flick or something? We can still make it to the 7:00 pm show.L: Catch a flick? 那是一种游戏吗?M: No. Flick is just another word for movie, and to catch a flick means to go to a movie.L: 噢,原来flick也可以指电影,catch a flick就是去看场电影。哎,怪不得那天我听不懂。那天,生物课的一个同学下了课对我说:Would you like to catch a flick? 我当时还不知道他说什么,所以我就说:No. 其实我很爱看电影。Okay, let's catch a flick.M: You learned that quickly. I hear that Arnold Schwarzenegger's new flick is pretty good. We could go see that. It's probably pretty violent though.L: 你想去看阿诺的新电影。好呀! 对,他的电影都有很多打斗的场面,不过,他的电影本来就是动作片嘛。Michael, 我是不是可以把阿诺的动作片叫做action flicks?M: Yes, that's right, Li Hua. There are also romance flicks, adventure flicks, and comedy flicks.L: 我知道了,romance flicks就是爱情片, 那,adventure flicks就是惊险片, comedy flicks呢,就是喜剧片,对不对?M: That's right! What kind of movie do you like best?L: 我最喜欢看喜剧片,因为comedy flicks会让人发笑,看了以后会很高兴,很轻松。M: I like action flicks. They are exciting.L: 好,那我们就去看阿诺的action flick - 动作片好了!M: Okay, let's catch a flick.******M: That movie was awful! I've never been so bored in my entire life!L: 啊,你不喜欢这个电影?我倒觉得阿诺演得很象个侦探啊!M: Are you kidding? That man has no business acting. He is the worst actor ever. I hope he is a better governor.L: 阿诺has no business acting? 你是说阿诺的工作不是演员? 他明明就是个演员啊!M: No, I said he has no business acting. When you say someone has no business doing something, it means that they should not do it because they cannot or because they are really bad at it.L: 噢,说什么人has no business doing something, 就是说这个人不该干这件事或是这一行,因为他的水平太差了。Michael, 你再给我举个例子,好不好?M: For instance, I have no business teaching Chinese because I don't speak it very well. Now you give me an example.L: 你说你中文太差,所以不能教中文。还要我举个例子。那太容易了。你呀,没有资格批评阿诺的演技,因为你不是影评家!You have no business criticizing Arnold because you are not a movie critic.M: Hey, I can still have my opinion. You have no business telling me what I can or can't say.L: 好,那你就坚持己见吧,我不理你就是了。M: You have no business being so upset. I'm just making examples.L: 我也不是真和你生气啦,Michael, 大概是太晚了,我们都犯困了吧!真该回家睡觉了!M: Okay, good night.L: 再见!李华今天学到了两个常用语:to catch a flick表示看电影。To have no business doing something表示某人水平很差,不适合干某件事或者某一行。 /200602/3144复旦大学附属浦东医院丰胸价格费用 And we know that its possible to move along this continuum我们知道我们可以解决这些持续已久的问题towards something quite a bit more idyllic,走向一个较为理想的状况to a place where a conference like this is even conceivable.像我们现在这样,齐聚一堂,和平讨论And we know -- we know -- that there are right and wrong answers to how to move in this space.我们知道,清楚知道,想要达到这样的境界,有对的,也有错误的方法Would adding cholera to the water be a good idea? Probably not.在水中加入霍乱病毒是对的吗?大概不是Would it be a good idea for everyone to believe in the evil eye,每个人都相信邪恶之眼的魔力so that when bad things happened to them they immediately blame their neighbors? Probably not.于是当某些不幸事件发生,他们马上就开始怪罪他们的邻舍?大概也不是There are truths to be known about how human communities flourish,我们应该去理解人类社群迈向繁荣的方法whether or not we understand these truths.无论我们现在能不能理解And morality relates to these truths.或把这些事实和道德做联结So, in talking about values we are talking about facts.当我们讨论价值,我们就是在讨论事实Now, of course our situation in the world can be understood at many levels --世界的现况可以用很多不同层次来看from the level of the genome on up to the level of economic systems and political arrangements.从染色体的层次一直到经济体系和政治协议的层次But if were going to talk about human well-being we are, of necessity, talking about the human brain.但如果我们回去思考人类幸福的议题,我们必须谈到人类的大脑Because we know that our experience of the world and of ourselves within it is realized in the brain因为我们知道我们对世界的看法、我们的体验和感知都是由大脑建构的whatever happens after death.无论死后会怎样Even if the suicide bomber does get 72 virgins in the afterlife, in this life, his personality就算背着炸弹自杀死后能得到72个处女,在此生,他的人格his rather unfortunate personality -- is the product of his brain.这令人遗憾的人格,也是由他的大脑所产出So the contributions of culture -- if culture changes us, as indeed it does, it changes us by changing our brains.于是,文化的贡献是,是因为文化会改变我们的想法,也就是改变我们大脑的思考模式201608/463137上海玫瑰女子韩式三点双眼皮多少钱

