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Gezhouba Water Control Project on Yangtze River葛洲坝水利枢纽工程The experimental dam of the TGP(Three Gorges Project) Gezhouba Water Control Project is located at the lower end of the Three Gorges in the suburb of Yichang City, 2.3 km near Nanjin pass of Xiling Gorge, 38 km downstream of the TGP.葛洲坝水利枢纽工程是长江第一座水利枢纽工程,是三峡工程的实验坝,位于长江三峡出口,湖北省宜昌市区,距离西陵峡口南津关2.3千米,距上游的三峡大坝38千米。The Dam is 2595 meters long, with a total storage capacity of l.58 billion m3 and a maximum flood discharging capability of 110,000 m3/s. The two hydro-electric plants have 21 generating units with a total installed capacity of 2.715 million kw. and annual output of 15.7 billion kwh. The annual one-way shipping capacity of the navigation facilities is 50 million tons.大坝全长2595米,总库容量15.8亿立方米,最大泄洪量,为每秒11万立方米。水电站共两座,一在大江,装机14台;一在二江,装机7台,总容量271.5万千瓦。采用低水头径流发电,年均发电可达157亿度。三座船闸年单向通过能力为5000万吨。The construction of the Gezhouba Project, including two stages, started in 1970. On January 3, 1981, the Yangtze River was completely blocked and the construction of the second stage of the project begun. The whole project ended in 1991.葛洲坝水利枢纽工程于1970年动工,分两期进行建设。1981年1月3日大江截流,6月二、三江蓄水通航发电,一期工程基本完成。第二期大江工程于1982年开始施工,1986年大江电站第一台机组开始发电,1988年14台机组全部建成并网发电。1991年整个枢纽工程全部竣工。 /201602/422141

Toyota has chosen to use a technology originally developed by rival Ford to connect smartphone apps to its cars’ dashboards, snubbing Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto in the latest sign of tension between the automotive industry and Silicon Valley.丰田(Toyota)选择使用一种最初由对手福特(Ford)开发的技术,将智能手机应用与其汽车的仪表盘相连,而没有采用苹果(Apple)的CarPlay和谷歌(Google)的Android Auto。这是突显汽车业和硅谷之间关系紧张的最新迹象。In a related announcement on the eve of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ford said it would offer both CarPlay and Android Auto as standard in its 2017 models while maintaining its own AppLink software.在一年一度的消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)开幕前夕公布的一份相关声明中,福特表示将在其2017款车型中提供CarPlay和Android Auto作为标准配置,同时保留其AppLink软件。So-called infotainment systems that allow music or navigation apps from a smartphone to be displayed on the dashboard have become the site for an early turf war between traditional carmakers and Silicon Valley groups.能让智能手机的音乐或导航应用显示在仪表盘上的所谓信息系统,已成为传统汽车制造商和硅谷集团之间早期地盘战的一大战场。Car companies have been reluctant to hand over control of the in-car experience to software makers such as Apple and Google for fear of losing a key point of competitive differentiation.由于担心在竞争差异化上失去关键的一分,汽车企业始终不愿将车内体验的控制权拱手交给苹果和谷歌等软件提供商。However, Ford’s adoption of CarPlay and Android Auto leaves Toyota as the main holdout against Apple and Google’s encroachment.然而,福特对CarPlay和Android Auto的接纳,令丰田成为对抗苹果和谷歌入侵的主要抵抗者。The two smartphone platform leaders have been building simpler ways to connect their devices to cars. CarPlay and Android Auto both provide features such as voice control, driving directions and music in a way that their developers say is safer and easier to use than the interfaces created by carmakers.这两家智能手机平台的领导者一直在打造将其设备与汽车相连的更简单方式。CarPlay和Android Auto都提供语音控制、行车导航和音乐等功能,开发人员表示这些功能比汽车制造商提供的界面更安全和易于使用。Ford is hedging its bets after releasing its rival technology, SmartDeviceLink , as open-source software three years ago. Toyota is the first carmaker to adopt SDL, while PSA Peugeot Citro渀, Honda, Subaru and Mazda say they are “investigating” whether to adopt the standard.福特正在两边同时押注。此前,该公司曾在三年前发布竞争的技术、开放源代码软件SmartDeviceLink(SDL)。