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上海公立三甲医院瘦腿针的费用上海玫瑰女子整形According to research conducted at the University of Colorado, living in low-income neighborhoods puts young people at a higher risk of obesity.根据科罗拉多大学的研究,生活在低收入地区的年轻人有更高患肥胖的风险。Dr. Adam Lippert, an assistant professor at Colorado University in Denver says The research demonstrates that the long-term residential experiences of teenagers can affect their life-long health.丹佛科罗拉多大学助理教授亚当士称,研究表明青少年长期居住的经历会影响他们的终身健康。Researchers examined census data for 12,164 adolescents in grades 7 through 12, who were then followed for 13 years.研究人员考察了12164名7至12岁青少年的人口普查数据,他们随后被观察13年。The data showed adolescents living in poorer neighborhoods were more likely to be obese, or to become obese, than those living in higher-income areas. 数据显示,相比于生活在收入高的地区,生活在贫困地区的青少年更可能肥胖,或变得肥胖。Even just moving to low-income neighborhoods was shown to increase the risk.甚至仅仅是移居到低收入地区都会增加风险。Over longer periods of time spent living in destitute areas, the researchers saw a correlation between a lack of exercise amenities, healthy food sources and increased stress with the higher risk for obesity.在贫困地区度过的时间越长,研究人员发现缺乏锻炼设施、健康的食物来源以及增加的压力与高肥胖风险的相关性。译文属。201603/431773上海九院整形美容科做祛眼袋手术价格 Weve heard it a hundred times before. Theres never anything to watch ontelevision.我们已经听过很多次了,没有什么好看的电视节目。Fifty channels and not one worth sitting down to.50个频道却没有一个值得看。Well,PBS is nice.But you get the idea.嗯,公共广播是一个不错的选择。但是你知道的...If you feel bored by TV, why not try a little experiment?如果你觉得电视节目很无聊,为什么不尝试一个小实验呢?All you have to do is turn to a station where nothing is currently being broadcast.你所要做的就是调到一个没有任何节目的频道。What do you see?That blankscreen isnt really blank.你看到了什么?黑色的屏幕并不真正是黑的。Rather its full of random-seeming flashes of light,sometimes called “snow.”相反屏幕上似乎是充满了随机排列的小光点,有时叫做“雪花”。Now, what if we told you that you have just discoveredevidence of the Big Bang?现在如果我告诉你你发现了宇宙大爆炸的据,你相信吗?Its true. Around three percent of the little sparkles of light you see on an unused channel are caused by photons left over from the Big Bang, the explosionthat started off our entire universe.这是真的。在你看到的这些未使用频道上出现的小光点中,有三分之一是由宇宙大爆炸遗留下来的光子引起的。这些爆炸形成了我们整个宇宙。Heres how it works.现在,让我们看看它们是怎样工作的吧!For about 300,000 years after the Bang, the universe was so dense that photons couldnt go anywhere without bumping into electrons and being annihilated.宇宙大爆炸30万年后,密度很大,光子走到哪都会碰到电子相互结合而湮没,At that 300,000 year mark, however, things cooled off enough to allow atoms to form.但是这时候温度下降,原子得以形成。That gave electrons something to do instead ofalways intercepting photons.这就让电子有事可做,而不总是拦截光子。The photons were set free, to cruise endlesslythrough space, right up to the present day—about 15 billion years later.光子自由后,不断地穿梭于太空中,直到今天,大概150亿年以后。These photons fill all of space, trillions passing through your body every second.这些光子占满了所有的空间。每一秒就有几万亿个光子穿过你们的身体。They are so weak by this point, though, that you cant see them or sense them.这一刻它们是如此微弱,你既不能看见也不能感受到。Unless you open up an antenna to a similar wavelength and listen.除非你打开一个有类似波长的天线的设备听听看,Your television set is just the machine to do this.你的电视就是这样的机器。So take another look at that fuzz.Its brought to you by the origin of thecosmos.再看看绒毛,这是从宇宙起源时就带来的。 201411/343088Well I recently got to vist one of my favorite performers on tour,the talented Taylor Swift我最近到我最喜欢的歌手的巡演后台去了探班 她是才华横溢的Taylor SwiftI love her.taylor and I had a lot in common.we are both blonde,were both cover girls我太爱她了 我们有很多共同点 我们都是金发 我们都是and of course we both date Taylor Lautner.Anyway,heres what happened.当然 我们都在跟Taylor Lautner约会 好了 一起去现场看看吧Here am I in the Staples Center.This place is humongous,it holds like 20,000 people我现在到了斯台普斯中心 这地方真是太大了 能容下两万人And Im here because my Protege taylor Swift is performing.So Im gonna go find her,see where she is.Taylor,Taylor,Taylor 我来这里是因为我的小徒弟Taylor Swift要表演了 所以我得找到她 看看她在哪儿呢 Taylor Taylor TaylorHi Taylor,how are you? Good to see you.Come on,Im coming in.Ok嗨 Taylor 你好吗 真高兴见到你 好吧 我要进去了 好的This is the dressing room.This is great,its a little chill in here这里是化妆间 这儿真棒 不过有点冷Because for you throat,that is not good.How about we warn up?Ok这对你嗓子可不太好 我们来暖暖身怎么样 行啊Me me....Me me...You you...Them them...Those those...我 我....我 我...你 你...他们 他们...那些 那些...Its good.You are a great teacher.thank you,thank you very much真不错 你是个好老师 谢谢 感谢你 /201610/471489青浦区妇幼保健医院光子脱毛手术价格