上海玫瑰整形美容打美白针的费用29 travel words departure(lounge) arrival(hall) destination airport train(station) private car taxi/cab bus(terminal) subway/underground passport visa driver’s license ticket one-way round-trip baggage take off land leave arrive customs duty-free international domestic drive lay over phrases to purchase a ticket to take a plane/taxi/bus to pack a suitcase to go on a vacation all expenses paid to check your passport to get on/off the bus to pick someone up to drop someone off beginner a: hi, mark! Long time no see! B: hi, alex! A: where have you been? B; I just got back from London. A; how was your flight? B; it was OK. There was a lot of turbulence, though. A: that’s too bad . how long was the flight? B: it was 10 hours. A; did you have a layover? B: yes, in paris, France. A: did you buy anything in the duty-free stores? B; yes. I bought two boxed of chocolate – one for me and one for you! A: oh, you didn’t have to … B: it was nothing. Intermediate A: how can I help you? B: I seem to have lost my train ticket. A; what’s your destination? B: I’m supposed to be going to ShangHai. A: ok. When is your train supposed to leave? B: it’s supposed to leave in 30 minutes. A: OH, dear. What’s your last name, please? B; S M I T H. A; and your passport number? B: Z3264356. A; let me see…it doesn’t look like we have any information about your ticket here. B; is there anything you can do for me? If I don’t make it to ShangHai in time, my wife is going go kill me. A; oh dear. I’m really sorry , sir. But you don’t have any proof of purchase. You’ll simply have to purchase another ticket. B: how much is that going to cost me? A; it depends on how you want to travel. If you want a soft sleeper, it will cost 610 RMB; if you want a hard seat, it will only cost 100RMB. B; I can’t possibly travel on a hard seat for 10 hour! A: looks like you might like the soft sleeper then. B: yes, fine. Let me see how much money I have I my wallet. A: …sir? B: where’s my wallet? Someone has stolen my wallet! A; perhaps it’s in your other pocket. B: you’re right. It is. Let me have a look. I have 419.6RMB. is that enough? A: you’re just 4 mao short for the hard sleeper, but I’ll let it go. Anything for love! B; thanks, ma’am. You’re a lifesaver! /200705/13119 The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.解决任何问题的第一步是认识到这一问题的存在。Well, we havent done that, so we cant really expect to find an answer when were still afraid of the question.我们还没能做到,所以我们不能期待当我们还在害怕问题的时候找到。And I dont know what the solution is.我不知道该解决方案是什么。I wish I did, but I dont -- but I think, I think it has to start here.我希望我知道,但我不知道,但我认为,我认为它已经在这里开始。It has to start with me, it has to start with you,它和我一同开始,它与你一同开始,it has to start with the people who are suffering,它与遭受过的人们一同开始,the ones who are hidden in the shadows.那些被隐藏在阴影中的人们。We need to speak up and shatter the silence.我们需要说出来打破沉默。We need to be the ones who are brave for what we believe in,我们需要成为那些为我们相信的事情而勇敢的人,because if theres one thing that Ive come to realize,因为如果有一件事是我认识到的,那就是,if theres one thing that I see as the biggest problem,如果有一件事是我知道是最要紧的问题,its not in building a world where we eliminate the ignorance of others.它并不是创造一个我们消除他人的无知的世界。Its in building a world where we teach the acceptance of ourselves, where were okay with who we are,而是创造一个我们接受自己的世界,接受我们真实的自己,because when we get honest, we see that we all struggle and we all suffer.