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No two ways about it: Spangles the cat is cross-eyed.毫无疑问:Spangles是一只神奇的对眼猫。A lot of eyeballs are getting entertained by the quirky 3-year-old#39;s Facebook page, especially his modeling portfolio, which includes shots of him dressed as a reindeer, unicorn and pirate.这只奇特的三岁小家伙的Facebook主页吸引了无数眼球,尤其是他拍摄的组合照片,里面有它打扮成驯鹿、独角兽和海盗造型的样子。His anonymous owner says the feline – who was born with one cross-eye and has perfect vision – adores mugging for the camera.它的主人(未透露姓名)说,Spangles天生就有一只眼睛斜视,但视力依然很棒很正常,他也非常喜欢在镜头前摆表情。;He will pose for me, and let me know when he#39;s in a glamorous mood,; Spangles#39;s owner explains on Facebook.Spangles的主人在Facebook上表示说:“它会在我拍照时摆造型,让我知道它心情非常好。”But there are days when Spangles won#39;t get out of his (cat) bed for less than ,000 a day.但是有些日子,Spangles每天挣不到一万美元就不愿意从猫床里出来。;I was being very stubborn today for my Mama ... i wouldn#39;t let her take pics of me in my new hats,; s a post from Dec. 12, 2011. ;Sorry Mama!;“我今天很固执对妈妈态度不好...我不让她给我拍戴着新帽子的照片。”2011年12月12日Spangles主页上发布的一条状态说,“对不起,妈妈!” /201211/209583。

  • There are times when a relationship reaches a point where one or both partners feel the need for some space and want a break from each other, believing that a break will do the relationship good. Can taking time apart from each other help your relationship or is taking a break simply a way to avoid certain issues that will still be there waiting for you when you get back together?有人说时间是治愈一切情感伤痛的良药。而对于夫妻或恋人来说,时间却不是特效药,一定要遵照医嘱,这样才能在平凡生活中寻找到幸福感! 有时候,当一段关系到达一定的程度,夫妻或恋人都会需要一些个人的空间,这时他们就会想要彼此分开一段时间。他们认为这样的方式能使两人的关系更加紧密。而分开一段时间真的能促进两人的关系吗?或者这种方式只是两个人为了逃避一些问题,而当他们再次相处时,问题却依然存在。First Tip: Do not use Breaks as a quick fix.窍门一: 不要把“时间”当作特效药Every relationship varies and it is important that every couple understands that taking time apart is not a substitute for fixing or solving problems, because if you part when you are having problems, they will be waiting for you when you meet again- so it is essential that you talk about your issues first before you decide a break is needed and best for the relationship. Many get scared and paranoid when their partner asks for some time alone because they fear that their partner may not love them anymore or will not come back. Though it is always possible for your partner to change their mind during the break and decide not to continue with the relationship, there is no need to fear taking the break, because the two of you would eventually have broken up anyway, if your partner was aly thinking of doing so before- so it is inevitable.每段夫妻或恋爱关系都有差异。所以,每对夫妻或恋人都应该了解,分开一段时间并不意味着两人关系得到巩固或问题得到解决。因为,问题会一直存在,无论是两人分开还是再次走在一起。因此,在确定分开一段时间之前,找对方聊聊是非常有必要的,这对两人关系也是有好处的。 许多夫妻或恋人会诚惶诚恐,当他们的伴侣提出需要独处一段时间。他们害怕对方不再爱他们了,或者不愿再回来。尽管,这段时间内你的伴侣会思考是否愿意继续这段关系,但你也没有必要害怕分手。因为,如果你的伴侣早就考虑好这个问题,分开也就无法回避免的了。A Break can help you re-discover your Individual self.分开一段时间是为了重新认识自我。Many times, one or both people in a relationship will lose themselves in some way or form and will begin to feel stress and resentment in the relationship, even though it may not be about their partner personally. In every relationship, couples will compromise their differences to keep things healthy and happy and in making these compromising and changes, you both have to let go of a part of yourselves in order to compromise your differences. Sometimes this happens so often, that one or both of you will feel like you have completely lost yourselves and will feel stressed and resentment towards each other, even though it has nothing to do with any of you in particular. Relationships can get so deep- and you both can connect as #39; one #39; so intensely that you neglect yourselves as individuals, and in order to re-discover yourselves, there will need to be some time apart from each other. Remember, you need to be whole as an individual first in order to be whole together as a couple, and time apart is best if one or both of you feel like you need to get back in touch with your individuality.很多时候,每个人会在一段关系中发现迷失了自我,或者背负压力、满怀怨恨,而这并不是针对伴侣个人。在每段关系中,为了使彼此关系健康幸福地发展,双方需要为彼此生活中的差异而妥协。而面对妥协和改变,双方都必须要放弃自己坚持的那一部分。 这种情况时常发生,你们会发现自己完全失去了自我,彼此心力憔悴和心怀怨恨。这也并不是针对你个人。 只有当两个人合二为一时,彼此的关系才能如胶似漆的发展。这就需要你能暂时忽略自己,并重新发现自我,那么就需要与对方分开一段时间。请记住,作为个人,你首先必须是完整的,这样才能让你们的关系完整。而如果你觉得你需要寻找内心的自我,分开一段时间是最好的选择。Slow down the Pace to learn more about each other.