丰田是采用SDL技术的首家汽车制造商,而标致雪铁龙(PSA Peugeot Citro渀)、本田(Honda)、斯巴鲁(Subaru)和马自达(Mazda)则表示正在“调查”是否采用这一技术标准。Ford said that continuing to offer AppLink, its incarnation of SDL, at the same time as CarPlay and Android Auto would provide choice to customers while maintaining flexibility and opportunities for differentiation for the company, especially in China, where Google services are blocked.福特表示,在提供CarPlay和Android Auto的同时继续提供其SDL技术的衍生版AppLink,会在为客户提供选择的同时,保留该公司的灵活性和差异化机遇——尤其是在谷歌务被屏蔽的中国。Toyota said that while it continued to evaluate app connectivity services, it had “no specific plan” to build Apple or Google’s software into its vehicles.丰田表示,尽管该公司在继续评估应用连接务,但该公司“没有具体计划”将苹果或谷歌软件集成到自己的车型中。 /201601/421335

Volvo is bringing Made in China to American drivers. The Swedish carmaker plans to export a roomy, long wheelbase version of its S60 saloon to the US from Chengdu in China, where it operates a factory with its owner and Chinese joint-venture partner Geely.沃尔沃(Volvo)正在将“中国制造”的汽车送到美国司机的手中。这家瑞典汽车制造商计划从中国成都向美国出口一款内部较宽敞、轴距较长版本的S60轿车。目前,沃尔沃在成都与它的母公司兼中国合资伙伴吉利(Geely)运营着一家汽车制造厂。The vehicle, called the S60L, marks a possible turning point for the motor industry, as a mainstream carmaker pilots the long-awaited introduction of Chinese vehicles in the US, the world’s second-biggest auto market — albeit with a European badge.这款名为S60L的汽车可能标志着汽车业的转折点,它标志着一家主流汽车制造商开始试行一个备受期待的计划:向美国引进中国制造的汽车——尽管这款汽车仍顶着欧洲的徽标。目前,美国是全球第二大汽车市场。“It’s something that’s unique and we’re very proud to be the first,” says Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive, speaking at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.在底特律北美国际汽车展(North American International Auto Show)上发言时,沃尔沃首席执行官哈坎#8226;萨缪尔森(Hakan Samuelsson)表示:“这是十分独特的经历。让我们非常自豪的是:我们是第一个这样做的人。”China’s car manufacturers have so far failed to make a dent in the global auto market, despite the fact that it is now more than three decades since Volkswagen set up one of the country’s first big joint ventures. For example, BYD, the electric carmaker backed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, had planned to introduce China-made vehicles in the US in 2010, but the plans fizzled out.自大众(Volkswagen)在中国创办首个大型合资企业以来,时间已过去了逾30年。然而到目前为止,中国汽车制造商仍未对全球汽车市场产生很大影响。比如,曾获亿万富翁沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)投资的电动汽车制造商比亚迪(BYD),曾计划在2010年向美国引进中国制造的汽车,结果却不了了之。Volvo began production of the S60L at the Chengdu plant in 2013, and has capacity to make 120,000 vehicles each year.沃尔沃于2013年开始在成都的工厂生产S60L,其产能为每年12万辆。The question is whether US consumers are y for vehicles made in China, which lacks a strong reputation in carmaking despite it being the world’s biggest producer of manufactured goods and boasting industrial prowess in areas from consumer technology to textiles.现在的问题在于,美国消费者是否为接受中国制造汽车做好了准备。毕竟,虽然中国是全球最大的制造品生产国,在包括消费高科技产品和纺织品在内的领域,中国也以强大的工业实力而自豪,但是中国在汽车制造领域的名声并不是十分响亮。“This is something the industry is going to watch very closely,” says Stephanie Brinley, analyst at IHS Automotive. “We want to understand how consumers feel and are going to react, but right now we just don’t know.”思迈汽车信息咨询公司(IHS Automotive)分析师斯蒂芬妮#8226;布林利(Stephanie Brinley)表示:“汽车业对此将极为关注。我们很想了解消费者的感受,并了解他们将会如何回应,然而目前我们还对此一无所知。”Volvo says it is simply making best use of the global manufacturing footprint offered by Geely. It stresses the factory equipment, training and employee qualifications are the same whether in Gothenburg or Chengdu.沃尔沃表示,该公司所做的只是充分利用了吉利提供的全球生产基地。