因为当我们诚实面对的时候,我们会看到我们所有的斗争和所有的苦难。Whether its with this, whether its with something else, we all know what it is to hurt.无论是抑郁症,还是别的事情,我们都知道什么是痛苦的。We all know what it is to have pain in our heart, and we all know how important it is to heal.我们都知道我们的心中有苦,我们也知道去疗伤有多重要。But right now, depression is societys deep cut但是现在,抑郁症是社会的伤口that were content to put a Band-Aid over and pretend its not there.我们习惯于把创口贴贴上就假装它不存在。Well, it is there. It is there, and you know what? Its okay.而它是存在的。而且你知道么?它并没什么。Depression is okay. If youre going through it, know that youre okay.抑郁症没什么。因为如果你克了它,你就知道你没事。And know that youre sick, youre not weak, and its an issue, not an identity,知道虽然你病了,但你并不脆弱,它是一个问题,不是一个身份标签,because when you get past the fear and the ridicule and the judgment and the stigma of others,因为当你经历过你过去的恐惧和嘲笑,别人对你的看法和耻辱,you can see depression for what it really is, and thats just a part of life,你就可以看到抑郁症真实的身份,它只是生活的一部分,just a part of life, and as much as I hate, as much as I hate some of the places,只是生活的一部分,虽然我讨厌,就像我讨厌的一些地方,some of the parts of my life depression has dragged me down to, in a lot of ways Im grateful for it.我生活的某一部分已经被抑郁症拖垮,但在很多方面上我是非常感激的。Because yeah, its put me in the valleys, but only to show me theres peaks,因为它是让我经历低谷,但只是为了向我明有高峰,and yeah its dragged me through the dark but only to remind me there is light.是的,它将我拉进了黑暗,但只是为了提醒我有光。My pain, more than anything in 19 years on this planet,我的痛苦,比我在生活的十九年的任何事都能has given me perspective, and my hurt, my hurt has forced me to have hope,给我看待事情的角度,而我的伤口让我有了希望have hope and to have faith, faith in myself,有希望,有信念,对我自己的信念faith in others, faith that it can get better,对其他人的信念,可以更好的信念,that we can change this, that we can speak up and speak out and fight back against ignorance,我们可以改变这一点,我们可以把它说出来,说出来与对抗无知,fight back against intolerance, and more than anything, learn to love ourselves,反击不容忍,还有一件比什么都重要的是,那就是,学会爱自己,learn to accept ourselves for who we are, the people we are, not the people the world wants us to be.学会接受我们自己,我们不是别人想要我们成为的那个人。Because the world I believe in is one where embracing your light doesnt mean ignoring your dark.因为我相信在这个世界上,拥抱光明并不意味着忽略黑暗。The world I believe in is one where were measured by our ability to overcome adversities, not avoid them.我相信的世界是一个我们被评判的标准是我们克逆境的能力,不是逃避它们。The world I believe in is one where I can look someone in the eye and say, ;Im going through hell,;我相信的世界是一个我可以看着某一个人的眼睛并说,;我正在过着地狱般的生活,;and they can look back at me and go, ;Me too,; and thats okay,他们可以也看着我跟我说,“我也是”。这是可以接受的,and its okay because depression is okay. Were people.这没关系因为抑郁没什么。我们都是人。Were people, and we struggle and we suffer我们是人,我们斗争、我们遭受痛苦and we bleed and we cry, and if you think that true strength means never showing any weakness, then Im here to tell you youre wrong.我们流血、我们哭,如果你认为真正的力量代表从未有任何弱点,那么我在这里要告诉你你错了。Youre wrong, because its the opposite.你错了,因为它是相反的。Were people, and we have problems.我们是人,我们会有问题。Were not perfect, and thats okay.我们不是完美的,而这没什么。So we need to stop the ignorance, stop the intolerance, stop the stigma,所以我们需要停止无知,停止不容忍,停止蔑视,and stop the silence, and we need to take away the taboos, take a look at the truth, and start talking,和停止沉默,我们需要打破禁忌,正视真相,并开始说话,because the only way were going to beat a problem that people are battling alone因为唯一处理人们单独作战的问题is by standing strong together, by standing strong together.就是坚强的站在一起,坚强的站在一起。And I believe that we can.我相信我们可以。I believe that we can. Thank you guys so much.我相信我们可以。非常感谢。This is a dream come true. Thank you.我的梦想成真了。谢谢。201603/432074上海妇保医院打美白针的费用上海激光去斑价格




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