上海第九医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱Urban beekeeping乡村饲蜜Honey monsters蜜怪City dwellers cultivate a taste of the country城市居民培养出乡村嗜好A new kind of pinstripe新型细条纹WHEN Camilla Goddard first started to keep bees in London, it was difficult to find places away from anxious neighbours or teenage vandals. Nine years later she has hives all over the city: in parks, churchyards, primary schools and on the roofs of hotels. She collects swarms from peoples attics and sells honey at her local shop. A hobby has become a thriving business.起初,卡米拉.高达(Camilla Goddard)着手在伦敦饲养蜜蜂时,很难找到合适的驻点,因为附近要么是颇有戒备心理的邻居,要么就是淘气爱搞破坏的青少年。如今九年过去了,而她的蜂箱已经遍布整个城市:公园里、教堂里、小学校园里及旅馆屋顶上都随处可见。她通过收集隐匿在居民阁楼中的蜂巢,然后在自家经营的小超市中出售蜂蜜。而现在,这已俨然成为一种新兴商业模式。Apiculture is fashionable. Since 2008 membership of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) has almost doubled, to 24,000 people. Around 1,500 are in London. Courses in the capital are always buzzing, says Angela Woods, an enthusiast. Despite the stereotype of beekeepers as luxuriantly bearded eccentrics, many newbies are young—women are particularly keen.The boom was partly a by-product of worries about bees and awareness of the huge benefits they bring. Colonies in many countries have been suffering mysterious sudden collapses since 2006. Urban eco-warriors found beekeeping an appealing practical outlet for their angst. Businesses, keen for green plaudits, also leapt on the trend. Fortnum amp; Mason, Londons poshest department store, has hives on its roof (this newspaper, a neighbour, does not—yet).眼下,养蜂业十分火热。2008年至今,英国养蜂协会(BBKA)会员已增加一倍,达到24000人。且有1500会员来自伦敦。安吉拉.伍兹(Angela Woods)是蜜蜂爱好者,他曾调侃道:首都的大道常常嗡嗡作响。尽管人们对传统养蜂人的印象还停留在是满脸胡子的怪大叔上,许多,但实际上许多新会员都是年轻一代,且女性尤为钟情。养蜂潮的兴起,在某种程度上正是由人们对蜜蜂的担忧和意识到蜜蜂巨大经济利益的双重作用下而促成的。自2006年起,英联邦国家一直受莫名的坍塌事故所困扰。城市生态卫士发现,养蜂恰是解决当下困扰的好对策,且可行性强。商业界渴望得到世界对其绿色行为的褒奖,同样也抓住时下潮流。伦敦顶级百货商店——福特纳姆和梅森,就在屋顶设有蜂巢(但它的邻居,报社集团却未如此)Hives fit snugly in London gardens and bees seem to like city life. In the concrete jungle pesticides are rare. Nectar surprisingly abounds, and not just in gardens: parks have waterlilies and other exotic plants. Brambles and wild flowers line railway tracks. Chestnut trees give honey from Greenwich a heavy, nutty taste; bees that feed on rose bushes in Regents Park produce an almost inedibly aromatic gloop.蜂巢舒适地安于伦敦花园,蜜蜂似乎很享受城市生活。在钢筋丛林中,极少会出现昆虫。但蜂蜜却出奇得多,不但是花园中有,其它地方也有:公园植有睡莲和其它奇花异草。荆棘与野花铺满铁轨外延。因为板栗树,格林威治产的蜂蜜更浓稠,并带着丝丝坚果味儿;而在摄政公园,以采玫瑰为主的蜜蜂却产出不宜使用的芳香浆糖。London is not yet flowing with honey. Membership growth has slowed at the BBKA. The cost of hives has risen. Green types are planting bee-friendly gardens instead of hosting apiaries of their own. And the harsh winter of 2012, which killed around a third of all the colonies in Britain, has put some beginners off. Busy Londoners want to connect with nature, says Ms Woods. But without the sting of disappointment.伦敦现在还没到蜂蜜泛滥的程度。养蜂协会新入会员增速也已有所下降。筑巢成本上升。绿色一族如今选择建造利于蜜蜂的花园,而非建设私人养蜂厂。2012的严冬导致英联邦近1/3的蜂巢毁于一旦,这让一些新手望而却步了。伍兹夫人说,繁忙的伦敦人想与自然亲近。繁忙的伦敦人希望与大自然亲近,但可不希望被蜇的满头包而扫兴而归。译者:徐珍 校对:朱大素 译文属译生译世 /201509/400147上海隆胸多少钱啊 We all know that smoking cigarettes is bad.我们都对吸烟有害健康这一点心知肚明。But what about smoking a pipe or cigars?但是抽烟斗或抽雪茄呢?Since you dont inhale, is it better for your health?如果你不吸气,那样对你的健康更有好处吗?Or at least less bad?或者危害少了很多?Good question. So first, its true that cigarettes are in a league of their own when it comes to ruining your health.问得好。因此,首先,抽烟确实在有害健康。And its also true that pipes and cigars have an aura of sophistication and, perhaps, harmless merriment.而人们普遍认为抽烟斗或抽雪茄也许不会对健康造成影响。But the fact is that in their own way, pipes and cigars are plenty bad for you.但事实上烟斗或雪茄都会对你的身体产生危害。Like cigarettes, smoking a pipe or cigar is linked to all sorts of cancers.就像香烟一样,烟斗或雪茄会让你患上各种癌症。Cancer of the lung, lip, tongue, mouth, and throat, to name a few.还有肺,唇,舌,口腔和咽喉癌等方面的疾病。201502/361162交通大学医学院附属仁济医院整形美容科

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