该公司强调,不论是在哥德堡还是在成都,工厂设备、人员培训以及员工素质都是完全一样的。“We are not talking about exporting a Chinese car,” says Mr Samuelsson. “It’s a Volvo. Nobody has said the S60 [made in Genk] is a Belgian car. We know the quality is absolutely the same, if not better.”萨缪尔森表示:“我们在讨论的并不是出口中国轿车。我们出口的是沃尔沃。没人会说在根克(Genk)市生产的S60是比利时轿车。我们知道的是,这些产品的品质就算不能说是更好,也得说是完全一样。”“In the end you have to be a bit humble and accept that the customers are the ones deciding.”“归根结底,大家还是应该谦卑一点,让顾客来做决定。”Honda sells its Chinese-made Fit car in Canada. But for some US consumers, the Volvo S60L will trigger some uncomfortable associations, according to analysts.本田(Honda)也在加拿大销售中国制造的飞度(Fit)轿车。不过,按照分析师的说法,沃尔沃S60L会让美国消费者产生不好的联想。“Many Chinese cars are not y for American primetime, as we’ve seen some very subpar Chinese vehicles displayed at American auto shows,” says Michelle Krebs, analyst for Autotrader.com. But she adds that very few US consumers know — or care — where their cars are made.Autotrader.com网站分析师米歇尔#8226;克雷布斯(Michelle Krebs)表示:“许多中国汽车都没有做好走入美国‘黄金档’的准备,尽管我们曾在美国车展上看到过一些十分低档的中国汽车。”不过,她补充说,美国消费者极少有人了解或关心汽车的产地。Volvo’s S60L, which has sold to about 25,000 customers in China since launch, forms part of the company’s wider plan to resurrect its fortunes in the US.自推出以来,沃尔沃S60L轿车已在中国出售了2.5万辆,该款车型是沃尔沃在美国打翻身仗的更大计划的一部分。Volvo this month reported record sales of 466,000 vehicles for 2014, thanks to strong growth in the Chinese market, the world’s largest by sales.由于在中国市场的强劲增长,沃尔沃这个月录得2014年销售46.6万辆的创纪录销量。目前,中国是全球汽车销量最大的市场。But the US, once Volvo’s biggest market, has been a problem and is now just 12 per cent of sales. The company sold 56,000 vehicles in the US last year, down 8 per cent on 2013.不过,曾一度是其最大市场的美国对沃尔沃来说却是个问题。如今,在沃尔沃销量中美国市场所占的比例只有12%。去年,该公司在美国的销量是5.6万辆,比2013年下降8%。“Our programme narrowed, so we concentrated on too few cars,” says Mr Samuelsson. “We have to reverse that.”萨缪尔森表示:“我们收窄了产品计划,专注生产的非常少的几类轿车。我们必须改变这种状况。”Volvo has put in place a new management team in the US and ramped up its marketing activities in the country.目前,沃尔沃已经在美国配置了新的管理团队,并加大了在美国的营销力度。Initial volume expectations by Volvo for the S60L in the US are low — about 1,500 a year. More important will be the XC90, a sport utility vehicle, and a new S60 saloon, being launched in Detroit.沃尔沃对S60L在美销量的初步预期很低,只有大约每年1500辆。对沃尔沃来说,更重要的车型将会是XC90这款运动型多功能车(SUV),以及在底特律推出的新款S60轿车。Mr Samuelsson wants to get the company selling 100,000 vehicles in North America by broadening its product range, part of a plan to reach 800,000 in global sales over the medium term. “We need to grow here faster and this [S60L] is a piece in that puzzle,” he says.萨缪尔森希望,通过增加产品种类,能让沃尔沃在北美的销量达到10万辆,从而实现在中期内达到全球销售80万辆的计划。他说:“我们需要在北美市场的快速增长,这款(S60L)车型就是这一完整拼图中的一块。”But the importance of the S60L stretches beyond its volumes.不过,S60L的重要性不止是在销量方面。Mr Samuelsson says the car could be followed by other Volvo models made in China for export. Analysts say rival manufacturers may replicate Volvo’s move, including Buick, the General Motors brand that builds its Envision crossover SUV in China’s Shandong province for the Chinese market.萨缪尔森表示,在S60L之后,沃尔沃还会出口其他在华生产的车型。分析人士表示,包括别克(Buick)在内的沃尔沃对手可能会采取与沃尔沃同样的举措。别克是通用汽车(General Motors)旗下品牌,它在中国的山东省针对中国市场生产昂科威(Envision)跨界车。 /201501/354150Two exclusive red strap Apple Watch Sport models, specifically launched for the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year, hit the shelves on Friday in the nation.两款专为即将到来的中国农历新年打造的红色腕带苹果手表运动版特别款周五在华正式发售。