放慢速度,充分了解彼此。Some couples get so excited when they enter a relationship, that everything moves so fast, which can get stressful, pressuring and scary, in which a break is then a good idea as well. Taking time apart can help a relationship build a better bond because you will both replenish yourselves during the break and will then be able to give the relationship the efforts and attention needed to keep it healthy. If you are afraid that you will lose the relationship if you take a break, just remember that you would have broken up later anyway- not because of the break, but because you grew apart, had irreparable issues or maybe your partner (or you) just wanted to move on. So do not fear what is not in your control. Just stay calm and see what good a break can do for both of you and your relationship. Besides, you both owe it to yourselves to get back in touch with your individualities and learn more new things about yourself, so that you will be able to teach your partner more about you- and the more you know about each other, the more you will understand your differences and will be able to build the connection that works best for the both of you.有些夫妻在开始一段关系时非常兴奋。所以,一切都发展得很快。而这样速度会让人产生压力和害怕的情绪。因此,分开一段时间也是不错的方式。因为分开一段时间能巩固两人的关系,两个人都能在这段时间充实自我,两个人都能为了保持健康的相处方式而付出努力和投入精力。即便你害怕分开一段时间会让你失去对方,那么你的害怕也是多余的,因为你们最终了会分开。这并不是因为时间使你们分开,而是你们之间或许存在不可弥补的问题,又可能是对方(或者你)想开始新的生活。因此,不要害怕你无法控制的事情。并且,你们彼此都需要与回归自我的内心去发现了解自我,这样才能使对方更加了解你。你们彼此了解越多,才能更好地理解彼此的存在地差异,只有这样建立起的关系才能使彼此幸福长久。 /201303/232400。
  • 1. A watched pot never boils.[误译] 眼睛盯着看的壶永远不会开。[正译] 心急锅不开。2. Better safe than sorry.[误译] 安全比遗憾好。[正译] 最好不要去冒险。3. Good wine needs no bush.[误译] 好酒不需要做广告。[正译] 酒好不怕巷子深。4. I am all ears.[误译] 我浑身上下都是耳朵。[正译] 我在洗耳恭听。5. If the cap fits, wear it.[误译] 如果帽子合适,就戴着吧。[正译] 要是言之中肯,就接受吧。6. In for a penny, in for a pound![误译] 赌一便士是赌,赌一英镑也是赌。[正译] 一不做,二不休。7. It takes two to tango.[误译] 跳探戈舞需要两个人。[正译] 一个巴掌拍不响;孤掌难鸣。8. It#39;s all my eye![误译] 都是的我的眼睛。[正译] 我根本不相信;胡说八道。。
  • One-third of American adults are obese, a health crisis that is typically linked to eating too much food, eating the wrong kind of foods, and not getting enough exercise.三分之一的美国成年人肥胖,这是通常是与吃得太多、饮食不正确且没有得到足够锻炼有关的健康危机。But there are also psychological factors at play.但也有心理因素在起作用。New research from Florida State University shows that making people feel bad about their bodies actually increases the risk of obesity, rather than encouraging people to lose pounds.佛罗里达州立大学的新研究表明让人们对自己身体感觉失望实际上增加了肥胖的几率,而没有鼓励人们去减肥。Weight discrimination, also known as fat-shaming, includes teasing, bullying someone to lose weight, and other biases that appear in the workplace or relationships linked to weight.体重歧视,也称为肥胖羞辱,包括取笑,威逼别人去减肥,以及出现在工作场所或人际关系中与体重有关的其他偏见。More than 6,000 men and women from the U.S. participated in the four-year survey to test whether weight discrimination is associated with becoming obese or staying obese.来自美国的超过6000名男性和女性参加了为期四年的调查来测试体重歧视是否与变胖或者一直肥胖相关联。Subjects reported their experiences with weight and other types of discrimination that had been directed toward them between 2006 and 2010, and their body mass index was recorded at the start and end of the study.主题报道他们与体重有关的经历以及其他类型的歧视在2006年和2010年之间一直针对着他们,他们身体的质量指数在研究始末都被记录下了。Participants who were overweight at the beginning of the study were about 2.5 times more likely gain weight and become obese by follow-up if they reported weight discrimination, according to research published in the journal PLOS One on July 24.在研究开始就超重的参与者约2.5倍的可能体重增加,如果他们被报道体重歧视,后续会变成肥胖,据7月24日发表在《PLOS One》上的研究。Weight discrimination was equally harmful to participants who were aly obese. These participants ;were over three times more likely to remain obese at follow-up, rather than drop below the obesity threshold, than those who did not experience such discrimination,; according to the study.体重歧视对已经肥胖的参与者来说也同样有害。比那些没有经历这种歧视的人,这些参与者“超过三倍的可能在后续研究中保持肥胖,而不是低于肥胖阈值”,根据这项研究。;Weight discrimination is associated with behaviors that increase risk of weight gain, including excessive food intake and [lack of] physical inactivity,; the researchers conclude. ;Heightened attention to body weight is associated with increased negative emotions and decreased cognitive control.;“体重歧视与增加变胖风险的行为有关,包括过多的食物摄入量和缺乏身体锻炼,”研究者总结说。“高度重视体重与负面情绪积累以及减少认知控制有关。” /201308/250886。
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