According to Apple Inc, the two new models will come in two finishes: yellow gold aluminum with a red strap, and silver aluminum with a red strap.根据苹果公司的消息,这两款新型手表将会以两种样式最终呈现:一种是金色表盘搭配大红色橡胶表带,另一种则是银色表盘搭配大红色橡胶表带。Both models, pricing from 2,588 yuan, will be available in 38mm and 42mm sizes and will only be sold in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore until February 22.据悉,这两款手表起售价2588元,各有38毫米、42毫米两款,只在中国大陆、香港、台湾、马来西亚、新加坡有售,供应至2月22日。The Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, falls on Feb 8 this year. The Chinese lunar calendar assigns an animal symbol to each year in a 12-year cycle. According to the zodiac, 2016 is the Year of the Monkey.中国农历新年,也就是熟知的春节,将会于今年2月8日正式开始。中国农历会在一个12年的周期中,每年分配一个动物属相。根据黄道十二宫图,2016年是猴年。Being the second largest market for the Cupertino tech giant, the demands of Chinese consumers are at the forefront of the company#39;s strategy.中国市场是总部位于库比蒂诺的科技巨头苹果公司的第二大市场,中国消费者的需求是该公司经营战略的重中之重。Apple and China UnionPay announced a partnership in last December to bring Apple Pay, a mobile payment solution to its Chinese customers as soon as early 2016.苹果公司在去年12月和中国银联正式宣布了一项合作,将会引入苹果付,而这项移动付将会在2016年尽早与中国消费者见面。The US electronics maker also sets a target for establishing a total of 40 Apple Stores on the Chinese mainland by 2016.据悉,这家美国电子产品制造商还设立了一个目标,那就是在2016年,在中国大陆拥有40家苹果专卖店。 /201601/422919

If you want a problem solved, beware politicians bearing gimmicks. For more than seven years, Boris Johnson has made the bicycle the symbol of his mayoralty and an emblem of his political style: reassuringly traditional but green and modern. That is politics for you. But it has nothing to do with the pressing problems London faces in transport policy.如果你希望问题得到解决,就要小心那些玩弄花招的政客。7年多来,鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)让自行车成为了他作为伦敦市长的标志以及他政治风格的象征:可靠、传统,但环保、现代。这是给你们看的政治。但它与伦敦在交通政策上面临的紧迫问题毫无关系。It is 12 years since the congestion charge was introduced in London — yet the centre of the city is often at a standstill, sometimes for reasons that defy common sense. I recently counted 15 buses on the Strand, which runs east from Trafalgar Square all the way to the Law Courts. Six of them were empty. The capital has more than 66,000 private hire drivers [IS THERE A SOURCE FOR THIS?], distinct from black cabs, summoned all over the city centre by iPhone apps or controllers in grubby offices. Do we need so many? And who truly believes the planned “cycle superhighway” along Victoria Embankment will do anything but slow the miserable snake of cars along the river to a near standstill? Not everyone cycles, Mr Johnson.12年前,伦敦开收拥堵费,然而伦敦市中心现在还经常出现交通瘫痪,有时其原因显得有违常理。我最近数了数岸滨街(Strand)上的15辆公交车,其中6辆是空车(岸滨街从特拉法尔加广场向东,一直延伸到皇家司法院(Royal Courts of Justice))。在伦敦,除了常见的黑色出租车,还有总共逾6.6万名持有私人出租车辆(PHV)牌照的司机,可以通过iPhone应用或乱糟糟的办公室的控制员叫他们的车。我们需要这么多出租车辆吗?谁真的相信,规划中沿着维多利亚堤岸(Victoria Embankment)修建的“自行车高速公路”会真的有用?它只会让泰晤士河沿岸原本行进缓慢的车流几乎停止前进。约翰逊,不是所有人都骑车。London’s often imbecilic transport arrangements are a serious problem for a global city that is the engine of the British economy and a magnet to commercial companies and creative geniuses who want to live and work in the country. That allure remains powerful. But we dare not take it for granted. A city that is impossible to move around rapidly loses its charm for men and women who can afford to live anywhere.作为一个拉动着英国经济,吸引着商业公司和希望在英国生活和工作的创意天才前来的全球城市,伦敦经常显得愚蠢的交通安排是一个严重问题。这种吸引力现在仍然强烈。但我们岂敢把这视为理所当然。一个无法提供便捷交通的城市,会迅速失去对那些有能力居住在全球任何一个地方的人的吸引力。Consider the buses, grinding their way pointlessly around the city’s 19,500 bus stops. The contracting out of London’s bus services was launched 30 years ago, when London Buslines took over route 81. Now private operators run all 700 of the capital’s routes.以公交车为例,它们漫无目的地辛苦穿梭在伦敦1.95万个公交车站点之间。30年前,London Buslines承包了81路,由此开启了伦敦公交车务的外包。如今,伦敦总共700条公交路线全部由私人运营商经营。Strictly speaking, this is not privatisation but competitive tendering; though private companies handle the running of the routes, they still receive subsidy from the taxpayer, which in 2013 worked out at about 15p every time someone made a journey[IS THERE A SOURCE FOR THIS?]. Yet empty buses on the Strand contribute nothing except gridlock. The contracts for operators ought to penalise such failures. A company that routinely sends out buses to tour London without a single passenger should face financial sanctions.严格来说,这并非私有化,而是竞争招标:尽管私营企业负责这些路线的运营,但它们仍接受纳税人的补贴,对乘车人每次乘车的补贴金额在2013年约为15便士。然而,跑在岸滨街上的空车没有任何用处,徒然增加拥堵。与运营商签订的合同应惩罚此类错误。那些让定时发出的公交车在伦敦四处空驶的公司,应被处以罚款。The same logic should apply to roadworks. Transport for London, the government body responsible for most of the capital’s public transport, collates a central register of disruption on its website. This is pointless; it is near the works themselves that the warnings need to be displayed and well in advance. Too often they are not. Worse, the works are frequently unmanned and, like empty buses, contribute nothing but inertia.同样的逻辑应适用于道路施工。负责伦敦多数公共交通的政府机构伦敦运输局(Transport for London)会在网站上集中公布道路施工信息。这是毫无意义的;警示标识应该设在施工道路附近,并且应提前足够长时间设好。很多时候施工道路附近根本没有警示标识。更糟糕的是,施工现场经常无人管理,与空车一样,没有任何用处,徒然增加拥堵。We should limit much more clearly the length of time that can be spent digging up a road, with tough fines for those who miss their targetsThe next mayor should commit herself or himself to halving the number of holes[IE POTHOLES? OR HOLES THAT ARE BEING DUG UP?] in the road.我们应对道路施工的时限进行明确得多的限制,对那些没有按期完工的工程应处以高额罚金。When distilled to its very basics, modern political discourse is often the same question rephrased in many ways: when is it appropriate for the government or other public authorityies to be involved in the operations of the market, and when not? Transport is an area of policy where the energy of competition and efficiency of the private sector should be harnessed. But public regulation is just as important. Would it not make sense, say, for delivery trucks over a certain size to be told to deliver between midday and 5pm, and not in daytime at all for the largest vehicles? Of course, there would be exceptions: medical supplies, for example. And it might be feasible for the regulations to be waived in return for a hefty antisocial delivery charge, with proceeds going to London’s public transport budget.本质上,现代政治话语往往是用很多方式表述的同一个问题:政府或其他公共部门什么时候应该参与到市场运营中,什么时候又该置身事外?在交通政策领域,应对竞争的活力和私营部门的效率加以利用。但公共监管也同样重要。例如,要求体积超过某种标准的货车须在中午至下午5点之间送货,并完全禁止那些最大型的车辆在白天送货,这不是很合理吗?当然,应该允许例外:例如医疗用品。或许还可以允许货车缴纳一笔高额的妨碍社会秩序运输费,以换取豁免于这一规定。收费所得可用于补贴伦敦的公共交通预算。What is woefully apparent is that these questions have not been seriously addressed. London’s transport policy is a national issue. The next mayor needs to tackle this problem head on, take hard decisions and seek legislation if necessary. Let us hope she or he offers more than a winning smile and a bike.悲哀的是,这些问题显然没有得到认真解决。伦敦的交通政策是一个国家问题。下一任伦敦市长需要迎难而上解决这个问题、做出艰难决定,在必要时可求助于立法。让我们期待,她或他给我们带来的不仅仅是一个迷人的微笑和一辆自行车吧。The writer is chairman of EL Rothschild本文作者是EL Rothschild董事长 /201507/383884

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